f(x) – Hot Summer

  1. Another f(x) song! Yay! I love this song just as much as Pinocchio, if not better! I really love this video because of the dancing and all the bright colors that they’re wearing. They look like they having so much fun dancing around. And they all look so pretty too. I hope more people vote for this video because f(x) is a group that is so talented, but don’t get the recognition they deserve.

  2. I think Hot Summer is a very catchy song! When it debuted this summer, I can’t help but get excited to the lyrics…. and this song is perfect for me, because I live in a tropical country so it’s summer everyday here!!!! Hahahaha!

  3. This song had a very good choreography in my opinion. It is very fluid; it seems easy to dance but when you execute it, lol, good luck to your energy. This song is also very catchy. :D