Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

F.T. Island – I Wish

  1. I Love FTISLAND  チェゴ


  2. FTISLAND ふぁいてぃん!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Aquasaphire

    Why isn’t BAP’s new video Crash on these charts??

  4. Ha Trinh

    yeah! we MADE IIIIIIIIIIT!!!! THE 1ST PLACEEEEE ^^!!!!!!!

    F.T. Island and Prims ^^!!~~~

  5. Sabri Ibáñez

    FT Island Los espero en Chile 1313 xD

  6. so haapy with the Spanish guitar and and the cute rhythm LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  7. i was about to vote for GD.. but then… i guess i kinda miss FT Island….

  8. I will make sure that FT Island win the kpop chart even if it means clicking vote several times everyday :)

  9. christal hatake


  10. ChocoPandaa

    OMG.. NO!! FTISLAND’S I WISH IS BACK TO 2ND PLACE WITH GD’S CRAYON IN 1ST PLACE!!!! D: I mean.. Good for GD and all… But the previous Kpop Music Monday was already his That XX song….. ): FTISLAND’S I Wish better get reviewed!! ><
    Come on Pris~!!! Let's try out best~~!! ^^

  11. Wow, such an amazing song! I keep listening to it again and again and again and again.. The Spanish guitar, Ahhh :D

  12. Since it’s 2nd place now, is it still getting reviewed??? no ? yes? ;/

  13. F.T Island fighting! ^____^ Really want to see this get featured by Simon and Martina.

  14. I have to say I loved this song! (I’m a huge Lee HongKi fan so that alone made it)… I especially loved the Spanish influence on the guitar rifs, they were awesome.
    The fashion also made my day, I mean we have polka dot pants, animal print pants, animal print leather pants and a spiked head-band! It’s awesome! Then off course there is the girl they are all in love with making the story that much more interesting cause… well none of them really end up with her.

  15. I really like FT Island’s promotional songs! It always grabs my attention:) please do review it!

  16. PurplexSwirls

    Wow, I have heard of FTIsland, but I only know Hongki (from that drama) but this song is just amazing. I love it

  17. ira ackles


    • I don’t think its getting worse, although I think that its just getting more and more different from the original ft island sound. I feel like they’re finally being able to experiment and they probably really want to do more rocky songs like their japanese albums however fnc doesn’t want that because that isn’t as popular in korea; so at the moment they are stuck in this rock-pop-spanish?? sort of style. If that makes sense, that’s what I think anyway and I actually love this song regardless and also basically all the songs on the album except for one especially 보내주자 because it’s like that old amazing ft island sound :) also sorry for the long reply….it’s a bad habit of mine..

  18. I have this fear that ‘Crayon’ will take over..

    • SariRainMJ

      You can ease your mind. Crayon will not be reviewed for Monday. Usually S&M start recording on Sunday and post on Monday, so more likely, they’ve already started working on KMM, which means FTIsland already won. :) Crayon will most likely be reviewed next week, not tomorrow.

  19. Koricana

    I love this song! Hongki’s headband is super cute. I first saw Hongki in the drama a year ago (I know pretty late to watch the drama) and I was like wait a minute…he’s in an actual band?! Love at first sight I tell you. lol I wish he would do another drama…I loved his character. :)

    • MR_FTiNo1

      I’m not sure about a drama, but he will be in a movie :D The film is called “Our Heaven” and he will play a cocky celebrity x3 I wanna see itttt!! :B

      • Koricana

        Ohh a movie? :O Do you know when it will be out? Is he the main lead? :DD

        • MR_FTiNo1

          Yeshh he’ll be the main lead :3 I’m really excited about it, but I don’t really know when it’s coming out :c also in case you didn’t know he was also in other movies like “Muscle Girl” and “Noriko Goes to Seoul” so if you want to see more of him :3 there ya go!

        • Koricana

          Thank you for the information! :) I’ll have to check all this out when I get the time.

  20. Soyun Dorito

    Love Hongki’s vocals and the song just great…TARA QUESO

  21. Happy4eva

    I really want FTISLAND to win~ It’s not too often they make a comeback and even if GD doesn’t win this week, I’m pretty sure he will win next week because Crayon is one addictive song x) FTISLAND, HWAITING! I love love lovee their new song and concept! <3 hehe

    • Cadenza

      I totally agree! They’ve only done two F.T. Island songs so far! And with all of GD’s new songs like Crayon and That XX, he’s sure to win next week or something because they are just so great!

  22. ftisland fighting!!~ I hope they win

  23. Everyone in FT Island are so dreamy!! Love that Latin feel of the song!

  24. did ftisland win? cuz its already monday in korea :D

  25. Azra Aoxora

    ftisland’s song is way better than all the others that came out by big groups. i’m not biased i’m truthful! XD

  26. Keep voting Pri’s!! Only a few more hours I believe, we got this. x3

  27. oh shit guys gd is going up the chart very fast!!! gd can win next week vote for ftisland!!!!

  28. Musically I like this more than any of the other high-ranking songs right now. The guitar parts are especially great.

  29. Lets vote Primadonnas! G-Dragon is coming with his song ‘Crayon’!!!

  30. ChocoPandaa

    Can’t wait for the review!! ^^

  31. And this is why I love F.T. Island.

  32. i wish to see this song to be reviewed.. when is it again? S &M will determine the winner of the chart?? but crayon is…. but yeaaah.. as for the time being.. i’ll be here commenting with you people… with hope it added to the points..

  33. Come on people!!! We can beat G-Dragon :D :D Besides, even though GD is cool, FTisland is EPIC :D

  34. ARGH GD’s MV is out! did we make it? if it’s gonna be reviewing GD’s again, I gonna quit being a nasty :(

  35. i hope you guys review this song! gosh GD got another song ahah! maybe u can do GD song next week or something and do this one first to be fair :)

  36. everyone is talking about how jaejin got sexier but how bout minhwan?! i think hes been drinking the sexy juice lately :P lol

    • MR_FTiNo1

      LOL love your comment x3 I agreee!!! Not only has Jaejin gotten sexier, also Minari who I’m not sure if I should keep calling Minari since it’s too cute to fit his now super HOT SEXY and MANLY image. Even though he will forever be our “Hing Minari~” >w<

  37. fanny teh

    the best band in my mind…<3 <3

  38. Charlie

    I totally love this song! I’m SO addicted <3 I can't stop replaying this.
    FT Island is what got me into Kpop and I'm so proud to be a Primadonna <3
    I love Seunghyun's guitar playing and JaeJinnie's rap and god, HongKi's voice is so amazing! Minwhan's drumming is really nice and Jonghun looked so adorable in this vid and he's such a good leader !
    Everyone should just love FT Island <3

  39. Rap part of Jaejin is just … owwwww… so sexy

    they are so perfect… LOVE YOU FT ISLAND hihih ^^

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    FOR ALL PRIMADONNA’s I want ask you that
    :How cute Hongki’s looking wearing that hair band!!
    :how awesome Seunghyun’s play that guitar in that melody!!
    :How lovely Minhwan looks in the mv!!
    :How catchy Jaejin’s rapping is!!
    :How warm and lovely leader Jonghun is!
    PS. It’s not a question, just wanna express how they are ^^

  46. the asian guy
    Here is the english sub for this song~
    Make sure you understand the lyrics before you watch kpop mondays.

  47. lokifairy

    I think they have won but I’m not sure. The time already passed, or?!

  48. Aquasaphire

    I’ve never really listened to this band before (sorry, newish to Kpop) and I love this song! Can someone recommend me more songs by them? I prefer songs that are upbeat.

    • Marry Me, I Hope, Bing-Bing-Bing, Train, FT ISLAND lol

    • ChocoPandaa

      FTISLAND, I Hope, Bing Bing Bing, Train, Cool vs Pretty, Don Quixote’s Song, Hello Hello, Troublemaker, Oh, Sunshine Girl, Let It Go, Paper Plane, U(All I Want Is You)..
      Their Japanese songs: Friendship, Flower Rock, Brand New Days, Haruka, Boom Boom Boom, Top Secret..
      And these songs are just pretty awesome songs as well : Severely(MUST LISTEN!! it’s not upbeat though), Love Love Love, Like The Birds, After Love, The Ugly..
      Hope this helps!^^ FTISLAND is an AWESOME TALENTED BAND.. not to mention, the members are extremely good looking too, eh? :P Hope you come to love FTISLAND and be a Primadonna(Their fanclub)~

    • Lily Anzer

      One of my favorites is Love Love Love (Sarang Sarang Sarang).

  49. AudreyKoopman

    Ok, so I’ve been gone all day because of work and then a family party and this is my first free minute to check and I need to know, did this win? I can’t really tell based off of the comments, nothing seems sure…

  50. I am in love with this song! I cant wait to get the new album :)

  51. One thing I like about F.T. Island is they never go too crazy on all the clothes.

  52. I usually don’t listen to F.T Island because most of their songs have a pretty sad mood to them.. but this one is super catchy and the beginning has such an addictive sound. Hope it wins for Music Monday! :)

  53. Go go FTISLAND!! They must win!

  54. FT ISLAND, Hongki…fighting!!<333 come on prims, lets keep them in the top ^~^

  55. anybody2you

    FT Island daebak~~^^

  56. Let’s keep Orange Lipstick from rising to far!

  57. I LOVE the beat for this song! And, yes, I agree that he is the hunky one! But, in reality, all of them are lovely and extremely talented.

