G-Dragon – Crayon

  1. Keep calm and get your crayon!

  2. fuuko4869

    Can I officially hijack this thread to talk about Epik High? Since this video has already been reviewed, and noone is here anyway…..


    It’s been so long, too long….and they still sound as splendid as ever >_<
    Here it is if you haven't heard it:

    And the lyrics are, as per Epik High standards, the most beautiful poetry in all the land: http://epikhightrans.tumblr.com/post/33223983087/epik-high-cold-translation

    Now excuse me while I go bawl out all these overwhelming feelings. TT_TT

    • Just a few more hours. Did you see Tablo’s impromptu twitter q&a. It was adorable how he couldn’t sleep and was using twitter to calm his nerves. I really want one of those ‘don’t hate me’ buttons now.

      • fuuko4869

        You should ask caricakes (the other Mod) for those stickers – she was one of the YG staff giving them out in Seoul today~ :p

        And yes I saw the twitter convo!! It made me regret not staying up till 5 am HAH!!! That’s the most he’s talked to fans in yeaaarrrs. I’m so glad he’s so open again – after he pretty much shut down all his SNSes for 2-3 years :(

        • Oh…. She has them? I wants…. But I am all the way in Barbados. *cries*
          Yes I really surprised at the candor that he had and how relaxed it felt. And I loved Big Tone’s questions, and his answer.

    • I edIted this in response to tablo’s tweet and it’s so cute that i want to share with you fuuko XD

    • I made a teaser. its crude because its by phone. got the idea when tablo tweeted #it’swarm. i just made a tumblr but since i have no followers. im putting it here XD

      Not related to Epik High, but to the charts ( we really need a community so that we can have a thread that is about usability issues with the site). Seems like the rank by popularity page is stuck again and some people are starting to notice it again and complain that the videos are not displaying accurate votes. The rank by date page is fine though, but once you click on the video it goes back to the incorrect total. I think that Gdragon and UKiss should be off the first page by now, but they are stil there, taking up valuable real estate. Maybe the developer is doing something on the back end that it making it stick all the time?
      Also the search box is still gone. :'(. I kinda miss it.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gs3BbOyIiY4
      Lyrics: This dislike, with me, the public enemy.
      Controversies while just breathing, with me, the public’s chewing gum.
      Dancing on the board and enjoying yourself, you only hate me!
      //Sorry if this is confusing. it’s just a bunch of fragments so it’s hard to translate it in a way that makes sense.
      trans by @kristinekwak
      ahh.. well… this can be a next step of feelings from fever’s end..

      • Seems like they are coming out guns blazing for the haters. It is a brilliant tactic as it makes their ‘fans’ have to decide whether they are a ‘hater’ or if they can go with the flow Epik High seems to be on.

    • Is this still epik high’s spazz space? Yay bom will be featuring! After the hayi bomb I’m gonna expect the unexpected now. Bom’s low pitch singing is so beautiful and I miss it so. Wonder if it’ll be the title song. Tablo ‘s every tweet is building my feels..

      • When I heard about that I held my breath waiting for the backlash. Wow, the guys are really making a statement that they will do what they wish with their album. Critics be damned. I can’t wait to see what they come up with together. I hope it is something that is awesome and will shut up the haters.

        • I think, from what Tablo had said in his twitter this past few days, this album is going to bring a different sound. So, I’m kinda stress. Not because I don’t want them to change… really, artists should experiment all the times they want to, even if the final result is a mess. But the backlash is not gonna be pretty. Sad face.

          Like I said before, I’m just happy they are happy in whatever company they choose to be with. Their music is their own, and they have prove that over and over again. Haters be damned!

        • We knew that this album was going to be controversial if only because they are coming back after 3 years with a lot of change and the fact that it is with YG, which seem to be one of the most hated on ( and equally idolised) of the larger companies in Kpop outside of CCM it seems. As fuuko said before, people who love the group will praise the group for the good stuff and blame YG for everything they don’t like about it. And that is sort of YG’s role, to protect Epik High. So in a way, I don’t mind it,

        • @Nutnatz:disqus @fuuko4869:disqus I just saw the Inkigayo teaser for next week! Someone translated the little part of the song in it.

          “This dislike, with me, the public enemy.
          Controversies while just breathing, with me, the public’s chewing gum.
          Dancing on the board and enjoying yourself, you only hate me!”

          I don’t know if is right though.

        • Yes, soluiz posted that translation earlier. It is probably correct, Kristinekwak usually is pretty accurate.

        • It won’t shut up haters. . Cause haters gonna hate. I mean I’m seeing stuff like
          “Personally, I like Epik High’s older style compared to their new YG style.. when they used to feature people like Jisun, ONE, Yoongjin…”“I would like it if YG didn’t feature in Epik High’s albums… Epik High already has their own style. I was worried when they said they were joining YG. Personally, I like hip hop songs that are Epik style like Broken Toys over some of the more public-friendly songs with female featurings..”“YG needs to stop trying to lump in other artists with each comeback. I really don’t even understand why Lee Hayi was put in It’s Cold. It’s not like the song brought out her colors at all.”“I want Epik High to go back to their old colors and only take in YG’s support when they want it. I really liked discovering new artists through Epik High and their featurings… but everyone already knows about YG’s artists. Epik High really spotlighted a lot of underground rappers and indie bands.”“YG makes me worry because they made Tablo’s solo centered around Taeyang. Epik High really doesn’t need any famous featuring names in their work because their songs already shine on their name. Just don’t do the feature…”“As long as they’re in YG now, you can pretty much bet that Epik High has lost their color. These featurings are probably all decided by Yang Hyun Suk so we won’t be able to see any more but a few songs that have vocal featurings of Epik High’s color.”

