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CNBLUE – I’m Sorry

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  1. Alessandra Zárate Solórzano


  2. I love this groovy song! Every time I listen to it (and I listen to this a lot) I find myself bobbing in every direction possible. Still a little weirded out by the excessive walking in the MV but TOOOOOTALLY looking forward to watching them live in Singapore! Maybe I’ll get to smash a few things during the song like they did too, haha. But seriously, thank God they weren’t all dating the same girl. That always freaks me out.

  3. FirstNameLastName

    I’m losing faith that this song will be reviewed. Boo!

  4. I am very happy that CN Blue is back. Love this song! <3 :D

  5. Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! GO MY BOYS..! FIGHTING !! :”>
    Love You Forever ~ <3 :*

  6. WHAT THE?! What happen to CNBLUE on the K-Pop charts? Come on you guys this is one of my favorite songs of CNBLUE and don’t say it isn’t yours either! Come on!!! VOTE!!!! (>0<)/

    • Starsania

      Sadly the video is too old and the votes don’t count anymore. I would have loved to see CNBlue get a review though. ;_;

      • FirstNameLastName

        Wait, so even if we continue to like and comment and get a gazillion votes, it wouldn’t matter? Well, that sucks. I really like this song and it would be really great if it got reviewed. *sigh* I’m disappointed.

  7. Please make a Music Monday for CNBLUE i really do think they deserve it, they are one of the best Korean Groups ever- not just from my perspective but from others too.
    I believe that their music is really original and deserves at least one.
    Plus they always compose their songs their lyrics come from them.
    (From my point of view their songs are not Kpop but more Rock Pop so this would really mean a lot!)
    Thank You!

  8. This is so disappointing… we fought hard, though. Good job, everybody!!

    There’s always the chance S&M may nominate it for the Music Monday that Should’ve Been for the EYKAs. :( But it’s still sad.
    I hope they release something else this year… then we’ll have to fight twice as hard!

    We love you CNBlue, we’re sorry we couldn’t get you reviewed. We’ll try harder. TT_TT

  9. It’s over, this song received the 25days death sentence in the Kpop Charts. I am a very dissapointed bluenicorn :’(

  10. PEOPLE LETS GET THIS IN THE TOP 3!!!!! sorry for the screaming all caps.. but we held it there for so long T_T..

  11. *sigh* We’ll make it for the next video they make or the next album I guess :(

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  20. I am really hoping this gets reviewed….I am afraid with the new system its just gonna be left out. It has over 30,000 votes….HOW CAN IT NOT BE REVIEWED! lol Such a good song and deserves its spot on the chart. Give CNBLUE some love EYK!

  21. I love this music video, I love how it set in England, it shows how kpop is realising how big international fans are and that’s a good thing. I really think CN Blue have stepped in up with this song and have really improved since Hey You.

  22. I don’t know if this only happens to me, but many times in kpop I find myself wanting to buy clothes/acessories used by boy groups o.o. Normally that doesn’t happen with CNBLUE, but I just loved their bracelets and necklaces! Is it just me? It’s so fashionable :D!!

  23. Sent out emails … I’m hoping something rallying Boice to vote will show up on the forums/newsites. :(

  24. So I finally found the video with BTS footage (again…cause I lost it – . -’) and found a couple of stuff I didn’t know about the video: 1 Yong Hwa was walking in the rain when he was walking at the beginning of the video

    2. When Jung Shin filmed his shot… there was a time the girl from Greece (yes she is!) sat down and caught her saying: “you’ve got to believe me!” What do you think? Could it be somthing that could relate to the plot or the burst of emotions was just something to move the audience?

    3.The band’s staff members are both Englishman and Japanese…and of course Yong Hwa knows Japanese :D . I wonder what other languages the other members know…

    4. In the video it was said that they’re the first Korean rock band to go on a world tour. :D (I wish Gukkasten would go on one too *pout* (._.) )

    Here it is:

    • 1. I didn’t know it was raining. It must have been cold o.o! But I have to say that it added to the blue feelings of the song ^^.
      2. Hm, maybe JS case was a broke up because of jealous? It could be right? Like when he was going to meet her, he saw her with an ex boyfriend (for example), and he got jealous? What do you think?
      3. I know all the members know japanese (they talk in japanese in shows and even write the lyrics for the japanese songs). They probably should know some english.
      4. CNBLUE really brought back “bands” to kpop. They were very criticized in the beginning for that. I’m really happy that their hard work is paying off. Just sad that my country might not be in that world tour :(.

      • 1. Yes it was! :( and they weren’t dressed to warmly… :s
        2. Yeah that could be! said they started off in Japan right? then it’s natural they do.
        4. brought back “bands” to kpop? what do you mean?
        …well mine isn’t either…but then again there are very few Romanian Nasties…

        • If you go back on kpop, you will find many boy and girl groups, but really few bands. TRAX is a band, but they didn’t started playing kpop, they were more metal/rock. It seems most companies get trainees to be idols. In CNBLUE case it was different because they choose learning instruments over dancing. Thankfully FNC supported them (and FT Island too). But it’s not common.
          Oh, I think your the first romanian person I talk to :)! Yep, it’s pretty sad that world tour is reduced to only a few countries.

        • I didn’t know they choose to learn instruments over dancing! I’m happy that FNC support them.

          Yeah really sad that world tour is only having concert in only a few countries

        • Well there’s Jaurim as well! The band is categorized as rock/indie mellow music*sometimes they had really slow songs and sometimes rock(but not heavy metal :) )* and they’re just amazing! Amazing like every song Kim Yoon Ah sings it’s so powerful…she isn’t just a singer in her songs but an actress! She puts so much effort (or maybe it comes natural) that you could say you’re watching/listening a musical! And the instruments in the background sound awesome!! Ok… I’m a little off track here XDD.
          Even if CNBLUE chose dancing and singing I don’t think they’d be good at that… not that they can’t learn just that I can’t imagine them to be idols wearing very fashionable suits/outfits and doing cool moves on stage …that would be weird… :))
          what country are you from? :)

        • Yep, there are more indie bands than kpop ones. Yep, can’t imagine the boys with blue and pink hair singing and dancing XD. I prefer them the way they are ^^.
          I’m a brazilian nasty :P!

        • Oh. So we have similar timeline(hola! :D) :D Here is 17:40 and it’s so cold outside… yesterday rained (so perfect CNBLUE mood) but today it snowed > . . < this is a nightmare T_T

        • Haha, here now is 14:30 and although it should be reaaaaaaaaaaaally hot, it’s been raining quite a lot, so the temperature is good ´¬`! The sun just came out :P.

          Hahaha, don’t worry anymore. Did you read Natz explanation on the top of the page? If a video is up for more than 25 days, the votes won’t be counted :(. But it was nice to meet you and others on this thread ^^.

          Now, want some help with MFBTY?

        • wow O.o so early!! It’s like a 4 hours difference. It’s 18:39 now… then it’s not too warm and just right(so envious!! > . . < I won't!! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

        • Then I’m gonna spam the page!! > . < It won't matter anyway *pout* (;へ:)…….(メ`ロ´)/

        • Yes, it does matter because that people will still come here to talk about the video and if they see a whole bunch of spam it turns them off. Plus I have too sit here me delete it. So please stop.

        • yeah… if you want and have the time…stop by and chat with us *sigh*

        • Say! do you go on any social websites? (do you wanna be friends on twitter? :) …you can find my address on my profile…and let me know who you are if you do add me)

    • I hope that will be a real world tour and that they won’t only go in one part of USA for there concert in North America!

  25. Raise your hand who wants to get this song reviewed sooooooooooooooo bad because:
    1. It’s a song composed by the band;
    2. because it’s an awesome band with talented musicians;
    3. it was filmed in London;
    4. Thefilming and editing is beautiful;
    5. S&M can have fun with the plot;
    6. Because CNBLUE never got reviewed and we want to know what S&M think of them!!!!
    Did I forgot something? :D

    • No, I think you’ve got it all~
      I get sad every single day when I come on here and see we’re slipping!
      I guess, because of how the system works, the older a song is, even if it has more views and comments, it’ll begin to slip down the charts.

      But it’s still an amazing song and the album is amazing, too. I know I’ve personally bought it twice– once with the normal edition, and a second time with the limited edition version! Has anyone else bought a copy or two for themselves? (Are we allowed to talk about the album itself, here? Does it count? LOL.)

      • I’m not sure if it counts or not, but it probably does, the rest of the comment has to do with the MV ^^.
        I get sad too. I hope S&M can at least talk about them on a K Crunch Cocktail!
        Didn’t get to buy the album YET. I saw only the cover of the limited edition and the editing was beautiful (the boys did a great work!).

  26. Super sad this is slipping down the charts even though it was within the top 2 for the last 2 weeks :( Looks like we’ll be side stepping this for KMM

    • Don’t give up just yet! Yesterday it dropped to the 6th place, but managed to return to 5th. If we increase the comments we can increase the points and get them back in the Top 3!! But becareful to talk about the video. Otherwise your comment won’t count any points.
      What was your favorite part in this MV?

      • Even though Yong is my bias, I really loved MinHyuk’s part where he got super angry XD What about u?

        • AH! Tough question! Hm in terms of story I liked YH, JS and then MH. Not that I didn’t like JH, but I had to assume a story for him, so I place his plot in 4th :P. Still I think my fav part was YH. Before I thought the call at the beginning was werid. But later I came to like it. It’s a detail, but it made all the difference to me :).
          I got a shock when I saw MH! I thought “The shy and sweet baby maknae can act this angered scenes? Cool!!”. It was a good surprise for me ^^.
          What did you think about JS rose scene?

        • The scene with Minhyuk fighting with that guy really shock me to! I never tought they would do that kind of scene with him! I really think in fact that this is a good thing, because he step out that cute shy image we nearly all have of him. I think it’s awesome that we can see an other face of him, not just that cute image. The other have good plot to, personnaly I like the part of JongHynun and that image of that struggle artiste. :P I really can’t choose a favorite part… I like Yonghwa and Jungshin part to… aahhh can’t choose…

        • True, I believe they did really well pulling out the members acting skill in this MV. Last year was a drama year for JH, JS and MH, and slowly we can see many sides/talents they have!

        • I agree! It’s a good chance for Min Hyuk to get out of his cute image …but not good enough…he’ll master it (his manly side) someday and be like Tae-MAN! XDD (just came to me :)) )

        • That’s true, that it’s not enough to get out that cute image he have…but I think that if he continue like that he won’t have that cute image anymore and will become like Tea-MAN. XD

        • It’s actually “Tae”XD you just called Taemin a MANLY hot beverage! X”DD

        • Ah… Jung Shin’s rose scene XD my favorite! (well the one rose throw that is :)) )

        • The dramatic moment when he lets go of his love feelings… that scene was well done! :)

        • Yeah! I couldn’t agree with you more! :)

        • Minhyuk’s angry scene was the best of the bunch. I really think MH is probably the best actor of the four, and I’d put YH as second. I haven’t seen Jungshinnie’s acting, just yet, but A Gentleman’s Dignity is one of my favorites!

          They really are all good actors, so having them act in a video was a good idea.

          CNBlue is so multi-talented!

        • well… Yong Hwa is older plus he’s played in more dramas… hasn’t he? so he would be the one with more experience wouldn’t he? nevertheless Min Hyuk can catch up and develop his acting skills as he matures later on :).
          The guards at the subway played pretty well … Jong Hyun’s part was the shortest, I think, so not so much acting there…( in the BTS, the part that was showed of him acting was played very well though :) )
          P.S: in the BTS Jung Shin was laughing while talking about “his” girlfriend from Greece… what do you think about that?

  27. I love how Yonghwa starts off this song with his powerful voice <3 the chorus comes quite soon ^^

    • He really did a wonderful job while composing. He didn’t made a song that only fitted him very well, but a song that could bring the other members talents out. I really appreciate this hardworking CNBLUE!

      • It’s always nice to see when one member of a group compeses for the whole group and actually can take into account the talents and strengths of the other members to fit the song for all. I always think that this must be very hard and time consuming, but then again if you love doing something you don’t mind how long it takes and how difficult it is :)

        • One more reason why this MV should be reviewed >_<. Guys, we are running out of time!!

      • That’s what I liked the most in this song. How everyone had their own time on the video to show their skills.
        Minhyuk once again surprised me. His image in Heartstrings is still fresh in my memory, so seeing him that aggressive was awesome *-*
        Jungshin also is showing himself to be a great actor as the days pass by…

  28. This is awful, I’m shocked, we must keep fighting. I have spent everyday since the song came on the charts voting and I don’t plan on stopping till they get a KMM. CN Blue fans I know you have it in you, vote as hard and as fast as you can to get them into the top 3, CN Blue have worked so had, it’s time we give them the KMM they deserves, CN Blue fans fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FIGHTING!! Yes, let’s increase their points and get them back to the Top 3! It’s been almost 4 weeks now, but all the videos that got out at the same time and wasn’t reviewed are no longer in the Top 10!! So yes, we can do it XD!!!
      Btw, I have the feeling that only I liked JS and YH new hair. I know it took sometime to get used, but after seeing their live performance I thought it suited them. What do you think?

      • I think I’ll accept their hair color as it is…just no stunning colors like grass green(that would a shock!O.o) XDD

        • kkkkkkkkkkkk, so true! Don’t wanna see the boys with blue, green, purple or pink hair. I would seriously scream XD!

      • I don’t really care about their hair color or their haircut… It’s true that at first it was really a shock to see their new haircut, but I kinda like it right now. The only thing I don’t wanna see is them having blue or purple hair or any other kind of color like those.. It would be really really hard not to care about there hair color.. Those kind of colors don’t go to everyone

  29. Whaaaaaaattttt??? He dropped to 5th!!!! ohhhh nooo –Bluenicorn in obsessive mode ON–

    • In true it dropped to 6th and got up to 5th! Keep working hard mate! We need all the bluenicorns energy on this thread to at least caught S&M attention!!

      • i don’t think that having only the attention of S&M will help the song to be reviewed if it’s not voted in.. :( Maybe for a next release, but it will probaly take a while since they will do a world tour (Hope they come in Canada near where i live so I can go to there concert!)

