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G-Dragon – That XX

  1. omg… just saw ur reply.. >O<
    for me in would have been a 3 years age gap~~

    doesnt matter though.. Im happy enough to see him in real life~~
    September come quick!! :DD

  2. awesome it is still not dropping from num 1 !!!!!!!!

  3. It’s a ONE OF A KIND music video.. =’)


  5. When crayon comes out it has to win

  6. love the song.. love you GD..

  7. I cry everytime i listen to this song. :’(

  8. this is sucha beautiful song to listen to but the meaning is totally different..can’t wait for his album!!

  9. crayon comes out sep 15 a saterday so excited

  10. G-Dragon is so freaking sexy here!!!

  11. Do you see the other girl in the background when Tattoo GD is calling Jennie?

  12. He’s clearly playing both roles. The tattoo GD and the poor, depressed GD

  13. ok S&M please don’t ruin this song for me it’s awesome just make a video saying it’s awesome it’s awesome for 7 minutes that will be enough loool

  14. Oh My. . .
    This guy is really talented.
    He sometimes could be a naughty boy, but other side he could be manly, romantic, and cute guy.
    How awesome Jiyongie oppa !
    The leader, singer, rapper, dancer, song writer, composer, producer, fashionista.
    Daebakk !!

  15. loved the song the song then read the lyrics and died becuz of an over load of epikniss

  16. It might be the first time ever I actually enjoyed a G-Dragon song…

  17. i love this other side of gd!!!

  18. ahh jaja this MV has to be in Kpop Music Mondays jaja cuz I want to see Martina crazy for the turtle neck ajajaja Love you GD its a great song … very sad!

  19. Nice GD was the 100th video, and the last in the apartment in Bucheon… special days and both GD’s =p

  20. GD looks like he’s babysitting Jenny.

  21. I’m happy with either That XX or Sexy Love getting reviewed!

  22. Ignore the video for a while and listen to the song.
    It is rubbish !!!!!!

    Compare this to follow up singles from Heartbreaker like “A Boy” and “She’s Gone” (which are also better than One Of A Kind) this is a real slide down for G Dragon. People are letting the music videos disguise the quality of the music.

    • Eh? The genre is different… And the fact that a lot of people love it compare to others, it’s actually pulling in different fans. There are people who don’t like them too so… Your opinion is totally cool.

  23. That XX is such a beautiful song. So beautiful.

  24. The funny thing is, when I saw the MV… All I could think about was… “What would Martina say about the turtle neck?” And I forgot about everything else… Hahaha…

  25. I think GD portrays 2 ppl in the video! When he has the normal hair, that’s him singing but when his hair is slicked back, hes playing the basta*d

  26. From the KpopCharts Update, it seemed like Martina wasn’t into this song that much. It’s probably just the turtle neck. Or maybe I’m biased because I don’t like this song that much.

  27. Martina this time i don’t want to hear it!! He rocks that turtleneck…just admit that he is freaking gorgeous :)

  28. SMOOTH & BEAUTIFUL! <3 I can't wait for the rest of his songs!!!!

  29. I love this song!!! I think its a tad bit better than One of a Kind, but love both songs <3

  30. Jennie Kim SOOOO Pretty. but i found it uncomfortable that she was the love interest and shes a minor…..

  31. i’m in shock i really didn’t expect it to be like that (not in a bad way) i just thought it would be as the same style of one of a kind !!!

  32. This song has really grew on me xD

  33. Yes… voting for GD all the way!!!

  34. GD fighting!!^^

  35. SO, is there anyone here excited for CRAYON by GD and its kpop music monday in EYK NEW STUDIO? i’m so psyched.

  36. GD twice in a row! nice =]

  37. I love this song so much. It’s so calm and soothing? I don’t know. xD

  38. A video with a nasty title for the last KMM in Bucheon. That would be fitting.

  39. still loving the song!! and wonder how many outfits, he changed!! hahahai guess this is GD’s simplest style know..because i simply love it when he goes simple..

  40. I had my non-VIP friend listen to this and she totally loved it. She’s been replaying it for days already. I’m so proud of my GD GD baby baby. Lol. Yes, he’s mine. At least in my mind, he is. xD

  41. This song wow its been stuck in my head the whole day and i dont even know the right words lol. I’m actually a cassie but GD just melts my heartttttt… I love love him. I really hope he wins this. The music video was so beautiful. The girl looks a little like sohee but shes so beautiful!.. GD is an amazing actor I could really feel his emotions while listening to this. I love the way he looked at her at 2:36… so sweet.

  42. I love this song! I really really love it. I just read the english sub of it… Oh my god <3 it deserves to be reviewed just for the lyrics itself..

  43. GD wai do u look so good in this ahhh~ :3

  44. I hope this is done for next week! I feel like there’s quite a lot of symbolism going on :)

  45. So beautiful !

  46. this song is hella beautiful, it’s now my all time favorite song by GD ~~~

  47. if GD keeps making awesome music videos then we might be seeing him for a few more weeks
    get ready :)

  48. If this wins it’ll be EYK Music Monday 101! I actually really liked this MV, it was artists and interesting without being too weird or hard to follow although I didn’t get at first that GD was both men… in the end it sorts made sense. It might have been better of they had one blond GD and one brunette GD so we could see it better. Its nice compared to the in-a-box standard MVs.

  49. Hey, we should keep voting and sharing and commenting before T-Ara catch us.. And I think that That XX deserve to be reviewed.

  50. no offence but i didnt like s&ms review about one of a kind

    • Really? I love it though. I didn’t like their monster cause it seems hasty. Content wise. I thought Martina nailed the dining table part.

      • I agree with you, Soluiz. I liked “One of a Kind,” but I thought “Monster” was a bit rushed. However, I did have to agree with them on the TOP scene where he looked like a model (and I liked Simon getting hit by the ball because he was unphased). Now whenever I watch “Monster,” I giggle at that scene regardless of how sexy TOP looks.

        • Meh. I don’t find top posing. He was just running in a bingu way and got paused. You should see when he really poses. Lol. Yes that is bingu paused. He is not good in the running or moving scenes compared to the others that’s why his part usually gets cut T_T

  51. awesome mv

  52. You would think big bang is trying to convert turtle neck hater martina lol

  53. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for days since it came out. It’s not addicting really, so much as just a really beautiful song. The acoustic guitar paired with GD’s soft falsetto and smooth rap fit very well together. Also, the melody isn’t overly repetitive, so rather than become more boring each time you listen, it actually becomes more interesting. :)

  54. i guess i got used to the beep…actually with beep, its sounds better now!! feel something special ..hahha

    • Me too! I just recently bought the song from iTunes and at first it totally threw me off when I didn’t hear the beep. It felt like something was missing lol

      • Lol probably cause we don’t find the word a bad word anyway. It’s just like any Korean word? So the beep sounds more bad ass because we know that’s a censor lol. That or the beep became part of the instrumental xD

        • yes the beep makes it better like it puts that extra i dont know how to explain it maybe like more emotion of hatred to the guy u know why that beeep beeep there is more feeling i think

  55. Theres been a awful lot of BigBang lately O.o I can’t complain :)

  56. I never thought that a Kpop song would ever have so much swearing.

  57. “They say love is blind, ouh baby you’re so blind…”

    I’m not blind GD I really love you XD

  58. Cannot wait to see this reviewd!!!

  59. not that I don’t like the song…but does anyone else find it creepy that the girl looks about 15 and GD looks maybe, 25?

    • I didn’t find it that creepy since GD only ever hugged her and touched her hair while she wasn’t wearing any revealing or provocative clothing. Yes, as a love interest she was a bit too young, but since it seemed like an innocent love, I didn’t find it uncomfortable.

    • If it looks creepy.. Then the mv hit it’s goal? That xx suppose to be really xx lol. Bad gd is purposely styled to look older :)

    • Bad GD’s meant to look like an older man. Perhaps that’s why he has no real interest in her. Maybe the women he’s cheating on her with are closer to his age. I think she’s also meant to be young because it symbolises her innocence and naivete.

  60. gotta review this song, it’s damn beautiful :)

  61. this song and video is so amazing, i love G Dragon.

  62. i love the lyrics and composition so much that this song is like a vitamin to me now! Gdd i love him in the video but the video dsnt make any sense! There should have been a “that XX” in the movie too.. hehe

    • I think “that xx” in the video is GD with the slicked back hair and tattoos, while the good guy is portrayed by GD with bangs and no tattoos. That would explain why GD with the tattoos is always smirking while GD without tattoos always looks sad.

  63. omg guys, don’t let T-ara catch up D:

  64. I am really interested in knowing what the “XX” word is!

  65. The one thing that totally annoys me is the beeping…GAH! Why do they have to be so strict when it comes to artist expressing themselves? We just want to hear the song….Is that so hard to ask for?
    Anyways… GD look good in that turtleneck…Just saying…Martina cut him some slack…lol

  66. He wore a turtleneck!!!!! Martina is gonna freak..hehehehe..I know he’ll win and we’ll all see Martina freak out about his turtleneck

  67. OMG THIS SONG IS AMAZING!!! I’m not exactly sure what’s Goin on with the video tho .-. BUT STILL LOVIN IT

  68. Beautiful song, Amazing video

  69. omg can’t wait for his album..wonder what will martina do with GD’s turtleneck this time..i saw what she did to TOP’s last time!!hahah still loving the song :)

  70. madisch

    back to back gd!

  71. Love this song and video but the “XX” is driving me crazy, lol.

  72. I like that G Dragon has released two such different songs back to back. It really keeps me jumping trying to figure out which I like best. How about, I like “That XX” the best right now. I really like his hair in this one I also think that “That XX” shows off his voice better (it is just soo smooth)!

  73. hahaha will GD beat GD???? For Music Monday??? hmmmmm

  74. we need more votes

  75. :D


  77. Can someone tell me WHY this video was rated 19? Or was it the song? Or… or what??

  78. I love this MV and the Song, usually i hate slow songs,but GD can change everything **__**

  79. First listen didn’t really grab my attention, but now I’m hearing for the third time and I love it! ♥

  80. love MV the beautiful song <3

  81. I already know what Martina will tell about this M/V. Namely, “I hate turtlenecks!”

  82. I have no idea which gd album version to get lol.

  83. im in love with how he looks in front of those 2 statues

  84. I’m so addicted to this song! :D

  85. come on vips we can do gd deserves 2 weeks in a row hes just that aweome

  86. hopefully no one is releasing anything from now on until monday ^^ this has to win!

  87. GD~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!! <3 That xx guy and peeping tom guy!

  88. VIPz vote for GD ………………..

  89. lets go VIPS, i really want this song to be reviewed!!this is just so different from one of a kind..and this mv is really good lets vote,share and comment :)

  90. Love this vid so much more then One of a Kind and the video too.

  91. although not as strongly i usually agree with martina, but damn does g-dragon look good in a turtleneck! :D

  92. I’m wondering if I want 2 G Dragon videos for KMM in a row? Should we start voting for another video, or is GD destined to be #1 again?

