Gain – Fxxk U

  1. aforeverBEGfan

    I like how you said that the actor casted was good-looking since it tells that stalkers or something along that line doesn’t have to be bad looking.

  2. aforeverBEGfan

    Yeah! This is reviewed already^^ But was expecting the entire KMM to be just this. Just like Simon said, they can spend an entire 20 minutes talking about this. Please do… Don’t let this or Truth or Dare be another Bloom MV when it nearly got reviewed for being top but wasn’t reviewed…

  3. aforeverBEGfan

    Dropped to 3rd… But still in the Top 3^^ Continue voting^^

    The MV is really well produced but why isn’t there anyone commenting on the music? It’s really cool, especially the guitar instrumental and the beats^^

  4. Wth was that? Is he assaulting her? Did she kill him or did he kill her in the bathroom? Did they kill each other? I want to see one MV where the girl says no and the guy accepts it and walks away. Even if she is attracted to him, “not like this” still means no. For me this is Blurred Lines territory (the song). “But I love you. But you want it. Just trust me.” Blargh. Someone teach these MV producers about consent please. Even if she is conflicted why does he assume that he knows better? There was violence and sex in Troublemaker’s Now, too, but it seemed like a relationship between equals, which is why I enjoyed Now. This, not so much. The fact that he is hot isn’t a redeeming quality WHATSOEVER. /rant end.

    • Julia Franco

      “I want to see one MV where the girl says no and the guy accepts it and walks away.”
      That would be great in reality. However, it doesn’t work for a music video -because there’s no conflict. A music video with a plot is like anything else (a book, film, etc.) that tells a story: it has to have conflict.
      Honestly, I felt like the point of “Fxxk U” was to show what happens when there ISN’T consent and equality in a relationship. You’ll notice that with the lines where the boyfriend is pressuring Ga In’s character into having sex with him (i.e. “Don’t worry too much. We’re in love deeply.”), the line starts with the male singer’s voice, briefly becomes a duet, then switches back to the male singer. My interpretation: he’s trying to convince her that they are, in fact, “in love deeply.” She almost believes him -but the fact that it’s overwhelmingly HIS voice that the audience is hearing, means that it’s entirely HIS perspective, one of many lies he uses to emotionally manipulate her. You’re supposed to be angry with him for being aggressive and overbearing. I have a more thorough analysis posted below, if you want to read it, but the fact that the song’s title is “Fxxk U” seems like a clear indication that that’s exactly the intended message: “Fuck you, abusers. Your actions are NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances.”

  5. I wish this would get reviewed

  6. Joo Jihun is really cutee

  7. fuckkkkk uuuu fuckkkkk uuuuuu…so addicting

  8. TobiCollins

    REVIEW FxxK U, it’s a MV worth talking about! EYK, you always say you’d like to review more girl-material, and things with more “SUBSTANCE” persay, well…THIS IS JUST THAT :’)

  9. aforeverBEGfan

    Wonder what EYK thinks of the blood scene… EYK gave us possible interpretations to BEG’s Cleansing Cream and Sixth Sense which was really deep so now I’m waiting for their interpretation for Fxxk U

  10. aforeverBEGfan

    There’s still hope! Just push this to at least top 3! I didn’t know the system has changed. They get to pick one from the top three contenders to review for Kpop Music Monday! What a good system^^ Vote now!!!

  11. OMG JOO JI HOON??? You were sexaay too in the naked kitchen… MMM YUMMY haha

  12. Who is the boy acting? And is BumKey a solo singer or in a group? Where can I find more about him?

  13. Great Song and Video Reallyyyyy his OH~~~ makes me happy XD

  14. This has to be reviewed

  15. Narsha Fanboy

    Better than truth or dare

  16. aforeverBEGfan

    A BEG MV release is rare so I hope they don’t miss this since they have comebacks quite far apart.

  17. aforeverBEGfan

    At least it stays 4th for past two weeks! Everlastings are trying so please vote even more! And hope Truth or Dare MV gets nominated for KMM too. EYK might just review two MVs together if one MV is nominated right???

  18. I hope this stays up in the charts until next week. It’s a video worth reviewing, plus it’s Gain. Simon really likes Gain, right?

