Fiestar – Vista

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  1. Can’t they just lump gdragons videos together already, especially when they know they’re going to review them?! I’m voting/commenting/tweeting/liking everything but gd in the top 10, or that hasn’t been reviewed yet! This debut is too solid to not get a video that and Orange Caramel’s new track!

  2. Lets all vote for them!!!! I really want this video to be reviewed!!!!

  3. Sam Grove

    this group is awesome so far!!! i hope they make it to music mondays!!

  4. I totaly love this mv. Girls are amazing. Good song. Like this dance. And…..there is Kim Junsu from JYJ. I’m soooooo happy)))) I realy want them to review this mv.

  5. really love the song and the girls :)

  6. Black_winds

    Where are Junsu fangirls when you need them?…I love this song,the MV and Fiestar…so i want this to get reviewed…

  7. The rap was kind of lame, but I dig this song. More instrumental, less trendy eletro beeps and drums and such. A few more listens should probably get it to stick with me :)

  8. here for my daily vote for my favorite rookie group <3 very fresh, very talented


    am supporting this video because … JUNSUUUUUUU !!!!

    the mv is not bad though … creative and different and would be interesting to see its review … and also .. JUNSUUUUUUUU!!!

  10. Maya Anderson

    Amazing….Dancing! Just kidding, the whole video was nice but they dont need to overdo it, i wouldve been happy with just the dance version with the white shirts

  11. ninjakitty

    LOVE this song!!!
    So glad I took a moment to listen!

  12. Thalia Rose

    I lovelovelove this an it needs to be on D;

  13. I just wanna support this rookie group))

  14. I love this song… ;~;

  15. this should be reveiewed!!!

  16. I really love junsu in this vid!

  17. Mimosa Sillanpää

    I want to hear S&M’s thoughts about the song, the first minutes were unique and interesting and the song isn’t what I expected it be. So… let’s all vote for them!

  18. I really want them to review this video. This is a fantastic debut for a rookie group (in my opinion) :D

  19. wow! finally 1k votes. yesterday was just 800++. <3

  20. Gangnam Style

    Well, it has Junsu in it but he’s not shaking his bananas this time.

  21. Gangnam Style

    Let’s go FIESTAR!

  22. here for my daily vote!

    • fuuko4869

      Wow dude, I’m really touched by your support for the girl groups here (we need more people like you!! >_<) However, it would be great if your comments actually said something about the song/video/artist, because our spambot is designed to automatically delete comments that just say 'XYZ is the best' 'i love XYZ' or 'vote for XYZ'. It's because we get hundreds of comments saying those same things everyday. :S Sorry…

  23. is it just me or did anyone notice that some parts of the set look like from IU’s You and I? or the Dream High school locker area? It might not be the case for either of those but that is the impression I got when I saw those scenes =o

  24. I really love this song

  25. Not bad. I thought the dancing was good. I don’t what the heck Vista or Fiestar means, but seriously I think it was bad at all for their debut. I mean the jetpack was a bit weird, but its okay. And come on, JUNSU cameo. Whats not to love?

  26. Let’s go! Vote vote vote! I really want them to review this :P

  27. I was surprised by how much I loved this! The song was catchy, the vocals were good, and a fun MV! (the girl with the jetpack is so adorable, omg I wanna put her in my pocket forever ;_;) I’ll actually be buying their CD.

  28. Pathryn34

    Maybe Simon and Martina will include it in their kpop chart update. and mention Junsu. I like how they all look up to him. Like they might do in real life.

  29. Pathryn34

    Junsu admirer here. I hope this can get reviewed. Junsu as Superman. How fitting.

  30. thatssumgoodcurry

    O c’mon! They have to review this song! It’s like the best MV ever! Plus it has Junsu in it! Don’t they like him? XD

  31. yeah.. top 8! lets keep on voting!! =)

  32. Velvetblue Veille

    The title of this song should be Speak Up instead of Vista. I don’t even know what it means. =.=”

  33. Hey, wait a second… I LIKE THIS!!!!

  34. Just commenting and voting again! :D

  35. I’m making voting for this video a daily goal for right now! I hope with a new studio S&M can start sharing thoughts on debut groups/their debut stages/videos, but I’d really like to hear what they have to say about this group! It’s not cutesy and the song is really strong! As well as the dance! :]