        • Oh so you are from Canada? Hm, CNBLUE promotes on Korea and Japan. So after this promotion, I think they’ll concentrate on their Japanese album. Btw, their I really love their Japanese MVs!!

        • Actually, it’s been announced CNBlue will be going on a world tour. It’s very likely they’ll make stops in Canada and US, and likely return to the UK as well! :D

        • I hope they come to Canada. I live in BC about an hour’s flying time away from Vancouver so maybe if they go to Vancouver and the date works for me I could go! All they’ve said so far is they will go to North America. When Big Bang said North America they only meant the United States. I hope FNC know there is more than one country in North America and hasn’t got my hopes up for no reason.

        • I know exactly how you feel. Everytime they say they’ll go to South America they only go to one or two countries _ _”. I feel sad.

        • Me I hope they come at least in Toronto or even in New York I can still manage to go there, but I don’t think they will come in QC… :( I really hope they know there’s not only one country in north America and that they know that those country are really big so they will do many concert in different place!

      • It’s in 7 now, I am so sad…

        • I think it’s because the reviewed MVs were still there. They don’t count, we are still in fifth! Fighting!

  30. It was so close to being reviews, only to get beaten last minute by BOA. Not that I don’t like her, but I would have loved for Simon and Martina to review this video instead. We need to fight to get this back to no. 1

  31. No! Now I’m sad! I wanted S & M to talk about the terrible chair abuse!

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, so true! Btw, we just got 1 position up in the charts!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!! We can do it!!! Let’s get this awesome song and MV back to TOP 3!! BLUENICORNS FIGHTING~!!!

      • they should also talk about the four teaser thay released. Those emotionnal teasers.

        • AH!!! TRUE!! I forgot those teasers… they really got me curious about the MV (I cringed in fear it would be full of tears and randomness), but my fears were gone after the MV release. This MV is awesome (filming, editing, and most important SONG)!!

        • So I’m not he only one who doesn’t really like those teasers? When I see them I was really wondering what the song would look like, but the song was really awesome and the MV too (they really work hard on it, they had to pass hours in the rain to film that! I’m glad they work so hard since the mv is really awesome). I think i would find it really funny if they talk about those teaser!

        • Many friends of mine had the same thought as you :). Just glad it turned out awesome! Hahahah, they might talk about it XP. Yep these boys are really hardworking. I hope that with the review more people come to now them and recognize their talents :D!!

        • Me,who tought that I was a loner ( :P ) because my friend didn’t thing the song and all the comments about them were good.. when me I just didn’t get it… I did get it after awhile when I watch the another time, but I still find them a bit…… maybe that’s not the right word… I don’t know how I can descibe de way I fell when I watch them..
          I fell a bit less alone right now! :P

  32. Seriously, how can CNBLUE “I’m sorry” album get first place on the US Billboard chart (and that’s EPIC) and this video don’t get voted for a KMM. The world is trolling me o.o.

    • It was really in the first place on the US billboard chart?? I didn’t know! that’s awesome really! I wonder why they aren’t higher in the kpop chart!

      • Not the song but the album sales! YES IT IS EPIC!! All of the songs where composed mainly by the members, and the fot first place in the Billboard!! That’s really like a dream come true for them!! That’s why I can’t understand why such a successful band never gets a KMM! But they are not the only ones that got ignored in the kpopcharts.
        That’s just the more reason why we should get them reviewed!! Come on, it’s their 4th week already and they are still in the Top 10! We can make it to Top 3!! Fighting :D!!

        • Really! that’s a shame they never get reviewed when there doing so well! They fought for so long that’S the first time I think that they stay in the top 10 of the kpop chart for so long! And that song is so good and there album is doing so well every where else why it’s not higher right now? It’s really should! Sometimes I don’t understand the person who vote here i’ve seen a lot of really good song who wasn’t reviewed and I wish that won’t happen with this song! :(

  33. No! Why is it in 8th place now?? We have to keep voting BOICES! Please vote everyday and share it on facebook, google plus, and twitter! :D

    • It’s actually on 6th because there are two reviewed songs in the charts…

      • Now it’s fifth. Oh my feels!! Call all Bluenicorns and friends to this thread!! Let’s get more then a thousand comments on how awesome this song and MV are!! We are almost there, and it will help us not only get them on the TOP 3 but to get Simon and Martina attention :).

        • I’ll soon have to go to bed though… sorry Blueni Dani = . =

        • Haha, don’t worry, we still have 2 and a half day… go rest and tomorrow return to the battle field XD.
          And thank you for all the bluenies!! I still have hope and being commenting because of you guys!! Let’s get the boys on the top again, so S&M can choose CNBLUE song!!

        • Ok. “Let’s get the boys on the top ” I just thought of Teens In (Search for) Top :)) (doesn’t that stand for Teen Top? :)) )still could you vote/comment for MFBTY as well?

        • kkkk, true. About MFBTY, hm not sure, because the more you vote our post there, the more you have to compensete here, right? oh dilemma!

        • Seriously, they have drop to the fifth place! how can this happen? In just one day..

        • The kpopcharts is more like a rollercoster of feels than a music chart LOL!

        • I never seen somethings like that in my life they drop to the fifth place and there wasn’t a song realeased by a big group like bigbang, shinee or others..

        • It’s not a rollercoste of feels! It’s a BATTLE FIELD!! > . <

        • Yeah well… I don’t leave there not even half the comments I leave here … if that’s not too much to ask I’d like for MFBTY to follow CNBLUE’s lead (._.)

  34. So sad, this is a great song!!

  35. When I got up this morning this song was in third place… now it’s fallen all the way to sixth? It’s really sad! It’s an amazing song and it’s been in or around the top 3 since it was released, so to see it drop so far out of the rankings due to decay after going so strong as long as it did is just depressing. This song is amazing and definitely deserves to be reviewed. I know I’ll keep voting and doing whatever I can to get it back in the top three. BOICE, fighting!

    • You are right ;)! Let’s try increasing the comments! Is there an specific part or thing you want S&M to comment? I would really like them to comment about the scenery and plot.

      • The plot, and, honestly, the composition of the song itself. I’m really interested to know what they think of it, since Yonghwa wrote and composed it himself. I know the guys (CNBlue) are really proud to be promoting this song, since it’s something that came from one of them. There are a lot of talented artists (like BoA, as mentioned in the most recently KMM!) who write a lot of their own material, and it’s sad to see them get overlooked. I love other groups that are geared toward dancing just as much as the next K-Pop fan, but bands like FTIsland and CNBlue just have something special about them that the more popular idol groups just don’t seem to have! So I’d like to hear their commentary on that.

        Also, the video itself could make for a reeeeally fun review, I can see Simon and Martina having some fun with the plotlines, especially since some of them don’t make as much sense without understanding the context (I had no idea what was happening in Jonghyun’s scene until I watched the BTS and realized he was being told to leave by the police officers!)

        There’s definitely a lot to appreciate here! This was a strong comeback for them almost everywhere but here on EYK, and it saddens me!

        • I think they could have a lot of fun reviewing this too :). Yep, I agree, although the plot is not random, you don’t get it just by following it. I understood that JH was being told to leave, and that MH got into a fight, but what it has to do with breaking up a relationship it is not clear. You have to assume that they must have broke up with their gf and that those are their reactions to it.

          True!! I reaaaaaally want to hear their opinion about the song. CNBLUE worked really hard on this album and thankfully it’s being received with lots of love! I’m sad too that people are not voting for them on eyk. Simon hinted that he liked “I’m Sorry”. Even so, they have to comment so we can know their thoughts :)!

        • “watched the BTS and realized he was being told to leave by the police officers!” there must be something hidden behind that! (and Min Hyuk’s fight) or I don’t like the plot anymore. :( I just got the idea that the band members are friends (well they are); Jung Hyun stands isolated and Min Hyuk goes drinking in a bar because they fought because of Yong Hwa’s and Jung Shin’s girlfriends (they kept telling them to dump them because they’re bad apples *which they were* but YH and JS wouldn’t listen to their advices so they break up their friendship)….but then suddenly hits me the fact that they all throw something on the ground which means they have something in common!

        • Hm… not that I’m an specialist, but as far as I know how a man brain works, when they are dumped/troubled they don’t go to their friends first (if there is any boy hear, please correct me if I’m wrong).
          A man only tell another man a problem if he believes that man can help him fix it. And they only speak about their love problems with a friend if by chance they meet up and the friend ask him, otherwise they’ll sulk alone for a while. That’s why I thought the meeting up on the street, while walking to forget their frustation, after isolating themselves for a while, made sense :).
          If they had fought with a gf because of a friend… Because the song talks about a girl saying sorry ’cause her feelings wasn’t sincere, I believe they are frustrated/angered with the break up and the way the girl played with heir hearts :(. And yes, the objects thrown on the floor seems to remind them of the bond they had with their gfs (phone, pick, handkerchief and rose), and letting it go and moving on is something they have in common. Still I’m just guessing here :).

        • I think it depends on the strength of the friendship bond…

        • Well, they are like brothers, you have a point. Still I never saw a guy talking much about broke ups. Oh, where are the CNBLUE fan boys when we need them XD?! Any boy here show yourself and share your thoughts on this break-up development.

        • I think that maybe boy will go talk to each others if there clause and
          they are really clause in my opinion even if I don’t know there
          personnal life, I’ve seen a video once where MinHyuk was saying that if
          he had somthing how trouble him or anything like that he would talk about it with JongHyun.. soo I don’t know there real relation ship but yeah maybe at least them they will talk about it to each other since they are clause..
          Where are the boys when we need them!?!?!

        • Personally it just seems to me like the guys are going through their own forms of ‘mourning’ the relationships– for MH and JH especially this seems pretty accurate. MH goes drinking (and gets into a bar fight accidentally), JH decides to play guitar only to be told off for panhandling (adding fuel to the “fire” of his frustration, so to speak). YH goes for a walk to clear his head after receiving the break-up message from his girlfriend and JS and his girlfriend break up /during/ the video rather than before it. So it seems they’re all in different stages of heartbreak as well as different emotions dealing with heartbreak. For YH it seems to be disbelief and despondency, for JH and MH it’s escapism and then rage, and for JS it’s rage and then reflection.

          Not to read too much into it, of course. I know how S&M feel about symbolism, haha.

          The scenes are definitely not random, it was just that I didn’t understand exactly what they were trying to portray until I saw the BTS video. I thought, “what does this have to do with breaking up with your girlfriend?” in Jonghyun’s case, but as it turns out, he could very well simply have been trying to blow off some steam with music, only to be told to stop and go away.

          It’s definitely not a video that’s hard to understand, but for me, the split-second missing scene was the key to understanding. I’ll be the first to admit most videos don’t make sense to me the first or second time, but this one came more easily to me than the other ones I’ve had a revelation about!

          Still hoping to see these guys back in the top 3. Keep voting, promoing and viewing, everyone!!

        • “they’re all in different stages of heartbreak ” sliightly different yeah…

          Wow yeah! I agree with you! I’ll have to watch the BTS video (as I couldn’t before due to very sloppy internet connection) and I’ll tell you what I think about it… and I’m pretty sure I’ve got lots to say :D

        • This video story was simple and manage to get across it’s message. It was not a video filled with to much info or lacking to much info. I really liked they did it that way. When they said they were filming in London I worried a lil (past kpop experiences). In the MV they were not forcefully interacting with other people, nor were isolated. The story gave the feeling of 4 boys/friends leaving in the same city passing by heartbreak moments and reacting differentely. I’m thankful they did it that way :). The result was beautiful!

        • P.S: just found the BTSF again :)) (look up)

  36. Seriously, this song is doing so well internationally, it’s really sad it’s not in the kpopcharts. Really hoped to hear S&M opinion about CNBLUE. If they like, dislike, think their videos are good our just random. It’s kind of bizarre actually… CNBLUE is a succesful 4 years boy band, why people no vote for them? Specially this video that was filmed in an epic place in London, with a simple yet well made plot that fits the song AND with self composed song.

    S&M if you get to read this post, even if you don’t review them, can’t you speak your thoughts about CNBLUE “I’m sorry” on a K Crunch Cocktail one day, please? Sorry for sounding so sad, but seems like it will be really tough for them to get a KMM.

  37. Let’s talk about the mv people. For instance, can anyone make out what the girl is shouting at JungShin? It could give us a hint on what the matter is about. I think she says something like “Get out/get off, please”

    • Uhm something like: “I don’t want to see you anymore! We’re through!” Jung Shin(although the dialog isn’t showing):”I don’t understand… What’s wrong?” Girlfriend: “Can’t you understand?! I don’t want to see you anymore!” JS: Yes. but why? G: “Oh… just be off!” JS:”Are you cray?” G:”Get off the bus now!”XDD JS throws rose bouquet in G’s face. JS: *talking to self while holding the rose* What was I thinking to like such a girl?Min Hyuk and Jung Hyun were right *pout* *throws rose on the ground in anger!* JS: “I was the crazy one! …..Oh…oh back to me, I’m so crazy!” XDD

    • What do you think the guards are saying? XDD *this should be fun* XDD

  38. How in the world did CNBLUE drop soooooooooooooo much?!?! Why?!?!

    • What do you mean? *checking kpop charts* Whoa O.o We’re actually on 6th place because there are some reviewed videos there… but I wouldn’t have imagined we could drop that much… I think… the mod might have deleted the spam comments (._.) *that would explain it* they would’ve gotten deleted anyway… but now we have to build them up again …

  39. Lovin’ this song the more and more! CNBLUE fighting!! ^_^

    • It’s pretty addicting right? And so catchy. Usualy I’ll sing “sorry sorry” when I appoligize to my sisters (for trivial things), but now I start singing “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” XP. Oh kpop, what would my life be without it. I’m such a happy kpopper ^^.

  40. Where did Sistar19 and BoA come from? We were so close i-i

  41. CNBlue is such a long time in this list and it has to be rewieved!

  42. This so deserves to be reviewed!!

    • Ikr? So keep voting, sharing and come join in discussions as to why it deserves to be reviewed. Like don’t you think the lonely desperate feeling was brought out nicely by using those London skies?

