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EXO – Growl



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  1. I don’t know what this is….Growl Part 2? Wolf Part 2? Ah I don’t understand EXO’s marketing strategy anymore…

  2. EXO is always one

    So cool

  3. Seriously I love exo so much……i wish i could meet them……so jealous that my dad has been to Korea!

  4. Hmm not sure if this so-called ‘drama version’ – or ’2nd version’ deserves its own post, so just leaving it here.

    • It’s not the drama version, it’s just like a normal MV version with closeups and stuff.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        With extremely odd placement shots of the 1st version.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Totally unrelated but… If I had finished my vid in time and you watched it, you might have gotten an even higher score lol.

          Related: I didn’t really watch either but I watched enough to be able to tell it wasn’t the Drama version.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          It’s possible that could have happened lol
          Then again after watching version 2 of Growl I may know the name Baekhyun but I had no clue which one he was.

        • I love your USERNAME! LOL
          Another After School fan, yay!!!!! Which is rare since they are under rated and nobody knows them that well…for example: Simon and Martina, the only member they named was Uee lol

        • I prefer the 1st version. I thought that all the cutaways to the member closeups disrupted the flow of the video. Maybe if they’d been inserted more smoothly, it wouldn’t be as disruptive. It also seemed like the closeups were recording while each member just stood there saying their line, rather than a zoomed in shot of them doing their line while dancing. I think that also contributed to the disruptive feel of the closeups. There were plenty of closeups in the 1st version as well, but because it was all one smooth take, those didn’t feel at all disruptive. Also, in this 2nd version, the dance seems to have a lot less energy. And yeah, I don’t know why they’d insert those little bits of the 1st version. *scratches head in confusion*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          All I have to say about it is “LOLOL GENIE’S BACK!!!”.

        • YES! I forgot to mention that! Darn it. Well at least the 1st version doesn’t have that annoying ad.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Because it wasn’t a real/normal MV I guess.

          Woulda been funny if S&M did indeed wait to review it.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Me too. Version 1 was so much more captivating and really focused on the dance. I’m not even sure I want to see the yet to be released drama version. This song is perfect for a dance video lol in other words the original.

          There were a few moments that I felt the dance looked a little off or messy, but it’s probably more attributed to the odd cut aways and angles. But those inserted shots of version 1 were by far the most disruptive. Those scenes are gray and muted which clashes greatly with the bright more vibrant 2nd version.

  5. kai likes rubbing his bananas

  6. They comeback with their best performance!!! Like it!! EXO,, We are ONE!!

  7. good job EXO,, Keep Calm and be the next SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!:)

  8. While I don’t usually like EXO very much, this song is just abnosome. I can’t get it out of my head!

  9. Haven’t been this excited over an MV in a while. Holey smokes! Really impressed with everything about this. And they are dressed slightly normal to boot.

  10. Is this song gonna be reviewed ? It’s been first for two weeks :)

  11. DAEBAK!

  12. God this song is just soooo smooth and sexy!

  13. Didn’t Chen say Xiumin made a mistake in the v-formation part?? Did anyone catch it? Or did he make a mistake at all?

  14. If you review it I hope you’ll talk about the “ghost” that is creeping EXOtics out x)

  15. My guess is that by October the drama version will be released. Sure S&M will wait to review it 0_0′

  16. Nicholette 니코렡트

    EXO 짱! :DDD

  17. i don’t know if this will be reviewed but i’ll vote anyways….

  18. I actually love BAP so my first instinct was to, of course, vote for Badman, but I’ve been absolutely blown away with EXO recently! Growl is one of my favorite songs right now so how could i not vote for it?!

  19. I love this song!!

  20. اكيييييييييد EXO للابد

  21. I don’t know what to say but this is more than what I was expected

  22. I know we aren’t paying u guys for all that u r doing, but I really do hope for the more traditional KMM. The Seungrina one man show wasn’t as satisfying?

  23. Seungrina…have you been to the filming of Exo’s Growl ?
    They at least didn’t make a version B because you were pretty quiet :))

  24. Nicholette 니코렡트

    Yay EXO 짱!

  25. I love this song!!! Both the korean and the chinese version. I was so impressed with the dancing. I love how they brought EXO-K and EXO-M together to form one group. Ahhh!!! I just love it!

  26. This makes me so nostalgic for 90s R&B. Their voices are suited so perfectly for it!

  27. Just sharing something I read. EXO Growl MV “haunted”
    Or is it a staff as SM claims…

  28. Rumours about EXO Growl MV being haunted?
    Or is it really a staff as SM claims….

  29. I’m an EXO fan but I seriously hope Simon and Martina will not choose this specific MV to review. I’d rather they (and us) wait for the second part of the drama MV. At least there will be much more to discuss and also I’m pretty sure they’ll talk about the dance while they’re at it. I know we have no idea when the drama ver. is going to be released but I honestly prefer a more diverse and longer KMM than one single video where all the possible talk could be gushing over the dance (which is obviously genius), but point is they already did this for Wolf. Please guys! T_T I don’t want us to end up without a KMM for the drama ver. I’m pretty sure EXOtics will be able to keep this video in the TOP 3 for a while. It’s what we do.

    • There’s a drama ver for Growl? No thank you, how about give the fans part 2 of wolf first. I have lost my faith in SM and their annoying trolling. I don’t wanna wait for the drama version, becuz 1) who knows when is that gonna be released? probably 5 yrs later lol. and 2) who knows if they’ll troll us again and split the drama ver into 3 different parts -_-

      • Oh LOL I’m sorry. My bad. It’s just my thoughts. I think the second part of the drama ver. which is supposed to be for Wolf is gonna be Growl. Kind of like… if you watch T-ARA’s videos you will understand. When they released Day By Day that was one song and it was the first part of the drama version. And part two was released later and it was another song (Sexy Love). I don’t think SM will release 3 parts of the Drama. Though who knows…THIS IS SM after all. Nothing can be expected. I insist on waiting though. :) After all what can they possibly talk about when it’s the dance and everyone likes it and I know you know just like me all that they can talk about is the dance and basically nothing else. Yes it’s SO DAMN AWESOME, but I’d appreciate if us fans would wait patiently. >< I mean it's not like the "no comeback aka SOON era". At least this time we know it's gonna be…SOON. OTL XDDDDDDDD Just take it with a light heart. :)

  30. PLEASE review Growl. i will get mad if it doesnt since it was suppose to get reviewed last week >_<

  31. I love this.

  32. To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Wolf. But, Growl is infinitely better.

  33. so this won’t get reviewed…ugh grumpy

  34. Nicholette 니코렡트

    Being an EXOSTAN, the Growl music video totally captivated me! It’s amazing how 12 guys dressed up in school uniforms can make an empty basement(?) so interesting with their super awesome dance moves and amazing voices! I have to say the dance this time round was indeed pretty hard. :DD Anyways EXO FIGHTING~

  35. I really hope they review this video because we don’t know if the drama version will include just Growl or include numerous tracks like the part 1.
    Although, from the teaser and the “Making of….” vid they definitely recorded a second version of growl. . . . . . .
    ahhh I’m so confused -__- why must SM leave us hanging??

  36. The song is good, the video is just ok….nothing special about it…..

  37. I hope they wait until the drama mv gets released ^_^ S&M are patient and smart so they won’t make the same ‘mistake’ twice.


  39. I freaking love the last part where they followed the camera while they are dancing!!! Even though the lights are flicking i have no problem looking at their faces. Anyway, good job EXO! And I wonder, how did the camera man manage to do the hard things?

  40. Everything about this cider is just perfect to I love the simpleness of it. Exo has nock it out of the park for me again they never disappoint.

  41. Seriously in love with this song~ Hope you review!


  43. This is my jam for summer (Which barely started here), the song is so laid back and the dance is too cool. EXO has crushed my parameters for choreographies in boy groups once again. The simple yet effective ‘close-ups’, the way they interact with each other, the little mistakes, the one-shot video, the simple outfits.

