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Crayon Pop – Dancing Queen

  1. unfortunately all these other groups do not appeal to westerners because we have over dosed on sex and fakeness.Thank God for crayon pop.

  2. Love you girls……….all the best from Australia

  3. Thanks to their recent popularity, it seems they gathered enough funds to do a remake of this MV:

    Which did you like better?

    • Not totally, it’s a MV for a remix of Dancing Queen ( although it sounds pretty similar to me without comparing side by side)
      I like the new one better because I like cheesy.

      Why did you post a comment on a vid that hasn’t had a comment in eight months tho…?

      • Oh is it different? I’ll have to give the old one a listen.
        I preferred the old one because they seemed more happy and energetic. But this one isn’t bad either.

        Well….where else could I put it?

  4. The most promising girl group in year 2013.
    If they appear to ‘Radio Star show of MBC’, I believe ‘Dancng Queen’ could occupy most of Top Msic Charts.

  5. They became my favorite girl group after I watched their show and started listening to their music. I’d say that’s quite an achievement for a rookie group :D

    Anyway, they’re at #12 and I really think we need to work harder to boost them up guys! Crayon Pop Hwaiting!

  6. I really like crayon pop. I didn’t give them a lot of attention when they first came, but after this song, they made me a fan. They’ve worked really hard to get their name out there. I hope they get the attention that they really deserve. Please people vote!!

  7. omg id pay to see simon do that entire dance routine.

  8. i guess it wont be reviewed this time :( maybe next time crayon Pop! did good coming in 3rd? 4th? that means you’ll have a good chance next time ^^ keep doing good xP i love crayon pop <3

  9. Guys, share on facebook, comment, vote! They’ve worked so hard this year and they deserve a review! It would mean so much to them!

  10. am starting to get really interested in this group .. I’ve watched few videos of them and they don’t seem like your usual kpop idol girl group .. they’re fun and casual // and dress like ajhummas // and they’re working hard ( well yes all kpop idols work extremely hard) …

    but you know it’s interesting to cheer for a group who still didn’t really make it big yet..

    they’re really interesting ..

    am wondering, do they really go to random public places and perform?? just like they did in the mv? wow am really impressed if that’s the case ..

  11. - What was your favorite part of the MV? why?
    My favorite part is the entire thing…I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

    - Who’s is your favorite member and why?
    I honestly can’t pick…sorry

    - What did you think of the dance?
    I think it fits the song perfectly. It was really smart of their choreographer to make the dance so memorable!

    - What do you think about their outfits?
    They’re cute and show that they don’t need to try to be cute, they naturally are! I WANT THE TRACKSUITS SO BADLY!

    - What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit them?
    Yes, it’s quirky and almost retro. I think their voices fit many genres, so anything works with them.

    - From all their songs, which is your favorite so far? why?
    BingBing is my favorite because it’s cute and soft. It shows off a different side of their vocals. One of the best debut songs I’ve ever heard.

    - What do you like about Crayon Pop?
    They work hard and it definitely shows. They’re all very talented as well.

    - Do you think they are one of the best rookies of this year?
    Definitely! Crayon Pop, GLAM, and EXID are, in my opinion, the best rookie girl groups of this year. While EXID and GLAM aren’t as original and quirky as Crayon Pop, they’re both talented and interesting in their own ways.

    - What will you want to see for their next comeback?

    I want to see them back in bright colors (like Crayons!) and with another catchy dance song. I would also like a fandom name!

  12. Crayon Pop are the best rookies to debut this year.


    Because nothing came easily for them. They come from a new company (they’re the Chrome’s first artists) and have been rejected by music shows repeatedly because people consider them “irrelevant”.

    Their style is quirky and effortlessly cute and their talent is through the roof. It’s sad that that of all things about them goes unnoticed.

    They deserve to be reviewed because
    1) They’ve been promoting their comeback on their own by doing Guerilla performances in Seoul and deserve the attention they would gain by being reviewed.
    2) This song and dance are awesome!
    3) They even tweeted about being on the K-pop charts.
    4) Crayon Pop and their staff work extremely hard and that should be rewarded.