  58. Alright. Primadonnas, we only have to hold the spot for one more day! FT Island FIGHTING!

  59. jasminewannacookie

    i really like this song its totoly AWESOME!

  60. FeetRExtra

    It is so good to hear the support for their music. All the fans that know they are more than just idols.

  61. Adelle Scarfe

    Me hopes The Honky One’s tiara is getting reviewed on Music Monday this week kkk

  62. severely

    Yay, looks like voting closed about two hours ago, and FTIsland is on top! ^_^ Super excited. Can’t wait for Monday!

  63. all the best for FT Island!! Please support this song!! ^^

  64. Their music is getting more and more mature~~ nice progress, keep it up!! Fighting :D

  65. Its 00:31 KST now and FT Island is still on the lead, i think we can rest easy because they really won. I do hope the moderator would be unbias in the future.

  66. ilessthanthreeeyk

    Guys..You won therefore congrats. :D i do hope that there will be no more conflict between the ft-island fans and t-ara fans.. Congrats guys! :D

  67. .hey Prim’s CALM DOWN!!! If we ever lose to this one.. atleast we fight them fair and square…. PRIMADONNA don’t CHEAT!!! but we will do our Best to put our TREASURES in their RIGHTFUL PLACE!!! ^^

  68. @twitter-310241154:disqus @deyu:disqus

    Ok, I found out what T-ara fans are talking about,

    This can’t possibly be true. During WG VS B1A4, it was proven that it was a curve and not a line.

  69. fuuko4869

    You won, guys. This is the first time I’ve seen the winning group so unhappy. o.O

  70. I’ve read the comments in t-ara. I think they are expecting a linear pattern for the decrease. Correct me if I’m wrong but in stats, they always use a bell curve don’t they?

  71. Currently, FT Island is #1. eatyourkimchi doesn’t update real time. and accdg to OUR “friend” the moderator, the ranking updates twice an hour. If it still doesn’t change, then FT Island won.

  72. I wonder if the mod also delete spams in T-ara’s.

  73. once was enough for infinite’s “The Chaser”.. i voted for it like crazy and it was overtaken by bigbang.. but now…the same thing happen to ftisland… arghs… i seriously want to cry in a corner now.. zzz

  74. feel like cursing so badly… now t-ara has overtook us already. i seriously dont know what to say anymore..

  75. not gna pick fight with anyone cuz that is soo not very Primadonna*flips hair*

  76. nice and smooth melody, like the song so much ^^

  77. a wise Goat once said. come to our concert first before judging us^^.

  78. fuuko4869

    I’ve noticed a lot of you guys hating on me for supporting T-ara. Let me clear up a few things.
    - I am only a fan of Epik High, noone else.
    - I do often take sides in KMM, but only by encouraging people to vote. I can’t change who wins. And noone that I have supported has ever, EVER won.
    - I still do my job fairly. I delete spam. I ban spammers. I explain how the voting works. It doesn’t matter what page it is.
    - I DON’T HATE FT Island, I loved their song Hello, and I like the guy with the red-and-white electric guitar.
    - The only reason I’m supporting T-ara is because they’re female. Call me sexist, but it’s been a while since we’ve had a girl group reviewed, and since there’s finally a girl group in second place, I want to support them.

    If you still have complaints, go ahead. I’ll listen. I have to read all your comments, after all. Good and bad.

  79. Aiyu Lee

    I’m kinda confused. I can’t share it on google, I tried clicking the button but I don’t think I had actually shared it. Anyway, the MV’s great. They all looked so fresh. And they looked mature. Jaejin looked cute when doing his rap.

  80. .we should do more discussion.. so do you guy’s think that FTISLAND and CNBlue are just the same..?

  81. Aiyu Lee

    Hongki’s little dance is really addicting. :P

  82. this song always makes me happy when im sad. makes me blush a lot too. makes me remember my own first kiss. =D

  83. Paper Plane Japanese ver live this is their own song.

  84. i will spam with their perfs so you can judge them fairly..

  85. Aiyu Lee

    FTISLAND never disappoints me. This is just wonderful. Let’s gather all primadonnas and support FTISLAND together! :)

  86. Smooshie

    FT Island is an awesome band. At first I only came to know them through Hongki and his voice but I’ve got to say that all members are extremely talented. I would really love for this song to be reviewed ~

  87. @twitter-310241154:disqus

    There’s 50 min left before midnight in Korea.

    For the next 20 min. We should find people to come here.

  88. this perf from their debut year and see what they capable of when they just 15-17 years old.

  89. There’s like 54 min left to vote.

    I have no idea how much of a lead we have left.

    What we really need is shares.

  90. Guys, what we need now is more people. So please DO mention this on fan forums. There’s no way we can out comment them.

  91. we vote for this MV because of Jonghun’s leadership, Hongki’s powerful vocal. Jaejin’s composing, Seunghyun’s brilliant songs, Minhwan’s powerful drumming and friendship between Primadonnas and FTISLAND. we don’t like to play dirty…we just want to get this mv reviewed so people can know about them and their music. peace!

  92. @twitter-310241154:disqus

    I don’t really know how much gap there is. The moderator just said that there’s less than 2,000 points.

  93. Jaejin~~ <3
    I haven't been a Primadonna for very long, but I love these boys so much! F.T. Island hwaiting!! ^^

  94. still wonder: why the hell this MV is for 15+???!!!!?!?!!?!?:O

  95. rawan sh

    even though i didn’t actually love their review of severely mv and i was soo frustrated about it
    but i’m still gonna vote for my treasures becouse i just can not not vote for them … as simple as that ^^

  96. Guys remember that we are a fresher song. Every 2 points we have they need to get at least 3 to equalize.

    But don’t be confident since there seems to be more active people there than here.

  97. brb.. crying in a corner.. listening to Hongki – GoHae(Confession).. makes me cry even harder.. :’(

  98. @deyu:disqus @twitter-310241154:disqus

    This is what the moderator exactly said.

    “WOW!! You’re less than 2000 points behind…??!! (^o^)/
    Okay, we have 4 hours left – we can do this guys!!! I want T-ara to win so, so badly, so I made this EYK Voting 101 that you can post on facebook fanpages, twitter groups, fanclubs, tumblr, youtube, and send you all your friends and family, even if they aren’t T-ara fans!!
    Send them this link:
    together with the picture below.
    They only need to do everything once.
    Some other extra tips:
    1. Use all the phones/tablets/computers you can get your hands on, and vote it up. Libraries and computer rooms are great for this!
    2. Hijack all the facebook/twitter accounts that you can – it won’t clutter up anyone’s pages, and they can hide it from their timeline if they want.
    COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT till kingdom come. Commenting ideas:
    - Find a funny scene in any of the 5 MVs, screencap it, crop it in Paint, and then post it here, asking if anyone can guess where it came from.
    - Post all the T-ara – Sexy Love covers you can find on youtube, and ask people what they think of it.
    - Post the things you DISLIKE about T-ara, or the song, or the video. People will either agree or disagree – it will DEFINITELY generate discussion, trust me, and that’s what you desperately need right now.
    Reasons why people should vote for T-ara:
    - They’re female. I’m sick and tired of boy bands dominating kpop charts. Are kpop fangirls really that shallow? Is kpop really just about looks and infatuation with the opposite sex – or are there still people out there who appreciate music for what it is?
    - T-ara is like, the hottest gossip topic in kpop right now (or maybe Seungri’s sex scandal, but w/e). Love it or hate it, wouldn’t it be good to have a review about them after all the news?
    - They have 5 high-quality MVs, so much effort for only one song – surely that deserves some recognitiong.
    - It’s Simon’s favourite group, and they really, really want to review this song!!
    - The Drama version is so frikkin awesome, especially if you like hot girls, final fantasy, post-apocalyptic movies, katanas, sword fighting, blood and gore, hot girls, rabbits, motorbikes, sucker punch, tattoos, neon eyes, flashbacks, and hot girls kicking some ass.
    YEAH!! GO GO GO Everyone (whether or not you’re a fan, I don’t care, JUST VOTE GODAMMIT)”

  99. FT Island :D LOVE THAT SONG!

  100. In love of this song <3 I'm proud to be a Primadonna, I'm proud of them <3

  101. well FTI is a instrumental band. they don’t dance, they r not your typical kpop groups..why hating on them?!! T^T

  102. we really need to start gathering primadonnas to vote already. i think t-ara is catching up pretty soon.. =(

  103. @deyu:disqus

    I also feel that its unfair that she’s publicly helping them considering Primadonnas aren’t really that big of a fandom to make an impact like ELFs or VIPs.

  104. erza scarlet

    ft island is the best! fighting! <3

    • Hi, do you know any ft island forum? We really need some people here. Voting ends in exactly 1 hours and 54 min. and I’m pretty sure the other fandom will go all out. GD might release MVs (that’s plural) this week and this might be the only chance FT Island gets.

  105. Apparently, the moderator is against us and she posted to the t-ara page certain hints that will help them get ahead.

  106. i wonder if we can only vote for FTI one time in eatyourkimchi?

  107. I wish they performed this live. I mean everything. From the singing to the spanish music.

  108. I love how Seunghyun’s guitar skills are featured in this song rather than Jonghoon’s, Poor Seunghyun doesn’t get a lot of focus when he is so insanely talented.

