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Dalmatian – E.R.

  1. Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease)))

  3. I fell in love with this song as well as with the MV. Tons of love for Dalmatian ♥♥♥

  4. dalmatian fighting!

  5. I only recently discovered this group, but I’m already in love with them. E.R is an amazing song that really sticks with me after I’ve listened to it. Their choreography and dancing prowess are impressive, and hey, the shirtless dancing doesn’t detract from my opinion of them. ;D


  7. Aww still love this song~<3

  8. loving the song, and what first video all TOP NAKED?! :O

  9. How interesting is it that Dalmatian “E.R.” is at #35 now while Infinite’s “The Chaser” is at #36?  I like both groups, but seriously the better song holds out longer.


  11. I really want this MV to make it. I loved Dalmation’s comeback and their strong presence.

  12. What number are they coming now ?

  13. please vote more often, DALMAAATESS! :D I also want to see this reviewed so much >w< ;DD

  14. I really really want to see their take on the setting of this mv especially the beginning! 

  15. It’s kinda depressing that this song/mv prolly won’t get reviewed :( it’s so awesome!

  16. i’m really curious what Simon’s going to say about them dancing shirtless lol i really hope that they’ll review this~~~~~~ 

  17. Dalmatian is the best! Really wish this song and mv gets some more love because it’s really awesome <3

  18. Please review this! Please! xD Let’s voteeeeeeeeeee!!! :3

  19. Come on guys we need Dalmatian to WIN <3
    Keep Voting !!!!!!

  20. i love them and their shirtlessness!!!!!!!so hot!!!!!!

  21. Do any of the Dalmatian guys like Mediterranean food?

  22. Now what to do with the leftover 2 bell peppers (orange and green), roughly 14 oz of diced tomatoes, 1/2 a large onion, and small eggplant?

  23. Now what to do with the leftover 2 bell peppers (orange and green), roughly 14 oz of diced tomatoes, 1/2 a large onion, and small eggplant?

  24. Also added a lil’ extra virgin oil for flavor before simmering.

  25. Add tomatoes, herbs de Provence, black pepper, and bell peppers.  Simmer for 10 minutes.  (Currently on a Dynamic Duo song.)

  26. Add zucchini and garlic for about 3 short songs (BIGBANG, Miss A, Bloc Party.  One does not belong.)

  27. Onions until transluscent.  (Amy Winehouse)

  28. 5 minutes to soften the eggplant and summer squash.  Roughly a Taeyang song plus.  No non-extra virgin olive oil!?!  WTF?!?  I’ll just use CANola.

  29. 1 song for a red bell pepper.  Seriously?  (Mos Def)  Want to add an orange bell pepper too, but I’m running out of time and too much bell pepper will probably over power the other flavors.

  30. Another 3 songs to dice a (rather large) zucchini and a smallish summer squash.  Improvement?  No.  (Julieta Venegas, Ryan Adams, Maxwell)

  31. I tell you…my devotion towards Dalmatian.  Commenting while cooking.

  32. Had to take a break from chopping onions.

  33. Oops.  Forgot to eat breakfast.

  34. Dang, I’m slow.  It takes me almost 3 songs to dice a small eggplant.  (The Strokes, Phoenix, Rufus Wainwright)

  35. Wake up in the morning to be probably one of the last people to watch Music Bank since I’m in PST.

  36. We going down!! D: Keep voting! Keep sharing!

  37. Just ate too much bone marrow.  Yech.

  38. KEEP ON VOTING!!!!! This must be reviewed!

  39. Currently enjoying delhi saag, cous cous, cherries, and wheat bread.   Yeah, the first two don’t really fit the second two. 

  40. Love, love, love! <3

  41. I would love to see this one. :)

  42. let’s go dalmates!! let’s keep on voting! =)

  43. hey guys! we’re falling even more down on the kpop charts ): number 7 currently. waaah.
    the charts go by average votes per day, so make sure to always come back and vote and share as much as possible so we can get dalmatian reviewed! :D we can dooo it!

  44. Just enjoyed a delish fruit tart from Porto’s with a cup of tea.  Would’ve liked to add some finger sandwiches.  However it was not time for high tea and I am not in England. 

