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Exo – What is Love



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  1. This song needs to win at some point. DO IT FOR SIMON!!

  2. I lost my mind~ 
    I love this song!!! <3

  3. This needs to win~ I don’t care if it’s been weeks since it’s release, voted~

  4. When I hear Exo I think of Exodus and exodusters….that’d be a funny fanclub name!

  5. punkyprincess92

    hopefully today i’ll see the review!!!

  6. Whoooot! Can’t wait for the review ^^

  7. Review both, please!! I don’t want only EXO-K to be known :CC


  9. Please stay on top. I’m soooo curious to hear what Simon & Martina have to say about them…

  10. punkyprincess92

    hope this’ll stay at the top!!! but now miss a released their MV!!!! noooooo!!!!!!! will it ruin our chance?

  11. omg my week gone so fast ! Only good thing in mondays is kpop mondays but this week it woudl be EXO <3

  12. I’m sooo loking forward tomorrow’s Kpop Monday ; )

  13. waaa >ww< it's gonna be so awesome ^^ 

  14. Finally … Hahhahah … its tomorrow .. waiting like 2 weeks …. desperate … and yeah Simon definitely like it a lot <3<3<3

  15. yay, finally! I get to watch the review!

  16. 8,000 votes. Way to go guys!

  17. *O* this song is finally #1 Hopefully it doesn’t change by Monday!

  18. I want to see more cuts of Simon singing What Is Love with Spudgy lol.

  19. FOR SIMON!

  20. This has to win this week!!!!! >~<

  21. Voting forever for this, LOL… doing this because I totally love this song and for Simon, since him and Martina are my heroes <3

  22. punkyprincess92

    i hope this is a Monday to look forward to!!!!

  23. Can’t wait for Monday ^^

  24. I’m honestly surprised at how long EXO has been on the charts here. THE DEDICATION WE HAVE. ;-; You guys seriously need to review this and let our hard work pay off. Please?

  25. EXO fighting! Let’s do it for Simon! :)

    And they are so amazing!!

  26. Praying this will be reviewed <3.

  27. i love exo :)))))

    can’t wait for their debut…

  28. punkyprincess92

    *sings* just keep voting, just keep voting, just keep voting,voting,voting!!!! what do we do? just keep voting!!

  29. i’m commenting not only cause Simon and Martina want so badly to talk about this video, but because i too want to hear their opinion on EXO. i personal like them already no matter how many teasers they have or how many times Kai appears in them.  can’t get this song out of my head! “What is Love”……baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me…no more…

  30. please, Keep in the first place! EXO hwaiting! ^o^

  31. PLEASE REVIEW THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Simon is going to have a hard time figuring out the plot of this one.. :P Anyways, I hope they get reviewed, AMAZING VOCALS, is all I can say! They kind of reminded me of SHINee but maybe its b/c the are SM? idk, but I’m looking forward to watching an MM on this!

  33. Praying that this will be reviewed <3. I don't care if you guys don't like ballads, it's a must review x).

  34. You should review this song because Simon really likes it :)


  36. punkyprincess92

    i hope my wish for this to be reviewed will come true!!!!

  37. hope this song gets reviewed!!

  38. yay lets go exo fans lets unite and combine our fangirl abilities to make them stay on top. i’ve been promoting like crazy! pleaseplease exo for music monday. it will make my it will make my week! 

  39. I know we will eventually get this to the top! EXO fans let’s keep our steady voting rate! ^^

  40. EXO please win this week! 3 more days to go!

  41. Simon will be extremely happy this time, can’t wait for the review

  42. Go Exo! <3

  43. I really hope you read this!!
    when you guys review this song (fingers crossed!) I hope you can also keep in mind the other two teasers for “what is love?”.. pretty much all the dancing is in those and not here haha xD
    anyway PLEASE include those when talking about the dance!

    love you guys and love this song! <3


  45. My baby baby baby baby babbbbbyyyy please lets continue to keep them number one!!!!!

  46. I can’t seem to get this song out of my head. I love this version so much, and I can’t wait till they officially debut. I would LOVE to know your feelings about this video & song.

  47. erks…. been waiting for this review!

  48. I like how there seems to be some kinda of purpose behind the odd clues there mysteriously trying to work out and there running around and they smile as if they know where its going then they all get detracted by the eclipse and forget what they were doing.

  49. C’mon you guys! Just a few more days to keep them on top and yay, Music Monday them!!!! XDDD Ahh, even if this isn’t their debut song, none the less, it’s the only MV we have right now so let’s keep voting! And continue to when their debut MV does come out! ^.^

  50. Even though this isn’t EXO debut s Song! I’d Love to see it next week K-pop Monday !

  51. I hope this song manages to stay in first place until Monday x]

  52. Go Exo! So happy that theyre in first place!

  53. please review it for next week Kpop Music Monday. TvT
    i have waited for a long time. (i will keep voting…haha)
    please^ ^please^ ^please^ ^please^ ^

  54. its actually a good song…

  55. I don’t care if this isn’t their debut song, PLEASE REVIEW IT.

  56. let us do our best to keep the top spot :))

  57. I really want to see your jock in this video , I really love it but it have kind of funny thigs (there’s a unicorn !) =)

  58. Review the Chinese version too please!

  59. i think this kinda of sounds like dbsk- before you go…

  60. Exo, just debut already!

  61. I guess Simon is finally gonna get his wish :D


  63. EXo for music mondays ^^ finally >ww< 

  64. Since this song released, I’ve really “lost my mind” trying to get you guys to review this so hopefully this will stay as number 1 until Sunday/Monday so you guys can review it!!! YES!


  66. EXO FTW!

  67. I love this song, Go Exo! finally first place… : D


  69. i loooove dis song!!!!!! ^______^ 

  70. OMG if this does not make the next music monday I will be really pressed. I really want this to be reviewed!!! 

  71. number 1!!! yayayayayaya!! :D vote vote!

  72. Yay!! It’s number 1!!! I really hope it gets reviewed!!

  73. OMFG, I am BEGGING that you guys review this.


  75. This is how I wanted :D hahahaha its is definitely going to appear for next wêk WHOAH ahhaha

  76. punkyprincess92

    we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…hopefully

  77. Ok this one is definitely getting reviewed this Monday : )!

  78. I bet Simon’s excited :)



  81. EXOTICS ! Don’t feel free to leave our EXO at 1st place , there is A LOT of time to beat Exo from 1st place so we must VOTE EVERYDAY , we must make EXO to be 1st place from now till the end !