          Now it doesn’t make sense because Tablo’s album only feat. Taeyang from Yg. And hardly promotes. The whole album is featured by others. Both famous and not. Non-idols. And it’s all composed by him. Its cold didn’t bring out the best of hayi but hayi bought out the best of its cold. Despite all these they decide to be bias with the facts. I for one want Yg to collab more like the old days XD

        • This just makes me sad. I know though that there is such a thing as the park Bom effect. Whenever she features on a track, it becomes a hit. It is uncanny. So I can see them making that decision to use Bommie to bring some more notice to their album from people who normally would not have listened. Maybe they are really serious about changing their image, be damned if they lose the old fans who can’t handle change.

          I honestly could leave or take the new styling. Honestly it was not the visuals behind Epik High that grabbed me, but their lyricism. But then again I also loved Fever’s end, even though Tomorrow was not my favourite track, I could appreciate it. I actually use Tomorrow as a part of my cool down/ stretching playlist when I am working out. So I found a use for it.

        • I think i commented on my expectations on bom’s feat. I think.
          Anyway. it’s cold totally threw my expectations out the window. It’s the total opposite of what i have in mind so now i’m expectating a totally different collab that bom use to do too.. If epikhigh does this.. That would be god level. Yes yes :D my thoughts are something you would like

        • fuuko4869

          My thoughts on them haters: http://fuuko4869.tumblr.com/post/33530716464/hipsters-and-bandwagoners-be-cryin

          The one person who had the decency to reply to my post:

          As for those comments you posted, I would ignore them. I don’t know what kind of idealist image they have of Epik High, but those dudes have collaborated with many famous kpop singers in the past (Minwoo from Shinhwa, BoA, Junsu, Rain, etc), in order to sell. Epik High has always had a lot of marketing issues (ie they SUCK at marketing), but they soon realised that just sitting back and releasing music wasn’t going to cut it, so they had to do a lot of odd jobs and radio appearances and tv shows which they didn’t really like.
          Those commenters clearly don’t know how hard it is to make it in the music world. Sometimes featurings with famous people, and mainstream-sounding songs, are actually necessary.

        • I kind of understand where they were coming from if they also had the decency to say that they also did not like previous albums like (e)nergy as opposed to (e)motion. I also prefered (e)motion but the whole point of that double album was to give a two sided perspective to Epik High. They make music that they like, and aren’t confined to just making the same type of music all the time. Therefore they can get different types of fans following: Those who like the lyrical wit, those who like the soft female featuring ballads, those who like the hard hitting political commentary. I mean all rappers have to do this, switch it up, make a party track, make a conscious track, make a spitting track to make their sound varied and interesting.

          We have yet to see what they came up with. People also have to realize that it has been 3 years since they made music together and things have changed. There was army service, marriage, children, court cases, depression, threats, changing labels, feeling abandoned and alone. Now they are with YG I get the feeling that they have decided to do what they want to do and not necessarily what fans want them to do. They are all old enough now to realize that they need to make money. And YG can help them do that, while protecting them from all the stuff that plagued them in the past, isn’t that what happened to psy ( on a smaller scale) as well.

          YG is not a perfect company. They honestly suck as some things, like all companies. But, they are good at one thing, protecting their talent. They give their talent creative freedom in their music and also even when things go bad, ( like it seemed to have gone with Kush) it is settled quietly with little obvious fanfare.

        • Kush left the company in the quietest way possible and gd still tweets him. Even sent a photo of baby kush on his birthday. But damn i miss him. Sigh. Meanwhile bigtone inked yg logo on his finger.. Haha..
          If things get sticky, yg won’t apologise either. So he must be a person that holds a lot of power and respect among people.
          I believe epikhigh is having all the resources Needed for their comeback.
          And expecting them to maybe produce for new boy group.
          Btw, was there a mv release date?

        • I have my theories about what happened with Kush and it seems like, as usual, even when they leave that they still keep links with their YG family. I saw that ink on big tone and giggled. That is a seriously painful place to put a tattoo and it shows his loyalty.

          Did you see that Danny was the host for the Kcon concert and they introduced him as YG’s Danny, not 1tym’s Danny or even Danny from La’s Danny ( which would have helped advertise his mnet show and it was an mnet sponsored event)… But YG’s Danny. Forgive the slang but YG peeps be maaad loyal.

        • i watched the live. i think i saw martina in the crowd but not too sure cause it was too dark on my phone lol. bap introduced danny right? yeah they were shouting YG. it’s cute how all the boy rookies in one place lol. but i figured YG is more relatable than 1tym probably. talking about mad loyal. Tablo definitely been showing his love for YG. I read a foreigner that tagged along sasaeng fans before and they said YG totally like notorious in the underground scene. as in almost all underground rappers started in NB1 NB2 and NBGangnam. YG is close to being a mafia family tbh. that only deals with music and restaurants. ahahaha

        • Yep, B.A.P and their ‘English’ were so cute. They were like YG’s Danny!! Yeye! I mean Zelo was like a baby when 1tym was promoting. It must have been odd for Danny oppa to be standing next to that ickle baby. I hope that he took advantage and interviewed them for the Danny from LA show. I would expect that he would be using Kcon to grab a lot of material and interviews to keep the show running over the next few weeks.

