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D-Unit – Talk To My Face

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  1. This song is awesome and really cute.

    I love the props and the effects. The girls themselves are also really adorable. >_<

  2. Saranghae U-Jin~!

  3. As much as I love GLAM and want them to be reviewed, I wouldn’t mind D-Unit making their way to the top. I want to know how they felt about this video. It kind of sucks though that they didn’t review ‘Luv Me’ because that and their debut song showed their badass side and this video doesn’t do them any justice.

  4. Here’s an new article on D-Unit ^^.(hope I had the time to study more Korean = . =)

  5. To Simon and Martina: They way things are going I don’t think D-Unit is going to reach top three till Saturday midnight. I want to ask if you’re willing to talk about “Face To Face” in your Kpop charts update(PLEASE!!! > . <)Thank you!! TKIR: I always seem to go back to teasers. For those who haven't seen it yet here's the "Talk To My Face"/"Face To Face" teaser.

  6. D-Unit interview!! :D It includes Jney as well. They talk about their album and “Face To Face”

  7. Finally found the first part of “Pop’s in Seoul” with D-Unit! :D

  8. I love how the choreography in the video can be danced by both male and females and isn’t awkward whatsoever.

  9. I think the views need to be updated. There’s more than 204,717 if you add the views on D-Unit’s official channel. TKIR: I’ve never tried playing with that kind of white “stringy” thing (don’t know how it is called XD) before. Looks like D-Unit’s having fun but I think it was kind of a pain to get it out of their hair.

  10. Come on guise (;_;) We’ve dropped another spot… if this goes on Uniques will lose their chance for a review… we never know when we’ll get the change again… TKIR: What is your favorite part of “Talk to my face”/”Face to Face” ?

  11. D-Unit taking the “friendship” test on arirangtv :)

  12. This is part two of “Pops in Seoul” where D-Unit carry their mission to befriend Korean celebrities :D funny video XD.

  13. Zico’s message to D-Unit fans :) (Come on guise help out! This is the last week! If you comment on the posts that I made we might reach 3rd place in time)

  14. Here is another teaser video (Ujin in the studio). She looks so tired – . –

  15. 0:07 I wonder what are the titles of the books that are under the clock.

  16. No pictures update on tumblr but there’s still this cute picture they posted as a comeback teaser photo ^^ P.S: Ram has a bandana tied up just like Martina likes to wear :)

  17. Man, just the fact that they’re a rookie group and they’re being so close to voted in is amazing.
    I’m sure if they did get voted in Martina would have some fun things to say about their style :3

  18. I saw the still of the video and almost didn’t click on it. Most girl groups are either too cute or trying to be too gangtar, but this was perfect! I don’t understand how I haven’t heard of this group before now!

  19. oh gosh > . . < but O_O what is with those shirts? *shakes head*

  20. I really love Zico’s involvement and you can really sort of hear block b’s sound in this
    I just wish it had more of that awesome D Unit in your face sound to it as well! It’s sad it’s kinda sweeter sounding to me…

    • Yeah I know. Hopefully this song will have much more support than their other songs and we’ll get to see more of that D-Unit image. ^^ I was actually a bit not willing to like this song because of its cuter concept but it’s growing on me :D D-Unit kiochuseyo!

  21. I love listening to this song in the morning because it helps me get pumped up for the day :) (and I so hate mornings = . = )

  22. Omgosh XDD!! D-Unit and Block B are hilariously cute!! XDD

  23. I like the song very much! :D But I kind of feel I have heard it before… I dont like the video.. it was weird….

  24. I don’t think I’ve posted this before… this is the comeback first live of “Face to Face” on KBS Music Bank.

  25. Short review of D-Unit’s “Face to Face” :) It’s a good message: “communication is key” (with pretty much everything not just D-Unit) :)

  26. Here’s another live performance on KBS Love Request :) Love their energy!! > . < (it gets me pumped up :D )

  27. D-Unit hwaiting!

  28. Found this article about D-Unit written in Korean – . – Can anyone please tell me what’s the main idea of it? All I can see is that the people that read the article are enraged about something, hence the nr of angry emoticons at the bottom… :s

  29. Look what I’ve got here!!! > . < ZIN, Jney and Lee Hi!!! *__________*

  30. Here’s allkpop “talking” about D-Unit’s “Talk to my face”! and here is the performance at Inkigayo they’re talking about :D Might be the yellow of their hoodies or the energy they have from fans, their performance is so vivid! :D

  31. guys they dropped to 7th TT^TT vote for them!!!!

  32. They’re SO CUTE
    The backup dancers are so sassy too!

  33. I just love the message of this song(to talk openly and speak your mind) that is why I searched for the lyrics :)

    Tell me what happened
    I love you whatever
    Put your eyes on me Girl

    Starting from some point, we have become vapid and dry
    Our phone conversations don’t last more than a few minutes
    Our dates get less and less
    Is it because of your mood swings?
    My head hurts – why why why

    We used to always intertwine our fingers as we held hands
    But are you pretending to be cold because you don’t want to?
    My cellphone only has simple decorations and nothing more
    Hey, if you have any worries, tell them to me
    Open your heart, boy get your mind right

    Talk to my face, what’s wrong?
    What are you unhappy about?
    If you have something you don’t like, just say it
    You’re not even a girl but how could you be so sensitive every day?
    Tell me the truth
    Baby you just look at me me
    You dont wanna talk to me me
    Baby you just look at me
    Look at me ah
    Talk to me talk to me yeah
    My head hurts, you’re so bad
    Tell me right now

    I’m serious right now, stop whining like a little kid
    Did this come out of nowhere? Come on and bring it back
    Why can’t you look at me? Did you do something wrong?
    Mm, I have some skin troubles
    Am I ugly for you? Or do you not like me?
    If you’re playing around, stop, this ain’t no fun

    You remember back then, the day with the good weather
    Who am I talking to right now?
    You left your couple ring at home again, right?
    It feels like I’m in a one-man show

    Talk to my face, what’s wrong?
    What are you unhappy about?
    If you have something you don’t like, just say it
    You’re not even a girl but how could you be so sensitive every day?
    Tell me the truth
    Baby you just look at me me
    You dont wanna talk to me me
    Baby you just look at me
    Look at me ah
    Talk to me talk to me yeah
    My head hurts, you’re so bad
    Tell me right now

    I’m getting more and more tired from calling out to you
    But receiving no answer – where did we go wrong?
    Am I the bad one?
    I want to go back to the days where things were clear and innocent

    Talk to my face, what’s wrong?
    What are you unhappy about?
    If you have something you don’t like, just say it
    You’re not even a girl but how could you be so sensitive every day?
    Tell me the truth
    Baby you just look at me me
    You dont wanna talk to me me
    Baby you just look at me
    Look at me ah
    Talk to me talk to me yeah
    My head hurts, you’re so bad
    Tell me right now

    Look Look At Me
    Baby Just Look Look At Me
    Tell Me if You Hate Me
    Hey You Drivin’ Me Crazy

