Eric Nam – Heaven’s Door


  2. in Chile (South America) every time has more followers :D ♥

  3. Vote for him guise!!! >.<

  4. Looks like this video isn’t getting reviewed for Music Mondays. Ohwhale. At least we have an interview :D Eric Hwaiting! ^-^

  5. MissTerry

    Aw =[ 6th place? I really wanted to see this music video reviewed!

  6. I hope that he continues to make beautiful music like this.

  7. ERIC IS TOO CUTE! and the song is too! I hope this gets reviewed!

  8. Summer lee

    this song it sooooo cute

  9. This video is just so adorable omg

  10. everything about this song and video is soooo lovely

  11. hanlovestyle Garcia

    Omg I love this song!!! Newbie’s amazing. I love this!!! It’s on repeat on my phone XD

  12. its like a guys response to Ailees Heaven (since eric ask the girl to go to heaven with him)

  13. Gah, I feel in love with Eric Nam. So adorable

  14. I really really hope this get reviewed for this kpop music monday :)

  15. I bought his song on itunes yesterday :) It’s so pretty and the music video is so cute. I hope this is the song that gets review this week!

  16. Shana Brown

    your at number 3!!!WHOOP!

  17. “I invite you to heaven” seemed like a threat to me at first, haha! xD

  18. I am definitely voting for this one, also because Eric Nam is going to sit on the purple EYK studio couch some time soon. Both the song and the video are beautiful. And that’s not just because of those fluffy dogs. I think the main focus were the scenery and the mood, so the acting wasn’t that important (& I’m not saying it was bad either). The imagery was heavenly!! *.*

  19. ShimizuChiharu

    best of luck to this rookie

  20. I fell in love with this guy’s voice ever since I first saw him! I’ll never stop listening to him! <3 Fighting Eric Nam! you have my support!!!

  21. I love this song and video! Eric has a lot of talent and I’m also really excited that Simon and Martina are going to interview him soon. :)

  22. I really enjoyed this video. Feels fresh and easy to relate to the story. I like Eric looks at the camera and makes eye contact. The story was very cute.

  23. ChocoPandaa

    Top 3!! ^^ I’m so happy!! :D Boyfriend and CNBLUE and the other Infinite H video didn’t get reviewed.. But now that S&M gets to choose anyone of the Top 3, I’m pretty sure they’d pick this! :D I mean, they like this video and song, Eric himself wants it to be reviewed and plus, he’s gonna get interviewed by Simon and Martina too! Hehe..

  24. iloveminhyun

    omg this is in the Top 3 now so it has a chance! I hope they choose it. I mean come on Eric Nam himself wants it reviewed plus S&M has interviewing him so it’s like perfect.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      If they chose a video not #1 already (especially when it’s a female) I think it will cause an uproar. How old is this vid? Two weeks so this is pretty much its last chance. I don’t see it happening unless this is in 1st. Seriously lots of ppl (me included) DO NOT want to see them use the top 3 method unless it’s becoming a sausage-fest, same artist multiple times, or a song&vid they absolutely do not like.

  25. Shana Brown

    I think this MV is the cutest most romantic thing ever;love the snow &whatever setting this is in: )
    Eric Nam is a wonderful Singer I’m an offical fan ever since I saw this! GO ERIC! Fighting!!

  26. I really like the song and video. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

  27. He is *#%ng cute. Nuff said.

  28. laura palominos

    Cute love soul and pen person, great voice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Rainiekow

    Yay 3rd spot, I really hope this can get picked. EYK needs to review some new blood :)

  30. really nice song, and the singer has really a nice voice!

  31. Rainiekow

    This song and MV is super cute I hope it can get into 3rd place!

  32. Why hasn’t this gotten in the top 3?!?!?! THAT BULL!!!! THIS SONG DESERVES SO MUCH MORE LOVE!!!!!!!

  33. Omo… he is on the KPOP Monday List… no way I loved him even before this.
    BTW– he even tweeted to vote for him on Eat Your Kimchi….! Fellow watcher I see!

  34. Damn! This video is so freaking adorable!!!
    I think that dog might be bigger than him…..

  35. thank you EatYourKimchi/Simon & Martina for leading me to Eric Nam. such a wonderful voice! this is a very cheesy video but i don’t think i’ve seen anything much like it before, asking people to go to Heaven(to die? D8). hahaha. it’s a very fan-service cutesy video with Eric’s supersweetsmile! albeit not being one of the GREATEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER MADE, i think this is one of those music videos and songs that really just makes your day a little brighter. (:

    also, Eric Nam’s new album is great. super great.

  36. 주미 윤

    he is so cute…!!! <3

  37. treeeeeshah

    i didnt know about him til i listened to this song and ohmygawd. the whole album is so good! please review it for KMM!!! xD

  38. let’s get this video to 3rd place so it can at least have a chance to be chosen!