CNBLUE – Can’t Stop

  1. MayBlue

    CNBlue’s songs are awesome, this is my favorite CNBlue song

  2. Miraquel Monteclaro

    Seen then in concert in new york amidst the snow storm! They were amazing! Almost missed the train home and got sick after but all so worth it!

  3. tata Alley

    EYK–it will be your loss if you dont review this album….just saying;-)

  4. Elisabeth Altamirano

    CN BLUE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN´T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. I’m voting! But could someone explain to me how that works? This post has more than 8k votes but it’s still placed 6th???? Whereas the first has only 4k votes… How does it work? I really want a review on CNBlue, They deserved that!! ^^

  6. Chocolate abril
    Chocolate abril

    It had so much potential. And this MV totally deserve it. Their whole new minialbum is so good, I love every single song. This guys work really hard.

  7. EatyourUdon

    This video is beautifully shot. S&M talk a lot about the editing process of Kpop videos and how they can add useless effects or cut up the plot. With this video I feel like it was very well thought out and artistically shot, yet simple to understand. Frankly, this might be my favorite music video I have seen so far.

  8. Mirella Anahy


  9. Minaal Zahid

    GUYS VOTE! We’re 5th place, :( I don’t want CN Blue to never get a review!! Come on guys. Promote this on Youtube on CN Blue’s songs so people know to vote!

  10. What happened here. Why 7th place????? Vote vote vote

  11. I´m really sad, we kept Cnblue´s song in the top 3 for two weeks an a row and now we´are in 7th place?! I´m just…so sad u.u

  12. Baguettesy

    love the song, love the video… but those pastel suits… D':

  13. Hey!!! We´ve been keeping CNBLUE in the top 3 for 2 weeks in a row, let´s do it just one more week! We can make it! Come on! BOICE ASSEMBLE!!!!

  14. Patricia Jung

    I hope CNBLUE can finally get reviewed. I mean, how can you not review this masterpiece? the m/v is so pretty and the song makes your head bang unconsciously…. And I also like how the music is arranged. And they all look like visuals, its killing me! I really think they deserve to be reviewed.



  17. Everyone VOTE for CNBLUE!!!! or YOU’LL DIE IN 7 DAYS. JK, FIGHTING CNBLUE!!!!!!!

  18. I’ve been listening to CNBLUE since 2011 and I know I’ve got a bias here, (the other guys have improved in their own ways as well) but Yong Hwa’s voice has really improved. I can tell in this video that he’s definitely getting better at hitting those high notes. :) Some people criticize his rough voice but I like the way he sings, he gets so passionate especially if you watch live CNBLUE performances. Of course that’s why the code name ‘Emotional’ suits him best ;) I love that they used a piano in this MV, it sounds beautiful <3 CNBLUE worked so hard on this album and I can only imagine how stressful it must've been juggling song-writing and acting; Minhyuk and Yonghwa finished dramas semi-recently. Plus they had their world tour, which I think is still ongoing. Overall they had a lot on their plate and I haven't listened to the whole album yet since I'm waiting for my cd in the mail, but from what i've heard they've done a great job :D I hope you guys can review this video soon even if it doesn't make the top spot because I love your videos and I really wanna see how you react to cnblue. You guys always make me laugh with your commentary but you're also great at seriously reviewing the artistic aspects of an MV :3

  19. S&M – please review CNBlue!!

  20. Minaal Zahid

    Please do CN BLUE now S&M! 2NE1 and SNSD got theirs, it’s time for CN Blue to shine!

  21. This song is by far my favorite cn blue song i just hope i get to hear it live next month in California. It’s been stuck in my head since it came out. please please please review it!

  22. Jazmin Borda

    Pretty please!!! KMM CNBLUE!! they are awesome awesomely awesome!!!!

  23. Just #CantStop listening to #CNBlue!!

  24. Han Young Park

    lov this song

  25. Han Young Park

    amazing, bright and outstanding song … im in England and its already a huge hit!!! SO BUY THE ALBUM ‘CANT STOP’

  26. Rossana Pérez Bonfante

    I really love this song, I love it so much

  27. 實在是太好聽了 #CantStop

  28. Widya Sonywati

    #CNBLUE #CantStop Fighting !!!!

  29. Good luck to CN Blue! Really hope they get reviewed, they really do deserve it.

  30. cnblue has never been reviewed before :( pleaseeeeeee

  31. EunJee Choi


  32. Minaal Zahid

    EYK Please review CN Blue! :D I know 2NE1 has come out and the chance of getting a review is extremely slim, but I honestly feel like the song YG chose to make a video for wasn’t good enough to be their title track. “Come Back Home” just didn’t do it for me, I prefer “Crush” 100x more. And “Can’t Stop” is just amazing. We are on the top 3 so please, please review CN Blue! We can do it Boice. <3

  33. It´s gonna be hard for us with the 2ne1 song in 2nd place and the fact the Simon and Martina love them but don´t give up! We can still make it!!!

  34. Why did they have to do a Music Monday on Girls Generation??? Cnblue song was way much more better and meaningful. But lets keep voting.Fighting CNBLUE

  35. Keeping my fingers crossed that CNBLUE gets reviewed. :)

  36. the whole mini album is soooo great!! i like all the songs!! once again, it shows how talented they are!!

  37. pls pls pls pls plss <3 <3 <3 <3

  38. cobyness11

    Dear CNBlue, Why does you comeback always coincides with GG?
    Welcome back!

  39. Widya Sonywati

    #CNBLUE #CantStop Fighting !!!