EvoL – We Are a Bit Different

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  1. Please continue to vote them!!

  2. I want a review of this is too goooood!

  3. iloveminhyun

    I just learned that their BlockB’s hoobaes. I have become a Stardom stan now. I adore Block B and this group has become like one of my fav girl groups to date. Stardom family, hwaiting :)

  4. …the way that you dance and mooove…. SO NASTY /!

  5. best girl group to debut since 2NE1.

  6. Саша Мак

    is the best!!!!!!!!!

  7. The fact that these girls write their own songs and do their own choreography makes them OUTSTANDING! 

  8. EvoL oWNS female Kpop groups. You listen to their full album! It’s AMAZING. These girls deserved to be reviewed!

  9. Evol, i love you guys! you guys are badass >_______< 

  10. FRICKEN LOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THEY REVIEW AFTER THEY DO GD’s!  fricken song is awesome! and i’ll be voting for them everyday >_________< i knw they can make it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  11. Brittny Le

    i’m like obsessed with this song. LOLOLOL.

  12. Cindy Bach

    Definitely one of the stronger female debuts this year. Loving their live vocals. Hoping to see more of their songs soon!

  13. sigh they’re pushed more and more to the bottom T_T

  14. really want to see this video get reviewed!

  15. you HAVEEEE to review them i love them, i think until now they are the best rookies that have debuted this year.. although there are more to come but still they’re pretty good! 

  16. rocketeercody

    I really want this to get reviewed too, but I think GD might beat this one out for next week, or Nu’est and then GD, if no other group makes a new MV, then this could still be up in two weeks, keep voting guys :D

  17. TwinTelepathy

    I fell in love with these girl are their music.

  18. these girls work hard even though they dont get air time on music shows

  19. this song is so awesome! the other ones on their album are even better!

  20. i love this group, and this is the best girl group there has been this entire year.
    they don’t seem ‘new’ and they’re fierce(:

  21. mikyah ichiban

    please make a exception for Evol… it’s all about Popularty fandom =( I guess the next will be GD…

  22. mikyah ichiban

    PLEASE <3

  23. they are all my biases!

  24.  lol simon u are needed to ruin this dance lmao cant u see the demands lmao

  25. Clifmon Leroy

    Everybody keep voting this song is awesome!!!! Even if we don’t win we sould atleast tri to stay in 3rd place!!!

  26. Come on guys, lets vote our butts off. Even if we don’t get in for Music Monday, we can at least keep voting for Simon and Martina to say something about them for the Kpop Chart update.

  27. I really want them to win!! :) It’s such a nice song! I really really liked it!!!! But I don’t think they’re going to review it….because…well….we have KARA’s new video and also GD is going to release his video on saturday…sooooo….yeah…It’s a shame..I wanted to hear their toughts about this awesome song :P

  28. lee gippeum

    I am arabic fans <3<3<3

  29. lee gippeum

    I like the song and girls is cool.And i liked the Arabic writing on her hand very cool

  30. Has anyone listened to their debut EP yet? If you haven’t GO DO IT. None of the tracks are fillers and they are all REALLY good. One of my favorite collective releases this year.

  31. IcyAurora

    Omg please review this song. It gets stuck in my head all the time! And they have flamethrowers :D

  32. These girls are really talented. Not only are they talented, they got like hardcore swag. Ya feel me? Lol. EvoL FIGHTING!~

  33. Hey everybody ^^ i’m a LO/E who voted sometimes for this song because I although I think it sounds bit like Rihanna the mv and the band itself is pretty cool ^^

    And I’m absolutely inlove with the hairstyle of Hayana (well at least I think thats her name, I’m not quite sure) 

  34. I love this group, they’re really hardcore and hip hop unlike most girly and cute groups. I think Simon and Martina would think the same. (=