          I pretty much assumed that YG has to have Korean mafia links because no one can get into club businesses in Korea like that without having to deal with some mafioso issues. It’s like the yakuza in Japan. I wonder whatever became of that Hyundai monster indie cover thing that had people’s panties in a wad? It was so incongruous, asking indie bands to take part in a competition run by the biggest conglomerate in Korea that represents all they hate about commercialism and selling out.

        • hey you know what. i actually ask myself about the hyundai contest occasionally. it’s like something that have no closure. the official youtube channel is still moving. HyundaiCardWeb. ok.. sept28 they uploaded another commercial on joining so its still on. it seems to be.. thriving?
          anyway not all indie bands hate commercialism right? some just want to make music thats not mainstream or too old and unmarketable for companys to pump money into them. that’s what makes this cover fun. but true. being legit musicians themselves usually not interested in these crap anyway.
          i just knew this a couple of days ago. the leader of bap actually co-made a song with the exact front part of heartbreaker during the plagiarism controversy. sites were like underground rapper disses gd etc.

        • And now said underground rapper ( Bang Yong Guk ) is an idol rapper himself.

        • there was news that yg wanted to sign ulala leader? but got rejected, so it’s probably what he have in mind. to do raggae maybe. like stony skunk. with the stocks being sky high now yg will expand with a faster rate. world audition? kpop star judge. psy is also a judge in the other HUGE contest. fuhh. i know i’ll love the new girl group though

        • it’s probably just like how you word it. the very same reason kpop fans hate the thought of bieber and ladygaga. on top of that in korea netizens have too much power. their opinions carry a lot of weight and proved time and time again that it affects celebrities and companies. this in turn would make them feel like they have more authority towards their idols.

    • I’m also hoping epik to upload video clips like how they use to do. With little bts and comments. That’s how they use to promote but now with yg doing the marketing, i still hope they’ll do it though.

    • So I was listening to the song while taking a shower and all out of the blue, the water went ice cold amd the hot water refused tp turn back on. Lol. Talk about a song’s words having power.

    • LOL I came here to spazz about this too…^___^ puhahahaha
      I love it ! The song is awesome & the lyrics is genius!
      My heart is now well feed again with this wonderful song!
      Epick High is back! ALL KILL!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I can’t fangirl like you guys are doing because I only listened to them via your playlist starting last week but this song is really really good. It’s hauntingly beautiful, even without reading the eng translation. With the eng translation it just becomes even more so. I always love it when songs can make me kinda imagine what the song is supposed to be…I don’t know how to explain it…almost like it takes you to another place where you just kinda zone out and listen to it and then come back to yourself.

    • I need EPIK HIGH on EYK… they are finally here.

    • I’ve read the lyrics of the whole song. Why do i have this childish feeling. Remindsme of teenagers in first world city life…. Ok it might be because i just watched niga higa’s new vid fwp. Someone tell me your* thoughts.

      • fuuko4869

        Btw I saw that FWP vid, it’s one of my favourites from nigahiga actually. I grew up moving between third-world and first-world countries, so I would shake my head at first-word-problems everyday. So. Trivial. =_=

        I’m not sure if this is what you were thinking, but I can see how Epik High would generate a similar response – the depth of Epik High’s lyrics make everything else look shallow and irrelevant? xD iloveminhyun was saying how she loves Nu’est for their lyrics, but Epik High’s lyrics makes Nu’est’s look so simple (and she is like, the biggest Nu’est fan EVER).

        • I’ve realised nobody had their take on the meaning of the song. Btw fuuko, will you be updating the videos or s&m? I just had a heart attack with k wills video.

        • fuuko4869

          Well maybe noone has said anything because YG already explained it? Something to do with a man and a woman whose hearts have frozen because of the pain of their past relationships.

          Since you asked so nicely, I’ll tackle the submissions now :p

        • I have that feeing because the translated lyrics have a lot of ‘I’s. I find it fit urban life very well when people over socialize more than they prefersometimes yet in such a crowded community you probably don’t even know your neighbors. And more to… You know how spoilt teenagers have the nobody understands me mentality. I’m so lonely, seeking easy love as an outlet but left with more emptiness. Could alsobe applied to how people in the city can afford so much compared to previous generations but instead are more unsatisfied than ever

      • It’s beautiful. The nostalgic feel in the whole song, I love it… I’ve been replaying this for the past two hours. Hope is in itunes soon.

    • The lyrics were beautiful T_T
      “It’s cold here. It’s so cold. My lips keep getting chapped from my frozen feelings”
      “Only I am cold. It’s so cold. Because of the hole in my heart, even when I try to block it, wind goes through.”

    • We NEEEEED the EYK forum!

      I… PIDU#CNP(#UNCI#M(@*HDOUInhc0327h[*H)*&@HIPDUBH087g&^GD@P*(&H)*g

      THEY ARE BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! AH!!!!!!! you don’t know how much fangirling I’m displaying right now. I can’t talk or write a coherent sentence.