    I just love this <3 it grew on me really quickly. And omg, the "cowboy" dance hahahaha

  44. It’s a really unique, fun, song. It has a funky beat and N awesome rap sequence. Absolutely pleased with Growl. ↖(^o^)↗

  45. This is the biggest step EXO/SM has taken. I believe they’ve taken it in the right direction

  46. Please review this, please review this, please review this.

    It really is quite a dance and song combo. And for once, SM’s actually doing something creative with the “dancing in a box” thing, with all the camera movement – it enhances the dance, not limit it

  47. Oh my god, please review this! The song is so amazing and the dancing is cool.

  48. Schermie (pronounced sure-me)

    I voted for this song again this morning and it was at 16,000 and when I came back again this afternoon to vote for it again, it’s still at 16,000. Is it broken?

  49. The song is so good, the dance is awesome, but why SM, why?! another room, I think that it coulb be more cheap if they do the video outside, even in a basketball court this could have been more awesome!

  50. Have anyone noticed the creepy figure who stands inside that cabin during the whole mv…? .-.

  51. This review would be so coool !!!

  52. GROWL~~~

  53. I love B.A.P, but I really want S&M to review this.
    Must keep it up Exotics!!!!

  54. GUYS, you MUST do a review on this song,,, you MUST!

  55. Come on please review this ^^

  56. The last dance part where they followed the camera circling around them!!! (AND KAI’S HAT! LOL)

  57. Loved the choreo formations in this video and the camera angles. I was so happy when I found out it was a one take MV ;_; This song is definitely on replay


  59. Come one Exotics lets get this one voted for next week! We can do it <3 We are one!

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  61. I love this song, but I hope that SM releases their other MV so that Simon and Martina can review a better MV that’s not just another dance version.

  62. The intro beat to this song reminds me of 10 minutes – lee hyori after the “babum”‘s at the beginning!

  63. I loved this MV! Their dance was impresssive too!

  64. Sigh. This week’s KMM is for Batoost. Oh well. I shall continuously vote for Growl.

  65. I want to talk about the random english at the beginning if its not random then tell me how its not but other then that i like it and think its catchy !!

  66. OMG people! dancing in a box has been something that Kpop has been famous for for a long time… its not going to go away just because you dont like seeing them in bright light rooms! and thats what makes an MV pretty and flashy! get use to it! dont like it then dont watch! the choreography is amazing!!! and Kai’s outfit keeps on messing with him lol…The cap, then the tie.. lol~

  67. you should TOTALLY do something on these guys…pure epicness

  68. i do not wish to wait as i hv no idea when the drama mv is coming out. what if it is another month?

  69. This song is growing on me. I really didn’t like Wolf or Mama (What is Love, why you so good!?) and I didn’t like this song originally. HOWEVER, after actually watching the video, damn, these guys can dance and this song is soooo catchy. I love how it is filmed in one go (or at least looks like it is) and you can see some of EXO’s mistakes, which I only noticed when someone pointed it out.

  70. OMFG I LOVE THIS!!! please do this for kpop music monday!

  71. I loved this mv! But I hope you guys wait a bit for the other two versions ^^

    • which other 2 versions?? I was expecting a DRAMA version, which would be only ONE more version . . . what other version are you talking about???!! lol

      • There are two more versions coming out! So far, only the one-take dance version was released, but there’s the drama version and the music video. Haven’t you seen their outfits? ^^

        • magda_11_06

          ok ok, yet what do their outfits have to do with the fact that two more versions are coming out? Idk
          much since I’m not constantly waiting for updates from EXO (though I’m a big fan) since I get stressed when doing so lol, that’s why I’m asking . . . I would think the DRAMA version would be the actual MV. And I would also think that since the WOLF drama version is to be continued this is where they’ll take up on for the GROWL drama video, no?

        • Valerie Young

          I’m too obsessed with EXO, so I know a lot. Too much. But yes, the Growl drama mv will be a follow-up to the Wolf drama mv! But yes, there are clips of them filming for the actual Growl music video, not just the dance version.

        • magda_11_06

          Hahaha well thank you so much Valerie Young . . you’ve been really helpful and I’ll look forward to all EXO videos for sure . . . I just won’t be tracking them lol . . . like i said; I tend to get stressed over that ;)

  72. This was actually really impressive and clever and I hope you guys review it

  73. Isn’t there going to be other versions of this song? I love Exo and all, but this video really doesn’t deserve a review. It doesn’t tell a story or have weird awkward things that Simon and Martina could talk about. I would rather have them review BATOOST than this video. At least in BATOOST’s video, they actually could talk about the MV. Unlike this video, where it’s only one room and they’re dancing. Again, I love Exo. But I really want to watch a more interesting music Monday. Just saying.

    • I get what you mean, perhaps we shoould wait for the DRAMA version . . . . yet this song is INCREDIBLE! and the dance is off the roof, simple yet classy and complicated. LOVED IT!

  74. I know exo was really great at dancing but wow! How could 12 be so synchronized in such a complicated dance. I wonder how many times they had to retake the oneshot mv. I am just amazed. Also kudos to the choreographer. This entire song and concept was just well done.

    • what amazes me the most is that for the Chinese version (which I don’t usually listen/watch) some of the members change location according to their singing parts in the song . . which would make it that more confusing for the members . . I mean it’s a complicated dance and they had to learn it not once but TWICE!

      • AND they have different formations in each versions so even the choreography that each member had to learn is different in each MV

  75. well…you never now i’m here till i see the MM lol

  76. wahh!! XIUMIN and LUHAN !!! my two bias !! im dying now XD omy!!! so handsome !!!

  77. guys, since you reviewed infinite and b.a.p together why don’t you review growl and wolf drama ver. together two?? ;)

  78. Loving this song! and the dance is flawless!

  79. EXO ♥

  80. I bought xoxo albums today. xoxo albums were available 1 week ago in my city. I’m too happy rn.

  81. Best Kpop Dance this year?


  83. Exo’s songs are good, but their choreography is just something else. This group seriously is starting to become one of my favorite dance groups along with Infinite and Shinee. I mean the choreography for all their are just so original and cool.

  84. Since there are more versions to come, will the later versions be passed over if this version is used for the next KPop Music Monday? I would rather the drama MV be reviewed than the dance version, even though the dance version is very impressive. Please wait until the drama MV comes out to review it!

  85. this song and video are epic! you must review it and i’m expecting good stuff from you guys ^^

  86. I know it’s sort of hypocritical of me to say this, but i’d rather if no one even mentioned a “box” setting if it’s there…. If you were the singer, would you want someone to judge your work because of where you sing it??

    • though I think . . . personally, that in this case the “box setting” was necessary? I mean this is, after all, a DANCE version . . . sooo unless the DRAMA VERSION is set like that, there should be no problem with this . . .

      • I agree, but if the drama version happened to be set in a “box”, then people shouldn’t let it affect the fact that EXO did amazingly or the fact that S.M. likes or maybe even needs to use “box settings”. There could be contributing factors to this that fans don’t even realize… just my opinion though… I love EXO.. xD

  87. you guys have to review this! i’ve heard so many different opinions on whether they like the song or don’t like the song, whether they like the onetake concept or not…. i’m just excited to hear eyk’s opinion on it! :D and i wna hear you guys make fun of it. hehe.

  88. yanagiba yusuke22

    it was a long time since i watch 1 take mv in sj- it’s you drama version long time ago… this is something awesome… rather than fx recycle set mv

  89. yanagiba yusuke22

    Growl MV 2nd version will be released tomorrow at 11pm KST.
    [via: 김종대] is it true?? S&M, wat r u gonna do if that mv really out tmrw n if this dance ver is no1 tonight?

