F.Cuz – Dreaming I

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  1. Wahh!!! F.CUZ ARE AMAZING!!! Please Simon & Martina, you have to review this!! Don’t let the horror that was the Wanna Be Your Love mv influence your decision!!! This is ssoooooo much better!


  3. I never took any film classes or fashion classes (science degree alert) so I don’t know what terminology to use…uh,  this video has a real clash between the styling of the group members and the music video concept.  They should’ve dressed the guys in more down-to-earth clothes and gave them normal hairstyles for this MV concept. Too dischordant to work. On another note, when the first lil’ boy appeared in the coffee shop member’s (don’t know the new guys’ names) window, I was like:  Pedo alert!  Jinon’s character is retarded in this MV.  Fail. That said, I would’ve liked to see this MV reviewed. The voting system makes for lame reviews.

  4. this was banned?????????????????????

  5. iloveminhyun

    hey, you’re here too! I really liked this song as well! Their vocals are really awesome! I also like that it’s sort of simple and not too overodne like a lot of MVs we see these days. It was a great comeback from F.cuz.

    BTW, this isn’t relevant to f.cuz  *don’t kill me mods* but here’s how you can open the nu’est page again:
    1) https://www.google.com.qa/search?q=Nu%27est+not+over+you+eatyourkimchi
    2) open the CACHED version of that page
    3) comment away
    kthanxbai ((SEE YOU THERE))
    ^hides from mods^

    • AudreyKoopman

      I think I’m doing it wrong…I can get to where I see the video but the comments don’t load (but at least its not just a white screen, the vids there!)

      And even though I totally know you live in Qatar, Google in another language completely threw me off track for a sec haha.

      TKIR: My weeks been busy but as soon as I have more free time I’m dedicating it to learning about F.cuz. This is a must! And I totally can not say it as ‘focus’… Damn you Simon! Although that’s totally what I thought it was before watching that review, I’m still saying, Damn you!

      • iloveminhyun

        just google: eatyourkimchi not over you and then do the same thing, it might work :) good luck!
        TKIR: lol, yeah, I also can’t get used to calling them ‘focus.’ Even for Nu’est, at first I kept calling them newest because that’s how it looks although i know it’s ‘new east’. It took time for me to actually accustom to associating that with its pronunciation lol. Maybe the same with f.cuz. I actually like a lot of F.cuz songs including Midnight Sun, but this is really nice too. I mean, I wished it was a teeny tiny bit better, but I still liked it :)

      • Blueberries

        You can do it like this: http://pandablurs.tumblr.com/post/30022299711/for-l-o-e-s-and-others-trying-to-access-eyk-kpop . Haha I did tutorial to it. I just hope so many as possible can see it and come to discuss again.

        And then for F.cuz: I’m totally in love with this song too. Too bad that F.cuz isn’t known enough to top the charts (although right now I really have a rush hour about mv:s I want reviewed). Anyway, I like meaningful songs like this and mv is really nicely done too. I’m not fond of their wardrobe but all different haircolors are nice.

  6. Blueberries

    Ah Wanna be my Love review XD. Their stylist screwed so bad at that mv. I don’t really understand where they did find that “Fuck me blind” <- It actually said that.. shirt XD I have never seen shirt like that..

    MOVING ON: Their No1 is quite good song. It's dancy and catchy. Midnight Sun is really different but i like Yejun suprisingly deep voice in it.

  7. I would really like to see this MV reviewed to hear EYK’s comments on whether this video should have been banned and/or how it could perhaps have been changed to escape the ban! It’s a pity coz I think this group does have talent!

    • it was banned? Why? I’m sorry, I just haven’t been online lately so I don’t know what happened…can you explain please

      • that’s because they skip class and dye their hair. They argued it was a bad inluence and that kids in korea would start dyeing their hair and skipping class. When i first heard about it i laughed so hard XD these guys are amazing, their music should be banned

  8.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPzK00GfJbk&feature=player_embedded Really nice video about F.cuz’s journey to Japan and also what they’re about. There really isn’t much F.cuz stuff so this is rare gold!

  9. Jesus Baby

    You know you want a review of this cute video

  10. AudreyKoopman

    So I really don’t know anything about F.Cuz..at all.
    Could anyone tell me who is who?

    • Blueberries

      0:47- Yejun: Vocalist, maknae, face of the group
      1:18- Daegun: Main vocalist, new member who came from 21 members boygroup.
      1:44- Kan: Vocalist, main dancer
      1:59- Jinon: Leader, main rapper
      2:18- Raehyun: Vocalist, new member

      F.cuz is really nice group although they’re terribly underrated..
      I hadn’t heard about F.cuz before their comeback No.1 (before this) so I’m quite new around too =)

      • AudreyKoopman

        Thank you!!!!

        First, they’re all really good looking. They can sing. This song is so good!

        Yejun- Not feeling that headband.. haha
        Daegun- Love love love his hair. And he looks so adorable when Yejun is trying to convince him to leave the restaurant. 
        Kan- He’s hot…And his hair is a nice dark blue (so many start with blue hair nowadays)
        Jinon- Another hotty. I don’t get why he was getting mad at his friend and then goes to rescue him..oh well, the bromance, so cute! 
        Raehyun- I like him in the glasses heehee. And more blue! (best color ever!)

        So the two are new members? Hm. I always feel weird joining a group after member changes have been made because then I feel bad for not knowing about the old people. Oh well.

        • Blueberries

           Fcuz is really great :) I got into them after seeing their No.1 mv being in kpop chart update so I can thank S&M for introducing me to the group.

