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EvoL – We Are a Bit Different

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  1. Please continue to vote them!!

  2. I want a review of this is too goooood!

  3. I just learned that their BlockB’s hoobaes. I have become a Stardom stan now. I adore Block B and this group has become like one of my fav girl groups to date. Stardom family, hwaiting :)

  4. …the way that you dance and mooove…. SO NASTY /!

  5. best girl group to debut since 2NE1.

  6. is the best!!!!!!!!!

  7. The fact that these girls write their own songs and do their own choreography makes them OUTSTANDING! 

  8. EvoL oWNS female Kpop groups. You listen to their full album! It’s AMAZING. These girls deserved to be reviewed!

  9. Evol, i love you guys! you guys are badass >_______< 

  10. FRICKEN LOOOOOOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE THEY REVIEW AFTER THEY DO GD’s!  fricken song is awesome! and i’ll be voting for them everyday >_________< i knw they can make it to the top!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  11. i’m like obsessed with this song. LOLOLOL.

  12. Definitely one of the stronger female debuts this year. Loving their live vocals. Hoping to see more of their songs soon!

  13. sigh they’re pushed more and more to the bottom T_T

  14. really want to see this video get reviewed!

  15. you HAVEEEE to review them i love them, i think until now they are the best rookies that have debuted this year.. although there are more to come but still they’re pretty good! 

  16. I really want this to get reviewed too, but I think GD might beat this one out for next week, or Nu’est and then GD, if no other group makes a new MV, then this could still be up in two weeks, keep voting guys :D

  17. I fell in love with these girl are their music.

  18. these girls work hard even though they dont get air time on music shows

  19. this song is so awesome! the other ones on their album are even better!

  20. i love this group, and this is the best girl group there has been this entire year.
    they don’t seem ‘new’ and they’re fierce(:

  21. please make a exception for Evol… it’s all about Popularty fandom =( I guess the next will be GD…

  22. PLEASE <3

  23. they are all my biases!

  24.  lol simon u are needed to ruin this dance lmao cant u see the demands lmao

  25. Everybody keep voting this song is awesome!!!! Even if we don’t win we sould atleast tri to stay in 3rd place!!!

  26. Come on guys, lets vote our butts off. Even if we don’t get in for Music Monday, we can at least keep voting for Simon and Martina to say something about them for the Kpop Chart update.

  27. I really want them to win!! :) It’s such a nice song! I really really liked it!!!! But I don’t think they’re going to review it….because…well….we have KARA’s new video and also GD is going to release his video on saturday…sooooo….yeah…It’s a shame..I wanted to hear their toughts about this awesome song :P

  28. I am arabic fans <3<3<3

  29. I like the song and girls is cool.And i liked the Arabic writing on her hand very cool

  30. Has anyone listened to their debut EP yet? If you haven’t GO DO IT. None of the tracks are fillers and they are all REALLY good. One of my favorite collective releases this year.

  31. Omg please review this song. It gets stuck in my head all the time! And they have flamethrowers :D

  32. These girls are really talented. Not only are they talented, they got like hardcore swag. Ya feel me? Lol. EvoL FIGHTING!~

  33. Hey everybody ^^ i’m a LO/E who voted sometimes for this song because I although I think it sounds bit like Rihanna the mv and the band itself is pretty cool ^^

    And I’m absolutely inlove with the hairstyle of Hayana (well at least I think thats her name, I’m not quite sure) 

  34. I love this group, they’re really hardcore and hip hop unlike most girly and cute groups. I think Simon and Martina would think the same. (=

  35. definitely the best girl group debute I’ve seen, can’t wait to see this video reviewed!

  36. Wow, I just noticed that EvoL spelled backwards is “LovE”. COOL!! :)

  37. review this OMG D; can’t say it’s the best debuts this year but I do say EVoL’s one of my faves! when I listen to their album they really have a lot of flavors very awesome! and this MV rocks! now I just wish Simon would ruin this dance. this is a HEAD raunching XDDD

  38. I’m so curious to see what Martina and Simon has to say about this video.

  39. What does evol stand for?

  40. Song is really catchy :) I wished that they didn’t point green lasers while walking down the street because 1) too random, they are just pointing at a tank, and 2) it reminds me too much of 2NE1′s 2010 MAMA performance of Can’t Nobody.

  41. my first ever girlgroup obsession!

