Dalshabet – Have, Don’t Have

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  1. Mikael Chuaungo

    Is this song called “To Be or Not To Be” or “Have Dont Have” ..am kinda confused

  2. DAL SHABET! This song is awesome!

  3. A great song, in the hands of the BIG 3 i bet it would be an All-Kill.

  4. such a awesome song but still #8!!!! oh god! all the awesome songs never get reviewed! this needs to be reviewed!!!! omg!!!! share it to your friends and keep voting guys! lets make it #1

  5. wish they would get reviewed!!!!

  6. I want this to win, I think S&M’s video for this would be hilarious xD
    Additionally they’re so talented. <3 They deserve more attention. This isn't my favorite concept by them by any means, but it does sound like a hit and exactly the type of thing Korea loves. Don't know why it isn't more popular~~

  7. Barry Adams

    This video has quirkiness like all the other Dal Shabet videos that are fun to watch. This one has the aliens with their laser shooting abilities that make people dance.

    Mr. Bang Bang had the bank robbery where the aegyo girls used guns to rob the bank. aegyo girls with guns! something S&M worried about seeing when they reviewed 2NE1’s I am the Best! (still a classic review BTW- http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpop-2ne1-iamthebest/).

    Hit U has the pink blood.

    Pink Rocket is a pure Aegyo overload.

    Maybe one day S&M can review a Dal Shabet video

  8. Barry Adams

    I keep listening to this song, it’s very catchy! I’ve also gone back and listened to their other songs. Many songs of theirs that I like.

  9. just voteeee! we have 74 hours to go!

  10. Love the Have Not version! Hope Itunes has this one because I’m hooked!

  11. Love Dal Shabet~ Hope that it will get reviewed!

  12. keep voting!!!!!!!!

  13. Anyone see their surprise MV for ‘for Darling’?

  14. summerete

    good song is good

  15. summerete

    yay another comment

  16. summerete

    dal shabet!!!

  17. yes! this is what simon and martina want to review so why isn’t this first on the list! let’s voteeee!

  18. PaulKentB

    Go DARLINGS! S&M want this reviewed GO VOTE!!

  19. I WANT THIS TO BE REVIWED! its such a awesome song ^_^ share to your friends and keep voting so it can be reviewed, for simon and martina ^^

  20. let’s vote more and more!

  21. Sungyeolie<3

    It’s a shame what a low rank this song has in this list. I’m not really into Dalshabet, but this song is really catchy and the “Don’t Have” video is funny.

  22. let’s do this! girl group power!

  23. i was so surprised to see this on the first page of the charts! let’s vote this to the first place!

  24. I really hope this gets reviewed! It reminds me a bit of Lipstick by Orange Caramel and that never got reviewed! COME ON GUYS VOTE!!!

  25. Barry Adams

    I like the song better for have, but like the don’t have mv better.

  26. I want this to get reviewed sooo much ;_;

  27. Loved this; I own all their albums, but I wasn’t a huge fan

    I really liked Supa Dupa Diva, and 블링블링 did grow on me, but just wasn’t in love with them overall.

    This, (especially the other MV version) however, was brilliant

  28. I like how the guy they captured digs though the bottom of their spaceship with a spoon LOL. It has a dirt floor apparently. Excellent for space travel.

  29. Catherine

    if simon and martina were to review this, i think the question should be:

    ~which video do you prefer? have or don’t have?~
    but since it might not make it, let’s answer now!
    i like don’t have. a most unique kpop mv! your turn!

  30. For this song I felt myself not really drawn to it at first, but now I can’t stop wanting to listen to it….anyone else experiencing this? Or did you love it from first listen?

  31. Ever since the chart updates this song has been really rising up there. Glad S&M could introduce some new people to Dal Shabet…!

  32. Like this song! I think it would be fun for S&M to review this! I’m glad it’s rising in ranks!! :)

  33. The share button actually works now! :D tkir, I love their outfits in this video. Heh. I want to steal them away. Except for the yellow and blue vintage-esque outfits.. >_>

  34. I need AKP to stop writing that Have, Don’t Have is Dal Shabet’s first time doing disco… What the heck was Bling Bling then?

  35. JenniferSakraida

    Those lazer fingers make me think of that old Korean Drama M! Kind-of sad that the special effect for a Korean drama from the 90s is sooo bad when compared to a small music video. XD

  36. I really hope this will get more votes D: I have to activate my nasty-powers to push it up >o<