  90. Why do everyone look so damn good looking?? GOD ruined my bias list in one shot… XD

  91. martina likes the song sooo…:)

  92. I love only the Choreography..the song…mehh!!! I don’t like it…

  93. Pauline Macapagal

    guys, there is a creeper watching Exo dance from the windows. you’ll see him clearly while D.O is singing his verse.

  94. Okay I really love the choreo! And the beginning really grabs your attention. Very sexyy~

  95. I’m not an EXOtic (yet) but I’ve seriously replayed this so many times. Even more than What Is Love and I really liked that song~ >w<
    This is just perfection, especially with the little mistakes from the one-take cam.

  96. What can I say? SM makes me take off my hat this time. It’d been a while since the last time I have THAT FEELING going on through my body when I watch a new MV. I hope this will became big. Or maybe I have a feeling that it gonna be big.

  97. >.<

  98. 2:14 – picking up his hat like a boss!!!!

  99. Hell to the YES!!!! YES, YES, YES, and YES!

  100. Usually I don’t care much for exo’s choreography because I mean it’s okay but some parts are so awkward that I’m just like NO.


  101. Where did the white hat go? I think EXO is trying to drive me insane with not knowing. If someone is going to KCON and gets the chance to talk with them, please ask them and end my suffering! *sobsincorner* I must know!

  102. Luna_rain

    Go EXO! :) People need to chill with the SM box thing…What about the amazing choreography and the hundreds of hours those guys and their choreographers have put into it? and the poor camera man! Nobody ever thinks about the camera man haha xD

    Haters gonna hate.

  103. SM box this and SM box that…I understand that SM likes boxing but……..I learned a lesson, watch SM videos with my eyes shut the first time around. Feel the music and the vibe then I watch the videos with my eyes open. If I am into the music and the dance then I don’t even notice the box. I was intrigued with MAMA but kind of lost EXO after that. Wolf was ok but didn’t drag me back however, this song was catchy enough to enjoy. The video made me want to see the two groups in their portions dancing. Other large groups will highlight here or there but you try to watch the whole group. I like that EXO had their two groups and danced their parts to unite in the end for a great finale. I don’t need other versions, I think this was great for the song and dance.

  104. I think people shouldn’t focus on the “box” setting so much….. would a spherical room be better suited to your tastes? ^^;

  105. Jase Aaron

    Eh can’t really get into R&B style music, oh well. ‘Mama’ was one of my favorite songs last year so hopefully they’ll do something like that again.

  106. If you guys review this, I expect to hear about the lice epidemic created by all 12 EXO members sharing the same hat.

  107. I do wish that Simon and Martina would wait to do this until the other versions are released, but when it comes to SM, who knows when that will happen….so…

  108. The chorus is so psychopathically catchy that just the word 으르렁 seems contagious, the beat is easy to listen to (for those who found Wolf overwhelming), and the MV is actually really entertaining and sticks to what EXO displays best; raw talent.

  109. Eventhough I love Wolf. This is like 100000000000x times better than it! Great choreo. Great song. Really digging it.
    I had to listen to Wolf like more than a couple times to love it. But with Growl, I love it the first time I heard it.
    It’s so catchy. One of the best SM videos EVERRRR. (TVXQ’s Mirotic still first. sorry guys im biased :p)

  110. yanagiba yusuke22

    im waiting for drama version to review this song for KMM

  111. mihuru

    This song is so much better than wolf imo. Wolf was all over the place for me so growl with it’s catchy beat and those calming serenades or whatever in the middle feels more like my kind of a song. And I’m usually not into these dancing in the box mv’s, but whoa do I like this one! It’s all about the dance and the choreography which is really neat. The flashing lights do bother me a bit tho.

  112. Can i just say, i never thought all those years ago when Simon and Martina were teaching us Korean animal sounds that i would be singing “eureureong” in 2013!

    See? They really do teach us useful things! (︶ω︶)

    • marbie

      Maybe Exo watches Simon and Martina’s videos to get some inspiration!!! :D
      Who knows?

    • My Korean friend laughed her ass off today when I said Exo’s new song was called 으르렁, but then I showed her and she loved it hehe. Exo’s getting all the love this comeback! <3

  113. if there’s no review this I’m going to be really disappointed. They did a really good job and it’s quite simple and impressive at the same time. This by far surpassed wolf in my opinion. ♥

  114. Simon and martina, I suggest that you don’t review this version of exo’s growl because another two versions that will be coming out – The first one will be the upgraded version of this mv which will have your typical close ups and different settings (the one’s we saw in the mv teaser) and the second one will be the conclusion of exo’s wolf drama version.

    • To be honest I prefer this version rather than the one in the teaser. It sort of bends the typical kpop video with a lack of excessive closeups. This is just my opinion, you can choose not to listen. The song is good, the video is also good with the panning around the room and the pretty awesome dancing (though I’m sure S&M are going to pick up all the mistakes exotics picked up). They technically already reviewed wolf and didn’t really like it so maybe no review of the drama ver(?). its just the random ballady (? I dunno what you call it) that i have a very very tiny grudge on.

  115. If they had these cute little mistakes on hard smooth ground then I wonder if they tripped on rocks in the Mama MV set

  116. I think I have just become an actual fan of EXO. :D This MV feels real and cool. Its refreshing!

  117. This is real complicated stuff! The coreagrafer(or however it is spelled xD) must be amazingly tallented!! (as well as our babies that performed it ;D)

  118. How is Exo in first place when B2ST has more votes? :/ I’m confuseddd


  120. the song is really good. the idea of one take is nothing new but it’s always good to see one. since there are several scenes from the teaser that have yet to be revealed, i’m looking forward to the other versions of the music video. and hopefully the continuity of the drama version from Wolf comes soon.

  121. I kinda like this better than Wolf..I mean it’s just so dope..^w^ and the choreo

  122. I love the beat it’s so chill and catchy!

  123. Love this song! I think exo and sment did a nice job of making this mv like a dance version mv because exo is just so talented & skilled in dancing (in my perspective). But I will have to say that the flickering lights were a bit annoying (Please tell me I’m not the only one that wants to see their faces more ..! ) I like the ‘one take’ concept as well, and even though it was shot in a ‘box’ it was still great on its own merit. On another note, I don’t think one can compare exo’s growl to bigbang’s love song because: 1. They are two TOTALLY different groups with TOTALLY different styles. 2. Each groups’ mv was intended to focus on different things. For example, bigbang’s love song was more of a ‘drama’ mv where the members grieve a lost lover whereas exo’s growl was closer to a ‘dance’ mv where the different charms and skills of each member were emphasized. 3. Comparing the two videos/songs/groups would ultimately become a ‘competition’ between the fan groups and not the song/video itself. Anyway, great job to exo for a great song and let’s keep it cool between bigbang and exo. (I love them both!)

  124. While the additional sound effects are there, I think it adds to the MV. Before it was like karate chops and junk… But in Growl the noises the fabric make makes the video even better. To me hearing them creates a more uniform dance. Like one after another in a domino type fashion. Perfect.

    I didn’t hate wolf but I didn’t totally love it. Now this I love. I’ve watched it so many times already!

  125. I really liked the beat. It was like so… infectious? Idk, this song is just perfect.

  126. lady_kire

    I like this song. My only complaint is the constant flickering lights. I guess they are supposed to make the dance cooler or the mv cooler, but I got really distracted with the flickering lights. Flickering lights annoy me.

  127. So I just want everyone to see this, I’m not attacking anyone personally but here goes. Do you know that your Idols love you all a ton! They take HOURS upon HOURS to film things like this. And one shots take even longer! Think of waking up early and not going to bed for over 1-2 days for shooting. All you get is a quick nap when the other members are on camera, however with a one shot everyone is on, and you do it till you get it right. This must have been the best version even with the cute mess-ups. Also the location, the expensive camera, setting up, getting the actors/dancers/singers and production company ready to be on set and up to date on what the director wants. Then you have to practice a ridiculous amount of times before you actually do it. Please take more consideration that they did this for you guys so you aren’t waiting for another year for them to “Comeback”
    I love Exo a ton and I’m so grateful that they did this for us! <3 :)

  128. This comeback is so freaking amazing. The song, the amazing choreography and the simple video with the great camera angles. Seriously EXO, 5 out of 5. :D

  129. Javonni

    I really love this video.They don’t need any over versions this one’s good enough for me. It’s so simple and smooth, the camera work was perfect and that cocky/sexy swag they all had made me want to watch them over and over.

