Gain – Bloom

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  1. This video is so low on the charts, but it needs to be reviewed! Simon and Martina, please review it anyways!

  2. i would love to see how they review the “intimate” scenes…it would be hilarious!!!!

  3. Gain touching Gain in Bloom

  4. David Matthews

    First time watching it i didn’t notice the nastiness until the end, and then i was oh dear jesus…is she doing that….oh…oh well that’s new! I felt nasty watchin’ this video, but i can’t stop listening to this song, it is really addicting

  5. I really really hope this gets reviewed, because it is so much more different from other kpop videos. Innocent and sexual at the same time. I would love to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about this.

  6. Luizamota

    Just loved this song

  7. I TOTALLY agree with what you said about how ‘Ga-In’ is so awesome in this MV.
    She brought K-pop to the new level! I think.
    I am very proud that finally Korean culture has matured enough to describe sex is something beautiful.
    It’s been theme for many songs. but not like this!
    Sexuality has been described in K-pop as something of taboo.
    Therefore you have to hide and be secretive about it.
    Or, like “Hyun-A” sadly made it look very cheap and dirty.
    I would use this MV to educate my future child.
    It’s clean, beautiful, and has a new perspective about sexuality.
    (May I say it’s the right one!!)

  8. Some of the scenes are kinda random

  9. Hehe jokwan’s gettin mad

  10. Hey guys and girls, who support girl power videos, could you please help out Miss A for the next week as well? I really didn’t want to comment on another songs discussion, but with 2 Epik High videos in the voting system we might not even get another female kpop artist video for a loooooong time. If you decide to help, thanks sooooo much!

  11. Gain did an amazing job in pulling off a “cute but sexy” vibe. That is a very hard thing to do, in my opinion.

  12. shes the kpop marilyn monroe

  13. I thought this video looked so innocent…silly me ;)

  14. I really love this video. The song is catchy, GaIn is beatiful; I can’t write properly because this vid/song makes me squee!

  15. she said PENIS!!! O.O…and…and…and…touched ….Oh you so nasty Gain XD

  16. I LOVE the chorus in this, reminds me a little of Sophie Ellis-Bextor stuff :)

  17. iloveminhyun

    Simon: “Gain fans, or as I’d like to call you, me… or JoKwon” LMAO XD

  18. I’d Love to see the review of this video!

  19. I really hope this get reviewed!

  20. loved this vid! Ga-in so sexy, cute and attractive…

  21. I wasn’t sure which video I wanted to vote for…but I think this one won me over. It’s very different.

  22. omg omg omg omg OMG OGM OGM OGM Gain IS A NICE PERSON AND WHEN THIS SONG CAME I WAS LIKE OMG SHE HAS SO MUCH GOTS becaues when she when she sang in B.E.G it was also like this but less it and her so good job Gain i think ???/???????????/

  23. wai what??? is it me or this MV lost the shares??? WTF? nooo i really love this song and MV Gain forever awesome …

  24. i love this music video’s director.(황수아) she is so talented! she also made brown eyed girls and sunnyhill’s mv too! The QUEEN of symbolism!

  25. how old is she? I really like her looks, sexy yet innocent.. but I didnt like the graphic scene :S

  26. This vid is just amazing!

  27. Hopefully a mod, or Simona and Martina realise the shares all disappeared D:
    T_T So glitchy…

  28. Please review this! After block b….

  29. where did all the shares go?!!??!?! someone!?!??! we moved so low down

  30. Some how I feel like it just won’t make it and that’s sad.

  31. Where did all the facebook, twitter and g+ points go!?


  33. aWWW sad cause gain is sooo not gonna make it aaa i really wanted simon and martina to review this lol i can totally picture them lol

  34. ofonime udo-okon

    omg how did sbs let this on? OMG SOOOO MUCH SEXXXXXX….. with butterflies and flowers… she like masturbates under the kitchen sink… the poor youth :D this is too funny. obviously their “protectition system” FAILS. I love this so much….SOOO MUCCCCHHH SEXXX

  35. I love the dancing and the singing. It’s feminine in a good way. Everybody says we should stray from the cutesy and girly thing and follow the independent and strong image, but sometimes in the process we forget we are girls, we lose what makes us female. Sex always been controversial to girls. We praise sex, we are sluts, we scorn sex, we are prudes. But people forget it’s a process and we change from it. It talks about the change from girl to women.