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Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

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  1. Pa pa – Ku rae yeon Pa! x)

  2. Wow, Bar Bar Bar got so popular that they actually made a 2nd – no – 4th? MV for it:

  3. I like the Pogo stick move. Yes, I know they call it “5 cylinder engine move,” but the 1st thing I thought of when I saw it was “invisible pogo sticks.”
    I’ve seen several places where they’ve said it will be the next Gangnam Style. I was doubtful, but then I saw a parody of US soldiers doing it. (just the 1 move)

  4. This is a pretty cool group, and all their songs are fantastic !

  5. I am so pleased this is still in the top 10 after all this time! I really appreciate how their image is not so highly produced — I’ve been watching them on Mnet Countdown and they are just so straightforward and cute. (Also, their fanbase is *intense*. The fanchants are louder than even EXOs.)

    • The fanchants are nothing short of incredible! The weirdest thing is, they’re not only SUPER LOUD but perfectly on cue. Not to mention representative of both genders lol.

    Its just so happy.

  7. EYK should review this :D

  8. I support Crayon Pop and their company for working hard and investing in the girl’s unique style and concepts.

  9. we can do it! we’re so close to getting to the top three and it’s such an adorable music video ;_;

  10. just a bit farther til top 3 guys~^^

  11. Bing Bing, Saturday Night, Dancing Queen and now Bar Bar Bar!!! Such a great group. Hope they never change their style.

  12. so many good songs out, we’ve got a lot of competition ><

  13. Akira Miyashi

    I feel that Crayon Pop will fit in nicely into the EYK crew. LoL. XD

  14. While I have not the slightest clue what this MV was trying to convey, I can appreciate the moves. Gotta give credit to a group that can take moves from a jazzercise class, cheerleading practice, and a mortal kombat character and make them into a legit dance.

  15. Come guys!! Vote and share!

  16. Coming its at 8th place, 5 more places to 3rd and i’m 110% sure it will be chosen for KMM. Crayon Pop fighting, my number one girl group!!!!!! :)

  17. Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar~ oh no I’m addicted +_+

  18. Now no 9… yeahhhh!! Crayon pop fighting!

  19. my most precious band! Love Crayon Pop!

  20. Love them! They are great and hilarious! Why is that this video isn’t higher up??? Why?? Why?? The song is really fun! OMG Thank you Martina for sharing your little treassure :)

  21. Ready. Set. GO!

  22. aww they are so cute!! I can really appreciate this group. a lot of the female comebacks this year have had a sexy concept, there is nothing wrong with that of course, it just feels like i’m watching the same performance over and over. so this is a nice change to have. So, crayon pop fighting!!

  23. Akira Miyashi

    the song’s so quirky~ me likey~

  24. Oh my god, they are ADORABLE!

  25. Never disappoints to be quirky!!

  26. This really does seem like a work out video. This is a song I can definitely run to, though when they say jumping, I might actually start jumping. Very cute and very fun though :)

  27. unicornsgalaxy

    I love that there is just something off (odd) about these girls and they don’t care at all. They make it fun!

    And seriously, one of the best dances! I’m thinking I could do this and not look like a total spazz!

  28. Haha these girls are hilarious! :D

  29. I love the dance when ‘Bar Bar Ba’ comes up~ he crab legs XD

    they captured me with just that move

    haha only Crayon the only girlgroup in Kpop that has pretty members but rarely almost never dance showing legs’ bare skin XD

  30. Where did Dancing Queen peak on here?I know it was top ten but I don’t really remember.

  31. Guys they’ve made it to no1 on Daum!! :D

  32. This is great! I would love to listen to this when I work out. Or it could be the theme song of my life. I like that they’re not trying to be too sexy. That can get old after awhile, since it seems like everyone is doing it.

  33. To make this MV go up, you guys need to share this on fb, gootle+ etc…
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    Keep share this MV :)

    SERIOUSLY, this MV is so great !!! The dance is so so so catchy, you know the moves without even trying, they’re soooo soooo funny ! They’re so cute ! Their outfit is ridicously perfect ! And the song is so catchy as well ! Can’t live without it now !!!