    Look Look At Me
    Baby Just Look Look At Me
    Tell Me if You Hate Me
    Hey You Drivin’ Me Crazy

    (via )

    What do you guise think of them? :)

  34. Here is the live performance of D-Unit’s “Face to Face”/”Talk to my face” on Show Champion, for those who haven’t seen it. This video would be awesome for those who wish to learn the choreography :)

  35. I can’t describe my disappointment. Just a few days ago this great song was in top 3 but now it has dropped to 5! Maybe D-Unit will never be reviewed and I can just sigh and cry myself to sleep and wake up when it’s monday and watch the mandatory U-kiss review that all the kissmes have forced s&m to make…. ;__; oh well…. at least I know this song is great but the millions of u-kiss fans will never know that lol…

    • We can make it for another week. But we need to gather as many votes as possible (comments, likes, shares here and on the yt page). I bet if every person here would answer to each comment, we would get our third place back …I don’t see that happening as things are going… (for people here: COMMENT AND LEAVE RELEVANT QUESTIONS if you really want us to get back on third place…) If it isn’t teamwork it can’t be done…TKIR: With all those D-Unit signs posted all over the walls people might think this is a danger zone :))

  36. 5 hours guys D: lets do this

  37. I love this song…even tho it reminds me of ‘someone’


  39. Way better than the new U-Kiss single. Standing Still is a nice song but not their greatest in my opinion.

    • Why not sharing with us a question related to the video than saying what’s better and what’s not ? ^^’ TKIR: What do you think it would have happened if Ujin left his boyfriend alone and not barge into his house? Would he had remembered the first day they met? :)

      • I know the comment is in the wrong place. I just don’t want to comment on the proper MV page for obvious reasons. It was not my intention to cause a fuss or something. I’m just frustrated. And that’s my opinion, it’s not written in stone or anything, anyone can disagree.
        Anyhow, I get what you’re saying :)

  40. Is it just me or does the dance that look like the “typical” girl group dance?

  41. Hey! Here’s the live performance of ‘Talk to my face’/’Face to Face’ at Music Bank! > . . < XDD)

  42. lets vote this back to top 3!!

  43. What? Zico? Nooo, I brought myself here.

    And this song brought me to D-Unit <3

    • Nice to have you with us :) Would you mind joining the discussion (we need points-comments, votes and shares, but mostly comments,…relevant ones :D)? What do you think about the boyfriend? Do you think he remembered the first day, him and Ujin met (circled on the calendar) or he remembered after he saw Ujin’s calendar and rushed to make it up to her by bying a cake? :)

      • LOL sure :D I see you’re comments all over this thread~

        I have two theories. First one, the boyfriend and D-Unit (excluding Ujin) wanted to surprise Ujin by the boyfriend acting as a bad boyfriend by pretending to forget their anniversary and hiding the ring on a necklace. So basically the whole thing was staged.

        Or, the boyfriend really did forget their anniversary and got help from D-Unit to make it up to Ujin by quickly buying a cake (but the room was already decorated?). This would mean that the boyfriend has always kept the ring on a necklace.

        I personally prefer my first theory because it seems to make more sense as to why the room was already decorated.

        • Yes :)) Well I want D-UNIT to reach top three and stay there for another week so I’m gathering as many points as I

          can :D Like when you’re using glue :)) you press the paper long enough so it will hold :D

          “I personally prefer my first theory because it seems to make more sense as to why the room was already decorated.” I have the answer to that :D. The room was already decorated because UJin (and the other members?…she couldn’t do all that on her own right?) wanted to celebrate the date she first met her boyfriend …that’s why she was in the car … she was going to see him and surprise him (since he didn’t know that she remembered) and surprisingly sees him from the window (BUT why would she carry a pair of ??? (don’t know how it’s called XDD) in her car…. does she spy on him on a regular basis?? O.o …does that mean she doesn’t trust him?) and prob. thinks “I cant believe it! (she actually hoped she would be wrong) he really did forget! …he looks too idle and lost in his own world” P.S: don’t forget the squinting!! XD that’s a major piece of evidence :))

  44. I just wanna say that I hope this will get reviewed as well ^^ Special thanKYU to @Melissa Martin ^^

    • If you’re already here why not leave a question for us Uniques to answer? ^^ Ohmygosh…if you take frame by fram you discover so many stuff in the video (I hope my computer doesn’t shut down…he doesn’t “like” HD videos you see – . -’) 2:19 – anime-like painting!! and stuffed toy dog :)) 2:26 frame ZIN!! *____* 2:57 so many Smiley stickers!! O.o 2:58 kind of messy (scattered pieces of colored paper) 3:05 I think that’s a ballerina?(necklace) 3:20 “LVRS” hat and a messy-colored bust :)) 3:24 African themed headband? XD 3:26 BAP bunny balloons!! (or maybe they’re just bunny balloons…or are they? XD) 3:29 What’s that purple thing on the floor? that looks like a mop to me XDD (Ok these could make a good discussion thread XDD)


  46. I love this song so much!!!! and this group!!

    I really want this to get reviewed, not because it has an amazing plot(because it doesn’t), but because they are a girl group, and the last time a girl group got reviewed for KMM was….i don’t remember(you get my point). and the fact that they debuted in last year sea of debuts. and the only 2012 rookies that got reviewed were bap and exo.

    Too bad Heo YoungSaeng’s mv took 3 place, and i don’t really want the other mvs to get reviewed because as much as i like the song ukiss’s mv was boring and i lost respect to teen top ages ago.
    Well….lets hope for the best!

    • Let’s not bring “this one and that one is boring” let’s just vote ^^. Do you have a favorite part in the video? (which one?) :)

      • oh! don’t get me wrong i actually like ukiss. it’s just that it gets boring to watch reviews about mvs that have only dance in them and nothing else.
        favorite part? hmmmm i like it all :) but i really like the party scene, because its nice to see them smile. what’s yours?

        • I think I have a couple of favorite scenes :)) the one where the boyfriend wakes up (I like the alarm XD), when he’s being thrown on the bed in slow motion XD, Ram’s rapping (where they corner the guy) that part where Ram has her “voice solo” :D and the part where they do the “Look at me, Look at me” and the members and dance crew emerge from the back :)

        • afunperson:)

          The dance is awesome!
          am i the only one that thinks that his room is way too clean and tidy for a boy?

