Clazzi – Love&Hate

  1. This needs more votes, a great video and song!

  2. kpopfan123

    I love this song ( instant addiction :D ) and I’d love to see this song in MM ( it’d get 5/5 at English :D )

  3. Still loving this song so much.  I really wish this would be more popular.

  4. Michaela Ysabel Arnedo

    love this song!

  5. I really want this to get reviewed!!

  6. Anonymous

    Clazzi is forever classy~ : > Loving this song so much.

  7. Yes! Vote for Clazzi! The best-est!

  8. vid has an “Altered States” feel to it….me likey.

  9. Anonymous

    I definitely did the head nob just like what Simon said

  10. omer tahir

    I tried to check the radio but there’s nothing like you, like you, like you~ Clazzi’s the best

  11. is it just me or was that a pokeball floating around him! haha =] definitely a song going on my ipod!

  12. Anonymous

    This song is amazing… what is there more to say

  13. Anonymous

    Just bought it on itunes….HECKS YEAH JAM SESSION NOW!!!!

  14. Yi Sung Yol’s voice sounds amazing in this song, such a difference to most voices you hear in KPop. It’s great to hear MYK again too, been too long.

    Great song, the husky voice with the somewhat funky melody and then MYK’s rapping surprisingly flow together really well. 

    And the PV is very interesting as well. I’d love to see your take on it.

  15. omer tahir

    Wow i didn’t think i’d find another Clazzi song that i’d like more than How we Feel, but this is even better :)!

  16. Clazzi plus MYK = best combination ever! I love Clazzi’s whole Infant album, but this song might just be my favourite because I love MYK. Then again the whole album is full of awesome collaborations..

  17. I really thought that I would get tired of this song, but I have had it on repeat for ages, and just can’t get enough.

  18. Wow that guy is amazing i hope he gets a veveiwed

  19. Myk <3 love clazzi soooo much hope they get reveiwed

  20. Clazzi and MYK are two of my favourite Korean artists. Naturally I adore the music they make together :3

  21. How can it be, that I’ve been playing this song over and over for a day now and I still enjoy every beat to the full? Because it’s just too awesome…

  22. Anonymous

    I just have to say, it’s a week after I first heard this song and I am still playing it on repeat….if only it were on itunes.

  23. I might be able to convert the rest of my family to k-pop with this song.  Sounds pretty dang cool.

  24. The song is amazing! I just found it today and already listen to it more than 15 times and it gets better every time I listen to it xD + Awesome Video :D Would really like to know your opinion about it :)

  25. This one has been on repeat for a week now.. really addictive tune

  26. Anonymous

    This is AMAZING!!! I love it.

  27. Listening to this on Arirang Radio right now ^.^ MYK is one of the guests at the studio :D Grooving Adrien on wednesdays are the best ^.^

  28. Maria Frisk

    I really love this song. Been playing it on repeat since yesterday where I discovered the song. XD

  29. Clazzi is so coooool :)

  30. I am loving all the different languages at the beginning. It makes me happy to see! Just to prove yet again, music has no language :) I’m totally loving Clazzi right now. Too bad I can’t find his music here in the states :/

  31. I think there’s a trend with all of Clazzi’s songs lately… I always feel the urge to blast it from my car speakers on repeat ;D

  32. :D I love this song… :D:D:D:D review plz!

  33. Lindsay Smith

    Just like How We Feel, I can NOT get enough of this song and MV. Simon and Martina reviewing this would just be the cherry and whip cream and hot fudge on top.

  34. Anonymous

    this song is so sic! why isn’t it # 1?!?!?

  35. I could def go clubbing to this~ A very nice MV.

  36. wow this song…is just AMAZING….the voices, the music….everything is so balanced out and perfect. Clazzi totally did it for me with this song, right up there with “how we feel”….i’m just toooo amazed and in love….got this on repeat….for awhile already!

  37. I would really love it if this video climbed up the charts again! Now it’s on the first page! This song is just perfect!