  109. Just a little longer guys :D We can do this!

  110. Guys, the mod said that t-ara is getting closer. We need to get people here.

  111. this awesome song deserves to be on music mndays

  112. priis! <3 what are your favorite FTI songs?? one of mine is until you return :3 really love that song. Hongkis emotional vocals <3 and that vid on top damn <3 but there are so many awesome songs by them hahaha

    • i can’t choose my fav FTI songs>.<

    • This is the first FT Island on repeat for me.

    • omg i totally love until you return too!! im still hearing it everyday together with love sick, after love, bad woman, i hope, first kiss, bing bing bing, cool vs pretty, missing you and so many others more..
      they really have too many songs already. has anyone kept a track of the number of songs they have? im curious. LOL

    • MR_FTiNo1

      Oh gosh I love you for asking this! BUT it’s so hard to decide!! TwT My mom and I are like IN LOVE with “Bad Woman” and “Severely” lol but I love their performance live from “That Person in Shinsadong” (actually I love all their live performances <3) and I love "Hit the Sands" which is "Neverland" but completely in english <3 lol I love Hongki's Engrish but Jaejin's english is like Are you sure you're not American? O.o x3 and I also like to listen to "Missing You" and "Tears Are Falling" and of course the songs that I HAVE to listen to everyday "I Hope" "Like the Birds" "Don't Love" "1 minute 1 second" "After Love" "Love Sick" "LoveLoveLove" ok I'll stop here. I'll just say I love ALL their songs x3 & how I'm slowly turning my mom into a Primadonna as well xD

  113. I love this song!! Love the new Latin sound and it’s something new and different for FT Island yay!

  114. we can do this Primadonnas and Primadudes! get this mv reviewed is one of the way for kpop fans to know them.

  115. We MUUUUST win !!!! FT Island & Primadonas FIGHTING!!!! <3

  116. AudreyKoopman

    So.. can anyone tell where they’re at here? I mean, the high ceilings, windows with some funky designs; at first I was gonna guess some type of church. But, then the camera pulled away and I noticed the super fancy chandeliers, so not a church. A ball room? But it doesn’t have the right look to me..
    And even them standing in the hall and such, random tall fancy lamps appear, busts and statues. I just can’t figure it out.

  117. hmmms.. why so many ppl saying that hongki is wearing a tiara?? i only see a headband.. or am i seeing it wrongly? O.O

  118. YESSS!! I hope they win cus FTisland is the bessssstttt <3


    f.t. island <3

  120. The melody of the song is just awesome! Not to mention that the other songs in the album is also really good. :3 I’m soooooooo happy that they’re back!

  121. I love this song. The chorus is so catchy. I love Minhwan’s and Jaejin’s outfits :3

  122. i thought it was mir at 0:13 .

  123. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY SO MANY SHOTS ON THE DRUMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER and I love this sing and they are all sooo handsome ! o__o ♥

  124. Simon+Martina,
    so,, r u guys really going to talk ’bout Hongki’s tiara when u review this MV on ur next Kpop Music Mondays? Well, just hope u guys don’t miss the main point: HOngki’s/Hungky’s cute dance move @lonely2/loved me2 part! xDDD

  125. quinnfinite~

    I really like the ‘chorus’ it’s so catchy. OMO. Jonghun and Jaejin are so hot. *U*

  126. Sae Leun

    almost done! Pri’s keep going, we can do this! <3 :D

  127. .hey Pri’s follow me on twitter @ftisland_kim… thanks… ftisland hwaiting..!! xD

  128. sad_lifeQQ

    ^^ yay this song is might get reviewed! c’mon primadonnas SPAM THOSE BUTTONS

  129. ..FTISLAND HWAITING..!!! Pris’s we can do it..!!!! xD

  130. arghs.. so angry i missed today’s live broadcast on Music Core…. nvms..
    omg they sang Compass today!! SO BEAUTIFUL~ <3

  131. XiaoXian16

    Over the years of seeing Hongki, I can never see Hongki as Hongki.
    I’m sorry Primadonna, but that’s the truth. He has incredible voice, but before, he looked so much like Kangin. And now, when I looked at this MV, I thought he was Mir.

  132. I love this song and hongstar!!

  133. XiaoXian16

    Let the war begin!
    I’m not a Primadona (that’s the fanclub name right?) but I definitely like this song
    Btw, Simon and Martina asked whether that was a Tiara on Hongki’s head. No, that’s a headband.

  134. this is one of their best albums!

  135. ChocoPandaa

    Yeahhhh!!! FTISLAND is FIRST!! <3 :D
    I knew Primadonnas could do it ^^ hehe

  136. lets spazz more for more point. lets talk about favorite OTP in FTI or something lol

  137. Katelyn

    Spam! It’s just like salty pork…

    • AudreyKoopman

      You do know they go through and remove spam posts so they don’t count for FT Island at all. So, it is just a pointless comment. You can say anything about the video (beyond just something simple like, I love this video) and it will still count.

  138. I’m not an ardent FT Island fan but I have to give them props when props are due…they have my vote! I wanna totally “eat your queso!”

  139. 777777まで515カウント!1000000まで 222738 カウント !Fighting! Primadonna!

  140. Christina

    Ahhhhh!! I love this song. I really hope this video gets reviewed.

  141. i swear whenever i listen to ft island its like an instant connection to eat your kimchi and “the hunki one”

  142. IcyAurora

    I’m so happy to see FT Island is first!!! I still love this song as much as the first time I heard it xD

  143. FTISLAND is my 2nd fav after BIGBANG! GO GO FTISLAND!!!!! Keep voting, guys! ^^


  145. Taylor Humphrey

    i like this song lots :)

  146. My favourite FTI song! They all look so handsome here! Love Hongki’s hair!! ASDFJKL; ♥♥♥

  147. kpopfan123

    This song’s growing on me!! XD (Am I wrong to think that the male singer looks a bit like Lee Hyun Woo from ‘To The Beautiful You’?)

  148. I just can’t get over how Hongki clenches his teeth like a growl at 2:34. So hot. It gets me every time. <3

  149. waaaaahhhh!!!
    this song really blows my head off..ahahaha..

  150. Yay! Keep voting everyone! We can do it :)

  151. bestfti

    like this song style!addictive and never get boring of it.. ft island rockss!!

  152. seunghyun was gr8 sPANISH GUITAR MAN lol yep i love u seunghyun

  153. We’ve really got to keep this going guise!!! GO FTISLAND!!! <3


    Chorus: “Baby dame mucho QUESO, quiero mucho QUESO” (You can hear that in Spanish xD)

  155. MR_FTiNo1

    OH MY GOSH I just saw the kpop charts update and holly wakamole. Let’s keep voting! TwT The video is just amazing not to mention the song is REALLY good. I love how they put everything together! I love their style <3 I will forever support them no matter what. Pris let's keep it up! FIGHTING! ♥

  156. This song is just amazing! (^o^)/ I can’t stop listening to it over and over again. I must admit I laughed when I first saw Hongki’s headband. Thought it was a glitter one until later I noticed it was spikes. Somehow he can still pull it off…what can’t he wear???

  157. i tried to sing this song, but has failed miserably. cuz i’m out of breath. yup, i don’t have Hongki’s powerful lungs lol

  158. I love this song so much and I really want it to get reviewed ^.^

  159. Come on! we can do it *-* just a few more hours !

  160. FT ISLAND~~~!!! I really hope you win! This song is amazing and it really touches me :D

  161. boomshakalaka_7

    I’m loving Honki’s little dance moves while he’s singing, its so cute! ^^

  162. Lexi_Lee

    I love this video very much, I like that Seunghyun got the guitar solo this time around~

  163. FT Island is really one of kind! I sooo LOVE these guys!! <3 <3

  164. this MV needs to reviewed and this song needs to win a trophy in music shows <3 <3

  165. So, when I saw actual instruments, I had to check this group out. Being the hispanic chick I am, I heard Spanish guitar and I was like “<33333" immediately. HOWEVER, come around bridge and chorus, I get a bit thrown off. Like, I guess it's good, but at the same time, I really don't like the vocalist. His voice is literally too pop-rock for me and it kills the mood of the song for me, but the song is really good. If only I could make his voice more lower and smooth…

  166. We definitely can do this! :3 Let’s see I Wish be the first reviewed MV in Simon and Martina’s new apartment!
    It certainly deserves it, being a super catchy song that all of the members contribute to flawlessly. FT Island fighting!

  167. severely

    Yay, they’re included in the kpop charts update. ^_^ It’s been a pretty good week for new releases all around. I like weeks like this.

  168. Lets do this, primadonnas <3

  169. OMG Spanish guitar, i became fan of this song in 2 seconds!!!!

  170. i fell in love with them with “Like Birds” and now this… AMAZING!:) i love how they used a really familiar melody. They just owned it!
    As much as i LOOVVEE Bigbang, i kinda hope this one gets reviewed before GD’s new MV:))

    • thank you for liking them. they r amazing once you got to know them^^

    • boomshakalaka_7

      I’m a VIP too but I’m giving my full support to primadonnas :) This song is really catchy and fun, and the video has an interesting( although confusing) storyline that would be great for Simon and Martina to comment about :) I also loved “like Birds” its one of my favourite FT island songs!


