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CNBLUE – Can’t Stop

  1. Seen then in concert in new york amidst the snow storm! They were amazing! Almost missed the train home and got sick after but all so worth it!

  2. EYK–it will be your loss if you dont review this album….just saying;-)

  3. CN BLUE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!CAN´T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. I’m voting! But could someone explain to me how that works? This post has more than 8k votes but it’s still placed 6th???? Whereas the first has only 4k votes… How does it work? I really want a review on CNBlue, They deserved that!! ^^

  5. It had so much potential. And this MV totally deserve it. Their whole new minialbum is so good, I love every single song. This guys work really hard.

  6. This video is beautifully shot. S&M talk a lot about the editing process of Kpop videos and how they can add useless effects or cut up the plot. With this video I feel like it was very well thought out and artistically shot, yet simple to understand. Frankly, this might be my favorite music video I have seen so far.


  8. GUYS VOTE! We’re 5th place, :( I don’t want CN Blue to never get a review!! Come on guys. Promote this on Youtube on CN Blue’s songs so people know to vote!

  9. What happened here. Why 7th place????? Vote vote vote

  10. I´m really sad, we kept Cnblue´s song in the top 3 for two weeks an a row and now we´are in 7th place?! I´m just…so sad u.u

  11. love the song, love the video… but those pastel suits… D’:

  12. Hey!!! We´ve been keeping CNBLUE in the top 3 for 2 weeks in a row, let´s do it just one more week! We can make it! Come on! BOICE ASSEMBLE!!!!

  13. I hope CNBLUE can finally get reviewed. I mean, how can you not review this masterpiece? the m/v is so pretty and the song makes your head bang unconsciously…. And I also like how the music is arranged. And they all look like visuals, its killing me! I really think they deserve to be reviewed.



  16. Everyone VOTE for CNBLUE!!!! or YOU’LL DIE IN 7 DAYS. JK, FIGHTING CNBLUE!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve been listening to CNBLUE since 2011 and I know I’ve got a bias here, (the other guys have improved in their own ways as well) but Yong Hwa’s voice has really improved. I can tell in this video that he’s definitely getting better at hitting those high notes. :) Some people criticize his rough voice but I like the way he sings, he gets so passionate especially if you watch live CNBLUE performances. Of course that’s why the code name ‘Emotional’ suits him best ;) I love that they used a piano in this MV, it sounds beautiful <3 CNBLUE worked so hard on this album and I can only imagine how stressful it must've been juggling song-writing and acting; Minhyuk and Yonghwa finished dramas semi-recently. Plus they had their world tour, which I think is still ongoing. Overall they had a lot on their plate and I haven't listened to the whole album yet since I'm waiting for my cd in the mail, but from what i've heard they've done a great job :D I hope you guys can review this video soon even if it doesn't make the top spot because I love your videos and I really wanna see how you react to cnblue. You guys always make me laugh with your commentary but you're also great at seriously reviewing the artistic aspects of an MV :3

  18. S&M – please review CNBlue!!

  19. Please do CN BLUE now S&M! 2NE1 and SNSD got theirs, it’s time for CN Blue to shine!

  20. This song is by far my favorite cn blue song i just hope i get to hear it live next month in California. It’s been stuck in my head since it came out. please please please review it!

  21. Pretty please!!! KMM CNBLUE!! they are awesome awesomely awesome!!!!

  22. Just #CantStop listening to #CNBlue!!

  23. lov this song

  24. amazing, bright and outstanding song … im in England and its already a huge hit!!! SO BUY THE ALBUM ‘CANT STOP’

  25. Rossana Pérez Bonfante

    I really love this song, I love it so much

  26. 實在是太好聽了 #CantStop

  27. #CNBLUE #CantStop Fighting !!!!

  28. Good luck to CN Blue! Really hope they get reviewed, they really do deserve it.

  29. cnblue has never been reviewed before :( pleaseeeeeee


  31. EYK Please review CN Blue! :D I know 2NE1 has come out and the chance of getting a review is extremely slim, but I honestly feel like the song YG chose to make a video for wasn’t good enough to be their title track. “Come Back Home” just didn’t do it for me, I prefer “Crush” 100x more. And “Can’t Stop” is just amazing. We are on the top 3 so please, please review CN Blue! We can do it Boice. <3

  32. It´s gonna be hard for us with the 2ne1 song in 2nd place and the fact the Simon and Martina love them but don´t give up! We can still make it!!!

  33. Why did they have to do a Music Monday on Girls Generation??? Cnblue song was way much more better and meaningful. But lets keep voting.Fighting CNBLUE

  34. Keeping my fingers crossed that CNBLUE gets reviewed. :)

  35. the whole mini album is soooo great!! i like all the songs!! once again, it shows how talented they are!!

