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  1. Have you heard “O R U L8 2?” it’s astounding.



  4. We need to THIS TO BE REVIEWED!


  6. i bought all their albums !!!!! i really hope they win the rookie awards !!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 love them
    p.s baekhyun (exo) + daehyun (BAP)= V (BTS)!!!!!!!:) fighting

  7. the songs seriously have depth

  8. Michaela Ysabel Arnedo


  9. Hi BTS fans, can I have some advice?

    This video was submitted to the charts:

    It’s really well done, but….it’s a cover, right? Is it an official single/release? Should I publish it? I’m not sure.

    • It’s a cover. Not exactly official. It’s just as official as Ledapple’s covers that have a music video to go along with them basically. :3 Whether you’d like to publish it is up to you though.

  10. I hope Simon and Martina review N.O. All the past songs they’ve reviewed, I don’t think they’re about things like school or society, except for B.A.P. But really.

  11. seriously, how can we maintain on TOP 3 for another week to get reviewed? I know Simon and Martina may be busy on their other works, but I feel disappointed cause BTS may lose chance to be reviewed because S&M didn’t do review clip while the song is on TOP 3 *sighs

  12. Please review BTS so they can come to the attention of more people :)

  13. Sheila Muñoz

    I LOVE BTS <
    JongKook is so handsome <3 *-*

  14. REVIEW THIS PLEASE!!! I feel BTS is getting more recognised :)

  15. yanagiba yusuke22

    S&M need to review this mv….. their 2nd song in top 3 of the chart…..

  16. Poor Rap Monster probably won’t live that day down when he accidentally ripped almost his whole shirt off. While Jimin is just rolling with it. :P
    How do the members respond to the incident on twitter you may ask?
    Not to mention uploading a video of them practicing that exact part. :P

  17. Simon & Martina review BTS, you know you want to.

  18. I REALLY hope this gets reviewed :)

  19. Go BTS! Get your first review!

  20. They are so inspiring! These guys definitely deserve to be the Best Rookies of 2013!

  21. The perfection of this MV ;O; when it came out I watched at least 20 times and I loved each one. I love the details, the concept, the way it was shot and the fact that the song, the video and the dance all connects. The fact that the dance break is at the end is a bit… different, yet it’s one of my favorite parts of the MV. Completely in love with this video, this song and this group <3 Even if their name is weird, the name of the album is weird and I don't have a clue what N.O stands for, they are THE rookies of this year for me.

  22. whoaaa!! they pass TIGER JK and BTOB!!! BTS hwaitingg!!! how i wish BTS, at least rapmon, can see this :’D

  23. One of the most outstanding rookies of this year!
    That’s Bangtan Boys! :))
    There are really lots of things to talk about this group AND music video~
    I was quiet sad when you couldn’t react to their debut video…that was also an awesomely written song with a nice MV~
    But this time I think they took everything to another level!!
    The song is stronger,the meaning of the lyrics is deeper and the MV is more flashy and link to the lyrics perfectly!
    It would be great If you could share your opinion about this amazing song and video! ^^

  24. Doungbagai Stellar Leo


  25. I would really love for them to get reviewed!! They deserve it so much <3 Please vote for these gorgeous and talented babies (I mean artists XD)

  26. Isn’t Jung kook still in school? I wonder how he feels about his place in the school system, especially as an idol in a group that’s put out two songs already that are harsh on korean schools.

  27. they are seriously a group to be reckoned with! they have so much talent and have worked very hard. i have not been disappointed yet with them!

  28. They really are the best for rookies XD This song really strikes me with it’s lyrics and visuals. The white institute and fight between the happiness of the students was so amazing to see. The dance near the end is also really creative in my eyes, seeing as how it’s both a dance but a fight against bonds xD. Please do a KMM on BTS XD

  29. I love this group. They get better and better with each song. And one thing that I think is unique among and makes them different than many other groups is what they’re writing about. They are very refreshing and sing about a variety of topics. Another group that does this is B.A.P. They write about world issues and just different things than a lot of groups now. I love it!!!!! Great job Bangtan!

