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Gain – Bloom

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  1. This video is so low on the charts, but it needs to be reviewed! Simon and Martina, please review it anyways!

  2. i would love to see how they review the “intimate” scenes…it would be hilarious!!!!

  3. Gain touching Gain in Bloom

  4. First time watching it i didn’t notice the nastiness until the end, and then i was oh dear jesus…is she doing that….oh…oh well that’s new! I felt nasty watchin’ this video, but i can’t stop listening to this song, it is really addicting

  5. I really really hope this gets reviewed, because it is so much more different from other kpop videos. Innocent and sexual at the same time. I would love to hear what Simon and Martina have to say about this.

  6. Just loved this song

  7. I TOTALLY agree with what you said about how ‘Ga-In’ is so awesome in this MV.
    She brought K-pop to the new level! I think.
    I am very proud that finally Korean culture has matured enough to describe sex is something beautiful.
    It’s been theme for many songs. but not like this!
    Sexuality has been described in K-pop as something of taboo.
    Therefore you have to hide and be secretive about it.
    Or, like “Hyun-A” sadly made it look very cheap and dirty.
    I would use this MV to educate my future child.
    It’s clean, beautiful, and has a new perspective about sexuality.
    (May I say it’s the right one!!)

  8. Some of the scenes are kinda random

  9. Hehe jokwan’s gettin mad

  10. Hey guys and girls, who support girl power videos, could you please help out Miss A for the next week as well? I really didn’t want to comment on another songs discussion, but with 2 Epik High videos in the voting system we might not even get another female kpop artist video for a loooooong time. If you decide to help, thanks sooooo much!

  11. Gain did an amazing job in pulling off a “cute but sexy” vibe. That is a very hard thing to do, in my opinion.

  12. shes the kpop marilyn monroe

  13. I thought this video looked so innocent…silly me ;)

  14. I really love this video. The song is catchy, GaIn is beatiful; I can’t write properly because this vid/song makes me squee!

  15. she said PENIS!!! O.O…and…and…and…touched ….Oh you so nasty Gain XD

  16. I LOVE the chorus in this, reminds me a little of Sophie Ellis-Bextor stuff :)

  17. Simon: “Gain fans, or as I’d like to call you, me… or JoKwon” LMAO XD

  18. I’d Love to see the review of this video!

  19. I really hope this get reviewed!

  20. loved this vid! Ga-in so sexy, cute and attractive…

  21. I wasn’t sure which video I wanted to vote for…but I think this one won me over. It’s very different.

  22. omg omg omg omg OMG OGM OGM OGM Gain IS A NICE PERSON AND WHEN THIS SONG CAME I WAS LIKE OMG SHE HAS SO MUCH GOTS becaues when she when she sang in B.E.G it was also like this but less it and her so good job Gain i think ???/???????????/

  23. wai what??? is it me or this MV lost the shares??? WTF? nooo i really love this song and MV Gain forever awesome …

  24. i love this music video’s director.(황수아) she is so talented! she also made brown eyed girls and sunnyhill’s mv too! The QUEEN of symbolism!

  25. how old is she? I really like her looks, sexy yet innocent.. but I didnt like the graphic scene :S

  26. This vid is just amazing!

  27. Hopefully a mod, or Simona and Martina realise the shares all disappeared D:
    T_T So glitchy…

  28. Please review this! After block b….

  29. where did all the shares go?!!??!?! someone!?!??! we moved so low down

  30. Some how I feel like it just won’t make it and that’s sad.

  31. Where did all the facebook, twitter and g+ points go!?


  33. aWWW sad cause gain is sooo not gonna make it aaa i really wanted simon and martina to review this lol i can totally picture them lol

  34. omg how did sbs let this on? OMG SOOOO MUCH SEXXXXXX….. with butterflies and flowers… she like masturbates under the kitchen sink… the poor youth :D this is too funny. obviously their “protectition system” FAILS. I love this so much….SOOO MUCCCCHHH SEXXX

  35. I love the dancing and the singing. It’s feminine in a good way. Everybody says we should stray from the cutesy and girly thing and follow the independent and strong image, but sometimes in the process we forget we are girls, we lose what makes us female. Sex always been controversial to girls. We praise sex, we are sluts, we scorn sex, we are prudes. But people forget it’s a process and we change from it. It talks about the change from girl to women.

  36. even if this doesn’t get 1st place it should be reviewed regardless!

