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f(x) – Electric Shock

  1. I do have to agree with you guys one some things. 1) SM should REALLY put more effort into making elaborate sets to match the songs they produce, though I can’t even understand a single word they are saying (except for when K-Pop songs have english words in them), I sometimes felt like the song didn’t quite match the MV set. Sure you see electric currents running around the walls in the beginning of the video, but does it match the lyrics? Another thing is their costumes. I agree with you guys 100 percent that these costumes honestly looked like they came out of a dollar store and were just thrown on them without even looking over them. As you also mention, do the costumes match the song lyrics and the music video? Great review overall, just honestly wish I could understand Korean without having to guess what they are trying to tell me…

  2. Yay ! They reviewed this ! My everyday voting is finally paid off ! Gonna continue voting for SITAR right now and beat After School ! ^_^

  3. I like this music video. Last date, do you can to make a new show about Oh my god! by Girl’s Day?

  4. Can’t wait to see what Simon and Martina have to say about Electric Shock!

  5. YAY!!!!! Looking forward to KMM tomorrow!!!!

  6. I love them!! specially Victoria ^^

  7. Oh my gosh – I absolutely lurve what they’re wearing!

  8. Oh my gosh – I absolutely lurve what they’re all wearing! Especially victoria ^.^

  9. i’ve been waiting for a long time for this to get reviewed ^^

  10. Ok the person who figured out the Electric Shock thing is awesome down there VVV I just was too lazy to reply directly on theirs >.< But Simon and Martina would be awesome if they mentioned that *wink**wink*

  11. f(x) fighting
    Please review f(x) Electric shock


    • I’m pretty sure that F(x) is going to be done solidly on KMM tomorrow.

      “Time to NA NA NA NA NA NA NA! start scripting NA NA NA NA NA NA NA! Music Monday NA NA NA NA NA NA NA!”

      That was their tweet. F(x) will be on the K-Pop Music Monday tomorrow.

  13. i really want them to review this song so much

  14. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    They tweeted~ you guys will be the next KMM. congrats!

  15. f(x) won on another music show! Yay!

  16. This video is awesome, it deserves to get reviewed.

  17. i shock you with electricity… ELECTRIC SHOCK!

  18. Come on you guys, Super Junior will be on tomorrow! We need more votes!

  19. Come on nameless! We can do this!

  20. i hope this is on nxt music monday

  21. A part of me wishes they would have had bolder fashion, however,another part of me is still a bit shocked at what Chu showcased

  22. fx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KRYSTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVING U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


  24. I’m going to keep voting until they say “We’re starting to script for this week’s KMM!”

    Wonder how much longer before they say that.
    I really like this song. My all-time favorite f(x) song. It evens tops my past favorite, NUABO.

  25. SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  26. thank god suju haven’t released their mv yet or else… anyway f(x) fighting!

  27. E-E-E-Electric Shock!~

  28. Come on guys! Keep that voting!!:)

  29. I love the whole album! It’s so cool!!
    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  30. I wonder what EYK would say about this if it got reviewed.


  32. Ready to be ELECTRIFIED

  33. I love this song!! we’re almost there, keep voting!!

  34. Please Please
    Review f(x) Electric Shock

  35. YES f(x) ElectricShock <33333

  36. come on, f(orever nameless)! we can do it!!!!

  37. come on guys~ let’s keep voting! only about one more day! :D

  38. I always love f(x)’s music ^o^

  39. If we keep it up for 2 days it’ll be reviewd woot !

    WE CAN DO IT !

  40. :3 I want to keep commenting >_< It has to be reviewed!!!!

  41. lets keep voting, nameless!!! <3 <3

  42. Really excited to see this one.

  43. Yeah!! Finally, Electric Shock is gonna get reviewed :D I was waiting since last week but in the end it was Ukiss’s Believe that got reviewed. Fx is the best and i find that this is one of their best songs ^^ Krystal, Luna, Amber, Sulli and Victoria HWAITING! <3

  44. F(X) FIGHTING!!!!

  45. Looks like f(x) wasn’t able to escape the oddly lit room this time around.

  46. Come on guys we hold out until the weekend! VOTE!!!

  47. After School is going down~! xD

  48. Guys, you know that Super Junior’s new MV is coming out soon right? We should ask ELFs to give us this week, and then next week we’ll vote for theirs, okay? But 2NE1′S coming out with an MV too, so SM Family HWAITING!!! <3

