BTS – Boy In Luv

  1. Kaitlyn Rae Avery Hematyar

    You guys made me laugh so hard in this video (of the review of the B Boy Bands) that I can’t even finish it right now. My family is going to think I’ve gone crazy here in the office, if they keep hearing me laugh hysterically like this. Thank You so much! (And of course, by YOU GUYS, I mean Simon and Martina – since I’m not even sure where I came to leave a comment. lol.)

  2. Kilan Mehrani

    Bulletproof Boy Scouts!!!!!

  3. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    finally bts got reviewwww… even its just a short review but im so happyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. I didn’t really take this video in a very literal sense. And I love BTS, I’ve been with them since debut basically and honestly the plot of the video really did confuse me at first. I was happy to see them all cute and dressed up in school uniforms but when Suga and Jin were shown being really aggressive when that’s NEITHER of their personalities I was a little put off. Then I looked up what each of their parts were and I took it more or less in a sense that each person expresses themselves differently when it comes to having a crush. BTS shows it in the good, bad, and the ugly. You have the good with Jungkook, the bad with Suga, and the ugly with Jin. So I really didn’t take it as the members LITERALLY throwing her around, but more in a metaphorical sense, sometimes when you really like someone you just want to shake it into them. I’m not saying that its appropriate, or correct in any way, but sometimes feelings aren’t expressed in a healthy way.

  5. Allegra Maskell

    BTS must win!!!!!

  6. I really hope EYK review Boy In Luv as I really want to know what they think of one of my favorite songs ^^

  7. Mimi Nguyen

    Please review this song for Music Monday!

  8. let’s get boy in luv to be reviewed by eatyourkimchi! ;D

  9. Mystification

    I really want to see what they think of this story, especially how they actually bring the girl into the room. Is it just me, or was it a little too violent?

  10. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    just wanna share a different side of BTS… sweet song, simple performance n relax… i love this song…

  11. WINWINWIWNWIN re-loading *hits vote reloads again *hits vote

  12. OMG will they win? Hope they do that would be amazing!:D

  13. ok. they deserve to be reviewed. The mv made me speechless because in a way i love how they stuck to their concept. The song was ok in my opinion, I preferred N.O better. But to make a love song this way, just seriously… wow! Really good! with a hint of awkwardness too btw(?) maybe it’s just me hahha

  14. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    A.R.M.Y …..A.R.M.Y….. isten…listen…. read…read… i read from 1 twitter saying that “SM The Ballad will be competing against Soyou X Junggigo and BTS on Inkigayo Chart this week:…. its true???? really???? im really excited….

  15. builtbymachines

    This whole album is amazing~ I LOVE BTS Cypher pt. 2 *w* and Tomorrow

  16. this is for all A.R.M.Y.s! <3 Gurupop is having a signed album giveaway of BTS!!! they're giving away 5 albums of School Luv Affair! ^_^ check it out if you also in Luv with BTS, until16th March. Hakuna Matata ;) Gosh I love this part in the MV ~~kekeke

  17. Tell me they aren’t worthy of S&M’s attention

  18. Angelo Salaki

    BTS has made me amazed with their recently works!! sure they have talent! What do the singer needs in competition song battle is WRITING MUSIC talent!!

  19. I’m soooooo impressed with BTS. They really proved that they’re on a whole nother level with this song. But not only with song and MV but there music is just so good. Love them!!

  20. Giovanna Conzo

    Great song! I can’t stop replaying it.

  21. Sheila Muñoz
    Sheila Muñoz

    It’s not the best MV, but I LOVE the song <3 totally my style xD
    It's great all of them got to participate in making lyrics *-*

  22. Minaal Zahid

    I really want S&M to review BTS. I personally like this song better than B.A.P’s Angel, even though I like both groups. Plus they have never gotten a Music Monday before. :<

  23. dat moment doe: when you realize they’re saying stuffs like dad, how did you confess to mom? and you shake my heart so much while shouting like angry gangsters.

  24. totally loving this song and mv, not to mention their choreography! ;D

  25. MidnightEkaki

    I hope BTS can get their first Music Monday with this! I know S&M will point out the abuse to the girl, which is ok, but I hope they don’t only focus on this… Please enjoy the bathroom scene and Suga randomly sitting on the basketball post too :D

    Anyway, I LOVE BTS AND THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING!!! I haven’t heard all the songs because I’m waiting for my album to arrive but I’ve read the lyrics to the songs. Boy In Luv is actually my least favourite lyric-wise…(love songs are better for R&B tracks imo) the rock sound to the song though is awesome. My favourite line is ABCDEFG Hakuna Matata :) (Hoseok why did you even put that in there lol). I like though that this is their first promotion song that is about love, which is rare in k-pop (B.A.P is the only other one I can think of who didn’t do a love song for a while).
    Actually, I think I prefer their song JUMP to this one. And omg I was shaking with happiness/excitement just READING the lyrics to Cypher Part 2 (a.k.a ‘Dear B-Free’ lmao) (and I almost died when they referenced my favourite manga One Piece). Their intro track SO GOOD and the teaser trailer for it was amazing, I hope S&M would talk about that too.
    Anyway love you Bangtan Sonyeondan ^-^

  26. omgggg please please let Bangtan’s new mv win, I’m begging for that! this is such an awesome song and the mv’s got a plot perfect to be reviewed! Bangtan hasn’t been on Music Monday yet so it’s a great opportunity with this mv now! ><

  27. the song was rly catchy but the school setting didnt rly match the aggressive feel of the song and so they ended up shaking the poor girl instead. their uniforms are one of the most boring clothes ive seen in a kpop mv but at least they were no furs and diapers.