  93. I like how GD releases his music videos seperately, so they can be on Music Mondays.


  95. i wouldn’t mind having a double dose of G-Dragon on KMM :)

  96. 2 gd mv’s in a row for music monday!!!! let’s go vip!

  97. obsessed with this song!! can’t stop listening

  98. What I don’t get is the word they bleeped out I hear on Dramas…so what is the big freaking deal?

    • Maybe he wanted to use another word and is the word that replaced the beep also a replacement word for the word he actually wanted to use. I’ve never used the word ‘word’ in one sentence that much =P.

    • He bleeped it himself if I remember right. Same as puting +19 restriction.

    • Because haters.

      If he didn’t, even if it is on the minor end of the scale, there would be elements that would complain to the point that someone feels obligated to censor and reprimand GD for once again upsetting what is culturally acceptable.

      Also, I’d imagine it caused a lot of interest in the release of the song to see what could possibly be so scandalous in a video clip with a 16yo YG trainee.

  99. Lets do GD for 2 consecutive weeks! <3

  100. this song is so relaxing, I can fall asleep listening to this <3

  101. also the hair i like him best with is the one that flops down over his forehead :P <3

  102. i love this song but , and i may seem stupid saying this , isn’t the beeping just beeping out kiss ? i mean i really want to know what is GD is singing …
    also the beeping just frustrates me

  103. i really love the lyrics♥♥♥TT

  104. One of a Kind was previewd, now it’s time for this one~

  105. omgee this is like the best song ever i will cry if it doesn’t get reviewed

  106. lets make it a streak! GD for music monday two weeks in a row

  107. swag baby…. swag -_-

  108. There’s a lot of takes on this. The popular one right now is good gd = bad gd. So at the end they… Fuse? Lol. Good gd is like a conscious talking.

  109. i guess i’m used to that beep!! both w/o beep sound good to me!! haha wish this will get reviewed since he’s doing a completely different style!!

  110. I bought this song on iTunes and was really happy, then noticed that the That XX bleep part was gone from the song!!! It wasn’t the first two days I had the song….iTunes doesn’t let you have full ownership of your songs….not happy that it’s different… does anyone know where to get the bleep version of the song?

  111. GD’s best work, along with One of a Kind, but in a completely different way! This MV is SO stunning. Even if the song was bad (which it isn’t! it’s SO beautiful and painful!) I’d still watch this MV about 5 times a day because it is just that gorgeous. Everything about it is beautiful. From the people (well it’s just two people, and they’re both beautiful, even if Kim Jennie looks like GD’s niece) to the sets/design/props to the art pieces. (Such cool art! Check out the artist’s official tumblr: A couple of his paintings are used in the MV including the two large paintings of a man (‘DRY AND HIGH’) and a woman (‘TOO DRUNK TO FUCK’) in GD’s room.) And what a great story line. I love that GD chose to play both roles instead of casting someone else as the cheating boyfriend. I think there’s something to read into that…

  112. alert guys..i think SNSD will be launching new mv tomorrow we cant let them take over the chart please…i want this to review next week..lets work hard!!

  113. Waiting for people to do covers of this song. I want someone to do it justice or improve upon it. It should be easy to improve upon the singing. (Sorry GD….I really liked your singing in “Don’t Go Home” and “Fool.”)

  114. Let’s make it two in a row guys!~ :D

  115. GD, let GD win, you moron!!….love you! xDD

  116. I thought I’m not going to get rid of “Helooooooo” for a while but than That Bastard came and the melody since 0:40 and 1:48… I’m so lost in it! Can’t wait for Crayon to beat it up!

  117. really want to see this sure it will be enjoyable

  118. Now let’s make this number 1 for next week.

  119. Still can’t get over how he went from rapping at a ridiculous speed, showing off his Chrome Hearts, and whipping around his yellow cornrows to falsetto pining backed with lone acoustic and alter egos. But I guess I’ll never understand him.

  120. This should be for next week! gd 2 weeks in a row! Not to mention, “what was your reaction hearing that bleep the first time” Because I couldn’t react I just started laughing.

  121. let’s get our voting on guys!
    i didn’t expect a song with censoring to be so chill and relaxed. ahhh all this great gd-ness :)


  123. I love this so much it’s on repeat in my playlist. <3

  124. this song now became my all-time favorite song by GD, I have no idea why though because I’m not into ballads but yeah, he’s that amazing…

  125. At the end of the MV, when GD and Jennie were sitting on the couch. That was the good guy GD right? Did he finally get her or was he just comforting her again? And that supposedly “good guy” GD doesn’t look like a good guy anymore. It’s like after he thrashed the room, he kind of changed a little though not as bad as the bastard he’s singing about. I’m confused. Did I interpret his facial expression wrong?

    • That’s bad gd. Till the end of the mv there was no change in the relationships. There is quite a few interpretations on the mv. The last photo could be the picture of the relationship. which makes the girl unhappy but willing to be with bad gd while bad gd not letting her go anyway.

  126. OMG The context is so beautiul!

  127. I think, the deeper meaning of the MV is that GD is saying that he has both good & bad boy image (like other people).. Girls usually like his “bad boy” image and think that this is the only thing about him. Now he wants us to look at his nicer side. This is also for his haters who always hates him for his bad image. Now the Nice guy GD is saying that “I also exist. Please love me and forget bad boy GD. Please look at me and let go of him. You’re so blind for not seeing my nicer image.”


  129. on the first day this mv was released, i was already playing it on replay. and im practically on the other side of the globe. it still amazes me that i get to hear his music (:

  130. every time i listen to THAT XX i start to play on an invisible guitar.GD u ruined me <3 and my sister laughs and laughs

  131. GD vs. GD!!!!!!!
    Oh gosh sooo difficult…..TT_____TT

  132. Somebody tell me on a big HD screen at 1.12 if the white telephone speaker have any holes?

  133. This year pak = bb’s blue, busker2, psy, and now G D !

  134. There’s 2 more Weeks till album out. 2 more mvs maybe?

  135. wow guys his album track list is revealed! the title track is crayon! im really curious!

  136. 100 anniversary gd that xx and one of a kind

  137. GD’s voice in this song is absolutely perfect!

  138. Simon and Martina should review both of GD’s videos for the 100th KMM! :D

  139. i personally like the unbleeped version of this the beebs just anoy me

  140. his voice is sooo speical !!!

  141. This song already got PERFECT ALL KILL !
    Yeah it’s G-dragon!

  142. ‘geusakki’ leading da ONE OF A KIND while da ‘chakhansaram’ always #2??? kekekekekek..beat it chakhansaram…beat geusakki then only u can own dat

  143. hey guys im so excited coz for sure another MV will be out soon..his titled track CRAYON…YEY!!!!!

  144. wow 2nd already!! hmm “they say love is blind, oh baby you’re so blind” this sounds so good to my ears..and i keep singin this!!

  145. haha I love how his 2 new single is right behind is 1 new single

  146. I really enjoy listening to this song. It doesn’t have the usual kpop feel to it which is refreshing and interesting. The mv had a nice storyline too, which I feel you could talk more about compared to One Of A Kind?! Also the lyrics are beautiful… G-Dragon did a wonderful job as usual ^^

  147. Beautiful, classic, romantic, delicate, soft, intelligent, warm, melancholic, real, sorrowful, perfect.

  148. LOL.. It’s finally GDragon vs GDragon…

  149. I don’t like the beeping T^T I think it ruins the song… *shrugs* But it’s still pretty good and GD is as hot as always ;)

  150. if they do both for their 100th episode would be awesome!!

  151. Youtube: Ki-*beeps*iVIPs: Don’t understand what that means anywayWhat does this mean?!?

  152. for the 100th ep i REALLY hope they do both. #1 and #2 are both gd omg it would be amazing.

  153. and gd did it again
    another PAK

  154. it’s beautiful song. LOVE it :)

  155. vannia

    I actually really like this video. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do…

  156. It may be better if eatyourkimchi takes “One of a kind” and “That XX” together :D

  157. This is song is awesome too! G-Dragon, we want to listen other songs too why are you doing this to us?!

  158. This song…wow…it reminds me of Big Bang’s older songs like Haru Haru. I really miss that style. But GD has grown so much as a soloist from when he released Heartbreaker. I love the meaning of the lyrics and the sound of his voice as they meld together with that beautiful acoustic guitar~~~

    • The lyrics also reminds me of lies and a Good man. This might take the place of my favourite a good man in me >_<

    • I love all of Big Bang and GD’s music, but my favourite songs are the ones like haru haru, lies and blue…now it looks like I’ll have to add “that xx” to the list as well! :P

  159. Also, woah! Hey there falsetto, didn’t see you coming!!

  160. This just shows how much of a unique and talented artist GD is. Releasing two wonderful, polar opposites of songs in just 2 weeks.

  161. I found it strange that he used an under aged girl for an R-Rated song.
    Oh well, LOVE GD ♥

  162. i don’t care if there were bad GD and good GD in this MV, i want both of them.. 

  163. G Dragon Fighting ♥

  164. as much as I love GD I’ll be voting for NUEST purely because of how dedicated their fans are.  I can’t believe they’ve been constantly voting for NUEST to get reviewed for 4 weeks in a row only to get toppled off 1st place down to 2nd at the last minute =/ so I really do hope that we could help their mv get reviewed after GD’s one of a kind since I’m sure we can hold GD’s That XX at 1st place for an extra week anyway =/

  165. “We realized we were perfect for each other when we discovered that we both bathe fully clothed”

  166. i hope they do a double review 

  167. the girl is young and naive and GD with tattoos is taking advantage of her while GD with bangs is trying to convince her that her boyfriend is bad. The sad part is that at the end she’s still with the bad guy :

  168. looked at the comments below and got total AHAAAA!!! Got very good theory experiences,, btw there are MASSIVE comments but totally worth reading. Me.. I LOVE THE SONG! the mv is good to. ^^

  169. I didn’t have an idea of two GD’s in this MV being the same person but after seeing wht you write here it seems like possible option. Also, when you think of Tonight lyrics (this song gives you also bittersweet feelings…), where GD says: ‘I’m already bored, you’re dull, I’m a bad boy that can’t be satisfied with one girl, but I’m nice’ – your concept for This XX seems even more possible. I still have some doubts about some lyrics. I understand this part with G-Dragon being a star, playing with girls and so on. But then Jiyong singing about not being able to have her or that she loves only that XX… wouldn’t that mean that she’s kind of shallow and only loves his famous part? Why, in private, couldn’t Jiyong be himself (Jiyong) and why then, she wouldn’t love also this side of him?