      • I thought that too!! The way they used the lights to give a blue and gray feeling to the MV was really beautiful. I specially loved those “interference” light shots that appear between their playing and story scenes. It’s just a detail, but it makes a smooth and quick transition :).

      • Oh… the London sky!! I feel like crying just by looking at it… and in the same time I feel like that sky could sooth tears and emotions – . – …


  44. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! CNblue is amazing! I really really want this video to be reviewed! It’s such a huge difference from most of kpop now days and they filmed in London! There is so much to talk about! I really really hope this video makes it!

  45. Yaiii we are in 2nd place!! Vote, vote vote, share share share, this guys worth it!!!

  46. This is my first time watching a CNBlue MV but they look really cool already

  47. I really hope we can keep this song in the top three for next week’s KMM and that Simon and Martina select it. There may not be a ton to talk about, but I’d really like to know their opinions of it.

  48. I see a lot of people saying we must keep this vid on the top 3. As far as I know, S&M picking from the top 3 was just a possible idea being discussed and not actually implemented. Did it become official when I wasn’t checking or something?
    Also, how long has it been since this vid came out? S&M said that after 4 weeks all chances of the vid reaching top place goes away according to their computer algorithm.

    • Yeah, they said in the BoA music monday that they would be implementing the top 3 idea starting next week.

    • The said that at the end of Boa’s review, check it out. The points of the MVs are divided between the number of days in the kpopchart. It is really hard to keep vids on the top after a few weeks, that is why Boices (or Bluenicorns) are voting like crazy! Hope Simon&Martina recognize our effort…

      • I am sure they will! They’ll surely know how much we love this song.

        • I hope you are right, i know they like Sistar too and they are girls ㅋㅋ. Well in the meantime lets keep supporting Cnblue!

        • No matter how much they like Sistar, they won’t ignore purebred Bluenicorns like ourselves :D P.S: did you know Martina loves unicorns?!!? > . < *I forgot to mention* here's the proof!! (via )

        • Ok guys!!! We have unicorns!!! We can do it!!! XD
          And I have to agree with @kpopfan123. It’s really rare for a video to keep up after 4 weeks. They’ll at least recognize how much we want to hear their opinion on CNBLUE song :)!!

        • XD *yey* you’re back!! :D hiii!!! *waves* :D

      • Even if I’m not sure if they’ll choose CNBLUE, I’m sure they will recognize how much we like this song and MV! If this MV gets back to the Top 3, it just show how much this video is popular, ’cause it’s being out for almost 4 weeks now ^^! It shows how much we want to hear Simon and Martina honest opinion on the song and filming :)!

    • It’s true that even if we get this MV in the top 3, S&M might not review it. But at least they will look at our comments and know how much we wish to hear their opinion on CNBLUE (not just the MV). It’s not like I don’t like Sistar, but I know their opinion about them (there were the interview in CA + 2 KMM on them).

      And as Clau M. said, we need to show our effort. Considering CNBLUE historic, they won’t get any other korean video out this year (although they will probably release a japanese MV by the end of the year). So this is our last chance to get CNBLUE reviewed in 2013!! So keep fighting :)!!

  49. Bluenicorns, we must keep CNBLUE on the top 3 this week, fightiiiiiiiing!!!

  50. So loving the concept and the filming of this video ( in England–oh yeah!). Really liking this comeback and I went right out to get the album after I saw this video! CN BLUE fighting– I want to see them get reviewed dang it!!

    • The more we talk about the MV, the more chances we have ^~! In the beggining, when I heard they were filming on England I got a lil worried (because of past kpop MV experiences ¬¬), but I really liked the outcome. It was well made, and for a rock/pop band to play and film an MV in London must be like a dream ^^! I’m sure the boys are happy!
      Btw, if this gets reviewed, what do you think should be the theme for KMM? “The break up edition”?

      • I like “the break up edition”.. maybe it can be “the struggles edition” since they all have some struggles.

        • That’s a good name too! Our the “I’m sorry” edition XD. Maybe they would fo against SUJU “Sorry Sorry”. Oooh that would be so nasty XD!

        • Really nasty! :P

          I have another idea “the foreigner edition” seriously in nearly all the mv of CNBLUE there’s allways at least one foreigner and now they filmed the entire mv in a foreign country! CNBLUE are really multicultural! :)

        • Oh that could be it too!! And maybe they would go against BB our Batoost :P. Still, this MV was pretty normal… Hey You was kind of bizarre… and the engrish was really something XD.

        • I promise I posted I response here! Maybe I’m getting old? Anyway, I liked this idea too XD. They might go against BB or Batoost XD. But I liked this MV more than Hey You. This plot was more normal, and they were in walking in London, so yeah. But Hey You was pretty bizaree LOL!

  51. Please, please, please, please make a review of this song!!!!!

    • Please, please, please don’t leave comments like this! ^^’ Btw. @disqus_rL8YVuW0QX:disqus told me there’s a dropped wallet in the video …where is it?? I’ve been looking all over for it! > . < I saw a broken phone (thrown by Yong Hwa…probably a gift from his girlfriend), a guitar pick thrown by Jung Hyun (which was probably another girlfriend gift or else he wouldn't have the heart to throw it out = . =) Min Hyuk throws the cloth that kept him from bleeding (saying "I don't care about the pain anymore" or?) and Jung Shin, the rose he thought on keeping… but angrily throws it to the ground… so where is it? O.-

      • When did a wrote wallet O.o? Hm…Oh wait… I think didn’t I say pallet (the thingy JH was using to play his guitar? Have I wrote it wrong? O.o

        • “Pallet”? isn’t that a “pick”? X’DD (According to pallet is a 1. bed or mattress of straw.
          2. a small or makeshift bed – correct me if I’m wrong -. ..and at the second meaning I ate the “f” in “makeshift” ROFL X”DD )

        • Oh I see! Thank you. English is not my mother language so I didn’t know how to say it (uncle google trolled me lol).

        • It’s ok! :) English is not my mother tongue either :D. It was fun, talking about “pallet”. XD

        • where he dropped that wallet or pick?? sorry I didn’t understand the whole story.. i’m a bit lost right now..

        • I missunderstood a word *giggle* Yes. It was Jung Hyun’s pick :))

        • he throw it on the ground? when? I didn’t see that.

        • Yeah… they all threw something. Yong Hwa – iphone, Jung Hyun – pick; Min Hyuk – cloth stained with blood and Jung Shin – rose :) you never know what other “hidden” details are there :))

        • I did see the Ipone, the cloth with blood (that a bit out of the subject but his hand didn’t have a trace of injury…) and the rose,but I didn’t see the pick…. Oh no I think I remember now. ok soo i’ve seen all them! :P I’ve never put attention in all those hidden detail and all those symbolics things… so i’m a bit lame in that… :P

        • The shards from the glass flew into his hand! (yes! that strong was the smash!…you wouldn’t think a skinny guy like Min Hyuk would pull that off …but he did!! Yes, I’m right! dont fight it! XDD )

        • kkkkkkkk. Yes you’re right. Seriously, if it wasn’t the shards of glass, I don’t know how he got that injury o_O.
          But I really feel for the phone. Poor phone…

        • Oh!! I know!! I ninja!X”DD a ninja was in the bar that day and he wanted to help Min Hyuk get away from that guy but injured him instead = . =….ok I’m officially rambling X”DD

        • You know… it’s kind of possible XD. Their must be a ninja in this MV. When you watch the scene of JH pick falling on the floor, you get the feeling that it should have fell on the tracks, but it stopped at the edge. Hm… the ninja theory explain it very well…. Ok it’s official. This thread makes me go rambling XD.

        • LOL Actually the rambling “started” hours ago but just now began to show XDD (I’m even making rhymes XDD)

        • Oh!! found it! I was right :D It’s called either a “pick” or a “plectrum” (if you want the more sophisticated name)

  52. FirstNameLastName

    I really, really, really want this song to be reviewed.

  53. OH!!! SIMON AND MARTINA!!! You should definetely try to invite CNBLUE to the EYK Nasty Studio!!!! Maybe FNC will agree, and I’m prerry sure sure the boys would be interested! They have a lot of overseas fans (although this is not doing so well in the eyk charts _ _” ), and the boys, specially YongHwa, are reaaaaally choding!! They would completely love the studio, spudgy and the sticker booth!!! Oh please make it happen!!! XD

    • Oh …you’re so cute!! > . < *squeezes cheeks* (say… what do you think of MFBTY "Sweet Dream" ? do you think you could drop by there and leave a few comments :D .I'll join ou of course… if not it's ok.. :s )

      • xOH! I liked their song too! I’ll pass there later then ^^. I’m just going to lurk here for now (afraid CNBLUE might drop i_i).
        Ah, my cheeks :X. Thank you for the cute. Btw, I think I might be your unnie XP.
        What do you think, S&M should definitely invite the boys, right? I’m sure it would be fun!!

        • Oh I think I’ll do that now… :S (I need to go to bed > . . < *wishful thinking* I'm afraid I'll have to leave you here :(… I have to go to bed… well… good night! (; _ ; )… I'll be back…

        • Good night to you, I gotta go too ^^. We’ll keep this up tomorrow!! Yep, I just might be your unnie XD.
          I’m already praying for an interview in my heart! Dreaming is good and is for free lol.

  54. hopefully they pick cnblue.. :)

  55. I hoped so much for them this week i-i

    But I guess they’re still up in the game. Go go go /o/

  56. I don’t mind S&M reviewing girl groups more, I might actually find something nice if they do. BUT, Please let it be after they review CNBLUE. They’ve been here for quite some time, stuck at second place. They’ve got awesome music too.

    So every one, view the song more often. There’s also this thing how the computer selects the top song. Even if we do have more votes and shares on this song, if some other song gets more points in this week than what cnblue gets this week, it means that song is more popular so it’ll get chosen. So please all Bluenicorns and everyone who like this song please, come vote and share!!! and comment too!!

    Also, Simon!! You want to review this song don’t you? Please Simon, *puppy dog eyes*!!

    • Agree with you 100% ^^! And …. Please Simon *puppy dog eyes* x 2!!

      • Unfortunately ^puppy dog eyes* don’t work on とうさん :)) かあさん might succumb XD TKIR: Which guitar model you like the most? :)) I think I like Jong Hwa’s :))

        • I know, but trying won’t harm ^-~, kkkkk. Hm… tough question again… well you can see JH guitar was used a LOT! And by a lot I mean A LOT!! And though I’m tempted to choose YH’s (because seems in a better state than JH’s), I still like JH design more :).

        • That’s true that the guitar Jong Hyun used seem to be use a lot really a LOT!

        • Just remembered that Kimberley Nguyen just called it *his wife*, kkkkkkk. It’s called love for what he do ^^!!

        • Really! :P

        • ah… I didn’t notice that (only older fans would :) )it looks like new… I didn’t choose Jung Hyun’s because I’ve seen this model a lot …and kind of got tired/bored of it…although I’m sure it’s a nice guitar and makes great sounds (as you can see in the video :)) )…so I chose Yong Hwa’s* (I think it means “honor”… any Korean speaking people around?)since I like black :D … Jung Shin is rather “mysterious” with his guitar( he doesn’t show it that much :)) )I’m envious of them and people who can play the guitar in general… I have short fingers and found it very hard to learn…so gave up (I don’t have much time for it anyways = . = )

        • Haha, it’s not an old fan thing (it could be, but not my case), it’s because I play piano and have quite some friends that play instruments. That’s why I always get stuck observing instrumentes state… I know, it’s weird… but it’s something you can’t help it once you are like this _ _’.
          Oh, usually guitarists really love to personalize their guitar and things of the sort. But I don’t think JH is personalized, I believe is just used lol.

        • You play the piano!!! (;____;) *my feels* I so want to see you play!! > . < (I wish I played the piano too you see…. BIG piano music lover XDD)
          "That's why I always get stuck observing instrumentes state… I know, it's weird." Oh.. not at all! I admire observant and passionate people! *____*

          I don't think I'd like for anything to be stuck on their guitars… "Music is music!…when I play it's only me and the guitar." (if you know what I mean XDD)

        • Hahaha, you must really love it XP. But I’m still struggling to learn it.
          It’s not exactly stuck, is more like drawed or scratched. But I wouldn’t like to do it either ^^, I’m the careful type. But who knows, maybe if I had more than one, and some used/old one, I might try something to make it “special”.

          Btw, just thought about it…. JH YOU SHOULD NO THROW YOUR PALLET ON THE TRACKS…. some fangirl might go after it :P.

        • Argh my internet is so slow!! > . . <

      • Yay! We can do it! I’ve been voting, commenting, sharing, tweeting every day this week. I Just Want Them To Be Reviewed sooooooooo much.

  57. Why people don’t vote for C.N.Blue I wish you can review them >_< awesome band !

  58. I never bother leave comments here, but this time I have to… I’ve been voting for this song like crazy for the past few weeks and not because they’re boys, I don’t even know much about them, but because I love the song, and the MV is indeed different from what you usually see in average boys group’s MV (I mean…slapping girls with roses, breaking chairs lol).
    Also iirc I think you guys never got to review cnblue, and as one (if not the only) of the most important actual band out there in the kpop scene, I’d really like to hear your honest opinion about them.
    So let’s keep voting!

    • it’s enough that you leave a question related to the video(so it could be further discussed) and you can increase the votes. Do you think there’s a reason behind the fight in the bar?

    • Exactly! It’s quite rare to find bands in the kpop scene! I might sound like a bias fangirl sometimes, but I’m not. I’m not a fan of this band because I think they are good looking. To me what makes them stand out is their sound. In the beginning I only kept hearing their songs, but as time past by I got to know some information about them and so I began to like their character as well.
      They have quite a story as a band. They are not the “fabricated idols” we are used to see in the kpop industry (and I’m not saying this like I’m judging the other kpop groups – the kpop industry is known for “fabricating idols”). While others would go to dancing and singing, they choose to learn instruments and song composition. This is seriously hard!!! And they were very criticized outside their company for that (like “Who this kids think they are that they believe they can play live?”). Going against the flow, learning instruments and composing and being good at it, you have to really LOVE IT!! They started as an indie band in Japan and played on the streets (once they even got arrested lol because they didn’t know they needed permission to play). So yes, more than just a review on the MV, I really want to hear S&M opinion about CNBLUE!