  42. I love their debut! I think my favourite debuts so far are Hello Venus = EvoL > GLAM > AoA. :)

  43. I saw their dance practise on the internet  and i’m  totally in love with them!! their dance moves are so cool. i wish i could dance like their. Also i like their style. they all are great!!! Love them!!!
    EvoL you are totally Daebak!!!!Fighting!!!)))

  44. favourite debut of this year by a long shot <3

  45. hi! im appealing to your good fan girl souls of you can please guys vote for nuest today.
    we are head to head with suju and if we dont win this week we’ll probably never win next week.
    hoping for your help and thank you in advance guys.

  46. they are going down!!! :o oh no! come on, vote for them! not the other losers! review a new group, not another super junior video -______-


  48. I quite like it :D Reminds me of Euro-pop a bit, actually XDD

  49. this song should really be called ‘aaaaaaaaaaaahh, ooooooooooooooo’. Sorry, but dislike; you shouldn’t have sounds that you make at a fireworks festival as your main chorus 

  50. One of the best female rookie groups this year!! really hope they become successful, their music is great :P

  51. I really REALLY love EvoL. There debut stage was awesome; incredible vocals, good dance skills, great charisma! Can’t wait to see more of them!

  52. I feel like they’re too western for me. If I wanted to listen to American music, I would. I don’t expect my kpop idols to sound like this. o.o But oh well, everyone’s got their own opinion, right? c:

  53. this song is awesome!!! i hope it holds its place and gets reviewed! they were awesome on M-Countdown!! love their performance and everything!

  54. The girls tweeted the links to this, so they obviously want us to vote ^__^ Maybe they watch EYK?

    • Wha – so it’s not just their facebook page, but the actual artists too???!!! Σ(゜ロ゜;) *starstruck*

      btw hey wthouse! :D

      • Yes they did ;) Eh, mod, you still remember me? LOL I’d like to comment here more often except this place isn’t active like B.A.P’s page.

        • Pffft yes I remember all you troublemakers :p /jk, jk!!
          Do you have the link to their tweets? Cos that is so cool, seriously. I remember TigerJK voting for Tasha’s video here a while back too. :)

          Nu’est is fighting against the current No.1…could you help em out a bit? Keep voting here too if you like, since these girls really are quite amazing :)

        • I don’t have twitter so I don’t, sorry! My friend was the one who did. And I do vote for both EvoL and Nu’est since I like them both.

          Btw, I was not a troublemaker…I rarely spam *__* Just wait till B.A.P’s next comeback. They’ll probably have a comeback before the year ends bwahaha

  55. Adorable paper cutout red star plastered on the tank. I think Mr Brohoho’s been saving money on rookies…

  56. OMG! I absolutely love this group already! Not trying to be aegyo! <3 I like Aegyo but sometimes it is good not to have so much and drown XD EvoL is LovE you ;)

  57. popping here cos im sick of suju’s review. i dont love them but i dont hate them. in fact i loveeeee donghae and leeteuk and i like their songs but SM sucks and kept giving them sub standard MV when SUJU work their ass out earning for SM. and so happen, i really like this song! not into female groups but this is decently impressive. and definitely more interesting MV as well.

  58. best female debut this year! ♥

  59. Juni ♥♥♥ cufsguiafjvasfds y yo esperando de hace un año por ellas ^^

  60. They are on now, on Mcountdown, please watch and support their debut stage :)

  61. I hope S&M reviews this since this is their debut and it’ll be good exposure for them. I liked the song okay when it first came out, but now I’m completely addicted to it! Plus, the whole debut album is pretty solid. I’m just a bit torn about the MV. I like it, but it didn’t match the song.

  62. Vote for them guys ^____^ awesome song!!!

  63. EvoL is finally having their debut stage on MCountdown today! Don’t forget to watch it! Meanwhile I’m going to vote my butt off here. XD

  64. warinpitcha apiwaspokai

    They’re so coollllllllllll ♥

  65. SO good do far

  66. let’s keep voting guys!

  67. evol fighting! this song is really growing on me ^^ 

  68. I really want to hear S&M’s opinions about them !

  69. Wow, they have amazing vocal skills!! I will look forward hearing more of them.

  70. I wish they get reviewed, I know they’re haven’t debuting on TV well it’s practically tomorrow at Mcounddown 6 kst.

    Even SAY the leader twitted that she’s really thank us for getting them onto 2nd position when B2ST get reviewed.