        • lol I was thinking the same thing XD and the way he throws himself on the couch doesn’t look like it’s the way a neater person sits on the couch XD maybe he has a maid OR Ujin came once in a while and cleaned his room XD that explains why she’d be so revolted as to turn to “violence”. I could picture a conversation with him based on that XD (…listen I need to go to work XD It was nice talking to you and hope we could discuss some more later.. there are some comments I left scattered around the page. you could comment to those. Thanks a lot! :) )

  47. No update on D-Unit’s tumblr yet but this is a shot from BTS :D (Jney seems to be having fun :)) ) (P.S: we’re on 4! > . < I left some comments scattered around the page. Follow me and try to reply. We should be back on third place if everyone contributes :) Uniques Fighting!! I wonder when they'll release (if they'll release) the BTS : / I think it's really important… that's how fans bond most with their liked groups. and good night! *off to sleep = . = …so late* )

  48. Ok. So which rooms in the video you like most? :D I think I like the boyfriends room more because he has items that I like :D …for example red alarm clock (I SO WANT AN ALARM CLOCK NOW > . < XDD), a wooden figure (for drawing I believe it is..or decoration but he also has an unframed painting which makes me believe he draws and paints… *me too!^^*)painting, "coffee shop" picture-when he gets thrown on the bed you can see it- (I love coffee :D) and a teddy bear!! (I love teddy bears XDD) I like Ujin's room as well but I'm not such a party animal ^^' (I think I'd prefer playing Catan with some friends than going to a party to dance XD)

  49. I wonder what the girls think about the song, and if they enjoy acting cuter than usual. And I hope people are okay with the new girl.

    • I think they love the song :D. It has a nice message. Uhm… I think this is the limit… any more cuter and I don’t think they’d take it XD… I read some of the comments on the video on yt and people seem to know who Jney is and say that she fits well in D-Unit even though she’s a guest.

  50. Cute song but am I the only one who’s a little confused by the video. He doesn’t answer one phone call so they go to his apartment and beat him up? How does she know that he’s ignoring her? He could have been in the bathroom and couldn’t hear the phone. Try calling back in a couple of minutes before jumping to conclusions. But then he throws her a party because he forgot her birthday or anniversary (I don’t speak/read Korean. What’s on the calendar?) and it’s all ok.

    • Well after she called him she checked the window to see if he’s home and she sees him reading ‘Batman RIP’ (he’s way too happy that Batman is gone – . -’). On the calendar says it’s the date of their first day they met. He’s in her house…and I think that the party was prepared by Ujin but she was so down that she abandoned the idea… so on the last moment the boyfriend rushes to buy a cake and surprise her :) ….I thought in the beginning that he deceived her into thinking he forgot but he’s kind of annoyed when she first called … what do you think? that might be accurate right?

      • I guess that could make sense. It still seems a little crazy. I’ve noticed K-pop videos aren’t big on logic.
        Also, I want that polka-dotted car at the beginning!

        • Yeah… but that’s what makes them fun to watch :D Oh :D Me wants a lot of stuff from the video XD: Ram’s hoodie(and necklace from where she wears the blue shirt), boyfriend’s clock, teddy bear, (new) Zin’s striped leggings, (new) Jney’s “nypm” cap *end* XD

    • There was also the part where he saw she wasn’t wearing his couple ring anymore. I think that’s another reason why she was mad.

  51. You know I’ve shown this video to my 8 year old sister and she said she doesn’t like the song because in the video the girls are beating the guy with a hammer XDD. I explained to her after that it’s inflatable lol

  52. Indeed, Batman he is gone. ^^

  53. Another conversation question for everyone! I may not think this dance is as striking as their past songs, but I do enjoy a lot of the moves. My favorite is the one where their arms are crossed and then bounce back and forth with their legs far apart during the “talk to me talk to me yeah” right before the short rap and “brrrrrrrah”.

    What’s your favorite part of the dance? :D

  54. Is it the song that Zico helped in composing? Did Brave Brothers gave a hand too? Anyone knows?

  55. I wonder why Zico didn’t have a cameo in the video :) I would love to see him in their live perfomances as well. ^^ But maybe it has something to do with the recent Block B issue?

  56. For those who want to learn the dance choreography, here is a mirrored compilation :D

  57. Yes!! This song is in the top 3! I hope they will review this or Teen Top! :D

  58. I just noticed that the mv S&M have up here isn’t the official one, is there a way to let someone know it should be switched?

  59. I think I want to change my alarm to the one from the beginning of the video XD anyone else? :))

  60. Is this technically in the top three now since Li Hi has been reviewed?

    • ^^ Yes it is. I hope Simon and Martina decide to review this :)

      • Me too, dude. The UKISS video was just eh. I mean, it’s a decent song and a decent video, but not anything different from like every boy band release out there. Also I’m girl group biased. I do think the Teen Top video would also be a good KMM choice from an objective viewpoint but I really want D-Unit because I love D-Unit and I love this song and it would make a great KMM also because of that part before where I mentioned I’m girl group biased. =D

        • I haven’t watched either video, shame on me. :D But I think it’s time to get girl group reviews! :) The new system was partly made because of the lack of girl groups, so I really, really hope that Simon and Martina pick D-Unit. I’m sure U-Kiss can hold first place for another week. ;)

        • I don’t think they can ^^; see kissmes have been bombing EYK tumblr with rants about revieweing Lee Hi instead… (you wouldn’t do that right? if by chance say we don’t get a review this week? right?) if we keep comenting and sharing (and voting) we can keep this in the top three till another week. What do you say? Are you with me?

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Kissmes can survive without their video getting reviewed. D-Unit hasn’t gotten a KMM yet.

        • you don’t know how much I’ve been waiting for this too > . < the fact that "Luv me" didn't get a review left me a bitter taste …but I don't want any more wars you know… UKISS's EYK comment page used to be a warm environment where we would laugh and forget about our worries…but now it's full or rage and ranting… and S&M actually said smthing on twitter(and this is the first time they've complained about rants on twitter…from what I know) I just want everyone to be happy you know… and if we can do it like that… I'm willing to put some more effort into it.

        • I haven’t heard of the ranting yet :( Is it really bad? But the new system is about that Simon and Martina have a chance to review what they think is review-worthy, and to give girls a better chance at getting reviewed. I know that they will pretty much stick to first place, but wouldn’t it be bad if they only chose to review Ukiss because some of the fans were upset? It’s not that I don’t want UKiss to be reviewed, but I think they have a better chance of staying in the top 3 for another weeks. At least better chances than D-Unit, since their fanbase is much smaller…

        • well… Simon said they’ll put a ban on tumblr so :s I’m kind of ashamed to call those kissmes that upset them “Kissme” you know…
          Uhm… it’s not just review-worthy’s more like 30% biasness 30%(after all they deserve that once in a while, it’s their website) videos that make a good kmm material and 40% more exposure/popularity for the artist… yeah it’s kind of awkward to only review boy bands and so rarely girl groups/artists
          Yeah… I thought about that…and I think even if they like the song..the fact that they feel pressured(not to mention upset of the uproar…I bet they didn’t even expected it to come from Kissmes….well most of the ones that were there, commenting on the page when “Stop Girl” was being promoted, aren’t…there are a lot of not so understanding new kissmes….sad)might affect the music monday… without them even realising it
          Yeah… I know..they can hold but I want for this tense atmosphere to lessen
          I’m certain we can keep this up for another week if you got my back like this. I’m counting on you(and all the Uniques here :) )Fighting!!

