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Fiestar – Vista

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  1. Can’t they just lump gdragons videos together already, especially when they know they’re going to review them?! I’m voting/commenting/tweeting/liking everything but gd in the top 10, or that hasn’t been reviewed yet! This debut is too solid to not get a video that and Orange Caramel’s new track!

  2. Lets all vote for them!!!! I really want this video to be reviewed!!!!

  3. this group is awesome so far!!! i hope they make it to music mondays!!

  4. I totaly love this mv. Girls are amazing. Good song. Like this dance. And…..there is Kim Junsu from JYJ. I’m soooooo happy)))) I realy want them to review this mv.

  5. really love the song and the girls :)

  6. Where are Junsu fangirls when you need them?…I love this song,the MV and Fiestar…so i want this to get reviewed…

  7. The rap was kind of lame, but I dig this song. More instrumental, less trendy eletro beeps and drums and such. A few more listens should probably get it to stick with me :)

  8. here for my daily vote for my favorite rookie group <3 very fresh, very talented


    am supporting this video because … JUNSUUUUUUU !!!!

    the mv is not bad though … creative and different and would be interesting to see its review … and also .. JUNSUUUUUUUU!!!

  10. Amazing….Dancing! Just kidding, the whole video was nice but they dont need to overdo it, i wouldve been happy with just the dance version with the white shirts

  11. ninjakitty

    LOVE this song!!!
    So glad I took a moment to listen!

  12. I lovelovelove this an it needs to be on D;

  13. I just wanna support this rookie group))

  14. I love this song… ;~;

  15. this should be reveiewed!!!

  16. I really love junsu in this vid!

  17. I want to hear S&M’s thoughts about the song, the first minutes were unique and interesting and the song isn’t what I expected it be. So… let’s all vote for them!

  18. I really want them to review this video. This is a fantastic debut for a rookie group (in my opinion) :D

  19. wow! finally 1k votes. yesterday was just 800++. <3

  20. Well, it has Junsu in it but he’s not shaking his bananas this time.

  21. Let’s go FIESTAR!

  22. here for my daily vote!

    • Wow dude, I’m really touched by your support for the girl groups here (we need more people like you!! >_<) However, it would be great if your comments actually said something about the song/video/artist, because our spambot is designed to automatically delete comments that just say 'XYZ is the best' 'i love XYZ' or 'vote for XYZ'. It's because we get hundreds of comments saying those same things everyday. :S Sorry…

  23. is it just me or did anyone notice that some parts of the set look like from IU’s You and I? or the Dream High school locker area? It might not be the case for either of those but that is the impression I got when I saw those scenes =o

  24. I really love this song

  25. Not bad. I thought the dancing was good. I don’t what the heck Vista or Fiestar means, but seriously I think it was bad at all for their debut. I mean the jetpack was a bit weird, but its okay. And come on, JUNSU cameo. Whats not to love?

  26. Let’s go! Vote vote vote! I really want them to review this :P

  27. I was surprised by how much I loved this! The song was catchy, the vocals were good, and a fun MV! (the girl with the jetpack is so adorable, omg I wanna put her in my pocket forever ;_;) I’ll actually be buying their CD.

  28. Maybe Simon and Martina will include it in their kpop chart update. and mention Junsu. I like how they all look up to him. Like they might do in real life.

  29. Junsu admirer here. I hope this can get reviewed. Junsu as Superman. How fitting.

  30. thatssumgoodcurry

    O c’mon! They have to review this song! It’s like the best MV ever! Plus it has Junsu in it! Don’t they like him? XD

  31. yeah.. top 8! lets keep on voting!! =)

  32. The title of this song should be Speak Up instead of Vista. I don’t even know what it means. =.=”

  33. Hey, wait a second… I LIKE THIS!!!!

  34. Just commenting and voting again! :D

  35. I’m making voting for this video a daily goal for right now! I hope with a new studio S&M can start sharing thoughts on debut groups/their debut stages/videos, but I’d really like to hear what they have to say about this group! It’s not cutesy and the song is really strong! As well as the dance! :]

