EXO – Growl



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  1. I LOVE EXO <3

  2. fuuko4869

    I don’t know what this is….Growl Part 2? Wolf Part 2? Ah I don’t understand EXO’s marketing strategy anymore…


  3. EXO crazy

    EXO is always one

    So cool

  4. Seriously I love exo so much……i wish i could meet them……so jealous that my dad has been to Korea!

  5. fuuko4869

    Hmm not sure if this so-called ‘drama version’ – or ‘2nd version’ deserves its own post, so just leaving it here.


    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      It’s not the drama version, it’s just like a normal MV version with closeups and stuff.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        With extremely odd placement shots of the 1st version.

        • I prefer the 1st version. I thought that all the cutaways to the member closeups disrupted the flow of the video. Maybe if they’d been inserted more smoothly, it wouldn’t be as disruptive. It also seemed like the closeups were recording while each member just stood there saying their line, rather than a zoomed in shot of them doing their line while dancing. I think that also contributed to the disruptive feel of the closeups. There were plenty of closeups in the 1st version as well, but because it was all one smooth take, those didn’t feel at all disruptive. Also, in this 2nd version, the dance seems to have a lot less energy. And yeah, I don’t know why they’d insert those little bits of the 1st version. *scratches head in confusion*

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Me too. Version 1 was so much more captivating and really focused on the dance. I’m not even sure I want to see the yet to be released drama version. This song is perfect for a dance video lol in other words the original.

          There were a few moments that I felt the dance looked a little off or messy, but it’s probably more attributed to the odd cut aways and angles. But those inserted shots of version 1 were by far the most disruptive. Those scenes are gray and muted which clashes greatly with the bright more vibrant 2nd version.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          All I have to say about it is “LOLOL GENIE’S BACK!!!”.

        • YES! I forgot to mention that! Darn it. Well at least the 1st version doesn’t have that annoying ad.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Because it wasn’t a real/normal MV I guess.

          Woulda been funny if S&M did indeed wait to review it.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Totally unrelated but… If I had finished my vid in time and you watched it, you might have gotten an even higher score lol.

          Related: I didn’t really watch either but I watched enough to be able to tell it wasn’t the Drama version.

        • I love your USERNAME! LOL
          Another After School fan, yay!!!!! Which is rare since they are under rated and nobody knows them that well…for example: Simon and Martina, the only member they named was Uee lol

        • thisisjustforfunval

          It’s possible that could have happened lol
          Then again after watching version 2 of Growl I may know the name Baekhyun but I had no clue which one he was.

  6. kai likes rubbing his bananas

  7. Hadi Gongchan

    They comeback with their best performance!!! Like it!! EXO,, We are ONE!!

  8. Darzen Voo

    good job EXO,, Keep Calm and be the next SUPERSTAR!!!!!!!:)

  9. Wellington Haus

    While I don’t usually like EXO very much, this song is just abnosome. I can’t get it out of my head!

  10. Jessica Verrette

    Haven’t been this excited over an MV in a while. Holey smokes! Really impressed with everything about this. And they are dressed slightly normal to boot.

  11. Pau de la Fuente

    Is this song gonna be reviewed ? It’s been first for two weeks :)

  12. Linda Truong


  13. God this song is just soooo smooth and sexy!

  14. Didn’t Chen say Xiumin made a mistake in the v-formation part?? Did anyone catch it? Or did he make a mistake at all?

  15. Léa Imare

    If you review it I hope you’ll talk about the “ghost” that is creeping EXOtics out x) http://hpics.li/aa2f107

  16. Kika Penne

    My guess is that by October the drama version will be released. Sure S&M will wait to review it 0_0′

  17. Nicholette 니코렡트

    EXO 짱! :DDD

  18. i don’t know if this will be reviewed but i’ll vote anyways….

  19. I actually love BAP so my first instinct was to, of course, vote for Badman, but I’ve been absolutely blown away with EXO recently! Growl is one of my favorite songs right now so how could i not vote for it?!