        • Hm, maybe some of them weren’t familiar with the new system…? But it’s kinda sad, that people get so upset, that Simon and Martina have to ban them… I’m not really surprised that Kissmes lashed out, not because I expect them to, but because something similar happened to BABYs. There will always be a small group of people in a fandom that get very upset if their artist doesn’t get reviewed. I think it’s even worse, when they get reviewed everytime and then suddenly one song doesn’t.

          Keeping it Relevant: I’m positive we can stay in the top three at least until Saturday, maybe even the week after. It would awesome to have a lesser known girl group reviewed, and the video has potential. It has a cute storyline, well maybe they won’t appreciate it THAT much, but at least they’re not just dancing in a oddly lit room. I love that the guy is reading Batman :D and do the girls ALWAYS carry so much “equipment” with them? :D Was everything planned or did he just notice their anniversary when he looked at the calender, and decided to make it up to her with that party? Or did he just want to make her sad first so she will be really happy? :D

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Seconded. Plus wouldn’t it be great for once if the KMM was a lesser-known girl group release? How often does that happen?

        • “There will always be a small group of people in a fandom that get very upset if their artist doesn’t get reviewed. I think it’s even worse, when they get reviewed everytime and then suddenly one song doesn’t.”
          I’m surprised because I always had the impression…that KissMes were there when we voted for “Stop Girl” this is the attitude all the KissMes have and I think I knew in the same time that new fans will appear and argues might erupt but I didn’t want to acknowledge that… and you know… Simon and Martina said that KissMes are the nicest fandom… and now (;_;)… so sad
          Thank you for helping out! :) I know we can pull this through! :D
          No… I’m sure they think this video has potential XD… I actually have a skit in mind XDD I was laughing like a nut while imagining it lol
          I totally agree with you… this isn’t as simple as it looks..the video has a paralel meaning :D

        • From what I get from here, I think LOVEs are the nicest. Not one single reviewed, but they always fight hard and don’t get too angry when they lose. ;) But I’m sure that even they have butthurt fans, who just don’t choose to speak up. I don’t think it’s possible for a fandom to be completely reasonable, kind and awesome. They pretty much all are nice people as long as you agree. :D
          But I understand how you feel, I was proud when the mods told BABYs that they were so nice and everything, but then “we” went through a hard time, because of a lot of criticism and such, and we kind of lost that reputation. But just remind yourself that Simon and Martina are not talking about you, when they say they had to ban some Kissmes they don’t think that every single Kissme is like that. They are pretty reasonable :) and they wouldn’t judge a fandom just because of a handful of people. Simon and Martina know that the majority of the fans are still awesome! :)

          KIR: The way Ujins boyfriend looks down on the cake and looks kinda embarrassed, I think he really forgot their anniversary. :D

        • Ok guys, I understand that you are trying to keep it relevant but some of the comments are still going slightly off topic. I know that you may want to discuss the things that have been going on with regards to the charts and who does and doesn’t get reviewed, the people from fan groups who complain and Simon and Martina’s reactions but this is not really the place for it.

          TKIR: I was so baffled at first when I watched this video. I can understand he is an idiot but why did she break into his place with her friends? Is that normal girlfriend behaviour?

        • XDD Uhm I don’t think he’s such an idiot…that’s how usually guys are… not too perceptive :)) Hmm… yeah you got a point there…. I think I would’ve done that too XDD …just not…. the beating part XD

        • You are right. Guys are not perceptive. One of my guy friends only just realised that girls use guys to hold things they don’t want to hold when they go out a week ago, and that’s because we told him. It was like a lightbulb turned on.

        • XD LOl …not all girls do that :P (you didn’t say “all” but just sayin’ :P)

        • “LOVEs are the nicest. Not one single reviewed, but they always fight hard and don’t get too angry when they lose” I don’t know…I guess… just that when I saw their praise on their blog I felt just like when parents praise their kid for doing a good deed…
          “But just remind yourself that Simon and Martina are not talking about you, when they say they had to ban some Kissmes they don’t think that every single Kissme is like that.” Yeah I know that but still I wouldn’t want our image as a whole to be a bad one :( … Ok..I’m over it anyway… TKIR: No… I think he really did forget XDD. The squinting tells it all!! XD You know when he’s brought to Ujin’s house and she looks at his hand to finds that he doesn’t have his couple ring on his hand and then he looks at the calendar. I think Ujin made all those room decorations(cause it’s at her house of course :D) and during the time she’s upset thinking he doesn’t care about her…he shows her their anniversary cake (which he bought in a rush XD).Makes sense right? :)

        • this video is just perfect for a kmm mockup :DDDD

        • I’m sure S&M would think this is a fun video for a KMM. “Mockup” sounds a bit too harsh.

        • yeah, i’m just so afraid that simon and martina are going to review ukiss this week for a present to kissmes for having it in the first place for so long, after all they get their money from the ads in the videos and they need a living soooo… it would just make me very sad if they’d review the obviously most popular one and leave the discriminated gender’s bands not reviewed because they are not popular enough… u____u

        • brinaethegiraffe

          As someone who constantly has my faves not get anywhere near the top (GLAM’s I Like That and Tiny-G’s Minimanimo come to mind), I feel like the Ukiss fangirls need to give it a rest already. The Li Hi review was great, I don’t think the same would have been able to be said about Ukiss.

        • I know… I just feel bad for Simon and Martina… I actually knew someday it would get to fights one way or another…well every thing has its good sides and bad sides…
          Yeah… UKISS’s video doesn’t have that much KMM potential because it’s a pretty dark song you know and so is the video. TKIR: love D-Unit’s outfits!! XD

        • They’ve complained a few times, I think. They called Shinhwa fans butthurt once, because they got their fandom name wrong and people told them to do their research more carefully (personally I think the fans have a point and calling them butthurt wasn’t very professional or warranted but… eh that’s just how they are). I’m pretty sure they called out Nu’est fans- it might not have been on Twitter but their whole Kpop Charts update was about how many angry fans there were after what happened with Face and Action (again, I feel like the fans have reason). I think that’s even worse than a Tweet… lol. But in that update, they also said they received similar rants/angry vocal fans after not reviewing Infinite, Exo, and Ukiss so this kind of stuff happens often. Their hate is really undeserved in some cases because they couldn’t help not being able to film a video (ex: traveling, sick, etc…) but in other cases… well, let’s just say I’m glad they have a new system where it’s more difficult for them to bend the rules. Except for the top 3 thing. I actually like this new option because, if used correctly, it will give some underrated artists the spotlight :) So I hope they’ll pick this song next week! Though if they do, they’ll probably receive a hatestorm…

        • I don’t want any “hatestorm” I want “lovestorms” > . . < TKIR: what do you think happened in the plot? did UJin's friends know about the surprise …or they found out just before Ujin did? :)

        • Yeah, but fans are unreasonably scary sometimes >_>” I like your attitude! Yay :D Oh for the plot, I actually thought Ujin’s friends coerced/surprised him into surprising her. LOL but I want to think that he did it of his own accord to show how much he lubs her/feels guilty about ignoring her calls.