  37. I loved the transition from innocent to not-so-innocent in this video. It was shocking and symbolic.

  38. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a kpop song about a young girl experiencing sexual desire for the first time. A lot of “first love”, “oppa my heart goes dokidoki” songs, but nothing that really deals with the sexual awakening of “a flower not yet in bloom”. I love how even with the relatively graphic sex scene, the MV still has a very innocent, pure vibe. Not sugary sweet and sappy, but just full of wonder and excitement at this new world opening up (like ga-in’s legs). ^_^ After Catch Me, can this PLEASE by the next KMM?!

  39. This has got to be one of the happiest, upbeat sex songs ever.

  40. Come on guys! Miss a has beat us

  41. there is sooo much tyo say abt this mv.. a review is a must

  42. This Video is awesome.. as expected for GAIN and the song is soo catchy at first i didnt like it but now im addicted lol hope this gets reviewed but sadly with TVXQ and Miss A i hardly doubt this will make it buuuuu

  43. I need this video to be reviewed like I need to breathe ommmgggg

  44. Just wondering, this video is already 2 weeks old in the chart, right? :C

  45. How is Miss A beating Gain if Bloom has way more votes?

    • It’s to do with the age of the video on the charts = I think ’cause missA’s video was newer and it already got a rush of votes, it beat Bloom. I’m not too sure how the stats are calculated but yeah xD
      The only thing to do if people want Bloom to be reviewed is to vote for it, comment and share it around x)

  46. sexayyy. Gain is pushing limits and being totally fabulous. :D

  47. I know it may not get reviewed but I just wanna know what S & M think of the “Ga-in is def touching herself” scene… lol

  48. This needs to be reviewed!

  49. That’s what we call sexy woman not sexy ho.

  50. This video is so scandalous, I want to see what Simon and Martina have to say about it,^_^

  51. This video totally has to be reviewed. The symbolism, the message.. it’s all perfect!

  52. dunno why but her overknees are such a turn on lawl

  53. commenting for points…

  54. I think this would make the most interesting review yet.

  55. COME ON SIMON & MARTINA, Si you are a mega BEG fanboy even evidenced on TV shows ahahh & Martina……….TURTLE NECKS ;D kukukuku. Plus this MV has so much depth too ^^

  56. she’s so amazing!!!!!!!!!

  57. Please review this song ! That’s so PERFECT ! As expected, Ga In didn’t follow the trend ~ ^^

  58. ….

  59. omg dying to hear the review for this one :O haha love the song + mv btw. you go girl! <3 gain

  60. ooooooh Gain you soooo NASTY!

  61. omg the live for this is amazing!!! i wish they would release a mv for tinker bell as well its an amazing song! she’s really something special

  62. I wonder… Did she really have sex with that man? Also I’m a gain fan since I watched brown eyed girls abracadabra and I don’t Rly like girl groups

  63. Let’s make it number one for all the reasons you have said until now!

  64. I really want this to be reviewed

  65. Let me guess: this video is banned in Korea, right?
    Gain is sooooo damn sexy! And it comes so naturally; I wish I had half her confidence.

    • i think its just banned for people under 19. buts far the dance has been fine! same here! i think if i tried to act as sexy as her it would just look awkward hahhaha. but she is seriously so amazingly beautiful!

  66. No wonder it has an IU feel. It’s by the same people. x3

  67. Beside the fact that this video is awesome, I must admit I really want to see S&M reviewing it because it’s about a woman exploring her sexuality and blossoming through it and it’s so good to see it portrayed this way rather than the typical “cute and sexy” image girls put on in MV to arouse the oppas.

    And seriously… How did it pass through the new korean banning system we heard about recently?

  68. just watched the video and i swear my jaw dropped.

  69. Please please please please PPLLEEAASSSEE!!!! Review this for kpop monday!!! I beg of you!!!!

  70. this this this this this!!!! *A* <3

  71. This is so amazing! This has to be talked about.

  72. Anyone else think the dance choreography is awesome? =D The chairs and the table and everything!

  73. i love this video and i love how the guys are haha. it’s so funny how gay they look. (like the stereotype)

  74. Btw, did you guys know that Simon is a massive Ga-in fanboy, that he made an appaerance in her On-Style episode, and got a photo with her in the park? :D

    Also, this is embarrassing, but I only just watched this MV just now =3=

    That sex scene that everyone keeps talking about was a lot more graphic than I expected…..for Korean standards o_O

    Even the lyrics are so suggestive~ :p


    • I was so surprised by his appearance on Ga-in’s show. I was watching it randomly for some other reason and then BAM! its Simon! hahaha

    • Wow I didn’t realise so much time had gone by when I watched that, but it was so funny. Worth the 45 minutes XD (And lucky Simon! =D)
      I was actually surprised people weren’t a little bit more starstruck, haha. And wow, the number of people commenting about her eyes xD
      GaIn’s so funny XD And the employees’ interactions are so… hilarious.

