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BtoB – Irresistible Lips

  1. i saw them on i live in chundamdong:) <3

  2. Such a lovely song.. I hope these boys take home the Rookie of the Year award. They deserve it more than anyone else.

  3. LOLOL My name is Melody. I like this song and especially their fangroup name so I’ll vote for them XD

  4. Such a great video!! Love BTOB soooo much! Best Rookie ever!


  6. Love the song!

  7. I want this to be reviewed, but I think it’s too late now :(
    BtoB is a really good band and should totally be reviewed by S&M sometime. Next video that comes out, we’ll do it!

  8. this song deserve the top !

  9. C’mon Melodies! c:

  10. GO BtoB!!!

    please make it to the top of the charts~
    bias aside and fandom aside..this MV is really a good one!

  11. Come on Melodies! Keep on voting!!! Let’s at least get them highter!

  12. melodies~ commen everytime you visit :3

  13. it dropped to 10 ==”
    it was 6th last week… -sigh-

  14. so proud to be a melody come on lets let btob oppas win :D

  15. Go Go Go Go Melodies..!!


  17. I really want to know what EYK will say about BATOOBA , melodies, please help to vote ^^

  18. just as i thought :”<

  19. alto im voting for B1A4, but this song is amazing ! so, i’ll continue vote these two :)

  20. we can make this wiiin >< aaahhh hope many INSPIRITS are MELODY too :"< when The Chaser is already reviewed hope they vote THIS!

  21. vote vote vote share share share comment comment comment like like like :DDDD


  22. I actually liked this but b1a4 and infinite fans are really trying hard this week.
    Its actually somewhat suprising that infinite came right back up after talantellegra…

  23. BTOB hwaiting! I really hope this MV get reviewed!

  24. Omo! How did Teen Top overpass this amazing song, I mean I love teen top but the song by BTOB is much better!

  25. Win Win WIn WIN WIN !!! WOOOHOOO

  26. Btob HWAITING!


  28. the on video was flooded by comments.. T.T is that okay? :”<


  30. he is running in the same place as SHINHWA :)

  31. I like the song and M/V. At least they try to add to M/V plot, not only dance and sexy poses xD

  32. Melodies, let’s share it on all videos of they. Let’s support BTOB. Only with many Melodies share they will reach the top <3

  33. Deserve more votes and views! :’)

  34. Melodies let’s make this top together!!! They must review this song! I really wonder what they will say about this song!! Let’s work hard! 

  35. It would be a miracle is this wins because is up against Infinite and Balasa! Thought gig here, but I vote everyday for them so that is something to be happy about, right?!

  36. When are they going to review this? :( Come on Melodies! We can do this  <3

  37. <3 <3 Review this song please!!! <3 <3

  38. Do BtoB! They are the best!!!!!

  39. i wish they count it on my itune playlist i played it like more than a thousand times already . the song is just so good

  40. Other from the Insane M/v i love this music video. The song is really beautiful and the vocal are so emotinal. I wanna see what simon and martina will say about these talented group.

  41. I don’t get why this video ain’t higher up on the list!!! D:

  42. BTOB!! The Best Rookie Ever!!!

  43. I really hope this gets reviewed :D minhyuk <3


  45. This song should be in the top we (Melodies) have less than 3 4 days to make it happen! So please, this deserves the top spot! Has a good beats and the video is awesome!



  47. I felt most of the MV was touching, until the guy woke up from sleep. Really ruined the mood. THey supposed to end it in a different way. But overall really good.

  48. this MV and the song are simply awesome <3
    BtoB fighting <3

  49. Melodies, lets make this win!!

  50. This is the song I was waiting for, because after Insane I was really looking forward for a new dance song! This would be my vote for them before Big Bang!

  51. I really enjoyed this! I hope it manages to get higher on your charts!

  52. I really like this song so I’m sad it’s so low on the K-Pop charts still TT_TT

    I really hope this song gets reviewed… I would love to hear what Simon and Martina thought of the plot on this video.

  53. So jealous kekeke…
    but i love this song so muc

  54. i knew this song was familiar, i heard it when they were talking about a new cube group, it was in that drama, and i so see the similarities in this comparing the fiction mv.

  55. I’m very curious what will Simon and Martina say about them. I just can’t wait till the day that they are being review. =D

  56. BTOB really did an amazing job with this song~! 

  57. I love everything about this song, it’s going on replay now :D

  58. if we keep on voting this will be on TOP when K-pop Music Mondays is back … Come on you guys we can do it 

  59. Btob fighting!!! 
    I love this boys^^

  60. I love this song and MV!! I hope it gets reviewed :D

  61. love this vid :D hope it can get on top <3

  62. Love this video! I don’t really understand it so Simon and Marinta need to explain it to me :D

  63. MinHyuk’s lips really are pretty irresistable… xD MY TURN! xD haha kissing scenes in the 3rd MV??? Super ambitious for a rookie group but it totally worked!!! loved it!! ^o^

  64. Love this MV! Powerfull vocal :З

  65. finally the full song and a MV!~ let’s keep voting!

  66. That Actress is amazing and pretty!!

  67. I LOVE THEM! They get my vote, 1000% <3 BATOOBA FIGHTING!

  68. I really like it! (even if it broke my heart a little) lmaoo <33333

  69. Love the song.

  70. BTOB or should I saw BATOOBA is on a roll! They only debuted in March and they’ve already released 3 mvs!

  71. i think i’ve seen the set before..looks similar to U-kiss’ Tick Tack..maybe i see it wrong..

  72. VOTE!!! I love this song and mv! *-*

  73. I think this is the best video from them so far!!! Minhyuk!! ^^ VOTE VOTE VOTE