  130. best song ever made i mean this came out yesterday and it already jumped up to 1st Exo:1,000,001 haters:0

  131. YEEESSSS now this was the kind of comeback I was expecting from EXO. Great track, awesome (and wonderfully executed) choreo and a great new take on the way to film a kpop mv. I’m just going to forget that wolf exists now and replace it with this.

  132. Honestly, this one has to be reviewed! I’m not even an Exotic and I absolutely loved it. It’s a good catchy song, and the music video just blew me away. If they continue to make such great songs/mv like this, then I will be an Exotic in no time!!

  133. I really hope they review this. Wolf was such a let down to me and this absolutely made up for it. Everything was just so CRISPY. The song was super funky and didn’t have any awkwardness to it like Wolf did. (Saranghayo!! :P) The song also fit so nicely with the chroeo, which was OUTSTANDING. I can honestly say that this is the best choreo Exo has ever had. I would even go as far as saying to some of the best choreo SM has ever produced. All the different dynamics they put into it, with the members turning different directions of the room and all the different lines and formations. It really reminded me of the awesomeness of Sherlock. Also, I thought it was pretty cool how they styled the mv as a ‘one take’ shot. AND IT WASN’T EVEN IN THE TYPICAL SM BOX SET. Sure it was still in a room with flashing lights (I’m looking at you Baekhyun….), but it wasn’t some cheesy set. It looked real, as if Exo just decided to shoot their new mv in some warehouse. It just felt more realistic. Anyways, I think I should stop my fangirling…..for now. I’m not very coherent when I fangirl.

  134. Katarzyna Andruszewska

    Amazing MV. Really, since Microtic it is the best SM box video. And the song is also good. Maybe I should give Exo another chance?

  135. I really like this song!! It’s had a fun yet simple beat

  136. This is amazing! I keep watching it over and over. It’s friggin’ awesome!

  137. This is the best MV I’ve seen from SM in a very long time. OMG EXO! I thought all thier song were horrible. But this is the absolute best. I just had to vote my ass off on this one.

  138. will there be another version?….i don’t care i wnt this reviewed

    • Yes, there will be another version. I’m not sure if they meant the drama ver. or if they will be another one. They haven’t said when they will release it though.

  139. I just watched them perform it live on M!Countdown. Although it looks amazing, it doesn’t seem to be performed in front of the audience?

  140. @1:20 Simon and Martina’s Swan Dance makes an appearance XD

    although.. it looks a bit more like a duck dance the way they’re flapping their arms haha

  141. i’d like to say two things please,

    XD did anyone notice? xD

  142. I think that this video shows that SM needs to invest in more hats xD they keep stealing them from each other.

  143. I fell in love for EXO (I didn’t before, sorry). the song is GREAT. Honestly this is my favorite song and MV of the year SO FRESH! And wow the boys have talent, I knew they were good singers because of Wolf but dancers? They can be the best dance group if SM let them prove it.

  144. awesome song loveee it

  145. Luna_rain

    The choreography, beat, singing, ONE-SHOT MV…
    everything was amazing!!
    EXO are so hardworking and they deserve all the love they are getting! <3

  146. Dat a lot of crotch grabbin’.

  147. love the song and the dance, don’t think its boring even its inside box, because of those dance steps, i want to watch it again and again and loling at follow the leader dance, sorry can’t help :D


  149. How is it that EXO is winning against Beast?

  150. Can I have 2:00 please? ehehehehe *giggling*

  151. I wonder how they are going to perform this on music shows though. Maybe some tweaks here and there.

  152. Psy-mon, you must do a nasty cover of this dance! Haha, seewhatididthere?

  153. being an exotic starlight is like the most conflicting thing ever… i honestly think vixx needs a little more spotlight guys. yes this dance was good and the whole one take and one camera thing is cool but its just a dance video. compared to the music videos that have been coming out lately its just plain.

    • well those people who like vixx will support them and those people who like exo will support exo or people who like both will support both, you can’t go around saying this kind of things!! for me music comes 1st and either dance or mv comes second and i love the song, that’s all it matters to me!

      • Yeah i love Growl it’s a great song but i also love G.R.8.U that’s why i’m feeling conflicted. Both songs were great and like you said, mv and dance comes second, so think about it, if the songs are tied (for me) because they’re both great then i’m looking at music video which is why i’m just saying it’s just plain compared to other videos. Even EXO’s past videos had more to them. I’m just saying.

        • i don’t know, exo’s mvs are all kinda same to me but the way you said vixx needs little more spolight seems off me,, you made it seems like the exo fans should support vixx too, that’t why i replied, other than that no problem with me!

  154. I wonder how many times they had to try filming this? Imagine at the last 10 seconds, someone falls or messes up badly, and they have to start all over again. xD
    I like how many times hats are passed between some of the members, and how the white one just disappeared at some point..
    One of the many things I have fun watching is the comparison videos to see the differences in who sings what.

    It took me a while to realize that for some of the members, they’re in different spots for some of the formations in the Chinese and Korean videos. Dang, imagine all the mix ups while practicing. “Oops wrong spot. Guess we have to start all over again…”

    • There actually are mess ups. In this version Kai’s hat falls off and he does a quick spin to pick it up before they walk away from the area.

      I think jas said something about somebody stepping on another member in the Mandarin version.

      • Yeah, I know there were mess ups. I mean like big mess ups that are noticeable enough, like crashing into each other, to warrant doing another take.
        The stepping on one’s shoe happens at 2:48. ^^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Now I see it, just had no clue when/where to look.
          I noticed in one of the versions it kinda looked like somebody almost got hit and dodged a member before he did his solo part.

        • lumierenoire

          Like at 3:09 in the Korean version? That part stood out to me the most when it comes to bumping into someone.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          lol Nope the one I was talking about was 1:05 in the Mandarin.
          It’s a lot more zoomed in so you probably already saw it.
          But like he dodges as the member tries to look and see where he is.

          Yeah I’m never going to figure out everyone and remember their names, even after watching them on Weekly Idol.

  155. HOPE EXO WIN TODAY !!!!

  156. listening to the song and still thinking why I keep listening it

    this is a good song, the MV perhaps doesn’t have too much stuff to bring about
    but there’s a slapping camera, hat movement, awesome dancing, solid song and you can try to remake it
    it’s cool as it have to be…

  157. The member’s interactions with the camera are so flawless and unlike anything else I’ve seen in K-Pop, I was really blown away by Growl’s mv. A quality box mv, praise be!

  158. Rcklss ▪ Prncss ♡

    How can exo be in first place they’re not even close to b2st or f(x)’s number of votes…

  159. The choreography is an art seriously! It’s so sexy, I can’t even. I was totally floored. *swoons*

  160. O.O oh…my…that beat was crazy sexy. And the dancing was super amazing. …must buy…

  161. can we just appriciate for a moment that this has only ben out for a matter of hours and it’s already at number 1, like…. exotics… we rule.

    • Persephone Basilissa

      It’s not just exotics doing that, though. The song and performance themselves are so excellent that even those of us who are not exotics are incredibly impressed — and are also voting to have it reviewed. That’s how great your boys are.

  162. This has got to win, simply for the fact that I am dying to know Simon’s opinion :) Although, honestly, I thought it is an awesome song and a great way to shoot a dance mv as well :)

  163. wow this video already rank #1 ? sorry but if S&M review exo with someone like INIFINITE/B.A.P i will be very mad, becuz its really short and they not talk things specifically, i rather it not get review than review but not talk in detail. It could be good if they doing 2MV in the same video but longer like more detail just like 2 regular KMM.