  82. Finally! EXO is number 1! Let’s keep it that way. Huzzah!

  83. punkyprincess92

    can we get this reviewed this week?? i wonder!!!! i’ve been waiting so long!!! and i’m sure Simon has too!!!

  84. I can’t remember if I’ve commented on this or not >.<

    But I really want to hear you do a full review on this video! Since it's a lot of small messages I can't wrap my mind around xD

    And the song is absolutely amazing, they instantly gained a fan when they released it. Even though I personally prefer the Chinese version I really want you to review this :D

    •  Well Simon and Martina are trying to avoid reviewing Japanese and Chinese singles/songs/versions just because they have enough work with just Korean versions.
      Also Korean versions will be always more popular here i think. So just look forward review of this version and keep voting and commenting to make Exo sure 1st place

  85. This song has been out for how many weeks now? It’s still on a constant loop on my iPod!!  Something about this song is just so infectious!

  86. I am commenting for Simon as I know how much he wants to do this video. Looks like it finally just might! However, with all of these teasers I think this group will soon become, “The Kpop Group of Forever Teasers” Its been what? 4 months since they started?

  87. This song sounds so familiar but i know i’ve never hear it before… what song is it reminding me of…?

  88. seriously, i DO think the chinese version is better :D

  89. EXO-K_WHAT IS LOVE_Music Video (Korean Ver.)vote!!!! :) totally want a review on this loved the vid and the song!!

  90. THIS SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED!!! Or actually, I don’t know why… Umm… It’s not like the song will get better… or anything…? But stillllll review this song pleeeease!! Oh my god I sound like such a fangirl aaahhhhh

  91. woooow, it’s still here xD awesome! I would seriously love to see this video reviewed~

  92. EXO NUMBER 1 :D 

  93. YES! lets keep it at number one

  94. I loooove this song so much! Keep voting. :)

  95. YES! Can’t wait to see the look on SImon’s face if they get to review this song!

  96. :D 1st place! yayayayaayyayay! keep voting!

  97. Love the song, so glad theyre in first place! Exo Fighting! 

  98. I love this song… even tho its not their debut song… i will wait patiently i guess!
    love ya guys <3

  99. thisisjustforfunval

    I love this song, and I’m ready to hear their official debut. That said I’m tired of their teasers and I haven’t even watched any of them. 16 teasers (O_o)?

  100. Hopefully, they’ll devote a section of the video to explaining their take of SM’s whole Exo Planet (Exo M and K) approach– I really want to see their takes!

  101. Guise! Let’s keep voting or I’ll lost my mind~~ xD

  102. I’ve had this song on replay for days now. Please get reviewed!! 

  103. EXO EXO EXO

  104. :( things are not looking good.

  105. The charts seem really messed up. I hope it can get sorted soon! OTL

  106. By the way tha charts are changing, I hope Exo get reviewed at least for oppen the happy :P
    EXO fighting!

  107. Whats happening to the charts Oo I thought Exo was in first place? what happend to the votes 

  108. The votes keep disappearing on this video o_O I wonder why? Well I hope that they win this week so that Simon gets to review them :D


  110. The votes keep getting all screwed up! I’m pretty sure this was first place last time I remember. But anyways. MUST KEEP VOTING. I want this for the next Music Monday!!! =D

  111. I t keeps on happening : (, every week the voting goes down a random day..but I think later it goes back to being normal…with all the 6000something votes they had XD ^^

  112. I’m confused…. yesterday, we had some odd thousands of votes and now there is only 116…. that can’t be right..

  113. Huh, why did the number of votes drop down? It suddenly went from 2000-3000 to 100..

  114. Something went wrong with the votes.. :(. I still don’t fully understand how that voting goes.

  115. Hope they can include the Chinese version in the review as well.

  116. Why did it got ranked 7th all of the sudden????? wtf???

  117. Are the votes messed up again? =___=;;

  118. I want this song to be reviewed

  119. I love this video and the song was amazing they can SANG!!!!!!!!!! lol

  120. Yay number 1 !!

  121. my most fave song right now! it must get it next week!

  122. I’m voting for EXO because Simon really got it into my head all week, I LOVE IT!


  124. This song is AMAZING. their vocals are very beautiful,and the lyrics are so nicely written ^_^

  125. yay! num 1! keep voting! :D!

  126. if this doesn’t get reviewed this for the next music monday, i think i would actually CRY.. Q,Q

  127. Here for Simon XD

  128. VOTES BACK UP! ; U;
    I want to see a review for this so bad. This song is magic! Keep voting!

  129. FOR SIMON 

  130. I would be so much more excited if this was about the Chinese version. But I’m excited for what they’ll have to say anyway.

  131. I really pray that they get reviewed, OMG.

  132. T_TT why won’t you win! i want you to be reviewed!!!

  133. EXOOOOOOOO!!! 

    Votes crashed… They’ll be BACK!!! Hopefully :P 

  134. i was so sad that the votes were restarter …or it was crashed….idk…but fighting exo…i will vote again :)

  135. Ackk the votes dropped again?! Oh, well they’ll be back up later

  136. Can you PLEASE do this music video? T^T
    I have been voting for TWO WEEKS! I’M CRAVING SOME EXO ON EYK! 

  137.  AAAAAh I want this to be reviewed!
    And so does Simon! Come onnn guysss do it for Simon!!

  138. The counter crashed… It seems EXO is recieving more votes then the counter can handle.

  139. This is the second time EXO’s votes has dropped to nothing…why is it only theirs that malfunctions here?

  140. I need this to be reviewed 

  141. Nooooooo! Go back to the top! How did this drop to 6? SIMON WANTS YOU TO WIN!

  142. Why the votes keep changing always? They deserve to win.

  143. What happens ? Omg so sad haiiz

  144. How did that happen to the votes? DDD: Nuuuu, votes, come back! We loved you! I was probably like at least 20 of you! NOOOOOOOO DX

  145. what happened to the number of votes?? D;

  146. I still love this song!

  147. Er, do the votes get reset every week or something? EXO’s song has been reverted back to zero a bunch of times already. I don’t know if this is a glitch or how the charts are, but we need to see you guys review this. :X

  148. Keep going guys! ;_________; Vote vote vote! We can get to number 1!

  149. Oh great, the votes went from 6000 something to 25 :/

  150. Why do the votes fluctuate? Yesterday I saw the voting portion at 2000 something and now it’s at 12?

  151. Still want to see a review of this!

  152. What happened to the votes :O? It’s on place 6 now :(

  153. I hate when people compare this group to other groups. I see NO similarities. I hope this song makes it next week!!

  154. this song is so catchy!!