    • the sex scene was pretty “real” but can we please discuss the fact that she was def touching her self! I’m in shock. Ga-in has surpassed G-Dragon in shock factor! lol.. they should marry each other and produce really wild babies!!!! luv it

  75. I like the song.

    yeah… that’s why I’m voting for it… NOT THE SEX… the song… the colours…

  76. Are they still in Mexico? I hope they’ll really review this.

    • I don’t think so… I think they’re in Canada now..
      Yeah, me too!! I want them to review this so so badly!!
      Hopefully, it’ll stay in the 1st page of le charts for when Simon & Martina return >___< (come on people!! they HAVE to review this!! we gotta see Simon dancing to this song!!!!!)

  77. This needs to be reviewed. MVs never have any kind of storyline, plus this is GaIn~! She’s amazing. The song is great and there’s so much to talk about.

  78. totally should be reviewed for kpop mondays!

  79. Anyone else notice the URL says “…/gain-bloo/” rather than ‘bloom’ xDD teehee

  80. A beautiful deconstruction of a Whore-Madonna archetype, I think

  81. AHHH I love the imagery, make up (the little orange and pink tweaks <3), the song, the innocence heard in the song compared with the provocative scenes. It's sexy and beautiful and happy and makes you think of the future and the past at the same time… which doesn't make sense. I just immediately fell in love with this video.



  84. So fierce. That was quite the experience, separate from the rest that overdo certain concepts. Refreshing, really. 가인언니 화이팅!

  85. Gain – I’m lovin’ it!

  86. Hoping this gets chosen! I want to know how many turtlenecks there are! :)

  87. Best song!! Oh my gosh my life would be made is this is reviewed!! Hope it can stay so high so hopefully it has a chance when S&M get back.

  88. At first I was surprised to see that such an artsy-fartsy video is voted so high up in the charts but after the eerie music stopped and the real song began, I understood why! And the scenes. Oh my. I blushed.

  89. I love this song, I have been addicted to this song ever since it came out

  90. Gain! Gain! so innocent so sexy love it <3

  91. The most amazing blend of innocent and sexy!

  92. Great song, mv and choreography. This needs to get reviewed!

  93. GA IN MUST WIN! plus i wanna see the turtleneck rage!!

  94. This video is AMAZING. I really hope it gets reviewed :3

  95. No boobs, no blood, PG13. Despite the sexual theme, the video makes an approach much more innocent than many others that are not about sex (like No More Perfume On You)

  96. This definitely needs to get reviewed – it would be nice to see a girl win after a string of boys/boy bands!

  97. what a cute adorable song about sex and masturbation! :D

  98. 女神~~~整個洗腦歌 MV超害羞阿~

  99. wow! it just HAS to be reviewed >.<

  100. This HAS to be reviewed. I love the song and the video is just oh so amazing !!
    If you thought that Kpop couldn’t get anymore daring and more beautiful well Ga In is there to shw you the you’r hella wrong XD !!

  101. It seems i never get voting for an artist who i want to support. i really wanted to vote for ukiss but crayon was too epic. after that tvxq came out but my vote still went to crayon. and now i still can’t vote for tvxq because gain deserve to be reviewed much more. her video is awesome. i can’t think of any other kpop video which is like this one. gain really surprised me :)

  102. this music video is probably full of symbolism again, which is what i would love to hear Simon and Martina interpret it in the Music Monday review :D

  103. Óscar Amigo Martínez

    Finally we can vote the video

  104. This song is really awesome! XD


  106. please do Bloom MV for next kpop music monday :)

  107. let’s see s&m talk about s

  108. This video has to be reviewed for SO MANY REASONS…. the symbolism, the message, the story… the dance… the sex… the faps… the TURTLENECKS…

  109. Ha I can’t imagine Martina’s reaction when she see Gain’s turtleneck but seriously why the extreme hate on the necks?

  110. the more I listen to it, to more it grows on me ^__^


  112. Love the blooming flowers :D And everything else is beautiful too. Except the bed scene’s kinda shocking haha. Voting!