  36. pls pls pls pls plss <3 <3 <3 <3

  37. Dear CNBlue, Why does you comeback always coincides with GG?
    Welcome back!

  38. #CNBLUE #CantStop Fighting !!!

  39. I’m so disappointed that #CNBlue didn’t get reviewed. I don’t think they will stay in the top 3 for another week…
    S&M must really have something against them. It’s too bad, they are missing out on great music & amazing performers.

  40. i want 2ne1 to be reviewed as well as cnblue (Cant get enough from kpop)… this song and the mv has a new feel to it than the other cnblue songs. This time the song feels different because yonghwa playing the piano and the artsy concept….

  41. I agree that CNBLUE are long overdue for a Music Monday. I’ve only been following EYK since last year but I’ve been a BOICE for a while so I was disappointed that there weren’t any videos about them on the channel :( Although I prefer their songs more geared towards rock (In My Head, I’m Sorry) I was really impressed by the tenderness and emotion in the lyrics and music arrangement in Can’t Stop and the fact that it was all done by Yonghwa and Jonghyun! Personal favourites are Cold Love and Sleepness Night.

    Also, I hope everyone is voting for them on M Countdown too!

  42. Looove it ! <333

  43. Hold me that was beautiful.

  44. CNBlue once again killed it! I love that the songs in this mini album is written by the Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun <3

  45. I guess it had to be an expressionless skinny blonde white girl. Unfortunately she got cut up by the glass because the little plastic balls were added in post editing :( And just like her, all of us will never actually be in the same room with Yonghwa. But the rain cloud in the room was cute.

  46. Cnblue is amazing. I wish I could have seen them during one of their US shows.

  47. uno, dos, tres, cuatro, lets go fiesta!!!! #CantStop #CNBLUE

  48. Apparently the girl in the MV is a Polish model. That’s like an extra incentive (for Simon lol), besides the wonderful song, to review the MV :P

  49. cnblue cnblue please

  50. CNBLUE This song is very very very good!!!!!~Can’t stop love is…

  51. Can’t Stop album has been my music for days now..and I haven’t tired of it yet. It’s just that good. CNBLUE fighting :)

  52. Simon, Martina, you have already done many Music Mondays for other groups but not CNBLUE. Please review them. ><

  53. So beautiful !! I hope CNblue finally gets reviewed!!! ❤

  54. Love the song but the suits make them look like a band from the 50′s.

  55. cnblue ! fighting !

  56. As always a very good song from CNBLUE ! I was running on my way home to see it on time and omg I wasn’t disappointed they are stunning !
    I swear YongHwa put a spell on this song while composing it, I can’t stop replaying it again and again, it’s so catchy, so beautiful (just like the others songs in this album) *^*
    CNBLUE Hwaiting ! I wish them a great success with this new song and they’re close to win a KMM, Come On BOICES ! o/~~~~~~~~~~~ <3

  57. I am so excıted .I cant stop lovıng you <3

  58. Boice! Please fight for #CNBLUE ! We #CantStop voting for them!

    Not only here, let’s vote for our boys at too! Fighting!

  59. Let’s finally get Cnblue on KMM :)

  60. Cnblue FTW

  61. I can’t believe #CNBlue was passed up!
    The reality is S&M promoted GG on their Facebook and never had any intention of reviewing #CantStop.
    This happened the last time I was actively voting for a MV for KMM. I like S&M, but, it’s their show, they will do what they want. I will just give up on KMM, it really isn’t based on what the fans want. So, I just won’t get involved in this ‘voting’ anymore – it just makes me mad…

    • This is the first time vote. and maybe the last time. i hope one day cnblue will get recognized through their music fairly, without popularity polls and votings. because another fandom will do anything to make their idol group to be #1 in any kind of votes. what we’ve done will never enough to surpass that fandom.

    • They haven’t made an actual decision yet! We still have hope. CN Blue stayed in the Top 3, so they could still chose it. Honestly, I had the same thought because they do always review GG. But, they could safely skip over GG this week and wait until next week to review it because it’ll easily stay in the Top 3 and review CN Blue this week since they are more likely not to stay in the Top 3. Every time I defend them though I tend to be wrong, but I hope I’m not this time!

  62. Noooo !! Girl’s generation passed us !!! Are we cursed??!

    • *sigh
      they have bigger fandom though :(
      I’m not happy with this. It’s always the more popular one. Another dancing group. Another catchy electronic pop music. When will real instrument music have a place?

      • YES I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! It is so unfair that the more popular group always gets the VIP treatment, winning first at music shows, and getting KMM in this case. As much as I would love to rant all my fustrations and indigant sentiments here, I am trying to restrain myself (not with much success) /laughs nervously/

  63. This is surely not your ordinary kpop. the only thing I don’t like about this mv is their pastel suits. their music is great. but they’re still less popular than those dancing groups. please review.
    they really play their instruments. It’s a shame they not playing all live in previous korean music shows. But these guys really can play and make music. Their real live performances are great.