    It’s like TVXQ’s “Before You Go” mixed with SM the Salad’s “Hot Times.”

  155. it was so close…. okay :” <


  156. Let’s go for next week, exotics! ;___;

  157. GO EXO!!, Simon please review this song next week or do it in open the happy.

  158. please please please review this next monday!!! :(((

  159. less than 1.5K points to go to become first :))))

  160. I will keep voting for this song until it gets reviewed. IT MUST HAPPEN! I listened to it over 150 times (each, Korean and Chinese) in the first 3 days it was out. Keep voting!!!

  161. SIMON, MARTINA…please review this song :))))

  162. The more I listen, the more addicting it becomes. I almost never play a song on repeat….but i’ve been listening to this one over and over and over again.

  163. I love this song so much and it’s so close to number 1!!! I really don’t want to wait another week to get this reviewed:(

  164. I love this video.
    Firstly, no matter what anyone else is saying, this is an excellent step forwards for SME. This video involves more than just well dressed guys in fancy rooms, or cute boys making faces at a camera.
    No, in this video, while SM is clearly still a little worried about developing a plot line, we see cute boys in different locations, out in the world, adventuring…
    And making faces at the camera.

    Anyway, this is a very artsy video, really beautifully shot. The two guys singing are amazing, and they really mix well together. Lord Kai’s dancing is impeccable, as expected from SME. All in all, I’m now really looking forwards to EXO’s… not…. prologue song? 

  165. ARG! So close to number 1! >.<

  166.  Checking up on kpopchart everyday hoping it will move up to number 1. I want Exo’s mv to be reviewed and see Simon fanboy! XD

  167. LOVE THIS SONG <3


  169. COME ON GUIZE 8D Lets get it to first :<

  170. FOR SIMON,. 

  171. Second place as always. T^T We will neva give up x3

  172. Simon, think about it: it’s your channel you can do whatever you want. Just review EXO if you want to

  173. Do it! For Simon!

  174. I reallllllly want this reviewed! Please?

  175. Did they fix the glitch?? YAY!!!

  176. i’m making my dog dance like spudgy to this :)

  177. please simon and martina do this songs as well because this song deserves a+ 

  178. punkyprincess92

    still addicted to this!!

  179. I admit I sing along to this song about as well as Simon.  :/  I can’t help it though!!!

  180. review this song  please!!

  181. This song is sooo addicting :)

  182. since there is nothing to do but wait for new teasers…-____-
    we must get this revieweddddd 

  183. Awesome song

  184. i love this song:)

  185. punkyprincess92

    i really want this to be reviewed….soooo…….badly!!!!!!!!

  186. Did the google+ votes go down?

  187. park chanyeol park chanyeol park chanyeol park chanyeol park chanyeol

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  191. lay lay lay lay lay lay lay lay

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  193. tao tao tao tao tao tao tao

  194. luhan luhan luhan luhan luhan

  195. baekhyun baekhyun baekhyun baekyun

  196. please do this music monday the song is so catchy and baekhyun and D.o atleast deserve this””””””””

  197. lets do ithis no1 if not , do some music k pop wenesday BUT PLEASE REVIEW EXO

  198. thumbs up if all you could think is exo since they debuted************

  199. I’ve lost my mind!!! (over this song)

  200. god we need to win. exotics we need to win and make simon do this review please!!!!!!!!!

  201. exo! :D

  202. EXO!! please!~~


  204. punkyprincess92

    we gotta do this for Simon!!!!!!! hehehe!!!

  205. punkyprincess92

    please please i really want to see this reviewed!!!!

  206. hey, if you do review this song on tuesday.. will u also mention EXO-M or will u just review EXO-K

  207. EXO!!!!!!

  208. EXO!

  209. I love this song!, it´s so catchy!

  210. The votes crashed AGAIN?!

  211. Just bought this song cuz I love it, I really hope it can get reviewed!

  212. i mean guise, simon wants this song XD

  213. i really want it on music monday to…

  214. yep , let’s comment it. It’s so sad , we are all the time so much points below ! We need like 300 votes ? 400 even. cuz FT has more facebook shares and comments

  215. Completey hooked onto this song! i hope it gets reviewed on monday!

  216. Come on!! Votes returned! *-* Make that song the number one! **

  217. Do I vote by commenting? lol
    You got my vote!


  219. pure awesomeness!!!!!

  220. Go Exo! : D love this song.

  221. I feel like this should have more comments on it

  222. Yay it’s fixed! But are all of the votes counted? Or are some missing?

  223. I think something might be wrong with these charts… EXO had so many votes yesterday, and then it went down to 98? And it seems like new comments aren’t being shown, or are they being deleted? I dunno, maybe it’s just Australia? 

  224. How is SM’s new group not right at the top of the charts??? INCONVEVIABLE! -_- And they’ve got such an awesome sound. I LOST MY MIND, dun dun dunnnanana~ 

  225. What happened to the votes??? is someone messing with the site or something?? is there anyway to fix it?

  226. Ok this is ridiculous………………..It had like over5000 votes  and now …94?…whattheheck XD!, : (


  228. Damn glitch. This video had nearly 6,000 votes -_-’

  229. But… I swear that there were a lot of votes this morning, where have they gone?!?! O_O
    I want this song to win! TT_TT

  230. THE DANCING AT 2:00. <3 ____ <3 I will never be able to love another dance as much I love this one. I neeeeed to see it in real life. 

  231. Uh oh, counter has a glitch. I’m sure Simon’s dothraki man warrior computer skills will fix it soon, though

  232. I love this song, they’re voices are amazing! Hopefully they’re gonna release their “real” debut song soon.

  233. AAAAHHHHH WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VOTES!!!!! I really wanted this to win!

  234. The counter crashed. People are mass voting.

  235. What happened to all the votes???

  236. What happened to EXO’s vote?

  237. Why are there only 29 votes? There was like 5000 + votes yesterday :O This happened last week too. WTF is this madness >.>  

  238. How come it says there are only 9 votes?

  239. i really hope exo will be reviewed on music mondays this week!

  240. i want this song reviewed!!!