    5) If they got reviewed, music shows may see them as relevant and let them perform. (They’ve only performed on shows 1 or 2 times)

  13. Crayon Pop are the best rookies to debut this year.


    Because nothing came easily for them. They come from a new company (they’re the Chrome’s first artists) and have been rejected by music shows repeatedly because people consider them “irrelevant”.

    Their style is quirky and effortlessly cute and their talent is through the roof. It’s sad that that of all things about them goes unnoticed.

    They deserve to be reviewed because
    1) They’ve been promoting their comeback on their own by doing Guerilla performances in Seoul and deserve the attention they would gain by being reviewed.
    2) This song and dance are awesome!
    3) They even tweeted about being on the K-pop charts.
    4) Crayon Pop and their staff work extremely hard and that should be rewarded.

    5) If they got reviewed, music shows may see them as relevant and let them perform. (They’ve only performed on shows 1 or 2 times)

  14. Oh! They have fallen again :(

  15. I absolutely adore Crayon Pop!! Fightinggg!!
    I love how they’re not being all sexy and just having fun and adorable. x)

  16. love them..!

  17. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!! They’re so fresh, different and I can see that they’re working so hard to get their names out to the world!! I would really really love to see this get reviewed for the next KMM. Frankly I was getting a bit bored with the current K-pop scene where being pretty and sexy was all that mattered for a while.

  18. i love the video!! and it’s a nice song

  19. awesome..!

  20. me encantó el baile y la cancion ^_^ ellas son muy lindas. la verdad no me gusta la actitud aegyo de las gupos femeninos (me parece muy estúpido) pero a ellas parecen naturalmente dulces y lindas.

    I loved the dance and the song ^ _ ^ they are very cute. honestly I do not like the attitude aegyo of the female gupos (I think it is very stupid) but they seem naturally sweet and cute.

  21. This was adorable. Love them already!

  22. I do not get why this is not viral!!

    such an awesome song dance outfits!! XD

  23. I likes the Crayon Pop. Those super neat orange sweat suits are the best, even if they do remind me of old people and prisoners.

  24. As soon as any kpop group or artist mentions eatyourkimchi I am ready to vote for them and give their music a listen. Srsly. I haven’t bought music from a band that wasn’t featured on eatyourkimchi in some way for the past 4 months. So, I too am excited when musicians in the industry take notice of Simon and Martina ^^

  25. This is the first time I’ve heard of Crayon Pop and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for their music now. The video was seriously unique! Dancing in the street should be more of a thing.

  26. This is such an awesome song! And the dance is hilarious! :D haha At first I was like wtf?!? But now, I’m totally diggin’ it! xD

  27. This video was -awesome-. It looks like they’re filming Zumba or something with the kick during the chorus lol

  28. wah! did they really tweet about eyk’s chart?? can anyone link me to their official twitter??? =D

  29. Oh wow last time I checked it was at #9, so proud, keep voting folks!

  30. I really liked the song and the MV! Too bad it has so few views… Their costumes are a bit unusual for K-pop, but cute in my opinion. And the song is super fun~

  31. as mentioned in the EYK updates, does anyone know where we can find their official tumblr?

  32. The song and dance are so addictive! :D Crayon Pop totally deserves to be reviewed on Kpop Music Monday!

  33. I love this dance so much !! XDXDXD OMG, that leg kicking during the chorus is so funny and cute !
    It’s rare to see a group performing directly in front of a random audience. I can only recall «Like this» from Wonder Girls…

  34. This song is so catchy! *vote*

  35. Too bad this was released so late in the year or it could have been a contender for best dance. This is so cute and quirky I love it!

  36. we should vote this in for the soul reason to hear martina say crayon over and over and over again….also I want to see them in matching track suits ^.^

  37. I really hope Crayon Pop wins! It’s one of those groups and videos/songs that makes you all happy and puffy and rainbowy inside >v< Love their jumpsuits and the quirky/fun dance!

  38. I was so focus on the secret video that i didn’t dare look at this one. But it’s just AWESOME !! I love everything in it. The song and the choregraphy are so catchy. The outfit and the video are so funny. I didn’t this rookie before but damn i missed something. I really love them !!!

  39. This is so great!! I love that their not trying to be sexy. It just makes their inner beauty shine. And the song is sooo catchy!!

