Dal Shabet – Mr. BangBang

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  1. Really catchy song. However these have to be the worst robbers ever, but they have awesome singing abilities, and their very pretty so who care.VOTE!!!!

  2. i really like the song <3 But they have something with guns right ? xD

  3. I love this song soooo much! However, I really do not like this video…there’s just so much wrong with it. I would LOVE to hear what you guys have to say about this mv.
    But either way, I still LOVE the song, and whenever I find the chance, I sing and do the little dance! XD

  4. ForeverBana

    they’re pretty *-*

  5. the music is so catchy, plus it will be hilarious when the review it, so many things for them to talk about

    The official one is happyfaceent :( 

  7. New member and a great new track from Dal Shabet. This video gives a lot of fun stuff to review…like how bad can you be as a bank robber :)

  8. dancingpartytime

    I literally laughed out loud when she threw the money in the air. I don’t know much about Dal Shabet, but I like what I’ve seen.

  9. i love the mv and song it needs to be reviewed

  10. i vote for this coz i just want to see how hilarious simon & martina are reviewing the MV!! 

    the song is catchy, just the MV is so so so ridiculous~

  11. NaToTheWak

    So many things to say for you guise, plot, dance, English…

  12. Natalie M

    I really want to see what Simon and Martina have to say about this video because Dal Shabet are quite… incompetent bank robbers. Cute, but incompetent :D  Love the song though

  13. Ryan Davidson

    Luv this song <3

  14. dancingpartytime

    I love this song and video! It’s great the Dal Shabet usually adds a little twist to their aegyo to keep it from being too generic. I doubt they have a big enough fan base to top the chart, but this could make for a funny KMM. 

  15. Such a nice and fresh song! I like Dalshabet a lot since their debut! 
    I would like to see this song review because… well… the story line is so akward! xD 

  16. This is so weird on so many levels that I’d love to see you review it… xD

  17. It is.. weird..
    I would feel so safe if every policeman in the world would be like them!! Help the thieves to steal the money!!
    It would be better if they would help murderer kill their vic’s or something like that…

  18. the storyline is a bit…off

  19. Erisabesu

    Dal Shabet and guns, again? As if “Hit You” with is “pink blood murder case” wasn’t scary enough, now they are dancing and waving guns around the whole group. They need to see a gun safety-video! ‘Cos that scene with one of the girls using the gun as a mike is so wrong, on so many levels. 

  20. CandyHeart

    I like the song :)