  241. Come on Exo! You’re too awesome not to win!

  242. I’ll kill myself, if they don’t win next week. Exotics, we can do it! Aja Aja Fighting! ^^

  243. DO IIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT! pleeeeeeeeeease!!
    Cos bunnies are FLUFFY! XD

  244. Do it for our Exo and also for Simon who wants this song to be on next kpop monday

  245. we must do it do the 1st place !

  246. GO GO GO EXO !!!!

  247. Very beautiful song !
    This is a fantastic group !
    EXO live !

  248. Totally can’t stop singing this xD

  249. We have to vote for EXO! xD I want to see Kpop music mondays with Simon getting mad for EXO! xD Come on! xD

  250. commenting as much as possible…YAY

  251. Didn’t like it much when I first heard it. But now it’s the only song i can listen to. :D

  252. I lost my mind. Love it!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the debut!!!

  253. guys…please tweet and comment as much as you can :))))

  254. EXO :))))) SE HUN’s my bias :))))

  255. EXO :))))) i love you guys though you haven’t debuted yet :)))

  256. Love it :)

  257. yah, me want exo

  258. I command you guys to vote! -.-

  259. We need more comments and tweets!!! We gotta do this for Simon!

  260. Please please please please keep voting, I really want this to be reviewed and I want to see Simon review this xD

  261. i really want this to be reviewed!

  262. Still pushing for this one to take the lead!!!! 

  263. Kinda hope us EXO fans pull through *cough*.

  264. c’mon EXO fans, we’re falling behind!!! 

  265. let’s keep trying to get this song to number one! :D

  266. Hix we just have 300 more hix hix common guys ;[[

  267. If you review this please, please talk about the chinese song, and try to explain the whole Exo-K, Exo-M thing. I want to see your take on it

  268. Asdfghjkl You know if you don’t review EXO. I will never forgive. Ever.
    Screw voting. DO IT NOWWWWWWWWWWW.

    Double posting. Just cause I can.

  269. PLEASE REVIEW EXO WHAT IS LOVE. And the Chinese version should be included in the review as well. XD Thanks EYK. I might start spamming the comments section. 

  270. Started singing this to myself during track practice… akward…


    Such an awesome song. MUST be reviewed for KPOP Music Monday.

  272. Please review EXO! They are awesome. :D

  273.  I love the song =3

  274. I checked and there’s no option to vote for Chinese version, so my doubts are gone

  275. I hope it’s not losing to F.T. Island because people are confused and voting for EXO- or EXO-K… I really hoped this song will get a review ; (

  276. I reallyyyy need them to review this song already!T^T

  277. Oh how badly I want this song to be reviewed T^T


  279. Can you review the chinese version too~? : ) EXO~!

  280. Great song, good voices , I love !
    Thanks EXO !

  281. FOR SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. Common guiseee!! Let’s vote for Simon!:D

  283. reviewwww exo ;)

  284. Let’s go guys, we can do this! This song is AMAZING and needs to be reviewed! ESPECIALLY FOR SIMON! LOL

  285. I can’t explain why I like this song, it’s sort of… it feels like it’s on an off beat and kind of bluesy meets almost reggae. I’ve never seen a k-pop video like this before, it’s refreshing~ well done, Exo!  

  286. Love this song, Go Exo!

  287. I’d love to see this song reviewed; SM hasn’t released a new group since f(x) in what, 2009? And this song is so awesome and the ‘I lost my mind’ part ALWAYS gets stuck in my head. It’s such a brilliant song<33

    ((Also, for Simon x3))

  288. Please review this video!!! vote for music monday!!!!

  289. Oups, “next Music Monday”, not nest :P

  290. I hope Simon gets to have it his way and and that they review this song for nest Music Monday :)

  291. Review it for Simon!!!!!

  292. It will be amazing that you review this, EXO deserves a review, they’re awesome singers, and also dancers. That they have like a billion of teasers doesn´t make them less talented, besides is sm’s fault.

  293. Still hilariously awesome many weeks later!


  295. I love this song! I was so sceptical of EXO, particularly after the 10th teaser (starting to think that they will be 40 before they release an actual song). But this is not just a typical SM dance in a box video. It doesn’t make logical sense, but it’s so artsy and fantastic that it deserves points just for being something new. What a beautifully shot video!

    Then, we move onto the song. How amazing could this be? Thankfully, it’s not just a meaningless dance track (although I do love me some meaningless dance tracks). It’s a wonderful song with texture, and introduces the main singers of EXO PLANET in such a way that I will sure remember their voices. Both the mandarin and korean versions are fantastic vocally. This is a brilliant move by SME: form two bands, put them under the same name, give them one song (therefore you pay for one song in two languages), promote in two different countries and reap double the revenue. It’s a little heartless, but strategically brilliant. 

    And, even though we don’t see a lot of dancing in this video, Kai’s moves were fantastic. Boy has trained for eight years in ballet, jazz, pop, hip pop and every other form of dance you can think of. He deserves to be in EXO-K and he deserves to be the leader, I think. For some reason, he seems older than he is. 

    Anyway, that concludes my EXO rant. Fantastic song, fantastic video, fantastic dance. Now if they can only release a song. 

  296. Come onnnn, EXOTICS!!!! Let’s bring them up to #1!
    Almost 2 million views for the MV, too. WHOO!!!

  297. Please make a video on EXO. Pleaseeeeeee!!! Would definitely be a plus if you did both Chinese and Korean, but I know you focus more on Korean material.

    These vocals are so suave! They’re jjang!

  298. I really, really love this song <3

  299. I really want you guys to review this song. Just like Simon, I’ve been playing it on repeat. I’ve played it so much it’s still playing in my head throughout the day. I’ll be taking a shower…and the song’s still in my head. I’ll be at the doctor…and the song’s still in my head. I’ll be listening to another kpop song…and the song’s still in my head. Please review it, before it replays in my head so much that I come to hate it!

  300. iiii…lost mah mi-ii-ind… :)))

  301. I totally see why Simon can’t stop playing this song– it’s so addicting!

  302. EXXXOOOOO~ I hope you guys get on~ Love you~

  303. Please help vote this groupp, pleasee jeball,

  304. I really hope this is on Music Mondays because I want to hear what Simon & Martina think about EXO :) Oh! And teaser 14 came out! ^^ 

  305. Keep voting people!! I really really really want to hear what Simon (especially) has to say about this! I feel like there is a lot to say about this song and video, as well as the groups as this is the first full track we’ve gotten and it’s AMAZING!


