Brown Eyed Girls – Cleansing Cream

  1. This song and music video is definitely a favorite! The song itself is very beautiful and dreamy,yet with a gloomy feel to it,you just can’t stop listening to it. The video makes the song even better,since it has a deep story to it and it’s not completely obvious either! It’s a song and video that stands out in the kpop industry and I want more of this!

  2. God this song is BEAUTIFUL! I totally agree with everybody, the video is like a lovely little mini movie with great acting and fantastic cinematography. Love it

  3. this video is one of the best music video in kpop. the storyline is amazing, the acting is good and the cinematography is awesome! and not to forget, cleansing cream is one of the best ballad in kpop sang by the best goup in kpop which is brown eyed girls. i dont think BEG is idol cause they already beyond i dol. and they never dissapoint me with their work.

  4. The cinematography of this video is soooo intensely awesome! The acting, the message, the song, all so gosh darn beautiful!

  5. BEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeG

  6. The best ballad in the history of best ballads xD ! No seriously people are still arguing about the meaning of the video .. BEG gives the best performances .. And I see a lot that the rap parts kill a lot of ballads in kpop but Miryos part was just soooo beautiful it fit the mood of the song perfectly , and of course the gem of the song GaIns voice .. calming and beautiful voice !
    BEG !
    JeA !
    MIRYO !

  7. BEG…what can I say other than you are the reason I want to become a singer! The story line, the acting the VOCALS! OMG! Is all I can say after watching and listening to the piece of art! Even though there is no dance for the song it doesn’t need one. I believe that BEG can and has touched the hearts of their listeners with this song. Its meaning it beautiful. Its kinda hard to understand but still beautiful. I cant wait to see what they put out next! BEG 4ever <3

  8. B.E.G. took their MV to another level.  While other groups are creating
    music videos where they are just dancing or seductively touching their
    lips in oddly lit rooms, or creating mini movies with a very predictable
    plot, B.E.G created a music video that would satisfy any literature
    teacher.  The music video is very deep with great imagery (eyes or the lack of eyes and colors)
    and can be interpreted in countless ways depending on the individual’s
    experience in life.  The MV created such a positive reaction on
    YouTube!  People were sharing their views and I did not see a single
    negative argument!  This is definitely my favorite MV. :D

  9. The video is DEEP.
    Honestly, I LOVE Brown Eyed Girls..I’d say they’re one of the fiercest groups out there supported with AMAZING vocals!
    This song is really great… There’s a kind of quiet desperation to it.. and the breathiness and phrasing of it just makes this a piece of haunting perfection.

  10. I related so badly to this song. It’s so amazing and the music video was well done with awesome actors and storyline. :)

  11. Anonymous

    I actually passed this song by because of the title and thought it was advertising for cleansing cream? IDK, but I think the song needs a better title. Simon and Martina made me give it a second look and now it is one of my favorite music videos of 2011. :) A very powerful song, I love the Brown Eyed Girls!

  12. This song is so rich with meaning… Not just the song, but the music video too. It’s really refreshing to hear a meaningful song with a powerful melody nowadays. 

  13. I really, really like this song since I like ballads…but until now, I just listened to ballads from men (esp. 2AM)…I became a fan of BEG through this song. I think it just sounds wonderful, even though I don’t understand what they are singing.

  14. Anonymous

    Their voice is fantastic, this video was awesomely made, and I wish I could see the video like this more often. It’s a nice break from all those dancing Kpop songs

    • Sarah Bruce

      Agreed! The story isn’t COMPLETELY clear but I feel like it is much more engaging than a lot of other videos that feel like they just threw in scenes in between group shots, or dance numbers. I feel like they just totally nailed it!

  15. Claire Song

    I adore this video simply because it’s just a breath of fresh air amongst all the raunchy thrusting (ahem Troublemaker?) and idol-camera-love-making (I’m looking at you, Ring Ding Dong). I’m not saying I don’t like the former, just that kpop has recently just splurged out an insane amount of those. Here, we don’t see one bit of brown eyed girls, just their voices and their talent. The video has clearly been thought through a lot, and just the fact that it’s open to so many interpretations…. even the cynical kpop fan that i am loved it ^^

    • Sarah Bruce

      I totally agree although it is hard to put them in the same category as the others since this is more of a ballad I would think, I don’t think there is any way for them to sex up this song, but maybe I don’t have a good enough imagination. 

      • Claire Song

        What I meant is that they could have done a video, still “artsy” but with closeups of their faces and putting forward the girls’ beauty. Clearly though, that wasn’t the message of the song, and the fact that they didn’t put themselves forward to emphasize that message is what i love about it.

  16. I really like the interpretations that everyone has about the song and the music video. there’s always some really good music with BEG and it does have something deeper below the surface (ahem. the make up lol) but i really want to see how simon and martina interpret this too :D

    but i agree with most people the title of the song and the teaser pictures made me think it was a song made for a beauty company promotion. kind of like how snsd/f(x) used chocolate love as a song for lg. 0oOOOoo…i want chocolate love on this chart list now :D

  17. Alexandra E. Rodríguez

    I wish they publish a detailed meaning to the video as they did with Sixth Sense. I love knowing what production had in mind and what they see through their lens. 

  18. Bert van Malde

    The live performances of this song are wonderful! :D

  19. Love the Mv, love the song expect the titlle of the song :(…..

  20. Not sure how I feel about the song, some reason hearing the lines in English “cleansing cream” just turns me off.

    • Sarah Bruce

      That is the Korean word for Cleansing Cream. They don’t have their own word so they just use the English loan word:

  21. This song is just a real pleasure to listen to, BEG surprised me again with this ballad. Can’t shake off the feeling that it reminds me somewhat of Sunny Hill’s pray in certain parts, not that it’s a bad thing, I like Sunny Hill as well.  They had good actors/actress’ in the MV, you could almost feel the resentment ooze off from the woman who was able to see.

  22. I’m madly in love with BEG’s voices. They are one of the most talented female vocal groups out there. This song was especially stunning, and the video fitting. The live performances are also generally well done! [Test test test! 123!]