  172. ONE OF A KIND

    Some how Ft. Island seems underrated for their talents to me,,how sad :(

  173. INFINITE_fan

    I don’t like the MV but the song is really mesmerizing.

  174. INFINITE_fan

    13 hours and 22 min left to vote. Come on Primadonnas.

  175. FT Island blew me away again with this amazing song :D

  176. can’t wait to hear what simon has to say about “lub me lub me” :P don’t worry hongki PRIS LUB YOU VERY MUCH :3 and also this song is actually severely good so it better still be in number one by 12^^ <3

  177. severely

    Just have to keep them in first place for about 24 more hours! ^_^ We can do it, Pris!

  178. Secret to come up, So people they vote please *.*
    Secret se esta acercando! Así que gente voten por favor *.*

  179. Ha Trinh

    I’m so HAPPYYYYYYYYY ^^~~~~~ <3 !

  180. I love the lead singer’s head bands. I WANT!

  181. pandas_anonymous

    Seriously cannot stop listening to this song D: So addicted.
    I’m loving the outfits and styles of this mv (yes, even hongki’s hair and headband, though he looks better in the scenes with the girl with his hair up and glasses on).
    For some reason, Jaejin stood out the most to be in this mv. It’s the first time I’ve noticed him as really handsome, and his rap is just awesome :) Hongki’s not the only hunky one here ;D
    I’m glad they’re giving Jaejin more parts in songs, though I kinda wish Seunghyun had a part too. I loved his rapping in I Hope and Hello Hello.

  182. MR_FTiNo1

    Ok! Well I’m here to leave my daily comment :3 I gotta go, but I’ll comeback to say something actually useful x3 anyways to make my comment worth of being here: FTISLAND FIGHTING!!! Pris, New Pris & Not Pris THANK YOU and pleaseee keep supporting :3

  183. Christina

    I hope we do this guys! Love this song.

  184. ixaaa97

    I haven’t listened to many of FT Island’s songs, but this one definitely caught my attention! I love this song!! :D Now I just need to listen to the others.

  185. Sae Leun

    yayyy currently first :) great job pris! lets keep going~~

  186. Squisheeprimadonna

    Yay! We’re number one again! I’m seriously so proud of the boys. They really outdid themselves… :)

  187. So glad FT Island is 1st here, hope we can stay here till tomorrow! Also, how awesome would it be for the first kpop monday done by S&M in their new apartment to be on a FT Island music vid!!!

  188. …oh and MINHWAN is too HOT in here. His drumming shots is so…Waaah. can’t put into words!

    I always liked Hongki in his curly hairstyles than straight ones. :P

  189. THIS song really is Amazing! Not only youth can relate or enjoy the music! Even ahjummas or ahjussis, its for all! My friend’s mom really likes “I Wish”
    FTISLAND’s MUSIC is UNIVERSAL ♥ from Love Love Love to Severely to I Wish and many more…

  190. miachan93

    I was so mad when I saw Tara get 2nd place but after listening to this I can see why……lol XD

  191. ccs2121

    I love love LOVE this song! I’m definitely buying the album, no questions asked! I just would love for this song to be reviewed. Of course, there are probably going to be somethings that Simon and Martina will point out that they don’t like. With most every song they review they have things they don’t like. But, if you look passed the video and concentrate on the vocals and instruments, there’s no denying that this song is really catchy! Even one of my friends who likes more Big Bang, Super Junior, and 2ne1 type of music, loves this song!

  192. i think Simon will say something about the spanish undertone of the instruments … he said it dosent match with Kpop when he reviewed MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa

  193. their recent comeback is a MUST everyone saying they are not a real band, please watch them just once..You won’t regret it :)

  194. I love FT Island this song made me LAUGH MY ASS OFF
    baby, Dame de tu queso
    Quiero de tu queso
    Lonely Lonely

    haha but I LOVE THIS SONG

  195. Adelle Scarfe


  196. xxMelodyxx

    FT Island always has good songs. And Hongki’s voice is always so amazing! When they perform live, he always sings like the music recording is playing

  197. Their stage performance of this song is special, like it like it :)

  198. I really want this song to win this week, but I can’t help but notice that it sounds exactly like the Train song “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” – did anyone else notice/think that?

    • pandas_anonymous

      OMG I totally noticed that! Of course, it doesn’t sound exactly the same, but I guess its the trumpets and the spanish feel that make them alike.

    • MR_FTiNo1

      They sound similar cuz of the Spanish and trumpets, but the rest is completely different lol I think “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” sounds more like “The Phantom of the Opera” more than anything… lol and this ones doesn’t sound like it at all.

  199. and one more thing can’t they really choose one main lead from the band and match him with the girl?! All of them dating the same girl is really weird!!!

  200. I’m here for Jonghyun’s hotness and I definitely like hongki’s amazing voice too:)


  202. I love the song!!! Not diginn the ‘tiara’ I think they should have like had a guest famous sax player (is that the wind instrument I hear) in the video though, Its strange that there is this sound being played and no one in the band is producing it…

  203. pls review this mv..pls review this mv!!

  204. Daebak I hope they win this time around, as a dedicated Primadonna But I am also aware that there are some pretty powerful groups promoting right now. Ft island is talented and they show that talent through their self composed tracks. I am extremely happy to be a part of this fandom and to me it’s not about winning when it comes to Ftisland, it’s about how they get to express their own music style.

  205. lokifairy

    I really love the song & video!! I hope FTIsland wins!

  206. Come on, Primadonna’s! We can do this! And if you’ve been a Primadonna since 2007, up until not, voting for out boys here for “I Wish”, FT ISLAND must be so proud of you! Come on, WE CAN DO THIS!

  207. Kasumi Nagata

    wow F.T.Island is now first, nice work!!!

  208. Velvetblue Veille

    After watching the video few times, I fall in love with the Spanish rhythm. Though I
    dunno what Martina will say about it coz I recall she didn’t like it on MBLAQ – Monalisa KMM. But somehow this song reminds me a Romanian song sung by Cleopatra Stratan.

    Note: Am I the one only who thinks Seunghyun looks like Seunggi especially at 0:31. Omo,, That smile….. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

  209. i wonder if simon and martine realize jaejin raps sounds like ‘Lick me’ instead of believe me. :x

  210. Can’t wait for their comeback stage toodddaayyyy :DDDD

  211. WOAH!!! OMG YAY!!! NO. 1 !!! WOOTS!! <3

  212. came to check the Kpop charts and was excited to see this song at the top of the list. I love this song, it’s gorgeous. There are also tons of things for S&M to make fun of, like the only one girl. This will make a great music Monday :) Hopefully it holds on.

    • MR_FTiNo1

      But there IS supposed to be only one girl xD I mean the song is talking about him wishing to be her love. Therefore showing that “She” always goes to other guys and not “him” which I think explains the ending. At least that is my guess XD

  213. Love how the song shows the other side of FT Island!! Fighting!!

  214. any new Primadonna here?

  215. C’mon Pri’s we need to keep it going!!! GO FTISLAND!!!


    This song is so great! I fell in love with it instantly! And yaaay, it’s number 1 now! Keep it up!^__^v

  217. This song is totally mind-blowing. I mean, it’s just so fresh and none of their songs sounded like this before. I really LOVE it!

  218. Lexi_Lee

    I haven’t checked the chart in a few days because I’ve been busy, so when I looked just now and saw FT Island in first place, I squealed and did a mini fangirl victory dance. Yeah

  219. Ft Island Fighting!!! I hope we can see this song reviewed. :) While not my favourite FT Island song, I do enjoy it very much!

  220. severely

    We definitely have to keep first place! ^_^ I’m so excited for S&M to review. I’m keeping a close eye on their twitter. They usually make an announcement for when they’re going to end the voting.

  221. Let’s keep this song going till Monday ya’ll!

  222. fanny teh

    1 place pls….let other ppl know about ftisland songs….

  223. En realidad yo quería que gane UV esta semana, por que su video es muy gracioso >__< But every time i look this one down below in the votings U.U And this FTISLAND song is so good!!! ^__^ I am going to be voting for FTISLAND now =/

    • pandas_anonymous

      This is slightly off topic, but I read the spanish part of your comment and understood all of it, and felt really proud of myself. Those years of high school spanish class paid off in the end!!
      Now on topic, yay for voting for FT Island!! :D

      • jaja muy bien!!! ^___^ a mi me pasa a la inversa. nunca estudie ingles y me siento orgullosa de mi misma por escuchar, leer y escribir en ingles ^_^

        Jaja very well!!! ^ ___ ^ it happens to my me inversely. I never studies englesh and felt really proud of myself for To listen, to read and to write in English ^ _ ^

        • pandas_anonymous

          Hehehe :) Tu ingles es muy bien! Debes ser muy orgullosa!! Lo siento para mis errores.
          Yeah.. I tried. You’re english is really good for never studying it! Espanol is dificil para mi :(

        • Gracias! ^_^ Tu español es bueno también. Los dos debemos estar orgullosos

          Thank! ^ _ ^ Your spanish is good too. We them must be proud


        • MR_FTiNo1

          Sorry for adding into the conversation… lol… but I’m so happy I can understand both of you TwT x3 actually there isn’t really anything to be proud about…. I speak fluent Spanish and English… I’m Mexican American x3

        • Sos bienvenido aunque hables bien los dos idiomas jajaja ^_^

          You are welcome though you speak both languages very well jaja ^_^

    • GiWercia

      UV mv is soo cool. I’m going to vote for it but on the next KMM. First lets make I wish.

