F.Cuz – No 1

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  1. WOOHH!!! F.CUZ FIGHTING!!!! These guys are amazing, they really need more recognition. It’s really sad that S&M only reviewed Wanna Be Your Love. That mv was horrible
    Let’s keep voting so we can have a F.cuz video reviewed!

  2. This song still in my mind. 

  3. warriorsarah

    Ahhhh I REALLY LIKE THIS but……… I srsly doubt it’ll get into K-pop Music Mondays
    And I love that the girl comes and saves the guys like a boss….

  4. Come one people they really need to review this~!

  5. Hayley Buck

    Woo! F.Cuz are back! :DDDDD I love Kan <3

  6. Come one people we need them to review this~! 

  7. I’ve never heard their songs before…but I relly liked this song! :)

  8. yeah, with Infinfite’s comeback there are slim chances for this to be reviewed T_T

  9. Why is this behind Venus? It has more votes in everything??

  10. OOOK, now we have Tarantallegra and we’ll have INFINITE’s new MV this week… Yeah, I don’t think we gonna make it. =___=

  11. this is a really good song

  12. Eleanor Kirk

    I can’t help but love this music video and song.

    Does anybody else think Kan would be an awesome actor if he ever decided to go down that route?

  13. star_dust

    I have such a fan girl crush on this song. 
    Also, these guys are in their TWENTIES. HOLY CRAP. They look so YOUNG.
    I also really like the grungy electronica interludes. Well done, F.Cuz
    I love the switched gender roles~~
    (Kan is my bias, lemme just say~ <3 ) 

  14. F.cuz just the name is epic!

  15. i hope this song gets reviewed:)

  16. I wanna know what their opinion of the girl knight saving the boys, slashing people without blood showing

  17. The dance police from Fantastic Baby have captured F.cuz!!! and they have upgraded their outfits to look like the Matrix. My question is, why did pretty much none of the members help that kick butt girl….??? They were in good enough condition to dance!!! Just punch one guy! please!!! 

  18. Simon, Martina, and everyone else, who thinks, there was an F word.
    Jinon didn’t say it. He said F.cuz. The same way you thought Zico said the F word in “Just Stop”, when he said “focus” . And then – “turn the music up”, but it clashed with “F.Cuz” that was added in the backround, so I understand where all this confusion comes from.

  19. they deserve more attention <3 

  20. Funky song and interesting MV. :D


  22. I am voting for this song because the song from TTS is just not for me. Is either Girl’s Generation as a whole or nothing. Anyways kudos for this band that tried to go a diferrent prospective for once.

  23. I voted for BAP last week.  I don’t know if F.Cuz will get enough votes but I always like to support underdogs so I will vote as much as I can this week for them.

  24. You know you want to vote it up higher…….you know you do….

  25. F.Cuz are soo cute in real!!! Attended a mini live with handshake and they’re sooo cute!!

  26. They deserve the spotlight, they are really good x.x 

  27. Lita Duong

    ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ F.Cuz ~!

  28. The new members look soooo cute and young LOL

  29. americankpopfan

    Wouldnt that just be funny and great to see F.Cuz overthrow TaeTiSeo for next week?! Lets get them to NO. 1!!! FIGHTING!!

  30. i liked the badass chick saving the day xD

  31. I really love this song, as well as the dance but I would love to see what yous think of the video! I think this was a really successful comeback, deserves a KMM review. ^^

  32. Taylor Shen

    WOOOO~!!! I hope this gets to be reviewed~! w<)O 

  33. I really really want this song on K-POP Monday it’s such a good song that they should already have reviewed.

  34. Ana Luisa Gama Cruz

    I totally love this song!! F.Cuz are very talented!!! F.CUZ FIGTHING!!!:3

  35. I think the only Music Monday review that you’ve done for F.Cuz has been the “F— Me Blind” one, which is a shame, as I personally really did not like that song… AT ALL. But F.Cuz has some other really good songs– just take “Midnight Sun” for example. I think that because F.Cuz will be a few weeks old by the time it might have a chance to be reviews (as likely B.A.P will be reviewed next, then Girls’ Generation TTS, then maybe JYP or Batooba or someone else who will have come out by then…) the new kpop chart system will have down-graded it so that it will not be able to win. But I will vote everyday nonetheless! I think that you  have a lot of material to work with here– a heroine to save the band members for once. Then there is the title– this girl has been SERIOUSLY friend-zoned. Honestly… if you save five guys lives you’d expect a little love. Instead… “You’re number one!”. Maybe super-Dothraki-strength-lady scares the pretty boys. “Sorry. We don’t date people stronger than us.”

    I just would REALLY love to see you both review this. 

  36. I’m glad this song keeps climbing up EYK. They deserve a lot more attention.

  37. SoKoCe Love

    F.CUZ needs more love ^^