    If we follow the idea of ‘two sides of G-Dragon’ in this MV I would rather say that Jiyong feels the burden of being celebrity and image he created of himself and that he can’t escape this image so easly. That maybe he has troubles with showing his true, emotional, himself and with opening his heart to someone else. If you look at it in psychological way, people who act playboy-ish are usual having low self-esteem and they are hiding in shell of selfish and arogant actions to cover and protect their sensitive heart and souls. 

    • ”But then Jiyong singing about not being able to have her or that she loves only that XX… wouldn’t that mean that she’s kind of shallow and only loves his famous part? Why, in private, couldn’t Jiyong be himself (Jiyong) and why then, she wouldn’t love also this side of him?”

      actually, what i meant was more of how he is tied between being two person at once. obviously G Dragon and Kwon Jiyong is the same person, but the XX is meant to be G Dragon while the one singing ‘why can’t you can’t you realise that i’m your love’ is meant to be Kwon Jiyong. well, she /is/ in love with well, Jiyong. but he personally has already divided himself into two person. so its not that she’s shallow and only love his famous part when she is in this relationship, but it leans more to Jiyong feeling guilty that she has to go through with so much pain just to be with G Dragon cause G Dragon is a star whereas Kwon Jiyong just wish maybe if he wasn’t G Dragon, she wouldn’t have to go through all that pain just to be with him. he’s singing in a more ‘alternate universe way’ where G Dragon and Kwon Jiyong are two separate people, where one is good and one is bad. but then again, the reality is, he is singing that he is both the angel and devil in real life when it comes to relationships and /i/ think this personally puts him in a difficult position where he can’t properly love a girl as Kwon Jiyong when G Dragon is in the way.

  170. Since most are complaining why Jennie kim is too young for GD. This is one of the best explanation I have read today in THAT XX mv. I just wanna share to add more knowledge in everyone about it hahahaha..

    “Jenny Kim being younger than gd fits the vid really well, actually. Younger girls get taken advantage of by older guys all the time, bc they’re more naive. Kim was dressed up to look younger than gd on purpose, and he had tattoos to accentuate his age. IT MAKES SENSE, PEOPLE.”

    posted by: Totallymexoxo 

    I agree. I actually find it weird at first when the girl is so young for GD but this reason is enough to believe although we all know that jennie kim appearance in the MV is part of her promotion..But this explanation really makes sense. ^__^

    • I agree with this too. Gd didn’t spend sleepless night doing this mv and casting jenny for nothing. But instead of jenny purposely styled to look younger, it’s more like bad gd purposely styled to look older because let’s face it. the bigger the age gap is. The more of an asshole bad gd is. Which is the point.

  171. look at his wrist ,he still has the tattoos. i guess he wants to show that good guys finish last :D

  172. The last part. That’s supposed to be Bad GD right? He has slicked back hair, but NO tattoos on his hands? Was that an editing mistake, or was that deliberate? Because if it was deliberate, then maybe that was the revelation that Bad GD and Good GD are the same person.

  173. Loving this review:

    She pointed out that the bathtub scene was because Good GD wanted to share her pain, like in the lyrics, but that was all he could do.

    And she has an analysis of all the tattoos inked on GD’s hands, too.

  174. i’m obsessed with this song!

  175. love this song, love his style. GD is just AWESOME

  176. Ahh i still don’t understand 3.13 when good gd is staring with the girl in front of him. That’s the only time good gd and girl in 1 frame.

  177. The bad boy. I’m a sucker, just like you. >_<

  178. Too bad gd didn’t get to show off his guitar skills like the promo photos

  179. This was a lovely video with some nice touches with the lyrics written down somewhere and they show that but what I don’t like is the “necessity” of fake tattoos I mean the neck ones were a nice touch but the fake sleeve/glove just didn’t strike me as adding to the visual just to me felt like it was taking away from it

  180. lets get this to number one!!!!!!

  181. LOVE!LOVE!LOVE!!!!! I love this song soooo much! I love the lyrics,I love the video,the girl is gorgeous (I heard she’s actually a singer who will debut soon…o.O!! Is this true!?!?!?) Also I looove G-Dragon with his hair down and not slicked back!…I mean…I love him with it slicked back too….but down is a nice change…>,> and I looove the way the song sounds and his voice in it! …okay….I’m done… :D

  182. This song and MV has so many layers to them. It’s fantastic. Nerds like me just eat up all the symbolism. Haha.

  183. Wanted to ask, at the last part, I assume that’s Bad GD holding her close. So does that mean Good GD still lost at the end? And even if he’s a jerk, since Bad GD kissed her forehead, it means he at least feels something for her? Or that she’ll continue be innocent and easily fooled?

    • i was wondering the same thing, i think its bad gd cause he has the tattoos but when he kisses her on the forehead i see t in less of a loving way

    • Well.. As far as the lyrics goes. Good gd didn’t get the girl anyway. The very last picture the girl isn’t smiling. It’s like bad gd is chaining her with the kiss? If it makes sense. Just like how he ignore her calls but calls back and sweet talk.

    • Someone brought up the idea that the song is about GD and a woman that he has feelings for, but believes that he’ll mistreat her love. He can give her jewelry, cars, fancy dinners, and all the money in the world, but he’d hardly ever be able to spend time with her. And since he’s famous, he’s constantly tempted by the numerous women that throw themselves at his feet. Despite that, there’s a part of him that just wants to be with her and treat her right. Everyone knows that he’s wrong for her, but her. He’s the bad guy, though not only in the sense that he treats her wrong. He’s also the “bad boy” by having the tattoos, the crazy fashion, and the stylish hair, in contrast to the other GD, who is the opposite.

      I found this circulating via realjiyong tumblr. Maybe this would make more sense….

  184. Lol at Martina vs turtlenecks, but he actually looks good in it

  185. I’m still not over the fact that this isn’t the title song. It’s just too beautiful. Then again, once the real title song comes out, I’ll probably eat my words. haha

  186. I just love this. GD really proves his versatility in making songs and kudos with teddy who help him. 
    The MV is great though you will not appreciate in your 1st watch.
    VIPs minds always sharpens because of Bigbang and GD’s songs & MVs that always requires deep interpretations Hahaha.Not only GD is genius also VIPs. They are like detectives that always decoding whats happening on the music videos. That’s why I love this fandom. It’s not enough to talk about how cool and great they are but it’s more interesting to talk about what the message of the song and mv has.

    Ahmm I wonder what 302 tattoo means?

  187. are two guys or just one? mmmm big mistery… will S&M find the truth?? chanchanchanchanchanchannnnnnnnn

  188. How do you like GD’s turtlenecks, Martina?

  189. lets make it GD vs GD at the end of the voting period,,i do appreciate nuest fans being so dedicated but as a VIP i also want to have this at num 2 spot..sorry for my greediness,,,Im HUMAN lol

    • Ohh maybe the poll is. Who do girls dig more. Bad boy gd in that xx or sweet considerate boy in that xx? Lol

      I’m still going with the bad boy. I have no taste in men =_=!

  190. i love you~

  191. I love the song but when the “beep” comes it distracts me and it’s all I start to pay attention to lol. GD is kicking but though with his new album.

  192. I really like the beeping, it gives it something different to it <3

  193. If That XX isn’t his title song, and One of A Kind was just an intro song, how much more epic will the title song be??? I mean, One of A Kind was entertaining symbolism coupled with swag all the way. That XX was a smart 180-degree turn in terms of musical style, and that acoustic guitar was a smirking nod at all the people who criticized his use of electronic sounds in music. Not to mention it’s one of the most emotional songs I’ve ever come across, with him being able to communicate sadness without us understanding the lyrics. AND the song isn’t sappy, like the hundred other sad songs where everyone just seems to be sobbing in the rain (you have to admit, that concept is getting overused. Not everyone who is deeply sad can actually relate to a song where someone is sobbing hysterically. Sometimes, when you’re really deeply sad, it’s the melancholia in a song that really gets you)

    The last two songs released by GD are both thought-provoking and entertaining and definitely up there if you’re talking about ranking Kpop musical style.

    If they weren’t good enough to be declared the title song by GD and YG, then I can’t even begin to comprehend how truly epic the title song will be. Can’t wait!

    •  Just saying, I’m so very excited about how much he’s matured. “Heartbreaker” was a collection of good songs with decent MVs and pretty good lyrics. “Alive” was even better. But these two new offerings…I don’t even think of them separately as great songs, lyrics and MVs. I think of them both as two complete works of perfect, beautiful and intelligent art. I hope the rest of the album maintains this standard. If it does, I’ll be extremely impressed (and happy, because it’s not often at all that I find perfection but I’m hoping this new album will deliver exactly like that).

      • I hear you! And if the rest of this album does have the same standard as these two songs, and it doesn’t win best album at the MAMAs (even for some stupid reason like it’s a mini album so it was disqualified), then I’d be extremely disappointed and I will think of the MAMAs as completely hopeless since that would mean they have NO ear for musical art whatsoever.

    • This should be the top comment. Not talk about turtle necks.

  194. It’s cool how good gd have solitude paintings showing him as a very lonely person. Bad gd have mirrors and very gaudy clothes. The girl have lots of pictures of other lovers.. A bit delusion type..

  195. So what do you guys think? Is the gd is the bath tub good gd or bad gd. I think it’s good but I’m not sure. And i don’t understand 3:13 lol

    • I am fairly certain that soaking wet GD is my GD. 

      Hope that helps! LOL

      Seriously: Pretty sure it is good GD. No tatts.

      • LOL what’s your take at 3.13?

        • My first take was Damn that looks like TOP.

          I took it to mean that it was a bit of wishful thinking. The whole smokey dream look. Especially since she is still with Tattoo GD at the end.

          Some are thinking he is showing only one guy with two sides, but it doesn’t feel right to me. Both the lyrics and the disambiguation efforts in the MV really make it feel like it is two different, yet equally good looking, men. 

        • I guess that it could go 2 ways. Whether good gd and bad gd is the same person or not. He does look like top in a few parts. Could it be his way of potraying the character just so happens to look like top’s poker face? Well even before this sometimes gd and top wears similar fashion. Top is very fashionable after all. Maybe that’s why. Both of them are such fashionistas!

    • It’s either good GD trying to soak his anger/frustration/sadness in the tub, or bad GD trying to wash away his guilt?

  196. you know the sound of just keep ringin in my head and the little rap..its sounds so good that i need to listen again and again…one of a kind and this song its just opposite..i didn’t really thought he will do this!! but oh well He’s the GD One of a Kind..hahaha loving the song!! even tho the couple seems a bit awkward but i think jennie kim being young,fresh and innocent image goes well with the lyrics!! thats all :)

    • LOL. Am I the only one here who didn’t think the pairing of GD and Jennie in the MV wasn’t awkward? I think she fit the part: naive, fresh, easily fooled; and I could believe that she was a little bit older than 16. And GD definitely knew how to play the boyfriend, so I didn’t find any issue there hehe

  197. i love this song it is different from some of the other songs he has made, and i cant wait for the new girl group YG i scoming out with :)

  198. i love this song, at first i didnt understand the video cuz it was in korean but once i read the lyrics i fell in love, not that i wouldnt anyway. GD my love you are amazing and i hope martina and simon will review this video and read the lyrics and understand the video. AND, the girl, so what its not like they’re doing anything?? like i wish it was me instead cuz u know i’d do better lol

  199. i think you guys should review both gd’s new singles for your 100th video since GD is one of the bigges idol in Korea i think its fitting ^_^ i seriously can’t wait till you guys review his songs. GD sure goes up fast

  200. I really hope that this wins for next week. I saw so much potential analysis for this music video since GD plays both the good and bad guy in this. I had to watch this over 10x to get it from the visuals and the lyrics. 