        • **^_______^** Oh oh…the squinting.(probl because he just woke up from the confused state he was in XDD).. he was something like: “What is with that date? OMGosh O__O gotta rush do something!! I’m done for…next time they’ll use real force” XDD *not joking now* yeah… I think he did that on his own…although he remembered on a last moment :) (> . . < Hope to see you tomorrow! :) Good night!!)

        • I agree. Ukiss, Big Bang, and BAP have gotten almost all of their songs reviewed. It’s sad that fans are lashing out just because ONE single doesn’t get picked/reviewed favorably (out of all the ones that did)… It’s even more frustrating when some really good artists and videos have never gotten a review yet, no matter how close they were.

        • you’re right, it would be awesome if the review amount would be spred equally or even tried to. but in the situation we are right now is this: boybands (ukiss, bap, bigbang etc.) 99% and girls (2ne1 :D) 1%

        • Agreed >< I miss their kpop cocktails, at least we got to see a variety of artists and old/new songs instead of just the huge popular EYK bands. I'm not even too concerned with the domination of boybands, as long as there's a big mix, but the same bands keep popping back up, which creates new fans, which allows them to get further songs reviewed, rinse and repeat cycle. Smaller/less EYK-popular groups (that goes for girl groups as well) don't stand a chance. Ah well, it's still nice to come here and talk to all the fans though :)

        • Let’s not talk about biasness and discuss about the video ^^ have you noticed how real the floating shark was moving? O_O at 2:44… I was kind of scared for a second :))

    • We’re on four > . < Make haste Uniques!! TKIR: I observed that on Ram's Blouse says "Yuppie"(the blue one) and on Jney's T-shirt says "Yupp". Do you think their T-shirts come from the same brand…? Possibly? Or am I overthinking it? XD

      • Well it was third. =(
        The shirts are probably the same brand or something. Groups’ outfits are always at least subtly the same to give the look that they’re a cohesive group.

  61. Dawwww they’re sooo underrated! Hehehe this would make for such an awesome KMM, and though I’m a huuuuge Kissme, I really do hope this gets reviewed next week. I love Ukiss with all my heart but they’ve been reviewed every single time and the new MV isn’t that mindblowing, so I’d rather the next KMM give some newer groups some exposure and their time to shine. I mean, isn’t the new pick among the top 3 rule made in part, for this purpose?

    There are so many Brohoho props they can harp on! That little yellow hand smacker, the large inflatable hammer, all dem spray strings o_O Not to mention this could be a subtle Converse advertisement! And Simon could totally try to imitate that leg spazz dance. Plus the fact that the dude sleeps in his shoes- haha I can already hear the jokes coming.

    But in all honesty, I’m really really hoping D-Unit will get some love here on EYK! (Now that Nu’est is a goner… for the 4th time T_T)

  62. I’m not crazy about the MV, but the song is pretty good.

  63. Wow 3rd place!!! :)

    Answering Alicias question: I was surprised to see them with this rather cute concept, but I immediately liked the song. I like fierce concepts, but I think it’s fine to do something different once in a while. I remember that people called them 2ne1 copycats because of their first song. That’s just bull. As long as they’re not forced to do this it’s fine with me. :D Also, like you said it’s not overly cutesy, it’s cuter than their previous songs, but not like i.e. Gee (no offense there!!). I think the song sounds really fun :) I like it.

    • If D-Unit came out with something like Gee I don’t think I would be able to contain my hysterical giggling. They would look so ridiculous.

    • Yeah… at first “Missing you” had like the 2ne1 “taste” to it but this is such a refreshing song! first wasn’t so happy to see them act cute and badass in the same video but it’s actually not bad. The song’s growing on me XD P.S: you know the circled date on the calendar. It was written there. “the first day we met” but he’s squinting…I was thinking maybe he’s in her house because the date on the calendar is too prettily circled what do you think? (though it looked like he was in the exact room he was at the beginning) kind of confused…

  64. How do you guys feel about the bits of ‘aegyo’ in this? I mean, it’s not the super cutesy type like other groups do but do you think they should stick to the really fierce concepts or can they venture to this awkward-adorable stage as well?

  65. pumpkin_spice

    let’s go D-Unit!!!!!! i really like this mv it shows them as cute badasses :D (btw does d-unit have a fan group name yet?)

  66. I’ve come up with the idea of making up names for some of the dance moves :D I go first :D

    0:49 “why aren’t you picking up your phone?” :))

    1:00 “sticky hands”

    1:04 “the stickiness is coming off” XD

    1:05″you don’t talk when you pick up”

    1:13″I’m gonna kick your ass next time you don’t pick up” XDD

    2:29-34″I have eyes behind my back so don’t do anything stupid” “and don’t think you can shake me off that easily” XDD

  67. I wish Block B was more popular to promote D-UNIT. They are both really great groups and underrated :(

  68. I found an awesome ZIN portrait!! O.o She’s so kickass!! > . < ( Don't like UJin's image in the video… more of a sweet girl… – . – )

  69. Come on, people! Let’s keep this at the top and get it reviewed next week!

  70. I saw that this is in third place right now… It would be cool if S&M could review it (though I don’t hold out much hope)…

    • Oh gosh… I thought my eyes are deceiving me O_O Listen up … well next week UKISS it’s going to be reviewed (they should’ve gotten a review today but it was picked Lee Hi) so we need to gather the most votes we can to keep this video in the top 3… I can’t do this alone… but if you (Uniques also) have my back… we can do this!! > . <

      • Nope, it’s true! Rather than votes, we should be focusing on sharing – facebook and G+ are 4 points each, twitter is 1 point, comments are 1point each (so long as the comments are relevant – about the MV or artists) whereas a vote is also 1 point, but you can only vote once a day..
        So TKIR, I wonder will S&M have anything to say on the outfits the girls are wearing – will they like them or not..

        • I was refering to votes implying all forms of gathering points…yeah TKIR: I think they’re more pleased than what they’ve seen in other videos ^^’ …just a small complaint: Ujin’s hat and sparkly blouse > . < what were the stylists thinking?

        • There are so many instances where I question what kpop stylists were thinking.. smh. I’m beginning to accept it :P

        • Not thinking about it is the only solution – . -

  71. damn all he was doing was reading a book about batman i ignore her call too

    • and he was actually laughing at a “Batman RIP” comic book – . -’ I don’t think he makes the best boyfriend material :)) although he did remember her birthday/their becoming-girlfriend-boyfriend anniversary :))

  72. pumpkin_spice

    Having followed D-Unit since their debut, I am totally gonna be sad if they don’t get a review. With that said it probably won’t happen since Lee Hi and U-Kiss have also released songs :( I wish D-Unit wasn’t so underrated.

    • They’re still very new, and they’re a girl group… I’m sure that they’ll grow a bigger fanbase over time. :) And with the new voting system we just have to get them into the TOP3 and we have a chance of winning since Simon and Martina want to review more girl groups. But we have tough competition right now…

    • well…maybe UKISS comes up today and next week maybe we’ll have a chance… Fighting!

