G-Dragon – One Of A Kind

  1. MissMaple

    i just noties that GD was cutting meat,right?but HE WAS POSING WITH TOMATO !!!!

  2. Pradogirl

    300,000! Subscribers nasty for life yeah congrants simon and martina

  3. Happy 300,000 viewers :) I <3 GD my friends and I did the dance in class when the song came out :)

  4. Voting for Gdragon!!!! Part with the kids was cute!!!!

  5. Absamaranth

    I actually don’t like this song, I do like That XX though. But I’m pretty darn curious as to what you guys will say about the weird pippy long stocking hair going on here.

  6. Amanvir Kaur

    GD…you disappoint me…srsly barbie…i thought u can do better

  7. omg look at barbie’s tailor-made outfit!! haha seriously having a good life — doll!! bhahaha the luckest doll i guess… yes sir i’m one of a kind!! can’t wait to be reviewed!! :)

  8. vote for Big Bang on MTV EMA 11.11.2012 in Frankfurt !!!


  9. GD never dissapointed me… he is a genious!!

  10. leanna h.

    Never wanted to be a Barbie so bad in my life -le sigh-

  11. Now that’s how you clean out your wardrobe! :)

  12. This hafta win! Gogogo just a few more hours!

  13. Baby Bear, Baby Tiger, Tough G-Dragon, Dressed like a woman again….. wait, what? 
    Still…. get’s my vote.

    MARTINA…. The leopard print is fine… I suggest toning down the eye-liner a bit though. your videos are quite bright, and the dark eye-liner made it hard to see the leopard print… 

    SIMON…. Teeth looked AMAZING! :)

    And I know we should be encouraging rookie groups, etc., but Tiny G???? hmm….. looks they’ve already locked themselves into a very specific style and market (12 year old girls)… way to go, GNG… -__-

  14. Waaah ! this video is amazing, with the cute baby tiger, and the bear …  GD for the Kpop Music Monday !!

  15. we won already right? SO NOW EVERYONE VOTE FOR THAT XX <3 <3

  16. My favorite part was when he was sitting at the table and his hair kept changing making him look like a totally different person. Evil and nice. He is good at doing that.

  17. is WOW!!! AWESOME!!! i´m like hjdvhbcjkndvd for this MV please simon and martina do the video so fast you can PLEASE!!!

  18. gd endless love


  19. i hate when YG using animal for their MV or performance
    (2NE1 use parrot for their performance)
    they’re a wild animals, not a pet
    they used to be protected in wildlife, not exploited, chained, and become MV property
    it’s really not cool GD =[

    • Visindahouse

      U know 4minute,snsd-the boys,suju-eunhyuk,and many other kpop acts use it too,right?
      U cant stop ppl for being creative, with i’m sure, a lot of consideration before making such decision

  20. one of a kind is sucha addicting song.. the beat and the song is just ringing in your head yet you only can sing “yes sir, i’m one of kind” which that makes you want to just listen to this song again and again.and sing along even you don’t know the korean words!!!.hahaha!!

  21. okay first of all when i saw the kids i was sooooooooo happy, they were so cute omg!!!!! and nothing more, people yes they are black and so what? i dont get it, like what is  the big deal? a person is a person regardless of their race. I think put them in the video maybe cuz they are just soo cute. Overall i thought this video was AMAZING!! i love GD and I wish i could meet him one day :)

  22. claymaryel

    YEY ! Cant wait for the review im sooooooooooo excited!!!
    There’s so much to talk about in this video!..
    CUTENESS overload + COOLNESS overload = G-dragon!

  23. sometimes i’ll catch myself singing the song without even realizing it! 

  24. Okay he kinda creeps me out in this video… especially with the whole plastic giant barbie doll thing. Therefore I voted for it just to hear Martina and Simon’s take on the video, 

  25. not really digging those “luscious blonde locks”; nope, not digging them at all.

  26. G-Dragon comeback and new album can’t wait!!  G-DRAGON <3 FIGHTING!!!

  27. Please for the love of God do both GD videos for the 100th episode

  28. I absolutely LOVE the symbolism through out the video, ESPECIALLY the dining table scene. It shows the harsh reality that artists face in their everyday live, but once you put on the rose colored glasses you see them in their polished state, ready for the camera and ready for you to “love them”. <— Now THAT'S why I love GD <3

  29. Lostnaparkinglot

    Yayy!!! It’s getting reviewed this week :D

    Off to vote for That XX!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. i havent stopped listening to this song from the instant it came out!

  31. This should Win this week~ And next week That Xx!

  32. please vote moreeeeeeeeeeeee

    100 MUSIC MONDAY = GD! =D
    and 101 hopefully too heheh