  49. E E E Electric Shock
    Electric Shock must be reviewed. It is awesome

  50. After School has the time advantage, doesn’t it? That means we have to keep voting and sharing Electric Shock! Come oooonnnn

  51. LEGGO EVERYONE!!! The girls are working hard and we should too!!

  52. Yeayy, f(x) is number one now! Let’s keep this up so Simon and Martina can review this for the next Kpop Music Monday xD

  53. i really like this song, especially bits like before the chorus, the chorus, after the chorus, and EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS SONG!

  54. Na na na na na na na ELECTRIC~

  55. vote vote vote we must win vote vote vote vote

  56. the only thing we have to worry about is SUJU this sunday so guy vote vote vote so we can keep it as number 1 long enough just to survive SUJU for one day !

  57. Love the song. Hate the dance. Therefore the MV is just meh.

    As the female SHINee, they should have some killer dance moves, but they don’t. They just kinda walk around in various ways and moves their arms a lot..

    Honestly, I was really disappointed. Makes me sad since they’re my favorite girl group, not to mention their nu abo mv got me into k-pop in the first place.. Le sigh.

    • I wouldn’t consider them as female SHINee. :/ Their styles are far too different. And for f(x)’s dances, they don’t really look too difficult but when you learn the dance you’ll go crazy perfecting small details like if the feet is turned out or in and stuff like that.

  58. Love Victoria’s yellow heels!

  59. I love this song. I hope you guys will review it :)

  60. f(x) is awesome
    Please review f(x)’s Electric Shock
    The review must be interesting

  61. Doesn’t matter how many times I watch this…MIND STILL BLOWN BY THE AWESOME

  62. I hope this video doesn’t get pushed back because it’s older.

    • It’s not really fair to say it would be, seeing as there were two weeks where there was no kpop music monday due to travel/concerts, so it’s just a matter of staying power, which it has. Plus there are signs that S&M want to review it. So I think we have a chance if we keep voting every day

  63. F(x) on next music monday FIGHTING!!!!

  64. We made it numer 1 ! :D Yaye

  65. i voted for f(X)!:) but why isnt girls generation new mv up?

  66. I reallyyyy wanna see this song on the next kpop music mondays!

  67. keep on voting for f(x) come on you guys

  68. The whole album is awesome!!!

  69. This deserves to get reviewed! such an awesome song :)

  70. I truly love this video and song!!

  71. I really really really hope this will be reviewed! D:

  72. I really hope you review this just because i think SM’s English vocab is improving…synergy…that’s a new one.

  73. I love watching their live performance of this song. They’re so energetic, as always! :)

  74. i hope to see this on the next music monday!!

  75. f(x) Electric Shock is awesome.
    Please review this video
    f(x) got

  76. THIS SONG IS TOO GOOD. I EXPECTED IT TO BEAT UKISS’ BELIEVE … But now it’s ahead of the game :D It had 7x more votes than Afterschool under Votes :D WOOHOO~

  77. God I love this song! :D

  78. I want this to be reviewed even though it’ll probably make me seehear some things in the song and it’ll never be the same again XD


  80. Who else wants simon to dance to the nananana dance? (Amber’s Bag Shirt too owo)


  82. En verdad quiero que gane f(x) T.T

  83. After School is catching up, FAST!
    We have to beat them! So let’s keep voting! =D

  84. No way we’ll let anyone else beat us now that U-Kiss is gone! Come on, we can get this into music mondays!

  85. Now that U-kiss Believe is reviewed I hope nameless fans would maintain this to no 1 until it gets reviewed :D

  86. I really want f(x) to get reviewed this week. If it does, it just shows the strength of their fandom to keep it up in 3 weeks worth, and the staying power of the girls.

  87. This is an awesome video with an awesome song and all of them are soooo pretty and grown up!
    I think Simon and Martina would like to talk about this too, and next week is the last chance… SuJu and 2ne1 is gonna make their comeback, this is the last chance for f(x) vote for them everyone and share!!!