  113. Gain’s Bloom pole dance via@youtube

  114. I love this song this album this SONGAIN !!

  115. Gain! i love your blonde hair! daebak!

  116. The most amazing blend of innocent and sexy!

  117. First time I heard this I wasn’t sure how I felt but it’s growing on me. It’s got a very adult IU sound to it for some reason.

  118. lol Martina’s turtleneck reaction and Simon’s dancing would totally make my Monday!!! Lets make this #1 everyone!!!

  119. Every song produced by this producer sounds vaguely Broadway. It’s interesting how the broadway sound is popular over in SK.

  120. I’m only voting for this because she’s wearing a turtleneck. XD

  121. i really like this mv :)

  122. I love this video and I hope it gets reviewed. We’ll have to beat TVXQ though

  123. the intro could be shorter, but the mv is amazing

  124. TVXQ Catch Me has no they? Not with Ga In touching and rubbing her bananas. This video shot up quick, DANG!

  125. I need to see EYK review this…

  126. I like that this mv isn’t the typical “women acting like a little girl and wishing she could have oppa” Gain and Loen took a chance with this. Finally something that is different in kpop. I get tired of all these groups trying so hard to be different that they’re all the same.

    • its such a beautiful video, but unfortunately some people just can’t look past the sex to see that

      • i think the sex is shocking to us, the members of the wave, because we are used to only seeing korea and koreans in the way they are shown in dramas and pop vids.
        This is really great video. The dance is symbolic, the images are cool, and I just am in love with Gain.

    • Definitely! This is a totally different (and empowering) voice for the female kpop industry. Definitely proud of Gain.

    • THANK YOU!!!! I thought I was the only one who was happy about how different this videos was!
      I mean I’m fine with other female groups but I’m really getting tired of the “poor dumb pretty girl who is always ignored buy the guy she likes” concept o the “oops I dropped my pencil, let me bend over in my impressively short skirt and high chacha heels and get it” concept.
      And the dancing!!!!!!!! Yey there’s really good dancing!!!! Which I’m is also getting pretty repetitive with other groups.
      I’m not bashing anyone, please don’t misunderstand me, it’s just that there are certain things in kpop which are getting repetitive. But that’s my opinion only.
      And I don’t think that the sex scene and the one in the kitchen are a big deal, yeah they are definitely not something we see in kpop everyday, but I don’t see what all the big fuzz is about.
      I repeat, this is just my opinion so hope you won’t be offended, because that’s definitely not my intention. I’m just expressing what’s on my head :)

  127. oh yeah this should be reviewed..

  128. This is for all of you who can’t see the proper rankings cos it’s stuck (for whatever reason):

    • Thanks! Ooh, the Lee Joong Sung song is on the first page. Lol. It is also nice to see J-Min’s Stand up there. Although I prefer the non drama scenes version of it. Congrats Ga In!

      • lol yea @google-19346d157c54a23d472fcd1af98c1ff7:disqus and @JustDense:disqus ‘s hard work finally paid off eh :p

        • We’d like to thank all Nasties all across the globe for this achievement.

          No, but really it wasn’t that hard of work we advertised it a couple times and then that was pretty much it lol, you even did once!

          Mainly it was our ridiculous convos that were work lol. Voting whenever possible is w/e and then I shared it like 5x a day (I held back, I promise I wasn’t all of those!!!) LOL.

        • I already can see the normal page :D thanks for noticing the issues fuuko :) awesome mod is awesome ^^
          And yeah, our horrible song made it to first page @google-19346d157c54a23d472fcd1af98c1ff7:disqus we can now die in peace, huh? :D

    • i can see it now!! yay we are second!

    • and now miss a’s in the lead :/
      i love miss a , but this video really needs to win!!!!!

  129. Also, because of the length and the style of the movie-esque parts of the video, this video reminds me of IU’s “Every End of the Day” music video. This is like the continuation of that story :p The next level or next step in that relationship in IU’s video.

  130. I’d also just want to hear Simon talk about his favorite artist. We always get to see Martina talk about TOP, it’s about time we get to see Simon talk about GaIn for Music Mondays :D

    Also, does anybody else think this video is much more adult themed than other K-pop music videos? Is it just me or have I not seen enough music videos?

    • Oh, yeah, Simon would be spazzing all over the place :P
      Yeah, it is more “adult” visually speaking, because the song is quite “typical” in terms of lyrics. BUUUUUUT, the adultness here is not a “nasty” one, like in Rain’s Rainism or Ivy’s touch me, both song and video are not so child friendly, or others I can’t recall now. Gain’s video portraits the whole thing in such a pretty artistic view, it’s impossible to say that its vulgar or just made that way for the “visual shock” factor.