  164. Azusena Kathy Orozco

    Not the most interesting MV but the dance and song are so great on their own.

  165. OMG i think this totally needs to be reviewed i honestly want too see what simon and martina think of it!!!!!

  166. this is spectacular. from the fact that it was all in one take, to the camera work, to the epic choreo, and this song. THIS SONG. oh my, this song is amazing!! from the start to the finish, it was solid! I haven’t been this amazed over a song for so long, and this took the words out of my mouth. WOW, it is sooo different then what I’ve been hearing in kpop recently that it’s just so refreshing with the whole R&B feel to it. It’s greaat!!

  167. I love this song, and the dancing is great, but I don’t think it is right for KMM. What can they do with this video?

  168. what if Simon and Martina decide to make a review of exo/f(x)? would you guys get upset? or you guys wouldn’t care at ll…..

  169. I like the song and I **LOVE** the video!! The dancing is just absolutely PHENOMENAL!! Does anyone else think that the chorus sounds a bit like N*SYNC’s Giddy Up though?? (i.e. “na eureureong eureureong eureureong dae” (나 으르렁 으르렁 으르렁 대) sounds like “Giddy up giddy up giddy up now” ??). Or at the very least reminds you of that song? (Or am I so old that none of you know that first NSYNC album that well >_> If not, go listen to it. I’m sure you can find that song on YT).

    • Also: Every time Simon & Martina say “ang” when they’re being playfully sexy (claws slowly in the air – ANG) I bet it’s like a really short form of the “eureureong” EONG! :D Or maybe I’m putting too much thought into that, haha.

  170. I like the song and I **LOVE** the music video!! Does anyone else think it sounds like N*SYNC’s Giddy Up? (i.e. “eureureong eureureong eurereong dae” (나 으르렁 으르렁 으르렁 대) sounds like “giddy up giddy up giddy up now”).

  171. I love this song, MV, everything, Luhan’s wishbone C hat, Kris, everything, and Kris. Please review this song, EYK!

  172. I love the sound of this song. It’s so gooood.
    I like how their dance is constantly rotating, following the camera. That’s some good choreography. :)

  173. absentmindedly started listening to the song.. 5 seconds in, and I slam my door shut, put it on max volume and turn it up to 720p. I think… I think I can call myself an Exotic now…

  174. Come on, guys, we need to hear Seungrina’s thoughts on this!

  175. I love the MV & the song! All the members are there playing with the camera its really fun and cool

  176. I love the way they make their videos now with all 12 all the way through. I like this song though.

  177. Hi, so im somewhat knew to kpop but i was wondering how it works when all 12 do a mv, once K and once M… like do the same people sing the same parts for both just once in K and once in M??? i know that in the MV sometimes thats the case and others not… is like exo m the only ones to sing in the M version? I’m just curious how it works :)

  178. I like how this MV looks. It reminds me of the 90′s videos where not everything was polished and thought trough. It’s seems amateur in comparison with other MV’s but that’s his charm!
    I’m not really Exo’s fan or anything but I think this MV is in a different class. I’m not saying ‘better’ just different. But that itself is really good!

  179. The cheoreography for this MV was simply AWESOME. Everything was very fresh and new, with the single-cam, the boys making mistakes, the slick moves, the catchy song, simply amazing. The MV was very simple and did very well in showcasing the boys’ talents. For me this is the best SM-In-A-Closed-Room MV ever !!! Somehow I felt that the song was too short and brief…
    Really wish that Simon and Martina could cover this song.

  180. my sehun feels r acting up again~ =~=

  181. Good thing you had the Korean version up here, because the Mandarin version is an absolutely incomprehensible mess.

  182. hope they review this one! camera work is so cool that you don’t even think about it being another box video xD

  183. i heard from somewhere there would be multiple versions of this song. does anyone know more about this???

  184. This video was amazing! The song is addicting too. EXO FIGHTING

  185. I think this is one of the best SM videos because its very fluid and there is no set change. Also, the song is really catchy and the dancing is great!

  186. Kris stealin D.O’s hat… :D tee hee. Also, Sehun had a lot of charisma in this video. He’s not my bias, but he was workin that camera (as expected of an ulzzang, I guess ;D ).

  187. Love this song I hope it gets reviewed

  188. The song is super catchy and I love Love LOVE the dancing and how the camera glides through each change in dancing. I love that they focused on dancing in such a way that it’s not just a dancing version of the video (Isn’t this going to be the other drama version? Idk may be wrong) and they may do a different version but I feel like this video holds up so much on its own as more than just a dance version.
    Also the flashing of the lights was very interesting as you couldn’t focus on gorgeous good looks of the guys, rather you focused on the dance and the song.

    Yup. :D

  189. did anyone see that there was no genie ad in it? lol

  190. Dancing is awesome singing is awesome mv is awesome exo is awesome!!!

  191. Kya~ I love how they did those mini b-boy moves ^-^

  192. This is simply amazing :D I love the mini b-boy stuff they did there ^-^ and how they exchanged the hats and stuff :P

  193. Guys I am so happy with this MV..It’s simple and yet it holds my attention all the way through!!! ^^

  194. This is like, the best dance in a Kpop song ever.

  195. aaaaand this is finally the performance that sells EXO as a group to me. SM got really really close with ‘What is Love’ and now I finally kinda-sorta like EXO. Well done SM… well done.

  196. I love the song! But don’t review this…They are just dancing and while the choreography is FLAWLESS, there isn’t really anything else to talk about.

    Now excuse me while I go play this song on repeat and learn the dance!

  197. wow awesome video! Those long takes with all that dancing must of required many hours of practice!

  198. I am digging this song and MV. To describe it in one word- seamless. The one shoot, continuous filming and transitions of the vocals and how the dance passes from small group to small group or all the members keeps my interest while being “simple.” Also, very catchy. Now to put on repeat and return to my head bobbing.


  200. how can people say that the MV is lacking? is the simplicity that makes it soooo perfect and well done in this dance genre! SM had used the one-take technique also in a Suju’s MV and it does perfectly his aim: show the awesome choreo ! why cover it up? and we just had a ‘drama’ kind of MV so HELL YEAH a dance one!
    totally loved the song! better than wolf!!!

  201. Catchy song and phenomenal choreography. These guys are awesome!! ^^

  202. I like this song much better and the video is fairly interesting. I like that it’s in one shot. ^^

  203. Woah. I didn’t even realize they were still in a box because DOES IT EVEN MATTER ANYMORE? THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS SO GOOD.

  204. Now that’s a lot of crotch grabbing :) All jokes aside, the choreo is seriously well put, I just sat there open mouthed. They danced so effortlessly. Amazing!

  205. EXO EXO

  206. honestly speaking, i really love the dance and thinking about how difficult it must have been to do all of this in one shot. EXO FIGHTING!!

  207. Song: catchy as hell. Choreography amazing, boys can dance. The video… Box & bad light.. SM you are swimming in money, why can’t you do different videos?

  208. Justyna Krasnodębska

    PERFECTION – KMM of “Wolf + Growl” drama version in one shot ^^

  209. There’s just…a lot of boys in this room. Haha, but really surprised at how creative they are getting with the choreography for this group though–it’s an art form in itself that they can get all these boys in one video without it feeling crowded. Loved the rotating cameras to show M and K separate, and then how they melded into one! I’m not sure if I’ve seen a video done this way before, so it was very fun and cool!