  307. FRICKIN GET VOTING, PEOPLE. I love this song and I also want to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about it!! Who cares about FT Island and their standard korean drama plotline?! This one’s got a lunar eclipse and sexy lyrics/voices and what seems to be the end of the world!! (or the beginning, as its label of ‘prologue’ suggests :D)

  308. LET’S GO VOTE NAW XD MAD HAVE YOU CHECKED THE NEW TEASER? Woooooow. Kai is so charismatic. *-*

  309. I’m voting for this because Simon said “Please please please.” :)

  310. New teaeser, once again with Kai, but damn is he SEXY HAE~~!!

  311. Come on guys lets get this to the top. :D

  312. Vote vote vote :D Hello everyone!  let’s do this! :D

  313. They should talk about the whole Exo-K and Exo-M thing…. its super weird.

  314. How come most SM groups are forced to wear hilariously ridiculous and inappropriate outfits (yellow underwear? Fuzzy owl/couch suits?) but not Exo? This styling is downright conservative in comparison. Except for a few shiny jackets and that one guy dressed as the Little Prince. 

  315. Go Exo! The song is awesome! keep voting : )

  316. ; __ ; Just please review this.

  317. Keep voting and spread the word! o no

  318. Come on, guys! Keep voting so we can get this up to the top! We can do it!!!

  319.  Yes .. I’m addicted to this song….

  320. GAHH, not a fan of SM but………catchy…..can’t…..resist…..*replay*

  321. waaa i’m so wanting this to get reviewed !!!!!!

  322. This song is slowly starting to grow on me. And for Simon’s sanity I’ll keep voting for it.

  323. Vote vote vote o_e ~

  324. amazing song, i really hope it gets reviewed!!

  325. We can do it!!


  327. Looove the boys, one of the most promising debuts of 2012!

  328. they have left me pleasantly surprised. I usually don’t like songs with this kind of feel to it but the melody is so beautiful that I don’t seem to mind it at all. Good job EXO, lookin forward to their debut ^^

  329. So since you guys added  this the the K Crunch Playlist last week, I have literally watched/and or listened to this song at LEAST 5 times a day. It is ingrained in my head so that I can’t stop murmer singing “baby baby baby” EVERYWHERE I go. Thank you Simon and Martina for fueling the fire of my Kpop addiction :D

  330. I’m going to vote for thiss until SnM review it

  331. I really want this to win since Simon and Martina want to review it so bad. :D i just couldn’t help myself with Block B’s song last week though……. :x :D

  332. For some reason this song reminds me of the opening song in The Lion King; maybe that’s why I love it so much!

  333. I feel like I’ve been voting for this forever.

  334. Can you please review this song..i totally love it so much! i have it on replay and im so crazy over EXO. Come on guys just a few more votes until it reaches number one! exo hwaiting!! 

  335. Oh, I really hope they win ^^~.

  336. I’m so addicted to this song, I’ve been just like Simon, honestly! I’m so impressed by EXO, seriously. <3

  337. This song has really been growing on me.  EXO has impressed me. Simon loves this song already, I REALLY hope that they’ll review EXO this Music Monday!!!

  338. EXO!!!!! i love this song!!! i’ve been playing it a TON just like simon XD i’m soooooo addicted… it’s not healthy… or is it?

  339. Couldn’t you guys do TWO MusicMondays? ;-; Just this once?

  340. The vote count for fb was Ironically 2012 when I came back to listen to it.

  341. NOW I’M ADDICTED!!!

  342. I love this song so much! I REALLY hope this wins!

  343. We can do it! we are soo close to the first place! Go Exo!

  344. This really needs to be reviewed! XD The song is so amazing and I have a feeling these two have a lot to say about the video! X3

  345. Voting on this for Simon!

  346. Don’t disappoint Simon, guys! VOTVOTEVOTE and tell your friends to do the same.
    = 0= EXOOOOOOO~ <3

  347. I think everyone should vote for this because Simon wants it really bad. I think we should be nice and let them pick their own song for once. :) Either way I would probably vote for this anyway because it’s AWESOME! C’mon guys, vote for Simon!!!!

  348. Simon wants this video to be no. 1 , let’s do it ! vote vote vote


  350. Yay!! I want this so badly to be reviewed in kpop #mm

  351. I see Simon really wants to review it. xD

  352. S.M. Entertainment creates the best groups.
    EXO doesn’t even seem like a rookie group at all.

  353. We have to make it top in Kpop Charts, for Simon!!

  354. hahah i hope this wins because simon really wants to review this ahha

  355. I’m not too fond of too many ‘baby’s being repeated in a song… BUT who cares when the song is awesome! I love it. And I love you, Simon, for loving it to the extenct of making me laugh with your overflowing voting requests. And just so you know: it worked. Aaand I also gotta say, that in my personal opinion SM has built this string of teasers and this so called “prologue” far more nicely they first let on… cause it all seems to fit together, I’m guessing that in the end it forms a story of some kind… I’ll be waiting with high interest.

  356. I didn’t expect to like this once I heard the repeated “baby” in the beginning (i’m not a fan of being called baby or hearing others be called as such…I’m odd) BUT! This song is pretty amazing so I got over it. :D.

  357. I really love this song, Go Exo!

  358. Love exo!! 


  359. when i first saw this video i so confused because i kept thinking i was seeing all of the members of exo because i was seeing new faces and then i heard it only featured lu han and kai so now i’m confused. We’ll whoever was in the video i don’t really care at this point because i’m so ADDICTED TO THIS SONG!!! xD

  360. This song reminded me of Hot Times by SM the Ballad. I’m really upset that JINO is not a member of this group! x_x

  361. This song is so addicting – just like Simon said!! I love it so much!

  362. I’ve never heard Simon beg for us to vote for a song before, that’s how I knew that this song was going to be epic. Oh my gosh this song is playing constantly in my head now!

  363. they have amazing voices!!! i really want to see you guys review this!! (and make fun of kai dancing alone with a jacket xDDD)

  364. I really hope their “official” debut will be as awesome as this prologue because this song is beautiful. and Baekhyun is super amazing

  365. The vocals are sooo strong in this group, I’m glad this new group isn’t all about pretty faces (although they’re not lacking in that department either)

  366. i love this song!!

