F.T. Island – I Wish

  1. I Love FTISLAND  チェゴ


  2. FTISLAND fighting!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. FTISLAND ふぁいてぃん!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Aquasaphire

    Why isn’t BAP’s new video Crash on these charts??

    • It wasn’t really a music video, just behind-the-scenes footage with AN AMAZING CATCHY AWESOME SONG.
      But yeah, much to my dismay there was nothing to analyze (dance, storyline, etc) so it wasnt put on the charts :/

  5. yeah! we MADE IIIIIIIIIIT!!!! THE 1ST PLACEEEEE ^^!!!!!!!

    F.T. Island and Prims ^^!!~~~

  6. Sabri Ibáñez

    FT Island Los espero en Chile 1313 xD

  7. so haapy with the Spanish guitar and and the cute rhythm LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  8. i was about to vote for GD.. but then… i guess i kinda miss FT Island….

  9. I will make sure that FT Island win the kpop chart even if it means clicking vote several times everyday :)

  10. christal hatake


  11. christal hatake

    VOTE VOTE <3

  12. ChocoPandaa

    OMG.. NO!! FTISLAND’S I WISH IS BACK TO 2ND PLACE WITH GD’S CRAYON IN 1ST PLACE!!!! D: I mean.. Good for GD and all… But the previous Kpop Music Monday was already his That XX song….. ): FTISLAND’S I Wish better get reviewed!! ><
    Come on Pris~!!! Let's try out best~~!! ^^

  13. Wow, such an amazing song! I keep listening to it again and again and again and again.. The Spanish guitar, Ahhh :D

  14. Since it’s 2nd place now, is it still getting reviewed??? no ? yes? ;/

  15. F.T Island fighting! ^____^ Really want to see this get featured by Simon and Martina.

  16. I have to say I loved this song! (I’m a huge Lee HongKi fan so that alone made it)… I especially loved the Spanish influence on the guitar rifs, they were awesome.
    The fashion also made my day, I mean we have polka dot pants, animal print pants, animal print leather pants and a spiked head-band! It’s awesome! Then off course there is the girl they are all in love with making the story that much more interesting cause… well none of them really end up with her.

  17. I really like FT Island’s promotional songs! It always grabs my attention:) please do review it!

  18. PurplexSwirls

    Wow, I have heard of FTIsland, but I only know Hongki (from that drama) but this song is just amazing. I love it

  19. ira ackles


    • I don’t think its getting worse, although I think that its just getting more and more different from the original ft island sound. I feel like they’re finally being able to experiment and they probably really want to do more rocky songs like their japanese albums however fnc doesn’t want that because that isn’t as popular in korea; so at the moment they are stuck in this rock-pop-spanish?? sort of style. If that makes sense, that’s what I think anyway and I actually love this song regardless and also basically all the songs on the album except for one especially 보내주자 because it’s like that old amazing ft island sound :) also sorry for the long reply….it’s a bad habit of mine..

  20. I have this fear that ‘Crayon’ will take over..

    • SariRainMJ

      You can ease your mind. Crayon will not be reviewed for Monday. Usually S&M start recording on Sunday and post on Monday, so more likely, they’ve already started working on KMM, which means FTIsland already won. :) Crayon will most likely be reviewed next week, not tomorrow.

  21. I love this song! Hongki’s headband is super cute. I first saw Hongki in the drama a year ago (I know pretty late to watch the drama) and I was like wait a minute…he’s in an actual band?! Love at first sight I tell you. lol I wish he would do another drama…I loved his character. :)

    • MR_FTiNo1

      I’m not sure about a drama, but he will be in a movie :D The film is called “Our Heaven” and he will play a cocky celebrity x3 I wanna see itttt!! :B

      • Ohh a movie? :O Do you know when it will be out? Is he the main lead? :DD

        • MR_FTiNo1

          Yeshh he’ll be the main lead :3 I’m really excited about it, but I don’t really know when it’s coming out :c also in case you didn’t know he was also in other movies like “Muscle Girl” and “Noriko Goes to Seoul” so if you want to see more of him :3 there ya go!

        • Thank you for the information! :) I’ll have to check all this out when I get the time.

  22. FT island ♥♥♥

  23. Soyun Dorito

    Love Hongki’s vocals and the song just great…TARA QUESO

  24. FTISLAND チェゴ


  25. Happy4eva

    I really want FTISLAND to win~ It’s not too often they make a comeback and even if GD doesn’t win this week, I’m pretty sure he will win next week because Crayon is one addictive song x) FTISLAND, HWAITING! I love love lovee their new song and concept! <3 hehe

    • I totally agree! They’ve only done two F.T. Island songs so far! And with all of GD’s new songs like Crayon and That XX, he’s sure to win next week or something because they are just so great!

  26. ftisland fighting!!~ I hope they win

  27. Everyone in FT Island are so dreamy!! Love that Latin feel of the song!

  28. did ftisland win? cuz its already monday in korea :D

  29. Azra Aoxora

    ftisland’s song is way better than all the others that came out by big groups. i’m not biased i’m truthful! XD

  30. Keep voting Pri’s!! Only a few more hours I believe, we got this. x3

  31. oh shit guys gd is going up the chart very fast!!! gd can win next week vote for ftisland!!!!

  32. Musically I like this more than any of the other high-ranking songs right now. The guitar parts are especially great.

  33. Lets vote Primadonnas! G-Dragon is coming with his song ‘Crayon’!!!

  34. ChocoPandaa

    Can’t wait for the review!! ^^

  35. And this is why I love F.T. Island.

  36. i wish to see this song to be reviewed.. when is it again? S &M will determine the winner of the chart?? but crayon is…. but yeaaah.. as for the time being.. i’ll be here commenting with you people… with hope it added to the points..