  71. i cant wait to see simon dance to this ^_^

  72. Possibly the best girl group debut since 2NE1, imho. 
    I love how this group kind of evokes several possible comparisons, but doesn’t outright remind me of anything or anyone. I can hear and see elements of Block.B, 2NE1, 4Minute, and even some old-school BIGBANG…. but I don’t feel like EvoL is just blindly copying any of those; this group feels truly new and fresh, combining lots of influences into something totally unique to them. They are like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard before. Plus the song sounds fab, and the rapper with the short hair is awesome. Damn it, this must be reviewed!!! 

  73. I don’t care if we don’t win this week i’ll still keep voting for EvoL.

  74. Here is a picture to go with my previous comment about Hayana looking like Taylor Spreitler:

  75. They look good in Space suits, have you seen their latest performance?

    Evol fighting! Effective Voice of Ladies fighting! Evolution fighting! Vollers fighting!

  76. Is it just me or does Hayana look a bit like Taylor Spreitler?

  77. Evol needs to be reviewed!!!! dude, the past reviews were all guy groups, thats getting boring! they actually deserve to reach #1 and they are almost there!! probably have a slight chance but VOTE FOR THEM ^______^

  78. Awesome!!!!!

  79. If we keep voting for EvoL, will the votes be carried on for next week’s Music Monday? :o

  80. my girls are the best
    and for the fans because they are the winners <3!!! 

  81. I really want this one to win because I actually want to know what Simon and Martina think of it! xD 

  82. We already know what S&M are going to say about SuJu’s video (way to go SM Town for epic fail at videomaking…) so let’s vote in EvoL!

  83. misspricilla

    finally not some overly cute girl group i like them :)))))))) fire and they can sing can’t wait for live :)))))

  84. I want this reviewed on Monday!

  85. vote ppl!!! or suju’s spy will be #1 on the charts :)

  86. Okay, so I looked up an English sub of this song aaaaaaand, that’s all to it? I know I heard ‘dance floor’ a ton of times. I should have known it was just a party song basically, but aww, I thought there might have been something else to it. Such an awesome video, but really? Oh well, the song is pretty nice to me. Hope either this one or Nu’est makes it for Monday :3

  87.  their singing is like… wow.

  88. Love this song soooooo much!!! 

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    So, there you go! Now you can share on Google+!

  90. Ugh of course Suju will be next, their fandom is so big. Can’t people just take a moment to give the newer groups some chance? We all know that Suju will be reviewed. Like seriously. I love EvoL

    • Totally my opinion! It sucks so much, though I have nothing against Suju, they are super funny and nice boys, and so on, but seriously, their entertainment don’t even try to improve them, they don’t even give half as much effort as most of the rookies, but still get all the spotlight. And I’m saying this as a former ELF. Because of that reason I stopped supporting Suju. (Nothing against the boys, but the entertainment, so don’t hate me, ELFs!!)

  91. I love this song!!! Please I want a review, this video is AWESOME!!!!!   Oh and your google + button it’s jsdnkjadnfd i can’t use it ¬¬

  92. I hope this will be reviewed on Music Monda

  93. So, this is my first time having anything to do with EvoL (still a newbie with k-pop) and I really like the song. I like the beat, the singing is great, and that rap was nice :) The video is definitely a smorgasbord of fire, illegal tagging, and destruction. I likes :3 haha. And I really like their outfit choices and stuff. (I want half black, half -whatever color- hair too hehe). Anyway, I may or may not download this song at some point. Really dig it.

  94. cruela dEVOL 0/ The tank and final explosion and guns remember me of 2NE1, but I really liked the video and song! The “Is” and “Os” felt excluded -.- the girl with the hair loose on one side has an incredible voice! looking foward to more dEVOL :D

  95. Oh my god so daebak!! A freaking flamethrower and a Molotov freaking awesome!! This group has potential and can’t wait to see what else they will come up with in the future. 

  96. Come on, I don’t really like it that much, because I think their look is a little forced, it looked fake. But the song is great, and SuperJunior’s Spy, is just soooo baaad.