    • Julia Franco

      Yep, she’s his favorite female K-pop artist. He even met her once and took a picture to prove it. Unfortunately, Simon and Martina have never reviewed any of Ga In’s solo songs, and they’ve only reviewed Brown Eyed Girls as a group twice.

  19. This mv covers such a controversial topic and it’s done wonderfully. Honestly not many mvs recently have such themes and it deserves a music monday.

  20. I really wish this would get reviewed!!!

  21. aforeverBEGfan

    Do hope for eyk to give us their interpretation of the mv. What’s the blood scene about? An MV which is addressing something which is not commonly talked about ESP in kpop.

  22. aforeverBEGfan

    Please review this! Vote!!! Bloom got missed, kill bill too… now hoping for this MV to be reviewed or her newly released truth or dare mv…

    • Julia Franco

      I’m hoping that if “Fxxk U” or “Truth or Dare” gets reviewed, Simon and Martina will talk a bit about “Bloom” as well, like how they referenced “Abracadabra” and “Sign” when they reviewed “Sixth Sense.” However, for that to happen, we have to vote Ga In’s MVs into the top three on the charts. Since the top three at this point are all popular boy groups, we’ll need to recruit a lot more Everlastings to our cause. Or we could comment spam and hope the mods don’t notice…

      • aforeverBEGfan

        ??? Why top three? Do you mean they’ll choose which to review from the top three???

        • Julia Franco

          Yes. Simon and Martina changed the system so that instead of always picking the #1 MV on the charts, they pick one of the top three. The idea was that with the change, they could have more opportunities to talk about songs/videos they like, instead of just what’s popular, and the less popular artists would have a better chance at getting reviewed.

  23. Brittany Lyle

    Sincerely hoping that this will be the video for MM. This covers a very serious topic and is a very wonderfully shot video. The story makes sense and relates to the lyrics which makes me a very happy girl. This video will be stuck in my brain for quite some time, and that shot of him kissing her and she was like stone pretty much broke my heart.

    • Julia Franco

      Your comment about the forced kiss scene (1:32) made me think of something: Is “Fxxk U” in some ways critiquing the conventions of K-dramas? We’ve all seen the dreaded “K-drama kiss,” where the couple stiffly press their lips together in a thoroughly unromantic way (though there are plenty of good kiss scenes as well!). “Fxxk U” shows the most unromantic kiss possible -one taken by force and overshadowed by the threat of violence. I mentioned in a previous comment that there’s also a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wrist grab scene (2:25). Again, this K-drama cliche is here presented as an indicator of how far the relationship has degenerated. I don’t think it’s intended as a complete dismissal of K-dramas, but perhaps as a way of deconstructing or reinterpreting some of their associated tropes.

  24. Not-Really-Normal^__~

    Fxxk U is such a dark and mature video focusing on rape and abuse. its really a contrasted to Bloom with focused on gain’s character exploring her sexuality and blooming though it and love. Both mature concepts that need to be addressed both about women needing to control there own bodies. only one is what happens if they do and can be happy and bloom and the other is if they are being forced upon by others.

  25. Alexis Russell

    I think that, when paired with the lyrics and the MV, the use of a swear word is completely understandable. Moreover, simply the song itself tells a story where vulgarity should be used. Ga-In isn’t sugar coating anything. Like a raw poem or an uncensored picture, there is a message that has to be told without worrying about what rating the video will receive or even if other people judge the song based on word selection . Then again, I am Ga-In biased and appreciate every piece of work she has to offer the public, so maybe I can accept this song entirely for what it is. If the video/song/language offends you, then the video is a success. Rape/Abuse isn’t sexy or pretty. It’s a disturbing thing. It’s a real life scenario men and women suffer through every day. And somebody has to point it out. Because, unlike what Kpop can often suggest, not all love is pure and cute and perfect. Relationships can be toxic, too. This MV, the very song itself, does a good job in creating an example of what the real world is sometimes like without romanticizing the imagery or lyrics.


  27. ALL HAIL GAIN!!!

  28. I love how Ga In isn’t afraid to take on serious issues, or songs with real meaning. I feel like it’s so important that she did this, showing how tragic these situations that hardly ever get any attention are. I really hope it gets reviewed.