      • O yeah, for sure, definitely not vulgar at all. I found the whole thing quite classy and romantic, which is what I think they were going for. I don’t think it was supposed to be sexy for the sake of selling sex, but the video definitely seems more adult themed as it clearly is dealing with sex and discovering one’s sexuality

  131. …first thought ooh pretty..ooh dreamy lighting then boom sexy, really. I kind of like it, yeah there was that bed scene but the whole looks a bit innocent. sexy innocent. (?)

  132. Please keep voting everyone! I really want to see Simon and Martina’s reaction lol oooohhhh Ga in you so nasty lol

  133. they really aren’t idol-like are they?! not saying that ideals don’t have talent but usually talent isn’t the main focus. however brow eyed girls were scouted almost like a group in america. but they were chosen on talent not on desire for fame. i think their age has a lot to do with it. most of the members are 30ish years old so they aren’t going to act cutesey

  134. So far, this is the only “full of passion” video that I don’t feel uncomfortable to watch. The sex scene is done beautifully and not out of place. And it’s also related to the song itself about an innocent girl blooming into a beautiful WOMAN (as represented by the flower) after finding her love. I just hope that Jo Kwon won’t see this. He must be jelly over that guy. lol
    PS. The dancers look like Oompa Loompas. XD

  135. I love this MV! It’s so daring and I love that about it. Heck, it’s even kind of daring for the US market and we know how strict Korea is compared to it.
    I have no idea how they got this through the screening but I’m so glad they did :)

  136. this needs more votes! :) btw why isnt it visable on the “Kpop Charts”?

  137. How does Ga-in make turtlenecks so sexy… xD I wonder if Martina will destroy her or love her for the interesting concepts.

  138. i like this~ i think ga-in was really brave to do the song and mv. i want simon and martina to review this XD although, martina’s gonna hate the turtlenecks ga-in wore lol

  139. I was a little confused with the intro because it was so sedate, but then the song started and it was a completely different type of song. Was anyone else reminded of ayumi hamasaki? Was it just me?

    • I was totally waiting for you to comment here lol! I’m just wondering how did this mv get past the censorship board. It does reminds of ayumi. . but I’m not familiar with her enough to pinpoint both image and music.

      • Lol, it took a while for me to realise that it was posted. I came looking for it on the charts as soon as it was released and could not find it. thank goodness i stalk people on disqus.

        I think that like that xx is already pre rated 19+ and so there was no reason for censorship since it already self censored. I think that ayumi is not as overtly sexual as Gain is but her voice and the production in this particular song is very ayumi-esque. Oh there was this live of a song ayumi did for a year end show called ‘ Bold and Delicious’ that to this day I adore. This sadly isn’t the right performance, that one had a full 100 voice backing choir and ridiculous costumes, but I cold see Gain trying this kind of song too.

  140. never disappoints :) stayed up to 11pm for the release #true fan

  141. LOL at the preview *thumbnail if you may call it* image in the YT video:

  142. omg this has so little votes ;~;

    • I think it’s because KMM is cancelled for the next two weeks (as S&M are in Mexico/US), so not many people are voting. It’s impressive that it’s gotten this far in spite of that ^^b

      • And is that why the charts are frozen? It hasn’t moved at all since monday, the same videos are exactly at the same places and this one doesn’t appear in the top 100 (that’s probably why it has few votes actually)

        • The charts are frozen? What do you mean? From what I can see, there aren’t as many votes as usual, but they’re still updating like normal. Gain is currently in 6th place.

        • For me BtoB is in 6th place! GD is still 2nd and hasn’t be marked as reviewed. Someone on Facebook mentionned the same problem.

        • Wah really. That’s quite bizarre, if it’s happening to so many people. Is there anyone who’s seeing the same screen as me, with Gain being in 6th place and GD marked as reviewed? If we gather the people who see it differently, we might be able to find out why…is it the browser? Or do you have some kind of plugin? (adblock?) Or are you seeing the Cached version for some reason? hrrrrmmmm *racks head*

        • I tried with 2 different browsers with the same result, and I don’t activate adblock for EYK’s site.

        • Yep, it is stuck for me too. Gdragon is not marked reviewed and I found that odd. And then I came looking for Bloom to vote for and it wasn’t there so I thought it had not been added yet. The only reason I knew it was here was because I saw you comment on this thread in my disqus dashboard.