  45. Keep on voting everyone!! Keep sharing the post!! :)


  47. I am currently drinking Lotte’s Let’s be MILD coffee beverage. 

  48. Everybody keep on voting! We’re almost there!

  49. I know “Monster” or “The Chaser” will probably get it, but I really like this song.

  50. Come on guys! Let’s get this reviewed! :))

  51. Hope this gets reviewed soon. :)

  52. i love this so mucuh XD 

  53. I cant imagine how simon would review these! TOPLESS :D :D new advanced skill? LOL

  54. I can’t stop listening to this song. I love it! :))

  55. Dalmatian-Dalmatian-
    Dalmatian-Dalmatian- Dalmatian-Dalmatian-
    Dalmatian-Dalmatian- Dalmatian-Dalmatian-
    Dalmatian-Dalmatian- Dalmatian-Dalmatian-
    hehehehe .

  56. I love the dance version of this video, very talented ^_^

  57. Just here to show Dalmatian some love.


  59. although i’m sure this won’t win for THIS week, i’ll still keep voting because it’s a SUPAH AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO WITH SUPAH AWESOME SINGING AND SUPAH AWESOME SHIRTLESS GUYS.

  60. Lets continue the voting Dalmates! <3

  61. Please review this for the sake of all the laughs to the idon’treallyknowhoemuch seconds that THEY ARE ALL SHIRTLESS. c: Oh, and I want to see Simon see Simon.

  62.  At least this video has half a million views..

  63. Come on Dalmates spread the word to everyone like youtube or something so others will help vote

  64. i really wish that they will review Dalmatian’s E.R.. but I wanna watch a review on JJ Project- Bounce too.. Please review both.. I’m dying here..gaaaaaaahhhh

  65. Dalmatian are so underrated. I hope with this new mini-album that they will gain the popularity that they deserve.

  66. More love for Dalmatian!!! Lets keep voting! 

  67. eye liek dis song

  68. this song is actually really needs more credit ;_;

  69. I’m so happy that Dalmatian finally had a comeback!! And the new member is looking great!! ^_^

  70. this song is just awesome

  71. Vote! Vote! Vote! :)

  72. I really want this song to be reviewed D: Dalmatian needs to be seen and heard out there, they seriously have a butt load of talent .__.;

  73. guys! remember to share on facebook, google, and twitter for more votes! if you refresh the page & vote again, does that second vote count as well? 

  74. Please please please please review this song!!! it’s so fabtabulous!! 

  75. OMG they need to win!!!!

  76. As much as I love this song and video, I’m afraid it won’t get reviewed, the next couple of Mondays are going to deff going to be between Infinite, Bigbang, B1A4, Teen Top and Wonder Girls, who ever makes those Mondays until 2NE1 comes too… djksfhdkshfadkl I want this for MM too!! and BtoB, adufhsdfaslhsjklhask more Mondays are needed… lmao

  77. Daniel is so cute :))

  78. I really do you this video get reviewed! Dalmatian needs more loving!~ and this is such an amazing song!~

  79. I love Dalmatian’s new comeback! <3 After all they have been through they deserve more recognition! They are such talented boys~ Fighting!

  80. Dalmates come on and keep voting

  81. come on Dalmates, vote for Dalmatian everyday & help get this mv reviewed ^^ ~

  82. Maybe if people will stop coming out with MV’s for a few weeks… Review this please~ c:

  83. The one with long hair is beautiful! Buuuut then again, they ALL are. ^^

  84. YAY! dalmatian is on the list! I love them! and this song!

  85. Keep voting!!! I want them to win~!!!

  86. common dalmates let’s make this video get reviewed :P

  87. I think eatyourkimchi has to review this video just for the simple reason that one of the members is named SIMON ^______^

  88. Please please!!! This has to be reviewed!! Such an amazing song, choreography and m/v!!

  89. I so want this to win this video to win!!!! They need more love!~

  90. Dalmatian deserves to get reviewed! Dalmatian fighting! ^^

  91. This song is really good! Regardless, of the tattoos that these boys have! Which in my personal opinion are out of sense for the feeling of the song!