  367. Beautiful stuff, but I just want you to debut already!!!!!!!  :<

  368. PLEASE just DEBUT ALREADY! 13th teaser just released…yet SM hasnt even revealed all 12 members. never seen so much teaser hype for a group, and i get the feeling i never will again. EVER.

  369. 1 more place to go!

  370. Makes sense. What is love is such an R&B type song. Well, then again, all Yoo Young Jin songs are. And Simon loves R&B… so…. GO EXO!!!! 

  371. Well i wasn’t too into this when I first heard it… but it really grew on me. I wouldn’t say that I’m a die-hard fan yet, but I’m intrigued. Hope this is on MM. I really want to see their opinions… also I just watched the teasers today and doesn’t Kai have a lot of teasers (not trying to be a hater, but aren’t there like a lot of people in EXO?). GOOD LUCK EXO i voted for you

  372. i love the song and their voices but the video… while it may be pretty and all… im not a big fan. still i would love to see it on MM :)

  373. EXO EXO let’s win win win!!

  374. Go! EXO! GO!!! i sooo want it to be in music mondays >< 

  375. Go Exo, Go Exo, we can do it!

  376. How I’d wish this could make it for MM ;__; Chen <3
    Show some love for the Chinese version please?

  377. Say what you will about them having too many teasers and this only being a ‘prologue’ single, this song is SO CATCHY. 

  378. I’ve been listening to this on repeat!

  379. no idea what ‘prologue song’ is but this is the most beautiful song ever

  380. Let’s go guys , Simon wants this song in 1st place too ! Lets bump it !

  381. Liking the concept of Korean and Chinese versions, though it’d be great if the Chinese one was more than a direct translation of Korean.


  383. this song just made me addicted

  384. I am was to overly attached to this song now i am going to keep voteing for it for however many weeks it takes it will be reviewed!

  385. I’m not much into slow-ish songs…err… prologue songs…. but this one took my breath away :D EXO FIGHTING!!!

  386. So good >.< Downloaded the song right after I watched the video…on repeat…1,000 times…

  387. the vocals are…AMAZING!…BUT i really dont understand whats going on in the video and im kinda curious on what Simon and martians take on this video

  388. already a big fan of exo

  389. Papi Kai FTW

  390. I love this song

  391. Sascha Wong

    They remind me a bit of Yunho and Changmin. LOVE this song :D

  392. After 8 million teasers and then more teasers we finally get a video-ish. I feel like im listening to some old school 90s Slow Jamz. and I really like listening to this song.  Like ALOT. The vocals are really amazing and I love the dancing.The rest of the video is a little weird for me. They go on a rv trip to some fields and then hang out in a barn with shiny jackets. 

    I cant wait to see the debut single..and praying that I wont see anymore dancing teasers until then. 

  393. I love this song! I can’t get the chorus out of my head!!

  394. love the song <3

  395. I’m so impressed that SM actually released a video. Btw, these guys are amazing singers! I hope that the rest of EXO’s as good.

  396. i love this so much. i can’t wait until they debut. this mv was only released 8 days ago, but it feels like eternity. EXO <33

  397. Hopefully EXO will get a chance to be reviewed! T^T hahha If that would happen, that’d be the best birthday gift ever!~ <3

  398. First time I heard this song it didn’t impress me that much, but now I~~ LOST MY MIND

    So addictive!

  399. Great song
    love KAI~!

  400. FOR SIMON! 

  401. the song is great, catchy, and really calming ^__^ i wanna hear all your EXO complaints, you know, prolouge, teasers, members, etc.

  402. I started singing this song really loud when no one was around. EXO is awesome! I really hope Simon and Martina pick this song for K-pop Music Mondays. For Simon! :D

  403. At first i was just voting for Simons sake but not i have desided i really like this song its has grown on me and it has also become a personal mission to see that this song wins!

  404. I’m curious as to whether Simon and Martina like this song even though it’s a ballad.^_^

  405. Personally, I like the Chinese version much more, purely because the vocals are new and fresh; these guys sound a bit too much like Yoo Young Jin for my taste. That’s not to say their vocals are bad, they just sound like your standard ballad singers. Lu Han and Chen make me more interested in the song. And the song is great in either language! The melody and beat are both sexy as hell, they just need to change up the vocals to surprise you and leave you wanting more. Hopefully this makes sense.

    I’m voting for this video anyway cuz I love ballad-type songs and this shit’s great :)

  406. This song is great, I’ve been listening to it everyday and is in repeat in my ipod. Hope It makes to Kpop music Mondays, Because i want to know what simos has to say about the video, and the group.

  407. This time. We will win.

  408. i really want to hear what you guys have to say about  EXO’s prologue single…
    plus Simon wants us to vote for it, so people should vote for it =D

  409. Omigod TT^TT If this isn’t on the next K-Pop music Monday, I will go jump off a building ;__; 

    And its not fair >:O Yesterday, the votes were up to 3800 and IDK what happened but they went all the way to ZERO and we had to start voting all over again and it took one whole day just to get those votes back >:( Do you know how long it took for me to beg my non K-Pop fans to vote? LOL 

    But even if you don’t do the video, I’LL LOVE YOU BOTH IN HEAVEN! MWAH! 

  410. I really want you guys to review it!! Because I really like this song, and it came as a surprise when I found out that Simon liked it… I thought he was more to… you know, different kind of music… style? o.O’

  411. For you Simon!! now that you reviewed Nanlina, I can do it..and I really like this song, although I’m a bit pissed that they’re not debuting yet e___e

  412. B|

  413. im voting for simon

  414. i just really want to see simon sing this song in the review. it will be funny!

  415. Please please please review this one please ;_______;

  416. Simon this vote it’s for you. cuz i know how much you love this song. even though i was totally meh-ed by it. no lie the two boys singing have great voices but oh well.

  417. Oh Simon, Im only doing this for you. Talk abt the Chinese version pretty pls? It does not get enough attention and Im in luv with the Chinese version. 