        • The weirdest part is if you search by date then the videos points are correct, but by popularity they are frozen from a week ago. lol I kept saying this and Fuuko kept saying it was me. I tried Mozilla (which I normally use), Chrome, and IE. Just Dense even tried other ones besides those lol.

          So glad I’m not the only one and that you guys also mentioned it.

          I noticed that the search was gone too but completely forgot about it!

        • Ah, thanks for that trick. I wanted to see what new videos have been posted but since the charts are frozen for me I didn’t know what to do. I have just been commenting on what I see people on my disqus dashboard commenting on.

        • This crap just keeps getting more weird. I got on and saw I had no notifications but yet when I went to “Think” I saw it had a reply, so I checked here and it also has a reply lol who knows if I got anymore.

        • It is the website protesting that Simon and Martina are not here.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          it’s stuck for me too. I’ve tried on two different browsers at home, 2 different browsers at work, and on my phone. I even cleared out my cache and it’s still stuck. I just thought they froze the charts or they forgot to mark GD as reviewed and no one was voting.

        • I see the same version with GD on second place! I thought the charts were frozen.

        • Yeah Gd is not marked as reviewed and is in second place! Ga in is not showing up on kpop charts unless you click show by date

        • 3inthemorning

          It’s stuck for me as well (I thought it was weird that GD hadn’t been marked as viewed) and the search bar is missing (I don’t know if that’s relevant at all or if they took it off, it’s just the other thing that’s odd).

        • Yea I noticed that the search bar had disappeared. But everything else is fine for me….

          Okay thanks a lot guys, I’ll pass all that information on and hopefully the web developer dude will find out what’s wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Noooo, frozen charts!!! *grabs own head*
        I’ll still vote anyways…
        (I hope Simon still gets to watch the MV while in Mexico ^^)

  143. I hope this gets reviewed by EYK, it shall be very interesting (: EVERYONE KEEP VOTING AND SHARING!

  144. I really hope this gets reviewed my EYK ! Will be a very interesting one (:

  145. How did I not notice all of the turtle necks???… It didn’t occur to me until I read some comments…. right because of everything else in this video, but still! Loving this song!

  146. its interesting to hear everyones opinions on the video! i still don’t get how korea is letting her perform that sexy dance though hahahhahaha

  147. *raises hand* Well… not a horny “guy”….. can’t it be a girl?? ^____^

    But seriously, I don’t know what to make of this video. The first 2 minutes seemed a bit unnecessary and totally misled you as to the feeling of the song. I was expecting some soulful ballad, but instead I got an upbeat/jazzy number.
    And am I the only one who thought the choreography was…awkward? Having a group of men molest you while you’re wearing next to nothing (in a classy way) just doesn’t seem to fit in the idea of falling in love.
    And that bedroom scene was beautiful in it’s own way, but again, I felt as if it had been misplaced into this video. Getting nasty belongs in a whole different mood/video. Maybe the soulful ballad I mentioned? It was just too intense for the lighthearted feel I was getting.
    Overall, I think my major complaint would be that none of the pieces seem to fit together for me. This video had elements that were mismatched and didn’t work in harmony in the way I think Ga In was hoping for.
    BUT, so you all don’t think I’m a HUGE negative nancy, I really did enjoy the song. It was cute and one could definitely feel the sense of falling in love and “blooming”.
    The video just didn’t do it for me ^_^”

    • In my case, I understood that the lyrics, rathen than talking about falling in love, is more like loosing your “innocence”…
      So if you notice, before the bed scene, Gain is next to a couple sheep, and then the guy kisses her and takes her away from them, wich kinda means that part of “losing your innocence”
      Oh, I don’t now, if I see it that way, the whole video fits more with the song.
      I will not say anything else regarding that idea because it might be too “nasty”… (So much analogies/interpretations here, I’m afraid I might lose the point of the whole thing)

      Besides that, the first part of the MV with the instrumentals of the song, it’s kinda like when you find something utterly amazing or funny/ fall in love with someone and you look back and say: “How could I live without it/him(her)?” “My life was so boring/plain before this” (And those made me think too I was going to find a ballad, but oh surprise, guys dancing funkily in suits) Hence that’s the reason of the blooming flowers everywhere, when you find that feeling is like flowers bloomed everywhere around you.

