D-Unit – Talk To My Face

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  1. This song is awesome and really cute.

    I love the props and the effects. The girls themselves are also really adorable. >_<

  2. Pegasister

    Saranghae U-Jin~!

  3. mrsmonkeyking250

    As much as I love GLAM and want them to be reviewed, I wouldn’t mind D-Unit making their way to the top. I want to know how they felt about this video. It kind of sucks though that they didn’t review ‘Luv Me’ because that and their debut song showed their badass side and this video doesn’t do them any justice.

  4. kpopfan123

    Here’s an new article on D-Unit ^^.(hope I had the time to study more Korean = . =)

  5. kpopfan123

    To Simon and Martina: They way things are going I don’t think D-Unit is going to reach top three till Saturday midnight. I want to ask if you’re willing to talk about “Face To Face” in your Kpop charts update(PLEASE!!! > . <)Thank you!! TKIR: I always seem to go back to teasers. For those who haven't seen it yet here's the "Talk To My Face"/"Face To Face" teaser.

  6. kpopfan123

    D-Unit interview!! :D It includes Jney as well. They talk about their album and “Face To Face” http://www.tagstory.com/100473824

  7. kpopfan123

    Finally found the first part of “Pop’s in Seoul” with D-Unit! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tC2X4VSfYfs

  8. kpopfan123

    I love how the choreography in the video can be danced by both male and females and isn’t awkward whatsoever.

  9. kpopfan123

    I think the views need to be updated. There’s more than 204,717 if you add the views on D-Unit’s official channel. TKIR: I’ve never tried playing with that kind of white “stringy” thing (don’t know how it is called XD) before. Looks like D-Unit’s having fun but I think it was kind of a pain to get it out of their hair.

  10. kpopfan123

    Come on guise (;_;) We’ve dropped another spot… if this goes on Uniques will lose their chance for a review… we never know when we’ll get the change again… TKIR: What is your favorite part of “Talk to my face”/”Face to Face” ?

  11. kpopfan123

    D-Unit taking the “friendship” test on arirangtv :)

  12. kpopfan123

    This is part two of “Pops in Seoul” where D-Unit carry their mission to befriend Korean celebrities :D funny video XD.


  13. kpopfan123

    Zico’s message to D-Unit fans :) (Come on guise help out! This is the last week! If you comment on the posts that I made we might reach 3rd place in time)

  14. kpopfan123

    Here is another teaser video (Ujin in the studio). She looks so tired – . –

  15. kpopfan123

    0:07 I wonder what are the titles of the books that are under the clock.

  16. kpopfan123

    No pictures update on tumblr but there’s still this cute picture they posted as a comeback teaser photo ^^ P.S: Ram has a bandana tied up just like Martina likes to wear :)


  17. Adriana Magalhaes

    Man, just the fact that they’re a rookie group and they’re being so close to voted in is amazing.
    I’m sure if they did get voted in Martina would have some fun things to say about their style :3

  18. Jessica-Robyn

    I saw the still of the video and almost didn’t click on it. Most girl groups are either too cute or trying to be too gangtar, but this was perfect! I don’t understand how I haven’t heard of this group before now!

  19. kpopfan123

    oh gosh > . . < but O_O what is with those shirts? *shakes head*

  20. I really love Zico’s involvement and you can really sort of hear block b’s sound in this
    I just wish it had more of that awesome D Unit in your face sound to it as well! It’s sad it’s kinda sweeter sounding to me…

    • kpopfan123

      Yeah I know. Hopefully this song will have much more support than their other songs and we’ll get to see more of that D-Unit image. ^^ I was actually a bit not willing to like this song because of its cuter concept but it’s growing on me :D D-Unit kiochuseyo!

  21. kpopfan123

    I love listening to this song in the morning because it helps me get pumped up for the day :) (and I so hate mornings = . = )

  22. kpopfan123

    Omgosh XDD!! D-Unit and Block B are hilariously cute!! XDD


  23. CuteyCutey

    I like the song very much! :D But I kind of feel I have heard it before… I dont like the video.. it was weird….

  24. kpopfan123

    I don’t think I’ve posted this before… this is the comeback first live of “Face to Face” on KBS Music Bank.

  25. kpopfan123

    Short review of D-Unit’s “Face to Face” :) It’s a good message: “communication is key” (with pretty much everything not just D-Unit) :)


  26. kpopfan123

    Here’s another live performance on KBS Love Request :) Love their energy!! > . < (it gets me pumped up :D )


  27. D-Unit hwaiting!

  28. kpopfan123

    Found this article about D-Unit written in Korean – . – Can anyone please tell me what’s the main idea of it? All I can see is that the people that read the article are enraged about something, hence the nr of angry emoticons at the bottom… :s


  29. kpopfan123

    Look what I’ve got here!!! > . < ZIN, Jney and Lee Hi!!! *__________*