  88. Please review f(x) Electric Shock
    Electric Shock is awesome

  89. I have missed f(x) so much! Welcome back! Their sound is so refreshing. It’s not the super sticky girl group stuff that comes out a lot, and it’s not the ooobaaaabbbyyyyyyyy of the boy groups. It’s their own sound, and it’s awesome.

  90. come on guys next week is our week

  91. So glad they released something new! I saw them in concert recently and thought, “I hope they put a new album soon!” And they totally delivered!
    F(x) Fighting~! Amber Fighting~!

  92. Does anyone else find it interesting that YKISS won the last battle, when their video only has 600 000+ views, and Fx has 14 mil+ views? The fandoms on this site are so transparent.

    • i dont know how they do that but i hope next week electric shock is gonna be reviewed

    • It’s the internet. Welcome.

    • It’s because U-Kiss’s video had a ton of views originally, but it was taken down and reuploaded because of some huge problem in the MV. Thus, they really had way more views than it currently says. Bummer right? :(

    • zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

      I think the main reason f(x) has so many views is because theyre under SM ent. U-Kiss isn’t that popular in Korea and their company isn’t that well-known. But they are very talented, you’ve got to admit that. So I honestly don’t think that U-Kiss won because the KissMes take over EYK.
      When ‘Believe’ came out, I wasn’t a KissMe. I just REALLY loved the song; I thought it was a lot more deep than Electric Shock and more catchy tbh. That’s just me though. I think U-Kiss won because they are honestly VERY good. I also don’t think that the number of views a video has indicates which song is better. I honestly believe that ‘Believe’ is better than ‘Electric Shock’ and the fact that U-Kiss beat f(x) shows that a lot of people believe the same thing~
      So yeah :) Now I’m a KissMe because I listened to their other songs and I recognized that they are truly talented, and not just from a fangirl perspective :)
      (Don’t get me wrong, I like f(x) and this song too!)

    • That’s not the right number, when it was released it had about these amount of views, then they erased it and uploaded it again, thus the views went down drastically.

    • I think it just shows the number of international fans each group has.

  93. pretty nice song from f(x)~ really addicting and.. it’s actually the first song that I think actually MAKE SENSE.

  94. Pleeaseeee review this for the next Kpop Music Monday :D

  95. just get shocked by this electric shock!!!!
    make us shocked by its EYK, @eatyourkimchi …!! XD


  97. Let’s keep Electric Shock at the top of the charts until next Monday!

  98. Please vote for this for the Next Music Monday Hopefully we can make it first place until then.

  99. i wanna steal their earrings. dinos, cactus’s and i think i saw a banana. gimme. and i love amber. and i love the dance, transitions are bomb as fuuuu.

  100. Vamos f(x)!!! Me encanta esta canción <3

  101. This song gets more catchy the more you listen to it O.o


  103. cmon f(x), don’t be beat out by boyfriend! OF ALL THE GROUPS… YOU CAN DO THIS!

  104. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! XD

  105. I hope you could now review this :)

  106. I really hope they get reviewed. I really want this, it’s what I’ve been waiting for, other than their comeback itself.

  107. My giirrrlls. :) They always blow me away, gosh.

  108. i hope f(x) gets review next!! so happy they finally came back. 전기 충격!!!!

  109. i love this song especcialy sullis part its sooooooo cute

  110. I love this song soooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  111. So SHOCKED by how cool this video is!

  112. yayyy!!!!! electric shock reached 14,000,000 views!!!!f(x) hwaiting!!!!!

  113. I want all of their clothes!!! They look soooooooo awesome!

  114. never gonna lie about it their come back destroyed/blew away any thing i was expecting at all they like took my expectation beat it to death and then exploded it with how good they were i loved it :D!

  115. Simon and Martina really need to review this song! It’s daebak!

  116. OMG! I want review of f(x)~♥

  117. yay! Luna and I have the same birthday!!

  118. Next week must be f(x)
    I am looking forward to it!

  119. WE HAVE TO GET THIS REVIEWED! Keep up the voting for one more week so it doesn’t fall victim to the 2-week curse like Infinite!

  120. I hope Simon & Martina reviews this song. I’ve been waiting for f(x)’s comeback. :’D

  121. f(x)! I want f(x)~♥

  122. lol this is the first f(x) song i heard and i got LSS-ed by this :)) eeeeelectric~

  123. zoomzoommyheartlikealocket

    kissmes are a formidable foe XD

  124. They all look so great in this video! The coloured contacts surprised me the first time I watched it.

  125. i love this song!!