      The only thing I kinda found awkward was the pole dance scene, that for me didn’t fit at all, like how do you go from love to pole dancing? o_O

      • Oh I agree with the significance of the sheep/bed scene/innocence lost. Like I said, the scene was shot beautifully and is very profound. I guess it just makes me feel unfomfortable in a way. I have no problem with that kind of emotional exploration in movies, but in music videos, i’m typically under the impression that they’re more like-hearted. Maybe? Who knows what I’m saying, honestly. Kudos for Ga In for being out there. I just wish she would have stuck with one emotion for the video. On one hand we have happy dancing backup dancers, with colorful dancing flowers and happiness and the joys of love and on the other hand we have the “bed scene” and pole dancing and other, deeper emotional aspects that are more about the impact of love. If she would have focused solely on the idea she was expressing with innocence lost, I probably would have enjoyed the video better.
        That’s my additional 2 cents. I ramble, I know, but hopefully I got my ideas across somewhere in that mess of a comment…

        • Oh yeah, I was a bit unconfortable when I watched that scene the first time, it’s like the last thing you expect to see on a K-pop video, however, I’m happy that it had an actual meaning and it wasn’t just a filler for the MV, like we see on a usual occidental MV, and that Gain, ventured herself in such a concept, pulling it off in a very nice and classy way.
          The only complaint I have out there is that “the storyline” (because apparently there is one) is not so clear, I felt like I missed something between the ending of the song and the last cut of the MV where it goes back to the instrumental.
          We all have the right to say “I didn’t like this” or “this didn’t work for me”, plus we are under the safety of EYK, I’m happy that there’s people that actually put some tought into what they say and are not afraid of expressing their minds out.

        • Agreed. Meaningful sexy times have a lot more of an impact, I think. If this would have been a North American video, I probably wouldn’t have bat an eye, because it means nothing and is only there for the shock value. I also agree on the “missing something” in the end. is there heartbreak? Why is everything grey-ish? What is happening?
          And I’m very glad for EYK. I know I can post a contrasting opinion to the majority, and not be attacked for it. In most cases, I just get into a really interesting conversation that challenges my viewpoint (like here, for instance:D)

        • Yup, like something happened that made them brake up and we didn’t got the chance to know…
          Exactly :D It’s awesome how most of the nasties are understanding, open minded people that won’t take a constructive critique towards their favorite group/idol in a negative way. You can get lots of fun conversations with awesome opinions/people :D

        • i think the scene really presents sex as a love making act rather than something trashy. she sings about it blooming her into a woman and almost setting her free. however in media we constantly associate sex with something bad. it is associated with disease, sinfulness, unwanted pregnancy and being slutty. although sex can be related to those things it is also a beautiful act which bonds people together. i think we forget that. people feel awkward talking about sex and seeing things related to sex but it is a natural and beautiful thing.
          at first i was like “omg no this is uncomfortable!! why would she do this” then i remembered its only sex and started to think about the meaning of the song. the innocent scenes are mashed with the sex scenes to show kind of balance it out and turn from a trashy video to a beautiful video showing love and innocence.

        • Yes, totally. No matter how your first reaction was, if you take the time to look at the lyrics and all, you get why that scene is there, and all the message it carries along.

  149. I wanna see Simon goes Nasty for this MV o/

  150. Wanna see Simon’s reaction to this! :D

  151. They have to review this!!

  152. I like it how in the first part of the video, when she walks, everything becomes colorful and all the buildings grow flowers on the top, it looked pretty.

  153. For this week’s self-touching edition, we ask you which touching scene you prefered: Junsu touching Junsu in Uncommited, or Gain touching Gain in Bloom?

  154. Ga-in wore so many turtlenecks. Martina’s gonna go crazy heh heh.

  155. Yeah i find it very disappointing that it’s not on the charts too. LET’S VOTE IT UP GUYS!

  156. i am really curious how simon and martina view Bloom MV. From my point, it’s real story in daily life,not like the others mv just wink, smile and dance.I am surprise the bed screen but if delete those screen, it cant show the whole story.

  157. Where is it on the charts here? I can’t seem to find it!!

    • IDK, but the popularity rank is “frozen”, so there’s no chance to see where this is at, but I’m sure it might be around the 11-30th place.