  36. The song is catchy, but I wish people would stop saying that a group that they like is underrated. Just because you like something doesn’t mean that everyone else should too.

  37. crayon pop is such an underrated group. The thing I love about them is that they are so quirky, cute and funny. This mv will prob never so the light of day because most people are too preoccupied with lip rubs and crotch thrusts; which is a shame, because crayon pop is truly entertaining to watch

  38. how are people not more excited about this song?!

  39. Crayon
    Pop is such a fun and quirky group that one can’t help but love them! Their concepts
    are always original and what I like the most is that they don’t take themselves
    too seriously. :)

  40. Happyjoy2

    I don’t understand why Crayon Pop is still so underrated! They are awesome! They are quirky, happy, and fun. For me, that’s rare to find in the Kpop scene nowadays. Girl groups try to be cute, sexy, or both… But Crayon Pop aren’t following that route which makes them unique and awesome! I mean, yeah, they are cute, but not acting all cutesy and overdoing aegyo. Crayon Pop fighting!

  41. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for like three days now. It really needs to be reviewed.

  42. yeah this video is seriously amazing

  43. This has to be reviewed, S&M just HAVE to be huge Crayon Pop fans, they can’t not be. EVERYONE PLEASE KEEP VOTING! The girls deserve recognition, and international fans are probably their best shot at it! Come on Cuties, let’s vote!

  44. LET’S SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!

  45. I think I could watch a whole MV with just the “5 cylinder engine move”. That move is genius.

  46. The only gripe I can come up with is that during the first part of the jumping the girl on the right jumps way higher than the one on the right.

  47. I’m a really big fan of these ladies. Not only do I hope they get reviewed, but it would be nice to see them on the Kpopchartupdates as well. They are a refreshing group of girls, and it would be nice to see them get attention. They are nothing but fun and I hope eyk can show them some love. They give off a very classic kpop vibe to me. Not over the top, but still talented. Their songs are catchy with fun addictive lyrics and dance moves, this one in particulars asks the listener to jump along to the song, not much more to it. Though while it may not be deep, it certainly is awesome.

    • Crayon Pop did get a mention I think in a post last year where S&M found it interesting how CrayonPop tried to encourage people to vote on EYK through twitter/tumblr. We managed to vote them up to sixth place…so I think we might be able to get them possibly to the top three this time round…especially if S&M mention them in Kpopchartupdates as you have suggested. Cross our fingers!!!

      • The problem is last time CP tweeted after I tweeted them the link several times… I’ve done so again, but still no support D: More people should tweet them!!!

        • TurnUptheAC

          Did you change your screename?….if so, a very “ninjalike” move indeed! I remember you doing that last year and how we worked hard to get them up on EYK charts! I’ll tweet them later the link but i don’t know any Korean to instruct them…it would just be a random link…lol.

        • Haha no, this is my Disqus account, the other one was my twitter^^
          Yeah just say “please tweet” and such, that’s what I did!
          The funny thing is I usually tweet them in Korean, but looking back to see what I said with the link I saw I never tweeted Korean with it, haha

  48. so I hope you can at least have them in your kchart updates so I can hear your opinion. Crayon Pop is a wonderful, refreshing group that deserves more attention^^

  49. LOVE the song and especially the dance! I love how Crayon Pop are adorable and addicting and charming, without relying heavily on aegyo. Their dances and their songs and even their wardrobe are so unique!


    ┗(^0^)┓ ┏(^0^)┛

    About time, Chrome!! xD
    Granted, it’s STILL super low-budget, but hey, they have a YG-esque white room plus a KWill-esque theme park!! Yay!! They’re not on the streets anymore~~ :p

    Oh Crayon Pop Y U SO Cute~ ( = 3=)

    Btw I’m totally digging the synth beats, and the pa-pa-pa-pa-pa bit :D

    • Why didn’t you repost it? Now it is old already and I hadn’t been voting for it or anything since it wasn’t the right video.

  51. I can one not help but love Crayon Pop!!! Still fave rookies of last year. I’m still surprised they haven’t taken off yet…they have the most quirky and fun routines in Kpop right now…but thats just my opinion.