  97. i really love this song :D it’s awesome

  98. I am guilty of Copy-Pasting this from my other post. I apologise. m(_ _)m

    Sup Vollers, if you want to have any chance of getting reviewed, I have a suggestion:
    What if you join forces with LO/Es (Nu’est fans)?
    For my purposes, I want to prove that interesting videos with small fandoms can win over boring videos with large fandoms. For that, I need someone to defeat Suju’s current score of 20k (that’s no secret, just calculate it yourself). Currently Nu’est and Evol both have about half that amount each. Ideally, if both fandoms voted for both videos, it should almost double the points – of both videos. Voting for other videos does not decrease the voting allocation for this one (you could vote for 1 video or 10, each video would still increase by the same amount). The old method of ‘vote for me now and I’ll vote for you later’ won’t work in this situation. Yes it means building up an extra rival, but it benefits yourselves as well. And Suju is just….too far ahead. Something drastic needs to be done. I guess it all comes down to this: If worst comes to worst, who would you rather have reviewed: Suju or Nu’est (or some other group on the charts, dunno, Jay Park or Tasty). Whatcha think? Guise?

    To keep it relevant: 1:47 80085. Thank me later. OO U SO NASTY xD

  99. Every member has unique style and personality, the voices harmonies flawless. The fashion is so cool and refreshing.

  100. they should really improve their pronunciation.the way they say v sounds like fui

  101. Come on guys!!! We can’t lose to Super Junior. This MV has more for Simon and Martina to talk. Please guys keep voting!!!

  102. Please do this MV instead of Super Junior’s crappy one! There’s nothing left to say for Suju’s MVs, you guys have done so many and SM isn’t changing the formula anytime soon. I don’t already know what you have to say for this one, and I want to hear it! ;m;

    • Hrrmmm another please-dont-review-Suju comment…:S
      While I personally agree with everything you said, it would be much appreciated if you could discuss Suju on Suju’s page, and Evol on Evol’s page. (There are actually ELFs on Suju’s page asking for people NOT to vote. Pretty cool if you ask me).

      To keep it relevant: The return of Mr. Brohoho’s tank!! GD&TOP, f(x), and now Evol. It’s clearly popular :p

  103. Waited so long, and they are worth waiting for. Please do a review on this :)
    It’ll be a great debut!

  104. I cant pick a bias because I love them all so much >w< Either Yull or Jucy or Hayana I think.

  105. We Are a Bit Different is my favourite song on their debut mini album but I love Magnet as well *w*

  106. They’re my favourite debut of this year by far.

  107. please vote for them
    super rookies 2012

  108. After reading the comments I expected a great female band, video, and dance routine. I see nothing new from any other group out there. The music and the video DO NOT go together. They are not punk or hard core, listen to the song without watching the video first. In my head I see a bunch of cute females dancing around in cute clothes. The song is nice but trying to force this LOOK on them just makes me cringe.

    • I have to agree that the song and video don’t really match – get on the dancefloor while setting fire to flags? Yeaaa…..totally makes sense….>.>
      But hey! It’s kpop, y’know, forcing images onto idol groups is nothing new :p
      I just love how there are so many interesting things in this video that would make for a great music monday.
      I must add though, glad to see a nice analytical comment hereabouts. ;)

      • Yes it would make a great KpopMM I can see S&M in my head. This band does not have to do the cute or attempted punk look, I would have liked the song and video to match somewhat. It could have been a story line, helping us non-Korean speakers get the jist of the song. Since I am a bit older (ok a lot) than most the people on this board I don’t do the fan-dom thing, I am here for the music. I like to have discussions about the songs and videos, not get in line with everyone saying this group is perfect and can do no wrong. Of course one day I may be running from a hoard of crazy fan girls/boys, for opening my keyboard up to much. Until that day….. :P

        • Hahaha, well I’ll try everything in my ability to prevent that from happening :) So please go ahead with your discussions!!!
          I don’t usually do much commenting on videos myself, but when I see a potentially upsetting comment, I try to give a standard polite reply to, uh, set an example for the future fangirls who come along. Not sure how effective it is, though.

          Starting to wonder if you might be older than me….cos that would be nice….but let’s not go there :p

    • it’s so sad, because other songs form their album DO MATCH this music video. it’s very strange that Stardom decided to do this MV not for “Magnet” or “Let me Explode” songs, but for this. Anyway, it’s more interesting for review than dancing-in-the-box music videos…

  109. So sad that it’s not the MV that wins, it’s fandom that wins. If we want to see an interesting show, we should vote for interesting MVs. right now i’m voting on 3 mv’s but not on Teen Top’s one and SuJu’s one. They are great artists, but their MV aren’t created to tell us something, some plot or atmosphere, they are just showing the dance and the looks. =_=

  110. hate the song, but that girl with the cargo pants is really hot. 

  111. I would love to see what Martina and Simon will say about this video :3

  112. I want this to win so bad but /sigh/ Suju will kill all this week. :/ I don’t get excited over Suju these days, I know they’re hot and all in their dancing cubes but I want to give other groups a chance too, especially a rookie with a video like this. 