  92. I like every group currently ranked above Dalmatian on this chart, but I do honestly think I’d enjoy Simon and Martina’s review of this MV the most! :D  So it’d be a shame if “E.R.” didn’t get reviewed :(

  93. Oh gosh. I hope this gets reviewed at some point.

  94. DALMATIAN FIGHTING! they HAVE to be reviewed, they’ve put in so much effort and you can really see a 180 degree change from their debut days. it would really give them the exposure they truly deserve.


  96. we need to get the votes up on this video guys! tweet or facebook dalmatian and let them know

  97. is it okay to spam the comments in order to get the votes up?

  98. how come I can’t find the facebook SHARE button to vote for this video =( can someone please tell me where it is. 

  99. Happy Birthday Simon! :D 

  100. I hope Dalmatian gets reviewed!!!!!!!! <3

  101. This needs to be reviewed!!! This is so good! :(

  102. This WILL be reviewed. Have faith! <3 DMTN ftw!

  103. I feel like these guys don’t get enough love. :( I still listen to their debut song, and get sad when I think about all the stuff they had to go through because of their manager and all that. Graaaaah. >:(

  104. With all the new MVs coming out, this definitely won’t get reviewed :(

  105. Dalmatian! Finally, they’re back!

  106. Why am I unable to send a fb message! =[ the window gets like cut off… ughhh but anyways Dalmatian!! <3 =D

  107. please review this song ! this group is amazingly talented, the song is fantastic and I so want to hear what you guys make of the music video 

  108. GUYS! GO TO MNET BECAUSE DALMATIAN IS TOP 8 .. DALMATIAN needs your VOTES… Because last time I saw them, they were top 6 but now they are top 8.. …. VOTE FOR THEM..

  109. I want to see what Martina thinks about this freaking MV LOOL

    This is such an awesome MV >.<

  110. Keep voting everyone!!

  111. DMTN for the win ! 

    This has to be reviewed, like seriouslyyyyy *___*

  112. DALMATES! we NEED this video to be reviewed next week. keep voting and sharing! we have to pass infinite!

  113. good song + muscular, shirtless guys = AWESOME MV!

    Dalmation, Y U NO IN 1ST PLACE???

  114. Topless idols, with hot tattoos, how perfect :D! 

  115. I’m so happy they’re back! The new album is awesome and the boys are amazing! I’ve really missed them.

  116. I love the meanings behind this MV. It’s so meaningful and sad :

  117. I would love for this to be reviewed!

  118. This song is daebak!! But they are not in an E.R.?  XD Their tattoos remind me of Big Bang ones.

  119. This is a GREAT song. It’s amazing that these guys are number 3, and would even be more amazing if it was reviewed. Raise awareness about this underrated group! DALMATES! :D

  120. LOVE THISSSS ! ! ! ! totally different concept and definitely better :3

  121. Dalmatian is DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. Please please review! E.R is reallly and I mean really really good <3

  123. love the dance!!

  124. These guys are super underrated. People are only giving attention to them now because of their shirtless MV…

  125. There are so many MV’s coming out ;-;
    Please review this~ :D

  126. Dalmatian needs more love. They totally deserve it <3

  127. I really love this song !!!! :D

  128. I would really like this to win but I doubt it

  129. Here for my daily voting and commenting. Dalmatian hwaiting! <3

  130. I love Dalmation.I really want this to be reviewed! It’s so good!!

  131. want this to be reviewed

  132. i’ve been playing this song on repeat for 3 days straight, loved dalmatian since their debut! ^__^ dalmatian, fighting!!~ 

  133. Love this song! Please review :D

  134. That doctor is not helping them in anyway at all… except for cutting their shirts open for the fans :D

  135. Also, please watch this on their official channel, DMTNofficial. Unfortunately this MV ink isn’t the right one =/ 

  136. YAY!!! Dalmatian are finally back!!! I love the new member Simon!! Please Review

  137.  Hope this get reviewed even it won’t make it next week or the the week after. Really like their music :)

  138. the girl in the MV kinda creeps me out but I love it overall and the song is ♥