      Thanks for the lyrics! Now I’m waiting for the MV. I hope they release one.

      • We really need a forum and I am excited for it. One that is moderated well. I really enjoy the conversations by nasties here.

      • fuuko4869

        I know right!!! But fear not, a forum is in the works!! *excited* :D
        We’re currently recruiting forum moderators btw, would anyone like to apply?

        I don’t know about fangirling, but I actually teared up a little….boohoo crybaby little girl, I am. >_< AAAAAAAHHHHH EPIK HIGH WHY YOU GIVE ME ALL THESE FEEEEEEEEEEELLLSS???!!!

        Btw I don't think they'll be making an MV for this one – just because the MV they're filming now looks like a hip-hop one, not a sad ballad one.

        But if they did make an MV for this, I'd like an iceberg in it lol.

        Also…you know what this song reminds me of? An old song my dad used to sing me about a guy who froze so hard they used his body as axe blades: http://www.darachweb.net/SongLyrics/TheFrozenLogger.html

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I wouldn’t mind being a mod, but I’m not sure how much time I could dedicate to it though.

        • fuuko4869

          I actually don’t have that much time myself (hard to believe? :p) but the more moderators we have, the less time each will have to spend individually *phew*

          Well thanks for your responses guys, I’ll tell S&M when they get back to Korea (they’re way too exhausted now)

        • Er… I wouldn’t mind being a moderator for a forum. I would definitely love to contribute more to the community and making it the best that it can be.

          I was listening to it this morning while getting ready for school. It was hot and humid here and incredibly I still could feel the cold and frigid emotions coming from it. Then I read the lyrics and it was all over. I wish I could have kept this song on repeat all day long, but I had to teach small people and I think bad things would have happened if I ignored them all day.

          What I like about Epik High is that they do all sorts of music and it all sounds just like them. It isn’t a genre, it is just poetry, Epik poetry.

        • Now that I calm down a little, this song is beautiful. I also LOVE the same part as you and @Nutnatz:disqus . Also this line is among my favorites, “Though spring visits flatteringly, I stand on the edge of fall.”

          LOOOOOVE IT. But, is weird they aren’t doing a video for this song, I though it was the promoting single for the album. I hope they catch the YG flu and reease several videos! =P I can always dream, right?

          Ha Yi’s voice, what can I say, I love the girl since KPOP Star but I was nicely surprised… I wasn’t expecting that tone, I was expecting more of a stronger, deep voice… well done.

          Ah, what can I say, I love EH, I love the music, the lyrics, Ha Yi… and I’ll forever love YG for giving Tablo a place where he felt secure enough to bounce back in the industry after all he’s been through.

          For forum moderators… let me know if you need someone! I may not have A LOT of time in my hands, but I would love to help here somehow! Especially to help you with the Spanish speaking guise!

        • This single was said to be like a teaser :D for epik high fans that’s been waiting. But OOAK was just an intro too and it got an mv… Lol it does help built the excitement though. My take on hayi is the same as you. Love her >_<

        • Great minds thing alike. Also I did expect a different type of tone from lee Hayi but they seemed to have gone with a more subtle sort of voice. Even more so than 15& who did some power vocals for their ballad. It was seriously an Epik high song, with a featured singer and not the other way around.

        • YES! I can’t express enough my happiness with this song.

          But you know what? I love how they used HaYi and, I think, it also shows her progress under training… I hope she keeps growing.

        • fuuko4869

          About Lee Hayi’s voice – this is just a theory of mine, but I’ve noticed in quite a few collaboration songs where the producer is male, the female voices are encouraged to be higher-pitched, softer, and overall more feminine. Perhaps to make the male counterpart/s appear to have deeper voices? I’ve seen this a lot in GD’s songs – maybe because his ‘deep’ voice is still really high-pitched, lol, so he gets all his featuring artists to sing in falsetto (Kiss, Today, and he tried to get Bom to sing falsetto for Baby Don’t Go Home).

          However, if the girl is singing solo or with other girls, she can sing with a deeper bass kind of voice. Maybe. Just a theory. Thoughts?

        • Generally girls sound prettier singing in a higher voice. It highlights the feminity and the guys voice. Gummy told 21 that too. But I’m hoping for it to be the opposite so a collab with minzy and gd or top and cl is a want. Gd and minzy did missing you so I’m looking forward to that XD contrast is just more interesting in songs.

        • They did kinda do a duet during the YG family concert last year. cl and Minzy did Bom’s part in ‘oh yeah’. It was slightly lower than Bom’s but still in a high range.

        • Yeah. Minzy’s part was weird lol. All these thoughts of them collaborating always makes me excited. Hayi and dae. Hayi and top. Michelle and taeyang! Tumbler girl (i haven’t learn her name) collabs would be pretty tooo. Like what CL said to ri on the IU feat. He should’ve asked Bom instead. Haha i love yg collabs

        • I remember when he tried to do that and all that happened was that Bom sang louder and shouted. I was cracking up at how frustrated both of them were getting. And he ended up doing it himself anyway and it ended up perfect. I think he was avoiding it cause he was sick. Is it just me or are they always sick. Seriously for all the medicinal herbs Bom totes around she is sick like half the year. But what am I saying. They are living in some of the unhealthiest living conditions with little sleep and poor diets. So of course their immune systems are going to break down every time a cold germ knocks on the door.