      • Es buena idea… pero tengo miedo U.U creo haber escuchado que el 15/09 salía un nuevo vídeo de GD, amo a GD, pero entonces nunca va a ganar UV T.T

        It is a good idea … but I am afraid U.U apparently is going to go out GD’s new video, i love GD, but then UV never going to win T.T

        • GiWercia

          I like GD too but I am little bored that it’s soo many GD and Big Bang reviews. It’s a pitty cuz other super mv aren’t review. I hope that UV will make it, so I will be voting and comment a lot UV mv.

        • ^ _ ^ ok I am going to try also. ¬¬ I feel a little guilty of not voting for GD (in the hypothetical case to appear GD’s new video appears jaja) But the next week I am going to vote for UV ^___^

  224. Sabri Ibáñez

    FT Island ♥_♥ Vengan a Chile

  225. is this the last day for voting?

  226. Amo esta cancion!!! es muy buena!!! ya la tengo en mi mp3 ^_^

    I love this song!!! is so good!!! I have this song in my mp3 already ^_^

  227. misakichu12

    TwT let’s keep voting!!!!!

  228. BTW speaking of jaejin. . do you guys agree that he looks so much more handsome with darker and shorter hair?

  229. AudreyKoopman

    So, at the start of the video, because of the facial expressions Hongki was making, I thought at the end it’d be revealed that they all found out the girl was cheating on them. He had this heartbroken look. And the one walking with her in the hallway (Jaejin?) kept on making these faces too. Alas, it still ended with them all in love with the same girl with out knowing.

  230. I want to share this on facebook but I’m afraid t-ara fans will start voting for t-ara instead hahahah! som I’m just gonna vote here. . . lika a crazy person. . . while watching drama. . . and wasting my life. lol.

  231. AudreyKoopman

    Ok, so I’ve listened to F.T. Island songs before and I really like them…but the only one I know is Hongki.
    Would anyone mind helping me out with who is who? I know these questions get annoying, but this is like the first time I’ve really watched an actual music video so it’s more or less my first time seeing them..

    • it’s not annoying meeting new fans! hahaha!
      So you already know the lead singer hongki ^^
      the guy playong the guitarr in the beginning of the song is Seunghyun and he’t the maknae together with the drummer minhwan. I guess you can figure out who the drummer is by yourself? hahaha but he’s the one taking pictures of the girl.
      the one who sings in the other part of the song (basically the one who sings in the song and is not hongki xD) is jaejin, the bassist and vocalist.
      and last but not least we have our sexy leader jonghun! on main guitarr, he’s the one lying in the girls’ lap. hope it’s easy to follow xD

      • AudreyKoopman

        Ah, thank you! :)
        My observations: Minhwan, love his hair, works very well with his face. Seunghyun, him and that acoustic goodness, he’s good! Love the …Spanish?..feel to it. Jonghun is hot. Jaejin….he’s sexy, his voice is very nice, kinda svelty lol. And I’m in love with Hongki’s voice, and he is adorable in glasses :P

        Anyway, thank you again for the info. I’ll have to watch a bunch of videos and get the names down haha

    • Ok so the drummer (the guy with greyish hair taking pics of the girl) is Minhwan, the lead guitarist who was lying on her lap is Jonghun, the bassist who’s holding hands with her and doing the sexy rap ;) is Jaejin and finally the second guitarist who does the awesome into and solo on the spanish guitar and is teaching the girl to play the guitar is Seunghyun. Hope that helps! :)

    • boomshakalaka_7

      I actually had the same predicament as you, so your question is much appreciated! ^^

  232. LaLa_73

    Yey… it’s in first place. Hope it stays there until saturday.

  233. やっぱりFTISLAND最高にかっこいい!!!!!!!!!

  234. Chanyeolo27

    Please get F.T Island to the top of the carts :’3 COME ON PRI’s! WE CAN DO THIS!

  235. Black_winds

    Yes please…we gotta get this reviewed.

  236. PrimaLovah

    Come on, Primadonna’s! We can DO this!

  237. I love the guitar intro in the beginning and Hongki’s voice. Hope this will get reviewed. :)

  238. I’m so, so, so in love with Hunky’s headband thing~
    That kind of thing looks as good on him as Hoon from U-Kiss looked in Doradora. <3

    • Velvetblue Veille

      u said, I indeed remembered somebody wearing that headband beside Ren but I
      couldn’t recall. So, thanks for reminding me. :)

      actually looks cute with that headband but I Wish that he didn’t perm his hair.
      Not suitable. :|

      • Oh yeah! I’d forgotten that Ren wore one of those too! *facepalm*

        His perm, though…I was about to agree with you, but his poofy curls are starting to really grow on me. They’d look better if his hair was just a little longer, though, I think. :/

  239. I REALLY REALLY want Simon and Martina to review this song because it’s AMAZING!! Especially since it’s not the typical kpop song,

  240. Evynn Alexander

    I love this mv.

  241. This is so cute and one of the only examples I have seen where the guy didn’t just let the girl walk out on him!
    Although the lead singer’s headband makes me think of gothic-lolita clothing….

  242. Come on all Pri’s! Let’s get voting and get our guys to kpop music monday! :D FT Island is such an amazing band,and this song is so good! especially with the the touch of spanish music <3

  243. Squisheeprimadonna

    FT ISLAND FIGHTING! If this is what them changing their “idol status” is like, i LOVE IT!

  244. pandas_anonymous

    I get the feeling that Simon and Martina will love the song, but will thoroughly dislike and diss the video :P
    But if they do, I completely understand because I feel the same way D: The video… was not that appealing. The only reason I come back to it is to listen to the song. Nevertheless (such a fancy word! :D) I love the vocals, love the instruments, the song is so amazing :) FT ISLAND FIGHTING!!!

  245. C’mon Primadonnas! Put your back into it :D We gotta get this reviewed!

  246. wow.. ft island is no.1 =’)) hopefully it will maintain until it has been reviewed =’)

  247. Sae Leun

    so many great comments here. Pris just let me love you<33 hehe.
    anyway back on topic: this song still needs to be reviewed!^^ well actually to be completely honest I prefer other songs on the album (but that doesn't mean I don't love this one too!) so I'm kinda sad that those don't even have a chance to be reviewed..but whatever. I'm sure S&M would make this one super funny :D

  248. I really love the song. I fell in love the minute I heard the Spanish melody at the beginning. This song is so different from mainstream K-pop songs. Wonderful song.

  249. GiWercia

    Yupi! We made it prims! “I wish” is first! Fighting! Keep voting and comment!
    Btw, how do you like live performance on mnet? I loved it!

  250. really want FT Island to get this!! they deserve much, much better, and i really want to see Simon and Martina “reviewing” this!!

  251. This one is sooo smooth and easy to listen too… Just my typical F.T.Island :3

  252. anybody knows how many more votes we need to catch up T-ara?

  253. RatzArtz

    I love ftisland sooooo muuuuucccchhhh…..I love jonghoon but not the muscle…kekeke…

  254. GiWercia

    Guys, which girl do you prefer. I mean perfer- more suitable for boys from FT Island. This from I wish or Severely?

  255. Can’t get enough of this infectious song!

  256. To have a conversion going here, I want to ask fellow pris, what other songs do you want them to perform live?? They did ‘Let It Go!’ today along with I WISH. I really hope they can do Paper Plane and Wanna Go and Compass and Stay with me at least once ( for the three other music shows). Actually I wish they can perform other songs next week as well. i dun mind if they dun perform I wish :P .
    So ya what other songs do you want them to promote live?

    • i want to hear Let Her Go!! that song is so heartbreaking.

    • I would love to hear Paper Plane, Wanna Go, Compass and Stay with me as well!! (We have similar favourites!). Along with that, would also love to hear Your Words live, if it is sung and played with the same emotion as in the track, I think I’s just melt into a puddle right then and then while listening to it! lol. I wonder what they performed for their live performances at Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook! SO excited for the broadcast tomorrow!

  257. ヽ( ^^)ノヽ(^ ) ヽ(^^ )^−^)ノ Fantastic!!!

  258. MrsKpop

    I really like the song , its perfect ..

    • What did you think about the video? :D the part at 0:46, the room/hall they’re in…for some reason it reminds me of the church in Severely =/ i dunno why. It’s like they’ve moved all the chairs, and funeral stuff out and stuck FTISLAND in there XD

  259. Finally some rock-ish song :) I hope it wins this week. Or next week.

  260. ホンギ~大好き(#^.^#)sukisukisukisukisukisukisukisukisukisuki

  261. ホンギ~最高!(^^)!ノリノリの…ちょいとせつない感じ…

  262. Comeback stage was freakin’ awesome! I was like: This is how it’s done, Korea! Yeah~~~ m/_(^-^)_m/

  263. GiWercia

    I see that a lot of people complains about rap/JaeJin part. Why? I love it. It is the best part of the song.
    BTW we need 8K votes to make it on the first place! Am I right?