    • You still have a chance, you know, because from what I see over at Suju’s comment section, many people aren’t too fond of the video either.
      However, I think it’s unnecessary to bring down other groups when promoting your own :)

      • ah I’m sorry if I came out that way, I never intended to do so. I’m neutral on all groups but can be /a bit/ tired when one group always gets the spotlight just for their fandom.

        • It’s ok :) I understand. I also personally wish female artists would get voted in more often. But what can I do? It’s the voters that decide. :/

  113. EvoL are the best group of 2012, full of power and skills.

  114. evoL so HEPHAP :D

  115. they sound pretty good

  116.  Strong debut with an awesome song.

  117. This video is reminds me of 2ne1 what with all the destruction. I like it.

  118. Guys, keep voting and commenting, but don’t spam.
    This is a good video to review!!!

  119. this song is so amzing! ~ i LOVE evol now!! and to top it off, im a huge blackjack and I think that evol IS NOT copying 2ne1~ :) 

  120. KoJunTVXQ


  121. KoJunTVXQ

    You guys just HAVE TO DO DIS!


  123. The video and the song absolutely don’t match… I wonder what Simon and Martina think about it. This would be really funny!!!

  124. Wow, I’m really positively surprised with EvoL! They’re going with the ‘powerful and rebellious’ concept but it seems really suitable for them and not artificial or forced. I really like this debut, and the song is so good, it got me hooked the first time I heard it. Wow.

  125. I’m a Blackjack and I support those girls ! ♥

  126. Finally ,a girl-band that is really cool and doesn’t use aegyo style in order to be loved.Composing songs and choreography by themselves.

  127. OMG!!!!! im obsessed with not only this song but the album as well…. these girls may be new the the scene but I’m hooked already!

  128. EVOL ALL THE WAY!!!!! They had and still have my support even before and after debut!!!!

  129. this is kind of awesoem! :O was not expecting a rookie group to be this good! 

  130. Please reveiw!

  131. I liked magnet better, but this song is still really catchy ^^ and the rap is really good :)

  132. when do simon and martina start scripting?
    i really want them to review this

  133. EvoL to the top!!!^^

  134. wow O.o at no.2 already !! :D awesome !! 

  135. Best rookie group i ever came across!! (to be fair though, i haven’t been into kpop for a long time^^)
    i love them ♥

  136. Stardom tottaly trolled me but this song is awesome so it matters not <3

    • What did Stardom do? I’ve been seeing so many comments about this…I’m so curious yeah!!

      To keep it relevant, yes this song is pretty awesome. Liking the voice of the girl holding the flag. :)

      • Ah, Stardom. They released teasers for songs “Let Me Explode” and “Magnet” and even named the album “Let Me Explode” (therefore making us believe that the title song would be let me explode) but made the title track, this song. Haha.

  137. i’ve replayed this song over and over again …hundreds of times already since its release 

  138. Although I still feel Magnet or Let Me Explode would have been a better choice for debut, I have to admit We Are a Bit Different has been growing on me

  139. Defiantly the best rookie girl group this year I know EvoL will win best female rookie at mama^^
    They will get very far they are very talented as they even wrote the lyrics and helped choreograph the dance^^ The whole album was just perfect I love Magnet and Let me Explode *o*
    Stardom Ent. JJANG :D!!!

  140. beautiful princesses~ <3
    the best.

  141. Can’t wait to watch their debut stage XD

  142. i can’t wait for their review of this! Vollers come on~

  143. This is actually really good. I like the song and the voices and I like this type of concept better than the “cutesy” type. 

  144. I’m getting skeptical whether EvoL will be reviewed for Music Monday. I know Teen Top is going to be reviewed, so I know EvoL isn’t going to be reviewed for the upcoming Monday. But, G-Dragon is releasing his stuff the same week. So I’ve worried whether EvoL is going to be reviewed.