      • Your comment is a winner right there!! XDD …no seriously! *_____*

      • Really like your comment! That’s true there’s not a lot of band in the kpop scene and they are really talented! I play instruments too and it’s really hard to learn to play well! They are also composing there own song and you don’t see this on the kpop scene really often as I know..

        • So true! It’s really hard. Even if you are some kind of genius, learning instruments and composition require dedication, commitment and creativity. You usually see one or other member in a group that likes to study instruments and composition (and that get’s to play it on a special stage), but it’s really rare to see all members doing it and creating their own sound. It makes you always look forward to their music development!!

  59. I still think CNBlue deserves a chance to get reviewed!
    Let’s at least keep this in the Top 3, so that S&M can pick it if they want~
    I know they’ve never reviewed CNBlue so there’s a chance they may pick it c:

  60. This MV Reminds me of all the times of disappointment and realizing that some of the apologies were not sincere because they did it again anyway. :( UGH!
    This song helps me vent too :) for the rough days and not so great phone calls “I’m sorry” saying that is not going to bring my dolphin slinky back to life!!!, example.

  61. Keep voting!!! CNblue is the best comeback!!

  62. Keep voting, we still have a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For CN Blue’s sake keep voting.

  63. Listening to it right now! Bought it the moment I found it on iTunes =D (BTW: “cray” is totally legit slang right now; CNBlue, you are on trend!)

    • Kind of, like if you say “he is cray cray”, but it sounds a bit odd if you just say “are you cray.”

      • I don’t know… it sounds cool to my ears… maybe because English is not my main language… since Jong Hwa’s main language isn’t English either… we could say it’s permitted right?

        • Haha, yeah. And compared to some others (I’m looking at you, Block B, with your goo goo ga ga) it’s great. :)


  65. come on CNBLUE you can do it. this group is too amazing not to review, they are changing the way bands are looked at in kpop.

  66. I realize that the girl groups get rather left out, but this song is awesome and you haven’t reviewed CNblue before so….PLEASE?

  67. Guys, the KMM selection process changed!! We might have a chance if we keep CNBLUE on top for next week, Simon and Martina might pick the video!!! Boices, keep voting!!!

  68. I’ve been thinking and talking with my friend about the possibility of somehow getting the word out to as much of the Boice community as possible to come and vote in the last 24 hours before voting closes, CNBLUE might get reviewed. Of course this all hinges on CNBLUE staying near the top. :(

    • Do it!! Get as much as you can!! We wouldn’t even have hope if the chart system didn’t change. Spread the word!! I really want to hear S&M opinion on CNBLUE, and if they could review this special MV it would be awesome! Keep voting and commenting (vote is only once a day, but commenting count many points per day ^^).

  69. Hey this was at the top. What happened!

  70. Cnblue!!! <333333

    • Sorry that’s not a sentence. If you want to help out by commenting rephrase so: I love CNBLUE because… Thanks! P.S: It’s hard to balance the comments so please, if you could help lessen the spam ones that would be a great help!

  71. I hope they choose CNBLUE, S&M never did a KMM on them D:

  72. Once again, it is passed over for a KMM. NOOOES!!! They’ve never reviewed CNBlue!

  73. Ok sistar is ahead!!!! I love them and their new song but i will prefer CNBlue to get reviewed… Calling all Bluenicorns!!!!!!

    • BLUENICORN PRESENT!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkk what the hell Simon, I crack up everytime I have to use this name…. Btw, can Martina pronounce it *teasing Martina mode ¬¬*…. *hides ’cause Martina might come after me*… Forgive me i_i….

    • Bluenicorn here! :D Oh…yeah Sistar’s song is nice! but of course I prefer CNBLUE too to get reviewed, over it… (._.) P.S: Bluenies sounds nice too :)). P.S.s: are you a MFBTY – “Sweet dream” fan? :) If so … would you mind lending your vote on their page? :)

  74. Oh please S&M, please review this MV for KMM!!!!!
    Reasons? First CNBLUE is one of the few real BANDS (and by real I mean they play their songs) in the kpop scenery, and one of the few that got to write and compose all song in their album. THAT’S SO RARE! I really want to know your thoughts about it.
    Second, this MV was filmed in a very special place for a rock/pop band! The filming and effects were really well made. It fits the lyrics and the blue feeling of the song. The outfits doesn’t give you the feel of an advertisement. And if you know the group, you now that that’s exactly each member style.
    Third the story… although it’s not common that all the boys got dumped at the same week period (maybe they got in some trouble together and all the gf got mad at them, idk), it’s one of the few MV’s that a boy band were not in love/were dumped by the same “vampire girl” ^^! In general, the story is simple and makes sense. They got dumped, feel frustrated, angered and in the end decide to move on/make a song about it.
    Fourth you never got to review any CNBLUE music before!! Although the band has only 4 years, their last album charted 1st place in the Billboard, and that’s HUGE!!
    Sorry for the long post! Hope you’ll review it!!! And thank you for everything :D!! Love you guys, your videos and the blog!!

    • I love your comment! *___* You’re right! ( but… I can’t help but feel chills down my spine from this new system change… :s )

      • AH!! Don’t even mention the chills!! And here we go again in this rollercoster of emotions @_@ !
        Keep the questions and the comments coming, there is still hope XD.
        Maybe I’m a lil bias to CNBLUE because it was their music that made me start listening to k-pop (and my sisters determination ¬¬). I was not a person into eletronic music (and most of kpop songs are eletronic), it took me quite some time. But with CNBLUE it was love at first hearing ^^. I could tell they will be a long lasting band whose songs I’ll hear for the rest of my life (even the old ones). And seeing their development as musicians really makes me happy. Hope this MV gets reviewed :).

        • “because it was their music that made me start listening to k-pop” I actually don’t remember which one was my first first group/artist that got me more deeper into kpop…. but S&M were a major influence :). “But with CNBLUE it was love at first hearing” Awesome!! If Simon and Martina ever get to give away CNBLUE albums, I hope you get picked! ^^ (though I’d want one too *fidget* ) TKIR: (this is a rather tough question) Who do you(from the band members) think would suffer most from a break-up?

        • OH THEY SHOULD REALLY DO A GIVE AWAY ON THIS!! *dreaming mode* Good idea :D!! And thank you for cheering for me! lol although lady luck is not usually on my side.
          Hm, tough question. I don’t know a lot about their personality… and the suffering on a break-up depends a lot on how it happened…. but I think maybe YongHwa (since in the BLUE he is the Emotional lol). But 100% guessing here. Who do you think would suffer the most?

        • I think Min Hyuk …because he looks like the more fragile type. Yong Hwa seems to be the type to suffer too but he also looks like he can hold a lot of stuff in so people won’t know exactly how he really feels… I don’t know them either… just analyzing their faces :))

    • +1 for you bb! I agree with *almost* everything you said…but this is just a personal interpretation, we can all be right. When I watched the MV, I only thought Yonghwa & Jungshin were having girl problems, and the Pork Soup couple was just having some personal…non girl related problems…Yonghwa- girl broke up with him via phone call, Jungshin- prior unseen relationship problems, wanted to apologize with roses, but they faught again, Jonghyun- struggling musician that gets shooed away (and the security guards try to take his wife I mean guitar away from him,) Minhyuk- random white guy picks a fight with him on the wrong day…but you know, everyone sees it differently.

      PS SOOOOO bummed this didn’t make it for this week’s KMM! Can we make it to next week you guys?

      • I’m +1′ing you for calling Jonghyun’s guitar his ‘wife’. isn’t it the truth? :D

      • but then … the fight in the bar and the subway scene would seem too random(not to mention out of place) when you listen to the song : / I think it’s either randomness all the way or none(although I’ve seen few of their music videos I know it isn’t their style you know) and what about the part where they gather at 1:53… I can’t help but think that they have something in common while walking along.

        • Hm, I have this feeling too that they have something in common and related to the song. Many shades of blue in this MV ^^.

      • It wouldn’t be random. I could be like this. Minhyuk was dumped, so he went to a bar for a drink. Those guys picked a fight. Since he was already in a bad mood, he exploded and started breaking chairs. (I found this a little nice and different. Seeing the usually silent guy angry.) The case with Jonghyun could also be similar. He got dumped, wanted to play his guitar (loved the way you called it his wife) but was stopped. Quite possible, I think.

      • OH LET’S MAKE IT TO THIS WEEK!!! Let’s post good reasons for S&M to review them! At least we have a chance ^^.

        It could be what you said too :). I like what you wrote!! Specially the “my wife” part (lol JH guitar)!!! I just cracked up XD!! Love it!!

        Oh MH… don’t know about you. Kpopfan123 suspects that the handkerchief might be from his girl, that’s why he tossed it away. But MH, you are the maknae, why are you getting drunk alone? lol

      • Love the “wife” part!! I really think he like his guitar a lot!

  75. If I’m right, the new systems means that CN Blue might still be reviewed if it stays in the TOP 3 until the voting closes! But I’m afraid that they’ll pick Sistar over CN BLue :( But let’s keep them in place as long as we can!! :)

    • Eh did the system changed? When?! O.O Wasn’t it just an idea? If only we could get this MV more votes/points per day, than we would still have hope ^^.

    • well it’s not official that the new system will be “installed”. and frankly I don’t want it to be since a lot of people would rant in the future and Simon and Martina would get stuck in the middle… :( …it might not get to be reviewed(due to its “oldness”) for Music Monday but it might get to be chosen for Kpop charts update. More than the review I really would like to know S&M’s oppinion on the song.

    • We’re fighting an uphill battle against a lot of decay with this video, but it’s still possible that we might be able to keep them in the top 3. Unfortunately, even then I don’t have high hopes of CN Blue getting picked. :( S&M will most likely pick Sistar19′s video because they’re girls. *sigh* There are so many reasons why I’d prefer to see this CN Blue video reviewed, even if they are male (they’re one of the only actual kpop bands, they composed and wrote this song themselves, the video is way out of the box, they’ve never been reviewed before, etc.). At least I think the Sistar19 song and video is better than Disturbance, lol. I’ll have to take that as my consolation.

      Honestly guys, with both Infinite H and Eric Nam’s videos (both of which have less decay) moving up the charts, I think CN Blue will be knocked out of the top 3. But I also don’t think it will matter in any case because I’m pretty certain that S&M will pick Sistar19 because they want to review more female groups, no matter what the other videos in the top 3 are. Better brace yourselves. I’ll still keep voting for CN Blue, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • I’ll feel satisfied with just getting in the Kpop charts update..and don’t worry… we’re prepared for failure…

        • True, we may not get the video to be reviewed, but we have to be positive too. Where there is will there is a way. As you said we can get a comment on it later (in the Kpop charts update). But we need to tell to S&M clearly why we want to hear their honest opinion about CNBLUE.

        • Yeah… I don’t know.. for now let’s just go with the flow and see where it leads us…

      • Honestly, I think they will pick Sistar19 as well. They’ll probably stay in first place anyways, but I agree, that they will pick them because they finally want a girl group to win. I get it though, girl groups hardly get reviewed, but since I’m not really into Sistar oder Sistar19, I want CN Blue to win. The reasons are probably the same for them though, Sistar haven’t been reviewed either before, or were they? Not sure about this. But it’s funny, if you look into the comment sections of different videos on here, you’ll find the same arguments everywhere. :D “The video is awesome”, “The song rocks”, “the haven’t been reviewed yet” (for those who haven’t), the clothes, the plot, etc. I’m just “biased” in this decision because I like CN Blue more :D :D I still keep my fingers crossed even though I don’t really believe that S&M will pick “I’m sorry” :( I really want a CN Blue KPMM though :(

  76. I’m really starting to like their music. They’re a one-of-a-kind type where I like all the music made by the band. So far only, only one has touched that spot, in k-pop, but CNBLUE just might make it second. I love their beats, I love their music, It’s just awesome!!!!

  77. If we keep cnblue in the top 3 we still have a chance at getting it reviewed!!

  78. Out of all the songs on the Kpop charts, I’m Sorry should be reviewed. Besides the fact that Simon and Martina have never revied one of the videos, and how much I love the song and video and cnblue in general, the video was fantastic and a good change from the usual boxes comments. It would definitely be an interesting music Monday. Plus the beat and up tempo rhythm is a plus with the scenery and wardrobe. Honestly, Simon and Martina, you should review this video no matter the spot it’s in. Just my opinion obviously but I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. THE AMAZINGNESS OF THIS VIDEO MUST BE SEEN AND HEARD. Love you guys

  79. So sad! Again 2nd :’(

  80. You have never reviewed them this must happen next week!!!

  81. Mad love this mv. It was made in England, which is where I’m from. To bad they wont get reviewed, even though i’ve been voting like crazy. I just hope the bring out another mv that will get reviewed. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • I really hope they will release another MV!! But since they will start their tour soon, I believe that only next year we will get a new korean MV i_i.
      I really wanted this one to be reviewed… still voting though it seems hopeless.

  82. THIs song is amazing! when one of the best yet. It’s on repeat all the time. way to GO CN BLUE! expecting more amazing rock songs from you :D

  83. I’m Sorry! The best son of 2013 need this in KMM

  84. Keep Voting!!!! I think we can make it !!

  85. Guys, keep voting like crazy, its CNBlue last chance!!!

  86. Oh yeah and this song is composed and written by Yonghwa. And this song was on the top of World’s Billboard chart… So proud of them <3

  87. Please please vote for them, I really wanna see the review! this will be their first time :D
    CNBLUE is my favorite band ever with multi-talented members!

  88. bad video never hit a woman…. even if you’re angry, as a gentleman never do that….

  89. Keep voting!! CnBLue first KMM !!

  90. Y U NO vote more fot CNBlue?!

  91. lets try and keep this in the top for next week!