    • If you want D-Unit to be reviewed, it’s better to make relevant comments, as they are worth one point each, where as you can only vote once a day, so that’s only one point.. But it looks like D-Unit will have some tough competition from Teen Top and U-Kiss

  73. I want Ram’s hoody soo bad > . < 1:23

  74. D-UNIT IS SO UNDERRATED! I love their catchy songs, their style, and their singing….Just pick D-Unit~!

  75. I feel like if this song was done by one of the popular boy bands it would be #1 right now. Not that I want it to be released by a boy band, just trying to point out the gender disparity. None of the girl groups with a “fierce” image do as well as the ones that embrace more traditionally femininity.

  76. Wondering what’s your favorite outfit? :D

  77. I wonder why the guy wears converse to sleep. :D

  78. I hear Zicos signature “bbrrrrrah”s :D also the video reminds me of the plot from this one 4Minute video in which they take revenge on that guy :)

  79. Hopefully we’ll get them reviewed this time. :) We could use another girl group again ^^ This song is so different from missing you and that other song which name I can’t remember right now. :D But I like it. It sounds fun :)

  80. I like these girls ’cause their cool! :D And the song makes me so happy, I just want to dance when i hear it! :D

  81. Yay, we were at eight earlier today, and now we’re at seven. I know it’s a tough week, but maybe we can get to three at least?

    I really wish S&M would have used the kpop chart update to talk about some of the lesser known groups, like D-Unit, rather than talk about idols that everyone and their mother knows released a new song.

  82. I really love this song! ^^ And the MV and dance is so cool! :D

    • Do you have a favorite outfit?hairstyle? remember to watch the video on their official page :)( )

      • Well I don’t know who is who, but at 2:13 I just love the outfit that the girl in front is wearing. So amazing. And then I like the hair/hat of the girl who is the boy’s girlfriend. :) What is your favorite?

        • Yeah I like ZIN’s outfit too… she looks awesome with that hair color too :)….you mean UJin’s hat ? O.o I thought that was the most awkward outfit – . – I know the management wanted for her to stand out a bit more… but that’s not the way *sigh* (Simon and Martina should be fashion advisers!*thumbs up if you agree*:D )

        • Oh so that is Zin (thank you). I agree, and her pants/leggins are really nice, they look really good when she’s “waveing” her legs. :D Well I think the hat is really nice, maybe ’cause I also wear hats like that. ;)

  83. Look who’s here!! > . < and another awesome picture of D-Unit!! :D Oh yeah I forgot… don't forget to share the video that's on D-Unit's official page as well. here's the link

  84. New update! :D Here’s D-Unit’s performance of “Talk to my face”/”Face to face” on Music Core! gosh I love their energy! :D

  85. So I took the initiative of searching the English translation :D

    “Tell me what happened
    I love you whatever
    Put your eyes on me Girl

    Starting from some point, we have become vapid and dry
    Our phone conversations don’t last more than a few minutes
    Our dates get less and less
    Is it because of your mood swings?
    My head hurts – why why why

    We used to always intertwine our fingers as we held hands
    But are you pretending to be cold because you don’t want to?
    My cellphone only has simple decorations and nothing more
    Hey, if you have any worries, tell them to me
    Open your heart, boy get your mind right

    * Tell me face to face, what’s wrong?
    What are you unhappy about?
    If you have something you don’t like, just say it
    You’re not even a girl but how could you be so sensitive every day?
    Tell me the truth
    Baby you just look at me me
    You dont wanna talk to me me
    Baby you just look at me
    Look at me ah
    Talk to me talk to me yeah
    My head hurts, you’re so bad
    Tell me right now

    I’m serious right now, stop whining like a little kid
    Did this come out of nowhere? Come on and bring it back
    Why can’t you look at me? Did you do something wrong?
    Mm, I have some skin troubles
    Am I ugly for you? Or do you not like me?
    If you’re playing around, stop, this ain’t no fun

    You remember back then, the day with the good weather
    Who am I talking to right now?
    You left your couple ring at home again, right?
    It feels like I’m in a one-man show

    * Repeat

    I’m getting more and more tired from calling out to you
    But receiving no answer – where did we go wrong?
    Am I the bad one?
    I want to go back to the days where things were clear and innocent

    * Repeat

    Look Look At Me
    Baby Just Look Look At Me
    Tell Me if You Hate Me
    Hey You Drivin’ Me Crazy

    Look Look At Me
    Baby Just Look Look At Me
    Tell Me if You Hate Me
    Hey You Drivin’ Me Crazy” (via )

    I love the lyrics and the song! :D I’ve already put this song on repeat XDD

  86. Who on earth sets his alarm clock at twelve past ten?

  87. Ok :D just before I go to bed here’s the D-Unit tumblr update picture :D (frankly it’s kind of funny X’D it said there “D-Unit Angels” …first when I look at Jney…I say “they have a point”…then I look at ZIN, then RAM and UJIN XDD ..their facial expressions don’t match the “angels” at all XDD they’re gorgeous anyway :D :3)

  88. has anyone seen the live version of “Talk to my Face” ? :D well here it is! Just love it!! Such a fun song! :D

  89. UJINNNNN!!! I totally began my girl crush on her in Luv Me- she was SO hot. But their image is more girly now, I wasn’t expecting that haha. I like the song and I’m glad their image isn’t too cutesy :)

    • yeah… I noticed that too… well it’s good that it isn’t that girly so if they want(I hope they do) to go back to their more aggresive image they can do that

    • I love Ujin! She’s totally my favorite, and I was really sad when she wasn’t supposed to be a full-time member (which I think has since changed).

      I like that they can do a lighter image, but this isn’t that girly either. Jney is the only one who wears a skirt at any point. The rest are still in shorts/pants and sneakers. And Jney’s skirt isn’t that short either. It’s nice. It’s not an image from any other major girl group out there.

      …I sound obsessive, but I’m just so pleased to finally have a girl group that I actually really adore. n_n

  90. English was good, and they’re not super-cutesy girls – thank goodness! and i kind of like the rap parts as well

    • “thank goodness!” Yes = . = I agree! Zico’s rapping (Block B) actually preserves of bit of their former videos’ image… no? Actually the more I listen to the song the more I think Zico’s part is vital for the song not to become too cute

      • I haven’t heard much of D-Unit prior to this song, tbh. the rap definitely brings a spunky feel to the song – it is a bit cutesy, but at last they’re not getting revenge like in heart2heart2heart and the guy does make it up to the girl.

        i still can’t get over that one of them if 14! granted, she was recommended by Zico (does anyone know how they’re acquainted?) and that would imply she has some skill, but for her to be touted as the visual when she’s 14 makes me feel unsettled.. IDK, there’s just such a large age gap that hte group feels a bit odd to me

        • I honestly didn’t know she’s that young the first time I saw her (found out after I checked her background)…she’s touted more for her cuteness… I think…as D-Unit is more on the aggressive side… the group needed, supposedly, “some sugar” but I don’t see them focusing more on the new member… in the video at least … actually I keep noticing ZIN … I think she has the most ‘gansta’ look here and maybe her hair color… that color looks awesome on her!