  201. ok its one thing to wear “unfashionable” turtlenecks. but it’s a whole other story if the person wearing it can pull it off, like big time. *coughcough* gd *coughcough*

  202. wooohoooo here i go with my voting frenzy

  203. I LOVE HIM. if this song appears on music mondays.. i can predict how martina will react to the “TURTLENECKS” HAHAHAHA but still… LOVE GD

    • For this review, I expect serious commentary from Simon, and the occasional flash back to Martina in full rage mode. So many turtlenecks.. 

  204. i have officially fallen in love with this song 

  205. i loved this MV it was completely different than ONE OF A KIND this shows that GD is able to make any kind of song nail it. GD i love you <3 

  206. Hey Dormouse, I’ve noticed that all your comments have been marked as spam by the Disqus spambot (I didn’t even have to do anything). To avoid that next time, try making your comments a little longer, with more unique content? :)

  207. One of his best songs composed! 

  208. im sorry but everytime i hear the beeping i cant help but to laugh

  209. this song was different from what i expected from GD, but it’s SO GOOD

  210. That girl – she looks like the ideal girl taeyang tweeted two days ago!!! XD

  211. i wonder how many couples will want to have the mine and yours tattoo after they see the vid …cuz i really want one,tricky part is to convince my boyfriend …

    • But isn’t it gd potraying he is the girl’s while girl believe that gd is hers(mine)? So… If you convince your bf who will be wearing what? Lol good thing is you can have multiple guys that still goes with your tattoos. Unlike names XP

  212. it’s obvious that gd/yg put this girl in mv to promote new band and introduce the girl.

  213. GD always surprises me. I didn’t expect him to go in this direction…….. but it’s amazing :D


  214. I happen to really like the beeping, idk…i think its different and cool and gives the song a unique feel

    • Me too..I actually like the beeping..It suspense me when listening to it..
      It gives me the real feeling that GD is definitely saying a bad word..I love it!

      • Me three. I mean, as an international  VIP, I only get the lyrics after I read a translation, so watching it for the first time as an MV, I sort of felt the frustration and the anger of the person in the song because he called that other person that bad name. It was annoying at first, but the more I listen to the song, I think it sort of fit? The genius of GD haha

  215. What was the annoying beeping? Was he saying some really bad Korean word that couldn’t go on youtube? It distracted me from the rest of the video.  I didn’t really think about the girl being 16..I think the part she was playing was someone older. I did think it was odd that they were putting a 16 yo in a music video for 19+ (although I’m not sure why it’s 19+. i was expecting racier, like the concert GD got in trouble for where he was all over the girl tied to a bed).

  216. i rly rly got excited when it came out!! i adore his voice

  217. I am waiting this for the next MM, ^^

  218. GD is freakin’ sexy in this video! 3:23: Yum! And the hair color works for him, too. I just wish it wasn’t bleeped out because that beep gets awfully irritating. :( Any word on if YG plans to release the non-bleeped version?

  219. Amazing, just amazing!! This song got to me, his *sighing* voice and the acoustic guitar just pure awesomeness. You got this G.D!! ’cause you’re one of a kind guy. <3

  220. The song is so smooth and catchy. Soon as the music started I knew I would love it. GD looks great in the video, so mature and sexy. BUT the girl is way to young for the video….he does come off like a pervy uncle….should have chosen a better female lead to match him.

  221. GET TO SPAMMIN VIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  223. I love this song :)

  224. looks like it’s gunna be GD at the TOP with both MVs….no shocker ㅋㅋㅋㅋ now that’s what I like to see ^-^

  225. This song and video is freaking AWESOME…It’s like it’s the 50th time i heard it. It’s like a drug i can listen to it thounsands of time without getting tired at all

  226. two back to back GD 100 and 101… nice ^_^

  227. jazminjhnsn

    Damn I love this side of him

  228. asdfghjkl this is awesome review this one instead <3

  229. yeah, he wear turtle neck :)) like Top did

  230. THAT XX IS A BOMB !!!! 


  232. It’ll be great when s&m go through this mv. Wonder if they’ll go with gd as the same person or 2 different people

  233. this video was really amazing and I love how its a complete 180 from one of a kind 

  234. Can’t wait for their review. I love it when they criticize cause they are somehow right. Some people will go mad but I really enjoy it even if I’m a fan of the artist. I always say “Thank you and someone pointed that one out. I hope they watch these and learn something.”

  235. THAT AZZ. Let’s talk about those tender, loving BEEPs.

  236. it’s a little weird that an underaged girl is playing his gf but its still a nice video on the whole. :)

  237. Okay I think this is the first time I have been attracted to GD, I like him in a suit and in that tub. I like the song overall but not a crazy about it. So for music and video its good but not great. 

  238. “they say love is blind, oh baby youre so blind~~” i love this song! =)

  239. amazing song+vid   Simon and Martina really need to review this song because of its awesomeness :D

  240. is GD playing 2 different characters in this mv? can someone explain?

    • Yes. The obsessed stalker (turtlenecks, Martina, TURTLENECKS!!! Oh, and the ‘unstyled’ TOP hair) and the cheating boyfriend (Tatts and the Super-do). 

      Obsessed guy tries to tell the naive girl that he saw her bastardo boyfriend cheating on her but she won’t believe him. He progressively gets sexier then trashes his apartment while she clings onto Evil GD for dear life (and really, who can blame her, right?)

      Thats about the gist of it.

    • YUP. bad GD is with the tattoos while good GD is w/o them :D

  241. Oh my God I’m so slow. I finally understood the while mv. Now young jenny fits in the story

  242. hmmmm, why is there a BEEP~~~?? is it the XX part? whats it mean?

  243. a rated song from GD…u expect something totally different..but then BUM he blows your mind again with the sweetest song i’ve ever heard..   ”they say love is blind,oh baby u’re so blind” love it

  244. It’s weird how YT is linked for boobs at the end of the song… Despite being such a beautiful song… Lol

  245. I like the song and the concept of GD playing both the bastard and the ‘nice guy’ character. But geez, it feels skeevy with the jennie being so young. I noticed that the nice guy GD is never in the same place as the girl, but he’s constantly watching her like a stalker. Actually I think both the protagonist who is singing and the bastard are bad. One because he’s obviously a bastard and the other because he’s an obsessive angry stalker.

    • Obsessive one sided love. The stalker looked young with hair down while 2 timer looked older paired with gullible young girl. The more i think about it. The more i find the Bastard being a total Asshole. Lol

      • You also noticed that because of the sharpness of the video, the bastard’s face was super high contrast and crusty because the make up was under a microscope. It made him feel like even more of a greasy character. This actually reminds me of She’s Gone, where the protagonist is like an angry obsessive stalker. Makes me wonder what goes on with GD and his relationships.

        • At first I didn’t understand the MV at all. I even thought.. Is GD’s face always so grainy? Lol but to compare with she’s gone. I actually find the bad GD scary. His stares are like a manipulative person and when he vent his anger on stuff in a calm manner? You know you have to stay away from this person. And then there is this young dumb Jenny going oppa loves me so for real. I said out loud. No it’s your tight XXXXX that he loves

        • My bad. It turns out it’s coward GD that snapped and took it out on furnitures instead.

        • Yeah that’s where I got the angry jealous GD from. Because he gets frustrated and destroys a room. That’s a little scary. I know GD has had the relationship scandals. He’s admitted that his relationships are sort of up and down, and that he tends to write a lot about them. I did find that he was trolling taeyang telling him that he needs to hurry up and get into a real relationship so he can sing BigBangs’s songs with more sincerity.

        • Heh who knows. Taeyang says himself that he’s concerned of his lack of feelings because of his inexperience himself. He also said that he likes a girl before . the girl knows but nothing happened. But if I’m him i wouldn’t tell. This virgin reputation is protecting it. Tae is easily trolled so i hope he won’t be in a controversy…

        • He is the only one with scandals in the group. I don’t doubt he have lots of relationships. And he is emotional and creative so…. = genius lol

  246. GD goes to acoustic, ballad ! !
    OMG i really really like the song,the melody,the lyrics and the MV..
    Though the MV is quite confusing at 1st but after watching it again and again and with the help of my GENIUS CO-VIPs who always the 1st to interpret the songs/mvs of Bigbang I finally understand whats happening on the MV..
    The voice of GD here is very soothing..though we all know rappers dont actually sing but GD can. Of course he is GD. He never failed to surprise me. I didn’t really expect this kind of song from him considering his 1st released song is “one of a kind” which is in a hip hop genre and the title of the song which is “THAT XX” that reminds me of something rated >__<.I Love the song and i always keep listening to it. ADDICTED MODE XXD

  247. If GD wins, maybe you guys can make an extra long review and review BOTH his videos no? Special 100th edition. Just a thought. GD hwaiting. :))) 

  248. completely different from one of a kind!

  249. his beeping sexy!

  250. At the very start when he is peeping through the blinds there are girls giggling. the girl who cheated with her bf huh.


  252. Beautiful’s waaayyy different from One of a Kind but both songs are awesome. I love both of them ^_^

  253. Why not just fit this into One Of A Kind’s K-pop Mondays as part of 100th Anniversary. 
    This video will pretty much be the winner for next week anyways.

  254. Kis beep*

    Ivips: kiss what!?

  255. I like the parts he swore too.. Without the beeps of course

  256. Such a lovely song and the video is just… gorgeous. I just feel bad for Jenny because kpop fangirls can get quite crazy and I’m sure she’s already getting a ton of hate but it makes sense that she’d be in G-D’s video when her group is about to debut in a while.
    I personally don’t get why the word “bastard” would warrant a 19+ rating and why they’d censor it themselves(well, okay… publicity I guess) since I think TOP’s Yoon Moon Shik imitation includes the word as well and that never got censored on TV or am I remembering something wrong? (The “You ungrateful little bastard” imiation that he always does on variety shows)
    Back to G-Ds song… I expected something entirely different but at the same time I really like how this is completely different from one of a kind, I mean it’d be boring to hear Simon and Martina talk about the same kind of song and video two weeks in a row right? ;P

    • Music follow a different censorship board which is more strict than others. And i feel gd censoring and even naming his music xx and opting for the 19+ rating voluntary is like saying a little fuck you to the censorship board. Just like what crispy crunch did. Oh and also so more people can watch the vid.