          I think perhaps you are right. People have also said that she sounds similar to Younha and I agree. It was unexpected and I don’t think that she needs to sing like that often. I can’t wait to hear her harmonizing with some rich female vocals though.

        • The girls get sick… With every comeback. Is like their body can’t take the change. This year it’s the worst with bom and minzy losing their voices =_= but it’s true the flu bug is also very bad this year. I actually have to resort to medication because it’s not going away after 2 weeks. The boys are so much stronger though. They were sick too but it looks like just sniffles to them . I mean top even performed with his hand like that. he looks badass though.
          I’m looking forward to supearls too! I like the tumbler girl. Still hoping they would change the name though

    • Omg ! I have been listening to this on loop for the last 1/2 hour and I am so happeeeeeeee! It sounds amazing. It still sounds like my lyrical poets are ruling with their awesome rhymes and beats. Oh lee Hayi, you are awesome, but these guys… They are Epik!!

      ( and I so expected you to get distracted by this and I came straight here to see if you had posted it. You are so predictable :-p)

      • fuuko4869

        I have to live up to my reputation as one of the biggest Epik High fans on EYK, no? :p

        I’m quite shocked and happily surprised that your favourite part is the same as mine :D
        I was reading through it, and when I came to ‘ship’, I was bizarrely puzzled for 2 seconds, then I read ‘iceberg’ and it all fell together :O :O :O

        Their lyrics are just so intelligent. The amount of puns are mind-blowing. I can’ wait for the rest of the album :D

        Btw, in my previous comments, I was expecting them to come out with a different-sounding single, and that everyone would blame YG right? So it really caught me by surprise that this song was, in fact, exactly like the ‘old Epik High’. The old fans had no complaints. It was perfect.
        See all the YG haters admit that YG did not affect Epik High:

        But guess what? Epik High actually saw it coming (the disgruntled anti-YG Hi Skoolers), so they made it exactly like their old style, ON PURPOSE.
        I know this is weird, but I respect them so much for that. They foresaw the hostility and actually protected YG with just one song. WOW.

        • I don’t know how people can think YG will have an important impact in their music. I mean, YG is not 2NE1 and Big Bang, AND even Big Bang (in GD) has an influence in what they do. I think that, in the Big 3, YG could be the one that respect them the most.

          I learn this with Tablo and his album. Please, people… That album IS Tablo and is ah-mah-zing!

        • Tablo’s fever’s end is my first and favourite album. It was too beautiful. Too bad he doesn’t promote much. But still performed all live before soIt’s cool

        • YG only seems to really influence those who ask for it, or need it ( like 2ne1). Most of what we know of as YG’s sound and aesthetic actually comes from their idol stuff. Psy was a completely different creature and so are all of their actors. Tablo was also always treated differently. YG still saw Tablo as someone distant from him at least from what was gathered about how he spoke to him on the strong heart episode. He kind of reveres him, giving him a lot of positive criticism. I think what YG would try to do is get a little bit more authenticity from the addition of Epik High and not necessarily seek to make Epik High into a new 1Tym or Jinusean. Honestly the comparison of Epik High to an idol group is sort of laughable.

        • fuuko4869

          Exactly!! Unlike Big Bang and 2NE1, who are YG’s ‘babies’, Psy and Tablo were well established artist, and didn’t Tablo say YG called him ‘Tablo-ssi’ “Mr. Tablo” even though YG was older, and his boss? If that doesn’t scream respect, I don’t know what does.

          I think Epik High fans, who know the personalities of the members well enough, and know the ins and outs of all that happened up till now, would be able to see similarly through all this company-moving.
          Unfortunately people keep complaining. Le sadface.

        • So much hate. But I think those people won’t be happy… it doesn’t matter what Epik High does, they won’t like it. They did the judging from the moment they knew Epik high was under YG. So I don’t care. -_-

        • I’ve just read some translated comments reg. bom’s feat. They are so bias against yg it makes them blind on nearly everything else. I pity them really considering they love epik high. Or they could be trolls who don’t give 2 cents to epik high lol.

        • You will always see people like that when they perceive that their ‘ special’ ‘unique’ ‘ underground’ ‘ only I know about them’ groups are perceived to ‘ sell out’ and go mainstream. I don’t get the point of yelling and kicking before you even listen to the music.mi can understand waiting for the album to drop, listening to it and saying afterwards, I don’t like it, but how can you judge something you haven’t even seen yet? It is like taking a wrapped present from your favourite gift giver and throwing it out the window because you don’t like the way the wrapping paper looks this year.

        • In Kpop people will always complain, especially when it comes to YG. I feel like they are the most often criticized when it comes to being blamed for the bad things. As you mentioned, all the good things are because of the artist and the bad stuff is because YG sucks. Although, SM gets their share of haterade as well because they favour certain groups over others.

          We never really see that happening in the Western World though, Like Universal doesn’t get hate just because an artist signed under them has to cancel a concert or a tour. Maybe it is because the Entertainment companies in Korea literally run the lives of their employees and signed talent. Kinda like the old Hollywood system which eventually employed on itself.

