BTOB – Father

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  1. I Love this song :)
    I Love BTOB too :)

  2. I love this song a lot. It’s just so touching and I really love their ballads! CUBE just wouldn’t fail us. :p

  3. I’m just sad that BtoB performed only one with Father : < I was wondering if they could have comeback then but.. They didn't : <. Uhhh, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of BtoB, so I love Father MV and song soooo much.. kk. This isvery beautiful and cute song.. I always thinking about my family, my childhood and every happy moments in my life when I'm watching this. I think it's beautiful that they did music video like this.. I think it was a good idea top make this video. Ahh, Cube, I love you and your bands ♥ And I'm in love with BtoB and all of their songs! I hope you love them and their songs just like me! ^___^ Let's still love BtoB! ♥

  4. I agree about reviewing this song we should all vote for Insane instead that would be GREAT to review!

  5. I love this song!! But maybe the review would be a bit boring since there’s not much to talk about…

  6.  its really a beautiful song <3

  7. It’s kind of sad how there aren’t a lot of people voting for this. Honestly, this song made me cry and I don’t cry very easily. Seriously. 

  8. KpopLove1011

    Love the song! Make me want to watch a drama but also cry T-T

  9. Pls review this after BAP! PLEASE! :( But I know, after BAP, they’ll review TTS :( Hmph, sad life. This is a nice song though! Simple MV :D

  10. WinterFly

    I really like this song, but I don’t know if I’d want it to be reviewed for a K-pop Music Monday…. The video is just of them singing to the camera (which Peniel did rather awkwardly). There’s no plot, no dance, no horrendous Engrish for them to talk about. This song definitely is beautiful and heartbreaking, but I’m not sure it would be a good choice for a K-pop Music Monday video.


  12. lol not much ppl voting for them, shame cuz its a rly nice song and mv :/

  13. Steven Lee


  14. i rly like the style of this vid :) so simple yet awesome <3 

  15. simple MV, greatful lyric, awesong voice, and I love everything about Father, remind me of my father who always do hard work for my future TT…TT I wanna showing my love for my father after I watch this video TT…TT oh dad, I love you so much! No matter what!

  16. i love this song but the video is kinda … boring .-. its even more boring that Sistar .-. sorry

    • I think the video is supposted to be “boring” since the focus is on the song, on BTOB’s vocals. If they had too much details in this video then the feelings might not be the same.. ^~^

  17. I love BTOB….they have really good vocals. whether it be live or not. It’s a bummer that they’re being overshadowed by other rookie groups like EXO and BAP (although all rookies this year are pretty dang awesome). Im sure BTOB will have their time to shine in the future tho. They’re really talented. 

    And now about the song…. oh. my. goodness…. wait *goes cry in the corner (again)* 
    have you read the lyrics? T^T such a touching song _< and ur yt fans XD

  18. I’m really loving this song and the mv. 

  19. lK;JKL;AJDF;J i never knew there was an mv. LOVE. 

  20. AHHHH =D <333 (this week i want B.A.P) but I want this right after! just like I said on AKP and YT:
    I actually like that they made it this simple, Instead of them showing images or scenes that they could show about their fathers or an acting plot, this leaves it open for everyone's interpretation, like that everyone can interpret the song from their own point of view and father =] their own memories instead of memories created just for the MV, Instead of focusing on the video, you focus on your memories. Simply beautiful =] <3