  36. I just really REALLY want them to be reviewed :D They are one of my favorite girls groups at the moment :D

  37. this is a really strong debut! its not too flashy and theyre seriously talented not just pretty. love this song and dance. has a confusing plot that would make for a good review :D

  38. I need a review of this, the girls are sooo amazing!

  39. They are sooo good, it’s simple but amaizing I just love them

  40. i really wish that more people will help to vote for this MV. =(

  41. Really wish this mv was reviewed, is very good for a rookie girl group…

    for me they r the best rookie from girl group this year *OOOO*

  43. Finally a girl group I’m interested in! Fiestar, fighting!

  44. I love the symbolism of superheroes representing the top k-pop idols that they strive to become

  45. this song is reallly awesome and catchy!!! i love lindsey and yezi!! <3

  46. - the dance parts (not all of them) are done in jeans!!! simple jeans (though the tops are a bit strange)! it has been a long time since simple clothing was used.
    - Junsu. the fact that JYJ is coming back to the korean scene (if i may call it that), that a newbie band chose one of the exiled ones is amazing! shows that life for JYJ is (hopefully) getting less difficult. also, i wonder if Junsu had a hand in creating the lyrics…
    - the use of ‘vista’ is a bit clumsy. vista = vision, sight, view??? 
    - the lyrics are interesting
    conclusion: it would be nice to have this reviewed for music mondays, but Junsu /JYJ/DBSK fans would have to lend a hand…

  47. their live performance in Music Core was awesome!! 

  48. i still don’t get the point of the girl flying here and there

  49. one of the girl reminds me of hyuna

  50. i want them to talk about junsu cameo lol

  51. OMG what is Junsu doing in this MV? :P
    tbh, the song didn’t really grab me, but Junsu definitely did! I literally screeched when I saw him..
    anyways, yeah, the video was cute I guess. I like their outfits :)

  52. this needs to get a review awesome song awesome dance moves awesome concept AND THERE IS JUNSU INSIDE. VOTE VOTE!

  53. This is the second rookie group this year to have properly captured my attention. First one being NU’EST. :D
    All the love for LOEN <3
    I really like their style, it's different to the usual girl-group music I hear. And that rap OH MY GOD. DAMN GIRL.

    • I get a vibe that this group is somehow similar with Nu’est in delivering message through their lyrics because Fiestar also ask others to speak up and be brave like Action. Anyway Nu’est are not from LOEN, they’re from Pledis. :) I love the rap too especially when the girl wearing yellow tank top raps. I dunno their names yet. duh

      • I get what you mean. I know NU’EST aren’t from LOEN, I’m just saying that LOEN has never really disappointed me with their artists. Pledis is a little hit and miss for me, but they’re getting better :D
        The rapper is Yezi, the short-haired girl is Linzy, and the adorkable girl in the jetpack is Cheska, that’s all I’ve learned for now XD

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Oh. I thought that u regarded Nu’est came from LOEN because as we all know LOEN is the other uploader for Nu’est on youtube and not MANY people know Nu’est has their official one, pledisnuest. Sorry. Actually Pledis had never got my attention before until Nu’est showed up. So yeah, I’m glad that now they’re slowly improving. ^^
          Yezi, Linzy, and Cheska…Glad that they have different names than other Kpop singers. l’ll remember them for sure. ^^

        • That’s okay ^___^ I first heard about them through LOEN, then followed them to their official channel, to which I instantly subscribed XD Same here – well, I liked After School’s earlier stuff, but then lost interest, so it was pretty quiet on the Pledis front until NU’EST. And now through NU’EST I’m slowly getting into Pledis’s artists XD

          The rest of the girls’ names are Jei (the leader), Cao Lu, and Hyemi. Just need to figure out which is which…

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Hehe yeah…Nu’est makes me want to know more about Pledis family. I like both of their rookies songs, Nu’est and Hello Venus although I love Nu’est more. XD And I hope Pledis will do their best for the upcoming rookie, Seventeen, too. *just wondering how can they manage all of them fairly
          Cao Lu? Like a Chinese name. Is there a non Korean member there?