  264. Hey! Where are you FT Island’Fans????? I really love the song & I really wana see it on Kpop Mondays!!! è_é

  265. sorry but ❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒████▒███▒███▒███▒█▒▒▒▒██▒▒█▒▒█▒███▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒██▒█▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒███▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒███▒█▒▒▒████▒█▒██▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒█▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒█▒██▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒█▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒█▒▒█▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒███▒███▒███▒█▒▒█▒█▒▒█▒███▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤

  266. FT Island Hwaiting!!!!!! Go Pris!!!! aja!

  267. Sae Leun

    ugh I just saw the performance and it was perfection. made me wanna see a review even more~ hehe Pris – can we do it?? ^^

  268. I love this song! It’s quite special, but that’s why I love it! :D

  269. Saudi primadonna

    Ftisland fighting <3

  270. It was amazing!!! I loved how they sung Let it Go! on the show tonight!!! I wish was just perfect!! Go FTISLAND~!!! <3

  271. the fanchants were A M A Z I N G !!! the stage was so EPIC!! the crowd went WILD!!! <3

  272. <3 FTISLAND <3 <3 tonights performance on mcountdown was amazing^^^^^ yay my treasures were beautiful :D

    • It was!! I loved that they performed Let it Go! as well!! I Wish, was just perfect and I’m still so excited for them~~~!!!! <3

      ❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒████▒███▒███▒███▒█▒▒▒▒██▒▒█▒▒█▒███▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒██▒█▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒███▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒███▒█▒▒▒████▒█▒██▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒█▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒█▒██▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒█▒█▒▒▒█▒▒█▒█▒▒█▒█▒▒█▒▒▒ ▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒███▒███▒███▒█▒▒█▒█▒▒█▒███▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤FTISLAND❤

      • GiWercia

        Let it go was soo cool. Boys from FT Island feel best in a song like this. I hope they can make more song like I wish. I mean they do a lot of sad ones and I want them to do more cheerful. I consider I wish as a cheerful one

  273. ChocoPandaa

    This better get reviewed!!!! It’s such an awesome song..filled with talent and looks, and more talent..!! And I really love Hongki’s headband hehehe it’s so cute.. Seunghyun’s guitar solos are so cool! :O
    This song is stuck in my head. I love that it’s so catchy :D
    Pris, let’s vote and share so it goes from No.2 to No.1 ^^

  274. Kasumi Nagata

    Hello Primadonas, Showol here to give you a hand ^^ I may not be the biggest F.T.Island fan but i like their music and especially Hongki’s voice. They are really talented the song and the video are nice and i hope they will win. XD


  276. PrimSpirit

    To me F.T Island is definitely the best band out there….. even if it’s difficult to say for me (because I love CNBlue nearly as much as FTI). I mean, they can do both sad or joyful songs perfectly. They never disappoint me. And I hope that, at least one day, their talent in both “style” will be acknowledged by everybody, not just us, Pris. That’s why I really want them to win at least one time in a music show >.<

    • misakichu12

      Your comment almost made me cry! TwT thank you so much for being a loyal Primadonna <3 *hugs*

    • GiWercia

      I wish soo much that S&M will like this song. Please like only one song.

      • PrimSpirit

        But…. I don’t think they don’t like FTI’s song….. I remember that one day I was watching one of their videos, and Martina’s telephone bell was Love Love Love !! So….. but yes, I really hope they’ll like this song too ^^

    • I totally agree with you, esp. on the Jaejin part. He should definitely sing! He’s got such a light singing voice that it balances out Hongki’s heavy voice, if that makes sense. Especially in their Japanese material, and quite a lot on their last mini, Jaejin had a lot of lines. I feel like the company has taken one step forward, and two steps back in relegating Jaejin back to rapper in this title song =/

      • PrimSpirit

        Yes !! As I comment just before (but you can’t see that so that’s useless to say it xD), JaeJin is considered -or at least to my mind- as a singer in their Japanese career. He’s totally acknowledged as a singer there. But some fans in Korea that don’t listen to their Japanese releases don’t know about that. I think they know he’s a great singer because sometimes we can hear him sing in Korean songs, but they have no idea AS MUCH as an amazing singer he is. If only he could have a Korean song just for him… that would be great… what about a new song by FT Triple or something like that ?? 8D /yeah stop dreaming girl/

    • So true! It’s not about winning but winning does mean people will start to pay attention to them and recognize their music. This album is such a big step forward/ turning point for our treasures so I want people to show appreciation of this change and give treasures a form of support.
      And yes, they should have let jaejin share hongki parts. If you have listened to the live version, Hongki struggles to change between verse and chorus/ catch his breathe cos the song just goes on and on. If jaejin sings some lines on the verse, it will help with the overall performance.
      I really hope s&m have some time to check out the FULL album. I want to know what they think about FTI style

      • PrimSpirit

        You’re right about giving JaeJin parts. When the song came out, I noticed how fast it was, and the live version confirms it, even if HongKi fully has the capacity of singing it, I’m worried one day he’ll end breathless x__x No but really, it could have been the perfect opportunity for JaeJin to show how great he is as an singer. Because he’s totally acknowledged in Japan, I believe, because he sings quite a lot but in Korea….. I’m not even sure somes know that he’s also a singer –” I remember during Like Birds promotion, they sang at a Formule 1/race concert and JaeJin has nearly a song for just himself, and people in the comments were shocked, and so was I because.. yeah, a (performed) Korean song with JaeJin singing more than HongKi…. that was very surprising but very awesome *o*

        And yes please, S&M, if you watch this, please listen to the whole album, it reaaaaaaaaaaally worth it !!! And if you do, please tweet what you thought about that, we are reaaally curious ^___^

    • omy on a side not, you are a primspirit??????? ( i mean Pri + inspirit) Woah. We are the same :D

      • whooop lot of primspirits here? maybe there is a pattern. . hmm.
        No but really. . jaejin’s voice is so beautiful. just one word: YUME.
        dat song u guys!! <3

        • (Have you seen Yume Rock version, Jaejin solo for X’mas live.. Him with the guitar .. it was so ‘yume’ <3. High five for being primspirit! I realized that they are lots of blogs for primspirits. Makes me feel warm and nice.
          I was so sad when 'Chaser' wasn't reviewed, at least this one might be.

        • PrimSpirit

          ………………….omg guys, do you have Twitter ? Will I finally have persons to share my excitment for both FTI & Infinite things ?!!!! omg omg omg…. if you have Twitter just send me a tweet, as you can guess, my account is @/PrimSpirit

        • well the pattern might be hot boys with great vocals!!!:D

      • AudreyKoopman

        I’m not a primadonna, but I am an Inspirit. And speaking of them, did anyone else think that the shirt worn by Jaejin (?) when he’s walking in the hallway with the girl was totally an L shirt??
        Just me? Haha, I’m just gonna go chill over there with my long list of random observations XD

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Hey, u’re here. ^^ I’m not either one of
          them actually. More of a KissmeLO/E. But this song
          is catchy so that I couldn’t resist to vote for it.:D And I love especially the Spanish melody although
          I’m not a Latino. *cough*effectafterwatchingTONSofLatinAmericandramas. XD Besides, it’s RARE to find any non Kpop~ish rhythm in any Kpop songs. I
          hope that whether I Wish or Sexy Love will win for this week KMM coz I like both.^^

          Don’t understand
          what u mean by L shirt. L for large? Is it at 2:10? I really miss our long random observations. XD

        • AudreyKoopman

          Haha, this song is super catchy. I really love the Spanish feel to it because it makes the song feel different (not Latino either, it just sounds cool :P). I would kind of prefer this one to win because I like when you get these different groups on KMM, like CN Blue, F.T. Island, LEDapple (even though they haven’t had one) because of them playing the instruments and actually displaying it in the video. They aren’t all about spot on dancing with catchy new moves. It’s different. I like it (plus before kpop I was really into more alternative/indie music, so they kind of fit that).

          Oh, haha, they were talking about being Inspirits, so by ‘L’ I meant Infinite’s member L (Myungsoo). The shirt the guy has on at 2:10 with the blue top/sleeves and white bottom made me think of the shirt Myungsoo wears in the Nothings Over video. It has the collar and top of the torso black with white polka dots and then the rest white. And I’ve seen other pictures of him in similar shirt (s).[They could all be the same thing because I don't normally notice clothes.] But the first thing I thought when seeing Jaejin’s shirt was Infinite.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Add Busker Busker too. :) Listening to an indie band once in a while is refreshing and most of their songs are also easy listening. Really fit especially when having a long journey in the car. [out of topic] Nu’est is gonna attend KCON. Yippie!!! >__<

          Not an Inspirit fan but I like listening to Infinite's songs.^^ I just checked Nothings Over and their clothes look alike. But Jaejin wears a net (?) shirt not a polka dot one. From a far, it seems similar though. :)

        • it’s a member of infinite, his stage name is ‘L’ hehe

      • PrimSpirit

        Yep !!!! PrimSpirit stands for Primadonna & Inspirit !!!! YAY ! HIGH FIVE !!! 8D

    • I feel like Jaejin has the opportunity to sing a lot more in their Japanese releases, which I feel are just as good as their Korean releases, quite honestly. I haven’t had a shortage of FT Island love this year, between Severely, Neverland, 20, Top Secret, and now FTB, and thankfully Jaejin’s voice is spotlighted in quite a bit of these albums. Gotta love our treasures. <3

    • Spring Day

      I agree with you 100% … and we need long comments like yours ^_^ Primadonnas may be few in numbers compared to the fandom of those dancing idols but FT Island has the most loyal and well behaved Primadonnas! (love CN Blue, too! Though, FT Island is my first love kekeke)

  277. VIP_Nerd

    :) I love this song, it’s so great. :-)

  278. Guys Come back at mcoutdaon in 10 mintues…. I hope people can see it live <3

  279. very nice song, addicted to this song^^

  280. 30 more minutes!!!!!! SUPER ANTICIPATING!!! KYAAAAA >.<

  281. LovingKey

    Lets make FT Island win this week!