        • I suppose – but i want there to be a spunky kpop girl group, not the aegyo kind – and i think these girls pull it off nicely without ‘copying’ 2ne1 (as if anything is original anymore).

        • Yeah I agree! I don’t think that anyone could say now that they sound like “a” or “b” group. I hope this song would rise them higher than any of their other songs

        • No, they definitely have their own sound and style :) I hope it attracts good fans for them :)

          but i hope they don’t sexalise the 14 yo… just, no.

        • I’m certain they won’t allow that :) *I trust them* have you seen their live version of the song? :D well here it is :D (I haven’t seen it either :D)

        • pretty good live performance.. i’d like S&M to review it, particularly for the dancey bits, as it’s energetic and not overly cutesy. i hope these girls don’t stray too far into aegyo..

        • Oh no :) I’m sure they won’t. I don’t know why I have such trust in them but I do :D. Yeah it’s an awesome fun performance! :D Same here love the dance!! > . < and love their live scene outfits!! :D I just thought that the rap parts (esp. Ram's and Zico's parts) highlight so well the hawkishness of the song XD (I'm out of words :)) )

        • teh dance had a kind of attitude :) the outfits seemed a bit more like a uniform to me, and it detracted a little form the badassedness.

        • Well ‘hawkish’ means agressive right? so “hawkishness” XDD

        • I haven’t come across that term before, but yeah, D-Unit have an agressive feel :)

        • the dictionary saves me as English isn’t my main language XD

        • the dictionary and theasaurus are my best friends sometimes :) you have excellent English, btw

        • (you’re not using btw aren’t you? :D) I disagree = . = I’m losing my touch.anyway I gotta go to sleep = . =. hope to see you around tomorrow :) D-Unit fighting!! > . <

        • no, i’m not :)
          TKIR i wonder if the writers of this song used an online dictionary/translator

        • hmm… I do not think so :)

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Oh man, that was great! They’re so talented to be able to do such a rigorous dance AND sing that well live. Woah.
          Also Zico’s “Brrrrrrah” was a part of the official lyrics. lol.

        • Yeah :)) It’s such a fun song and that could be seen throughout their performance :D also love their live outfits :D

        • brinaethegiraffe

          So far the group hasn’t been super sexified at all (yes that is the technical term), so I’m not too worried about a possible pedophiliac image for JNEY.

        • I actually hope it stays that way… even when they’re older – it’d be cool if they became popular wtihout having to use sexy tactics

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Yeah the oversexualization of women in Kpop really bothers me sometimes, especially with the younger girls, and I’m a lesbian!
          Not related to D-Unit but: This is why I thought Ga-in’s Talk About S was so great because it was like HOLY POSITIVE REPRESENTATION OF FEMALE SEXUALITY IN KOREAN POP CULTURE!

        • I haven’t watched much of her stuff, but she just gives off this awesome, strong woman vibe <3
          TKIR I hope D-Unit keep with their spunky, a-li'l-though image, and never go mroe aegyo than this

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Agreed, I don’t think super aegyo would suit them at all.

  91. Maybe it is just me… but I can imagine Block B with D-Business hahahaha They fit each other. Moreover, D-unit and Block B get along pretty well e_e

  92. Dunno why the media was like “The new member will be extremely pretty”. Ok, she is pretty, not that extreme, but she is. BUT, why didn’t they talk about her raping and dancing skills? I think thats really the strong point of Janey.

    • I agree. The other members are pretty enough, that is absolutely cringeworthy to think “Great, they’re going to ruin a fab trio just to add a pretty face.” It would have been nicer for them to point out that Janey knows how to work a stage. :P

      But maybe they didn’t think it was that important. Janey said in a recent interview that she’s just made a guest appearance here, not appeared as a permanent member of D-Unit. permanent

      • “Janey said in a recent interview that she’s just made a guest appearance here, not appeared as a permanent member of D-Unit. permanent” Yeah… I think that as the ‘thug’ image isn’t selling that good in South Korea, the management thought they should ‘sweeten’ it a bit and increase their popularity in the same time (fans of Janey follow her music career thus find out about D-Unit).

    • The media knows how most people are attracted more to looks than skills and if the people are more interested in the person… they check his/her background

      • That’s right…. and it’s a bit sad :C But well, I’m happy that the new member is Janey, temporal member… but well, i like her dancing and rapping skills :3

        • Yeah… I’m ok with her now (not that I found she’s a temporal member).at first-before even hearing her sing- I wasn’t so lenient(?) but..I kind of accepted the idea…even if she got to be the permanent memeber I’m thankful they’re together and neither of the members left(that would’ve been just awful…)and yeah I agree she’s got great rapping skills :)

  93. this song is just great! but they are really underrated! they need more recognition. but i hope they get reviewed ^O^ D-Unit Fighting ^^

    • How do you like the “aegyo-badass” concept they’ve adopted? :) Do you think it’s too “aegyo”?

        • After this comeback I wish we’d see more tomboy-ish videos and less aegyo though…if only they’d gain more recognition… I read a review about “Talk to my face” (I posted it on this page) and the reviewer said the message is too simple and childish in the same time… and if the lyrics were a bit more complicated more people would be into the song… What the reviewer said makes me think of one of Confucius’ quotes where he says that things are easy just that people like to make them difficult. I wouldn’t agree more.

        • i totally agree, i liked their tomboy-ish look better. it fits them more perfectly. This concept did kinda match them, but like Missing You and Luv Me was more of their style.

  94. This ong is so gorgeous! I’m totally obsessed.

  95. I wasn’t expecting their song to be good cuz we’ve been seeing enough rookie bands to know what happens after their debut. But this was REALLY good. They’re definitely an underrated group. And the video… lol it’ll definitely make a good music monday :P
    Plus, Zico produced it! what more do we need haha~

    • Zico’s voice does add nicely to the song :) Right?

    • I think they have a lot of passion about performing and creating music that most rookie groups don’t have since they’re just a product of a company. But D-Unit are actual artists and I think that’s what sets them apart from most other rookies out there right now.

  96. I really wasn’t expecting it to be this good, but IT IS REALLYY GOOD

  97. I really hope they get to review this song.

  98. D-UNIT FIGHTING! They’re are amazing. And, yes, JNEY fits in this concept :) I’m really happy for their hard work and… the results are here! Perfect comeback! :D They deserve to appear in KPOP Music Monday!

    • What is that one thing that impressed you the most about the video? :)

      • I follow them since their debut, and for me this kind of MV was totally unexpected :) Maybe I was waiting for something like Missin’ you (that was what I think when I read the song’s title) in concept. Maybe what really impresses me is that they show the song’s message in a more humorous way :) I really like see how they enjoy doing it. We only need to see their faces when they are “beating” the boy xD It’s like: “Hey, I love my work!”
        PS.I don’t say any about the style, but I love it *-* They look so cute <3 More feminine than in "Luv me".
        PS2. Sorry, but I can't say only one thing, all of it was like *wow, I don't expect that*.