    • G-Dragon’s release has been delayed because of that ridiculous new law. So you guys have a chance, methinks. I think this video is really cool, so keep it up :)

  145. :D Mr. Brohoho strikes again! I expected something different, but I still like it. :) Flamethrowers sure are something different :D

  146. I really hope they get reviewed! 

  147. evol so amazing i love it!!! evol fithing say is my new bias sorry jiyeon XD

  148. They are so awesome. I want to see them succeed! 

  149. This wasnt really the song I was expecting from them but it’s getting addicting! especially the Chorus!!! Go EvoL! 

  150. Love the girls!!

  151. i wanna see simon’s sexy dance :)

  152. Lol, wonder what’s gonna happen to Si &Mar when they hear Stardom Entertainment is posting for votes on facebook….kkkk

  153. It’s freaking COOL video!!! pls make a review about it!!!


  155. Not what I was expecting, but it’s great none the less! I want to see the girls get more positive exposure! Vote vote vote!!!! 

  156. Amazing MV. Thinking logically, this song was a better choice for a debut than Magnet from teasers – dance song has more chance of being liked by wider public than strictly a hiphop song.

  157. the song is wow, so addictive. and their bodies are so slim O_o So I really want to see S & M do dance cover kekeke! XDD

  158. lets vote everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  159. I love EvoL I can’t wait for the review! :)
    EvoL Hwaiting! ♥

  160. instead of all those one-room-dancing MVs, it’s the music video with a LOT of things to talk about. i wish that people voted nor for fandom, but for interesting video….

  161. Hope they will do EvoL, i like them very much :3

  162. This song is epic for a female group. I love it!

  163. Tanks, flamethrowers, and spray paint. I wonder how SimonandMartina are going to describe this one.

  164. nice debut song! evol hwaiting ^o^

  165. Voller Voller let rock this yeah 

  166. say, hayana and yull’s vocals are amazing, as are junhee and j-da’s rapping. even junhee’s mixtape was great. i was wary ’cause i thought they’d be promoting magnet but this song is really catchy.

    • I was worried about magnet too >>; It’s an awesome song but a little awkward for a live performance. This song has much more cohesiveness, is catchier and has a stronger dance. Can’t wait for their live performance!

  167. Wow, am I the only one who never expected them that awesome? xD They are my favorite female Rookies now! :D Though I liked D-Unit a lot, too. But as a debut song I prefer Evol’s song more. I can dance and sing a lot better to “We are a bit different” – and yes, the title totally fits to them ;D GO EVOL!

  168. im surprised i actually like them

  169. Simon and Martina,you better review this ;A;

  170. addicting song ^^

  171. This is so good omf worth the wait.

  172. This song’s great! Please review it I’m begging youuu!

    EvoL is daebak! Badass. THE FIRE. OMG… HOT!

  174. Yull,J-DA and Juni want to be reviewed so imma keep voting. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,wooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  175. The entire album is amazing. Absolutely wonderful debut album. All of the songs are so well put together, even the slower ones I like, which is usually the songs I tend to dislike. Although I didn’t expect them to do promotions with a dance track, it makes a lot of sense. This song is ridiculously catchy and anyone that hears it will probably get it stuck in their heads and they’ll end up singing it. I should know, it happened to me! Gahhdjfd I’ve been waiting for these girls to debut for so long now, I’m so proud of them :’D

  176. I love your blogging of K-pop industry. Since EvoL debuted yesterday, guys!! let’s get them have a chance to show what they have!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vollers!!!!!!!!!Leggo!!!!!!!!!!

  177. 5 of them compose their own song and dance routine. J-Da, Say, and Hayana can Play instruments. I just love this group O_O I hope S&M will review this XD

  178. It’s denitely OUTSTANDING music video for a girl’s band, so I really want Simon and Martina to review this!!

  179. The MV is really well done and all the songs in the album are good! ^^ EvoL are actually the first girl group that really caught my attention, and I think they look a little like a female version of B.A.P… But as a huge B.A.P fan, I am not complaining x) They are awesome. EvoL fighting!

  180. think i’m in love.. wooohooo~ go go EvoL~!!

  181. im voting for this . GET THIS REVIEWED

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    • Wait till you see D-Unit :p (loljk don’t kill me, those girls are amazing)
      I’m no expert, but it seems to me that since 2NE1 is the group that pioneered/popularised the ‘gangsta/hip-hop girl group’ image in Korea, any girl group that tries that image in the sexy/aegyo saturated kpop scene will end up being compared to 2NE1. They probably realise that, and should expect it. It’s normal and will happen to every rookie group regardless. So the only thing they can do at this point is bring out some aspect of their group that only they can do, to stand out from the rest. For example….middle eastern influenced music. I haven’t seen much of that in kpop. What else have you guys noticed? :)

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    Not to mention, I could differentiate between all the members with only one viewing. The hair might’ve helped. :p

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        • iloveminhyun

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