  139. I wasn’t into Dalmatian before but I randomly clicked on their music video and holy cow, this song is so amazing. I also think Simon (and Jisu) are super charismatic and own the screen =D Youngwon looks pretty and omygoodness. Inati looks so good, it’s ridiculous how well he’s aged. And Daniel….he’s just awesome and such a trooper. It’s crazy how much I’m loving these guys lol

  140. Please give Dalmatian a chance! <3

  141. I hope this gets reviewed! I love this song :D

  142. WE HAVE TO GET THEM T REVIEW THIS!  WE CAN DO IT! :D it’s been 15 months since their last come back and they’ve worked SOOO hard, they truly deserve it!

  143. please review Dalmatian! It’s been 15 months since their comeback and they have new major eye-candy in the form of Simon who is also really talented and majorly beautiful at singing and rapping. please please please!

  144. i’ve waited over a year for this comeback please review them :)

  145. Want them to review Dalmatian love their music

  146. I don’t want them to be forever underrated :/ they deserve more love!

  147. they deserve a lot more attention! if they get review by eatyourkimchi im sure they will gain more fans :D

  148. Please.. make it that they will be reviewed right after Xia’s solo debut & Infinite’s comeback.. please please.. I really love this group n would to see more of them!!!!!!!!

  149. So worth the wait! Dalamatian is amazing! <3

  150. I’m so happy Dalmatian finally came back!!

  151. Dalmatian needs to be reviewed no matter what

  152. this song is daebak and mv is pretty good :D dalmatian hwaiting!! 

  153. I really hope that Dalmatian can get reviewed!

  154. this seriously needs to be reviewed. not really a fan of the group, but the song is highly addictive, and the video is amazing (had to research on their previous MV) and this is a MASSIVE improvement ^___^

  155. I hadn`t even heard about Dalmatian before this came out…. I REALLY love this song! It`s awesome!

  156. Great comeback :D Love the song.

  157. If you ever wanted to hear Simon and Martina talk about tattoos in Korea, maybe this is the chance! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  158. Song so awesome, I’ve pretty much been listening to this song for 3 days whenever i get the chance

  159. Addicting song. Like seriously, CAN’T. STOP. REPLAYING.

  160. yeah . In a day, or the nnext hour(?) DALMATIAN will be the top 4.!  WOOOOWW! that’s what i think because only 570 points(not sure, as what i estimated), they can reach the top 4th

  161. For being over a year and 3 months for their comeback! this is a pretty awesome comeback song!

  162. Dalmatian fighting!! I love Dalmatian

  163. This is the most amazing song. I hope Dalmatian gets more popular now. I still miss Dari and Day Day, but there is no way to get them back now.

  164. This does NOT sound like Beast. This sounds like Dalmatian… the newest version of Dalmatian.

  165. Please review them /SOBS

  166. i’ve always liked Dalmatian but this album has made me come to love them. i wish it would get reviewed but there’s no EYK this coming Monday and Junsu will be the next review b/c he’s killing everyone (which i’m not sad about b/c i love him) and then infinite might win the following week even though as an Inspirit I like ER better.

  167. On a side note, I kinda love the guy with long hair. No lie. 

  168. As much as I love this song, I can’t help but think that this sounds a lot like Beast–EXCUSE ME, Batoost’s “Fiction”. Anyone else think that? 

  169. This is so freaking addictive. I don’t know how many times I replayed the video.

  170. keep on voting people!!! 

  171. COME ON… the top 6 is like bigger than dalmatian’s e.r. so, vote! we don’t want the dalmatian to be in top 6!

  172. hjdsfsgfhsghsgf this song is f*cking addictive..*O*

  173. vote vote vote! I want them to review this song so badly! >.<

  174. Please review Dalmation’s E.R!!! They are so underrated but have some of the best kpop songs I have ever heard. Loved them since Round 1. Please PLease vote for Dalmation!!!

  175. O.O  I love this video!!

  176. i hope you guys could review this song~! ♥

  177. please everyone support the guys the mv in official page only have 34,600 views

  178. so nice!