  29. Minuit Soleil

    Huge GOT7 fan here i’m really hoping this gets reviewed after Girls Girls Girls (haha the bias in me can’t be quietened) honestly it’s really fantastic it rivals Cleansing Cream and Pray in terms of hard truths and brilliant acting. Hoping Gain can stick to this kind of mature music; it’s actually really gratifying to see that Kpop can be so much more than just shallowness and superficiality.

  30. lol its just a little ironic that shes saying she doesnt want it now then she goes on to say f**k you which is the contradiction of that

    • It’s not ironic at all. If someone tells you “Fuck you” they aren’t saying, “You’re sexy and I want to sleep with you.” They’re telling you to go DIAF.

      • but looking at its literal meaning there are many instances in which a girl might say f**k you and the guys like when, and I’ve seen this more than once, I know what she means, but I;m referring to the literal meaning

        • Julia Franco

          I’m sure the pun is intentional. After all, Ga In was in Psy’s “Mother father gentleman” music video, and we all know the chorus in that was a thinly disguised double entendre.

  31. hapagirl

    I’m happy I wasn’t the only one who picked up on the bad vibes during through the video. I like the song, but because of the video and reading the lyrics, I feel like I shouldn’t. I don’t know how Simon and Martina can talk about this on a KMM, mainly since they do skits and they pull jokes. I am totally down for them having a serious discussion about the song. And kudos to them, the writers, and the company for putting this song out.

    • it’ll be like BEG cleansing cream when they talked about the symbolism and the meaning but unlike that video i didn’t rly like the song or video besides the fact that its addressing serious issues.

    • CeceAvila

      If they do review this, I’m sure Simon and Martina will know to set aside their skits and jokes for it. I’m sure they know there is a time and a place for all that. And just because they usually joke around doesn’t mean that prevents them from doing serious stuff. They’ve done well in the past with serious topics.

    • Julia Franco

      Simon and Martina did a serious (sort of) review for Teen Top’s “No More Perfume on You,” which dealt with infidelity. They might be able to do something similar for “Fxxk U.”
      I’m pretty sure if this wasn’t by Ga In, I would be too disturbed by the subject matter to enjoy the song, but I’m used to her and the rest of BEG doing songs on mature or serious issues, so I was already “prepared” in a sense. The fact that I’m a Ga In fangirl helps, too…

  32. Ga In is a brave and talented woman

    • Julia Franco

      Agreed! There aren’t a lot of women in the K-pop industry who could pull off a concept like this -not that they aren’t just as talented as Ga In, just that most of them don’t go for the dark, mature sexy image. Which is probably a good thing. If every K-pop music video were like “Fxxk U,” K-pop would be a lot less fun and a lot more traumatizing.

  33. Julia Franco

    This is the only K-pop music video I know of that directly addresses rape and emotional abuse and, all things considered, I’d say it dealt with these difficult subjects well. Abuse is typically committed by a person the victim knows, in this case, by a sadistic and emotionally manipulative boyfriend. Ga In’s character desperately wants to trust him, but all she can do is repeat the lies he uses to keep her dependent on him: 1:00 “We love each other,” 2:00 “Don’t worry too much. We’re in love deeply.” These lies are blatantly contradicted by the violent imagery. We see the boyfriend hit (0:50) and physically intimidate (1:12) (1:27) her. Perhaps the most disturbing contrast between his feigned affection and actual cruelty is at 2:25. At first, he seems to be embracing her protectively. A closer look, however, reveals that he’s grabbing her wrist –forcibly restraining her from fighting back. In the shower scene, her illusions are finally and brutally shattered when he rapes her. The blood is a literal result of the rape that doubles as a visual metaphor; the contrast of red against white suggests that what might once have been genuine trust and intimacy has been irrevocably stained. The lack of closure is, I believe, intentional. At 2:49 Ga In’s character says, “This can never really end.” Because for her, it can’t. Even if she leaves her abuser, she will carry psychological and probably physical scars for the rest of her life.

    I’d like to end this on a positive note, but frankly, “Fxxk U” has such a dark concept that I don’t think that’s possible. Thank you, anyone who was willing to read my excessively long analysis. (There was actually a lot more I could have talked about, but I decided this was more than long enough already.) And thank you, Ga In, for yet another excellent song and thought-provoking music video.