  418. SIMON, if this gets on MM please give a little shout out of love to the Chinese version ! :D

    I really like this song as well tho i rlyrly prefer the Chinese version. Also seem like the hottests ones are in EXO-M anyways. But this might be my bias for Han Geng that is talking xD

  419. i don’t know what it is about this song thats got me playing it over and over. i think i prefer the exo-m version tho D:

  420. I’ve been following EXO from the start, love them very – very much! ^-^ //<

  421. Freaking love this song!!!! =’D <3

  422. for Simon! … and the awesome group!!! :P

  423. I hope this wins i love this song!

  424. i really hope this song wins. i love it <3

  425. For simon. Even though I like the EXO M version better.

  426. We can do it FOR SIMON

  427. I agree with simon! let’s vote for what is love for music mondays!

  428. GO SIMON GO SIMON…ups i mean hehe GO EXO GO EXO!!

  429. Voting for it for Simon.

  430. It better win or Im going to ask for this song every week till it wins!!!! 

  431. i hope this song wins…^^ go exo go :)

  432. Do the song that won and this pleaseeeeeeeeee. EXO~

  433. Really like this song! And the Chinese version is so amazing too~ And I can actually understand the Chinese version too XD

  434. plese take a look at the voting thingy PLEASE!! SIMON DO SOMETHING I WANNA WATCH YOU REVIEW THEM!! love EXO!!! they are amazing ♥ :3

  435. I can’t help but feel that SM is unfair. Super Junior may only get oddly lite rooms but poor EXO is stuck out in a fallng appart barn.

  436. WHAT is going on with this voting thingy


  438. This is strange? Is the voting bar glitched or something? I swear there were many more votes than this… Please look into it!

  439. Agreed, what happend to the green votes? they had at least 3000 votes I remember

  440. What happened to all their green bar votes? I’m pretty sure they had over 1500 votes.

  441. Simon really wants to review this…I REALLY WANT THEM TO REVIEW THIS…Keep liking, voting, commenting, blahsdpfjiawepofjaew I LOVE THIS SONG.

  442. Awesome !!!! ^^

  443. I like the Chinese version better :3 But better than nothing! Vote Vote Vote! 

  444. But this song is so cool….


  446. AWESOME!!! <333 EXO!!! :DDD

  447. This is for you Simon! Been voting every day ! ^-^

  448. WTF just happened?! it was 3 yesterday with thousands of votes but now its like 5 with 95 votes! *angry face* WTH?!

  449. `0eryofhasp98yf8ety ♥

  450. EXO!! >3< I love the Chinese version as well, LU HAN<3

  451. I son’t think I understand the voting system :/ I mean the votes were in the thousands and now it’s down to 75. Is it glitching?
    Oh well, hope all the votes come back so that Simon gets to review this ^_^

  452. I didn’t really like this song at first, but Simon’s obsession over this song just cracked me up!!!! So, I guess it’s starting to rub off on me! lol!! :)

  453. Love this song!! you must do it. 

  454. I’m voting for this song because I love Simon and I want him happy <3

  455. I LOVE THIS SONG i love it i love it i love it i totally agree with you simon it is amazing and i’m gonna keep voting for it ;)

  456. LOL Wasn’t gonna vote for them but simon’s pleading changed my mind.


  458. lol simon is going crazy for this song xDD i really like their voices :D you can tell that they’ve been training and practising for a while :) i can’t wait until they release more songs ^^

  459. What the F…, 13 votes? this morning it was around 3000


  461. I can’t believe this has so few votes! Lots of facebook support though, interesting.

  462. I’m totally going to spam this page T^T BLOCK B HAS SO MANY VOTESS! >.< 

  463. and the fans too lol >.> 


  465. Glad the songs are back in the right place now…well almost…This song should be No. 1 :)

  466. The lolz of this review would be epic!

  467. OH HOW I WANT THIS SONG TO BE REVIEWED. I’m quite saddened that Block B is grabbing the victory, but oh well. ;_;

  468. i know you simon want it! ♥

  469. Please please please make a review of this!!

  470. cool songs!

  471. Such powerful voices! ♥♥♥♥ 

  472. I actually prefer the chinese version, which is so soothing and the korean version is more  powerful. I want this song to be reviewed

  473. This song is so amazing! You should definitively do A REVIEWWW!!!
    Pretty please~~~~

  474. omg i dc if the other songs have more votes YA NEED TO REVIEW THIIIIIIISSSS!!

    awesome song is awesome

  475. Haha, Simon, I’ve been doing the same thing! I really hope you guys review this one, but it looks like NalinA and Severely are still beating EXO :(

    I do agree though that the whole ‘prologue single’ thing is just weird. They’re probably doing it to keep interest up because those teasers really are… teasing… sorry if that sounds wrong, haha.

  476. I agree with simon! this song is amazing! I didn’t bother to listen to it before since it was from SM and so my hope weren’t high but I LOVED it!!!! it’s such a soothing song, it felt like a lullaby almost x3 and the mv was very mystical and unique. and….DANG those two can sing!!!!! I think they should stay as a duet!

  477.  Just a reminder, if you spam the comments they won’t count.

    I love this song so much, it’s my jam <3

  478. I’m so tempted to spam you guys right now. so that SIMON will get his wish. LOL :)))))))))))) *ohwait.. i already am!*

  479. can i continuously comment so that simon and martina will just HAVE to make a video on this?? :D hahahaha 

  480. i just really wanted to hear what simon and martina has to say about EXO. :)))))))) after Bunnies are Puffy… I don’t know what they will say about EXO. hahahaha

  481. this song is awesome!

  482. EXO <3  Can't wait for Kpop Music Monday~

  483. i heart this song!!! <3 D.O

  484. i love this song so much >__<

  485. JUST FOR SIMON!!! haha,  no jk, it really is an amazing song!

  486. The song is so catchy! love it

  487. Just watched the video.. again lol


  489. come on simon and martina review this <3 their voices are amazing. and look at the views! and FIRST SONG IN simon: 124 years.


  491. Jeez why cant this just win by views like it has 1.5 mil dude that saying something.. saying something like this song is freaking AWESOME!

  492. I swear if this gets featured for KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS, I’ll be seeing SIMON singing this AWESOME song by heart…. hihihihih^^

  493. Guise, plz vote them? For Simon?

  494. Naege malhaejwo, ige sarangiramyon<3

  495. Wasn’t expecting much from them (despite the SM machine), but this was really cool ^^

  496. i love this song! but they’re up against block b and ft island :(



  498. this song is amazing! <3

  499. come onnnn we need #1 guyss vote vote vote vote!!