  179. GOSH! DALMATIAN’s SO COOL!!!!  after a year and  3 months, at last!
    .. please top3, let dalmatian’s e.r be there.

  180. I really want Junsu’s review, Infinite and Dalmatian’s omg this is going to be really hard!! especially since we’re missing a week >.< I really hope after Junsu's we can keep this video at #1 for that long, we have to!!!!!!



  183. That Man Opposed to E.R massive change and hotter lol

  184. yay! Dalmatian is finally back from a painfully long hiatus. i love their song E.R. and their album is even better :)

  185. It’s so great seeing how Dalmatian has grown up and matured! Loving this new song and concept!

  186. Doggy dog woof woof woof! 

  187. we must get simon and martina to review this @_@ 

  188. Ahhh, I really hope Dalmatian wins^^ They are so talented but barely get noticed! A review will finally get them some attention. And the song is so great, the mini-album is just beautiful and the boys themselves have been through so much to get to this point. Go Dalmatian for Music Mondays~!!! <333

  189. This is just so good! 

  190. Dalmatian fighting! :) Hopefully E.R gets reviewed soon. 

  191. I Dont know if we can beat Infinite but I’m voting crazy everywhere 

  192. The comeback does not disappoint! I hope this gets enough votes to be reviewed!! Come on Dalmates!

  193. So just curious, who recently was converted into a Dalmate? :D

  194. dalmatian needs more love!!!

  195. It’s the same tunnel as in the MV for I Remember :3


    They’re so underrated therefore THEY NEED TO BE ON MUSIC MONDAY.


  197. sooo fuckin!!!!1 -speachless mode on-
    they have to wiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  198. oh my GOD. i was never really into dalmatian, but i’m hooked after this song! i practically cried when i saw their mv, it was so perfect. anyone else converted? :P

  199. I love this song so much! I have been listening to it almost non-stop since it came out xD.
    Hooray for Dalmatian making a comeback!

  200. Def just commenting for the vote….. 

  201. Must keep voting. my babies deserve this ;~; 

  202. they’re finally back after a year!!

  203. heeeey, please everyone vote for this song!!! 

  204. Even though the MV is sooooooooo HOT, really it is the song that just makes my heart race like crazy! So beautiful!!! I must’ve looked so crazy crying my eyes out while watching shirtless sexy boys… I miss DayDay, hope he’s doing great!! And miss Dari too! Simon welcome to the Pack!!!!! yeah you guys have to review this… 

  205. I’ve been waiting their comeback for so long! I’m happy they’re back!

  206. this is such an amazing song and video and group, like seriously it’ll be awesome to review :D

  207. I’m really really really happy that they’re back!!! FINALLY!!! Please review this for Music Monday!!!

  208. I am the only one that thinks that the guy with long hair will look awesome in a modernised Joseon era look?

  209. Genuinely enjoying the song. I’d love to hear what Simon and Martina think about the “story line” and of course, the abs dancing. 

  210. Dalmatian on music monday!!!

  211. OMG DALMATIAN IS BACK! IT’S BEEN A WHILE! i miss day day :( oh and i hope dari returns soon from the military! one more year guys :D

  212. :) i really love this song. did not think i would but i did

  213. Their bodies *___* They need to review this! Even with their awesome bodies I could not help but notice that the MV made no sense to me anyway …

  214. Talk about HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!! GAHH TOTALLY FAN SERVICED BUT I DONT CARE!!! it gives me the chance to perv-i mena check them all out 8D 

  215. they’re so freaking hot!!! i hope they revieew this song plz 

  216. guys.. we should encourage more people to vote for them!!!

  217. This video is so perfect (as is the rest of State of Emergency).
    Jeesu and Daniel’s voices just.. killer. <3
    Such a change from The Man Opposed..but I love this SO MUCH.

  218. Oh My Wooorrrdddzzzz~~~~~ *faintz*

  219. AGHHH SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!! 

  220. Song alone, this video HAS to be reviewed. It has such an addictive 90ish melody and I’ve listened to it at least 50 times today. I have listened to Dalmatian’s earlier stuff but was never able to click with the group until this album. This concept is much more my speed and I am positively loco for Jeesu and his everything.