  257. Ahh.. In the mv the girl is dumb in love. But even though jenny is really beautiful.. An older woman would be better i think because he have a crush on her.. Lol

  258. this song is so sad and beautiful D:

  259. oh boy, GD is wearing a turtleneck XD

  260. Well, unlike “One of a Kind” music video. I had to watch this more than once. I had to listen to the song while not watching the video at all! Because the music was so unique I had to focus on what my ears were hearing versus what my eyes and ears were hearing while watching the music video.
    And the reason for this is the song is so awesome by itself, except for the beeps due to the music video. But the style and/or editing of the music video doesn’t fit in with the tempo of the song even though the story line in the video fits with the lyrics. So I like the song, but I can honestly do without the video.

  261. Let’s make it GD two weeks in a row by concentrating on One of a Kind first.

  262. wow fantastic mv and definitely one of a kind!

  263. Totally not what I expected!

  264. GD looks so sexy in this MV!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve tweeted at him telling him that I love his hair…Only three times ok, I’m not crazy. lol. The music is nice, his singing is beautiful, and oh man the lyrics!! When I read the translation I got verklempt!! I had to take a moment! Seriously though, I could relate to the situation going on in the lyrics. Is it just me or does anybody else want to give GD a big hug? Absolutely love this MV! :)

  265. review all the songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please :P 

  266. I really love this music video!! I can’t wait for the new album!!! Let’s vote for GD, VIPs!!

  267. I really like the acoustic sound and its a really great listener 

  268. i love this song it has a different feel then usual gdragon im going to vote for both songs and see what happens but i do really want this and one of a kind to be reviewed

  269. this song is so beautiful <3 it will be perfect if there's no beep sound~

  270. How does this make thrid when it has even less votes then Kara…… there is something wrong??? how is this making 3 place??????

  271. that beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep~ hahahaha

  272. the first time i listened to it honestly i wasn’t too excited but after i learnt the meanings and watched it again i am obsessed! its amazing

  273. i liked this song so much better than one of a kind, much sweeter and simple <3

  274. it’s already the third?? OMGD! this GD effect….

  275. For the 100th “K-POP MUSIC MONDAY” video, it would be awesome if Simon and Martina would take G-Dragon’s 2 videos, “One of a Kind” and “That XX” and compare the 2 of them because the songs and videos are both so different so I’d love to hear what they have to say on that. Plus “That XX” will probably win next week anyways so why not do both at once and make it more interesting!
    OH! And then for the show down they could put the two against each other and see which GD people prefer, the wild and crazy GD or the romantic actor GD! =D

  276. are there any kvips out here that knows english? if so please share the meanings with us!

    • I’m not a kvip and I don’t understand korean, but here ya go. 
      /watch?v=WHFHZu1TCeo  It’s in the description, but you’ll feel the meaning more if you watch the video.

  277. I really like this waaaaay better than One of a Kind. Well, considering it just claimed the spot of my number one favorite song of all time. I really want this to win this week but I think reviewing One of a Kind is more suitable for the Music Monday’s 100th episode.

  278. Hey guys at 1:15 after rich GD is talking to the girl on the phone, do you see the other girl in the background? She’s kind of hard to make out.

  279. 3:19 the way he moved his head and his expression looked exacttly like T.O.P.    O.O

  280. tHEY should do a GD edition for kpop mondays! :D 

  281. I thought the song was ok but then I read the English translations and became a fan. Makes me wonder what Bigbang as a group could of done with this song.

  282. put this mv on k pop monday as well as one of a kind to make 100th video special ~~~

  283. Maybe it’s just me – or maybe some other listeners too – but if you listen to the song carefully, some of the English lyrics sound like it’s not said by GD, but by Teddy. Especially the “I told you” part in the song. Anyway, the song is awesome! This completely surprised me, since it was released just a week after One Of A Kind, a song with a really strong SWAG-feel to it….:)

  284. D’: …such a touching and awe-ing song.!!! <3

  285. this song is just amazing but iam  just irked by the beep, i hope s&m will listen to the version without beep..its sounds so smooth..the one without beep :))

  286. Martina, please give GD a mercy since he looks hot in that turtleneck! haha..

  287. I really love this MV of his… His blonde hair just adds a touch of sexiness to it all… 

  288. I’m crying. So beautiful.

  289. So, I think the reason that the MV is so confusing is that GD’s playing both male roles. When he was tattoos he has fancy clothes, lives in a big house, and Jennie likes him, but when he doesn’t have tattoos he’s in a rundown apartment looking place.

  290. Remember guys, you comments have to be relevant to the MV, otherwise they’re not counted.

    Meanwhile – I like the fact the Jennie Kim is in the MV, kinda like how Bom was in both “We Belong Together” and “Forever With You” before her debut.

  291. those “beeps” in the song are kind of making me nutz!
    it’s an amazing song, just loved it! but it would be pretty nice if we had the chance to listen to the full song. 

  292. the TURTLENECK and his hair, a little bit combinatin,uhm.. half of TOP and half of SE7EN. just my opinion. kkk~

  293. It’s so beautiful, when I heard this for the first time, I really felt like crying. I’m so touched I’m not even spazzing about it. Been replaying it since last night. I actually had it on repeat even while I’m sleeping. :))

  294. hoping for GD 2 weeks in a row ^^

  295. I really enhoy this song..i like its smoothness ….

  296. it’s ok

  297. They look more like siblings or close cousins than lovers…..Thats just the vibe I get though.

  298. I love that G-Dragon always does things not expected of him. Jennie does kind of feel like his sister in this video though. He looks amazing though. :) And I love his soft voice with the heaviness of the lyrics. Yes, his lyrics are deep for K-pop, but does he ever talk about anything BESIDES love? I like that Epik High and Tablo (solo) have a good mix of songs about love, but also other important issues, like war, politics, and things that are important to society. Would like to see G-dragon making some social commentary instead of his usual love song or a song about how awesome he is.

    • Gd is still an idol though. Even without touching important issues he is still contracting controversies lol. The way this song came out might have touched the recent censorship board new law though. naming the song XX. Beeping the song and voluntary 19+ rating. If everyone do this the board would be redundant .

    • And although I don’t like his voice in some songs, I feel like he really uses it well in this song. I LOVED his voice when he was featured with TOP on Pixie Lott’s Dancing On My Own though (his voice sounded amazing on that track). Also, when he says “baby” in the rap, I just want to swoon. :P I’m interested in seeing how S&M will review the video and explain what exactly GD is trying to portray with both the lyrics and the video. Still not sure how I feel about Jennie in this vid. She is pretty though…

  299. I can already see Martina losing her sh*t at how many different turtlenecks GD is wearing. Bring it on!

  300. I guess he didnt want to have this song banned like some of his and TOP’s older stuff so the bleeping was a compromise for korean broadcasts

  301. love this song….so mellow and sad—passive aggressive..but the stone angels …I can only think of Dr. Who lol.

  302. Love the song love the lyrics and the mv is beautiful.

  303. I actually would prefer for S&M to review this video this week instead of one of kind. both are good, I just really like this one~^^

  304. The use of the censor is pretty interesting! Classic G-Dragon keeping things fresh! :D

  305. The lyrics for this song is so deep. =0

  306. Music itself aside, the way GD play both the “I” and the “bastard” in the MV reminds me of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”, where she played both the “she” that “wears short skirts” and the “I” that “wears t-shirts”.

  307. I love both the Good GD and the Bad GD…

  308. ITS BEAUTIFUL!! The non-bleeped version is a LOT better though. I think I’ll listen to that and the music video muted from now on.

  309. Due to Martina’s previous videos, I winced at the sight of the turtleneck.

  310. Remember guys, you comments have to be relevant to the MV, otherwise they’re not counted.

    Meanwhile – I like the fact the Jennie Kim is in the MV, kinda like how Bom was in both “we Belong Together” and “Forever with You” before her debut.

  311. i love this songg! but i wish there was more rap….and there’s not really a distinct climax. but still its such a pretty song :P not what i was thinking when i heard the title…

  312. go go go!!!!! GD this week and GD next!

  313. I really like both of his singles but this one has a more laid back feel to it. I feel like I could listen to this everyday whereas I have to be in the mood for one of a kind

  314. “One of a Kind” or “That XX”?
    I like both T_T

  315. i like it. (: and the beeps are a bit distracting at first, but it kinda gives the song a bit of an edge, since the lyrics and music do imply that whoever experienced those feelings were sad, but also angry or frustrated at the same time.

  316. So what now? Is it gonna be G-Dragon VS G-Dragon?? LOL

  317. Imagine that One of a Kind will be on Monday and then That XX will be on next monday YES DOUBLE GD!!

  318. sheryl_altokun.saotome

    OMG!! I really LOVE this song!! i don’t care that this is banned in Korea, is a great song!!

  319. I like his hair in this video. 

  320. i think the bad words he put in the song are tastefully placed if i do say so myself lol

  321. Obviously, this video slayed the HELL out of me.

  322. I’m wondering if VIPs will crash the server? -evil laughter-

  323. btw…. GD’s bath tub sceeene HOT…. and his different looks, i love… but the end scene where GD puts his chin on her head killed me… wish i were her right there! he’s lookin so smexy!

  324.  LOVE THIS SONG! especially now that I know what Geseki means lol. Such a satisfying word feels so wrong but so right when I say it. I guess the joy of curse words is the same no matter what language they are from.

  325. love the simplicity of this video… thought there were different girls in this video… but it’s the same one w/ diff. hair/make up… made me go back a couple of times

  326. agree, go GD for two weeks!!! woot woot!

  327. Let’s go for two straight weeks of GD!!!!!

  328. YG makes them use the underage girl to make it controversial??????

  329. It seems like GD is playing two parts in the music video: GD with the bangs is the good guy, the one who is singing the song and the one who wants to be with the girl, while GD with the slicked back hair is the bad guy, the bastard( XX), the one who is dating the girl. Notice how its GD with the slicked back hair who is the one hugging the girl, and how his expressions are more cocky. GD with the bangs, on the other hand, has more upset expressions, and his scenes include him kicking over boxes and looking forlorn.

  330. voted! here and there!! hehe

  331. Is there a lip sync issue coming from a yg artist again or am I crazy? Swear this started with fantastic baby. Moving lips that don’t match the speed/tone (?) of the song is not fantastic!!  along with the HDR type effect they have going on in some scenes they’re pushing it to far can see haloing dont think I’ve seen that before in video =S 

  332. I hope GD gets reviewed two weeks in a row. Would bring back memories when Big Bang went back to back to back… ;)

  333. One thing i noticed in the video is GD’s skin… Oppa needs some serious beauty rest. 

    • Idk, doesn’t this make him look more humane? I like it

    •  I noticed that too. In fact, I thought the make-up (or BB Cream) was looking overly caked on. Not at all subtle and tastefully done like it usually is.
      Then I think I saw a moment or two where you could see that GD seemed to have broken out a bit.