  282. Y does ZEA have more votes than FTI and are on third place? or am I totally wrong? D:

    forever a primadonna <3

  284. Must have watched this about a thousand times ^^

  285. Come on guys, we have less than 3 days to bring them on top!!!

  286. Baby, ramyeon and queso~
    Churros con cho queso
    Lomly, lomly~~
    Oh saranghae queso

    Ehehe, I love the song ^^

  287. Ft island lets gooo♥ vote vote vote :D

  288. vip <3 blackjacks

    whats the story to this i dont get it??

    • misakichu12

      Have you read the translation of the song? It talks about wishing to be the one the girl wants and loves. So my guess is that she’s going to all the guys but he still wishes it would be him. C:

  289. Just tell me who is the one that the girl chose at the end ? ^^

  290. boomshakalaka_7

    Ok guys, so this video is a bit confusing, what do you all think its about? :)

  291. boomshakalaka_7

    Can anyone tell me who is the member that starts singing/rapping at 2:18? I though the soft, kind of husky tones of his voice fit really well with the song.

  292. boomshakalaka_7

    At first it kind of threw me off that the chorus had a very different sound than the verses, but it grew on me really fast :) I love it now, it just makes the song that much more interesting and makes me want to listen to the song again and again and again :)

  293. boomshakalaka_7

    I’m loving the guitar at the beginning of the song! It has a bit of a spanish sounding flair to it :) Does anyone else agree?

  294. That intro. Oh Seunghyun, you killed me. I soooo loved it.

  295. fuuko4869

    All these kpop songs with Spanish influences. Clover. MBLAQ. FTIsland. I like.

    Is that Hungky who’s wearing the headband? I don’t like.

    I grew up listening to bands like this – with a lead vocalist, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, etc – so I’ve always found it really cool. My favourite band of all time is Linkin Park after all. I like.

    The song is nice, although I feel it should be renamed ‘Lonely’?

    Also…I’m not a fan of guys with high-pitched voices *cough*gd*cough* so…..I liked the guitarist? :p

    • severely

      They say “I Wish” in Korean. Hence the title.

      The lead singer is Hongki and the bassist, who did the rap section, is Jaejin. c:

    • boomshakalaka_7

      I actually really like the headband! I thought that Hungky looked even more hunky while wearing it (sorry for the awful pun) :P But I do agree with you about the “lonely” part. Even though they were saying “I Wish” in korean, the part that stood out the most was the “lonely” part.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I’m with you…I don’t like Hungky’s or “the hunky one” as Martina called him last time, headband.

    • but he looking so badass wearing those spiked headband XD. which one? they
      got 2
      guitarists. guitar 1. Sexy Leader, Choi Jonghoon and guitar 2. 4D maknae,
      Song Seung Hyun^^

      • fuuko4869

        Badass? lol really? He actually reminded me of…hmmm….I’m thinking some shoujo manga heroine with short curly hair. Or perhaps a poodle. But that’s just me. =_=a

        Uh the guitarist I liked was the one playing the red and white eletric guitar. :)

        • misakichu12

          Ohhh so you like Sexy Leader e.e lol it’s understandable he has amazingly awesome great good looks. I mean they all do, but he has this kind of…. thing lol idk hard to explain, And I like Hongki’s headband :3 he looks rather cute. BTW It’s actually 16D Seunghyun x3 not 4D. (yeah that much)

        • deyu

          shoujo manga heroine???!!! lmfao…kinda true tho.XD so you like Choi Jonghun. he can be very cheesy but lovable<3

  296. TO ALL PRIMADONNA AROUND OF THE WORLD..LETS DANCE…!!!THIS SONG IS REALLY GREAT..THUMBS UP TO MY TREASURES BOYS…bfore that special thanks to my ftisland bcoz make a hard work to produce this u all…from your primadonna..

  297. my TREASURE boys..wanna dance with me..??this song make me want to dance..:PPPP

  298. i dont listent a lot of FT Island but I love this song/mv !

  299. severely

    What’s your favorite FTI song?

    My favorite Korean one is Bad Woman, and my favorite Japanese one is Haruka. <3 The way Hongki sings those songs gets me every time.

  300. 毎日毎日 癒されてます ホンギ 大好きデス

  301. The song is amazing, Hongki head band, look good for him, that’s fashion

  302. Ahh this is prob. my favorite comeback from them! They all look really really good ;D esp live with jonghun’s muscles mmmm…

  303. Nicholas

    Being Mexican, I absolutely like the Spanish influence of this song, it tastes well in my voracious and picky ears! Interesting, group… you never really see to many Kpop bands who don’t dance or whom most of the members don’t sing but a few, it’s like Cold Play style! They’re not trying to slap everyone into a line of the song so they get creative sound bytes!

    • severely

      I like it. Being in a band is nice, because while they don’t all need to be good singers, they all have to have a solid control over their role. They can’t be assigned a useless instrument just to have a hot guy in the group. (And yet, they all still manage to be delicious.) <3

  304. misakichu12

    YAY!!! Pris and Everyone thanks so much!! Let’s keep on voting!! (>w<)/ ! and of course, OMG I'm still obsessed with this song. Ahem… and trying not to sound too biased x3, but seriously LOVE IT! I think everything goes really well, and I love how they mixed the whole spanish and rock. They have me dancing like crazy around the house x3

  305. 何回きても飽きない!!!!仕事してても頭の中でhonggiの声が流れてる~☆

    • fuuko4869

      あのさ、、、どうして皆が「ホンギ」と呼んでいるの? 「ホンキ」じゃないの?
      Why does everyone call him ‘Honggi’? Isn’t it ‘Honki’?

  306. C’mon Pri’s, we can do better than this! Let’s get voting so Simon and Martina will review this amazing song. <3

  307. I was scared that this would turn out bad when I saw the previews and then they blow me away like they always do…I just can’t help but love them. love how we get so many shots of all the guys playing their instrument ^^

  308. i like the song so i hope for it to be reviewed :)

  309. Oh come now why isnt this number 1? Its been so long since FTI was reviewed and this song is so much better!!! I want to here what simon and martina have to say about the video!!!

  310. vip <3 blackjacks

    completely addicted to this song

  311. Guys!! We can do this! Primadonna Fighting!! <3
    FTIsland deserve so much more attention! I wish this album will be successful!
    . . I'm going to love it either way tho.
    FTIsland FIGHTING!

  312. lucky7jade

    I’m hooked to this song ♥

  313. さとぅー


  314. danielle barletta

    FT Island deserves to be way more famous than they are now!

  315. christal hatake

    hongki in glasses *0*
    one wish came TRUE LOL
    anyways love the song HOPE FT ISLAND GETS REVIEWED AND BECOME more and more POPULAR In KOREA and Internationally anyways FT ISLAND HWAITING~

  316. I want Simon & Martina to review this song just cause the chorus sounds like “Baby, eat your queso, nanana queso.” To me, it’s hilarious. (btw: queso is cheese in Spanish)

  317. Doesn’t Hongki really look like Mir with those glasses ^^? If I didn’t know better I would’ve thought it was Mir

  318. i cant stop listening to this! *___*

  319. i have been playing this song and mv non stop for the past day~ it’s so good and hongki look so cute when he’s confused >_<

  320. Sae Leun

    aw Pris I really hope we can catch up :)

  321. I like this song :D Quite catchy. Hongki looks super cute :D

  322. It’s AWESOME. Different from their past songs~
    Fanboy here ^^
    They deserve more recognition~

  323. This is such a different sound for Kpop and I love it! FTIsland never disappoints.

  324. pandas_anonymous

    This song is seriously battling with I Hope as my favorite FT Island song :O

    • misakichu12

      OMG Same here! I Hope is my favorite FT ISLAND song ( I love them all but I Hope is just engraved into my heart lol) but this song is just -sigh- amazingg~~ <3

      • pandas_anonymous

        I totally feel the same way!! I Hope was my first ever FT Island song, and I love it so much :D I can still listen to it on replay, even though it’s a pretty old song now.
        But then I Wish comes along with its awesomeness and now I’m falling in love with it, too. :O It really shows how much these boys have grown since their I Hope days :)

      • GiWercia

        I hope was my first FT Island song, first kpop song!

  325. I was afraid but I really love this comeback :)

  326. FT Island is back! And certainly the song is amazing

  327. I haven’t listened to many of FT Island’s songs, but this one definitely caught my attention! I love this song!! :D Now I just need to listen to the others. xD

  328. I love this song and the MV, too. Hongki’s voice is one of the best and strongest voices among kpop singers.

  329. How can’t you love them. The song is AWESOME~ :D
    Hongki:”Love me, love me”

  330. That’s so AWESOME!
    The sound, the video THE SONG ITSELF!

  331. この曲ノリが良くて大好きになりました!!!!!!