  64. I hope CNB finally gets reviewed!

  65. CNBLUE fighting can’t stop loving your music

  66. Tam

    I love this video – it’s so beautiful and it feels…almost ethereal, if that’s the right term to use. And the sooongg~~~!!! <3 Hwaiting CNBlue :D

  67. dang it, I really want to see a music monday by cnblue they always have really good songs T.T but now that girls generation song came out it might not make it to monday..>.<

  68. Sarah Kim

    YESSSSSS PLEASE~ WE NEED TO HAVE A KPOP MUSIC MONDAY FOR CNBLUE @0@/ Too much symbolic crap that one just can’t miss ;)

  69. I’m voting for #CNBLUE #CantStop album. Amazing!

  70. #CantStop #CNBLUE love u


  72. Great song CANT STOP, great vocals, great mv and great band CN BLUE!

  73. To CNBLUE fans in Singapore, CNBLUE has been nominated in Singapore E-Awards under the Most Popular Korean Singer.
    If you want them to win please help to vote them in below link:

    the voting line is open for 40 more days.. Cheers!

  74. as far as I remember cn blue’s mv is never get reviewed :((

  75. this is ur hard work boy !!! thank u for ur love~ i support u what ever.. gogo CNBLUE !! ♥♥♥

  76. This song is very nice. I think CNBLUE deserves to get reviewed on KMM. And we surely know they work hard to reach this stage. From the album, I love Cold Love and Like A Child. Mature arrangement and new style of music, but still never loose the real CNBLUE as K-pop Band. We love CNBLUE. Greetings from Indonesia.

  77. Love this song!!

  78. this song is at different level… ^-^

  79. very good song, the album is great, love CNBLUE

  80. it’s really a great album, I just hope good music get its credit!!! cnblue is amazing!

  81. Beautiful song, it’s just like spring *-*, i love it! CNBLUE you’re the best! <3, Fighting!!

    #CNBLUE #씨엔블루 #CantStop

  82. yonghwa‘s music is really perfect and attractive, this song is so great ~ always supporting cnblue ~

  83. the have a different style in this album, its a beautiful song, so as to the mv~~

  84. So beautiful ! !! What impressed me is nothing but the sound of singing ! ❤

  85. actually I like cnblue with strong rock style but #can’t stop is awesome too,cnblue comeback with sweet pop rock,they really did good job,so boice lets work together,vote and vote.

  86. love it <3 cn blue…

  87. #CNBLUE must be the #1 in the chart! They deserve it! The song is so nice until I #CanStop replaying it! Boice! Let’s fight together for our boys!

  88. It’s a really lovely MV.. this song is perfect.. yonghwa’s voice is so emotional. all they look as angels rockers! n__n

  89. Firstly, I don’t understand why k-pop songs need to have stuff written on random objects in the background. It’s small overlooked details like this one that stop kpop songs from being truly awesome. Secondly, I really don’t understand the plot. I’m sure there’s some very deep meaning that I’m failing to grasp, but other than that it looks like a series of disconnected stylized shots and random posing. Really what “can’t stop [him] now”? I would seriously like to know.Maybe its the imaginary mirror/portal to another dimension/invisible wall that somehow allows the two to communicate even though we never see them speaking a word or barely even make eye contact with each other. No. Seriously, it’s creepy. They give burning glares to the screen instead of each other. Also, the two leads lack chemistry (but then again we barely ever even see them together). They look awkward together. They look somewhat joyful but it doesn’t feel like the cause is their love for each other if something like love even exists between them.

    I really like this song, it sounds beautiful, but i just don’t feel the same way about the MV.

  90. Karina Liset Valadez Conde

    the best band!!!! L_L

  91. Great song and a great video – S&M you would have so much fun reviewing this!!

  92. Excellent song, the best Jung Yong Hwa

  93. ♥_♥

  94. Was a bit worried when I first heard the teaser. Wasn’t sure about their new sound but I had no need to be worried! This song and album are amazing!!!! I particularly adore ‘Cold Love’ and ‘Love is…’ I get chills listening to them….so beautiful <3
    Liking the MV too :)

  95. Bought CNBLUE’s album and it is amazing
    the mv itself maybe awkward with the foreign girl
    but the song is very catchy and very nice
    if you guys do listen to their album you should take a look of the lyrics
    and ‘cold love’ and ‘sleepless night’ is so good


  96. I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS REALLY GREAT!

  97. CNBLUE addictive – their music is a mixture of emotions STAFF BOICES ECUADOR full support to the distance in this way start to your success.

