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BTOB – Beep Beep

  1. I just wanted to pop in and say WHO ELSE SAW THEM ON AFTER SCHOOL CLUB~?!?!
    It was like a cuteness overload~ What with BTOB and the Kevin-Eric duo being MC’s? and the picture they took with Peniel on Eric’s Instagram~?! I can’t wait for the after show…. It’s going to be 3AM where I am then, but…. screw that. screw everything~!!! I’m watching those 3 dork MC’s.

  2. BTOBfan

    I was soo dissapointed in Simon and Martina.Of course I understand everybody has their opinion they can find this MV boring but putting them in title and then bash them saying “boring with capital B” is just hurtful for Melodies.I understand they wanted to be funny but I dont see anything funny in this comment! This was just disrespectful not just to BtoB but the composers producers and etc… This people worked really hard for this I know everyone in kpop industry works really hard but this doesnt mean you can bash them like this! Now Im gonna state my opinion :
    I actually find this MV very funny and addictive why? Because you can see BtoB’s true colors maybe this MV doesnt have a plot and its filmed in studio but how it was made was thought of .The filming was amazing .The dance was purely AWESOME WITH CAPITAL A ! And BtoB was being theirself from this MV You could saw how Btob really is : funny,dorky,awesome,entertaining etc…The song is addictive and the dance too ! Even though this comeback isnt my favorite I STILL LOVED IT (btw I love WOW comeback the most) ….I just realised i spended too much time on this. I respect your opinion Simon and Martina but please dont bash artists like that its hurtful for their fanbase and for everyone who worked on it. And for last Im really sorry for my grammar mistakes .

  3. Ph3onix

    I was very surprised how negative the previous KMM was! so, as my goal, i’ll keep BTOB in the top 3 as long as possible!

  4. Autumn Deighton

    It’s unfortunate but Simon and Martina will not review this. In their last KMM they said it was boring…

  5. hasnoorigin

    Anyone else a bit hurt by Simon and Martina’s reaction?

    I mean like… ow man
    Not like this was some amazingly great music video with symbolism and plot but it was fun. I guess when compared to BTS and BAP’s videos it looks meh but EYK shouldn’t have even mentioned BTOB in MM if all they were going to do is shoot it down, call them B2ST, and not bother saying their usual constructive criticism… honestly I’m a bit disappointed in them for treating it that way :/

    • danette251

      i am hurt too as melody . In fact there is no need for us to vote on eatyourkimchi anymore . S and M will never review Beepbeep even if we reach first place . i misunderstood the concept pf EYK , i want BTOB’s review because I think it will be a way to present them to international kpopfans who didn’t know BTOB . I don(t want S and M distroyed BTOB and their MV . I think it’s better for us to vote on melon , gaon chart , ingiyago and MNET . And of course watch the MV . Vote here is nonsense now ;)

    • BTOBfan

      S&M comment on BtoB hurted me alot.I know its just my opinion but even compared to BAP and BTS videos I still find this MV very fun and entertaining …Plus comparing them to different concepts is kinda stupid.
      I apologize for my grammar mistakes

    • crazymadsad

      as much as i am a b.a.p fan at first i actually muuuuuch more love btob’s mv. i watched b.a.p’s mv one time and i was done (way too much cringy emo for my taste sorry bunnies). i thought btob’s mv was fun and the choreo was very cool and nice !! it was pretty unfair of them to say that it was boring and there was nothing to say about it, it’s not because a mv is filmed in a box that it’s obligatory bad and boring. they could have at least said few words on the actual sOng ?? i mean it’s a jam !!? oh well…

  6. hotspirody


  7. Laura Cowell

    2:06 ….. they had me. Hook, line and sinker… Korean boys / men in suits… singing falsetto… *fangirls all over the room*



  9. Nongnuch Ple Youngrod

    BT <3 B So cool k-pop n I like beep beep. :*

  10. Alesna Rechan Pearl

    Go BTOB <3
    Hwaiting ;)

  11. ShinMinyoung

    <3 Love This Song So Much :3

  12. Ph3onix

    Truthfully, I love BTOB a crap load, and not at all for any of my usual reasons. I love how…. comfortable I can be with them. it doesn’t feel like they change a lot for the camera. I get this feeling with both them and U-Kiss a lot! This video I absolutely adored! I loved the equality in the parts for singing and screen time! I didn’t feel anybody was being outshined or anything of the like, I also loved the girls, which is rare for me to say, but I didn’t feel like their presence was very annoying at all!
    The thing I love about BTOB, is that they have ‘images’, but, they don’t really define their entire personality, like it does in Kpop quite a bit. For example, instead of always remembering Sungjae is the Maknae, I just think of him as Sungjae! Or their visual….who is their visual again? I seriously don’t mind that I can’t remember! I…
    ….I just seriously love BTOB guys….
    …gonna go watch it for the 50th time now…

  13. Pé Kàu Nhàu

    Fighting Melody!!! ^^ BTOB deserved 1st win :)

  14. Animefilledsoul

    BTOB and lovely Melodys fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pé Kàu Nhàu

    MELODY 4ever love BTOB :* :*

  16. MaiMin Melody

    BTOB! Melodies are making the best for get the 1stwin and making this MV for the millions for yours best work! Yeuhuuu! Fighting!! Fighting!xDD

  17. BTOB is one of the most vocally talented kpop groups. i love this comeback album specially their ballads. i hope they win #1 with this song because they trully deserve it.