  28. builtbymachines

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved B.A.P since their debut, but… somehow I was swayed by these dorks.

  29. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Woah woah woah, 1:57.
    Why in the world are they looking at eachother on the urinal.
    That’s totally breaking a man code.

  30. yanagiba yusuke22
    yanagiba yusuke22

    now this song is no 2…. go go goo for no 1….. im so sad no mucore today

  31. Want this to win

  32. k-trisha-popper

    this song has such and awsome vibe!!!

  33. treeeeeshah

    CAN WE JUST FOCUS ON THE DANCE HERE?! i’m seriously in love with their choreo!! whoever their choreographer is should give him/herself a pat on the back because. this is just DAEBAK!!! (i loved their no dream choreo too!!) *O*

  34. please please please.. let it be BTS… though i know BAP is a strong contender…

  35. Another observation not so much about this video but BTS over all. I really like that they stick with their Hard rapping style and they haven’t experimented with their sound and image. They know what their strength is and stick with it. Unlike B.A.P where their management seems to what to experiment with their sound neglecting what they can excel at.

    • but 1004 is my fav,.. see its good for ppl who are not that much into their previous style and besides their songs were starting to sound the same.

      • yanagiba yusuke22
        yanagiba yusuke22

        for me i prefer their stick to wat they used to b…its hip hop… im not really in ts ent style…they like to experimental the music to their idols… mayb im too old to like certain type of music… i like how secret during magic/madonna/poison/love is move era…so agressive… but yohoo n their latest cb (i don rmmber the song name since its not my style) quite mehhh… like BAP, ts ent also love to experiment their music n if u watch KMM of rain sound, i agree with simon said..just stick wats they used to b coz its so baddass… im kinda missed old BAP style…im the person who hate hip hop style in the beginning but after i heard warior, i change my mind. its bcome 1 of genre that i luv now. if u look at bilasa. they r the group that hv the light easy listening music n they stick with it but they still hv their own fan n manage to stand till now… i think its gonna happen to bts… bts have their own style… if u wanna see the light style of hip hop, u should hear/watch the rise of bangtan (other name of the song is ‘attack on bangtan’)song. its more light than N.O, no more dream, boy in luv… its my opinion… no fanwar plzzz

      • if you aren’t into their previous style then you aren’t into B.A.P why should they change what they are bad ass at doing to gain new fans and risk damaging the quality of their music. I agree 1004 Angel is a pretty good song but does it set them apart? Aren’t there better groups that can do that style? Where as if they stuck to their Hip Hop sound there could be a debate that no one better then B.A.P..Now you have a group like BTS that is surpassing them, why because yes they have talent they are incredible rappers. But B.A.P has both incredible rappers and incredible dancers. But they are loosing their potential legacy being the regular mediocre Kpop boy group.

        • Favorite BTS member: Currently RapMon. 1st it was Kookie, then V, then J-Hope… You get the point. Hahaha Favorite BTS music video: Their N.O Concept Trailer <3 Favorite song: Tomorrow ^_^ Fashion style? Yes. Gimme more of them sangnamja outfits. Hahaha And I'm really proud that for being a rookie group they're doing so incredibly well :D They're awesome. Proud to be A.R.M.Y <3

        • Jimin, RapMon, Suga and my favorite video so far was also N.O. I’m not a big fan of the BMX biker/hip hop style but I think it fits them well and I like that they seem to have made it their own. I’m impress with their rappers and loved that they haven’t tried to soften their image.

        • err didnt like bap debut first? i thought the style of this song was rly similar to bap songs :S anyways i kept listened to this the other day n i realized i love it! what are some of their good songs? ive only listened to this.

        • i dont follow any of them so im not sure. but it makes sense that other groups start doing the same thing since BAP became so successful and hip hop is the new trend in kpop. thats bound to happen anyway and they’ll come up with new concepts so BAP trying new styles (if theyre good at it) helps keep them fresh imo but i understand that fans wont like it. although 1004 sounds like a mash up of songs i feel like ive heard before its new in kpop and theyre other songs didnt live up to warrior for me. jmo

        • I was reffering to other groups copying BTS’s style not B.A.P not sure B.A.P has a signature fashion style.

    • yanagiba yusuke22
      yanagiba yusuke22

      agree… that is the thing that i wanna comment but im afraid BABY will b pissed off by my opinion… i missed their old original concept…n i see its still b BTS identity…they r pro in this concept n i hope they will stick with this hard/baddass concept for a while… when i watch they perform in music show…the fanchant like they arent the rookie group…i think the fan loved this concept n their style… keep it up bts…