  30. These guys deserve it! I would’ve picked G-Dragon’s “Crooked”, but this song is great too!

  31. Oh, BTS made it to top three? That’s amazing! I’m a fan too, but guise it is clear JYJ is going to be reviewed this time… If BTS can hang on to next week, maybe, but rookies rarely get reviewed. This is a great song though, and Bangtan are just the cutest. But maybe I’m just being a downer, I’ve rooted for VIXX and NU’EST in the past and yeah, didn’t go so well in the charts so eh, hard to keep the hope up. But regardless if they get reviewed or not, I think this song is amazing and the lyrics are just phenomenal! BTW, have they decided for a fanclub name yet? I’ve heard some fans call themselves ARMY, but I’m not sure o:

    • i know the feel. so much rooting for vixx and nu’est and now bts. HOPEFULLY if i believe hard enough, they’ll get a review haha and i’m almost positive their fanclub is army.

    • Their fans are now officially called
      A.R.M.Y (아미) which stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.
      They also explained the significant meaning behind it. ARMY is military
      in English, the body armor and military are always together, so it means
      that the fans will always be together with the Bangtan Boys’.

  32. I love BTS so much, best rookies ever!! I really hope that they get to review this one :)

  33. Woooooop BTS in top 3 :D

  34. Amazing song and video. I really hope it gets reviewed!

  35. keep voting for bts! <3

  36. Mico Nguyen

    I’m going to be so pissed if they don’t get reviewed

  37. I really hope they get reviewed!


  39. While this is not my favorite song off their album, I still quite enjoy it. The M/V was strong and the dancing incredible (though I think We Are Bulletproof was better), and they are – without a doubt – my favorite rookies of the year.

  40. Today it’s been 100 days since BTS have debuted but I feel like they have achieved so much!
    N.O. has such a unique MV, I’d love to see it get reviewed :)

  41. Wow, that was cool. I really loved the fight dance at the end.

  42. yanagiba yusuke22

    lets make this song in top 3 like their debut song… poor them…their debut song should b review in last KMM since they got into top 3 without ‘helping’ by ‘big 3 company’…

  43. Sophie

    The song and dance are great! If you haven’t heard the rest of the album, it’s just as great! And I’m glad that we finally get to see RapMon without glasses!

  44. Cody Alexander Cormier

    Such an incredible video, with such powerful lyrics. Not to mention the epic dance, and what I have termed as Jimin doing the “EXO flip”. If they don’t win SOME sort of rookie award I will be stunned.

  45. Maybe it’s because I don’t usually go over the lyrics of a song and bother taking in the video’s symbolism, but I’m actually blown away by this MV. Now I’m sad, seeing that there’s a possibility that this MV might never get reviewed by
    Simon and Martina… )’:

    Well, because I have things I want to say and have no better outlet, I’ll just let out my thoughts here >:3

    For one, I think this video is great because it is relevant to a larger population than what I usually see in the kpop industry. Maybe it’s just misconception but I feel as though a large portion of the mainstream Kpop songs (there are always exceptions, of course) just talk about things that don’t really have any depth. Love, for instance, is just so overused now as a subject of a song that I feel that, unless the lyrics are overflowing with sincerity, it just comes out dry, bland, and cliché. “N.O,” on the other hand, brings me a completely different flavour. It talks about being the need for individualism, the need to become
    who you want to become, the need to resist external pressures. Not only is this subject relevant, but it is also very powerful. I feel as though, in a world where importance is placed upon education, what it means to be a “child” is consequently pushed aside. The youth are slowly turning into academic machines and the world is slowly starting to regress to the days where childhood meant work. No fun. No play. No dreams.

    On another note, the MV was also quite interesting. The symbolism was straightforward and not very difficult to decipher. And you know … the easier things are made for the viewer, the better, right? :D

    The MV starts with the BTS in, what seems like a classroom/laboratory. I take this as the boys being some sort of human guinea pigs, essentially. They are then given pills to become … idk, an “ideal” man? Idealism, in this MV, is equated to doing well in school; hence, the math formulas that then appear on the board and on their desks. The boys are also given pills to facilitate and optimize learning. Upon taking the pills, however, the boys start to act up and resist the … Nazi-looking teacher with a flag on his face. And thus, their representation of resistance begins.

