EYK Crew – Eat Your Kimchi Like A Man

  1. GAH! SHINee is on the laptop screen?!

  2. Jing

    I was so distracted by Meemers scratching the wall and the plants. He is so adorable!! And the picture in the computer are SHINee!! My totally bias!!

  3. Come on guys we are so close to beating g-dragon

  4. Thumbs up if your a Ryfan. We love you Ryan!!! You are awesome!!!

  5. omg best newcomer k-pop artist needs to be reviewed

  6. I’m seriously going through the comments on this page and laughing my a** off XDDD

  7. Venecochick09

    I don’t think this video should be reviewed….Music monday should be an opportunity for kpop artists to be reviewed

  8. Leticia.A.II

    If they do Eat Your Kimchi Awards for 2013, I hope they include “Like A Man” by EYK crew in the nominees for best video of 2013, best dance, best outfits, best plot, best spudgy look-alike (seriously, that one member with blue hair could be spudgy┬┤s doppleganger!), best rookie group, best artsy-fartsy video and (last but definetly not least) nastiest dance. They have it all!

  9. sweetest-song

    Guise this NEEDS to happen

  10. VOTED! Kpop madness in the house EYK style! w00t!

  11. the truth is out there

    This would be epic for kmm

  12. paola lopez

    This soooo happening! Yo EYK FANS vote for this to be reviewed!

  13. Meg nom, nom, nom

    hey guys! let’s get this song to the top for simon and martina, yeyyyy! :)

  14. The comments on here are hilarious

  15. Dubuhunnie

    How am I supposed to choose a bias with all these awesome members!?

  16. Dubuhunnie

    Omgoshh! All you nasties’ comments are hilarious! I’m literally sitting here just scrolling through all the funniness! Nasties=best fandom ever

  17. PSMon and Martina…we totally need this for KMM !!!

  18. Sparkleshine

    This should be number 1!

  19. Herp-a-derp I hope this becomes first x)

  20. NASTY , please vote, i would love to see Simon and Martina reviewed their own MV <3

  21. I’ll be so disappointed if this isn’t reviewed for KMM. :D I mean, I love Jay Park’s song and video (GD’s.. well… no so much), but while a KMM on his song would be pretty awesome (since all KMMs are awesome), a KMM on this particular group would just be one of the most epic Kpop Music Mondays EVER. Seriously, guys :D Doesn’t everyone see if this way? After all, we are all first and foremost NASTIES, no~?

  22. I really wonder what they would say if they did review it…

  23. Aneta Patora

    I really want to see review this video in this week Kpop Music Monday;)

  24. It would be so funny if they reviewed this XD

  25. …What do you have to say for yourselves? :P

  26. pais523101

    I love this version of gentleman even more than the original! i want you guys to do a k-pop Monday on it and SIMON NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN “Hopefully their last song ever” I love EYK videos! I have downloaded both your songs and their on my top 25 played on itunes! out of 4,875 songs! ROCK ON!!!!

  27. lolmayonnaise

    This needs to be reviewed

  28. Eatyoukimchi like a man! I mean whats more to say?

  29. I have to admit I’d rather see this reviewed than GD new MV. He is awesome. But this one should be first. :) I hate when they just sneak up and spring it on you.

  30. I think there is alot we need a closer look at in the video

  31. At first, I didn’t want S&M to review their own video because I wanted other videos to be reviewed. But after looking at all these comments, I want to hug all of you nasties. I hope they review themselves now.

  32. Looks like the video is going to be knocked out by G Dragon!! OOHHH so close!

  33. Leticia.A.II

    OMG! Simon oppa is so HOT!!!!1!!11
    He has the voice of an angel<3

  34. you’re very statuesque Simon ^_^ weird comment, I know.

  35. Senbazuru42

    In the interest of boosting this video’s position on the charts – and showing a little love for S&M&Co. – how did everyone find out about Eat Your Kimchi? I Googled “aegyo” and one of the results was their TL;DR “Being Aegyo in Korea.” I checked out some of their other videos, and they brought back warm, fuzzy memories of fangirling in the dining hall with my college friends. ^_^ I love EYK’s sense of humor – all the inside jokes are so much fun – and they’ve introduced me to so much great music. I am a very grateful Nasty – keep up the awesome work! :D

    • I_U_I_U_I

      I don’t even know why I watch them. I wasn’t even a kpop fan two and a half years ago! I just kept coming back to them for the funny jokes and before I knew it, i’m the biggest nasty!!!

    • Hmm this had me wondering myself how I found them. Then I was like “oh yeah, let me search my internet history!” lol Apparently this past September I was searching for Wonder Girls interviews and their EYK one popped up. Then I was like “Hey what’s all this Kpop Music Monday” stuff, annnd yeah from there I became hooked on all their videos xD