        • Yeah me too ^^ Love them!! > . < "Maybe I was waiting for something like Missin' you" I was actually already prepared for a slight different image from them but I can't say I don't like it either… I was a bit hesitant at first but now I'm totally digging their style (except for …coughUJincough… that shiny blouse and black fur cap don't fit so well together – . -') If I had to choose I think the part where they're "beating" that boy up(and the rap parts there)is my favorite XD I think I can say that in the entire K-pop world RAM is my bias… don't know I just feel that way :) I hope they'll return to their former badass image and be succesful with it :)

        • In Missin’ you they were perfect… but like the system of the group (it’s like a competition and other people can join them if they fit in the album concept), they try to innovate in each comeback they do. I prefer their debut’s image, but this is ok too :) Yeah… Ujin’s cap is like: What’s up with the stylist? xD
          I hope it too ^^ I’m so curious now about Chapter 2.

  99. That was probably the most annoying introduction ever I think you will agree

  100. D-UNIT are just so talented – I loved I’m Missin’ You, I loved Luv Me, and I love 얼굴보고 얘기해! The addition of Jney really completes their formation, so I’m excited to see her. The dance is also really intricate and fun too!

    I can’t really express how much I want Simon and Martina to review D-UNIT, I think they’d be a really fresh edition to KMM. Great job, Zico and great job D-UNIT~

  101. I haven’t listened to the other songs on D-UNIT’s new album, but “Talk To My Face” is a strong upbeat number for them and their new member Jney. Each of these girls really has her own strength, not just said so for appearances’ sake. Love the vocals and awesome dancing skills in all!

  102. Am I the only one thinking that they are way too underrated? Srsly this was brohoholy awesome!! I mean c’mon, you all know that if it was produced by a “bigger” girl band it would already be a hit..

  103. I love D-Unit and this video suits them… not too cute and not too badass (which it seemed a lot of people couldn’t buy from them… they all just look so young!). It seems they have found a good medium! And the lyrics are more badass than the song for sure.

  104. Not my favorite song from them, but the MV made me smile. I just think the title track is way too generic. There are much stronger songs on the rest of the album, and there are other songs that you listen and you hear D-Unit, rather than a song anyone could have done.

    • Yeah but the industry is more attracted to aegyo than the tomboyish attitude. Maybe this song will help them increase their popularity a bit more and afterwords they can sing songs that fit D-UNIT the most…

    • It is generic and a bit cutesy, but that’s the kind of stuff that succeeds in the kpop mainstream, and I think D-Unit are trying to use this and their new maknae/visual to garner more attention from Korea

    • Not disagreeing with you, but which songs?

  105. Such a cute song and video!

  106. I really like this song, I think Jney is a good add to this group! ;D

  107. hm song’s alright, not that catchy like ‘Luv Me’ was

    • So far this comment is the only spam :)) (will we break the record for “the page with the fewest spam comments”? XD) TKIR: Do you think Jney fits D-Unit’s badass(I need a word replacement XD) image? Why? :D

  108. i love this mv is so colorfull.

  109. wow this song is so good :DD no wonder, zico’s the producer of this song ;D

    • Block B is fighting with their label, so Zico found another creative outlet. Good for him, D-Unit and us!

      • Well … didn’t Block B settle with this crisis… I saw their videos belong to Loenent now : / I hope they’ll get through :s TKIR: I know I’ve asked before but Im curious as to what outfit(s) you like from the video? :D

        • ponygirl298

          I like the blue “Yuppie” sweater, and all the Converse sneakers! Yay for girls in comfy shoes and not wearing ridiculous heels!

        • Really? : / About “Yuppie” look what I found I initially thought it has “puppie”…and then an expression for “Hurray” : /
          Oh…so that’s Converse! I thought it was a piece of clothing XD (Yeah! I’m a Converse fan now :)) ) It is weird to go to bed with shoes on… though I’ve met some American people that sat (legs crossed) in bed with shoes on… don’t want to nitpick but that’s a bit awkward…

        • I’m Canadian and I think shoes in bed is weird too. Take your shoes off! You’re going to get your blankets dirty and then you’ll have to do laundry!
          I like the Converse sneakers because I have a pair. I think it’s always fun when I have something that they have in the video. It’s like “Oh! I guess I’m cool!”

        • Really? then I guess that depends on each individual… I guess… Oh > . < I want one too *pout*

  110. Wait; didn’t they have 3 members before? Why’d the add another one?

    • I remember reading some articles about a new member was going to be added around December, but they were introduced in this promotion instead. And I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think I read something about their label saying that members will be shifted around(added and removed). Not sure how reliable that is o-o I’m a mobile device at the moment so I can’t really go into evidence searching mode. X3

      • I’d heard/read the same thing. Initially R.A.M and Z.I.N were permanent members and Ujin was added during the Welcome to the Business/I’m Missin’ You promotions. Their company said that there would be changes to the third member during each promotion round or when they saw fit. This time they’ve added JNEY / Janey (a former GP Basic member) who was recommended by Zico (Block B), who helped produce their album. :)

        • Yeah, I believe due to her popularity, they decided to keep UJin. Which is probably a good thing. She seems to be a lot of people’s favorite. I don’t know if they are keeping JNEY for future releases or she is the new rotating member.

        • At least they get to stick together…

        • Yeah, I prefer that since they debuted together it keeps the dynamic of the group strong. I recently found out that JNEY is a featured member, so it seems they are rotating members around the original 3.

        • That’s right, because as you might know, Janey is from GP Basic, and GP Basic have not separated, so i guess Janey will be part of D-unit only for Talk To My Face promotions :3

        • Well GP Basic’s status is unknown so who knows…

        • Well, cant remember where… but i’ve read that they are not separated…. but anything could be possible xD

        • I read about the ‘unknown status’ thing on wikipedia :)

        • FINALLY, I found where i read it, Janey said literally that GP Basic is not disbanding :D And Im happy about that cause I really like GP Basic as well

        • That’s great! (for you) :)( I’m not an GP Basic fan…)TKIR: How do you like the boyfriend’s room? :D I like the teddy bear and I want that CLOCK!! > . < XDD

        • brinaethegiraffe

          But I thought originally Zin and Wooram were the main members and the third position was a rotating one, which is why I was surprised when JNEY was just added and Ujin was still there. Which is not a complaint, Ujin is great and I’m glad she’s still promoting with them, but yeah, that was what I thought they said D-Unit was going to do originally.

        • Yeah, originally both Ram and Zin were permanent but I guess due to her popularity, Ujin is a permanent member as well now. They haven’t released a statement on it officially but I don’t see why they would take her out at any time. That would be a bit of a stupid move considering how many people love Ujin in the group and that she is really a great addition to the group because of her charisma.

        • brinaethegiraffe

          Yes, good. Ujin should definitely stay.