        • when people saw the teaser photo. they’re like omg epik high got yg-fied blabla. oh come on. yg don’t control them. yg just pumped more money into them. which reminds me of a tweet photo by blo. it’s outsude a church. maybe mv? ahhh

        • fuuko4869

          Yea they’re filming an MV with a bike, and Tablo skateboarding. Follow icaruswalks if you want to keep up to date :p

        • i was actually a little surprised at hayi’s voice, because i’m expecting her to be strong. then mithra and tablo to be strong too. causing involuntary spazzing everywhere lols. (i have a soft spot for hayi) but her voice here is unique, different too from the other yg ladies.

        • everyone is praising how epik high didn’t change and all lol. it’s a smart move considering a 3 year hiatus. something old is nice. co-composer is choi pilkang that did monster, missing you and tons of others. also style with tablo XD

        • Ah! No wonder it has a melodic similarity to Missing you on Hayi’s parts. No wonder I like it. It is true I expected more bombast coming from her, but this restrained and quiet melody is refreshing.

  3. vip <3 blackjacks

    why does it say that it hasnt been reviewd yet??

  4. IcyAurora

    Whenever I come back to check the charts, I vote for GD again even though it’s been reviewed ;)

  5. cantbeatthetaste

    let’s keep voting for crayon! what if it wins again? =P

  6. little black dress… G-DRAGON Y U SO CLASSY

  7. wait i thought this got reviewed mm

  8. ryansgirl050400

    Infinity Challenge with GD was so funny…He looked awesome in the underwear..lol

  9. hey guys! can we all go vote for Gain- Bloom?? its an awesome video and deserves more votes!! you have to change they chart from most popular to date because its not eve on the charts yet.

  10. I really wanted this one reviewed. ;-;

  11. I miss you guise!

    Waiting for Epik High comeback and MV. I hope to see all of you there! YG is driving me crazy without any previews! =(

    • I am hoping that it exceeds my expectations. Thank goodness fuuko left us with that awesome playlist.

      • You know, today I woke up happy. Thinking ‘uff is Tuesday in Korea, where’s my Epik High! YAY!”…………………………. just to see that damn countdown!!!! I really don’t know how YG can make me feel so many contradicting emotions towards him.

        On the other hand. I was thinking, and hoping, that YG respect them (Epik high) enough to not use them only as a trampoline for Lee Ha Yi. Because, as much as I love her (I do) I want their single to be a good one for their comeback, and not a single that got picked just to help HaYi. I trust YG AND the boys to not disappoint me in that aspect.

        • fuuko4869

          You know, funnily enough, I was thinking it was a good marketing strategy. As Epik High fans, we like to think that Epik High is a colossal force that can easily take over the world – but in reality I’d say much of the younger generations of kpop fans have never heard of them. Lee Ha Yi, on the other hand, is probably quite popular in Korea lately, seeing as she came 2nd on one of the biggest TV shows in Korea. I actually thought of it as Lee Ha Yi being the springboard for Epik High. Or both sides helping each other, as with most collaborations – Lee Ha Yi will introduce Epik High to the new generation, and Epik High will introduce Lee Ha Yi to the older generation. It’s a win-win solution, no?

          I’m probably alone in my following standpoint, but I think that Epik High is way too amazing to be kept as an underground artist for a niche audience. If YG has any ideas on how to make Epik High’s music more accessible to the general public, I’d say, good on him!! As long as Epik High themselves are happy with what YG is doing, then I think they’ll be fine. And so far Tablo has had nothing but praises after joining YG, so I’m hoping it’ll continue this way.

          Can I just say, though. I’m going to call it now, so I can yell ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ when it happens:

          For the upcoming single/album by Epik High, everything that the fans like will be attributed to Epik High, and everything they dislike will be attributed to YG.

          It will happen. Without fail. Whether it be the song the video the lyrics the album design the clothes the makeup lol even the body shape – if they like it , then it’ll be WOOT AS EXPECTED OF EPIK HIGH, and if they don’t like it, they’ll go yadayadayada YG forced them I knew they shouldn’t have gone mainstream yadayadayada.

          Now, it could be true. YG could actually be coercing them into going mainstream for monetary reasions. But seriously, wouldn’t Epik High go through some change anyway, whether or not they joined YG? What can you expect from a group that has been on a 3-year hiatus and has gone through many drastic changes including army training, court cases, marriage, children, and just overall ‘growing up’. You can’t expect them to be the same – heck, even each of their old albums would differ drastically. As they used to say, Epik High has no genre, just music. So now, if their past experiences have caused them to try out new things, will the fans accept it? I doubt it. They’ll blame it on YG. Just watch.

          Anyway, on a brighter note, I made some more playlists!!!
          Here’s the old Best of Epik High:

          Here’s the Best of Tablo:

          And here’s the entire Epik High discography:

          Enjoy!! ^^b

        • Lol great post! Both hayi and epik high benefited from this and i love it!

        • While I am still side eyeing you, I know you can’t resist talk about Epik High and so I will not scold you. Thanks for the additional playlists.

          I agree with you about the two being bridges to each other’s fanbase, and also Epik high has always had balladeers featuring on their songs, from Younha to Naul. How is Lee Hayi different other than the fact that she is also starting from the same company as them? Yes it is her debut but she has been in the eye of the Korean public for the whole year. It is called marketing. Something that had been missing from their previous work.

