Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

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  1. Pa pa – Ku rae yeon Pa! x)

  2. fuuko4869

    Wow, Bar Bar Bar got so popular that they actually made a 2nd – no – 4th? MV for it:

  3. I like the Pogo stick move. Yes, I know they call it “5 cylinder engine move,” but the 1st thing I thought of when I saw it was “invisible pogo sticks.”
    I’ve seen several places where they’ve said it will be the next Gangnam Style. I was doubtful, but then I saw a parody of US soldiers doing it. (just the 1 move)

  4. This is a pretty cool group, and all their songs are fantastic !

  5. Jane Patterson

    I am so pleased this is still in the top 10 after all this time! I really appreciate how their image is not so highly produced — I’ve been watching them on Mnet Countdown and they are just so straightforward and cute. (Also, their fanbase is *intense*. The fanchants are louder than even EXOs.)

    • MimeTroupe

      The fanchants are nothing short of incredible! The weirdest thing is, they’re not only SUPER LOUD but perfectly on cue. Not to mention representative of both genders lol.

    Its just so happy.

  7. EYK should review this :D

  8. I support Crayon Pop and their company for working hard and investing in the girl’s unique style and concepts.

  9. we can do it! we’re so close to getting to the top three and it’s such an adorable music video ;_;

  10. just a bit farther til top 3 guys~^^

  11. Bing Bing, Saturday Night, Dancing Queen and now Bar Bar Bar!!! Such a great group. Hope they never change their style.

  12. so many good songs out, we’ve got a lot of competition ><

  13. Akira Miyashi

    I feel that Crayon Pop will fit in nicely into the EYK crew. LoL. XD

  14. Cassandra Bosquet
    Cassandra Bosquet

    While I have not the slightest clue what this MV was trying to convey, I can appreciate the moves. Gotta give credit to a group that can take moves from a jazzercise class, cheerleading practice, and a mortal kombat character and make them into a legit dance.

  15. Come guys!! Vote and share!

  16. Coming its at 8th place, 5 more places to 3rd and i’m 110% sure it will be chosen for KMM. Crayon Pop fighting, my number one girl group!!!!!! :)

  17. Mirza Rakhmadianti

    Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar~ oh no I’m addicted +_+

  18. Now no 9… yeahhhh!! Crayon pop fighting!

  19. my most precious band! Love Crayon Pop!

  20. Love them! They are great and hilarious! Why is that this video isn’t higher up??? Why?? Why?? The song is really fun! OMG Thank you Martina for sharing your little treassure :)

  21. StefDane Duo

    Ready. Set. GO!

  22. ana_niclole2012

    aww they are so cute!! I can really appreciate this group. a lot of the female comebacks this year have had a sexy concept, there is nothing wrong with that of course, it just feels like i’m watching the same performance over and over. so this is a nice change to have. So, crayon pop fighting!!

  23. Akira Miyashi

    the song’s so quirky~ me likey~

  24. MimeTroupe

    Oh my god, they are ADORABLE!

  25. Never disappoints to be quirky!!

  26. niki_onek

    This really does seem like a work out video. This is a song I can definitely run to, though when they say jumping, I might actually start jumping. Very cute and very fun though :)

  27. unicornsgalaxy

    I love that there is just something off (odd) about these girls and they don’t care at all. They make it fun!

    And seriously, one of the best dances! I’m thinking I could do this and not look like a total spazz!

  28. Haha these girls are hilarious! :D

  29. Mirza Rakhmadianti

    I love the dance when ‘Bar Bar Ba’ comes up~ he crab legs XD

    they captured me with just that move

    haha only Crayon the only girlgroup in Kpop that has pretty members but rarely almost never dance showing legs’ bare skin XD

  30. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Where did Dancing Queen peak on here?I know it was top ten but I don’t really remember.

  31. ninjalike

    Guys they’ve made it to no1 on Daum!! :D

  32. This is great! I would love to listen to this when I work out. Or it could be the theme song of my life. I like that they’re not trying to be too sexy. That can get old after awhile, since it seems like everyone is doing it.

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  34. Johntruman

    SERIOUSLY, this MV is so great !!! The dance is so so so catchy, you know the moves without even trying, they’re soooo soooo funny ! They’re so cute ! Their outfit is ridicously perfect ! And the song is so catchy as well ! Can’t live without it now !!!

  35. Joshua Strickland


  36. Barry Adams

    The song is catchy, but I wish people would stop saying that a group that they like is underrated. Just because you like something doesn’t mean that everyone else should too.

  37. crayon pop is such an underrated group. The thing I love about them is that they are so quirky, cute and funny. This mv will prob never so the light of day because most people are too preoccupied with lip rubs and crotch thrusts; which is a shame, because crayon pop is truly entertaining to watch

  38. how are people not more excited about this song?!