  40. Crayon pop were the total underdogs for KMM for the past twenty days and look how they climbed on the charts to third place. Seriously, these girls deserve it…people voted this in (for many of us daily) because it is seriously epically fun video with different MV/girl group concept. Shame they are losing to the “boy” biases but as cheesy as this will sound, in my heart they are the true champions! One should never not fear the underdog!!!!

  41. This is like one of the most fun and creative dances i’ve seen in kpop for a long time! I Love the kicking and the classical dance moves involved ^^ I really hope they review this

  42. This is so cute. So dancey. :D ~wiggle with hit~

  43. This video puts a smile on your face. Very fun.)))

  44. Loved this M/V because their outfits are just so… idk XD It reminds me of Switch Girl (a manga – brownie points if you read it) and they didn’t seem like they were trying too hard. Just having fun.

  45. ERMERG PLZ WIN!!! lolz I <3 this vid ^_^

  46. While I’m not a huge fan of their wardrobe choices, their dance was fun, song was addictive, couldn’t ask for more from a new group!!!

  47. Something I love about this video is the outfits and how girly they act while in matching orange jogging suits xD otherwise its a super fun song that kinda makes you want to do this on a busy street :D

  48. Simon and Martina need to review this, the video is just PERFECT. There is so much potential for an awkwardly hilarious review with equally awkward but hilarious skits, which is what I need in order to survive. Oh Simon and Martina, you complete me.

  49. <33333333333

  50. I forgot how much I liked this lol

  51. Love the kicking move followed by the butt shake. ;D

  52. I like them. They’re fun. :D

  53. FUN~ XDD Like how they’re not really trying to look sexy or overly cute, just like they’re having fun, but you can see all threww =w= Love this kind of music video, the girls look like regular girls, and you can imagine groups of friends getting together to recreate this together in the streets hahha

  54. Love these girls

  55. Hope these under-rated girls get their due attention!

  56. I actually started liking the group after seeing their live performances on the street, just because their official videos don’t show much of their group dance, which is really well done and has a lot of variations and details you can’t appreciate fully when the camera is giving you a close up shot of one of the members.

  57. I LOVE these guys. They are so talented and clever.

  58. So cool that we got them to the top 5! :)

  59. I’d be a happy camper if this won, very neato li’l group

  60. omgggggggg EYK can you please just like overrule everything and do this video. I LOVE iT SOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHH.
    GAHHHHHHHHh I don’t wanna hear about another boy group or solo boy artist, I wanna hear about Crayon Pop and their hilarious dance video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. It’s is so eatyourkimchi style it needs to be reviewd

  62. Let’s Get To NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!

  63. This must get to the top, it’s so different from… everything else this year!

  64. This has so much kpop music mondays material! So even though I love Yoseob and Secret, this video is the one that should be reviewed, it’s so quirky and funny ^__^

  65. Happyjoy2

    Crayon Pop definitely deserves more recognition! I love them because they are different. They don’t seem to be afraid to be quirky and dorky unlike most girl groups. I’m not saying that other girl groups aren’t good, it’s just refreshing to see a group that isn’t over doing the aegyo or being sexy. Also, I haven’t seen another girl group that could pull off the beanies and track suits the way Crayon Pop did.

    • and they are literally the nicest, and I do mean the nicest to their fans!!
      they update their twitter often and have conversations with fans, they’ve been really nice each time they’ve tweeted me… they even followed back! :)

  66. is this for real?? .. crayon pop on no.4?? wow!! .. i’ve been voting for this video once in a while .. but .. wapak!~ .. i just hid uner my rock for few days and this quickly climbed up on the kpop charts .. cool!!~

  67. omg crayon pop catapaulted to third place :D
    How did that even happen?

    I’m so happy for them!
    Even though I would have rather Bing Bing or Saturday Night have been reviewed, I would still love to hear what Simon and Martina would have to say about this song, especially the dance :D

  68. Love love love this video!! The choreography is amazing—– amazingly hilarious!

  69. This is great :D


  71. commenting for more votes

    • I believe that is called ‘spamming’, which is not allowed on these charts :)

      • Hahaha that was the best comment on here ever! lol At least they’re honest!!!

      • If they didn’t want us to comment for more votes, why would commenting contribute to the votes?