          Although I must say that it is frustrating for everything to always be delayed from YG. But as you said, they seem to always put all the blame for anything negative on the company while the positive accolades are given to the artists. That binds the fans together, mutual hate for the company or in some cases the CEO of the company ( they did the same thing with com and t-ara). It is easy to hate the guy at the top or the faceless entity which ‘ controls’ and ‘ ruins’ their beloved talent. And as much as some people stan the YG talent, they seriously like to hate on YG as a management company.

        • The more I know about artist, the more I’m attracted to yg =_= it’s to the point yg is my bias now. More so than 21… Ahaha…..
          Kks is totally different though! I seriously find him stupid. His actions are plain illogical.
          I want to reply on dara here. Somehow I felt connected to her because I’m a quiet person too but I do stupid things with friends (I’m very noisy too) and when I’m in a relationship, I slowly shift into quiet and gloomy(because it’s not play time all the time) But I wasn’t putting on a ‘fun face’ that’s me too. Top seems to be this type too? And I got this habit of typing in brackets since I saw someone did that here and it became a habit!
          Tkir: GD just recorded sketch book a coupe of hours ago. Will be performing a NEW crayon and Minzy will be performing missing you together. Minzy will make it so daebak with her retro voice T_T.
          PS. Don’t you think it’s fun if there’s a forum? Or something

        • fuuko4869

          Ahahahaaaaaaaaa…………*looks away* >_>
          Yes I really should be studying shouldn’t I. I’m so sorry ma’am. I’ll get back to it straight away. I was going to abandon the site completely, but a lot of comments were being unfairly deleted by the Disqus spambot and I just couldn’t leave it be….so I drop by every once in a while….and I saw the words ‘Epik High’ in big flashing lights…..so yeah….. :p

          And this conversation is totally off topic….well uh….tkir I heard some baseless rumours that GD might be featuring on the new album? (completely baseless mind you)

  12. VIPs see yah here on EPIK HIGH comeback ! keke

  13. a wowww I’m so happyyy ^^ next one epik high here we go o(^^)o

  14. hey guys did u already see it Eat your kimchi with GD’s crayon is on soompi as the top stories ^^ YAY (^.^)/ http://www.soompi.com/2012/10/01/eat-your-kimchi-reviews-g-dragons-crayon/#vanilla-comments

  15. Carolforlife

    Way to make it though last min.lol

  16. Dalma Marti

    I don’t get how this system works… If this is the most voted for video… why is it not on 1st place? :(

  17. why we lose 1st place???
    I dont understand
    GD has higher vote than TVXQ

  18. I’m still voting. Lol. Did G-Dragon win?

  19. i had a dream that as a prank simon and martina reviewed 100% bad boy…lol…

  20. I say we keep DBSK’s Catch Me at #1 for two weeks :) does anyone think its possible???

  21. Wait, why is crayon in 2nd place?

  22. i guess vips are back being lazy again.. lets start something!! i didn’t like it when people started saying GD’s mv got reviewed for 2 times already so they will vote for this and that!! i guess its okay for me!!if gd’s mv and song were similar, i will have agreed but 3 his mvs and songs were just so different!! but trust me vips were being lazy they didn’t do much for “one of a kind” and “that xx” in this mv is what we call vips putting an real effort!
    rant over*~
    peace out!

    • I’m totally agree with u hahaha.. i never left hahaha I just didn’t comment also I’m still voting hahaha why? I don’t know xD.. but u are right I really feel kind of disappointed when ppl say aa ur VIPs are egoist 2 MVs already bla bla bla give us chance we where waiting for a long time.. but that’s true the 3 MVs are different and we waited a lot too for a GD solo comeback..just 3 years mmm. i think is pretty much and come on guys this song is AMAZING GD is a genius he write his own songs and all are successful how can’t be this one too?

      Peace&Love ^^

    • fuuko4869

      Well, if you’re that eager to start something….you could start listening to my infamous Epik High playlist? xD

      • I hope you know that I have been playing the hell out of that playlist for the last week. Awesome. There are even songs I had not heard before… And… I even watched the Come to Play with The Movement this morning.

        :( makes me sad thinking that perhaps they may not be as close as they used to be. I was worried that Tiger may have been serious when he says that Tablo doesn’t talk to him anymore…

        Aww… The bromance is over? I hope the hell not.

        • Yg and movement always have this friction though

        • fuuko4869

          I can see why, to some extent. YG is one of the most hiphop-influenced labels in kpop, but they’re still considered k-POP. To underground rappers and hardcore hip-hop artists, YG’s ‘hip-hop’ must be considered child’s play, and also too saturated with pop, dance, electro, and all that mess.

          However, I like how Tiger talks about it in this article: http://www.asianewsnet.net/home/news.php?id=31352&sec=16

          “I used to make fun of K-pop artists. But when K-pop fans started communicating with me and Tasha, I stopped judging. Because K-pop’s blowing up, people are checking us out too, so I’m embracing it and riding the wave with them.”

          Interesting, eh?

          What saddens me, though, is when hip-hop fans judge Tablo for joining YG. Tiger JK has some weight as a friend and a fellow member of a pro-hiphop group, but as fans – they do realise that YG helped Tablo get back on his feet, yea? Who knows what would have happened otherwise.
          I just want Tablo’s music. I don’t care if he’s under YG – heck, even SM – so long as he’s happy with it, and the music he makes is still what I can enjoy. But perhaps I’m biased because I like YG *shrugs*

        • After reading that article I feel like I understand Tiger just a tiny bit better. I actually pretty much agree with the fact that Kpop rap is child’s play in comparison to what the artists from the movement do.
          I still don’t understand why every Kpop groups has to have a ‘ rapper’? Is it written in some secret Kpop guide book. It is honestly not needed sometimes.