        • Yeah, I’m curious as to how Seventeen will fare. I worry a little too, because Pledis is debuting new artists at a really fast rate, and I really don’t want any of them to suffer later in the event that things become too much for them >___<

          Cao Lu is Chinese, and Cheska is Korean/American.
          I think I'm slowly improving on identifying the other three members :D Have you seen their lives as well? These girls can really sing, and I mean REALLY sing. Especially Linzy, her voice = kafdjghasrhgsjkeh <3

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Let’s hope that Pledis can do their best in managing all of them. ^_^ Anyway, do u think there will be a graduating system for Nu’est? (Sorry mod, it seems that the conversation is too off for now, but I couldn’t chat with other fellow LO/Es on Nu’est page, and I’ll make sure to keep this relevant. ^^ )

          Yup. I have! Thanks to you, I can identify Cheska, Yezi, and Linzy easily, and even Hyemi too. She is the girl watching tv in the beginning. But I still can’t tell Jei and Cao Lu apart yet. =.=” Yes, the girls can really sing, and Linzy’s voice reminds me of Baekho. What a strong voice! And Yezi, she is an awesome rapper. Give her some time, and I’m sure she will be one of the best rapper later on. :))) Cheska is an American?? Like Aron? Woah, I’ve to make sure to keep the track for these girls. XD

        • No, I highly doubt it. There’d be too much backlash for it to be worth it. Also, in regards to NU’EST, I think it would lessen the impact of their concept if they were a rotational group, since they want to be recognised for establishing a new style of music, and be representatives of their age bracket.

          Watching closely, Cao Lu is the one who spins in the chair and transforms. But I haven’t looked at them closely enough in lives to see if I can actually tell them all apart. XD A FIESTAR/NU’EST collab would be amazing. Two awesome, talented groups lkajsdhgkajhg Cheska’s a rapper like Aron as well 8D Her rapping style is really different, though. It’s adorable XD

        • Velvetblue Veille

          I hope so. Nu’est is already complete by having those exceptional members. No need to change anyone of them. When we think we’ve known everything about Nu’est, they always come up with “endless shot”. So intriguing. :))

          Still need time especially when watching their live performance. :) The fun fact is although Cao Lu is the oldest leader in Fiestar but because she is not fluent in Korean, like Aron, Jei is chosen as the leader. I dunno whether it is a coincidence but there are
          already some similarities with Nu’est. ^_^ And have u seen this one? She is totally an adorkable awesome rapper. Couldn’t imagine how amazing it’ll be if both of them do the collab. As far as I know there is none collab between a male n a female rapper yet (correct me if I’m wrong) in Korea. Like GD n TOP but this one will be CheskAron. >__<

        • I’m loving all these FIESTAR/NU’EST parallels 8D Minhyun and Linzy are also quite similar. Both are the visuals of the group, and both are also main vocals.

          I’ve already seen it XD I love her quirky rapping style. I want to hear some epic raps from her in their future releases :D Or an epic rap showdown between her and Yezi. That would be so badass.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Hehe me too. ^^ Hope LOEN and Pledis would do a joint concert someday. XD

          I’m actually still wondering why did Linzy not appear on IU’s MV – Sea of Moonlight. Only five members were there. :| Yup. Cheska’s rap style is so different than usual rap. And I think I’ve made my decision. Cheska has made me to choose her as my bias for now. :D

        • She did. Before they debuted, Linzy had long hair as well XD I think Linzy has to be my bias, closely followed by Yezi and Cheska, who are tied at the moment (I think…). But yeah, look closely at the MV. IU pushed them out into the water, and at the beach, you see all the members of FIESTAR.

        • Velvetblue Veille

          Omo. I hardly recognize her with that long hair. Is she the one at 2:53 from Sea of Moonlight video? She really has different image like an innocent girl. ^^

        • I… think so. I never see a good close-up of her for long enough to be sure >___<

  54. I want a jet pack! Okay I have no clue what the video is about, and did the girl ever get her turn in front of Junsu? However I do like the song it has a nice little beat to it. 

  55. I has to chance to be revieved but guys… it has Junsu in it! YES! JYJ JUNSU! JYJ FOR LIFE!!

  56. What even does FIESTAR mean ? 

    I love the song !