  158. Hope she wins !

  159. This is about a girl becoming a woman! Damn this is something unexpected coming from the Kpop scene! I applaud GaIn for getting the guts to do this *claps*

  160. I didnt expect a mv like this from ga in either!
    the sheep actually isn’t random. it’s there to symbolize innocence and purity, i suppose, before the guy comes and brings her away from the sheep and into the bedroom whoooo

  161. Oh boy when she put her hand down her pants………I swooned.
    Gain plz marry me

  162. simon and martina, please review this video. i’m in love with this.

  163. I really want to see a this reviewed since it’s definitely pushing the boundaries of sexiness for kpop. Plus, I would like to see if Martina thinks the back up dancers are the same ones for IU’s You and I because I really do.

  164. I thought this song was meaningful :)

  165. WOW i didn’t expect that… I’m voting for this. DOWN WITH THE BOY BAND REIGN ON EYK

  166. Definitely needs more attention, this video is very bold because it talks about one of the taboo subjects in korea.

  167. This was a very unexpected song from Gain herself… I really love the cuteness and sexiness mixing up together- and the poledancing part. BLEW MY MIND~~

  168. I think it was bold of her to choose this concept! Comparing how a women is falling in love to a flower blooming!And this is the mature sexy that she can pull off because she is older! I hope simon and martina review this :)

  169. At first I really tought it was gong to be a slow song, but oh how wrong I was.
    You know it’s going to be a very impressive video when the first glance of the actual thing is guys in suits dancing in front of a girl having “dreams”. Oh yeah.

  170. what do you all think about the sex scene? too much? or okay?

    • was pretty shocked the first time. which turned into total respect for gain for having the guts to have a scene like that in KOREA, of all places. Maybe it’s a little much in the eyes of preteens or like, really old people (40′s, 50′s), but for someone who’s in their early twenties, I think it was pulled off perfectly. Especially because the scene isn’t there to be “sexy”, it’s there for a reason (her blooming into womanhood)

  171. The artistic first couple of minutes of the video, I could do without. I would like to wake up with a bunch of men dancing over me when I wake up. WHOOOO WOW!! BRB gotta go take a cold shower. I like how this is’nt sweet and cutesie. I can hear Martina in my head BAN BAN!!

    • I totally agree. Maybe like, 30 seconds to 1 minute would have been a nice touch because it kind of leads you into thinking about how innocent she looks in contrast to the “woman” she becomes later but 2 minutes was reaallyyy lonng…

      • Well…. sometimes girls take very long to “bloom” and become women
        (in Gain’s sense of the word bloom), so 2min out of the MV’s 6min could be a well-approximated representation? (well, in some cases anyway)


  173. please get reviewed!!!

  174. i want to see how simon and martina react to the non-kpopness of this video ahahha! lets get it reviewed i can’t believe its this low!!!

  175. Classy, sexy, then suddenly cheesy and cheap, then sexy again… Not sure of what I’ve just watched. As for the song, it sounds very KPopish for Gain, no?

    • is the “cheesy and cheap” part referring to the bed scene or the pole dancing scene? LOL cuz I agree with the pole dancing… it was good for laughs, cuz it was SO random in the mv.
      Definitely more upbeat for gain. But don’t think it’s all THAT kpopish. I can’t see some random idol group pull this song off, so… *shrug*

      • No, the bed scene was rather realistic. What I find cheap are the colorful lines running on the walls and the giant flowers blooming, that’s the kind of stuff we could see in an ad. It kind of broke the sexiness for me!

        • OH. Right, true. I didn’t really get the point of the lines except that it was.. well, colourful? lol and I don’t think the giant flowers were that bad… until they started dancing/swaying to the music. Aha, at least that gives S&M something to talk about xD

        • I agree with the giant flowers and the colorful lines making it look cheesy and cheap. Reminded me of Cher Llyod and her swagger jagger video but with even less relevance.

        • Angelika Sauveur

          I was very confuse don what they were trying to do with the video. It almost felt 4 different videos

        • Hmm, maybe it looks cheap like a tacky ad, but I think it’s to do with the notion of feeling ‘high’ (notice how the lines come in when the … synth-sounding siren thingo happens), I guess. Maybe it was kind of purposefully artificial looking and saturated to reflect that idea. Or maybe it’s to show colour spreading in her life now that she’s a ‘woman’ xD no longer innocent/pure, just like how the walls and buildings are touched with colour – they’re no longer pure white/ivory etc.
          Just an interpretation :3
          And well, the ‘giant flowers BLOOMing’… I think that’s pretty understandable haha xDDD

        • Well, I got the “subtle” link between the blooming flowers and blooming to adult age :-) I don’t mind blooming flowers, but these ones look really kitsch!