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C-Clown – Far Away, Young Love

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  1. I really felt like crying when I first watched this. I’m pretty sure I cried when I watched it. Like, I was so thankful that they had put english subtitles for the mv (clown official) and I’ve been totally following them since Solo. I think with this, they were able to show so much more of what they are capable of! <3


  3. I think they had try their best to promote their band….they work so hard to make this mv… maybe it will have some mistake here n there……do the think that ridiculous..out of mind…..But…this is their first try….so dont judge them so much!!!!!!!!!!!about the accesories,the exploded car,the age or anything……thats not the issue… long as they can deliver the message of the song….ITS OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!Crown will always support C-clown……no matter what!!!!!… C-clown…..

  4. this has so many votes!! how did it not win ;_;

  5. this is such a heart breaking mv OTL

  6. It’s quite a sad story that the new rookies always climb slowly onto the charts and gets shoved back down as soon as groups like TVXQ come along. (btw I love TVXQ…. I’m not a hater…not a hater)

    This MV is actually quite impressive with its distinct plot that actually matches the lyrics.
    Kangjun’s acting is really good for someone his age and his experience
    and the song’s very catchy as well~
    I think it’s somewhat unfair that these rookies never get reviewed because their lack of a strong fanbase

  7. I love this song <3 C-Clown FIGHTING!

  8. aww… such bad ending

  9. Wow, they’re number 5 right now! So proud :)

  10. This song and the music video really deserves all your voting,,,The song is so addicting..please vote for them..

  11. Widescreen TO THE MAX? x.x

    Can it GET any wider??

  12. wahh, this song is addicting. i hope this one gets a review~

  13. Absolutely love this video and song. I saw it for the first time today on SBSPopAsia (which I taped) and thought it would make a totally aweome MM. On a side note, how do we vote?? LIke I try to promote on facebook and twitter but everytime I roll over the thing it disappears. Is there a secret to this??

  14. i really like this song! but why is it called far away, young love? ok maybe i get the “far away” part but anybody know for sure?

  15. vote vote vote! we need to mke this on top!

  16. I honestly had no idea who they were until i looked them up. I only found them from someone on youtube’s top songs of November and all I can say is why didn’t i find them sooner!??! This song has literally been stuck in my head for days! The video is awesome and the song itself is so catchy. Plus their live version is good too! I feel bad for all the rookie groups that don’t come from a big label like them :/

  17. At first I was skeptical about whether or not I would like this new group since I wasn’t all to impressed with solo but then they made a comeback with this new sing and my mind was utterly blown away~ It was such a beautiful song with pretty good acting compared to most idols and the dance(live performance) is very addictive as well~ Overall, this is by far my current favorite song <3

  18. I wish this song could get a review!

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    C-clown the BEST!

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    hope to see them in kpop music monday!

  23. C-CLOWN!

  24. Love the foot work of their dance version MV… plz simon & martina give them a break…

  25. love them! hope that simon and martina would do a reviiew with rookie groups… please!

  26. I actually like the dance version of this song. They have awesome moves, plus you can see all of the members better. But that is my opinion. Either way I love this song with or without watching the mv and thats a good thing…right?? lol

  27. This MV is so sad.. T.T
    I hope they’ll have a review =)

  28. This song is the biggest hit for me lately! I have been “playing it in my head” for the last two weeks – just love it!

  29. I really hope this music video will get review. If not this time then probably the next or the next. We just got to keep voting for them!! :)

  30. omg this mv is so awesome i keep replaying it but my fav is the member version

  31. Wait, the girl’s boyfriend is the security guard in the WOC speical group in Korean drama KING 2 HEARTS!!!! Am I the only one that noticed this? lol

  32. I really love this video! I really wish they would review it! must keep voting!

  33. ahh this song is so awesome and I just saw them on GURUPOP so I’m definitely looking forward to their future activities.