  210. I think this is by far their BEST music video EVER!!! It’s like watching “MAMA” all over again :D

  211. Suho’s shirt says Golden… lmfaooo nice man!

  212. Holy *sheep bleat* That Was AMAZING! I loved how it was just the dance, loved the song, loved that it had both sub groups dancing! *goes to watch it again*

  213. I love the way Kai tries to play off dropping his hat with a cool swirly move lmao i totally just noticed that

  214. I love that smooth R&B feel to the choreo. It’s so… rico suave. lmfao The song is also really catchy. I’ll be blasting this on my radio on my way to the beach. It’s just so sexy and smooth

  215. I love the song, the one-take video with the camera spinning and all.
    But where are the shexy coshtume from the teaser ? Smells like a version B of the MV ? Hope so. i’m going to ruin myself at buying it, it’s going to be 25 freaking € … aish, jinja ?

    Anyways, I guess it’s worth it o/


  216. i like the beat… so fun!

  217. I love it!! ♥♥

  218. I love it. The dance to the different camera angles and the fact that it’s taken in one shot is AMAZING! I’m so proud of exo!

  219. Anybody else prefer Simon and Martina to review this than the Wolf drama version? Like seriously, even though it’s just the standard dance-in-a-box music video that SM pimps out like clockwork, I prefer it a lot more than that clusterfuzz of wtf XD

  220. I want this to win! ARGH but I want Rum Pum Pum Pum to win too ;^;

  221. All in one take.

    Greg says this is just the beginning for ‘Growl’ so i’m excited to see what else is to come. I think S&M should hold off on reviewing this because the part 2 of the drama should be coming out sometime next week or so.

  222. Please let EXO win! This song is wonderful and the dance is perfect. I love EXO!!! <3

  223. The dancing in this video is on a whole other level of pure excellence. I love a man who can dance! I will say the one thing that made me growl, however, was the rolling blackouts throughout the room. Doesn’t SM know that the fangirls need the best lighting to admire their beloved boys!?!?!?

  224. Just like “Wolf”, It was a song I wasn’t sure I would like going by the preview… But now after watching the full video I kind of dig it. The one-shot angle was cool, and even though it called, “Growl” I’m happy that they didn’t add the cheesy- yet cute, “Grr, I’m a wolf” antics into their dance. They might be a bunch of good looking wolves… But… let’s just say if I was cornered by them and they said they said they were wolves, I’d probably just say, “Aww”. : P

    I’ll assume a month from now we will get a “Drama Version”… I just hope that it actually continues from the previous one because… I just didn’t get it at all. lmao

  225. Avin♥ㄴㅇㅅㅌ♥INA

    12 Bad Boys ROCKS ME!!!

  226. Is it just me. Or was there actually no Uncloseable ad this time. :O

  227. those dance moves require some abs *wiggly eyebrows*

  228. I think that once again, they are presenting us with a really fresh choreo. I mean, all twelve boys doing the twist-and-highfive-the-floor thingy? Totally amayzing.

  229. Kielley Bade

    I like it a ton better than Wolf, but… IDK, I still like Mama best, dance and music wise. >3<

  230. Love the song, so much better than Wolf. My gosh amazing choreography as usual! Even though they’re in an oddly lit room, it is a pretty cool dance version of the song since SM is supposedly releasing different versions (who knows how long that will take lol).

  231. i didn’t expect a good song but this is very nice ~ i love it !

  232. Guise. The choreography. Guise.

  233. OMG EXO~~!! This song and this video are very wonderful!!! <3

  234. omg so much more excited to see them at k con this year. wow!

  235. Rly like it, song is great, refreshing :D Like the one shot camera, just like in Big Bang’s ,,Love song”, it looks amazing!

  236. I love Wolf more though. Suprisingly. But oh my, it so suave and sheksi you sure to get knocked up.

  237. Love this song! Love the dance! Love that they shot the entire video in one take! Just overall, lots of love. :D

  238. Excuse me, peeps. The MV is purposely shot in one take. I repeat, it is on purpose. SM is still making truckloads of money.

  239. I like this better than wolf, dance and song , fun to hear :)

  240. It was so pretty *__*

  241. Okay…nasties…I just…I don’t know.

    I’m not and Exotic…(or maybe I am). But this was excellent, the song was solid and catchy. ALL OF THE BOYZ LOOKED FINE! (Thank Jesus they gave Xiumin black hair again)

    I just…I’m mindblown. I almost cried near the end of this. I was too happy.

    • Xiumin actually got screen time in this one! Still not enough screen time & lines, but more screen time and lines! Yay! Everyone danced sooo well and it wasn’t Kai 24/7!

      • Hehe I can never get enough Kai XD

        • As a person who’s bias is not Kai or Luhan (by exo biases are Chen and chanyeol) this video was heavily appreciated. Kai is a great dancer and all but having him in almost all of the teasers and in both versions of Mama plus his frequent scenes in wolf this video was a breath of fresh air.

        • i completely agree actually. Luhan and Kai are my biases (lol), but I love all 12 of the guys dearly and it hurts to see some of them getting shafted for screen time so frequently.

        • Yeah, i notice that SM just gives their face a bunch of screen time. Now I don’t mind that but when other members get shafted for the face’s extra screen time it gets annoying. So with growl’s dance you can see everyone, and everyone gets their own time to shine.

  242. Better song than it is a video! I think Sm ran out of money…

  243. I LOVE this music video, the song, and the group! And, of course, the Eatyourkimchi team for posting this video!

  244. Waaaay better than Wolf ! Finally EXO are back =) ! Great job guys !

  245. This new song is DAEBAK!! It’s better than wolf and the Choreography is just soo cool!! EXO <3 <3

  246. Even with my powerful Mac, I go immediately over to YouTube to view this stuff because your blog is so full of ads now, everything just bogs down. I mean I get having to pay the bills but seriously!!! Suppressing the ads has turned down-right frustrating! There used to be a time that one had a choice…guess not so much anymore, huh?

  247. This is just a great song. The dance is really interesting and it has the exo-style and feel to it. One thing is that the video is just really plain. This song really surprised me cuz you know so far kpop songs this year are just boring but this song is catchy,sexy, but theres this feel to it… JUST FABULOUS GREAT JOB S.M…FINALLY

  248. did anyone notice the SM didn’t advertise anything in this video. I think they took Simon and Martina’s comments haha

  249. I think this song should have been there comeback song. It is so much better than ‘Wolf’ …

  250. Holy… this is amazing! What!?!?

  251. This is one of my favorites! I actually heard this song by a remixer i5cream first. I want to dance like EXO!

  252. Is this the first video ever that doesn’t feature KAI for more than 5 seconds? :D

    The song is okay… the choreography killed it! This is like anti-Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum; good video, not so good song as opposed to good song, bad video.

  253. I really love the song and dance! I’m not surprised by that though, since I’ve loved everything EXO has put out. I really, really hope that if S&M do review this MV, they give a shout out to the Chinese version too, since it has slight differences (i.e. the dance being a little different, different members doing different lines, etc). ^^

    I would love them to review this, but I have this feeling that a drama MV will come out later. ;; Wish we could get a review for both.

  254. One of the few cool dance-in-a-box video by SM.

  255. I want to see other version if that will be out soon anyway, I like the song but not the MV

  256. go exo :X there is soooooooooo much to talk in this mv :)) vote everyone :))

  257. Marzia Matalone

    i’ve got the feeling Growl will be followed by the drama version part 2…the school uniform must be there for a reason…UoU…and indeed we are still in the “wolfy/beastly” semantic area…XD

  258. THis is the first EXO song I’ve really gotten into. LIke…I was tapping my toes along with the beat, and I really love the simplicity of the MV

  259. I’ll bet all my Gayness for EXO that Simon and Martina will FREAKIN love “GROWL”! aksdfakjtuetn!

  260. Fantastic song an fantastic video

  261. the MV is simple and lacking? it may be simple but i think that’s why I liked it more. The one camera idea is really great. IMO.

    this one, ill definitely listen for a couple of times. A LOT OF TIMES.