    The box sets are also quite interesting in the sense that they add flavour and meaning to the choreography. For instance, there is that box set that has cloth (?) dangling from the ceiling to the floor. This set appears after the taking of the pills. I assume that this symbolizes what’s happening to the boys internally. Thus, when BTS starts dancing moves that suggest aggression and violence in this “internal” set, they are trying to portray internal struggle. That’s my take on it at least. I have no idea if I’m right.

    Also, the walking down from the staircase scene .. what is that .. I’m assuming that that scene is trying to symbolize the boys coming down to earth from the “sky” (referencing the lyrics, “In Seoul to the Sky”) which ultimately means that
    they are no longer trying to make their parents happy by aiming for the best of the. They are “coming back down to Earth” to live their own lives. I’m completely BS-ing right now though because, really, all I wanted to comment on was funny that scene is and that it needs to be parodied by Simon and Martina (and maybe Spudgy).

    I’m sorry if I’ve wasted your time with my review. I just needed to let it out. If you have any feedback or comments, please let me know! I’ve always wanted to discuss this MV with somebody :D

  46. So proud of them !!! Their second album is SO GOOD !! <3

  47. I love the lyrics to their songs :) best rookies!

  48. can we please start some sort of movement for this song’s inclusion in the top 3. MUST REVIEW. PLEASE >.< I'M ON BOTH KNEES.

  49. Such a good Music Monday material! too bad probably it’s not papular enough…

  50. I can’t think of a better group to have debuted this year.

  51. Loenent released a video of BTS introducing their song. ^_^
    V should be banned from rapping. I swear… That guy.
    //finishes with this because I saw it on tumblr and love this move. :D

  52. DaniS18

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!! please they have to win for rookies i love them more than others……please dont hate me for that

  53. Kyaaa I want this to be reviewed >3< They really deserve some respect for the amount of meaning they express in their songs and amazing dancing too XD Hope they win the Rookie of the Year Award too! xD

  54. Great lyrics.

  55. lets just keep voting for bts! <3

  56. I just want to say that Bangtan are freaking perfection. I didn’t know how they were going to top No More Dream and We Are Bulletproof pt.2 but they did with N.O and my lord its amazing. Though I’d like for GD to get reviewed this week so i can have lesson on symbolism (i love those KMM’s) It would be amazing if we can get BTS up to top 3 for next week.

  57. This was catchy as hell and the message and video were great!

  58. I really think that this can apply to anybody in education, because most of the time, parents and teachers are making us compete with our friends to get the best results in our class/the year. Sometimes, I feel that I am being pressured into a career that I may not want, but I don’t know that because I have been told from such a young age what I need to become. And if I ever feel like doing something else, I immediately feel guilty, like I am somehow failing my parents. I don’t know….so stressful, especially trying to get into a university….

    Anyhoodledoodlepoodle!!! I don’t understand why this has so little views, when it is so good!!A lot of my kpop loving friends have never heard Bangtan’s songs, so maybe they aren’t being marketed very much or very well?

    Regardless, I hope that they get more recognition, but still maintain their meaningful, badass songs.

  59. The song is really really catchy! :D Everybody say NOO~

  60. rookie of the year or i’m done

  61. they keep impressing me! i’m liking them more and more.

  62. I am definitely an A.R.M.Y now. This album is just amazing, you have to check it out if you haven’t already. I have fallen for this group’s style and their performance and their messages. They are rookies of the year for sure. I am a BBC, Baby, V.I.P, High Skool so this is my style but who can not like this??
    My only issue with this group is that I keep confusing BTS videos for the group BTS..

  63. They are seriously so talented.

  64. i don’t come here as much as i used to and/but since the mv came out yesterday i thought i’d give them my vote and i’m surprised this doesn’t have more votes than that !!
    aren’t they kinda underrated ? to me they are with no doubt the rookie group of the year. their rap is neat, their singing good, their dancing wicked and their song just great.
    really. good kids. good song. good job. i see a lot of potential. this makes me happy. they’ll go far.

