Exo – What is Love



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  1. This song needs to win at some point. DO IT FOR SIMON!!

  2. I lost my mind~ 
    I love this song!!! <3

  3. This needs to win~ I don’t care if it’s been weeks since it’s release, voted~

  4. When I hear Exo I think of Exodus and exodusters….that’d be a funny fanclub name!

  5. punkyprincess92

    hopefully today i’ll see the review!!!

  6. Whoooot! Can’t wait for the review ^^

  7. Review both, please!! I don’t want only EXO-K to be known :CC


  9. Ana Carolina Silva

    Please stay on top. I’m soooo curious to hear what Simon & Martina have to say about them…

  10. punkyprincess92

    hope this’ll stay at the top!!! but now miss a released their MV!!!! noooooo!!!!!!! will it ruin our chance?

  11. omg my week gone so fast ! Only good thing in mondays is kpop mondays but this week it woudl be EXO <3

  12. I’m sooo loking forward tomorrow’s Kpop Monday ; )

  13. waaa >ww< it's gonna be so awesome ^^ 

  14. Finally … Hahhahah … its tomorrow .. waiting like 2 weeks …. desperate … and yeah Simon definitely like it a lot <3<3<3

  15. Diana Yeme

    yay, finally! I get to watch the review!

  16. takemyhands

    8,000 votes. Way to go guys!

  17. *O* this song is finally #1 Hopefully it doesn’t change by Monday!

  18. croissantwinkle

    I want to see more cuts of Simon singing What Is Love with Spudgy lol.

  19. CasterGirl


  20. This has to win this week!!!!! >~<

  21. Voting forever for this, LOL… doing this because I totally love this song and for Simon, since him and Martina are my heroes <3

  22. punkyprincess92

    i hope this is a Monday to look forward to!!!!

  23. takemyhands

    Can’t wait for Monday ^^

  24. I’m honestly surprised at how long EXO has been on the charts here. THE DEDICATION WE HAVE. ;-; You guys seriously need to review this and let our hard work pay off. Please?

  25. EXO fighting! Let’s do it for Simon! :)

    And they are so amazing!!

  26. Praying this will be reviewed <3.

  27. i love exo :)))))

    can’t wait for their debut…

  28. punkyprincess92

    *sings* just keep voting, just keep voting, just keep voting,voting,voting!!!! what do we do? just keep voting!!

  29. madelinemaureen

    i’m commenting not only cause Simon and Martina want so badly to talk about this video, but because i too want to hear their opinion on EXO. i personal like them already no matter how many teasers they have or how many times Kai appears in them.  can’t get this song out of my head! “What is Love”……baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me…no more…

  30. please, Keep in the first place! EXO hwaiting! ^o^

  31. PLEASE REVIEW THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Simon is going to have a hard time figuring out the plot of this one.. :P Anyways, I hope they get reviewed, AMAZING VOCALS, is all I can say! They kind of reminded me of SHINee but maybe its b/c the are SM? idk, but I’m looking forward to watching an MM on this!

  33. Praying that this will be reviewed <3. I don't care if you guys don't like ballads, it's a must review x).

  34. You should review this song because Simon really likes it :)