  126. come on plz vote everyone

  127. Come on f(x) !! We have to win!

  128. Yayy~ After U-Kiss won, I’m heading over here to vote for f(x) for next music monday ^^

  129. vote vote vote vote!!!! share share share share!!! Love you f(x) soooo muuuch :333

  130. Vote for f(x)
    They are awesome
    Please review this mv

  131. Love the vivid colors of the MV!!

  132. Guys, let’s not lose momentum for next week.
    A bunch of the Kiss-Me’s are heading over to the Boyfriend page, so we have our work cut out for us next week.

  133. Officially an AMAZING SONG! ! ! ! <3 Totally just bought their EP off of iTunes! :D

  134. I heard, that Kissmes are just spamming over Believe MV.
    Uhh. Should we do the same or not :3?!!

  135. this song is so addicting *-* the more you listen to it the more you like it~ happens a lot with SM songs xP

  136. I love U-Kiss but they already had a vid reviewed this year I WANT F(X) REVIEWED!!!!

  137. Well U-Kiss has won for this week.. Let’s keep up the pace and get this for next week! Super Junior is going to release their new song next month.. So we gotta make it happen next week! f(x) hwaiting~

  138. now that U-KISS has secured this week’s KMM I can freely vote for f(x) getting the next KMM without worry ;u;
    best of luck to Electric Shock!

  139. I just love this song so much :D Let’s bring it to the top for next week’s KMM!

  140. i was head over heels with this song from the very first listen. i love the vibrant colors and the high energy of the song itself coupled with the girls and their dancing. plus the outfits they’re wearing are freaking awesome. love love love.

  141. don’t loose hope, let’s win for the next week’s MM :D

  142. this is soo worth it!! 1 yr hiatus and they bring this onto the stage! YEAH! f(x) fighting!

  143. what sucks most is they’re probably just gonna make fun of how U-Kiss is homeless again….>.<

  144. Hope f(x) gets reviewed this Monday!

  145. I want this to be reviewed :)

  146. I hope this gets reviewed! There’s so much to say about the MV, the song’s AWESOME and f(x) deserve it! ^_^

  147. This song beat out Lachata for me, and that song was always my favorite from them. <3

  148. This song must be reviewed by S&M
    I want to know S&M opinions about f(x) Electric Shock.
    SO please vote for f(x)

  149. I really love this song and hope it gets reviewed! It’s got over 13 million views, it’s obviously loved! U-Kiss only has about half a mil.

    • As Simon and Martina brought up in their kpop charts update video, Ukiss’s video was taken down and reuploaded, so please don’t bring up view counts. It’s unfair ^^ Thank you~

  150. Love this song so much n_n Amber<3

  151. I really like the song, and i’m a big fan of F(x) mostly of Amber…..
    but why do most Kpop video’s look like it was all staged out?

  152. I still can’t stop listening to it 8D

  153. why didnt this winning?

  154. It’s so good

  155. Please review Electric Shock.

  156. f(x) won Music Bank yesterday! Congrats!

  157. Love this song, it is definitely one of my favorites from f(x)

  158. Electric Shock is f(x)’s best music video by now, I can’t stop replaying it and I think that is one of the best kpop songs of the year, I hope you can make a Music Mondays with this song. f(x) Fighting!

  159. My favorite f(x)’s song ever

  160. We can get this to the top! F(x)ight! <3

  161. ELECTRIC! XD I hope they review this~ XD

  162. This song is one of my favorite songs of f(x)

  163. next week f(x) and then Super Junior >:D

  164. If this doesn’t get reviewed I guess I’m just going to have to kill myself.

  165. electric shock is one of f(x)’s best songs imo.

