Exo – Wolf

  1. anonymous tinkerbell


  2. this is really a good song and amazing live performance. they work really hard. by the way, I love KRIS most. thanks.

  3. Bryonna Burga

    I love all kpop But Exo is MY #1 for life I know they will win !!!!!! Who doesnt like 12 hot guys dancing with really good music!!! Cant wait to see what they have in store for there fans next love you Exo <3 Fighting

  4. EXO wahoooooo u make me howl when the night sky were moon hit keep good work exo

  5. Mrs.ParkYooChun

    WAE!!! does it say this video does not exist?!!! Maybe the agency didnt agree with you guys? O_o

  6. Mini Squid

    Yay! We won!

  7. Exotic Shawolz

    Exo has made a good comeback after 1 whole freaking year !! Exo hwaiting and faster come out with the drama ver.

  8. Ahri Ferreira

    ok… I do like Mblaq and love both songs, but i got that SMALL feeling they would have LOADS more to say about this MV than about Mblaq, don’t know…as i said… just a feeling!… that’s why I’ll keep on voting this one…

  9. Steve Lor

    I want them to win, but lol it’s fine, they are awesome enough


    Am I the only one super confused in what happened to the “drama version”?
    Did they even shoot one in the first place? Some people are saying that SM is not uploading it cuz of some random fan rants. But that’s just ridiculous. I mean, I don’t think SM would just not upload a mv after all the hard work and money they invested on it, just because of the immature actions of some fans.
    I’m starting to suspect that there never was a “drama version” and the footages in the teaser was just to troll us. SM never made an official announcement that there would be a drama ver. right? (I’m not sure so pls correct me if I’m wrong) I think people just assumed there would be one cuz of the teaser they released.

  11. can not wait for new song and Drama version MV with this song^—-^

    they exactly will be freaking cool. I’m sure :DD


  12. Hamtaro Kekeke

    waiting…for…the…drama…version…SM is a troll >_<
    really love this song tho! :DDDDD

  13. Heather Lee

    I have heard that SM isn’t going to release the DRAMA version because some fans tried to hack them and see the video.

  14. Kimberley Huyton

    luv xiumin cute as hell

  15. Chloé Waynee


  16. please review the drama version i say asi vote for it and i share it on facebook,twitter and google+

  17. B2uty_with EXO

    what they need are the 1st and OUR SUPPORTS

  18. KevinwooBiasUkiss


  19. Mini Squid

    Damn it, I am pretty sure that S and M are gonna review Smoky Girl if SM, as in the company, do not release the drama ver this soon. I mean, Simon just said that it is probably the best Kpop song of the year, and if that wasn’t obvious, I don’t know what is. I get it, but that doesn’t mean I am not angry. Grrrr, SM Ent.

  20. Please wait until the drama version is released and review it then! It’d be a waste to review it now :

  21. B2uty_with EXO


  22. I’m hoping they’ll review the drama version instead (when it’s released) . I’m sure s&m would find it much more interesting to talk about than the dance version. If they review this and the drama version, they might not review it again which would be a pity!!! So… Please let the drama version be released soon! I love exo and think they deserve a proper music Monday!

  23. if this doesn’t get reviewed i’ll be so sad…even though i love VIXX…

  24. HenryBestfriend168

    Henry 你最棒!
    这首歌, Trap, 很让我感动

  25. I think it would be a really fresh way to do a MM by sort of pushing the K version and the M version in one and reviewing them together. That way there’s nothing left out and the best of both videos can be reviewed together.

  26. I don’t think the drama version is ever going to get released…

  27. Enny

    Will this get reviewed even though the Drama version hasn’t been released yet :'(
    Why oh Why, do we have to wait that long again….
    Drama version please be released asap….

  28. B2uty_with EXO

    well i was quite excited that EXO sang live show today at Music Bank

  29. Rosemary~ (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻┻

    Really really really want this KMM. But something in me wants to wait for the release of the elusive “drama version”…

  30. i swear that sm chose the most fucked up frustrating way of promoting exo and what it’s worse is that i kinda miss the teasers lol

  31. kimbokyung

    SARANGHAE EXO!!!! :)

  32. stephaniev92

    i just read on twitter that baekhyun said in an interview that the drama mv was going to be released at random hopefully its true im getting impatient

  33. Fay-exo Lee

    ><Geure wolf Neaga wolf awoooo ah sarahaeyo!

  34. dongsaengcamila

    Sooo…since there wont be any drama ver. for this song it think WE have to make this get reviewed! come on exotics! <3 <3

  35. SARANGGirl

    I heard they weren’t gonna do a drama version anymore because someone kept trying to hack into the system or something? But I still hope it will come out!!!

  36. i really wish the drama version was out=(

  37. aaaa … guys keep exo at no.1 !

  38. that awkward moment when you don t know what you want…T_T

    • Don’t know what you want? I know I hate that feeling too~
      Does this relate to EXO in someway?

      • s&m won t review the same song twice but at the same time we don’t know when the drama ver comes out..and i m getting kinda impatient and honestly speaking…exo kinda crushed the charts…

        • Ah, very true. Hopefully it will be out soon, although someone mentioned that SM were going to release it “randomly”. Not sure if that’s true or not, but at least S&M would be able to discuss the song and the dance if they review it^^ Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  39. Mini Squid

    I saw their comment, not sure if it’s Simon or Martina, on Smoky Girl and I think they might review that instead if SM don’t release the drama version soon. They seem to REALLY like it. Goddammit, release the angst-laden drama soon!