  52. love the quirky song and dance! they are so different. glad they took a different approach to their music. btw their official mv is now officially out at

  53. I heard there was some sort of accident on the internet and now Crayon Pop is in trouble. Could someone tell me what happened?

    • Something about their ceo being affiliated with a right-wing website… Doesn’t stop me from liking the song – music is music – and their dance is super addictive! ^_^

      • Ah I see. That wouldn’t stop me from liking this song either!!! It’s currently my favorite song!!!! I’ve probably watched the video at least 20 times since it came out!

  54. They are really awesome! CP fighting!


  56. But the dance! The dance! The dance! It’s mesmerising.

  57. At first I was totally ‘what the hell is this?’… and then I was hooked. They look like a heroine squad on, doing all those key poses!

  58. ninjakitty

    I really glad when I take a chance on a song and group I’ve never listened to and it pays off!!!

  59. I like these girls, i like more the “story version” is funny so the song too ;)

  60. And after reading the English translation of their lyrics, this song mostly seems like a work out video!

  61. best dance for a workout ever lol

  62. Their outfits are ridiculous and the dance is also really silly, but that part where they alternate jumping looks super cool. Definitely my favorite part of the video.

  63. Stephanie Dubuque

    I love Crayon Pop they always have such interesting and energetic dances I still love Saturday Night and Dancing Queen! I’m curious to know the reason behind the outfits though, I know in the “story” mv they designed the outfits supposedly but it doesn’t really show why they picked the helmets besides seeing some dude wearing one. Otherwise interesting song and hope to see more from them!

  64. S&M, you must talk about this song!!! A life depends on it!!! If you don’t? Know this, this life loss was all your fault!!! FYI, i am not talking about my life… You are going to get something that may explode… Sorry if you do…., not me!!! Maybe be a soda with a lot a gas!!! Nope not me, I love you (platonic-ally) and will never wish harm the EYC crew. Seriously, please mention Crayon Pop. Sorry again.

    • Love these girls, just wanted to create a buzz for them. Please to trash me alone, Crayon Pop are great and original, Please judge them on their work and not me,

  65. The ONLY Kpop gruop that won me for a fan not girls generation or wonder girls, only Crayon Pop they are so real and funny

  66. Crayon pop has moved into my top 3, and pushed SNSD down to my number 3. Crayon pop is sitting in my number 2 spot right behind T-ara… T-ara is close to moving down to number 2, if Target isn’t very good, then Crayon pop will be my new number 1 group.

    The wait for the new MV is killing me >_<

    Crayon Pop Fighting!

    • I don’t get it? Why isn’t your first choice? Number 1!!!! So far they are one of the most original band out there, and they do their own thing instead of following trends! Well that’s just my opinion.

      • It’s hard for any group to take T-ara’s spot, mostly because of Eunjung. she’s my ultimate bias, and my wife. ^^

        • I understand, everyone has their favorite member in one band. Mine Is Min Ah from Girl’s Day.

        • My bias would be Bigbang’s Daesung
          Though I don’t care for Bigbang if we’re not talking about their old music LOL

  67. I just seriously love these girls SO MUCH!!!!!!

  68. Love these girls, every mv they put out it just pure GOLD. Hope to see more of them.

  69. Jase Aaron

    I think I finally know how those people waiting for Exo Wolf drama version are feeling! lmao. The official MV will come out… at some point lol. I know Chrome Entertainment have like no money, but I don’t think it’s that bad where they actually leave the black time bar on the official video lol

  70. crayon pop, with another “work out” type dance. They are truly unique in the KPop world. Maybe they are the Zumba of the KPop world.

  71. I love their creative dances :D Also a nice work out!

  72. Third time’s a charm fuuko, you’ll eventually get this right lol.

  73. I looove the dance! hahahaha and the song is catchy xD
    … but this is still the dance practice video, not the official MV.
    Comments on YT say that the MV is still a few days away. There is a a picture from the set^^ ( ) They are on the spinny thing from K.Will’s Love Blossom & other MVs! :D What is it actually called?