  35. I loved this song so much! I hope they’ll do well in the future, they’re a good group~ <

  36. Ever since they came back with FarAway YoungLove, I instantly fell in love with C-Clown, and started to like their EVERY song and became obsessed with Ray, KangJun, and T.K. I even downloaded their songs since their 1st mini album. Gaa! So inlove! ♥.♥

  37. When I saw the drama ver. I was sad that he didn’t end up with the girl
    but in the member ver. it is really cute how they support him and I like this version more :D

  38. I think the song and video are great! I didn’t care much about Solo but I really enjoyed this one! Jun is a good actor (But don’t make him run!) and yeah, I also got lost when the car fell down and the flames, it was weird, but I guess it could be he was going through hell to get to her; this was what was going on in his mind while he drived or he ate some really mean chilis~ Anyway, I loved this video and I hope it gets reviewed!

  39. Kangjun in this video… Lawd have mercy!

  40. OK, I get the story, but what the hell is the meaning of those few seconds where the car falls from the sky? Maybe it’s a symbol for his world shattering, because the lack of a driver’s license deprives him of a possible (?) relationship with the woman? Hm, strange…hope this get’s cleared up, IF it is voted for Music Mondays…

  41. I really really love this and the other version of the music video!! Super awesome, and awesome song as well!!!! <3 <3

    But, seriously, why the heck is he running to the girl after her call? I mean, he was sitting in a CAR! Why doesn't he stay in the car and drives to her?! Then he would have been there way earlier and her dumb boyfriend wouldn't already have shown up!!

    Was there something in the video that explains why he didn't drive that I missed? Or what?

    Still, awesome song and video though! And I think, as for that it has a story and a dance version, it's really really good for Music Mondays! There is a lot to talk about! :)

  42. The three music videos for this song together equals perfection.

  43. I’ve had friends and even current friends that I know are being cheated on. But I’ve always refused to put myself in the middle. After they make up which is always a possibility you are risking your relationship with them . In the end it’s you that can become the villain. Still it’s always hard to know what the right thing to do is.

  44. I badly want this to be reviewed -__-

  45. The song and the music video is so good,it rocks..This really deserves to be reviewed.Please vote them! !

  46. How did they get 4th? Wow, good job everyone! Really proud of you guys :)

  47. This should so be reviewed, since its so amazing for a rookie group.
    C-Clown Hwaiting

  48. I LOVE THEM!!

  49. i wan this in kpop music mondays!!

  50. I love this song so much! This band shows so much potential!!! I can’t wait to see what they release in future! This MV seriously deserves a review!!!

  51. I just hope this video going to be reviewed! :)))

  52. Please please vote for this video, they are really awesome, the song & the music too. We need massive votes

  53. I’d love to see this as a kpop music monday. There aren’t enough fangirls, but it’s much better than their debut song. For everyone confused on the running instead of driving, to avoid him driving (since he doesn’t have a license), he’s actually driving but in his mind he feels like he’s running hopelessly to her as his world crumbles around him. It’s all in his head. that’s why the car crashes to the ground behind him- he parked really hard. They need some more recognition for making a really addictive song :/

  54. I really hope this wins. The title of the song attracted me, and i knew it was going to be awesome within the first minute of the mv.

  55. I love more the version with all the members in it: :)

  56. I really love the song and the music video. C-clown by far is one of my favoirte rookie groups this year. I really hope this MV gets a review, there’s so much emotino in this video!!

  57. This song is awesome!I can’t stop listening to it!!!

  58. Love this group! I can’t wait for their third mv to come out!

  59. I think I like their 2nd mv more, the one where the members pop out of nowhere :))

  60. They all look so cool here!

  61. Oh my gosh, I love this group so much!!! C-Clown fighting~

  62. Also, (this isn’t only in C-Clown’s video, but majority of Korean drama confessions), what is it with these drama type MV’s and the oblivious love interest!? Seriously, if she doesn’t want you, come to me :P In this MV, He’s obviously sad, he’s a third wheel! In all seriousness though, I like the drama concept of this and even though I’m a little B1A4 and Infinite biased, I’d like to see this be reviewed. I think every KPOP video should have a chance and not just the popular ones. Hey, if KPOP groups stayed popular forever, they’d be no new groups!