  34. TobiCollins

    GAIN sure knows how to spark up a deep discussion from people!
    Seriously great, deliciously dark beginning to her comeback,
    I hope people can see more the grim reality of abusive relationship from this, not to be ignored…

  35. Julia Franco

    I’m going to post an analysis of this MV later, because right now I have studying I really should be doing, but I just wanted to quickly point something out: What’s a synonym for “Bloom”? Flower. What’s the opposite of “Flower”? To deflower, to rape…to “fxxk”. “Fxxk U” is the antithesis song to “Bloom.”

  36. Madeline Bro

    I really love this song. I was expecting the whole “Fxxk You” to be a big tease and the F-word to not even be used. Needless to say, I was shocked when I heard the song, but I really love it. Bumkey is great and I’m really starting to love Ga In.. I should probably check out BEG… I would love to hear the EYK Crew’s opinions about this song! ^.^

    • Julia Franco

      Yes, definitely check out BEG! Their solo works are great, but they’re equally impressive as a group. I recommend “Abracadabra,” “Sixth Sense,” “Sign” (Korean version), and “Cleansing Cream.” “Sixth Sense” and “Cleansing Cream” also have Music Monday reviews.

  37. bigbangfosho

    Definitely one of the heaviest music videos ever. Rape culture, which I’m pretty sure this video is portraying, is something that really has to be addressed. While the song is pretty, I don’t like how the chorus is basically just a curse word. I don’t quite like that, wish she could make a clean version…

    • CeceAvila

      I feel like a clean version would take away from the song. The song is supposed to seem dark and make you feel uneasy. Its a strong word for a strong song/message.

    • Julia Franco

      I don’t like gratuitous swearing in music, but here, the repeated “Fxxk you” didn’t strike me as gratuitous or unnecessary. One of many things I liked about this music video was that Ga In’s character is not portrayed as a completely helpless victim. Rape victims are usually (though certainly not exclusively) women, but this tends to get conflated in the media with the cliche that women are incapable of defending themselves, which leads to a whole array of unfortunate implications. Overemphasizing Ga In’s character defending herself physically could be taken to suggest that women can avoid abuse by fighting back -which is, unfortunately, not always true. Having her verbally defend herself, on the other hand, maintains her image of empowerment while not downplaying the violence she’s experiencing. She’s still victimized, but there’s hope for her not to be completely destroyed by it.

    • …You just watched a video depicting rape, gore and abuse and you’re offended by the word choice???

      • bigbangfosho

        I mean, with the video it makes perfect sense. But if I were to just listen to it on its own, I don’t think I’d appreciate it that much.

        • Julia Franco

          Fair enough. That’s one thing I’ve noticed about a lot of BEG music videos: The songs are great, but the MVs are so amazing and well planned that if I just listen to the songs by themselves, I feel like I’m not getting the full effect.

  38. orlando knight

    Son GaIn has no fxxks to give. i fxxking love her, and puns!

  39. No offense to B1A4 or GOT7 (I like both songs and MVs), but I’d definitely prefer to see this discussed on the first MM of the year. Much more to pick apart and discuss. It’s dark, but quite intriguing.

    • I realized shortly after watching this just exactly who the actor was…and I just finished watching Goong O.O

    • You forgot to add “quite a novelty theme in Kpop” (as far as I know).

      This video, song and concept seem to me to be quite pertinent given the obvious sexual concepts of recent Kpop releases. One thing is to see suggestive choreographies and revealing outfits, another is to deal with how sex, when not understood and addressed properly, can impact on peoples’ lives. I find this approach and concept highly responsible given the current obsession with the theme in the industry as it deals with women as sexual beings rather than as mere sexual objects.

  40. CeceAvila

    Very interesting MV, I like that it has Closed Captioning and you can read them in English. I found it hard to watch and stopped about 30 seconds in but picked it up again. I can’t say I like the song though. It just isn’t doing anything for me, its weird but I think it made it (for me) harder to watch because of it. It would be interesting to see a review on it. Although I have no interest in seeing or hearing the song again. I hope I’m not coming off as too harsh because it is a good MV and interesting song.