  166. I’ve missed f(x)!! Their sound is so refreshing!

  167. So want this to be on kpop music mondays love this song

  168. <3 F(X) <3

  169. kinda bummed that the facebook send link isn’t working, kind of makes it hard to vote >.<

  170. Electric Shock is AWESOME!! :D

  171. The first song thy F(x) ever had more than 10million views in less than a month . Totally gonna beat Pinocchio . ^_^ Hope this will be reviewed for the upcoming Kpop Music Mondays ! ^_^

  172. I was really excited for their comeback, and man I was not disappointed! :D

  173. well it’s better

  174. The song has great energy.

  175. F(X)

  176. fx!! please review the vid

  177. This song is so amazingggg~! ^-^ I’m so glad f(x) had a super epic comeback after being gone for so longggg x3

  178. This song has been stuck in my head! I have to see it reviewed! Keep up the votes!


  180. THIS HAS TO BE REVIEWED!!!! OMG!! Don’t let UKISS win!

  181. Love everyone’s outfits!!!~ X3

  182. we are soooooo close guise common

  183. f(x) fighting!!

  184. why do non of the numbers change????? f(needs this. they totally deserve this win

  185. I absolutely love this MV and this song!!!

  186. I want this to be reviewed so badly! Love this song!

  187. Daebak, love this song ^_^

  188. oh my goodness I really hope this gets reviewed soon

  189. almost there. im literally going to spamif i have to in order to make f(x) win

  190. I love F(x)’s new song to the highest level!!!

  191. commmon we needs to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  192. just a little more, come on guys, we can make it to the top T^T

  193. Fun video, and a fun song.

  194. go go go!

  195. I so want this to be reviewed, but I don’t know if that’ll happen….probably won’t or we’ll have to wait another week.

  196. Sorry Martina but I have to vote for f(x)

  197. hoping you guys review this video! f(x), fighting! :))

  198. i love luna’s voice so much~! an exotic shawol over here~ :DD SMtown jjang!!

  199. oooh I really hope you guys can do a review of this! I LOVE this song! .<

  200. Please Please
    Vote for f(x)
    Electric Shock is the best

  201. This song has been stuck in my head since it came out. Especially the Nanananananana part LOL. And I have to do the choreography along with it.
    The video is so much fun, and everything about it SCREAMS f(x).
    I’d be very happy to hear S&M’s opinion on this song :)

  202. This might be favorite f(x) video so far. I like NU ABO as a song more, but this was just a really nice looking video, the colors were great, the outfits were cute – I mean, hell, give the girls props for dancing in those heavy looking boots! – and even though it was the “box room” sets again, they were still interesting looking. I’m not really sure there’s a “story” kind of music video that could have suited this song so the sets don’t seem like a big deal to me.

  203. this song is sooo good im loving it really baad hope you guy do a review on this c:

  204. nameless, keep voting please!!!!! lets voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like crazyyyy~ <3

  205. it looks like kissmes may win this week, but we should keep it up and get this awesome song eventually reviewed!!


  207. f(x)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. this. must. be reviewed!!

  209. we need F(X) to win!!!!!!!!

  210. Would really love you to review f(x) !!! XD well why wouldn’t I ? They are amazing girls !!

  211. Vote for Electric Shock~!

  212. best song and best goup love you Fx goooo!!!!

  213. I really want this to get reviewed. This is one of the things I wanted for their comeback.

  214. lets make this win!!!!!!!!!!!! f(X)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. :) This song is so addictive

  216. Pleeeeeease review this next week!! There are nearly 13 million youtube views. How can you guys not do it first for all the fans >.<

  217. This song is soo awesome it definitely needs a review from you guys :D

  218. so the send a facebook option is not working for me, even after using a different computer?

  219. Why are you so perfect, f(x)? I hope this song gets reviewed!

  220. I hope this gets into the top spot.

  221. I seriously can’t get over how much I love this song :’)

  222. if only youtube views were part of the voting system.. D: hehe

  223. nananana electric shock!

  224. please people vote for F(X) :/

  225. review this pls.

  226. love this so bad

  227. I want to see Simon parodying the dance XD

  228. They won 1st Mcountdown today! Yeah!
    Please reviewed this. Please Simon and Martina.
    Thank you so much:)

  229. I bet Martina likes this song so much since she likes electronic music (she does, right?). Anyway, this song needs to get reviewed!!

  230. We need to work harder to get a review before all the other groups make a comeback later in June and July!

  231. #ELECTRICSHOCK1STWIN yey! they won today’s MCD! :))

  232. i wonder what are they gonna say about this song!