      If it’s stress/being overworked/lack of rest… I hope they fix that problem soon! He was still super cute thought <3

  334. The uncensored version is better!

  335. LOL
    This week: One of a Kind
    Next week: That XX

    …If I had it my way, every week would be GD week :D

  336. Just feel sorry for the Nu’est fans another 2 weeks of Nu’est fan to wait to see S&M do a Nu’est music Monday.

  337. I would love to see gd tie with his own song!

  338. Ah , I kinda rather this MV than “one of a kind hehe XD but , GD in both ways is just awsome :)

  339. I think that the reason why GD put Jennie Kim in his mv is because he will be the producer of Jennie’s new YG girl group. So perhaps he is trying to build interest about them before they debut :) GD, always taking care of his fellow label-mates :)

  340. I love the song!   But, people, what´s the big deal with the girl?  Yeah, I know she´s 16 but, I mean, they are not doing anything “wrong” or scandalous. 

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English >:/ 

  341. Oh my, this MUST be reviewed! The video is original and song is so bittersweet, I actually cried :,C 

  342. definitely loving this new song. 

  343. Love this song. The video’s pretty awesome as well.  I’ll be voting for this and not One of a Kind. But I want to listen to the un-bleeped-out version. >.< 

  344. I love it so much!Wonder why he looks like TOP when he is lying on the bed…

  345. Love him, love this song. <3

  346. One of a kind, was okay. I didn’t really love it, but this… this… I adore it *__*
    It’s like 180 degree change from his other mv. This guy is really talented <3.
    (Funny story: Le me a few months ago: Whut.. who the *** is GD?
    Me now: OMG GD'S NEW SONG IS OUT!)

  347. Love the lyrics.. the melody .. the mv .. really something !

  348. is this GD’s first serious music video? I LOVE IT, i really hope it gets reviewed…this week one of a kind, next week that xx, sound like a plan? OKAY LET’S DO IT! :D

  349. I love the contrast between his two videos. So interesting!

  350. GD *-* is great and genius !!! ♥

  351. aka friendzoned

  352. as always, this song isn’t something I expected. I don’t mean i’m disappointed tho, it’s just.. different. love how every MV has it’s own meaning and relates to the song, unlike many other groups. slow song w/ strong sad lyrics. eyyy Ji, what have you done now, eh? who’s the girl you cheated on? lol. Anywho, i’m looking forward to the release of the album, so far it sounds very diverse. 

  353. I’m not sure what to think about this video yet. But I do love the song. It’s so unique.

  354. this song is absolutely gorgeous…i love my leader,GD rules the world <3

  355. ok…the “kiss BEEP” killed my ears.. :(

  356. I like this song and MV more than One of a Kind. OoaK was more entertaining, but this is beautiful.

  357. first time I’ve actually been jealous of one of the girls in GD’s vids! LOL! :) 

  358. I’m going to say it, I don’t give a XX.  THIS SONG > One of a Kind!!!!! Bring it haters!

  359. This song’s sound is like a 180 from One of A Kind o-o

  360. Okay.. All I gotta say: I’m in love with this song. And GD looks gorgeous (even with the turtleneck, haha). It’s pretty much perfection if you exclude the underage girl. It does seem a bit weird to see GD and Jennie as a couple because of the age gap, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m just gonna enjoy the music and general feel of the song. I just llooove GD’s voice in this song. And it’s so mellow, and I like the acoustic sound!

  361. i just love his tone of voice, it is so unique, so charismatic. Especially with the subtle guitar sound. such a good acoustic piece. 

  362. I love this video so much more than One Of A Kind. <333

  363. hey vips! let’s keep “one of a kind” at #1 this week and vote for “that xx” for next week :) it’s only fair that we get s&m to do the review in the order of release

  364. Oh my GD feels… but that girl was really awkward with him.

  365. i’ve started thinking about what would S&M say about this vid. and song. and english.

    1. it’s the almighty turtle neck, martina! hahaha. it’s so appropriate for defining nerdy-side of GD. lol.
    2. and here comes (as for me, the catchiest) ballad song… which they don’t like
    3. the annoying beep and…. ba ee beh for ‘baby’!? anyone noticed? lol.

    and did i say this song and mv are simply AWESOME! 
    the melody like oh my gaaaawd! 
    the sexy voice of GD! 
    and of course, GD himself is like the most awesome bastard (or XX? lol) on earth!

  366. this song is awesome! fantastic beep!

  367. Those BEEPS were so unnecessary. Everyone knows what the word is, anyway. It’s not as if Korean comedians don’t use it in variety shows that are shown to EVERYBODY. So I don’t get why this song had to be bleeped out. The idea of bleeping it is moot anyway. Anyone of legal age can download the uncensored version and repost it everywhere else, where “non-legal aged” fans can download it themselves.

    • lol. blame it to korean silly policy of screening and censoring new videos. because, as far as i know, it’s only for mv that YG put bleep to that. the mp3 is without the bleeps. and YG is so against the policy, so they put XX as the title of the song. CMIIW

  368. this is great side of G-Dragon that you don’t get to see often for at least for me. I love how he comes out as shy in this video to me. he so cute!

  369. I just love that VIPs can love the same artist but may like radically different musical styles. Like there are some fans who like One of A Kind more than Than XX and vice versa, but it’s the same artist. G-Dragon Fighting!

  370. ANNNOYING BEEPS FOR HEAVEN’S SAKES!!!!! *calms down* Lol. But awesome song. So… Will Simon and Martina review GD 2 weeks in a row? THAT’D BE SO AWESOME! Like how they reviewed bigbang 3 weeks in a row back in the alive period. :P

  371. I have to say, as much as I like Big Bang and G-Dragon, this song isn’t really my cup of tea. I think it has a nice melody, but I’m not sure GD’s voice suits it. It’s sounds a bit too nasal IMO. I like it better when he raps, but it’s not like I don’t think he can’t sing at all or anything (please don’t kill me here). Also, the girl is a bit too young for my liking.

    • Yep, singing isn’t his strong suit. Although the vocals aren’t impressive, the music is stunning. Simple, acoustic, emotional without being sappy. And the rap with that little melody at the end was a saving grace for me vocally, because that was nicely done, in my opinion. hehe

    • Oh, and i wasn’t really that bothered with the age gap. If you ignore that fact, they look pretty good together in the MV. GD and Jennie acted well :)

    • Oh god, I thank God I’m not the only one. Jennie Kim looks really young. So, watching the video, I keep having to remind myself that she’s playing older, otherwise it’s too awkward. And this song doesn’t suit him that much. It’s not that I hate his ballads, and actually, Baby Goodnight, Cafe, things like that are some of my favorite songs from him & Big Bang. It’s just that this song isn’t that great. I really don’t understand how someone can like this better than One Of A Kind.
      And the video, they use this sharpen effect that makes everything look really weird, and makes GD’s hair look bad, to me. It’s the sharpen, that does it. And Jennie is awks as hell. 
      Also, I feel like S&M are not going to like this video that much. 

      • I do agree with you on the sharpen effect, i thought that MV’s tried to portray the artists as having smooth, clear skin, not adding an effect that shows all the makeup and makes it look a little bit cakey. Don’t get me wrong, I still think they both looked great, but they didn’t look their best when the sharpen effect was used.

  372. I don’t really like this song that much. The first watch, I liked it a lot, but I think it was mostly excitement. The more times I watch it, the more I don’t like it. I’ll support GD with whatever, but this song doesn’t do it for me. 

  373. Whoa imagine two GD videos on the top!? DAEBAK! Btw is it just me or does that girl kind of look like sohee from WG?

  374. What are they beeping out??

  375. It amazes me how talented GD is. He can really pull off any type of music he tries! I love this song so much~

  376. <3 <3 this song so freakinn mychoo

  377. would love to see/hear it reviewed for Music Monday’s, & I agree the beeping came a split second too early, so the video editing seemed a bit amateur-ish. Oh well ~ 

  378. I didn’t love One of a Kind, but I’m digging this one.  A lot.  Hope it gets enough votes, because I’d love to hear what S&M have to say about it!

  379. love, love, love!!!!!!!!! <3 Better than One of a Kind, but both GD MVs should be reviewed! :3

  380. Like the song very much..except the beeping part…

  381. Does anyone think that GD looks eerily like T.O.P in this video?

  382. the sarcasm of this song.. haha.. perfect… soft song but the lyrics contains curse words.. haha.. however the beeps ruined it… it would be better if they just muted that part instead of bleeping it.. or better yet not censored it at all.. hehehe..

    I was thinking was it 그 씨발? but the sound doesn’t start with sh~ but s~.. might be 그새끼,  right?

  383. I love this song. Its so different from One of a Kind.

  384. Such a beautiful song! I’m so ridiculously addicted already.

  385. i guess it’s gonna be GD for KMM 2 weeks straight…

  386. I know what he is saying(i only know insults in korean) Geu sae ggi it means that bastard.that is why its censored it makes sense that it would be banned. although the beeps ruin the song i love it any way. gd’s voice sounds really nice.


  388. luving the mv! lmao ok more the surprise of the song I thought it was gonna be this badass uptempo song but no it was the opposite bravo TO GD! :D

  389. G-Dragon vs G-Dragon for KMM! Who will win? it’ll be a close call! :D

  390. I don’t know *BEEP* I don’t like this *BEEP* as much as One Of A Kind. The song was *BEEP* a little too drama ost for me and *BEEP* the video just kind of *BEEP* eh. GD looked *BEEP* pretty good and so did *BEEP* that girl, but there isn’t anything *BEEP* I could say I found *BEEP* amazing.

  391. I really love this one. The song was really touching.

  392. GD never disappoints.. Another amazing song. So very different from One of a kind but it’s so awesome!! :D 

  393. GD’s sooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL in this MV ♥v♥

  394. Seriously, this is why I love GD. This is perfect! The song is super beautiful, instrumental guitar is perfect, the voice and rap of GD fits perfectly with the atmosphere and instrumental. I love the little * beep * after the “kiss” in the chorus that “enhances” the song, which adds little something that makes you will not get bored. The clip is also beautiful, very pale color, very neutral and the calm and neutral atmosphere is just super nice, the fact that the hardness and the image contrast is increased unreal side gives a little art nouveau illustration, in short, I love the atmosphere and the beauty of the clip. Pictures that pass the face of GD than this beautiful girl is full of emotions …
    Ahhhh, it’s too perfect, I cried tears of joy … I was so scared with “one of the kind” that remains me the atmosphere “bling bling” of GD & TOP I was not a big fan … But no, he did a wonderful thing and I seriously love it!

    • I know that is the censored version but i think the “beep” really suit with the meaning of the song because we don’t really know what is this XX ^^

  395. I hope GD’s ONE OF A KIND gets reviewed FIRST then THAT XX gets reviewed later XD dreeeeeeeeam~~~

  396. is there an un-beeped version of this?