        • We want to encourage discussion. Comment away, so long as it’s related to the song/video/artist :)

        • I’ve noticed that people hardly comment on the EYKA video charts. I guess making the comments count as votes really does encourage participation.

          Oh and fans of crayon pop can now thank me for helping them out. :)

          TKIR: The Tae Kwan Do part just didn’t fit the song for me.

  72. commenting for votes

  73. love the cherography their unique choice of clothing is cool, but a bit dissapointing since i thought they are called crayon pop they would have “crayon” coloured clothings, (like each person wearing a different colour) and maybe different hats (say printings, colour, animal,funny etc). it gave me the difficulty to distinguish individuals…. (like BAP when they debuted). however, overall a really cathy song. will follow crayon pop more :D

  74. - What was your favorite part of the MV? why?
    – Kicking and when they look in thinking mood
    - Who’s is your favorite member and why?
    – Gummy and Choa,
    - What did you think of the dance?
    – look fun hehe.. even i dance to it lol
    - What do you think about their outfits?
    – Originality.. look okay on them.. kinda cute..
    - What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit them?
    – Totally love it… For sure fit with them..
    - From all their songs, which is your favorite so far? why?
    – Dancing Queen.. catchy and fun song..
    - What do you like about Crayon Pop?
    – They look original and cute..
    - Do you think they are one of the best rookies of this year?
    – YES! its hard for me to recognize other group since their style look the same… Crayon Pop catch my attention..
    - What will you want to see for their next comeback?

    – I just leave it to them to surprise me..

    Fighting Crayon POP!!

  75. the outfits are really uniqie for a girl group

    • exactly hahah, not trying to make them look particularly sexy or cute… just fun XD Nice to see more girl bands being promoted on more than their ‘aegyo’ or bodies XDD

  76. its #4 :3 oh jolly we are so close!!! we need to get this reviewed!!! ok so we gotta keep voting guys and keep up the discussion by answering and asking questions!!!! and SPAM it!!! lol! ill start some questions up!!! and please share this to your friends so they can vote too!!!

    - What was your favorite part of the MV? why?
    - Who’s is your favorite member and why?
    - What did you think of the dance?
    - What do you think about their outfits?
    - What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit them?
    - From all their songs, which is your favorite so far? why?
    - What do you like about Crayon Pop?
    - Do you think they are one of the best rookies of this year?
    - What will you want to see for their next comeback?

    i hope you all get the time to answer these questions ^^ i hope it gets reviewed so keep the discussion running and VOTE!!!

    • 1) Love the thinking part;
      2) Choa. Small girl, big personality.
      3) It’s not alike anything I have ever seen. They actually make a dance routine seem easy and a hell of a good time.
      4) The outfits just complete the overall look of the song. Plus it’s nice to see they don’t have to show of their legs or something to get attention
      5) Yes and yes!
      6) They had me at bing bing. It’s so fun and different.
      7)They are sooooo much fun. Also their concept is different and they seem to be very professional. They won’t rely only on looks.
      8) YES!
      9) I don’t know. Surprise me, like you allways do!

    • 1. I love it when they hop around!
      2. I don’t really have a favorite member, but they’re definitely all amazing!
      3. I think it was really quirky and cute, I’ve tried imitating it and parts really take a bit of practice!
      4. I think they’re cool, they actually asked their boss if they could use the tracksuits to go with the hats they picked, or so they said in a video! I think it really fits the song, and it’s funny that they decided to do so many Gorilla concerts after, just because they liked them with these outfits!
      5. I think the song fits them, because it’s just like their name, colorful, unique and just with an overall pop sound and something that surprises you!
      6. I really like Bing Bing, just because I was able to learn the dance easily, haha
      7. Yes I do, not necessarily the best, because there’s soloists, bands ect, and also I’m indecisive. They’re definitely at the top for me ^^
      8. I really want to see them still being quirky and fun and spontaneous… if they go completely aegyo(nothing wrong with it) I’ll probably be sad

  77. I think these girls need more attention. They are obviously very talented. I’ve watched severall of their videos and singing while doing those intricate routines is not easy to do!!! Plus, they are just too cute, without going overboard with the aegyo. They are quircky, nerdy, fun, lovin’ girls, what we don’t get to see that much anymore on tv. It’s either vomit cute or ubber sexy. Crayon Pop strive to be different and can actually entertain. Please vote for them!