          Even in western hip hop and rap there are different distinctions from the ‘ conscious beat Poet’ raps of Mos Def and Talib Kweli, the strong but with a popular edge like Busta Rhymes and Eminem, Gangsta rap from Ice Cube, political anarchist rap like Ice T, and the simply pop-a-lopping pop rap from Black Eyed Peas and Nicki Minaj ( who is a Trini holla WI)

        • I guess people got taken back by seotaiji and everyone want to remake his success. That’s how the idol boom pretty much start right? Somehow it became ‘youth’ music. And i accept it being a pretty much kpop thing. Then again groups like backstreet boys or spice girls have rap in their music too. Well at least yg take the rap parts more seriously.

        • Yep, Seotaiji started in 1992 and really were the beginning of the whole ‘ Kpop idol’ thing. They actually were pretty experimental and mixed many styles together like New Jack Swing, Rick and heavy-metal. I really miss New Jack Swing. I think that’s why I liked Stop Girl so much. It had a tinge of it.

          Edit: BSB and Spice Girls were just pure crack. I admit that I sniffed some of that too.

        • The tablo incident made me think better of yg (if i wasn’t already) and kinda looked down on woolim instead. I know yg ain’t just picking up anybody. But artist that share the taste and independent are perfect in yg. Tablo’s music are also diverse. I can imagine him being the producer of yg’s new boy group. Tablo said that he wasn’t interested to produce for himself. It might be a spur of the moment though. *him bringing tablo in yg gives me a mafia familia feel. Lol XD i like

        • I know but psy does not really let YG’s issues with people stop him from talking to him. Tiger still seems to like psy ( just not being asked to do the horse dance. That whole thing was seriously annoying for him). And Blo and tiger were friends for such a long time. And it’s not like tiger didn’t know that Blo’s wife was under YG.

          It’s not like it’s the West coast/ easy coast rivalry. Does it really have to be so serious?

        • I don’t know actually. I wasn’t a fan then. It seems to be something small that doesn’t involve everybody. People might find it new because hiphop as a whole was new. Tablo never wanted to join YG or any mainstream big company to start with so him doing so did make people say he’s a hypocrite (from his lyrics and stuff)
          Vips just remembers this cause gd is involved

        • I dunno. I follow Tiger because I am a fan of his, and he is really blunt and frank about things, for a Korean artist. That is really refreshing because he has really decided that he doesn’t give a f about anyone who doesn’t give one about him. YG ‘s type of ‘rappers ‘don’t appeal to him ( though Dynamic Duo has already appeared on stage with TOP and GD before) and he was honest and truthful with what he said about GD’s ‘ gangsta’ persona being fake as all hell. He had a right to be insulted by it.

          But… That still should have nothing to do with Blo, Mithra and Tukutz and I feel that if there actually is a rift it was instigated from Tablo’s side after he decided to join YG, maybe because of shame or something, but I mean the man has a wife and kid and needs to eat. Tablo seems to be in a shame cycle to tell the truth.

          I am waiting to see what is going to happen on the new album, if they still have diverse featuring artists ( Lee Hayi is the only one we know about and it feel like Taeyang’s inclusion on Tablo’s album).

        • Dae might be in it. He was recording something so whatever album is coming out. Dae Might be in it Lol. Or it might be scraped. I think people who are not involved is really ok with it. Sean is still tigerjk’s buddy. 21 too. Mina worships tigerjk a bit. Lol so epikhigh should be in similar positions. If not, i won’t know why

        • Well it’s more of Bom being good friends with Tasha and therefore she and tiger are also cool. Mina worships everybody a bit. Tasha also complimented CL’s flow which I actually found a bit Lulzy.

          Whatever happened between them probably is private and has some background. But I still feel sad about it because The Movement was really awesome together.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I’m currently listening to that while working (first time listening to them thanks to you and @Nutnatz:disqus talking about them constantly)! It’s pretty awesomely epic (hee hee hee).

      • don’t worry fuuko I will be here for epik high I just love them sooo much specially tablo, it will be an amazing comeback.

  23. This part of the ment before GD top made me face palm and laugh so hard

  24. gdragonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  25. eeeeek! so did this video win right?!?! cause i just got home from work over the weekend, and i saw that this video was #2… and i was SO MAD… so did his video make it’?!?!

  26. disqus_aAdVkZdT7L

    we’re losing to tvxq this is ridiculous i’ve been doing this for 8 day’s straight

  27. GoldenWut

    I’m glad we won~ :D
    But I’m curious as to how a video with more views and more points in all categories somehow always manages to get knocked down below videos with lower points.
    (Image attached~)
    I see this on a regular basis~ D:

    • JustDense

      Again, it’s because of the time factor, for example, a video that is let’s say 5 days old with 4000 votes will be more popular than one 15 days old with 10000 votes, because in average, the first has 800 votes/day and the other one gets a little bit less than 700.

  28. V.I.PBear

    G D !!! <3 <3

  29. V.I.PBear

    WE CAN DO THIS !!!

  30. V.I.PBear


  31. I love this music video)) I love this song!))