C-Clown – Far Away, Young Love

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  1. I really felt like crying when I first watched this. I’m pretty sure I cried when I watched it. Like, I was so thankful that they had put english subtitles for the mv (clown official) and I’ve been totally following them since Solo. I think with this, they were able to show so much more of what they are capable of! <3


  3. oh sichul

    I think they had try their best to promote their band….they work so hard to make this mv…..so maybe it will have some mistake here n there……do the think that ridiculous..out of mind…..But…this is their first try….so dont judge them so much!!!!!!!!!!!about the accesories,the exploded car,the age or anything……thats not the issue…..as long as they can deliver the message of the song….ITS OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!Crown will always support C-clown……no matter what!!!!!…..love C-clown…..

  4. this has so many votes!! how did it not win ;_;

  5. this is such a heart breaking mv OTL

  6. It’s quite a sad story that the new rookies always climb slowly onto the charts and gets shoved back down as soon as groups like TVXQ come along. (btw I love TVXQ…. I’m not a hater…not a hater)

    This MV is actually quite impressive with its distinct plot that actually matches the lyrics.
    Kangjun’s acting is really good for someone his age and his experience
    and the song’s very catchy as well~
    I think it’s somewhat unfair that these rookies never get reviewed because their lack of a strong fanbase

  7. I love this song <3 C-Clown FIGHTING!

  8. tidienham

    aww… such bad ending

  9. Wow, they’re number 5 right now! So proud :)

  10. This song and the music video really deserves all your voting,,,The song is so addicting..please vote for them..

  11. Widescreen TO THE MAX? x.x

    Can it GET any wider??

  12. yulun yen

    wahh, this song is addicting. i hope this one gets a review~

  13. Absolutely love this video and song. I saw it for the first time today on SBSPopAsia (which I taped) and thought it would make a totally aweome MM. On a side note, how do we vote?? LIke I try to promote on facebook and twitter but everytime I roll over the thing it disappears. Is there a secret to this??

  14. i really like this song! but why is it called far away, young love? ok maybe i get the “far away” part but anybody know for sure?

  15. vote vote vote! we need to mke this on top!

  16. I honestly had no idea who they were until i looked them up. I only found them from someone on youtube’s top songs of November and all I can say is why didn’t i find them sooner!??! This song has literally been stuck in my head for days! The video is awesome and the song itself is so catchy. Plus their live version is good too! I feel bad for all the rookie groups that don’t come from a big label like them :/

  17. At first I was skeptical about whether or not I would like this new group since I wasn’t all to impressed with solo but then they made a comeback with this new sing and my mind was utterly blown away~ It was such a beautiful song with pretty good acting compared to most idols and the dance(live performance) is very addictive as well~ Overall, this is by far my current favorite song <3

  18. YoureSoFine96

    I wish this song could get a review!

  19. [email protected]

    C-clown the BEST!

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  22. [email protected]

    hope to see them in kpop music monday!

  23. Rusty Suminguit


  24. Rusty Suminguit

    Love the foot work of their dance version MV… plz simon & martina give them a break…

  25. Rusty Suminguit

    love them! hope that simon and martina would do a reviiew with rookie groups… please!

  26. I actually like the dance version of this song. They have awesome moves, plus you can see all of the members better. But that is my opinion. Either way I love this song with or without watching the mv and thats a good thing…right?? lol

  27. This MV is so sad.. T.T
    I hope they’ll have a review =)

  28. This song is the biggest hit for me lately! I have been “playing it in my head” for the last two weeks – just love it!

  29. I really hope this music video will get review. If not this time then probably the next or the next. We just got to keep voting for them!! :)

  30. omg this mv is so awesome i keep replaying it but my fav is the member version

  31. Wait, the girl’s boyfriend is the security guard in the WOC speical group in Korean drama KING 2 HEARTS!!!! Am I the only one that noticed this? lol

  32. I really love this video! I really wish they would review it! must keep voting!

  33. ahh this song is so awesome and I just saw them on GURUPOP so I’m definitely looking forward to their future activities.


  35. I loved this song so much! I hope they’ll do well in the future, they’re a good group~ <

  36. Fatima Rayos

    Ever since they came back with FarAway YoungLove, I instantly fell in love with C-Clown, and started to like their EVERY song and became obsessed with Ray, KangJun, and T.K. I even downloaded their songs since their 1st mini album. Gaa! So inlove! ♥.♥

  37. Atifa_Ahmed

    When I saw the drama ver. I was sad that he didn’t end up with the girl
    but in the member ver. it is really cute how they support him and I like this version more :D

  38. I think the song and video are great! I didn’t care much about Solo but I really enjoyed this one! Jun is a good actor (But don’t make him run!) and yeah, I also got lost when the car fell down and the flames, it was weird, but I guess it could be he was going through hell to get to her; this was what was going on in his mind while he drived or he ate some really mean chilis~ Anyway, I loved this video and I hope it gets reviewed!