  78. ㅋㅋㅋ 이거슨 어느나라 사이트래요?

  79. Dammit, I just love this group so much. Not only do they have a purely FUN image that doesn’t try to be cute or sexy (hence the ugly costumes) and awesome choreography – their music is simply brilliant as well. I have high hopes for Crayon Pop!

  80. Their clothes are kind of on the ugly side of things… I like that.
    The first impression that I get from their looks is like that nerdy girl that’s kind of pretty but always gets picked on and now they’re breaking out of their shells and they’re gonna show the preppy people that they can strut their stuff and look awesome doing it!!!
    (I really need to look up the lyrics…….)

  81. I really love Crayon Pop so much.
    To me, they are the quirkiest girl group to debut this year. They’re absolutely adorable and I want to kidnap them.

  82. Awesome mv! For me it’s the mv of the year, this and Orange Caramel’s Lipstick<3 Love it!

  83. It’s so cool to see Crayon Pop at #8, they’re one of my absolute favorite rookies of 2012!

  84. guys….we’ve got one hour to make this climb 8 spots….we can do this.

  85. I’m so glad they know them now!! They are so silly and fun and perfect for a music monday!!

  86. This could not be more catchy. Whatever they are doing, it is fun and makes me smile.

  87. That thinking part is just too hilarious! Whenever I’m thinking really hard I’m going to do that dance impulsively haha

  88. loveeeeeeeee.. ! THEM>.! <3


  90. love themm..! VOTE ..!!!!!

  91. Imma make 3 comments in one.

    1. Densing lol
    2. Uber catchy chorus
    3. Only $0.49 on iTunes!

  92. Love this song.

  93. I seriously cannot believe how awesome this video is, I wonder who choreographed it?! It had to be embarrassing for the girls to perform but they look so wild and crazy here, I can’t stop smiling while watching it! And of course the song is quality. Love this group to pieces. So underrated!

  94. i am totally in love with this song i can listen to it all day long love the dance and everything about the girls so far……..they are really standing out i don’t usually love songs straight away but this song, video and dance is so fresh love love love it. Crayon pop has +1 new fan xxxxxx

  95. Yay!!!….Finally this broke into the top ten…time for a victory lap!!! This was seriously fun video and hopefully by being on front page of Kpop charts it will get some well deserved recognition…woot woot!!

    • So briefly was it in top ten…lets try again everyone!

      I hope they get lots more fans from this :3

      • 7TH!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! High Fives all around!!! I definitely think they will get more fans…seriously who can resist this song/dance…much less their other songs.

      • Now its 6th place!!! My lucky number.

        • Now it’s number 4!!!
          I don’t think it will make it much higher this time, but next time let’s aim for number 1, even if it’s temporary!
          Though I do love this video and I hope something’s done with it by Simon and Martina =/

        • 4TH PLACE!!! This is honestly better than I could have hoped I just wanted to have it make top ten becuase it was such a fresh of breath air. Yay for rookie group getting some well deserved recognition!!! Definitely aiming for #1 next time around and wish Simon and Martina find some fun way to incorporate it into next year’s eyk awards or something.

  96. this song was totally awesome plus the dance and everything! i loved it, and i love crayon pop, they are awsome! THIS NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OH DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  97. I literally watched this with my mouth open for the first thirty seconds. I really don’t know what to say. It’s either cute and fun or a horrible 70s-like throwback (like Kung-Fu Fighting).

  98. These girls are so cute! I love the dance, and after watching some of their live performances, they look like they’re having a lot of fun on stage with this song!

  99. hapagirl

    I honestly really love this. It’s adorable and makes me kinda wanna take a self defense class while listening to kpop.

  100. love it..!!!!!

  101. I love Crayon Pop! My favorite rookie this year

  102. honestly, I just want to know Simon and Martina’s opinion on this…because its hilarious.

  103. I love how they tweeted about this xD
    I think that Crayon Pop truly are the hardest working to debut this year. They have nothing handed to them and they have to work for any chance they can to get their name out.

    • I know…that was so cool…thanks to pegapocalypse for bringing it to their attention. I have to agree with you, from what I can see they are seriously promoting hard by walking the streets and even join other random street performances to get their name out. I find them to be refreshing compared to other girl group concepts. Hope they achieve the success they are striving for!!