  98. This is the best CNBLUE song ever! And this music video is sweet!! Everyone vote for this mv for KMM!!! CNBLUE finally should get one!

  99. CNBlue!!!!!! :)

  100. CNBlue for the win!! I hope that one day, EYK will be able to interview CNBlue. That would make my life complete!

  101. I hope CNB finally gets reviewed! This song has this haunting feeling and I simply love the artsy concept that matches the change of mood of the lyrics and MV. This song is like a roller coaster of emotions, it feels like we are following him in this tough love journey. He is tired and sad and then regains his determination again. I really love that scene with the cloud and the “rainy mood” for the sad part of the song. And finally there is only one guy for the girl LOL!

  102. even if I’m no longer an avid fan of CNBLUE, their songs rarely disappoint me :)

  103. Yay CNBlue is back! I personally don’t like the title song and the music video doesn’t really keep my attention, but the album’s awesome. It’s just… the title song’s chorus doesn’t seem to fit at all in my opinion. And the music video has pretty shots… and pretty shots… and not much else.
    I’m currently in love with “Cold Love” and “Like a Child” at the moment. The mood that “Cold Love” has really reminds me of “La La La”‘s mood.

  104. the music’s all new and different yet it has CNBLUE written all over it. i love it. once again the boys have done a great job. here’s to more excellent work from them in the future

  105. I really like all of the songs in their new album. I can’t stop listening to them. I hope we get to see a KMM for them.

  106. CNBLUE killed it once again! This is why they are my favorite band, they never let me down. Loving the lyrics, music arrangment evertything about their new mini album! They are the best and i see 1 one written all over!

  107. We’ve been waiting for a KMM since they released their first MV …. CNBLUE deserves a KMM ;) gogo cnblue !

  108. CNBLUE is back guys. I love this song and all the tracks in the album. I can clearly hear the sound Piano, Brass, Strings that make their music more special. They surely improve a lot and create more good music without remove the korean style. Hope they can get reviewed. CNBLUE fighting!

  109. I am excited that CN Blue has a new album out. This song is very beautiful and somehow they made it sound airy and weightless. Nice job. I am hoping that Simon and Martina will review one of their songs!

  110. I really want CNblue to get reviewed. Come on Boices!! We can do it!!!

  111. Amazing MV!! CNBlue continues to grow and improve with each release. Truly can’t stop listening!!

  112. Reeeally wanna see a kmm for this, such a good song and it deserves lots of attention.

  113. Butterflies in my tummy ^-^

  114. It’s such a good song, and as there hasn’t been a KMM for CNBlue it would be cool if it could happen now. They’re amazing ^^

  115. Gautier Mystakas Tassoula

    pourquoi faire du compliqué quand ça marche avec du simple j’adore ce groupe mais le voir dans un clip avec des roses style baroque romantique ça me laisse songeuse car je ne vois pas ce style sur ce groupe mais je reste quand même fan ^^

  116. Gautier Mystakas Tassoula

    c’est une belle ballade romantique j’aime bien mais j’ai mieux aimée la chanson ballade de heartrings désolée :)

  117. We should all work together to finally get a KMM for CNBlue. They deserve it. This is their best MV so far. And the song is beautiful.

    • Working, working!

      ….even if I think the “I’m sorry” MV was better. The band playing on the rooftop was glorious and looked less staged.

    • what is KMM?

    • Yes they do! Cnblue FTW!

    • I absolutely agree…though C.N.Blue are deeply involved in each song they release, this one is special…like a roller coaster…first you feel sadness, anxiety but then the melody drives you to happiness, hope and joy…a song to be enjoyed, no doubt about that. What is more, they introduce this wonderful piece with a very artistic MV…the catches of the setting are beautiful and as I was commenting, they don’t dance but there’s something in their bodies while they play that make us realize that no choreography is necessary…with just the guys in their own flow is more than enough! Just great C.N.Blue, just GREAT!!

  118. This song is probably one of my favorite CNBlue songs and to be honest, I hardly have payed them much attention in the past. It also certainly helps the video is absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful work.

  119. CNBLUE is back!! Seen the reaction videos by some K-celebs and they all said it sounded great… they did not deceive me. It does sound great.

    I find it amazing how the band keeps pumping out music, with each song demonstrating the band’s maturity and musical evolution WHILE still retaining a specific CNBlue sound. This songs does exactly what I have come to expect and love from CNBlue, it has the band’s touch (familiarity) while presenting a new approach to the melody and even singing style (evolution). I will be cheesy and say that I definitely cannot stop loving these guys.

  120. Isn’t this MV artsy? I believe it’s a first for CNB. Looking forward to watching a KMM and see what S&M would have to say :)!