G-Dragon – That XX

  1. omg… just saw ur reply.. >O<
    for me in would have been a 3 years age gap~~

    doesnt matter though.. Im happy enough to see him in real life~~
    September come quick!! :DD

  2. awesome it is still not dropping from num 1 !!!!!!!!

  3. It’s a ONE OF A KIND music video.. =’)


  5. vip <3 blackjacks

    When crayon comes out it has to win

  6. chiechie0183

    love the song.. love you GD..

  7. I cry everytime i listen to this song. :'(

  8. this is sucha beautiful song to listen to but the meaning is totally different..can’t wait for his album!!

  9. vip <3 blackjacks

    crayon comes out sep 15 a saterday so excited

  10. G-Dragon is so freaking sexy here!!!

  11. Do you see the other girl in the background when Tattoo GD is calling Jennie?

  12. He’s clearly playing both roles. The tattoo GD and the poor, depressed GD

  13. ok S&M please don’t ruin this song for me it’s awesome just make a video saying it’s awesome it’s awesome for 7 minutes that will be enough loool

  14. Oh My. . .
    This guy is really talented.
    He sometimes could be a naughty boy, but other side he could be manly, romantic, and cute guy.
    How awesome Jiyongie oppa !
    The leader, singer, rapper, dancer, song writer, composer, producer, fashionista.
    Daebakk !!

  15. loved the song the song then read the lyrics and died becuz of an over load of epikniss

  16. Michikohime

    It might be the first time ever I actually enjoyed a G-Dragon song…

  17. awannabe86

    i love this other side of gd!!!

  18. ahh jaja this MV has to be in Kpop Music Mondays jaja cuz I want to see Martina crazy for the turtle neck ajajaja Love you GD its a great song … very sad!

  19. Nice GD was the 100th video, and the last in the apartment in Bucheon… special days and both GD’s =p

  20. GD looks like he’s babysitting Jenny.

  21. Elaine Tham

    I’m happy with either That XX or Sexy Love getting reviewed!

  22. Ignore the video for a while and listen to the song.
    It is rubbish !!!!!!

    Compare this to follow up singles from Heartbreaker like “A Boy” and “She’s Gone” (which are also better than One Of A Kind) this is a real slide down for G Dragon. People are letting the music videos disguise the quality of the music.

    • Eh? The genre is different… And the fact that a lot of people love it compare to others, it’s actually pulling in different fans. There are people who don’t like them too so… Your opinion is totally cool.

  23. Yih Ning Lim

    That XX is such a beautiful song. So beautiful.

  24. The funny thing is, when I saw the MV… All I could think about was… “What would Martina say about the turtle neck?” And I forgot about everything else… Hahaha…

  25. JiyongVIP

    I think GD portrays 2 ppl in the video! When he has the normal hair, that’s him singing but when his hair is slicked back, hes playing the basta*d

  26. SariRainMJ

    From the KpopCharts Update, it seemed like Martina wasn’t into this song that much. It’s probably just the turtle neck. Or maybe I’m biased because I don’t like this song that much.

  27. Martina this time i don’t want to hear it!! He rocks that turtleneck…just admit that he is freaking gorgeous :)

  28. SMOOTH & BEAUTIFUL! <3 I can't wait for the rest of his songs!!!!

  29. I love this song!!! I think its a tad bit better than One of a Kind, but love both songs <3

  30. Jennie Kim SOOOO Pretty. but i found it uncomfortable that she was the love interest and shes a minor…..

  31. Alhanoof mohammed

    i’m in shock i really didn’t expect it to be like that (not in a bad way) i just thought it would be as the same style of one of a kind !!!

  32. IcyAurora

    This song has really grew on me xD

  33. Yes… voting for GD all the way!!!