  92. CNBLUE was only in first place for few hours… Then suddenly Boa’s video gets first place.. =_=” This is so unfair, just like the Boyfriend MV…. Wae?? CNBLUE didn’t even get reviewed once.. ;____;

  93. Keep voting!! BOICE !! FIghting we can do it

  94. we can do it BOICES! CNBLUE FIGHTING!!!~

  95. cnblue FIGHTING!!!❤

  96. You guys….we need to make them review this video. CNBLUE needs their own Music Monday. I really like some of the other songs in the album too :D You should especially check out:

  97. That awkward moment when your favorite band write and compose their own songs…oh wait…totally NOT awkward just really DAEBAK! CN BLUE FIGHTING!!!


  99. CNBLUE doesn’t stand a chance of winning for next week because of the way the votes decay. That’s already the reason it lost to BoA this week so next week will only be worse. :(

  100. i really want to see cn blue reviewed /:

  101. Keep voting !!

  102. Love this song… and I REALLY want CN.Blue to be reviewed

  103. Come on people, lets keep CNblue on top for one week more, is gonna be hard cause we need o vote like crazy but we can do it. More votes, more comments, more shares, Fightiiiiiinnnngggg!!!

  104. I love this video, but it really reminded me how much I miss Jungshin’s long hair hair :(

  105. I want this to be in music monday sooo bad

  106. This week must be the CNBlue Week!

  107. If everyone continues to consistently vote through this week maybe CNBLUE can overcome whoever else pops up this week. I really would love to see them get reviewed since they’ve never been reviewed by Simon and Martina. Plus this video is one of the best ones CNBLUE has done.


    • Because they divide the points per days in the kpop charts. CNblue has been on it for four weeks already while BoA came out this week. Is gonna be hard now but if we keep supporting CNBLUE we can try to keep it on Top. If no other new video with a crazy fandom come out we can do it!!!

  109. WAHH SO GOOD <3
    CNBlue always puts out great songs!

  110. CNBLUE 24.933 vs BoA 8.710 I hope a BLUE MONDAY >___> !!!!

  111. Thanks guise for sticking up! Hope to see you again next time! (;_;)

  112. Hoped this Song would win :(

  113. I WANT this video to be reviewed. For the memory of that chair.

  114. Please give them a chance, you have never reviewed them! I know you said you wanted a girl, but this boy group isn’t your average boy group, and they deserve a chance!!!

  115. Im confused at how the charts work because it looks like cnblue should be ahead because it looks like boa has less points

    • Their is a better explanation on the board above the charts, but basically the math in the charts system works this way: the video that gets more votes per day (you have to consider the time the MV have been out in the chart) will take first place.

    • This video is also older than BoA’s, so the decay that this one is suffering would make it do worst than her’s. The same thing happened to TVXQ’s Catch Me

  116. Half an hour guise! Don’t know if anyone noticed but I think Min Hyuk’s bandage at the end when he throws it on the ground seems cleaner?! O.o did I mistake that part? Was it someone else from the band that got his hand injured? (my head is spinning with confusion right now…just amuse me XD)

    • Haha, I got confused about that part too… It seems like he injured jis hand at the bar (dunno how). When he throws it on the ground it’s dirty… BUT WHY IN THE WORLD would you throw away the only thing that keeps your hand from bleeding? Lol I’m confused too…

      • my thoughts are that some glass shards? (is that a word?? XD) flew towards his hand and injured him… it seems a bit odd that he’s injured to that extent… if he would’ve punched that guy a few times …then yes he would’ve had that kind of injury…
        haha… hmm… yes that is confusing… maybe… that piece of cloth belonged at first to his ex but then he gave it to him and he throws it to the ground because that’s one of the things that would make him be reminded of her…so yeah “I don’t need you to protect me… just be gone!” X”DD

        • Well, if that was the reason to get rid of the cloth… then I can emphatize, still… MH go get a band-aid or something, u need to play drums to relieve that sour moud ^^.
          Don’t know if it’s a word or not XD. Or maybe… IT WAS A GLASS INCEPTION?! (just remembered Martina XD). Since it doesn’t explain how in the world he got cut… maybe it’s a dream?
          Ok, enough, I’m not making sense even to myself anymore… ¬¬’

        • I think I lost you at the “GLASS INCEPTION” part XDD But it’s like this everytime …there’s a kpop battle someone looses his/her ability to be rational XDD

          “sour mood” yes

        • The glass inception thing appeared in the Fun Chat Times, when Martina showed the cups she bought for the studio. I really want to buy one of those :D.
          Hm, MH seems like sour… JS and JH seems mad…. and YH seems frustrated… 3 shades of blue :P

        • oh yeah… I remember that now…

          indeed 3 shades of blue… that sounds nice

  117. Can’t believe they aren’t first, Simon and Martina have never reviewed a video by CNBlue Come on Boyces!!!

  118. Ah my feels… I’m having problems with my pc too. But we can still do it!! FIGHTING~ BOICES!!!

    • So much nastiness going on!! > . <

      • Kpopfan123, I feel we are going crazy today on this thread!! Specially because on the top page it says the voting is closed, but on the kpop charts says we still have 20 mins…. I seriously feel like crying! I really want S&M too comment this MV T¬T *cries rivers*

        • I don’t know… S&M always closed the charts at just a minute before midnight … and it’s almost one hour before that …well one hour and 15 minutes… I don’t know.. lagg? We should continue commenting for 10 minutes at least…

        • Yes I’m still here working hard on that!! AH! I really wanted to know what S&M think of this MV. And not only ’cause of the song. The editting and filming was really beautiful! The use of lights, the blue feeling… and of course the plot. Sure it’s not perfect, but it has sense and a story you can understand: 4 friends got dumped by their respective gf, and know they decided to make a song to move on… it makes sense, right?

        • yeah! totally! I would feel even lousier if this wouldn’t make it for a review… so hyped up and nothing?? I felt a bit down after the live chat (it was too short! > . <) moreover my computer is having fits = . =

        • Agree, we are almost there and now… it feels like going down the rollercoster for the last time before it stops for good. LOL my batery is dying…

        • see even our computers are revolting XD “going down the rollercoster” T_T that sounds so sad (;_;) like trying to grab something… you’re almost there…it’s right there… ….and……… you lose balance and you lose it and you fall back in a puddle of misery > . <

        • Yup, my pc have feels too LOL. Oh, you described exactly how I feel i_i… I don’t now if I can keep my faith on this being reviewed… And I’m pretty sure CNBLUE is not going to post a new video this year, since their world tour will began soon, and the next MV will probably be in japanese…. Aaah have to wait for one more year …. T¬T *crying rivers*

        • We’ll get them reviewed next time maybe…. there there *pat pat* (o・_・)ノ”(ノ_<。)

  119. hold up! how did BOA get on top, we’ve got more votes then that! come on! let’s get CNBlue back up

  120. my computer is almost like frozen O_O and it takes 10 minutes to leave a comment…. my comp is dying T_T I’ll try to continue the battle but don’t know how long my comp is going to last …

    • Now it’s not the time to be sighing!! Come up with a good question! Brainstorming guise!!

      • I have a question! What was you guys favorite scene? For me it was the rooftop scene where they are playing! ^^

        • Good question! Uhm… I don’t think I can pick one favorite scene… I loved the part where each member come together and form the group after each experience they had…and that part with the rose.. where Jung Shin throws the rose on the ground (I think I mentioned that one thousands of times by now XDD)

        • You sound like a JS bias XD!

        • I’m not actually XDD I’m a recent Bluenicorn ^^ this is my first CNBLUE song that I like! :)

        • Oh really? I like them since Intuition XD! But generally I’m a quite fan… It’s the first time I’m going nuts on a thread XD. But welcome to the fandom mate!!!
          Ah, btw, if you liked this album, you should listen to their jap albums. The composed (or helped to compose) a lot of their songs in Japan. Until 392 (one of their albums) they were a indie band in Japan ^^.

        • me to usually I’m a quite fan but I really want them to got a review!

        • Thank you both and everyone else :D!!! Ah… I think I’ll go listen to their MTV Unplegged. Btw you should listen to it too. It’s a live accoustic performance, and they made such a good job re-arrenging their songs!!

          Oh, and I wish FNC would get their english checked (I’m saying this because CNBLUE has quite some musics in english, in case you don’t know). I respect and admire CNBLUE effort in writting english lyrics, and I hope they continue to do it in the future. Still FNC is a company, and could get someone to help them get the english right. The music is great, but then when you hear the engrish, you get torn… Ah, so frustrating. I feel like it’s such a waste on their hard work if the company don’t care.

        • Thanks! :) I will! :) P.S: I think we lost :( I’m gonna go bury my face in my pillow and watch older videos from EYK and then read manga T_T

        • U should go and have fun!!! You worked hard! Thank you for keeping up with me :D. Ah, my feels…

        • as if……
          You too! Me too! thanks! (;_;)

  121. my comp is lagging so much right now Bluenies!! > . < and almost dropeed juice on my computer!! this must be reviewed!! What do you think of thisCNBLUE live performance? (Am I the only one that just found out about the amazingness of "Coffee Shop"?)

    • I reaaaaaaaly like this performance!! I have to admit, Cofee Shop was one of my last favorites in this album, until I saw this live performance XD!! CNBLUE is one of the few artists that can make me fall in love with their music through a live performance ^^!

      • Argh I want to buy their album > . < ( Don't like the blond hair though :( … although he gives me the feeling he's an anime caracter… don't know why I don't like it)

        • Hm, at first I thought “Weird”. But now that I got used to it, I think it looks good on him :P. It was a great change. But so it’s this album, since all the songs have the band touch ^^.

        • After reading your comment I feel like giving his hair color another chance XD

  122. We can make this happen!! >___< Let's continue to vote!!

  123. Rally the Boise, we must get them back in first

  124. Please a review a cnblue song for once!!
    There’s still time they need to get the first place!!

  125. AH!! Just woke up and got a shock!! I really love BoA’s MV, but if CNBLUE doesn’t win this week, who knows when their song will ever be reviewed…. my feels _ _”’

    • I’m sure BoA can wait an other week and be in the first place… I’ll vote for her for next week, but this week is our chance to get a CNBLUE review. Also, I don’t really think they will be able to keep that place for the next week… :(

  126. This is awesome song. It’s more special when Yong write it.
    Fighting CN~to~the~BLUE!!

  127. Bluenies! Bluenicorns!! we dropped first place again!! come on guise just 2 hours left! we can do this! I like Boa’s song too but we’ve worked thus far to keep it up… we can’t see our work go to waste!! let’s keep calm and comment! TKIR: What do you think Jong Hwa is phone -texting? to whom? is it the ex? thoughts?

    • kkkkk, just remembered the name Simon gave to BOICES XD! I have to say “bluenicorns” is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly such a fluffy name XD.

      • Would you mind answering my questions please? ^^

        • Oh sorry XD. Hm… I think, in the real worl, nobody in particular. But in the MV world it sounds like he’s calling to some foreign girl, cause she doesn’t seem to have an accent when speaking. What do you think?

        • Yeah it does seem like a foreign girl …the kind that break’s up over the phone…. *shifty eyes* P.S: I actually was refering to the 0:25 moment :)) I forgot to mention it sorry XD

        • kkkk, why the *shifty eyes* XD? And I think that in 0:25 is the same girl (like, should I call her to talk again or not). But that’s my feelings… btw… if JH ever get dumped, would he go to the subway with his guitar? Don’t get me wrong, I loved the scene, but it’s kinda… unique?

        • I meant this (¬_¬) (how do you put this expression into words? XDD) hmm…maybe.. in his confused state he texted her(but he actually didn’t mean to do that) and he’s subconciously checking his phone if there’s any reply! *oh yeah he’s going crazy XDD*

          about JH …I don’t know his personality well enough to know that… that scene matches pretty well the vibe of the song

  128. I hope this song gets reviewed! ^^
    Go CNBLUE!!!

  129. Keep Voting, when there’s time, there’s hope :D
    I will fight till, the end and then I will fight till next week (if it doesn’t make it this week)
    CN Blue FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. bummer…I was REALLY wanting this vid to get reviewed. Oh well. Just cast another vote anyway…..maybe if we keep it alive for another week?

  131. cnblue fighting,,,,, keep on voting boice,,,,,,,

  132. CNBlue needs to get their review! They worked so hard, so let it pay off for them!

  133. I am so sad!! I really want KMM on CNBLUE!

  134. They are 2nd!!! Go go go voting !!!!!

  135. This song is amazing, I’m in love with it! I’ve liked pretty much every song by CN Blue I’ve heard, but I haven’t listened to them much for some reason… I need to do that though. I’ll have to take a break from my Bilasa and suju spazzing and listen through CN Blue’s albums… any idea where I should start? I’ve already listened to this album of course.

  136. lets do this!

  137. i want to see this on kmm!


  139. thisisjustforfunval

    This song is so addictingly catchy and energetic. The video is wonderful shot with little mini stories for each member of CN Blue. And come on I really want to see Simon get a bouquet of roses to the face. Since I’m Sorry came out I use it to get pepped up for the day in the morning and for my commute to and from work.

  140. NOOO!!!! C.N Blue NEEDS to be reviewed!!!

  141. nooooooooo Boice we can get CNBlue to NO.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Martina and simon haaaave to talk about it

  143. I’ll be really sad if BoA beats these guys on the last day, they’ve been so high up for so long. Never been reviewed before, and while being an idol band, they’re different to other boy bands who sing and dance, so there would hopefully be different things to comment on. Come on CNBlue, lets get you reviewed for once

  144. Arirang just uploaded to their Youtube Channel a review on the music video shoot: London + CNBLUE..what else do you need? hahaha :)

  145. Come on Boice! Contact everyone you know and get them to vote before midnight! BoA can wait until next week, we’ve got to get them to win!!

