GD&TOP – High High

  1. lolololol Is it just me or does anyone else notice the obnoxiously obvious body guards….? :D lol

    Regardless this song is definitely a fantastic song to dance around and have some fun to :) <3 you boys<3


  3. Great song but no dancing in it …. fuck it voting anyways.

  4. Anonymous

    I want to be friends with them!!!!,,they are the coolest humans that ever appeared on my computer screenn!!!GD-GD BABY BABY,,TOP TOP TOP!!

  5. I absolutely loooove this song! The MV was an oddity because I rarely see any K-Pop videos with a real and legit club banging scene. It looks like they had some serious fun filming this. :D

    As for the dance I always do the Ghetto Electro part. Gotta love the live performances for this. Seeing GD bounce around up and down the stage and seeing CHOOMTOP stationary is really humorous to me.

    I wish them luck in Japan. GD&TOP HWAITING!

  6. Ahhh I love this song *.* it’s make me feel like “oh yeah, I want to go partying tonight >.<" xDD

  7. Marion De Sousa

    Fashion, fun and energic, GD&TOP are my breath of fresh air of 2011.

    I was dying from impatience to listen Big Bang again. With YG’s perfect marketing plan, GD&TOP’s album came out just before Big Bang’s album.
    But I didn’t expected to like this album more than Big Bang’s album. Especially High High, my favourite song from this album. I was so mesmerized that I bought the album. My first kpop album was GD&TOP! Yes, I know, it’s a good way to start.

    Like always with YG, I was surprised. But I didn’t even imagine they could find a concept like that. We feel that they respect the personalities of the singers and that’s why the result is so unique.

    GD proove us that he’s the most fashionable kpop star ever with his weird hairdo, but also his jewelries and glasses heavier and bigger than him.
    TOP proove us that he doesn’t need to do anything to be sexy. That’s just a fact!!
    And together, the the talented duet succeed to create an electrifying harmony.

    I love GD&TOP “Like A Man”! No, not really !??!!

    Vive GD&TOP


  8. When ever I see this video. All I see is swag and a party that I missed. And the party that I should had been to.

  9. ohhh.. another fave MV yay!!
    I love to see GD&TOP so playful here and just being themselves, partying around and dancing with unique outfits and hairstyles…
    LOVE IT !!!

  10. Dear Simon and Martina,
    You guys are awesome.


    Btw did I mention that you guys are awesome?

  11. hin lee Cho

    this is really a good disco song which brings me into bigbang!!

  12. Anonymous

    This! G-H-E-T-T-O E-L-E-C-T-R-O!

  13. this song got me so high high! and i was singing this on the plane on the way home to phil! yeah i was so high high! love gd and top!

  14. Anonymous

    badass mofos!!!!

  15. wendy cho


  16. Shuffle*Shuffle*shuffle- Best song to try and shuffle along to – like a penguin.

  17. This is a BIGBANG party for you all.. GTOP rock the partying scene in Korea fosho’ :)

  18. This is the BEST PARTY SONG EVAH!

    I love it so bad that I made the mv my 21st bday party’s theme ^_^We had sailor hats and a piñata with the bunny logo!! I filled it up with glowsticks and stuff
    …and then we beat the crap out of it and partied till death U_U
    It was awesome! :’D

  19. I like this song.. Cus it makes u wanna stand up and dance/jump like there is no tomorrow!! 

    I’M SO HIGH!! 
    Esp.. When they do live performance.. The aeroplane dance.. 

  20. i laugh at myself when i hear this song >.< it's cause i think i'm the only one that hears a drug reference when i hear the chorus "high high…i'm so high"

    but the mv always makes me wonder if going to a club with big bang would look like this.