  18. Uinie Gonçalves Brito

    Lindos, amo vocês!

  19. rosemary espioza


  20. danette251

    fighting for btob 1st win !!!!!

  21. Clarissa D Avila Nascimento

    Btob <3

  22. Van Anh Phan Thi

    Please be Batooba reviewed, I’d rather see them reviewed like Nu’est than them never reach the 1st place.

  23. Ph3onix

    I put this up on the charts! so glad it could get this far! BTOB fighting!!!

  24. Bai Rahmia Datumama

    BTOB fighting. Saranghaeyo BTOB!! They are all worth to be called rising stars!This MV shows the real them. I love their style.

  25. rosemary espioza

    definitivamente son un gran grupo…….todas sus canciones son tan buenas ……seran grandes♥♥♥
    BTOB son los mejores …melodys lucha

  26. Van Anh Phan Thi

    I wonder how Ilhoon can rap all that lines when he’s dancing. I saw their 2 live performances and I know now.

  27. Pé Kàu Nhàu

    BTOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  28. Melody Saadah

    1st win is waiting for btob <3

  29. Patty9513

    I really hope BTOB gets to win something with this promotion! Even though they have been around for almost two years now I feel like they have not gotten nearly as much attention as they deserve.

    Either way, I just love how much fun they had shooting this MV, the BTS videos are priceless!!! Also, I love how they keep trying out new styles. They did say they wanted to do that before sticking to one, but I feel like they have done amazingly well with all the styles!! Anyway, Good Luck!!

  30. Cassandra Bosquet

    This is what a driver’s ed class would look like if k-pop music labels got their hands on the high school curriculum. There is just so much that is glorious about this video and a lot more that left “Dafuqqed”. It’s glorious because it’s BTOB being cute and silly, and having fun; who can’t love that?!?!

    But then I’m left confused after watching this m/v. How are they supposed to learn to drive properly if they are using cars with steering wheels in all different spots? And then they’re forced to learn to navigate the roads in Fisher Price toy cars. What did they do to deserve that? But what rattled me the most was the middle bridge where we go from reckless beep, beep banging in this makeshift driver’s ed class, to being all sophisticated and sexy by the piano. Connections? Yo no se!!

  31. KariNa Vazquez


  32. Elizabeth

    i love that they seem to just be having fun in this mv and not taking themselves too serious

  33. I love their excitement ! you can see how much they are enjoyng filming this and being themselves :D

  34. BTOBfan

    I love this comeback even though i prefer Wow this song is really catchy and the mv is super fun.
    The things I like :
    -)The parts are equally divided
    -)their dorky faces
    -)the concept is more suitable for them :)
    -)nice beat
    There are lots of the things I loved but I will keep it short.Plus the random piano part was suprising but it blended nicely.
    BTOB FIGHTING !!! <3

  35. blah blah

    i like how the video has a kinda of funny parody feel to it but the song is not very catchy

  36. hapagirl

    I’ve been wanting to get into BTOB since I heard them sing Mirotic and watching VIXX’s MTV Diary. Song’s awesome and from what I’ve heard about these guys, this feels like them. It puts a smile on my face and I giggle every time I watch it. I really want to see this be in more mvs, just a bit of comedy.

  37. also BTOB’s concept needs to be the 90s. they need this funky sort of feel. wow did it better, but still. that is all.

  38. Elsa Green

    Mmh, I like this! Nice beat. It’s trying a bit too hard to be hip hop, what with the disc-scratching sounds and dramatic violins, but it gives BtoB a “cool”, groovy element they didn’t have before. Nicely done!
    The video is not much, except for the part where they drive in tiny cars, that was awesome. And the ending ^^
    I want a dance version!

  39. Rocio A Pérez

    jjang!!! BTOB support from Peru… Fighting!!!

  40. Suzuhivecliff

    I really love btob!! I love them all!!! they are just AMAZING!!! this video… this video is like btob we ( melodys) know… and that is why we love them!!!

  41. Vanessa Yumi Sakai

    Keep watching the MV ^^

    2 million, go go ^^

  42. danette251

    really love it , BTOB daebak !!!!

  43. Van Anh Phan Thi

    I like the song, because I’m a Melody. But the MV is the main point. Funny, colorful, as how BTOB are.
    So we are working for 1st win, both here and on the music charts! Melody fighting!