  63. One of my fav rookie groups of the year! Kangjun you’re just awesome!

  64. C-CLOWN have really grabbed my attention. I don’t generally “follow” rookies (besides EXO and BAP, but they are really popular…) because they’re are so many and I’m afraid to become even more biased towards multiple groups (KPOP, I’m already poor!) BUT! C-Clown have released two really great songs this year. Solo, in my opinion, was absolutely brilliant and Far away, young love also doesn’t disappoint. I look forward to their future songs and I will keep an eye out for them. Sincerely, Impressed non–cclown-biased kpopper!

  65. I love this song and group! I really hope they are gaining attention with this song :)

  66. I actually loved this song!
    the dramatic beginning really took me by surprise! Loved it

  67. One of the best new group of this year! I really love the song and the lyrics! Maru is the youngest in K-Pop but he’s so awesome! And Kangjun is SO HANDSOME! I love how he acts, and his voice… Yea I’m Kangjun biased >< C-Clown FIGHTING!!

  68. I Love You C-CLOWN!!!!!! I HOPE YOU WILL WIN

  69. I really hope it moves up on the chart!! I want it to be reviewd!! :)

  70. I really really want the member version of this mv to be reviewed, it just has so much potential^^^ I can just imagine simon and martina going on about the ghost members lurking in the background and everything. Oh and I love that version so so much. I’m not sure if I like it more than this one though. This one is great because it’s such a good drama mv but that one is great because it is such a good mv to spazz and laugh to. So I think they are equally as good, but the member one would make a fantastic kmm, but this song will not be reviewed, sunggyu just entered the scene TT_____TT well whatever, i’ll just watch the mv millions of times c-clown is amazing^^^

  71. This is so sad and has so many random explosions… I prefer the dance version.
    Their legs… do… difficult… things(? at the beggining and you can see all of them!!!!

  72. This was just so sad. :( “Why do people always get with people who love them wrong?”, “because people accept the love they think they deserve”. <because I just watch that movie.

  73. Oh my goodness~<3
    This was intense and i loved it until the guy started to run instead of DRIVE THE CAR
    and why the hell did a car fall from the sky!?

    Otherwise this was an amazing video :D

  74. Really want this to be on eyk! Love everything about it <3 C-clown :D ^^

  75. <333 finally !!!!!!!!!!

    love their songs <3 and kangjun should be a actor!!!!!!!!!!!!

    <333333333 c-clown Fighting !!!!!!

  76. Reminds me of Please Don’t… but I didn’t like the ending of this as much…. I’m just confused O.o Still it was done nicely and nice song :)

  77. This would make an awesomekpop music monday! :D

  78. Poor rookies who never get a review. -.-”
    The music video is incredible and deserves a long loong review. This is actually a video you can talk about since there’s so much going on – AND you can praise Jun’s awesome acting skills. 8D

  79. OMG I love their new video so much! XD
    Even though it’s just Kangjun… but Ray, Siwoo, Maru, Barom, and T.K.’s voices make them still there! :’)
    And seriously… the car just drops from nowhere!

  80. this song is awesome . so , c-clown should win … C-CLOWN FIGHTING !


  82. unicornsgalaxy

    I don’t think I have ever listened to C-Clown. I really liked the song. The video was interesting. The random explosions kinda threw me. I mean I’m all for random explosions but it was a bit of a o_O?? HUH??

  83. Generally, I was really impressed with this. I thought it was a pretty coherent dramatic story video. Even without being able to understand any Korean, I knew what was going on and felt for the main character (who I think is Kang Jun, is that right?).

    I was totally on board up until the running…and the fire…and the random car falling out of the sky? They kind of lost me there.

    I’m also surprised that we don’t see all the band members in this video, I like the fact that they decided to stick with a straight dramatic story and not cut in dance sequences like you would expect but it’s definitely unusual to not see so much of the group.

    Overall I enjoyed the video and I’m looking forward to see what these boys will do next.

  84. come with us, they said, it will be fun, they said. pft
    it’s funny he’s pretending to have a driver’s license, but when it comes to it he has to run…hahahaha
    love the flashed of dream/fantasy & reality. amazing!! but why oh why is the video/audio sync off? and why is the woman so weak. ok, i understand her boyfriend is hot, but still. a bit more respect for yourself, please!