  146. I would really like this to win even though boa’s great and all that.

    • I feel the same. I’m willing to vote for BoA’s next week. But CNBLUE MV is out for almost 3 weeks now. If it doesn’t get voted this time, it will drop reaaaaaaaally bad…

  147. I really want this song to win because CN Blue has never won, and FT Island has. I normally don’t mind BoA songs, but I kind of didn’t like Disturbance…

  148. I really wanted CNBLUE to win this week, BoA could wait until next week. I think Simon and Martina have said they want to review BoA so now more people are voting for her so she will probably win this week. :(

  149. cnblue

  150. Love CNBLUE♥ Proud to be a Boice and Primadonna♥ I hope they can finally get their forst EYK review♥ CNBLUE fighting♥

  151. OHHH NOOOOO, I am about to cry…. Boices lets not give up!!

  152. Whatttttttt second place????

  153. I was so looking forward to this song and i’m not disappointed :-)

  154. I really want to see a CNBLUE review!

  155. nooooooooooooo

  156. BoA pulled ahead. Nooooooo!

  157. i like how each member had a “story” in the song.

  158. i hope you guys get to review them! <333

  159. i think the best comeback so far..and the reason is that the title track is done by yonghwa :)

  160. Oooh my gosh! Hold on CNBLUE you only have 10 hours and 45 minutes to go! You can do this!

  161. Finally there’s a chance that CN Blue’s song can get reviewed :D
    As a boice, I always loved their songs but this album is my favorite one ~ & this proves how talented my yonghwa oppa is as a composer hehehhe.

  162. CNBLUE finnally won! They deserved ir so badly! So proud of them!

  163. this is by far the best video of cnblue’s. love this group and i am so proud of the fact that YongHwa wrote the song.

  164. i really hope this song gets reviewed, we can do this boices!

  165. With all the voting i did for this song if it gets passed over for boa just because she is boa i am going to be so mad come on this song is so much better. and CN BLUE has never been reviewed either!

  166. First place, omo omo, i cannot believe it!!!! Yeahhh!!!

  167. First CNBLUE song for S&M to review, we can do it Boices~~ ^^

  168. c.n blue go! go! go!

  169. This is definitely my favourite cnblue title track.
    I was quite surprised to them in first place when I came on to vote today! I really didn’t think they’ll make it this week – good to know my votes haven’t been in vain after all.

  170. cnblue c’mon we can do this! :D

    • I wonder how much this is in the lead right now.

      • Well, Natz, a mod for eatyourkimchi, posted this in the Special Girl video approximately 6 hours ago:
        “… Well we do sometimes have to go to work and sleep so we aren’t around all the time.
        Ok, well this video is older than the CNBlue Video. Therefore the decay percentage for this video is higher. You are only a few thousand points behind CNBlue at the moment.”

        What the difference in lead may be now, I have no idea.

        TKIR: What’s your favorite part in the music video? :D
        And what’s your favorite song in the album? ^^ I personally am quite in love with “La la la.”

        • 1.Favorite part of the video: where Jung Shin throws a rose from his bouquet on the ground(in anger) :) 2. I could say “Coffee shop” if it wasn’t for “I’m sorry” :D

  171. Can someone point out them members of this band to me?
    I am relatively unfamiliar with CN Blue, and when my friends mentioned the leader’s name, I had no idea who he was. :/

    • Skully

      The good thing about them beeing a band is that since they don’t dance around thay always have the same possition making it easier to tell them apart!!!!:D:D
      Jung YongHwa is the leader. He is the main vocalist and guitarist, he stands in the middle (the one with the phone in the living room)
      Lee JongHyun is the main guitarist and vocalist, he’s the one on the right ( the one in the subway with the security guys)
      Kang MinHyuk is the drummer at the back (the one in the bar)
      Lee JungShin is the bassist, he’s the one on the left (the one with the flowers)
      Btw I put them from oldest to maknae ;)

  172. Hmm… I’m curious to see as to how Simon and Martina will handle the review for this music video, seeing that it’s quite different from most K-pop music videos.

  173. woot woot! cnblue fighting! :DDDD

  174. How did it suddenly make to #1 :0 Awesome! Hwaiting!

  175. Yes!!! I want first KMM on CNblue!!

  176. FirstNameLastName

    I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it. Took me a while to notice the MV was filmed in London…

  177. Love this song from the beat of the song to the music video! CNBLUE FIGHTING!! ^_^

  178. First place yay! CNBLUE’s first KMM!!

  179. Hey guys try not to spam they’ll just delete the comments. Let’s keep voting consistently they can still win. CNBLUE FIGHTING!


  181. CNBLUE ILY!! :D

  182. CNBLUE I LOVE YOU!!! :D


  184. Good job guys! We got them into first play for this week. Now the trick is to keep them there. Don’t stop voting, just because we passed Infinite H, they could still pass CNBLUE again.

  185. if this goes on, with cnblue at the top of the eat your kimchi chart… this may be the first time in eat your kimchi history to review a cn blue song…

  186. I hope this wins :) I started voting as soon as I knew BAP would be reviewed ;)

    The song is reaally fun and cool. I don’t really get the video, but to be honest I just listen to the song most of the time ;) without the video

  187. OMG CNBLUE IS FIRST!!! ^^ 22 hours and 14 minutes to go. Boices, we can do this! Aja aja hwaiting! :D First ever CNBLUE MV to get reviewed on KMM! (: The awesomeness of this song must be reviewed by S&M!!

  188. AND are my eyes deceiving me or we’re in FIRST PLACE!!?? XD

  189. Can’t believe I just noticed how the members are introduced in the video.(so ppl could recognise them) after each experience a member has, they step into the frame. that’s just so cool! Btw did Min Hyuk play in “Heartstrings” with Yong Hwa? I could barely recognise him…O.o he looks more mature here I guess…

  190. I would really love to hear S&M honest review on this MV!! Specially because it’s a song composed by the artist himself :D. And it has a great rock feel to it >__________<!!!

  191. there is one strange phenomenon though: first one is walking down that road, then one by one, the others join in, but they never seem to get any further. The sign in the back always stays the same distance away from the ever growing group. Are they walking on a treadmill of some kind? or a conveyor-belt? S&M, maybe you can find an explication for this (besides the obvious) <3

  192. OMG! This is on first place (on the front page… but not on the kpopcharts page… Hmmm…)! I really hope it wins… CNBlue need a review because they haven’t got one yet, and I really like them and this song!

  193. I’m not a Boice, but this song really imressed me. So I want so much to see KMM on it. We need more comments! 1 comment = 1 vote!

  194. After Calculating this song’s votes and dividing them, i don’t think it’ll be able to win this week. HOWEVER, We can do it next week! Keep voting!

    • the others are charming too XD I especially love that part where Jung Shin throws that one rose on the ground. don’t know why :)) do you have any memorable video moments (that got stuck in your mind)?

  195. I think it’s about time CNBlue got reviewed, don’t you think? c:

  196. This must win this week’s KPOP Music Monday. If not, It better win next week’s,

  197. The best Comeback!

  198. Come on. We can make this win at Kpop music Mondays <3

  199. i have to say this is not my favorite cnblue video but i loved the song… and its time cnblue get a kpop music monday sooo fighting

  200. i hope this makes it to KMM! <3

  201. I LOOOOOOOVED this song! Its one of the best comebacks Iv’e heard (recently) and i love the heavy feel to it; and considering one of my favorite CNBLUE songs is “L.O.V.E. girl” this was quite the fresh switch for me and I am completely head-over-heels for it! I liked the bad ass vibe of this song and video, it wasn’t all cutesy and “OMG im soooooo in love with this hot chick right now that i just met” kinda thing it was more like “screw you bitch, I don’t need you anyways!” :P… least that’s what i got from it! AWESOME song I REALLY hope it get reviewed!!!!

    • Haha yes I really liked that part you see girl groups making both lovey dovey and screw you, creep, videos about their love lives but not so much guy groups making videos scorning their girls~

  202. I just love them! They are so amazing!

  203. c’mon guys keep voting, i really want simon and martina to talk about this!

  204. Hope this wins for EYKMM! CNBLUE’s one of my fav.s and they have never been reviewed by EYK!

    also this song is MUCH MUCH better then Special Girl which is your usual kpop lovey-dovey-got-some-rap-and-crazy-colors song. Don’t get me wrong I listen to that type of stuff but CNBLUE’S BRINGING SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

  205. Hopefully next Music Monday it will be on CN BLUE!

  206. come on guys we’re almost there! keep voting and CNBlue will make it to the top! (where they belong) :)

  207. Rewiev it :)!!!Are you cray to not review it?

  208. The whole cd is really good!

  209. sorry, forgot to say that another reason this should get reviewed is because I really am confused about what the mv means, the girl breaks up with yonghwa and then a bunch of tragedies happen to them all?

    Its wonderfully filmed but I really am not getting this story line, any one have any ideas about what it means?

  210. i really hope this gets a review since they gave never been reviewed before, im sick of the same bands getting reviewed over and over again

  211. Hope this gets a review..Come on!!!!!!!!!These are not your usual kpop vids where most of them where like fluffy, cutesy, over dressed and so on and their lead singers can actually compete with singing if you compare them with other international singers unlike the usual kpop singers who can only sing their part…..

    • i completely agree, yonghwa has amazing vocals, I love when is voice gets all guttural, I also think jonghyun should have more parts since he has great vocals too not to mention he’s freakin hot! But really he is underrated.

  212. I really hope this is voted in for this week or next week!!




  216. Keep voting guys we can do it!

  217. hwaiting !

  218. This will be a brilliant music monday!!!! There is only so much one can say about boy bands – I really hope it gets voted in!!

  219. Am I the only one seeing that they just lost the top spot?


  221. I don`t like this

  222. omg finally it’s at the top of the list but there’s still few more days left o.o great job everyone, let’s keep voting xD this mv should definitely be reviewed.

  223. They must have shot this while they were here (in Britain) doing their concert! I went to that, they were totally amazing. Extremely talented boys! I was stood at the back of the crowd but I still had a perfect view because I’m tall :P Awesome experience.

  224. review it for once plissss

  225. I’m sorry – I know Simon and Martina hate this, but… YONGHWA! OMG LOOK AT HIM! JUST LOOK AT HIMMMMMM <3

  226. Simon and Martina… can’t you just review this song anyway since you have never reviewed a CN Blue song before? Please do this one as I’m interested in what you’d think about it :D Love you guys! Fighting!

  227. FirstNameLastName

    Yes! First place! A few days ago it was on the 5th place (I think?) and now it’s first. I’m so happy. Let’s keep it there until the voting ends. :D

  228. I really want this song to be reviewed. I’m addicted to it!!

  229. I really want this video to get reviewed this time. They really deserve this and more !

  230. 사랑한다더니 나밖에 없다더니 ~~

  231. 씨엔블루 사랑해♥♥♥♥♥♥ *ㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇ*

  232. Coffee shop is awesome:)

  233. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!~~~

  234. a totally different kind of music compared to their previous songs. awesome. :)

  235. Uuuu, and I like so much this angry lip arousal at 00:31 XD

  236. How dare this girl at the beginning leave Yong Hwa! Fangirls are definetly going to kill her))))

  237. I don’t think that CN Blue can win this Monday ~Infinite-H have really many points >.

  238. Bluenicorners (or Boices, but I really prefer the new awesome name, thanks Simon), let’s go, VOTE! We can do this.

  239. I love this song so much! If I can, I’m definitely going to the concert…. cause I live in Korea btw. This song sounds so distinct from their others its so awesome!

  240. So excited!!! My favorite band might actually win and get reviewed! Here’s to Music Mondays!!!!

  241. Boices, we are going to lose for three consecutive weeks :( … Come on, vote!!

  242. i really love this whole new album…coffee shop and lalala were so good too

  243. Oh CNBLUE what a wonderful comeback! Love this song~~ It’s so catchy :)

  244. Yesyesyesyesyes!!!!

  245. CN BLUE is AMAZING!!!! Incredible vocals!! :D

  246. Finally they have their comeback. I just hope that Exo will get a comeback soon O.O

  247. Has anyone seen Yonghwa’s hair recently? He went blonde! .. or light brown.. Personally I liked his hair better the way it was before!

  248. It’s my favorit song of CN.Blue with Coffe Shop


  250. I love this song so much :) and their new album ReBlue its so awesome :) Hope they can win this week :)

  251. this just haaaas to be reviewed!!

  252. THIS SONG DESERVES A REVIEW……..because it’s different from the usual kpop songs…It isn’t too eye candy video needed..just pure talent..People should start going to their live performances because they are like beast on stage rocking it the whole two hour duration..Yong hwa’s voice as usual knows no bounds..He’s voice is a dime among kpop wherein other singers doesn’t even deserve the title as singer…His vocal range are insanely powerful and the way it blends with Jong Hyun’s is perfect…This song is the most powerful song for me among previous CNBLUE releases…This is their true color..the same as their releases in Japan..Yong Hwa’s a genius and CNBLUE deserve recognition for being a true musician and not just spoon fed idols….Rock on CNBLUE!!!!

    • so true :) Love your comment :)

    • I sooooooo agree with you!!! I love their live performances!!! It’s awesome *dream to watch one live*!! And one of the things I love is that their perfomance is not fixed (playing by the book). CNBLUE is never afraid to improvise during a show, to let their feelings show through their perfomance. Each performance is different and full of passion. They must have a reaaaaaaally good relationship. I play in groups too, and it’s hard to improvise and take liberty in a song without any notice if you are not close with the other members. Don’t know how to explain it, but that’s how I feel it.
      You are right, they are not idols. They are real MUSICIANS!!!!! Hope we can get them on a KMM ^^!

  253. I want to share the video but when I click the button, nothing seems to be happening.

  254. my favorite comeback in January!! I exceptionally like MV, be cause of London – it’s sooo beautiful *_____* looks great in this MV and on album cover :) another best thing is that they can play live on stage in programs like MuBank MuCore etc. :D they live performances are really great!

  255. Sigamos votando sin parar por el mejor vídeo de CNBLUE!!! :D

  256. <3 ~ I hope CN Blue wins EYK Kpop Charts and reviewed for KMM this week…I'm sorry is an awesome song indeed… :)

  257. This really needs to win! :O

  258. I love this song soo much :) I really hope this song wins :)

  259. this is by far one of the best songs out there :)

  260. This song is amazing and I love the video too. we must all vote for this song every day! DO IT!!! I would hate to have to hypnotize you all over the computer, it takes soo much energy that I don’t always have :) vote!