  44. hmmm.. I actually think I like this. (Peniel & Eunkwang’s parts are really very catchy, and in a style I like… I mean, I really don’t care for Peniel’s vocals/rapping that much in general, but the production, as usual, is amazing.) The style’s slightly reminiscent of Wow, something I really think they should stick to. While I find BtoB’s music to be horribly, horribly generic (such a shame, really… they’re all so talented! I also heard that Eunkwang, Changseob, and Hyunsik auditioned as a rock group… that would have actually been really cool. I could so dig those vocals with some intense guitar) this kind of thing has me coming back to the full song: not just a small portion because of the production. (ex the layering at the end of the chorus in Insane, the production on Changseob’s vocals in Irresistible Lips, I’m desperately wanting to remix Thriller, for while the first few seconds were awesome (Ilhoon’s part) it dragged off.. etc. I’m getting off topic here.) I am debating on the coherency of it though… I find the break in the middle to be just a LITTLE out of place, though it just barely fits within the song itself, the video is just like OH HEY RANDOM GUYS IN SUITS. (which you know, is certainly nice and all, but just doesn’t really fit with the clubbin’ scenes you know? Also +1 for Eunkwang playing the piano, because I know he actually can. It’s good that they’re actually taking part in their song more than just performing it. whoo!)

    The lyrics, surprisingly, weren’t as cringe-worthy as I thought they would be originally. Judging from the translation I found, they’re actually pretty decent… though they don’t fit with the video whatsoever. Partying =/= going half-crazy from a breakup, yo.

    (Ilhoon’s rap section at the very end –)
    “Ay ay there’s a lot of traffic
    I’m half out of my mind and I keep honking, beep beep
    I drive as soon as the light changes
    Should I put on a one man show in the middle of the highway? I don’t know
    Hit me if you wanna hit me, I lost her anyway
    Will you come back if I pretend to be crazy?
    It’s getting serious, I’m looking for the Han River Bridge
    I’ll just end up screaming my lungs out anyway oh god”

    (and the chorus, Eunkwang’s part–)

    “I eat and sleep and toss and turn
    Tears come at the thought of you
    Out of frustration, I went out for a drive and at the music playing
    Beep beep beep beep
    The traffic sounds are getting to me babe”

    I’m sort of curious if they translate a bit more eloquently… though I find it to be actually pretty.. dare I say, good? I’ve never been in a relationship, but somehow I can just… feel this? like somehow it feels plausible, and the pain feels..real? (aaaah cheesy sentiments) but yeah. I really like this.

  45. Those little bitty cars were super cute.

  46. Gayhser Wah

    After knowing BTOB, I realize that there is not a single day where I don’t feel happy. When I’m feeling down and lost in this D minus world, listening to BTOB songs + watching their videos give me strength. This is the one and only special + unique group to me among all the singers on this earth. <3

  47. Gayhser Wah

    After knowing BTOB, I realize that there is not a single day where I don’t feel happy. When I’m feeling down and lost in this D minus world, listening to BTOB songs + watching their videos give me strength. This is the one and only special + unique group to me among all the singers on this earth. <3

  48. I was very surprised I from the teasers I was a bit worried about the image change. But I ended up really enjoying this video it was funny and cute and I love the hook ~Beep Beep Bump Bump~ very catchy. Well It sounds like bump bump. LOL

  49. Joesste

    BtoB’s definitely one of my favorite boy bands currently and I’m sooooo glad that for once their title track does a good job of showcasing each member.

    Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved their other title tracks as well, but I’ve always felt like Peniel and half of the vocal line (and BtoB has a very talented vocal line) have gotten the shaft in the past.

  50. leeahni

    this is sooo BTOB. they’re all beiing dorky and crazy and Sungjae keeps being thhe evil troll maknae. This mv is so funny and there are a lot of things that can be said when reviewing. In my opinion this is their best mv. please review this!! :)

  51. thaothao

    I am so in love with this song – so catchy and they look so gorgeous -
    spaazzzzing right now – Peniel sings – oooohh my godness ♥
    I am so happy about their comeback and I hope they can win their first award :3

  52. hasnoorigin


    lets go go go melodies!

  53. OMG THIS MV IS AWESOME!! i love btob !!

  54. BTOBfan

    This whole MV was amazing atleat in my opinion :) changseobs derpy faces :D and PENIEEL GOT LINEES OMG HE WAS SINGING …this is my fav concept by them

  55. Vanessa Yumi Sakai

    BTOB having fun again ^^
    Love it =D

    BTOB is back =DDD

  56. Biela Zulkiefly Biela

    B to B in the place to be action
    Ready set action :) They deserved 1st win :)

  57. hasnoorigin

    As EYK like to call them BATOOBA XD
    anyway~ they are defiantly suuuper derps. I would really love to know what Simon and Martina think of the MV! i can just imagine them pointing out the parts of BTOB’s derpyness hehehe

  58. If you want to know BTOB, this is the video you need to watch, they’re not really acting, they’re being themselves :3

  59. This! This is the BTOB we know and love!
    Little bit worried when those teasers came out, but I love it!
    Can’t wait to see the whole choreography and live performances!