  85. i love this song

  86. I love love love the choreography for this song!!!

    it’s too bad there wasn’t any clips of it in the mv, but then again, I don’t think it would have been as good with dance excerpts, as it was purely a drama mv.

  87. such an impressive mv for a rookie group!

  88. im confused

  89. i can already imagine all the things to joke about with that mv… so much material… IT GOT TO BE REVIEWED ! 8DDD

    • seriously tho i really wasn’t a big fan of their debut song but i like this one ! plus ! for a change, the mv has a real and solid story line, that’s nice.

  90. i love this song so much and the choreo is so perf I LOVE THEM<3

  91. It’s Red Eyes from Vampire Prosecutor 2!

    One thing I have to pick on this video for: why oh why does he decide to run on foot toward the girl? What’s wrong with his truck that he was just brooding in? The MV totally had me until that jarringly overdramatic scene reminded me I was watching a Kpop video. Overall, though, this is definitely one of the best longer/movie MVs I’ve ever seen.

    • I completely agree. Instead of driving…you run. And then the world just decides to explode and drop a car from the sky *sigh*

      • I know, right?! It actually dropped out of the sky! That doesn’t even happen in James Bond movies. What’s wrong with blowing up a car parked on the side of the road?

    • he is too young to have one, that’s why…

      • That’s hilarious. They gave the main lead a vehicle that he can’t legally drive? Hahaha, the whole melodramatic ‘the world is exploding’ scene makes so much more sense now that I know the director was forced to have the lead travel on foot.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      and why was he all of a sudden in a war zone? I mean stuff was blowing up and cars were on fire. I guess it was to signify he was willing to walk through hell to be there for her when she needed him but, it was still a little wierd!

      • You just gave that scene more figurative meaning that I gave it credit for. I thought they put it in purely for drama.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          ..but …but …but, why put him in a freakin truck to begin with? They could have had him just sitting on a bench by the river or something! I mean c’mon kpop fans aren’t stupid! He was in a truck with nobody else around so obviously he had to have driven there but now he all of a sudden remembers that he’s too young and not supposed to drive? And why all the explosions? He could have just ran but nope there’s all these explosions all of a sudden..maybe he ran through a movie set? *sigh*

        • the movie set idea is brilliant. how else could he have gotten there without driving? maybe a friend drove him & walked back home? not likely…hm, maybe S&M will be able to clear this up for us…

    • Yeah melodramatic ending alright but otherwise one of the best story MVs in a while actually reminds me of Haru Haru by Big Bang. He’s even wearing an assortment of triangle neck scarves circa 2008…fashion sense a bit outdated?? Also the girl he pines for annoyed me a little, I mean give the guy a break already! stop inviting him on your dates how awkward was that?? He was more sad clown really Lol! definitely would make for a fun KMM..think of the skits!

      • Yes, that girl either has no sensitively or she’s completely oblivious. The guy as well needs to stop going with them; why would you put yourself through that? Seriously, did the girl and the other guy ever go on dates without Kangjun? lol

        • he he I know right? He was clearly the third wheel poor guy, last time he gets a ride with those two… “Sure Kangjun we’ll take you home but do you mind if we stop off for a romantic stroll along the beach where we can stare lovingly into each others eyes?” Awkward lols! XD

      • Another way it reminds me of Big Bang is how bad their running form is. Kind of like G-Dragon in Blue.
        But I still do like the song and video overall.

        • yeah you’re right… maybe he was drama running? you know where you’re just all limbs…another reason he should have driven back I mean he technically already broke the law…

  92. Neal Audrey San Diego

    c-clown the best

  93. So I just watched their performance on mcountdown and it was awesome^^^ yep yep. This song is amazing and as for this mv, it’s great too!!! my problem is I don’t know whether to vote for this or bilasa…but I reckon i’ll just vote for both because honestly I don’t think that, in comparison, this has enough fangirls to win (sad truth TT__TT) But we can try to at least get some recognition – it’ll be great if it was included in the kpop updates :D