Geeks – Officially Missing You Too

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  1. I wish I could draw as well as the guy in the beginning. lol. Omo! Was that P.O and Zico??? <3 I checked this video out because of the artists/ groups name. I thought Geeks was the coolest name! Though I know nothing about her/ them? ^^;

  2. iloveminhyun

    IT’S BLOCK B <3
    When I saw them, I instantly clicked 'like' XD

  3. Can fans tell me who’s who?
    I’ve never heard of them, but with a name like “Geeks,” there is almost no way I could possibly hate them.

  4. i liked the video but i wish soyou was in there :( but good song :D

  5. this should have more votes :(

  6. come on vote vote ( do this for sister soyou )