  233. Yeah Electric Shock~!

  234. Thsi need to be review ! Omg

  235. Oh! Pastelpantaphilia it’s back! *dun dun dunnnnnnn*

  236. I really wanna see this reviewed!

  237. Need these girls reviewed. ;A; These beautiful girls who had their comeback after a long time of being idle, the girls who got 10K views within less than a week, the girls without a fan club name but deserve it so badly, and most importantly, the girls who gave us all an electric shock!



  240. I has watch the MV and never get boring even though hundred of times..f(x) way to go..I’ll always support you..fighting..I’m in ELECTRIC SHOCK!!!ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

  241. song owns, review it~

  242. I disagree with the kpopcharts voting system being votes/day because it means that videos that are #1 during weeks when simon and martina are off don’t get reviewed (poor Infinite)! but I really want f(x) to displace U-Kiss for next week’s music monday :3

  243. Love them.

  244. wow ya son 12M :D

  245. iaminthetrancecozofamberjliu

    Amber has to be solo singer, she got the voice

  246. iaminthetrancecozofamberjliu

    AMBER!!! please review this MV, i just want to see AMBEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

  247. Go f(x)!!!!!!!!

  248. love this song. love the girls!

  249. The Actually Gave amber some singing parts!! <3 <3 now we can hear her beautiful voice. other than that, it's a really amazing music video. the song is really catchy and is always stuck in my head. :DD

  250. I seriously don’t understand why this isn’t #1 :/

  251. let this be the next kpop music monday!!!!

  252. i really want you to review this one omg~

  253. 12,000,000 in 10 days!
    WOW HOW AWESOME f(x) is
    It must be reviewed.
    Please Simon and Martina

  254. I absolutely LOVE “Electric Shock”! I’m not usually a fan of these kinds of concepts, but this one is an exception. All the members have totally improved in their singing and dancing, and they all look so beautiful!

    I really hope this gets reviewed, I wanna hear Simon’s (or Martina’s) rendition of the “nananana” part of the song complete with the dance!

    f(x) FIGHTING!

  255. can’t believe it! almost 12 mil. views and they’re still not on top of the chart!

  256. plz review this

  257. I really want to see this reviewed!

  258. ahhhhh fx and electric shock! they never fail to show us something different and out of the ordinary :) its weird though. sme’s artists’ concept pictures are kinda almost never reflected in their mvs LOL

  259. f(x) will win because of reasons.

  260. Come on f(orever nameless fanclub) we can do it! C:

  261. This song is #4 on the Youtube 100. That’s awesome.

  262. This song is DAEBAK!!! You have to review this!!!! but don´t be rude about it!!!

  263. this needs to be reviewd on monday!!!

  264. Electric Shock

  265. I love this video!

  266. We can do it!

  267. Love this song and the dance looks like a lot of fun!

  268. We have to win!

  269. Kyaa!Please review this S&M! Please! :3

  270. electric shock is definitely gonna get f(x) loads of awards :D

  271. This better get reviewed! Whether it be this week, or next, I’ve waited for this comeback for a long time, so I hope this gets reviewed!

  272. Is anyone else seeing Krystal’s face in the still picture for the thumbnail of the video OTL HAHA she looks derp

  273. hope sm can put more effort on f(x)!
    its a popular group!!!!

  274. Ahh I love love love this song I really hope they win even though I am pretty sure it is too late well if it is then next week for sure!

  275. I’m not really an f(x) fan, in fact the only song I’ve ever liked was Nu ABO. But I really like this song, and the video.

  276. I feel like people only started liking f(x) after electric shock.. This song was amazing anyway.

  277. YEah. f(x)

  278. This really needs to get reviewed! 10 million+ views already!

  279. f(x), I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!

  280. Can’t wait to see what Simon does with this.

  281. It’s a shame that Amber didn’t get any time to rap but finally, Finally she got time to sing!! Thank you Sment~~

  282. Amo esta cancion <3

  283. Vote for f(x) Electric Shock for KMM
    It has 10,320,059 views NOW.
    This has to be REVIEWED

  284. WE HAVE GOT TO HAVE THIS REVIEWED!!!!!!!! Come on we have to keep this up for 1 more week! keep voting ppl!!

  285. Its really awesome! :3 E-E-Electric Shock! n__n

  286. this has to win, i need f(x) on mm! they deserve it with such an awesome comeback :D

  287. Whoa, it’s only been 6 days since the release and f(x) already got 10 million views on Youtube. f(x) fighting!

  288. love this song! the choreography is really cool as well :)

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    Please, I wait so long. “cryingcrying”

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    • That’s what I’ve been wondering! Aren’t those shoes HEAVY?
      They are so hard working to dance so well in them!