  65. This song….The video, the lyrics, the dance, EVERYTHING!! Best rookie of 2013, without a doubt. I hope they keep up what they’re doing. 방탄소년단 짱!

  66. When I saw the teaser for this mv, I had to do a double-take of Rap Monster without shades. Glad that I didn’t have to wait as long as I though I would before I saw him in a mv without them :).

  67. I feel so sorry for anyone who doesn’t watch this.

  68. Right before this music video came out, I was watching this video of them.
    All the precious derpiness. o 3o
    Ah, I love their lyrics and how it reaches out towards the youth.
    //silently judges Rap Monster’s four-fingers ring that says DOPE.
    In No More Dream, Suga says “I want a big house, big cars, and big rings but really I don’t have any big dreams” and now Rap Monster gets to say, “A good house, a good car. Would that mean happiness?” I see what you did thar.
    Oh look, university reference with SKY.
    So like, I think BTS really likes having math in some part of their videos. In No More Dream they had a bunch of math on the board in the back of the video, and now it’s on tables. :P
    Oh hey, Suga talks about stepping on friends to climb up as he literally steps on Jin and Jungkook.
    I think it’s kinda awkward to have a dance break at the end of the song, but okay.

    Behind the scenes (or BTS’s BTS. yay for overdone wordplay.)

  69. They are amazing is so many ways. Rookies of the year for sure! I like that they always have a message in their songs.

  70. Happy for their comeback, best lyrics and rapping!

  71. Nicole Dennis

    The song is amazing, the little clips of the dance were amazing and it has a wonderful message. Really love these guys and I hope this can get reviewed.

  72. yay BTS they deserve to be reviewed :D

  73. This is amazing. So many things happening at the same time.

    I love the whole thing, the MV and dance and the song, and of course the boys as well. The MV is really cool, in my opinion. That red pill thing they ate to see those math stuff on the table, I think? Well the pill is red and the math is red so yeah.. Those math symbols, whut, I don’t understand a single thing (never even learnt it yet.. xD) and probably I never will because I despise math so much. And they looked so hot when they started to rebel. But what was up with Jungkook’s hands, moving like that..? ><

    I love the song and its lyrics that are meaningful and speaks for all, if not, the majority of students. Well they did it with their previous songs too and I hope they keep up with their image and continue doing these kind of lyrics!! The dance is really cool and they're so in sync. I love the part at 3:22. And when Jimin did whatever he did at 3:45-3:52. That flying kick of doom that flipped those other people unconscious. xD

    This MV has to be reviewed. I know lots of MVs in the past weren't reviewed even if they were KMM potential but really, it would seriously be a waste if it isn't reviewed. But, but.. Simon and Martina loves badass.. so they'd most likely review this right? :D

  74. This should REALLY be reviewed!! The song and clip are awesome!!

  75. This song really has GREAT lyrics, but the song by itself is not as catchy and badass as bulletproof, in my opinion

  76. Oh noooo I’m not sure if I like this one. I want to blame it on those horrible outfits, I’m not a fan of the gold-and-white combination. Still, I’m not immediately hooked like I was with their previous releases. I’ll give it a few more tries though.

  77. yanagiba yusuke22

    i think S&M really want to review this song just like they enjoy the baddas BAP debut last yr… their debut song even in top 3 kpop chart but they cant win over tough senior group…

  78. I think this song should be reviewed by simon and martina! It has such a beautiful message and this could make an awesome kpop music monday

  79. Can we all take a moment of silence to behold the perfection that is Bangtan? Best rookies of 2013 or I quit K-Pop. I really hope they win some sort of rookie award. Their lyrics are too deep and their dances too synchronized to not be applauded

  80. They deserve to be Rookie of the Year. ^^

  81. yanagiba yusuke22

    im anticipate with this yr debut boy group…

  82. Woooooo check out all those mathematical symbols!!! <3 <3 <3 :D

    Damn these guys are cool. Somehow I find it weird seeing a hip-hop group coming from the same label as Jo Kwon, but they do it well, so good on 'em :D