  332. Saudi primadonna

    Sorry I mean best +_+

  333. Saudi primadonna

    I love it wow ftisland is the beast *.*

  334. This song has been stuck in my head since its release

  335. denia mae

    going better FTISLAND!!! FIGHTING!!
    Iloveyou <3 more power…

  336. Sounds like Latin rock!! My body is dancing automatically as hearing . Good!!

  337. Sae Leun

    This really needs to be reviewed ! :) A reason? It’s FTISLAND!!! :D

  338. Music video isn’t really interesting so idk if there’s much to say about it but I am interested in hearing opinions about the song itself. Seunghyun’s guitar sounds amazing and Jaejin’s part omg… ;____;

  339. vip <3 blackjacks

    so when i first herd this before i watched it i read the top two comments which happened to be in Spanish then the beginning sounds kinda Spanish from the guitar and trumpet so for like the first 10 seconds i thought it was in Spanish

  340. Seunghyun Oppa guitar skills daebak!!!!!!!!

  341. OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  342. this song is so so so good! Hope this song gets reviewed:)

  343. Hunky-ah~ I mean Hongki-ah~
    Great, now I call him like that because of Martina. Ehehehe
    You so nasty~~~ ^^

  344. I’m not familiar with FT ISLAND but I like this song and it’s latino vibe :))

  345. As much as I’m in love with this song I gotta admit it I prefer PAPER PLANE and Stay with me. and I do hope this MV gets reviewed =))

  346. jakemanroe

    Lol! The guitar riffs really remind me of rumba! It’s really very interesting & nice.

  347. jakemanroe

    Yes! F.T. Island is back! Love the song & MV ^_^

  348. super anticipating their comeback tmr at MCountdown!! with HongKi as MC too!!!! <3

  349. IcyAurora

    Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like Hongki’s hair in this MV very much >.<

  350. This song is so good! Fnc really should treat them better, I have nothing against cn blue but. Fnc is spotlighting all the attention and money on them and aoa, Even juniel! when ft island Is doing all the hard work:( hwaiting! Ft island! Once a primadonna always a primadonna!!!

    • pandas_anonymous

      I know!! FT Island was one of their first groups! D:
      I remember somewhere saying FT Island was like the experimental group for CN Blue and that made me kinda sad inside :[
      But seriously! FT Island was a breakthrough and they’re pretty much veterans now! They deserve some respect :D

  351. tomorrow Mcountdown and Hongki is the mc.^^

  352. wow! already #2?! Primadonnas GO! GO!

  353. FTISLAND!!!!!!!この曲リズムが好き♡♡ライブで聞きたい!!!!

  354. Velvetblue Veille

    Seunghyun, I miss you. <3 Glad that he can show his skill in playing guitar well. XD

  355. Tuxedosam3

    i hope ftisland gets reviewed, i seriously loved this mv

  356. thisisjustforfunval

    Talk about all the members having the same girlfriend. This girl isn’t sugar coating that she is dating all the other members of the band behind Hongki’s back it and at the end it doesn’t seem like Hongki seems to mind to much. A new twist on an all to common kpop tale. ^_^

    BTW I really do love this song, been stuck in my head all day.

  357. ahh they have to win! seriously this song is soooo good and UNIQUE

  358. daily comment to keep up the votes~~~

    as usual, still absolutely love this song. replaying it all day <33
    can't wait to see their comeback stage!!

  359. pandas_anonymous

    In all honesty, I’m not too fond of the music video, but i LOVE the song! I can’t stop myself from coming back to the vid to listen to it. Hongki’s voice never disappoints Jaejin, Seunghyun, Minhwan, and Jonghun are amazing on their instruments as always :D

  360. Wow it’s in 2nd place alredy?? aweseom.. Did anyone else fine that that set where they are almost all wearing black is a little out of place?

  361. Rychele Kalilikane

    Not gonna lie, love love love the sound of the entire song apart from the Chorus which seems to fit only at the climax of the song. But, I love FTisland!

  362. danielle barletta

    im so excited for how amazing this comeback was!!!!!

  363. Raquel Vm

    This MV is amazing <3 I love it , Proud Primadonna ^^

  364. Loving this new song & the MV! FTIsland nv fails to come up with awesome music, and lovin’ all their hairstyles this time round too! :)♥ Minhwan!♥

  365. I usually don’t like their songs, but the combination of Latin and rock they put into the song makes the ‘love me’ song fun to listen to….though i think the song was at its best in the first half of song then in the 2nd half

  366. Woot woot! FTI is finally back. Love the song, MV’s ok, totally digging Hongki’s hair and headband. Not many guys can pull off that look.

  367. severely

    YAY, SECOND PLACE. :D Just have one more to go. We can get it! ^_^

    Did everyone see their live snippet? What’d you all think? :D

  368. carlos camacho

    ahhh love this video specially because of the spanish melody in the trumpet and guitar :DDDDD

  369. It LOOKS like no one else posted a live link yet, so here’s a teaser-length vid of them performing this at their concert, from their official YouTube channel:

  370. No, your English is fine. :) I can’t wait to see it either! Their live performances always rock.

  371. Come on Primadonnas. Only T-ara is left to beat for us to get #1

  372. FTISLAND プリマドンナです 歌唱力抜群の最高のアーティストです

  373. i saw hongki’s crown on a skull ring. AND I BOUGHT IT IMMEDIATELY. hahaa ! its even more expensive that the album =X hahahah

  374. Such an amazing song – I’m really loving their new album, especially Hongki’s song that he had written the lyrics for, “Stay With Me.” I also love the song “Your Words.” Overall, one of my most favorite albums – Fighting F.T. Island!!!!~~~ <3<3<3<3

  375. pandas_anonymous

    Does anyone hear a little feeling of Train’s 50 Ways to Say Goodbye in this song? It’s probably the trumpets and the Spanish feel, but it keeps nagging at me o.o

  376. Ha Trinh

    This song is now all over my head XDDD!!!…So addicted to it ^^!!!!! ~~~<3

    Love their commebacks *u*!

  377. Jamie Lee

    I hope this gets reviewed~ Just so I can hear Martina call him the ‘hunky one’ again. xD

  378. I am in completely in love with this and I am so happy JaeJin gets to rap!!!

  379. Oh, and also, am really looking forward to the live performance of this. Hongki has this sexy little wriggle he does in the chorus :D

  380. Am LOVING the vibe of this song, plus the look of all the members. I know some ppl don’t like Hongki’s hairband and hairstyle etc. in this vid, but I’m honestly loving it! ADORE quite a few of the other songs on this album, and so proud that they have composed/written more than half of it! Finally they’re getting a chance to show their growth in Korea, and not just japan! :D

  381. Agnes Tran

    i seriously love this song sooooo much~i seriously love this song sooo much!!

  382. rumi_va

    Great song, I can not stop listening to it

  383. LaLa_73

    Maybe there isn’t much to talk about in the video, but if Simon and Martina find something to talk about Super Junior videos, then this one won’t be that hard. Besides, I hope it beats T-ara.

  384. I really like this song, but for some strange reason I feel like the chorus doesn’t match the rest of this song. Each time I listen to it I feel surprised…

    • I was a little startled the first time I heard it too….usually the chorus fits so perfectly with their verses, but it seemed a little out of place to me. Maybe because they changed the key?

    • boomshakalaka_7

      I agree, i think its because verses had a spanish sound to them while the chorus did not at all:P but maybe that’s just me…:P

      • Not just you, since at least 3 people noticed it. And yes, I agree that chorus sounds very FT Island, while the verses are Spanish stylized. It’s an awesome song though, and the more I listen to it, the less I hear this difference

  385. Such a good song!! Just a shame Endless Story and Neverland aren’t on the new album ^^;;

  386. JenneeSayo

    Dude, this is freaking awesome.
    Really diggin’ the Spanish feel.
    And also, HONGKI♥♥♥

  387. IcyAurora

    Thisssss. Their voices are so amazing<33

  388. Come on guys! We have to make sure they win!

  389. danielle barletta

    i really hope they win over t-ara!

  390. I would love to hear what S&M have to say on Honggi and this song. I love this band and I love this song! Come on Prims, let’s get to voting!

  391. pandas_anonymous

    I was kinda thrown off by Jaejin’s rap part. DON’T GET ME WRONG, it’s not bad, actually, I quite like it. But I just wasn’t expecting his voice there :P I was more expecting Seunghyun’s.

  392. GiWercia

    Keep voting! I love this song! But why Hongki wants to date whom is dating 4 other member of a band? I think that girl is evil, she put a spell on each member of a group – that’s a reason!

  393. Awesome song,i reallt luv it.F.T.Island Fitghint!

  394. FTISLANDを心から愛しています(^ω^)ホンギの声 歌唱力 サイコー

  395. u know you’re a fan when the MV is not that interesting but you want it to get reviewed anyway!! i’ve waited long enough! congrats for the comeback ;)

    on a side note, wow, kara kinda just fell a few position down the chart…. hmmm, i wanted that to be reviewed too actually, more than the t-ara song. and no, not because of the controversy, that’s not my concern.

    • I actually thought the MV was pretty interesting. Infinitely more to talk about thann T-ara’s MV, imho. I’m not a Primadonna, but I like the group and song on its own merits. (I’m more of an Inspirit-KissMe-ELF.)

      • i think u misread what i wrote. i didnt say t-ara MV was more interesting than this MV. in fact i said i wanted kara’s MV to be reviewed more than t-ara. cos t-ara was higher up on the chart. but ultimately i want ft island to be reviewed.

        • SY G

          I see, sorry. ^^
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