  20. I love this song!!

  21. sura Al_ Iraqi

    اكيييييييييد EXO للابد

  22. I don’t know what to say but this is more than what I was expected

  23. Mini Squid

    I know we aren’t paying u guys for all that u r doing, but I really do hope for the more traditional KMM. The Seungrina one man show wasn’t as satisfying?

  24. Georgiana45

    Seungrina…have you been to the filming of Exo’s Growl ?
    They at least didn’t make a version B because you were pretty quiet :))

  25. Nicholette 니코렡트

    Yay EXO 짱!

  26. I love this song!!! Both the korean and the chinese version. I was so impressed with the dancing. I love how they brought EXO-K and EXO-M together to form one group. Ahhh!!! I just love it!

  27. This makes me so nostalgic for 90s R&B. Their voices are suited so perfectly for it!

  28. Just sharing something I read. EXO Growl MV “haunted” https://twitter.com/baekjinpls/status/365015229421195264/photo/1
    Or is it a staff as SM claims…

  29. Rumours about EXO Growl MV being haunted? https://twitter.com/baekjinpls/status/365015229421195264/photo/1
    Or is it really a staff as SM claims….

  30. SilverColoredSoul

    I’m an EXO fan but I seriously hope Simon and Martina will not choose this specific MV to review. I’d rather they (and us) wait for the second part of the drama MV. At least there will be much more to discuss and also I’m pretty sure they’ll talk about the dance while they’re at it. I know we have no idea when the drama ver. is going to be released but I honestly prefer a more diverse and longer KMM than one single video where all the possible talk could be gushing over the dance (which is obviously genius), but point is they already did this for Wolf. Please guys! T_T I don’t want us to end up without a KMM for the drama ver. I’m pretty sure EXOtics will be able to keep this video in the TOP 3 for a while. It’s what we do.

    • There’s a drama ver for Growl? No thank you, how about give the fans part 2 of wolf first. I have lost my faith in SM and their annoying trolling. I don’t wanna wait for the drama version, becuz 1) who knows when is that gonna be released? probably 5 yrs later lol. and 2) who knows if they’ll troll us again and split the drama ver into 3 different parts -_-

      • SilverColoredSoul

        Oh LOL I’m sorry. My bad. It’s just my thoughts. I think the second part of the drama ver. which is supposed to be for Wolf is gonna be Growl. Kind of like… if you watch T-ARA’s videos you will understand. When they released Day By Day that was one song and it was the first part of the drama version. And part two was released later and it was another song (Sexy Love). I don’t think SM will release 3 parts of the Drama. Though who knows…THIS IS SM after all. Nothing can be expected. I insist on waiting though. :) After all what can they possibly talk about when it’s the dance and everyone likes it and I know you know just like me all that they can talk about is the dance and basically nothing else. Yes it’s SO DAMN AWESOME, but I’d appreciate if us fans would wait patiently. >< I mean it's not like the "no comeback aka SOON era". At least this time we know it's gonna be…SOON. OTL XDDDDDDDD Just take it with a light heart. :)

  31. becauseimstupid

    PLEASE review Growl. i will get mad if it doesnt since it was suppose to get reviewed last week >_<

  32. Mei-Xing Zhang

    I love this.

  33. Patricia Kamanda

    To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Wolf. But, Growl is infinitely better.

  34. so this won’t get reviewed…ugh grumpy

  35. Nicholette 니코렡트

    Being an EXOSTAN, the Growl music video totally captivated me! It’s amazing how 12 guys dressed up in school uniforms can make an empty basement(?) so interesting with their super awesome dance moves and amazing voices! I have to say the dance this time round was indeed pretty hard. :DD Anyways EXO FIGHTING~

  36. Lostnaparkinglot

    I really hope they review this video because we don’t know if the drama version will include just Growl or include numerous tracks like the part 1.
    Although, from the teaser and the “Making of….” vid they definitely recorded a second version of growl. . . . . . .
    ahhh I’m so confused -__- why must SM leave us hanging??

  37. The song is good, the video is just ok….nothing special about it…..