Gain – Truth or Dare

  1. aforeverBEGfan

    2 more days to voting… Please continue to vote for this everyone. Don’t give up. Hope for a full KMM on this next week.

  2. aforeverBEGfan

    I really hope EYK will talk more about this. It’s dropping again so PLEASE vote?

  3. aforeverBEGfan

    TOP 4 now! Continue everyone^^ Next week’s KMM please?

  4. Bay Bay Bay

    Love you Gain, you’re class :x

  5. aforeverBEGfan

    Just hoping that if Fxxk U got reviewed, they may talk about this MV too^^ It’s an opportunity not to be missed! This kind of MV is just…

  6. aforeverBEGfan

    I thought this was a really good review on Truth or Dare’s concept^^

    • wow i just thought she took the beat cause it was popular :P good article. but i have to say the fake documentary looked really fake.

      • Julia Franco

        Wasn’t that the point? It’s supposed to look “fake” to demonstrate just how fake and superficial most of the rumors about K-pop idols are.

        • i was talking bad acting i wasnt sure if it was supposed to look like that or not but what you say makes sense.

        • Julia Franco

          Could have been both. I assumed it was supposed to look fake, but Show Luo said he had a hard time talking badly about Ga In, which might have also been a problem for the other people “interviewed.” Though in Show Luo’s case, it could have been a language issue.

    • Julia Franco

      Very insightful review! I’m not familiar with the song “Blurred Lines,” so it was nice to read an explanation of how it ties into “Truth or Dare.”

  7. the concept is very good it reminds me of manyo maash (another song on the charts) but the subtitles are hard to follow
    :( i didn’t like the song very much but im liking gain she is different and she talks about real issues.

  8. Dana

    omg… what a blatant rip off of blurred lines… :O

  9. please review this…and also the FxxK U mv of GaIn…it’s worth discussing. . .!!!!

  10. Narsha Fanboy

    Great to see they included Kwon

  11. This video is so outstanding and awesome. The concept is so different and even has a true outspeaking meaning behind it, which definetly brings up a good discussion. Voted!

  12. aforeverBEGfan

    Start voting for this! This MV is really different from other KPOP MVs. It’s unique, straightforward and bold^^ Who will actually have the guts to bash themselves by releasing such an MV? I do hope EYK will review this to talk about this^^

    • Julia Franco

      I was really impressed by the teaser for “Truth or Dare.” Normally, teasers are a few seconds of the song accompanied by the idol in question looking sexy, but the teaser for “Truth or Dare” was just the opposite. Instead of making Ga In look sexy (is there any time when she doesn’t look sexy?), it referenced every criticism thrown at her -and by doing so, completely undermined such criticisms. The MV built on this even more, and the faux documentary style added a clever, original touch. Plus, there’s a performance version for people who just want to hear the song.

  13. This song is so fun while still talking about a topic worth discussing which is kpop idols and how rumors affect them and their way of living. Plus the fake documentary style is pretty original as far as mvs go.