  261. they are sooo good i cant believed they have not got a music monday review for them they are sooo good and really good group. personally i thought Love girl should had been review such an awesome song and video to review come fans we can do it get it review

    • I actually wanted “Love girl” for a review because of the video. The song didn’t quite do it for me. But this one is my first CNBLUE song that I like! It must get reviewed!

      • I love both but I was sad that it it wasn’t review lets get them review we can do it

        • What is that one part of the video that left you impressed?(something that you would remember without having to re-watch the video) to me is that rose part were Jung Shin keeps a single rose from the bouquet but in anger then throws it to the ground

        • Omg me too at first I laugh a little but I was wow so deep I love that part too:)

        • And what do you think about that part at 0:22 (or?) where Jung Hwa is texting someone…supposedly the girlfriend? what do you think is the reason behind the fact that he’s staring at his phone/texting? thoughts?

        • Maybe looking for text that she said him before trying to see what when wrong in thirty last conversation why is she like that. What do u think?

        • Hmm… that’s interesting.. I like your point of view :)

        • It’s over! (;_;) Thanks for sticking till the end! Hope to chat another time! Until next time…

  262. ILY!!!!!!!!


  264. [email protected]

    I really like this song, and the album too, because it shows the transformation of each of the members into grown men. Not to talk about Yong Hwa’s compossing skills :D

  265. Let’s go go go!!!! We’ve got this!!!


  267. I love Infinite, but CNBlue really desrves to be reviewed.

  268. If someone scream at your face and a bouquet of roses happen to be right next to you, take it and smack it in their face. :D

  269. Love it!!! Really want CNBLUE to get reviewed!!

  270. Pleeeease, pleeeeeeease~! vote for them~!!!
    I love Infinite and all… but their sub unit didn’t caught my attention – not really a fan of THAT king of sound… and I know there’re a lot to talk for in Infinite H’s MV for S&M BUT please let it be CNBLUE just for once! (and I’m not even hardcore BOICE!)~!!!!

    but I just LOVE Re:BLUE album!!! totally amazing! and Yongwa did a good job with composing and writing lyrics! *v*

    If CNBLUE looses to Infinite H THIS time, they won’t stand a chance to hold for another week under the pressure of BESTFRIENDS or if some other MV will be out!



  272. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii ^^ Usually I don’t write comments for the videos because I usually don’t really have anything productive to say, but for this video I’m making an exception. If you knew me this would come as a shock because I’m not really a huge fan of CNBLUE, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like them or any of their songs, in fact, I like some, but they weren’t a group that I listened to a lot. However, that changed after this song came out, which is AWESOME!!!!!, btw. Lol. This song is so good that I’ve had it on repeat for the past couple of weeks, and knowing that Yonghwa composed it himself, makes it a hundred times better. Also, the music video adds an even more raw, urban feeling to the song which is cool. I really want to see Simon and Martina review this song because I’m really curious about what they have to say. CNBLUE, FIGHTING!!!!!

  273. These guys really deserve to be reviewed. They are by far my favorite K-rock band, and they have worked so hard to get to where they are now. Not to mention the countless variety shows, dramas, and MVs they have guest starred in.


  275. I really like this song. I hope it makes it in for KMM next week.

  276. Real London = really cool)) and no Flaxton streets =))

  277. I had listened to CN Blue previously but their music never caught my attention.
    I was totally blown away after listen to I’m sorry!!!
    I finally gave them the chance so I listen to the whole album.
    I absolutely love I’m sorry & More than You, Lalala is pretty good, too.

  278. I am a CNBlue fan but some of their songs tend to remind me of other songs in particular. After hearing this song I found myself singing parts of Have a nice day by Bon Jovi. I know Yonghwa is a fan, so maybe there is some logic behind my “song-stuck-in-my-headiness”.

  279. I’ll shell fight to get this to first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    CN Blue, needs to have a music monday and this song is so totally awesome!

  280. Need this album! “Coffee Shop” is good too.

  281. MINHYUK <3 (voto por que mi hermana me obliga) ^^

  282. i really love this song so much! really excited for their upcoming concert in Singapore soon YAY

  283. I’m not really a fan of CN Blue but I honestly loved this song <3

  284. What is going on?? Does CNBLUE doesn’t have a fanom?? Are Boices too “bother” to vote?? Or we are not as many as we think?? Why it seems to be imposible to get CNBLUE reviewed in KMM???

  285. I watched this MV thinking that I blinked and suddenly my cute bias turned into really fine men. All the new sides of them they showed in this MV made me love them even more!
    Also, this comeback even took them to the top of the Billboard charts *-* That made me so extremely happy. As a fan (Boice for life <3), their success and acknowledgement make me super proud and overjoyed.

    And, oh my, I just stumbled upon Eat Your Kimchi videos but I think a KMM of I'm Sorry would be soooooo awesome. The MV is awesome, so that's a great bonus as well haha

  286. Amazing song and album! I love all their songs on the album.

  287. From 3rd o 2nd mnow, one more step Boices!!!

  288. Wow. Jonghyun’s voice is amazing

  289. Why don’t we talk about what do ppl particulary like when watching the video? for example: I Love the location of the video shooting!! also the clothing the band members wear… uhm you Bluenicorns?

  290. I would love to see this get reviewed for KMM. I ‘liked’ CNBLUE’s music but I had never really gotten into it. But when Simon put this into the Kpop chart updates on Saturday and I watched the music video, I was instantly hooked. This is one of my favorite styles of rock, and it’s so catchy. I’d love to see CNBLUE get more recognition than the same bands that constantly get voted in for reviews. Long story short, this song and the video were both amazing.

  291. Come on people THUMB THEM UP!



  294. please please review this one! cn blue deserves to get a review!

  295. This song has to win :D I want to know what simon and martina say about the “are you cray/craze” :D

  296. I want CN Blue in KMM

  297. I still cannot believe that cnblue have never been reviewed for a kmm yet, they deserve it because they are sooo talented.

  298. I’m a HUGE fan of CNBlue. I’ve loved their music since I’m a Loner and I think they really deserve to be on KMM. I think they are a REALLY talented, REALLY unique band, and I think that they are one of the few who have been able to experiment with different types of sounds and actually pull off all of them. Let’s get CNBLUE on KMM!

  299. Voting for CN Blue now :) The song sounds fun and I like the boys.

    But the whole “cray” thing sounds awkward to me :D

  300. I still don’t get why Cnblue has never been reviewed T.T … but with Infinite ahead, I don’t think they’ll make it for the next KMM :( *adds 1 vote to the count*

  301. i don’t think i will ever get over cnblue’s awesome(ness) self. i don’t have a bias in this band because they are all equally talented, good looking, and put in just as much effort to produce the best music.

  302. Okay first I’m getting get my fangirl squeal out of the way: Love the new hair style Jonghyun :D

    I think this video would be interesting for Simon and Martina to review. Maybe they can provide some insights and fill in a lot of the gaps on the little details presented in the music video. For instance, I want to know how the drummer, Minhyuk, really hurt his fist because I did not really see him hit anything with it and what happened to Jonghyun’s guitar?! Did he accidently lose it during his angry walk? Anyways I think they could make some funny and unique skits from this. I hope it wins next week :)

  303. This is easily my favorite CN BLUE comeback! It’s sooo goodd. PLEASE DO A MUSIC MONDAY ON THISSS!!!

  304. BOICE! Come oooon, let’s do it on the first place of KPCharts!

  305. This song is epic. I really love the lyrics and the meaning was well conveyed. Yonghwa did a very good job composing this song

  306. Second place! We can do it! Boices! :D
    TKIR: What do you guys think of the video? And the “Are you cray?” part? xD

  307. really like it the song and video as well

  308. C’mon, BOICEs… we’re almost there~~~!!!!

  309. Ok, Simon convinced me to vote for them. They’ve never gotten reviewed? So sad!

  310. I love that comeback …. CN Blue ♥

  311. They debuted with a sweet maroon 5 style song”I’m a loner”. And other soft and sweet lovely song like “love”.Thought I am a CNBLUE fan I still couldn’t take them as a real rock band(I think they did better on the Japanese album). But now I can see their hard working and well preparing which really make great changes and great rock from this mini album!! They deserve respects~!!

  312. Best song that they’ve promoted… All of the songs on the album were made by either Yonghwa or Jonhyun, and all of them are great! The lyrics in “I’m Sorry” are great! I really really really hope this gets reviewed!

  313. I am so happy to see CN Blue back! This song is great!

  314. Yeah CNBLUE! One of my favourite bands. They don’t get as much love as they deserve sometimes. I remember for the Kpop music fest concert in Sydney in 2011, I said to my friend how excited I was to see CNBLUE. She responded with “Ugh CNBLUE, all they do is stand there playing instruments, it’s boring.” I was like “Wtf?” What is wrong with being a real band??

    Simon and Martina have said positive comments about CNBLUE in the past, about them being a real band, and writing their own music and having a certain constant sound. I’m sure they respect them because they are musicians and aren’t going to tear them apart is they review the video.

    • Their older songs didn’t quite come to my attention…but I’m totally into this song!! I’m glad just to be called a “Boice” or (the name I’m most fond of) Bluenicorn! :) *hoping for a review*

  315. Woot! we passed Boyfriend up! :D

  316. Come on ! They were in 4th place yesterday. We can do this ! (:

  317. I love this song HOLY CRAP IT’S WONDERFUL ^^
    Kang MinHyuk is so cute,but looks so manly here)
    YongHwa and his voice is so good

  318. again, CNBLUE dit it ^.^ just love their song!!

  319. Ya vamos en tercer lugar!!! Pudimos rebasar a Boyfriend :) nosotras podemos Boices!!! Sigamos votando por nuestros azules ;)

  320. i’ve been cnblue’s fan since their first debut. yonghwa’s fan since kdrama you’re beautiful.

  321. c’mon bluenicorns we can get them to the top for next monday


    • We’re not actually lazy… some bluenies’ here don’t know how to increase the votes and that is by leaving comments that could be further discussed :) . What does it say on Jong Hyun’s T-shirt? (I really can’t watch the video in HD > . <) "Super Black Market"? What about the street signs at 2:55?

  323. jonghyun composed many songs also

  324. i realy want to see what simmon got to say about them

  325. come on guys boice where are you

  326. i will suport you forever

  327. go go cn bleu fighting

  328. i rely love all of there songs

  329. I want CnBlue’s “I’m Sorry” to be reviewed because it BLEW!!! my mind away with pure awesomeness !!! The music video location is pretty cool and Yongwha’s singing is RockiN and made me bounce head along to the song XD Jonghyun’s voice is SOULFuL And BEATIFUL !!! And Jungshin is looking FINE as always and not because I’m biased towards him ;) Minhyuk is a cutie with his drum skills! AHHHH This performance was just amazing and I can’t even describe it in words :’)

  330. OMG THIS VIDEO WAS FLIPPING AMAZING! <3 I hope it gets reviewed SO MUCH!

  331. yes please this sooo needs to be reviewed as much as i am a BAP fan .. we need a music monday on CNBLUE!! like seriously all the songs on their comeback album are gorge!!! and coffee shop and i am soory seems to be the ones raiding my brains!!! its the most ‘rock’ feel song they have ever produced for a korean album .. thats y i usually prefered their japanese releases!! and plus side yong hwa COMPOSED it!!!! <3

  332. I REALLY REALLY want this one to be reviewed~!!!!

    Despite the fact CNBLUE has never been reviewed on KPOPMM for me Re:BLUE is the best album of 2013!
    I just so in LOVE with it!!! All songs are good + they have a song all in English there!
    My favorites are I’m Sorry, LaLaLa & Man Like Me~^^

  333. So I took the initiative of searching the English lyrics and found this:

    (It’s over I’m sorry)
    (Do it do it do it now Do it do it do it now)

    What did you say? I don’t understand you
    I don’t understand when you say you don’t like me
    You’re completely crazy, snap out of it
    You’re crazy (are you crazy, are you crazy)
    Stop acting sad as you leave, stop giving excuses as you leave
    You’re completely crazy, snap out of it
    You’re crazy (are you crazy, I really want you to get away)

    Your last words, those cold words were
    I’m sorry (I’m sorry) I’m sorry (I’m sorry)
    You said you loved me, you said I’m the only one for you oh but they were all lies
    Your words of farewell, your bold words were
    I’m sorry (I’m sorry) You tell me sorry (you tell me sorry)
    You said that though everyone changes, you’ll never change
    Oh but those were just typical words that anyone can say

    Your thick-skinned words, your ridiculous words
    (I’m sorry, I’m sorry)
    Your words annoy me, your words anger me
    Oh oh back to me, I’m so crazy

    It was me, it was me who gave you everything but you suddenly leave me
    You’re completely crazy, snap out of it
    You’re crazy (are you crazy, are you crazy)
    Just leave, your heart has completely left me, I’ll let you go, I won’t hold onto you anymore
    You’re completely crazy, snap out of it
    You’re crazy (are you crazy, I really want you to get away)

    Your last words, those cold words were
    I’m sorry (I’m sorry) I’m sorry (I’m sorry)
    You said you loved me, you said I’m the only one for you oh but they were all lies
    Your words of farewell, your bold words were
    I’m sorry (I’m sorry) You tell me sorry (you tell me sorry)
    You said that though everyone changes, you’ll never change
    Oh but those were just typical words that anyone can say

    Your thick-skinned words, your ridiculous words
    (I’m sorry, I’m sorry)
    Your words annoy me, your words anger me
    Oh oh back to me, I’m so crazy

    I break down at your words once again
    The skies fall at your words as well
    Your words are like a nightmare
    I don’t wanna hear it, please oh no no

    Words that ring in my ears, words that are nailed into my heart
    I’m sorry (I’m sorry) I’m sorry (I’m sorry)
    I shouldn’t have loved you, I shouldn’t have given my heart to you
    Oh I’m the only one who is hurting
    Words that wet my eyes, words that are nailed into my heart
    I’m sorry (I’m sorry) You tell me sorry (you tell me sorry)
    I won’t ever do this again, I won’t ever do this again even if I die
    Oh this common love that was so easy to you

    Your cruel words, your cold words (I’m sorry, I’m sorry)
    Your scarring words, your bitter words
    Oh oh back to me, I’m so crazy

    ( via )

    I don’t know about others but I tend to search the English lyrics of the Korean songs I like and I thought I should share them with my fellow Bluenicorns :)

    I think there’s a small mistake in the English lyrics; there’s “are you crazy?” but Yong-Hwa actually says “are you cray?” it makes sense either way if you take it as a slang. thoughts?