  262. Great song, great choreo, nice MV .. but i wonder when SM will release the MV that not One-Take where they wearing other outfit and also drama version

  263. I personally like this song better than Wolf! Though the video is a little bit lacking…

    To be honest, I don’t know what you guys will review in this video if you did plan on reviewing it. Maybe the dancing? Or something else? You guys will always find something wrong with a video right? Lol.

  264. Even if they turn out to hate the mv, i’m pretty sure they like the song and the dance

  265. Oh, my ears are exploding in joy.

  266. I know I’m Exo biased, but people this is FRESH! The track, the choreo, everything–so epic and sexy! I love the home movie sort of approach and how it showed off the dance so well. Plot based MV’s are great, but the simplicity of this was perfection! And I’m soooo glad all 12 are performing as one now! Exo fighting! ^^

    My only complaint: the schoolboy uniforms interfered a bit with my shameless lusting. Exo’s not in school anymore, SM! They’re grown ass men! Just look at that dancing. *drools*

    • I’m hoping the schoolboy uniform means this video will somehow tie in to the drama version of Wolf where they’re all in school :D

      • Yeah, that’s the hope–the choreographer tweeted that this was just the beginning for ‘Growl’ and I refuse to believe SM was just trolling us with that ‘To be continued…’ at the end of Wolf.

        • MyKayla Hill

          So I’m not the only one who has this idea that they are connected! YAY! :D

    • it’s not “I’m lost my pants”, but damn this song is epic. I put it on repeat, best release today. Sorry Vixx and Kang Seung Yoon, but not this time.

    • I totally agree, everything was so gooood!! So simple, yet so smooth and sexy >.<
      I'm not an EXO fan, but I absolutely love 'Growl'!

    • Ariadne Locket

      It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s the concept SM’s going for with this repackage.

  267. Guys, I think this is the best dancing in the box MV EVAAR ;D I’m really interested what you think about it :D

    • definitely! and it’s shot in one take so it’s cool that you can see their little “mistakes”. I like that. c:

      • This! Kai dropping his cap was the cutest thing ever! My feels were just all over the place with this, y’all.

        • HipsterTikal

          too many feels that I can’t handle. Kpop, what did you do to me.
          edit: and Sehun almost crashing in Kai in the Korean version x]

        • Mynamemeansparty

          really? when? oh! I also saw Suho stepping on Sehun’s foot in the chinese version and sehun pushing him away… hihi

        • HipsterTikal

          just before Kai’s cap drops, you can see that Sehun’s feet are super close to Kai’s x]

        • Sometimes you can even see the production staff in the background lol. SM Fail! XD

        • HipsterTikal

          well I dont think thats an actual fail, that happens when you shoot something in one take x]

        • I laughed so much at that mysterious person in the background :DD

        • What version is that in and at what time?

        • examplesample

          It’s all throughout the korean version. Look to the far right in the windows, you can see a ~ghost~ lol

        • police on the go :]

          1:16. in the windows at the back. it gives me the chills. since the place they filmed at is supposedly a haunted place because of deaths that occured there.

        • 2:49 in the chinese version Suho steps on Sehun’s foot, lol!

        • Bianca Hosch

          In the korean version before the first chorus… Tao ^^

    • How are martina and simon gonna do this their are a total of 4 versions !!

    • Agree! It’s even simpler than SUJU mvs, but the choreo is pure GENIUS! This “dancing in the box” mv is really fun and worth the watch XD
      And the songs cool too! It’s like an old school type, and it’s pleasant in the ears.

    • We’re both really freaking impressed by this. Whoa.

      • I don’t get it. For me, it’s basically a dance practice video done in a drab room with malfunctioning lights. So cheap. Repackage videos should be super awesome because they’re basically asking you to buy something you bought already. Think Big Bang “Monster” or even TVXQ “Humanoids.”

        • footballfina

          *rolls eyes* there are going to be three versions of Growl, this is the “one take” version, we still have two left. As almost everyone else has already said, it’s extremely impressive and incredibly difficult to pull off (if it wasn’t everyone, would be doing it). SM clearly wanted to showcase how hard the guys have been working on the choreography – hence the unique steady cam and unedited take. The flashier versions are coming, patience….

        • I’m not saying I don’t like “one take” stuff. I just don’t like it when it’s in a gray box with poor lighting. I thought it was cool when Big Bang did it for “Love Song.”

        • MyKayla Hill

          Yes it was, but do you know that your Idols take HOURS upon HOURS to film things like this. And one shots take even longer! Think of waking up early and not going to bed for over 1-2 days for shooting. All you get is a quick nap when the other members are on camera, however with a one shot everyone is on, and you do it till you get it right. This must have been the best version even with the cute mess-ups. Please think about what your saying. Because one flashing light which you think is “Malfunctioning” is actually a lot of money to get wired and bought into a set. Also the location, the expensive camera, setting up, getting the actors/dancers/singers and production company ready to be on set and up to date on what the director wants. Then you have to practice a ridiculous amount of times before you actually do it. The only reason I know this is because I have been in a few student films with small budgets. And even those are time consuming! Please take more consideration that they did this for you guys so you aren’t waiting for another year for them to “Comeback”

        • It’s not about the idols. It’s about SM continuing to put their artists in boxes even though they know the fans are tired of it. Stop enabling SM to put out good songs coupled with crappy boxed up music videos. This music video would have been so much better if they were doing all that cool dancing in an actual location. Maybe a high school gym surrounded by all the fans who love them so much?

        • MyKayla Hill

          SM doesn’t have to be “enabled” They do what they want with their artists because they are paying the artists for this. Also if you truly were a fan, you wouldn’t complain so much about the box set. You would accept it that yes its another box set that shows off their dance, but it is still Exo and you would support them anyways rather than make a huge spectacle about one music video. SM and the Director clearly decided that they wanted to show off the dance and they did so really well. The background isn’t distracting. There are a total possible of 2 other versions coming out! If you just don’t like this video don’t watch it. But I do want you to know that this box set, takes a lot of time, a lot of money, and a lot of work. The fans aren’t tired of it because they wouldn’t be watching and buying music so SM would have to change their strategy. Also just because it wasn’t to your liking doesn’t mean no one else likes it. Ideally SM could do that idea you have about the GYM and fans, but there would be anti-fans there, the fans themselves would be exhausting for EXO, they would have to have security guards to keep the fans from attacking the poor boys. It is a good idea but then again it isn’t. Just gonna say we all love it. I hope you can go find happiness in some small part of your world. Also the fact that you can’t make more than a few sentences in reply to my PARAGRAPH is ridiculous. I touched base on a lot of different topics in the last post. This time (if you reply) actually take a bit more time to read it and reply fully otherwise it makes me look right and I honestly don’t want anyone else to think this, I’m just a fan stating my opinions and what I know versus a fan that is stating their opinion also.

        • People don’t want to read a “PARAGRAPH” when they come to a comments section. Do us all a favor and break it into smaller sections. Easier on the eyes!

          Also, about the whole part where you say my “do the video surrounded by fans instead of in a boring gray room with distracting lights” idea wouldn’t be practical because of antis etc….they actually did my idea for the comeback stage on inkigayo + I think it was pretty cool:

        • Carolina Ren

          Sorry guys but I agree with leesigh3 on this. While the choreography and one
          take IS impressive, I’ve seen many videos like this one and worst I’ve
          seen videos similar to this one from the same company. I don’t mean to
          underestimate EXO’s long hours of practice, sacrifice and hard work, but
          I am a tad tire or should I say saturated of choreographies in a room.

        • footballfina

          “Love Song” is probably the worst comparison you could make because while that MV is for sure iconic and I adore the song, Big Bang literally just walk around looking angsty and shimmy for a few seconds; the elaborate sets and pyrotechnics do ALL the work in that vid.

          As opposed to this, where SM was CLEARLY trying to showcase EXO’s incredibly intricate choreography while tying in the “school delinquents” theme (rundown warehouse, slightly ripped uniforms, flickering lights, etc.) Also, the “gray box with poor lighting” is 100% intentional, the set isn’t supposed to be polished or perfectly lit. Once again, it’s about THE DANCING.