  397. I really want to hear that xx without the bleeps!! D: Am i the only one? lol

  398. Watched it a couple of times, and here’s my conclusion…
    GD’s playing TWO DIFFERENT CHARACTERS in the MV: “Mr Nice” singing all these sad unrequited love for her + cussing that “Tattooed
    Bloke (BAD bf)” [his imagined-representation of her bf]….Mr Nice is waiting for her, “snooping” behind her back (the part
    where he looks around her bedroom), imagining her with her nasty bf
    [tattooed bloke]…the song talks about THAT “GUY” clearly being an ass,
    yet she’s still not letting go of him….THE PAIN OF A MAN…the end shot, that’s THAT XX with her…and she’s not even happy.
    Once I thought like this, I was no longer feeling iffy about the apparent age-gap between Jennie Kim and GD.

  399. His voice is just amazing *____*But I think this should be one of 2ne1 in the mv!!!! Jenny fits in my opinion not in the mv…she looks too young!!!!

  400. GD is back, really back.

  401. I wish this kid could write songs for the entire Kpop industry!  Truly…can you imagine what a group like SHINee or UKISS would sound like with Kwon Ji Yong writing for them?  When Teddy and GD get together happiness comes out of the recording studio! 

    • And Choice37. And Kush. And Bigtone. And Lydia Paek. And a lot of other YG producers. Seriously, YG just have a stellar production team. GD being one of them. hehe. My two cents in: if YG’s producers produced for everybody, it wouldn’t be special anymore, you know? So I’m glad it’s just for YG’s artists. *elitist* sorry *canthelpit* haha

  402. Oh please lets be careful i want ONE OF A KIND to b reviewed first :D

  403. be careful we don’t want gd to beat gd this week we have one of a kind and the next that xx

  404. i totally liked the MV 100% but after reading the english translation it became 1000%….awesome song….GD rocks!!~^^…daebak!!

  405. Jealousy. -_- but Jennie is really gorgeous. And she’s 16?! Why GD why?!!?!

  406. Amazing song <3, this style fits g-dragon okay too, and his hair looks normal <3

  407. Ha ha ha the turtleneck!!! Just take deep breaths Martina… find the turtleneckless happy place in you mind… >:D

  408. a normal hair style! yay!

  409. nice slow song by GD but the bleeps kinda destroyed what could’ve been the best parts.

  410. Oooh, G-Dragon for 2 consecutive weeks please? :)

  411. OMG GD, I know you’re trying to promote the new group, but the girl looks 13-14, NOT fit to play your romantic interest… Hiring a younger actor to be her romantic interest would have been a better idea. Promote+keep decent.

  412. the video is hypersuper!

  413. Ok so I’m like beautiful song beautiful song beautiful song… BEEEEEP what the heck… I understand why so people don’t try to explain it to me I’m just saying it just ruins the song I don’t care what type of artist freedom expression blahblah. 

  414. acoustic?  what a change GD!

  415. omo I fell in love with this song after just two notes…..GD is freaking genius….such a simple, touching song with acoustic guitar only…  that’s the second side of GD I really love….just after the swag hip-hopish badass side… now we can only wait for another song, which I predict may be with somehow more clubish feel…and just looking forward for 3 GD music mondays…. 

  416. Why is he peeking through keyholes and blinds. He said love is blind you so blind. Is he a cheater? Or is he referring to his fans cause fans are pretty blind…. Our asking people to not be blind.. Sht he looks irresistible here like those bad guys you know is not good for you lol

  417. this is so different than one of a kind……….and i think i like it more, they are both so foreward thinking, the rest of kpop industry is trying to catch up but big bang and YG are strides ahead….say no to that inner ballad SAY NOOOOOOOOO
    PLUS is GD promoting ?? 

  418. paola katherine sanchez garcia


  419. Erm is it me or the twitter link and facebook link died. >o<
    Love this song so so so so much~
    The mv too~
    Such a lovely song to listen to in a cafe whilst watching people walk by immersed in only ur thoughts n nothing else~


  421. This is very unexpected. Especially after dropping the bomb one of the kind.

  422. i like this better than one of a kind

  423. I think he caught everyone off guard with this. It’s very soft and melancholy and sort of the opposite of One of a Kind in how understated it is.

    Also, clearly most people don’t realize that the overwhelming majority of models you see (in the U.S., in Asia, and everywhere else for that matter) in print ads and music videos and so on are all underage. It’s not new. You just actually know her name and age for once.

  424. Hoping to see double G-Dragon on KMM. :P

  425. My logic of this mv after reading the eng sub is that maybe gdragon have a twin brother and the twin brother is the one with blonde hair and all the tattoos and gdragon is angry at his twin brother because hes cheating and singing to the girl to why she still want to be with his twin brother. XDD yayy awesome logic no? XDD

    • Really? Eng subs post it! Cause there’s too many things i don’t understand. But usually instead of twin brother it’s him himself right?

      • they still havent got the MV/video for the eng sub yet but i found eng lyrics onlinee. Im so confused at first of the song lyrics so i googled it and now it all makes senseee to me XDD  heres the link:

  426. This mv gives me so many questions! Why did he smirk so many times? Why is he styled so maturely while the girl is young and looked young too? Are they not lovers?

  427. I like ‘That XX’ waaay better than ‘One of a kind’. Hope it wins!

  428. AWESOME!!!!! European vampirish GD!!!! ♥

  429. they shouldn’t have used her… it felt too weird that I couldn’t appreciate the mv… I like the song, but they shouldn’t have used a minor for a song rated 19+

    • Well; it wasn’t rated that until after the video was made, it might have been half the reason it was given the 19 sticker though

    • They rated it 19+ because the lyrics has the bad word “geu saekki” (means “that bastard” I guess) not because of the M/V. But still, I think she doesn’t fit in the M/V anyway. lol…

      • Just to let you know to korean goverenment didn’t rate this song 19+ GD did. He even promoted this song before it was released saying it will be 19+. This is why many people say the whole thing was a marketing ploy to get people interested since the song is rated 19+. The censored version (the one on here) is actually rated 15+ if that makes you feel better. 

        •  I wish it did… but it makes me wonder if they put in a more mature actress, i think the mv would have ticked all the boxes… I’m going to give it another watch now the initial shock has faded… but still the alternative possibilities makes me wonder how great it would have been

        •  yeah i allready was thinking they just put +19 so that people get curious , it’s just a marketing ploy :P and yeah it worked haha XD

        • I think it’s also partly because of the new law. It’s like, you want to rate me? I rate myself. You want to ban my mv? I censor it myself. And make sure you can hear the beep. Lol i can totally imagine gd saying that.

        • Alana Eliasmith

          I can totally imagine Simon and Martina commenting on that too…

      • heeeiiin that’s what it was thanks

      • yeah but i think for the mv she s fine cause a sixteen year old girl can be cheated on and she’s certainly pretty enough
        it is only 19 + because of gee ssekki or whatever the romanized letters are
        so i personally don’t see a problem with her being in the mv

  430. so much love for this, this is exactly why I love this man

  431. This song!! Oh my

  432. why don’t do an extra long music mondays with GD²? :D -if it is possible with your scedule and possible to load it up without needing to wait an eternity- <3

    • Nahh.. S&m do all the editing and stuff themselves so just another 5 minutes might take some extra hours. And being asked to review so many others we don’t want fan wars right

      •  okay >___< how do i delete this post? lol..

        • Don’t need to. Let’s talk about gd lol.

        • sure, it’s all about the G’s ^o^  see the mv, when you see GD for the first time appearing, I like that haircut the most! better then the other hairstyles in the mv ^-^

        • I live the hair and even though it enrages Martina, I think he looks hot in the turtleneck!  From the side there was once or twice that he reminded me of TOP.

        •  yes GD LOOKS HOT IN A TURTLENECK! gd looks hot in everything i suppose :p haha SORRY MARTINA, YES I SAID IT XD TUUUUURTLENECK XDDD j/k <3

  433. I hope we can make it so GD gets reviewed two weeks in a row..hehehe ><

    • I don’t think that’ll be TOO hard… Haha~~ We’ll have one of a kind this week and That XX next week. THE POWER OF VIP WILL CONQUER ALL! Haha

  434. I find gd in this mv so scary. Scarier than she’s gone.

  435. Strangely, an underage girl playing a romantic role in a video shocks me much less than a bunch of underage girls exposing their thighs while doing aegyo.

    • That’s what confuses me because gd is styled maturely. Why? I mean he can dress younger. Slick hair looks older no matter what. Are they not lovers then?

  436. Like this song, mv, and GD.. but really dislike the beeping.. so annoying, and now I just think those beep sound is the part of the song!!

  437. To me the beeping is like advertisements in apps. You have to pay to remove them. Fair enough. This mv is free after all

  438. Who is talking in the background like his is on the phone or something in the beginning?

  439. I really do love GD’s sweet voice in this song… It  matches perfectly with the video.

  440. The beeping part totally ruins the whole vibe of the song and video. They should’ve just muted out the cussing.

    • then you wouldnt know it’s cursing. They wanted you to know that the lyrics is explicit. The whole thing is just geniously built up. A mellow song with a beautiful video and you KNOW that he is cursing all through! Brilliant contrast!

  441. I think we all shall get ready for Martina going crazy over the TURTLENECK… heckyeah hahahahaha… xD

  442. HIS VOICE!!!! AHHHH!<33333 omg and that rapping part, I felt
    like he was talking to me, just having a regular conversation <33333

    And the girl, even though is young, looks actually very pretty here =]

    After a very hardcore song, this is very smooth and I love it <3333
    really that surprising if you have heard his last album, he sang in
    Butterfly, Boy and 1 Year Station (my fav =]), many BB songs etc. I
    love his soothing singing voice ^_^

    Now I want the dirty ver ;p

  443. this song is so efffffing cool AND CATCHY!!!!! with the most handsome male on earth in it, PERFEEEEECTOOOOO!

  444. An amazing, sad, beautiful and acoustic song that I love, it’s perfect. GD you’re a great artist, never dissapoint me and yes, that girl is beautiful but too young 

  445. I knew it would be an emotional song, from the photos GD tweeted a few hours before the MV was out, but I never expected the acoustic guitar all throughout. GD really is one of a kind; a musical chameleon, and forward thinker in the Asian music industry. Jennie Kim is beautiful, and I love the chemistry. (I don’t mind that she’s much younger lol). I wish the beeps weren’t there, though. Sheesh. I’m not a fan of GD’s vocals, but the song is undoubtedly amazing, and the rap ending with that sweet melody was eargasmic. Thumbs way way up for G-DRAGON – THAT XX.