  221. SOOOOOO GOOODDD!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 
    legit dying :3

  222. 1st: “who’s that girl?… Oh wait never mind” . 2nd:” That’s not where you check for pulse you silly”. 3rd: “OMG ABS!!!!!!!!” 4th: “man I really love this song” 5th: “=o well…that’s a shitty hospital” 6th: “OMG Zombies!!”


  224. AWESOME SONG!! i see alot of abs!! O.O they must review and we have time because they’re not going to review a song this monday!!!! :D

  225. This needs to be reviewed! What the heck is the point of the girl who plays the mortician?! And there’s just random stripping every few seconds… Plus I seriously thought that memeber was a girl… I think he’s following the trend by Ren from Nu’est… 

  226. bigbangfosho

    This is amazing. I miss them so much, and I wonder what you guys have to say about the image change.

  227. Please show all your love an support to dalmatian this album is so amazing!

  228. i am soooo happy with their comeback!!! i hope they get a lot of attention !! :D 

  229. Waaahhh, they have changed :D I absolutely love it! They are finally back YAY!!!!! <3 

  230. their voices are so beautiful and I do so hope they are rewarded for their hardwork !

  231. I want this one reviewedddddd. The song and video was so good!!

  232. I remember when Dalmation was first reviewed on Kpop Music Mondays, AGES ago…..

    Now I only know of Dalmation as the group with yellow testicles. Thanks, S&M =.=;

  233. sdklh;nasdlvb;jghwroughvbc,vmnotlhgas;j,mcnvl;xhnerojg REVIEW THIZ SHIZ NAO!

  234. hot damn.

    other than that, i really like this song. though i’m sad that day day is no longer in the group, i like the image change! 

  235. Seriously this song is so amazing. I find it so catchy it’s stuck in my head after one listen.

  236. Simon and Martina have to review this
    I want to hear their explanation for what is going on in this video XDDD

  237. I’m really glad that Dalmation’s finally back. I don’t know them that well but I think they’re really talented and also really underrated. Hopefully they’ll finally be able to get some recognition with this

  238. my babies are back! so happy! i hope they them the best.
    i love you dalmatian. DMTNBEST! 

  239. This song is fantastic! I really hope it gets reviewed!

  240. WOO WOO!!! Yay shirtless-ness! Could do without the tats though.

  241. Long time waiting… but… now, they are back!!

  242. Pleaseeeeeee review this!!!

  243. a year and three months were worth ;^;

  244. Dalmates unite!!! <3

  245. this song is amazing. dalmatian is amazing.

  246. THIS SONG IS DAEBAKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. I’ve been waiting forever for them to make their comeback!! I’m sure all Dalmates are swelling with pride and happiness now that our boys are back!

  248. I love new styles of members..

    I’m just wondering what is happening in mv. Somehow that woman in end looks sinister..

  249. wow……………. YES………………. NEEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSSSSS to be on music mondays

  250. this NEEEDSSS to be reviewed. they’re finally back, after 1 year and 3 months. and it’s so GOOD.

  251. I know this is a strange request but could you guys change the mv link to the official mv from Dalmatian’s official youtube?
    they always get so little views on their official videos because of other uploaders :(

  252. I’m SO happy that Dalmatian is back. Please review this music video so more people are exposed to them! They’re so talented!

  253. This is what I call awesomeness in a bottle.
    We have to get it up to the top and then keep it there for about 2 weeks. We can do this! Let’s start a war.

  254. < Oficial

  255. I love Dalmatian but the song does not match the image..

  256. oh damn. I thought that was a girl lying on the floor at the beginning.

    • Glad I’m not the only one. I facepalmed around 0:50 when I realised who it was. I thought I would have seen enough of k-pop to not make these mistakes anymore… :D

  257. let’s do this!! we haveee to get this on music mondays! :D


  259. PERFECTION!! You have to review this MV! All Dalmates start voting! :D

  260.  after a year and 3 months…finally back ;_____; please do it!