        • Right, which is why I said this is basically just a dance practice video. For me, that’s a disappointment. We get to see Exo dance all the time on music shows.

          Also, just because SM intentionally used bad lighting doesn’t mean that the decision was a good one.

          And we agree “Love Song” is an iconic “one take” MV. Do you think this EXO “one take” MV is iconic? I don’t.

        • footballfina

          ….clearly you’ve never seen many dance practice videos because 99.9% of the time the camera is stationary and the dance is static, while this is neither….

          Also, just to reiterate AGAIN – this is just the first version, there are TWO OTHER versions that should include the typical close ups / mix of choreo music video and then the rumored conclusion of the Wolf drama version.

          They were obviously going for a particular aesthetic – I don’t really mind it because IMO it takes nothing away from the dance.

          Iconic? Well, that remains to be seen – it’s been out for 48 hours, too soon to say anything concrete; but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. A lot of people are saying it’s the best SM release this year and up there w/ the best of 2013.

        • I think this video has a lot in common with dance practice videos, including: it’s all dancing, the “one take” film style, and it all taking place in one room.

          Also, I can’t take you seriously if you won’t even admit that this music video isn’t iconic. Can’t reason with that.

        • footballfina

          You don’t seem to understand the idea that a MV doesn’t automatically become “iconic”, that title has to be earned. Who am I to dismiss the potential of Growl to become that? You don’t know any more than I do. Like, the day after Gee came out no one was making determinations on whether or not it would one day become iconic. This video is a day old…. JFC

        • I know you are already bombarded with comments. But after reading all of them, I don’t think you really get the point. You must understand the purpose behind the video. To showcase the dance. Of course we are sick of the box, resembles a dance practice video and wish the amount of money used in Bigbang’s Love Song was also treated the same in this MV.
          However, seeing the style of dance, everybody circling each other and switching back and forth. A fancy-prancy video would not showcase well enough. Sure, scenes from other things will be exciting, but that does not show the fantastic dance well enough and seeing how hard it is, that’s disrespectful and a pity. IN Long Song, there is no such dance (Hell, there was barely any dance), thus instead to fill up the MV, they created this iconic dramatic onetake video. Which was YG’s purpose. They didn’t bother with an epic dance, they wanted an epic MV.
          If it weren’t the other versions coming up soon, I am sure others will be unhappy with it. But SM is smart enough. Heck, they might not be the most perfect agency but they always hit the criteria. The box is simple thus no distraction from the dance and the flashing lights and dark room fits with the theme, which flows cohesively with other videos.
          All in all, the MV is impressive because it succeeded its purpose and everybody knows it and appreciates it.

        • “I don’t get it.” Not everyone’s going to be on the same page, but I think you’re really undermining simplicity. So much of kpop is a spectacle these days and it’s awesome to have something so on point–great song, amazing choreography, and the right people to execute all this. The direction of the mv isn’t fancy, but it’s incredibly effective at showcasing Exo’s interesting dynamics.

        • I do like the song.

        • for me, it’s basically awesome dance video with great song that using camera angle to create good space to see the dancing.

          it’s really fun to see the video like this, like we all there and see them in many angle
          and the choreo is unique so we’re not bother to see a lot people in same stage, nice job handling the numbers of member,

          so for me this kind of video wins a respect to the artist than to video maker because they look great they way they are,
          the MV perhaps can be more good than this, but this is the MV for this version and i’d love to admit they’re doing a good job,

        • leerebeccaaa

          Personally, I think EXO and sment did a nice job of making this mv like a dance video because EXO is really talented & skilled in dancing and this mv proved it. But I will have to say that the flickering lights were a bit annoying (Please tell me I’m not the only one that wants to see their faces more ..! ) I also thought the the ‘one take’ concept was great and even though it was shot in a ‘box’, it worked perfectly with this kind of dance/mv.

          On another note, I don’t think one can compare EXO’s growl to BIGBANG’s love song because:
          1. They are two totally different groups with totally different styles.
          2. Each groups’ mv was intended to focus on different things. For example, BIGBANG’s love song was more of a ‘drama’ mv where the members grieve a lost lover whereas EXO’s growl was closer to a ‘dance’ mv where the different charms and skills of each member were emphasized.
          3. Comparing the two videos/songs/groups would ultimately become a ‘competition’ between the fan groups and not the song/video itself.

          Anyway, great job to EXO for a great song/dance/video (and let’s keep it cool between BIGBANG and EXO. I happen to be a big fan of both!)

        • pinocchiochu

          I couldn’t have said it better myself…. this song is better than “wolf” no doubt about it, but there’s still nothing impressive about it (it’s not “an amazing music piece” like most exotics say if this song would have been from another boy group it wouldn’t have that much hype)
          I was not amazed by this video, especially how the video was made which is again another SM box video that was poorly lit. They should have at least made it more visually appealing.The choreography was good but I’m still not that impressed.

        • sophie akuma

          There is one thing that you aren’t really thinking about, this is just a dance version. I think that SM made this video in order to show EXO amazing dancing abilities, yes the lights could be better but this was also supposed to have a “bad boy” concept (something that you should know by the lyrics), so the fact the it has poor lights and that it is filmed in that abandoned storehouse is completely normal.
          And the fact that it should have a better MV for that song well yes and that is why there is rumored that it it will have two more MV for this song.

      • Ariadne Locket

        I really didn’t pay much attention to EXO before but this really did it to me! Great MV and song as well!

        • Cherry Belle

          me too actually ^__^ most music videos of EXO are sometimes too much for me.. So this video really made me focus on the song and dance more. This is my fave EXO song/mv so far ^__^ Now I’m anticipating on what they’ll do next :D

        • Ariadne Locket
          Ariadne Locket

          I wouldn’t say I felt like it was too much, at least to me. But when “Wolf” came out I really disliked the song and the video was “twilightish”… But after a few more listens (and forgeting the cheese allusions in the lyrics) it really sunk into me and I was addicted. I also put aside the Twilight feel of it and was able to enjoy very much the dance version (and who am I kidding, I liked Luhan a lot in the drama version as well ^.^).
          Anyway my point is, the second “Growl” started to play i was hocked, I imediately loved it, unlike “Wolf”.
          There is still coming the drama version, but I don’t think they really need it. But, hell, if SM wants to give it to us I can’t really refuse seeing those pretty faces again and again x)

    • maricampanaa

      i totally agree! loved this box video and dance. what really shocks me the most is that you don’t see thier usual unnecessary genie ad, or any ad at all.

    • There’s no way Simon and Martina pick this video to review. Even if it’s #1.

    • Also, both versions have different dancing formations so ALL the members get screen time. Also, Chen, who is often called “not a good dancer”(NOBODY is a bad dancer in Exo, just not as good dancers) is in the front for over half the time.

      • ‘NOBODY is a bad dancer in Exo, just not as good dancers’

        This !

        • Like really, everyone is awesome. And some of the “bad” dancers make up for their lack of skill(or training for Chen/Baekhyun) by having awesome stage presence. My only complaint for “bad dancing” is Kris’s lack of enthusiasm.

        • lol, but i thought he killed it in the Chinese version ? esp. the first minute or so

        • Yeah, he definitely has stepped it up. He still looks pretty unamused to me, but that might be a face of concentration. He is more enthusiastic then the MAMA days though…

      • bigbangfosho


  268. Great song, great choreography, hot guys in suits… what is not to like about this? :)

  269. Awesome song even though the MV is really simple. The song is way better than Wolf.

  270. This is such a great song! Like seriously. The beat of this song is so amazing. Kpop has dissappointed quite often this year, but luckily Growl didn’t. I am already addicted to it and it’s just been released x]….. Waah…. I have to mention it again: such an amazing beat.

  271. Go EXO!!! Loved this choreography!! <333 #GrowlLikeEXO