  446. Hope that this will also be reviewed :)

  447. Lisa Doan

    Besides the censor beeps, this song is beautiful! :)

  448. GDragon is back!!! I love music!!! the bestt

  449. What can I say? I love this. <3

  450. Very different from his last release One of a Kind, I was expecting something different. The beeps ruin the song for me but its a calming song and I like it. And yes that girl way too young lol and GD looks like a creep spying through the key hole jaja

  451. this song is very sad :((( 
    GD who has bangs is GOOD man. And GD who doesn’t have bangs is BAD man. Good GD wants to tell her that bastard(Bad GD) doesn’t love her but

  452. this should be on kpop music monday

  453. I cringed seeing a little girl as GD’s love interest. SO INAPPROPRIATE. But I’m tryingto overlook that and appreciate the soothing melody of the song. And damn, how heartbreakingly handsome does GD look in the mv??? No crazy hair or outfit. Too handsome.

  454. chantal goodial

    <3 luff it

  455. misspricilla

    I really like the set it is so romantic :3 ohh and the song i’m in love with it….i can’t even find the words to describe it.

  456. Is anyone else dying to know the FULL lyrics? LOL

    • I saw on twitter it’s supposedly something along the lines of bastard.

    • “@HuisuYoon: 그 새끼, “keu ssa ki” is actually not that bad. “Bastard” is very similar too it. it’s less than fucker or even badass.#GDTHATXX”

    •  here you go:
      Credit (Kor-Chi): love-is-so-bad@weiboTranslate (Chi-Eng): o-srsly

      Walking on the street, I bumped into your man (Yeah I saw him)I didn’t want to believe it, but my hunch turned out right (I told you)He’s not wearing that ring you gave him, there’s another girl by his side… but I’ve said enough (I don’t wanna hurt you)Now you’re getting angry with me (Why?)You say “He’s definitely not that kind of person” (Sure you’re right)Seeing your eyes, I reply that I probably got it wrongSee, I lied for you (I’m sorry)

      I hate that you don’t understand meI hate all this waitingLet go of his hand (break it off with him)When you’re sad, I feel like I’m dying

      That XX, what does he have that I don’tWhy can’t I have youThat XX doesn’t love youHow much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

      When you speak of him, you look so happy (you look happy)It’s good that you can be this happy (I’m happy)You say you really love him, want to be with him foreverYou trust him completely (I don’t know what to say no more)Your friends know all about that guy (yup they know)It’s so obvious, why can’t you see (it’s you)They say love is blind, Oh baby, you’re so blindPlease, I beg you, break it off

      Oh I hate that you don’t understand meI hate all this waiting Let go of his hand (break it off with him)When you’re sad, I feel like I’m dying

      That XX, what does he have that I don’tWhy can’t I have youThat XX doesn’t love youHow much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

      Expensive cars, beautiful clothes, high-class restaurants, they all suit you wellBut that XX beside you, he doesn’t suit you, he really doesn’tHe smiles like a hypocrite with you, brushing your face and hairBut he’s thinking of another woman for sure, how dare heThe amount of tears you’ve cried, I want to make you happy by the same amount, babyRather than going through the pain alone, share some with me, babyPlease look at me, why can’t you realise that I am your loveWhy are you the only one who doesn’t know

      That XX, what does he have that I don’tWhy can’t I have youThat XX doesn’t love youHow much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

      That XX, what does he have that I don’tWhy can’t I have youThat XX doesn’t love youHow much longer are you going to cry yourself silly?

      • Wow, thanks for posting the lyrics! :) They are really beautiful and full of meaning. There are a lot of songs about a girl in a bad relationship and a guy that wants to love her the way she deserves, but I feel like GD took that theme and added his own spin on the story. He added an undertone of anger the good guy feels towards the bad guy who is cheating on the girl, which I though was pretty interesting.

  457. The song and the MV are so XX perfect!!

  458. GREAT SONG! DAEBAK! Confirmed win for this one… no doubt!

  459. hopefully this MV doesn’t beat out “One of A Kind” though haha

  460. For this week’s “stupid ban” edition, we ask you which banned or censored video was the cutest: GD’s That XX, or GD&TOP’s Don’t Go Home?

  461. She’s so young! But this video is still so sad.

  462. So I have a feeling that GD is gonna get reviewed 3 weeks in a row. YG is probably gonna do that marketing strategy of releasing 3 MV’s to promote the album. But it’s G Dragon so you know they’re all gonna be vastly different and good quality! 

  463. I wonder if G-Dragon will beat G-Dragon for kpop music monday

  464. lol 0 votes? well you must be kidding

  465. GD comes off kind of like a pedofile in this one LOL she is only 16 :P

    • She doesn’t look 16 though. She looked 19-21 to me.. I did not know Jenny was so young, so when I saw the video.. I was amazed at their AWESOMENESS!

    •  I need to agree that i felt it uncomfortable to watch it because she is only 16.. not .. that I.. am.. jealous.. cough cough.. XDD

      • i have to agree with this the first reaction i had when i watch this mv, OH NO GD why u become pervy uncle TT.TT and was like wishing the guy jenny was holding etc is like another guy not gd so yeahh but after a while its less awkward i guess ahahah

      • Only at the end though right??
        The whole mv does give them a sibling-ish feeling..maybe its the age gap..
        but they look so pretty together~~ :D

        •  oh well mmm.. I guess she likes older boys.. who won’t if it is GD? ;D just kidding haha, I find it a bit stupid to put her in this mv, yes she is pretty and yes she will be a member of another group of YG entertainment but.. yeah, I don’t think she really fits in this mv

        • :D agreed…
          everyone here would gladly fill her shoes~

        •  Oh~ finally!! I found someone who thinks exactly what I’ve been thinking. Thank you, Evelyne!! She really doesn’t fit with the M/V in my opinion. Jennie’s really pretty, but I think they need a gorgeous mature girl, not a little cute face :) the M/V is still beautiful anyway, I like how they used the colors :)

        • I think they want to show a innocent girl, easy to trick

        • That explains it. Ahh.. So she is the young and naive one while gd is the older and wiser one.

        •  Yeah, I’m thinking that too. Youth = innocence and naivete. She’s more vulnerable to the much older-looking GD and it just makes us feel worse for her.

        • boomshakalaka_7

          That’s a good point :) Plus it makes more sense then for GD to want to take care of her and protect her from the bad relationship. if she had been older than GD or around the same age it wouldn’t have made as much sense.

      • jeez people this is a video. They don’t even kiss… It’s fiction….

        • I think there are 2 girls in the video, the woman in the silver dress that the “bad GD” is cheating with and then Jennie Kim. In the scene where bad GD is in the pink sweater you can see he covers Jennie’s eyes and then when he goes in for the hug its with the older woman. The only time he really gets close to Jennie is when they are on the couch at the end.

        • AntoniaBordenave

          so true right! like why the over reacting>_< just a mv nothing else! NOW I KNOW ITs KINDA different that the the girl is way younger but please it is ok. if gd knew it would be a problem you think he would of do this?

    • Strangely, an underage girl playing a romantic role in a video shocks me
      much less than a bunch of underage girls exposing their thighs while
      doing aegyo.

    • She’s 16??? o.o Wow… I’m glad I didn’t know that when I first watched the vid. 

    • I think her age plays well in the mv. GD plays both the guy who loves her unconditionally & the bad boy that uses her. Implying the USER is in fact older! Hence he is wiser/smarter… So he’s able to get away with things, LIKE cheating & loving another (perhaps older) woman? Cause she is indeed young he is able to persuade her. In a way manipulate her. Which matches the lyrics very well. That’s just my theory.

      • That’s why young girls shouldn’t date especially older guys! Young as in maybe 14 and below. :X

      • I agree with what you said. For me, GD is conflicted because he’s cheating on her and she still loves him and can’t see what he’s doing to her. He’s also calling him self an XX cause he thinks she deserves way better than him since he’s cheating. So he’s telling her to leave him but she won’t, even though it’ll be better for her.

        • Totally agree. There are two GDs in the video. The girl loves the bastard GD, with the tattooed left hand, who is just player and doesn’t care about her, and not the sad unmarked GD in the bathtub who loves her.  

          It’s kind of similar to Heartbreaker, where at the end we find out that this heartbreaking girl has abandoned GDragon (the hurt one) in order to be with GDragon (the smirky one).  See also the GDTOP intro song, “my only rival is the man in the mirror.”

          Seeing another version of yourself as your rival is kinda natural (it’s also in the video for One of a Kind, when GD uses a tennis ball to destroy the cases holding his previous stage outfits), but seeing another version of yourself as a bastard.. and like the girl you love as a chump for being taken in by him… and wondering why she doesn’t love you when you aren’t being a bastard… it’s really kind of messed up and sad.  I hope he’s talking to someone about this.  

          On another note about the video, I think the director or someone is a Hedi Slimane fan.  Hedi Slimane is/was a clothing designer for YSL and Dior and has a photoblog where he used to post a lot of pictures of British rocker/semi-professional trainwreck Pete Doherty.  There are a couple sets where he puts pictures of Pete Doherty, who has a handwriting tattoo on his neck the yours/mine tattoos GD and his gf have, next to pictures of the Spirit of Ecstacy (the hood ornament on Rolls Royce cars).   The Spirit of Ecstacy is a symbol that shows up in Serge Gainsbourg’s videos about being in love with British music, it’s kind of a UK symbol (since the Rolls Royce is a British car), so that may be where the mental connection is coming in for Slimane.  Anyway, Slimane is *also* really into skaterbois and skate fashion right now, so you see, it’s all related :p  

        • You know, I actually suspect there might even be some Kwon Jiyong -vs- G-Dragon in this. The bad guy where a lot of Chrome Hearts bling and seems more adventurous with his fashion in the same way G-Dragon is.

          It seems like GD’s wanting to love her as Kwon Jiyong but she’s in love with G-Dragon who’s constantly being tempted by other girls when he’s out and about. I got this idea from someone else who wrote about the same thing but it makes sense to me.

        • That’s interesting about the Chrome Hearts! Yeah, it makes sense to me too :)

    • I didn’t know that while I was watching MV. And tbh her cute, young face also didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or suspicious that she’s very young. Come on, we are talking about asians, nothing can suprise me now: 15-years-old looking like 20-years-old, 30-years-old looking like 20-years-old… you’ll never know their age just by looking at them :P *asians*

    • I don’t feel uncomfortable about the age gap because it seems to me as though GD is portraying more of a “I want to take care of you and protect you” sort of love, similar to the relationship between siblings. Notice how the most physical contact in the video between GD and the girl was a bit of hugging and hair stroking, no kissing or groping. If the girl had been instead portrayed as a sexual object and GD as the guy who loves her for her body in a “i wanna get in your pants” kind of way, it would have been much more creepy.

    • if you didn’t know her age, would you still have a pedobear vibe from them at all? don’t think so……what I find uncomfortable is the fact that they’re already pushing on us this new girl group, they could be really good but in my opinion until I hear an actual song from them I’m not interest….I mean YG could just have waited until the official debut to cause drama and let GD have you know a happy promotion…..guess that’s impossible when it comes to this man……