EXO – History

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  1. Emily Holodnick

    Such a catchy song!

  2. I really want this to be reviewed! D:

  3. I really hope this song gets a review!

  4. the EXO M version of this song is my favorite out of all 12 of their songs out right now. (K + M)

  5. i’d like to have this video reviewed but it’s been a long time since it came out…T^T

  6. Jessy-May Alo

    Please please please review History! It’s so catchy, and it’s just as good as “What is love” and “MAMA”. PLEASE!!!! :3

  7. Tiffany Lin

    EXO history should be the winner already!

  8. Please review this MV…it won the kpopchart when you guys went to Japan…

  9. Today is the day they will debut formally,the MV is just awesome,way better than HISTORY I think!

  10. Yeah, I just did the math. And even with how old this video is, it should still be #5 on the chart. Kiiiiiinda fishy, but I’m not gonna push it. At least MAMA’s got Music Monday in the bag this week. 

  11. amandine galette

    mama is out

  12. why is it not in the chart ): i want them to make a review abt this T__T 

  13. …I wish they could review this..but it’s not even showing up on the kpop charts! I think there’s probably something wrong…

  14. Fr3akyCo0kie

    well, since S&M don’t review old videos, we’ll just have to wait ’til MAMA comes out and vote for it

  15. rainbowice

    EXO is almost here! Check out part 1 of their debut showcase ^^

  16. I can’t find exo on the charts!

  17. Why EXO is not on the chart? I can’t find them…
    i am waiting for MAMA!

  18. I understand why they would be in thatweird Mars-looking place, the animation for their name makes it clear they ‘are out-of-this-world’ and because this is their debut i makes sense for them not to have landed in earth yet, but then, why are they on earth on that other ballad song? did they not like it and went back? whaat?

  19. All of their faces are tiny, i’m having a harder time than usual telling them apart

  20. ahhh please this needs to go up!  ಠ_ಠ 

  21. rainbowice

    MAMA tracklist is out! They’re coming!

  22. punkyprincess92

    i must say…..i question this chart….EXO at 9? 

  23. Takanari Touguu

    Pre-order for MAMA! Gah, why am I poor?

  24. hey… i think there’s something wrong with the system… i counted. exo history should be ranked higher than nu’est face.

  25. I don’t like this algorithm.

  26. Connie Wang

    vote pleaseee

  27. Skillet101

    I just hope these guys get recognized for their amazing potential. ^_^

  28. Fr3akyCo0kie

    how come this is down the chart when it should be at least 3rd since all of exo’s points are more than shinhwa’s?

  29. Pleaseee do a review on this!! (: 

  30. even though this doesn’t get reviewed i hope their DEBUT song mv will hahhha MAMA all the way :D
    it totally looks so sci-fi like an actual movie!! can’t wait APRIL 8 or 9  :D

  31. Argh I’m waiting for EXO’s History in Kpop Music Mondays so much! Simon and Martina, do it for EXOTICS!

  32. I wish there videos will reach 5,000,000 views specially for EXO-M

  33. I really really want you see this on Kpop Music Mondays! Keep voting guys~ 

  34. This is really depressing. I, along with many others, voted for 2 weeks straight and got this song to number 1, only to have our efforts wasted away because there was no MM that week. Now that its gone down to number 7, I’m really quite angry. When MAMA gets released, they should do a double review to include History or I am going to flip a sh**

  35. I still keep voting and never gonna stop.
    Also, MAMA is coming. (any PAPA?? lol)

  36. Takanari Touguu

    I still want that review