      • Actually, Doc Martens only LOOK heavy, because they have thick soles. But they are made of light rubber and (If they’re original Doc Martens, which I think they are) the soles have air inside.
        Plus, even if the shoes have high heels, they are extremely stable, so I have to say dancing in them would be pretty easy xD

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    This is such a great song for f(x)! Yeah, SM!!!

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  447. AMBER USES THE WORD SYNERGY!!!! I don’t think that’s been used in any other Korean song. Has it?

  448. PLEASE!! Eat Your Kimchi, You need to reviewed~

  449. The girls rock this song! I love it! It’s amazingly catchy and the dance is amazing! Would love you guys to review it!  lol is it just me or does f(x) remind you guys of sj in terms of music rooms.  Generally stuck in rooms and the dance is the highlight, with no guys…. It would have been nice after sment put good music vids out for shinee, exo and Twinkle that f(x) also got one! But anyways these girls are my fave female group in kpop!

    Kpop girls this year (with the exception of the wonder girls) has been filled with overly cutesy female groups or angsty vampire like concepts.  

    This is such a breath of fresh air!! 
    LOving vic song’s hair

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  512. love victoria <3


  514. I love f(x), they are awesome:) GO f(x) :D

  515. I love the dances in this video. They look both intricate and simple simultaneously. And the lyrics are so catchy! Plus, AMBER SINGS. ~fangirlflail~

  516. F(X) rocks and they all still look in style like always they are my idol i <3 f(x)

  517. I soooo  want this to be reviewed!

  518. i love this song its so great :) i think this video deserves a review 
    WE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<        F(X)   F(X) F(X) 

  519. I think this video deserve a reaction video from you.

  520. 21anis

    another dancing in oddly lit room music video, lulz..i really like the song, but the mv is boring…it’s just like their previous mv’s like pinocchio & lachata – dancing shots, then solo shots, all inside a studio :/ it’s getting boring..the dancing was also nothing special, but the song really caught my attention :)

  521. This comeback… I liked it but I didn’t love it. 
    The video is pretty, though I feel like f(x) has put out this exact same video at least 3 times now. I’ve seen this already. I found I really didn’t even notice the dance all that much, it’s not too memorable, except a couple of little parts. It’s no Sherlock or Genie, that’s for sure. And I’m not loving Amber’s eye makeup… she looks kind of weird in her close ups. And Amber is gorgeous, so that should not be happening. 

    But it’s the music that bugs me most. While I like the melody, I’m not in love with this arrangement. I feel like it was just too… boring, for a song like this. The rhythm was great and fun in the first verse and really well done chorus, but I feel like it was missing something, as it got really flat. I feel like it could have used an ethnic-inspired breakdown like the one Dara does in 2NE1′s Fire. I also don’t think there were enough harmonies and adlibs, which would have added depth to the song. I found the bridge pretty uninteresting, I wish there had been a drum solo or rap there to contrast with the subtle beginning of the chorus. And finally, the sound engineer was a little too heavy-handed on the vocal effects, to the point that I can’t really tell one girl’s voice from another. Unlike in most f(x) songs, where I can clearly hear the distinct flavours of each member’s voice, in this song it sounds like the whole thing could have been sung by the same girl. 

    But despite all this… I still enjoy the song, even with all my nitpicks. I like it, I just don’t LOVE it. Kind of like S&M on Big Bang’s Monster. I really want to see what the dynamic duo has to say about this song/video. 