  500. Just like Simon, I have been playing this song over and over and over again X3 I love it!

  501. Go exo asdalsdasdlasdla I want the review of this song soo badly srsly D;

  502. I’ll be /really/ sad D:

  503. I’ll be sad if you don’t do this song :C 

  504. SERIOUSLY DO THIS SONG. :C Or I’ll be sad.

  505. You have to vote at the top.Click the little green thumbs up.

  506. I really wanna see this done!!!!!!!

  507. I want to see your take on this song really bad. Review.


  508. Please review this soon! I don’t know when, but it would be great for sometime soon!

  509. loved this song! both versions! hope u guys get to review sometime ^.^
    kai <3

  510. If Simon wants this song then by golly he gets to review this song.

  511. i wanted to see block b
    wants to review this
    ;; block b, you must wait </3

  512. I am just loving this song! I can’t stop singing it even when it’s not playing! I hope their future songs are as good as this one!

  513. GO EXO! GO SM GROUPS! :D 

  514. OMIGOD yesh! It went from 5 to 3! Now it must go to number one! Sorry Block B >.< 

  515. ahh i really want to know what you guys think of this vid!!!

  516. at first, i was like ehh and now i’m like IIIII LOST MY MINDDDDD hahahah love this soo much now. so much feeling.

  517. I like this song but i’m only voting for you Simon :-)

  518. IlostMINDDDD 当你走进我实现


  520. this is a really good, smooth, jazz song… but i wonder…what happened to the other 10 members????


  522. Greaaaaaaaaat song~ I love it 

  523. do this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD simon i agree with you!!!!!!!!! please!!!!! XD

  524. Great song in both Chinese and Korean!



  527. ok exo’s what is love for music monday~

  528. Just. This song, guys, this song.

  529. I really hope this song gets to the top. 

  530. amazing song pleaseeee voteee

  531. Love this song! Happy Simon? If you are then but Martina her iphone and stitch case :) but seriously I do love this song

  532. This is not for you Simon. This is because it IS awesome.

  533. Pweez vote for this song T^T GO SIMON AND EXO!! 

  534. Go Simon go EXO~

  535. I voted for EXO for you Simon. I hope you get your wish, haha.

  536. Let’s make Simon happy. EXO please!!!

  537. i hope if they do this song, they’ll maybe compare it to the chinese version? :3

  538. THIS SONG.

  539. it’s kinda sad but i’ve seen all of the video’s u guys wanted everyone to see i’m already fangirling over everything for at least a week and a half now.

  540. I’d really like to see what Simon and Martina have to say about that unicorn rock!

  541. I really really want to see this one reviewed

  542. Hmm to me, the chinese members are better looking, but the korean ones will get promoted more and be more popular… sigh… my baby lu han is in exo m… anyone know which exo kai is gonna be in? cuz i think he was in bothh mvs kair is sooooo hot

  543. EXO FIGHTING!!!!!!!

  544. This video is so amazing!

  545. I hope this win by tomorrow huhuuhuh u guys should do it … ;[

  546. I really hope you guys review this; I mean it’s awesome and it’s a really great introduction into EXO if people haven’t seen the teasers and such. 

  547. DO THIS SONG. Even though it’s only 2 of them…


  549. ahh I really want them to do this <3

  550. Did the number of votes for this drop???

  551. My vote goes to EXO. EXO Rocks :)

  552. For Simon. My vote goes to EXO. XD

  553. I’m voting for this because I love this song and because of Simon. lol

  554. Jeezz so Block B is most likely gonna win… but I shall vote my heart out here!

  555. Simon and Martina should really review this song for Music Mondays!!

  556. I freaking LOVE this damn song!

  557. Please please please let this be on Music Mondays!!!! Simon and Martina have to have to have to do this video…. 

  558. Voting like crazy for simon xD

  559. Enjoyed the Chinese version a little better, because that’s what I hear everyday.  Regardless of language, the video had good pace, with a slow, sexy rhythm.  Some of the scenarios left me a little clueless.  Definitely would like to see this on a Music Monday! 

  560. We will try our best for you Simon !!

  561. i’m with you guys, just keep liking this and maybe we will see this on k pop mondays…….

  562. Simon and Martina should really review this song for Music Mondays!! I love the beat! Its so catchy and the video is really interesting and mysterious. =) Get voting guys!

  563. Pleaseee review this song..this song is totally DAEBAKKK..I am as desperate as Simon 
    and lol at the ‘TEST-TUBE BABIES’..

  564. Is it too late to try to get it back up to number one for Kpop Music Mondays?

  565. What just happen! I want a SnM review of this song~ OMG liking senseless

  566. I love all the other songs this week, but I am really impressed by this song/promotion! (hahaha!) I wanna hear what Simon has to say about it :P

  567. I’m like Simon right now ! I reeeeeeeeeeally want you to review this song  !
    This song is quite addictive ^^

  568. What keeps happening to their likes… :(
    Anyhow I will forever like this!
    They will win!

  569. What happened?! It’s 64?! Nuuuuuuuu!!!

  570. This song  is amazing. I really don’t think they deserve as much hate as they’ve been getting. I hope the hate dies down when people finally realize how great they are. 8′(  Prove them wrong, EXO!

  571. forever voting this D:!

  572. Thumbed this up for ya’ Simon! ^_^

  573. amazingggggg

  574. Im voting for Simon, since he is a really big fanboy ^_-

  575. Oh mai gosh this song is so sexy! Please please please review this song!!! <3

  576. OH NO!!!  The voting was just at 2300 and now it’s at 6??????   What happened?!!

  577. Despite the fact that they’ve released too many teasers and it’s only two of them singing, this song is so awesome! It has been on repeat since the day it came out. I was really surprised that they could sing so well since every teaser has been of dancing, fighting, or Kai. I’m really looking forward to the rest of their songs!

  578. I like the chinese version too but since im used to kpop songs, I like the korean one better

  579. guys if you love this song vote every hour! xD that’s what I’m doing


  581. I love that their first song is a ballad compared to everyone else debuting with dance songs left right and centre…and their voices are amazing *O* I really hope you guys review this!

    the Chinese one ain’t bad too :P

  582. Love EXO but I perfer the chinese ver over this cause I can understand a little bit but overall I love their voices! EXO HWAITING

  583. This song is amazing. So chill.

  584. For Simon :D and for me hahahah

  585. i love this song alot, but im gonna wait till they actually release a song first 

  586. I love this song so much. I hope if you review it you include something about the Chinese version too, Chen’s voice is amazing.

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  589. Voting because 
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    Hope Simon and Martina reviews this song one day :)) I just want to know their thoughts on it. Doesn’t even have to be a video, short blog/vlog post will do :D

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