          Actually they’re had quite make-over when compared to No,1. Before Jinon hair was chocolate with little blond in bangs, Daegun was dark brown and Raehyun too, Kan was with silvery hair and Yejun was blond.  Their hair was lot less crazier then though I love all the colors too XD

          There is one former member, LeeU. He was main vocalist but left to pursue solo career. He’s still in good terms with other members.

          F.cuz’s songs are pretty variable but I like them. To me Yejun has most intresting voice. It’s so deep in Midnight sun.. There it isn’t so dramatic but still nice :)

          I really hate that some groups change members and there’s lot’s of leavers. The worst band I have seen with this is LedApple. There’s non stopping member changes. Only two from 5 have been members all time through. And there is 5 former members >-<

  11. Ah F.Cuz you were like one of the first K-Pop groups I loved when I started getting into the music! And this video has plenty of stuff for S&M to talk about I think =)

  12. Is it me or does this group look older than the normal Kpop groups. (just asking don’t have a cow) I want to have blue hair!! I want to be Spudgette. I do like this song it is really mellow, and the video looks to have a story line. Will be adding this one to my play list.

  13. FCUZ <333 hope simon and martina review this mv ;~; this is a really nice song. world need to know that they have talents. im  forever supporting f.cuz :*

  14. Come on, Spudgy is a fashionista, everybody follows his style /o/

  15. F.Cuz <3
    Wish more people listened to them, they're amazing, yet terribly underrated TT_____TT

  16. Blueberries

    So this finally is sensored official version. Odd though, I didn’t realise it was even sensored O_O. Well, I should watch unsensored again to see the change.

    Anyways, I really like F.cuz’s image in No 1 but this is really good song too. To me it seems like they are like normal teens trapped in boring world of lectures, work.. so they have becomed dull. Then they start daydreaming and remember what kind of person they wanted be as grownup when they were child. So it’s about finding your trueself… At least it seems to be that way to me XD. Just a beatiful song and beatiful mv from F.cuz.

  17. AudreyKoopman

    I have a question…about this songs title, is the ‘I’ in “Dreaming I” supposed to be there? Is that a typo or the official name? Because in the song I heard them saying something like dreaming of you or whatever, but not ‘I’…

    • Blueberries

       Well if you look mv that this way: They aren’t dreaming about anybody to love, they are young boys dreaming what they want to become. So Dreaming I describes themselves. Look there for english translated video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xDSd1o2kso
      Now the name makes sense, right?

      • AudreyKoopman

        Ok, things make a lot more sense now. I thought they were saying ‘dreaming in my heart’ and not ‘star’, that with them saying ‘never let you go’ made me assume they were singing to a significant other. And that’s why, even though I really liked the video I was confused by what was going on. But now I get it!

        Thank you!I should really start looking up subbed versions. I usually rely on people’s comments to learn about the video/song’s meaning because I like not knowing the exact translations. But, really, it would make things a lot less confusing. 

        • Blueberries

           You are welcome :D Sometimes subs really adds so much more to song and mv ;)

        • AudreyKoopman

          It really makes me like this video a lot more (and I was already really liking it :p)

    • fuuko4869

      I checked and double checked when I was editing it – so I’m pretty sure that’s the official name. Check the iTunes link. Also Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F.Cuz#Music_Videos

      • AudreyKoopman

        Hmm. Maybe its supposed to be like a Roman numeral 1, yeah, and this is just the first part!

        …or its the Engrish striking again.

        •  It’s actually a play on words because the word “child” in Korean sounds like “I” so the song is called Dreaming Child or Dreaming I :3

        • AudreyKoopman

          Not gonna lie, but that is adorable.

          TKIR: the little kids in this video are so cute!
          Thanks for the info! :)

  18. duckbutt909

    I want them to review this! So much blue hair xD
    Lol, I think I’ve commented on all every song, asking them to review, it lol. Counterproductive. 

    • fuuko4869

      Oh but I love it when people do that :D Much prefer it over people who post 100 spam comments on one video. You haven’t commented on Tasty or D-Unit yet? xD (yes I’m a moderator so stalking is my job :p)
      Ah uh, to keep it relevant – I heard this video was censored becuase of the members having dyed hair in school. Oh Korea, how you amuse me… -_-

      • duckbutt909

         Haha, I’m shy with commenting, the votes are that going to count. And I’m not sure how I feel about D-Unit and Tasty, they’re okay songs for rookie groups. Lol the things they get away with in kpop videos and the things that get banned…hahah!

      • AudreyKoopman

        Is that really the reason why? I heard it was censored and all that, but because of their hair?!

        Ok then.

        I really enjoyed this video…didn’t really understand it, but it was cute!

        A lot of artists are going with the blue hair look nowadays haha.

        • fuuko4869

          I’m not sure. Don’t take my word for it.

          Spudgy is practically a superstar now. Everyone’s biting his style *shrugs* :p

        • AudreyKoopman

          And Martina too, pink is another color that’s been popping up.

          EYK is just super stylish, we should all realize this by now haha :D

  19. F.CUZ Fighting! I really like this song and the video is very heartwarming. Teaches us that even if you are in the confines of what society wants, as long as you are with your friends and strive to do what’s you feel is right for you then everything will be ok. I hope S&M get to review this! A nice reprieve from dance heavy music videos…

  20. Angel Lee

    F.CUZ!!!!!! <3

  21. when i saw the beginning of the vid i was like oh this is going to be a ballad and i’m not a ballad fan but i’m glad it turned out to be more of a mid-tempo song. would love to see the dance to this song.

  22. Spudgy wants his hair back. Don’t you know? He’s seen some things…done some things…

  23. My favorite ones, I love K-pop because of F.cuz

  24. AHHH F.CUZ!!!!!! :) hehe I LA YOU GUYS!! That includes ex member LeeU!