    •  I agree 100% with this.  I found I wasn’t even paying attention to the music halfway through  listening to the song; it was like “… oh wait, I’m I still listening to music?  Oh yeah… right…”.  This was like watching parts of “Pinnochio”, “Chu~” and “Hot Summer” with lack luster background music.  Victoria, Krystal and especially Sulli looked amazing in this, Amber was okay, and Luna looked average and her hair was kinda dry (weird thing to pick on I know, but she’s my bias and it disappointed me).  I was expecting more, but I guess SM just doesn’t care enough to give the girls some better material to work with. =/

    • Well, I love this music because the song is nice, and you can’t comment like that, 2NE1 and f(x) are different. f(x) music style is pop and 2NE1 is Hip Hop. Amber want to used such a make up like that, is up to Amber. Every member have a different voice. and you can’t clearly hear that? I think you should listen f(x) Electric Shock carefully. f(x) comeback it’s almost a year, and you didn’t respect what they did. C’mon, respect this song a little bit… And I don’t think Electric Shock same like Pinocchio, Chu~
      ♥, and Hot Summer music.

      • When I talked about “Pinnochio”, “Chu~” and “Hot Summer” I meant that the stages they used were too familiar (then again, it’s SM, why the hell am I complaining =P). After listening to the song for the 57th time, I don’t think it’s as bad as I originally thought. It took a bit (well, a lot) for it to grow on me. I still don’t LOVE it though, to be honest. But I’ll still vote for this every day.

  522. like if u hate sm’s in vid adds!!! stupid!

  523. I have literally been counting down the days until this comeback. So awesome! Go F (x)!

  524. come on come on!!! everybody vote!

  525. absolutely love this song! when i first saw the teaser, i immediately loved it! not to mention when the song came out…oh man…and when the full MV came out, i loved everything! they really did give amber SINGING parts instead of rapping parts! which i’m grateful! i want everybody to see that amber can sing and rap! well-rounded! and the dance is awesome as usual :) but i think out of fx’s dances…electric shock sure tops it this time!!

  526. Yay I’m so glad f(x) is back! Reviewwwww it!

  527. Pleasse please please review it please!!

  528. Vote guys! :DD This comeback is amazing!

  529. Can’t wait to see them on stage again! :)

  530. Ahhh vote vote vote you guys! :3

  531. Yay they are back :D Please review this! :]



  533. This one’s gonna be stuck in my head all day.

  534. Why the number of votes and the number of comments are so less??

    Electric Shock should be on TOP.
    Let’s VOTE, VOTE and VOTE!!

  535. I’ve been waiting for this for soooo long. f(x) never disappoints :)

  536. i like! i want it to be reviewed COME ON ….shit i forgot fanclub name……VOTE FOR THEM U HAVE 2 WEEKS!

  537. this should be nº1 :c

  538. Yessssssssssssssssssssssss~

  539. Please review!!!

  540. Please review this, Simon and Martina! 

  541. This song is sooo cool, they all look so beautiful. This gotta be reviewed.

  542. Electric electric electric shock :D  LASER LASER pew pew :D

  543. Hello from Hong Kong ^3^ I love this MV sooooooooo much and this must be reviewed ><

  544. The mv and song are so sick. So happy f(x)’s back!

  545. so essited

  546. They are so perfect <3

  547. I love them so much 

  548. love this song :)

    so catchy !!

  549. SO.COOL. :D

    I like that they made Amber sing in this video.
    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE her rap (Beautiful Stranger anyone? :D) but I like the fact that we get to see how multi-talented she really is.
    Same goes for Henry from Super Junior-M.
    His cover of Give Me Everything is beautiful. <3
    I really hope SM continues showing their hidden gems like this.
    Though many people right away agree that SM idols are just visuals, I don't think so at all.
    It is just that they are not given enough screen time so we come to such conclusions.
    Anyways… I honestly hope every deserving group gets their chance to taste victory! :D
    Best of luck to all idol groups!

  550. My beautiful Victoria looks perfect <3

  551. i would love see simon lie on the ground, imitating victoria saying electric electric eletric shock

  552. you guys know what else is awesome about ELECTRϟC SHOCK?

    read the lyrics especially the verses, it goes like this:


    Electric (Electric Shock) E-E-E-Electric E-E-E-Electric Shock

    전 전 전류들이 몸을 타고 흘러 다녀

    기 기 기절할 듯 아슬아슬 찌릿찌릿

    충 충 충분해 네 사랑이 과분해

    격 격 격하게 날 아끼는 거 다 알아

    put them altogether and you get

    전 기 충 격 = ELECTRϟC SHOCK

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  554. procrastinatoroftheuniverse

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