    Not to mention I love the part where Jung-shin (longer hair), before throwing the rose bouquet in that girls face, he keeps one of the roses but then in anger he throws it on the ground.

    Also love Jong-hyun’s voice 2:46 and the guitars sound awesome!

  334. Let’s get this to the top! I’ve become a fan of cn blue because of this song AND the album. And the fact that Yonghwa composed the songs *__*. Amaziiiiing

  335. plz keep voting guys

  336. Well since Boyfriend definitely has no chance of winning now, I’m gonna vote for CNBLUE. One because I like them, and two, I totally love this song and three, CNBLUE has never been reviewed before!! :D I’m totally loving CNBLUE’s latest album Re:BLUE. I actually love each and every song in there. Normally I’d have a few songs I don’t really like a few songs in their albums, but THIS ONE. I love all! I’ll buy Re:BLUE if I ever see it in any music store in Malaysia… And I’m gonna buy Jonghyun’s version hehe.. xD

  337. I have missed CNBLUE and I’m very glad that they are finally back! Let’s get them on kpop monday!

  338. I never used to like cnblue, but this comeback is so good! Think I’ll keep my eye on them from now on

  339. They will have a world tour concert
    Looking forward to their awesome performance!

  340. My favorite K-pop/rock band … Let’s get votting for C.N.Blue !!!

  341. ❤CNBLUE forever!!!

  342. I want a review for this song! I basically love all CNBLUE’s songs.

  343. i really hope they get reviewed for the first time, i love this album!

  344. No matter what, you absolutely HAVE to have a special video for not only this song, but for CNBLUE! They’re kicking booty everyday! They are such talented artists and deserve more! I DEMAND A VIDEO! Please? :D

  345. come on CNBlue . hwaiting !!

  346. CNBLUE is awesome!! I really, really love this song :D And Come on boices! we can win!

  347. I really love cnblue :) and this song is probably my favorite song right now so I hope It won.

  348. how can pushing someone make the knuckles bleed?? LOL!!
    love the song, would really love to have it reviewed on Music Mondays!!

  349. Here’s hoping it gets reviewed!

  350. Omg from 4th to 3rd, lets keep voting!!!

  351. come on BOICE! Bring it on!

  352. the biggest comeback cnblue and my favorite song from cnblue
    cnblue daebak

  353. Will someone tell me if they are saying “are you craze” or something else?

  354. one of my favorite song of CNBLUE,,,, IM SORRY,,, FIGHTING GUYS,,,

  355. I would also like to see the coffee shop up in the charts..please also vote for it…

  356. Was wondering, does the Eat you Kimchi people only do songs with MVs? Cause if they don’t they should also look at Coffee Shop by CNBLUE. Another REALLY good song :D

  357. Best comeback <3 ! CNBlue Fighting!!!


  359. Come on Boices!!! You heard Simon’s assumptions on Kpop Charts Update, are you sad enough?! Vote for them then, they really deserve it!~

  360. By far my most favorite song from CN BLUE (:

  361. This song is more than amazing…I have expected this comeback for so long and I wasn’t disappointed at all….I would really want to see it in kpop music monday…^^….cnblue<3

  362. This is soooo cool!… + they are superhot!!… reallly realllly nice and catchy song… :P might have to change my bias list after that :P

  363. That’s not fair! I don’t understand people voting for other groups! Hey, why don’t you want to know what Simon (and Martina.. she’s not there now, but anyway) is thinking about CNBlue? I think it will be an enjoyable and absolutelly unpredictable review from Simon!
    EYK <3

  364. i love cnblue !!! what do i do …to do with this love / obsession aaaaaaaaa

  365. CN Blue Must Win! Otherwise, it means that most people appreciate younger generation bands aka B.A.P, Nu’est, ect. Let’s rally our votes and get them into Kpop Music Mondays and beat all of the rookie bands!

  366. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LEAVE CNBLUE ALONE !!! i dont wanna watch simon and martina make a ridiculous video about cnblue …NO!! JUST NO …NO OK ?! NO NO NO x 10000000 ….i like them the way they are …back off simon and martina …i dont want you to open my eyes to comments you might say …cnblue is my ultimate bias ..take all the rest of kpop but leave cnblue ok?! …(oh i forgot >) please :p

    anyhway cnblue will not win …cuz its boicely known that the cnblue fandom a.k.a BOICE ( combination of BLUE + VOICE_> …we show our presence by buying cnblue cds lol

    and i would like to see simon and martina rip apart the other mv its so much fun ….

    P.S. i love all the songs mvs and the other groups in the KMM charts (^_~)V
    and LEE JONGHYUN looks so HOT being grumpy for not being 1st place on KMM :D

    • they could win for the next KMM…plus Martina will be back for the next so less nastiness I guess :)) (from Simon)

      • yeah simon alone be blurting stuff out he should NOT be *coughfanwarcough*
        simon and martina balance each others ideas out ..
        i imagine simon dressing up as martina to do her parts though lol

  367. I know I just commented on this song but… I feel like I haven’t expressed just how amazed I am with it. I like the video’s overall look. The eerie color schemes, the simple story-line, the extra actors and especially the location all attribute to the subtle bitterness of the video. I mean I’ve always wanted to go to London for like obvious reasons but my mind always connects London with gloomy cliche movie scenes and stylish rebels. I’m probably not making much sense lmfaoooo! It’s just that its very common in K-pop for videos to have completely different concepts that don’t connect very well with the song itself. It’s very refreshing for me to see videos like these that echo the emotions and overall message of the song. It’s not littered with over dramatics per say even though the bar and bus scene where, in my opinion, rather comedic. Watching the video, I can easily understand that after breaking up with their girlfriends the members are all irritated and just mad at the cruelties of this world. I think my favorite parts are the rooftop scenes where the band is just rocking it out. It’s probably the most cliche concept overdone by bands all over the world but its simplicity works for me for that very reason.

    The song itself is a work of art. It’s just so catchy and deliriously delicious. I’m still not understanding why this song isn’t higher on the EYK chart (Where are all the CNBlue die-hards?). The lyrics aren’t exactly literary genius BUT they’re pretty damn awesome. They’re clean and to the point without being bland or boring. I’m really digging the word choice (I’m going by the translations). They help convey the heavy resentment the narrator obviously feels towards the spawn of evil that dared break his heart. For all intent and purposes the English works for me EXCEPT for the awkward “oh oh back to me, i’m so crazy”… Like what is that? lmao

    Umm I realize I just wrote a novel here after having already left a very brief comment but I couldn’t help myself :( I don’t have kpop-loving friends so i’m restricted to blurting out my thoughts on the inter-webs.

    • There are tons of CNBlue die-hards! They just don’t know about Simon and Martina….that’s why you can tell which fangroups watch eyk more often… the BAP fanclub (it’s obviously huge here)…..BUT we can still get our favorite band to the top with constant voting and nagging friends to vote as well (they don’t like being nagged). CNBlue Fighting!

      • I’m making it my personal mission to get this beast reviewed. They deserve it besides i’m really curious about what Simon and Martina have to say about it. I feel like some of them aren’t voting on purpose >_> obviously only a small and minuscule portion of their fans but still. I was talking to some of them on the tumblr-webs and they’re seriously afraid of S&M ripping CNBlue on K-pop Music Mondays! and i’m all like “are you crazy?” no pun intended.

    • “echo the emotions” that’s beautifully said. :) If I had to describe London my mind would immediately fly to the classical Sherlock Holmes. :)) (but I don’t think CNBLUE could wear suits for this song :))….their attire is just right :) ) the acting was acceptable. “oh oh back to me, I’m so crazy” (I actually had to re-listen the song to hear that part :)) )I think there Yong Hwa is saying in a sarcastic mode: “I’m actually the crazy one to make such a big deal out of it. You’ve got nothing to do with it. It’s absolutely normal.” Something like that :)

  368. Best cnblue song video and everything
    cnblue i’m sorry is perfect so crazy about it ..repeating it all the time

    The album achieved all kill ..the title song is no.1 and the other songs were In top 10 WTH?! o.O YAY!! ^^/
    this comeback for cnblue is breaking records left and right like nobody’s business
    omg cnblue comeback is huge …i feel like crying …oh my babies T.T

    AND that tough mv,
    - the broken heart angry Yonghwa when his girlfriend broke up with him on the phone ,
    - struggling artist Jonghyun who was playing in subway and police told him to go away ,
    - bar fight Minhyuk when some guy offended him and started a fight (maybe cause he is “different” in a london bar?!),
    - throw flowers at screaming girlfriend from Jungshin, he brought her flowers but still she screams so throws the flowers away and moves on ..

    cnblue live perfprmances is the best ever ..hyper, passionate sexy and sweaty I LOVE IT can’t wait to see their live perfs on music shows !
    (although i dont think cnblue gonna become all wet and sweaty like in outdoor live perfs …) anyway its gonna be exciting to watch

  369. I want to have them to review this video :) it’s actually cool and the song is just amazing :D
    new fan here XD


    • That alone is a reason enough for this vid to be reviewed..Come on Simon..this is the only song that rank 1st in billboard world album among their contenders in this site’s chart…

  371. Jungshin didn’t actually slap her with the flowers, you can see it in the MV of Making

  372. I really like this song, it is cool to hear some real instruments in Kpop. ( I know some songs have them but it is super refreshing to hear mostly instruments.)

  373. I’ve never been a CNBlue fan but i’m seriously loving this song and the fact that it was created by the band makes it even more impressive! I’ll be keeping my eyes on their future projects :)

  374. I absolutely love this song! In addition to its catchy tune and awesomeness, I find it so cool that this is Yonghwa’s song! I think it’s better than previous CNBlue songs which I thought I loved until I heard this one. I hope more of Yonghwa’s songs are used as the title song for future CNBlue albums.

  375. I loved this mv! GO CNBLUE! Also note the lovely chair smashing, what did the poor chair do to you?And why the beer too!? I love how it’s filmed, it’ssoooooooooo amazing! and awesome, when’s the last time you’ve seen in a kpop mv a band playing music on the roof? classic!

  376. really want this song for music mondays

  377. It’s too sad that this is only fourth :/ I’m Sorry is the best song ever from CNBLUE ..

  378. This video is filmed in London! Come on UK people, where u at? Vote for this!

  379. CNBLUE Fighting

  380. Why is this only fourth?! This is cnblue’s best song ever! :D

  381. i got addicted to this song the moment i heard it and saw the video so i hope it wins :D this is kind of wird but i like to walk while i listen to this song and make grumpy faces like cnblue does LOL xD i feel like im the video and i like the way it makes me feel like aggresive and like looking for my revenge or something…..xD

  382. Sad to see it so low, because the song is awsome. Yes, jei, for foreigners and to the fact that the video has some plot and is outside. Love the song but it really isn’t that hard to pronounce crazy correctly…it ends with a y,Y I said. Also for some reason I can’t believe that a tiny kpop idol could take out some guy in a sports bar in England…the whole scene looks ridiculous to me. He just pushes him, throws a chair and then walks out…WTF??? Don’t get why the guy was picking on him either.

    I’d love for a CNBlue song to be reviewed and this one is good, at least I like it…the rock vibe…

  383. Since Simon wants to talk about this video and I didn’t even realise that CNBlue has never been reviewed for a KMM, let’s do this Bluenicorns! What is the real fanbase name of CNBlue?

    TKIR: I like the foreign feel to this video since it was filmed in England as far as I know and the song is great as well. But it lacks the random phonetic sounds like in “I’m a Loner”, “Love” and other songs ;)

  384. I cant believe they arent higher! I think this song is the best on the charts right now TT

  385. SERIOUSLY wishing that it’ll be reviewed.. **prays** OMG PLEASE

  386. Come on Boices! we need to get this song to the top!

  387. I like the song and I like the band! Hope this climbs up to first place…

  388. great song!:D hope it gets reviewed

  389. This is my favo album frrom cnblue :D this song is soo catchy. I hope it will be reviewed ;)

  390. Aaaah, this song is SO awesome! I hope it gets reviewed.

  391. The entire mini-album is friggin’ amazing. They never disappoint.

  392. I love this song to bits

  393. CNBlue is back! I was getting tired of the same old Kpop MV’s, so this is a nice change of pace (even if I do love dancing Koreans). But what’s up with the “craze” Engrish? LOL. At least he tries. It’s great to hear some real musicians too, even if they’re not “plugged in” on that rooftop. You can definitely tell it’s their sound when you hear the song. I like that they’re in Britain. It’s cool that so many groups are coming out with foreigners in their videos these days, but not diggin’ the sort of blue colored tone that saturates so much of the video. I guess it was to fit the mood (and CN “Blue”, eh?) I read that that they released their new mini album Re: BLUE on January 14 2013, which is also their 3rd anniversary as a band. These boys are sentimental! Kudos to Yong Hwa who wrote almost all of the songs on this album. AND the band is said to be doing all-live shows these days, what a concept. These guys are true music lovers and musicians. GO BLUE!!

    • Yong Hwa is actually saying “are you cray” which makes total sense but then the voice that repeats after him says “crazy”. Their album is awesome! This is my first time getting addicted to a CNBLUE song like this one.Coffee Shop is amazing too! Oh I wish I could buy their album – . -

  394. This deserves to be a KMM !!

  395. GO CNBLUE! <3<3<3

  396. This video is so different! We need a little new ground in KMM. Cnblue would be perfect!

  397. This would be so much more interesting to be voted in. As much as the songs above it do rock… it would be nice to do something different for once. The constant young boy bands are becoming a little… samey…

  398. i’m not gonne say yunghwa <3 simmon i'm saying janghyun <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  399. He slapped a girl IN THE FACE WITH A BOUQUET OF ROSES!!!! … wow that´s.. I want this for kpop music mondays now =(