  104. This song is awesome! I love crayon pop^^♡


  106. the best rookie group ! ellin <3

    • Totally…I didn’t see their original debut, this is their first song I have come across, but all their songs are incredibly upbeat and fun. I think its their quirkiness is what has sold me on the group….don’t take themselves so seriously and just seem to be enjoying the music.

  107. best new group this year. love their unique and carefree style

    • Glam has that style too.

      • Glam is different though, so you can’t really say Glam also has that style… Glam is more about being fun/somewhat classy, but I think Crayon Pop is about spontaneity and being quirky

        • Inspirit13elieve

          ooo that was perfectly analyzed. But I was just saying that Glam has that fun carefree style as well, which they do. So I guess her definition was more incorrect, your description was great.

        • Oh thank you ^^
          I’m actually a fan of both groups
          of the rookies this year, only three or four boy groups have caught my eye and I’m really into all these new girl groups!(weird, cuz I’m a girl :P)
          What do you think of all these new rookies?

        • Inspirit13elieve

          Well my favorite rookie group this year is probably
          100% <33 they're super talented!
          After that is BtoB, Vixx, and Tasty are my favorites.
          As for Girls, I like EvoL and GLAM the best!

        • I haven’t gotten much into 100%, but I know Bigstar are fans xD
          I really love BtoB’s voices also
          GLAM’s comeback made me SO happy! I love that song
          The only thing I didn’t like was the words 살빼 right at the end
          If that weren’t there the song and video would have been perfect ;)

      • Glam more to 2ne1 style..

  108. i am in love with crayon pop

  109. The dance is good, but it totally looks wrong in those outfits XD
    But the song is very cheerfull I have to agree to that.

  110. Whoever made this dance was GENIUS I TELL YOU!
    I really how this makes up up there! :) Crayon Pop=my fav

    • Totally agree…it is wonderfully quirky and has that playful wink to it…makes u wanna jump in, especially the weird thinking pose during the music breaks…who would of thunk that could work so perfectly. Hopefully this vid gets into at least the top ten because it totally deserves it. Also they all look like 15 year olds but was surprised to discover they are all at least 20.

      • and seriously, I want to see Simon doing this, who knows, maybe the hopping around=the new swan dance? haha, I wish

        • Simon would totally be Fabulous…definitely he needs to add these moves to his current repertoire and become the new swan dance….but sadly I don’t think it will make it into top ten with the current 130 votes. However u never know……cross fingers

        • Oh, it’s at over 300 now :D I tweeted it to crayon pop and then they tweeted the link! :D

        • Awesome!!! How cool that Crayon Pop tweeted the link too! We have done amazing work to get this to rise in the EYK Kpop charts. My first comment was five days ago and it was at 23 spot and now it is 12…I think we may be able to break top ten if we keep spreading the word. Woot woot!!!

  111. so much gold! gold I tell you!! Those costumes, and that dance….oh gosh I would looooovvveee to see what simon and martina had to say about it ^.^

    • Total gold! Simon and Martina hopefully would be in matching jumpsuits with knitted pom pom caps….that possibly in itself should get this video voted to the top. For once its a video shot outside, not a box like most Kpop groups…it even looks like it was done in public.

      • I forgot to add…Simon and Martina could have taekwondo kicking dance battle….would be EPIC!!!!

      • I know! I love the groups of people staring at them like…..”wtf???” and OMFG Simon and Martina in matching jumpsuits, with that little chin strap, I’m picturing it and laughing sooooo hard. HAHAHA!! PLEASE! IT MUST BE DONE!

        • Lol…wouldn’t it be epic! Also, it was funny to see the crowd reactions. On youtube they show them performing various guerilla performances around Seoul in different jumpsuits too…so perhaps this is the overall promotion concept.

  112. I already fell for their voices when I first listened to Saturday night,…but what the heck are they wearing????????But the song is great! Not as good as saturday night but still good

  113. How has no one commented on this yet? This video is ridiculously adorkable…seriously i want to knit those strung together gloves and where a orange jumpsuit and dance synchronized walking around downtown Oakland….on second thought…maybe I shouldn’t do that if I wish to live to see the next Music Monday…jk.