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GI – Beatles

  1. We need to review another girl group for Simon’s sake..

  2. Such a refreshing look for a girl group. I could do with less autotune though…I have heard their live stuff and it sounds perfectly fine without the autotune!

  3. These girls deserve to be reviewed!!

  4. a seguir comentando!! se que alguna persona que habla español esta por aquí y le gustaría, igual que a mi, que este video estuviera en KMM!!

  5. Stiiilllll wanting a review for these wonderful ladies! :)

  6. Poor GI…it slipped to fourth, hopefully it’ll rise back to third place so it’ll be considered for KMM!! I want this song to be reviewed so bad…even if I am a YG stag…people want their bias to be considered before the unpopular groups and I’m kinda sick of it. This song is still fresh in my memory (though I’ll never do the dance) and though I’m not a huge fan of autotone, it fits perfectly within the song. Come on Icons lets try to get it back in third place LETS MOVE MOUNTAINS!!!

  7. wow we are still in the top3

  8. I hope this get reviewed. I really want them to review MichiGo too but GI was here first! I’m pretty sure G-Dragon can stay there over a month.

  9. BestAbsoluteBabyMonae

    I don’t want to be called Joe >.< Oh oh, I wonder what our fan club color will be and cheering stick will be. Maybe it will be a skull!!! And since they used neon color maybe neon green, or neon pink ^_^

  10. GI’s MV should win! Why?!?!
    1) SimonandMartina wanted to review groups that aren’t as popular now.
    2) People are biased on groups, but not the songs
    3) GI are really cool and are really cool tomboys.

  11. I’m dying to learn this dance. So fierce!
    I actually really like the autotune, as it gives the song an almost robotic feel. It sounds like a didgeridoo learned to sing, kind of. … :/ okay that sounds weird. But I love folk music, and the drone is an important part of folk music. I feel like the autotuned notes give a slight drone feel to the music, and that reminds me of the folk music I love. Heh.
    OneKet is seriously sexy, btw. *grabby hands*

  12. <3 Gi !!!!

  13. i love the song, the dance, the power they have!!!

  14. este video tiene que subir!!!! me encanta la canción y el baile y que no es un grupo todo nena!! xD

  15. I see that this song is “arailable” on iTunes. Does that mean this song will help prevent me from falling down the stairs?

  16. Ok, ok, ok. WE CAN DO THIS, FANS! Let’s rally! We can get them on top for ONE MORE WEEK. Don’t give up! Let’s support our girls!

  17. Loving the tough sexy thing going on. I wish their raps were a bit sharper, but there’s time for that. I like the simple beat and the bass rocks!

  18. I like the song actually after listening to it a few times. And the girls look stunning. I’d really like this to be reviewed

  19. aw darn, we were close to getting it reviewed, now it’s at #4 :( i wanted it to be reviewed so bad. i swear it was #1 last week. now it’s #4.. ITS SUCH A AWESOME SONG!!!

  20. Nooooooo! keep it in the top 3!

  21. I really love this song! The beat and hook are so catchy! I’ve been singing this when I’m doing my housework and watching the video whenever I can. I have one small complaint – I wish there wasn’t so much auto toning of there voices – but it’s a catchy Kpop song and not going to learn Korean from this song. I would like to hear GI singing naturally, so to speak.

  22. I’m not usually into these kinds of songs (especially songs with autotune and this one has a heck load of it) but I’m digging it. Especially the hum hahaha

  23. Umm…We need to get this song a review! It seems like the last 5 hours for voting each week push some random song up to number 1, which has been knocking this out of contention =/

  24. C’mon, everyone. We can do it. top 3

  25. Simon and Martina, PLEEEEASE I’m begging you! The whole world will be talking about PSY’s Gentleman for AGES. Let’s even out the playing field a teeny tiny bit, eh? Review GI!! DOOOO IT!

  26. OK I love simon and Martina… but I really want this to win!! I’m not the only one right??

  27. GI NUMBER ONE !!!!!!!!!!! COME ONE WE CAN DO IT !!!!

  28. Guys, i must leave you – Love Actually has me dying from laughter, and I want to see Simon’s hairychest (wait, that sounds wrong…)
    anyways, I shall be back for the next GI song (which will hopefully be less autotuned, and still be spunky).

  29. What else can I do to get them #1? Vote, comment, and. . . is it like on facebook?

  30. If Psy’s video was taken away from the number 1 spot GI would still be in the top 3. Sigh. I was really hoping they would review this one

  31. This is what I wrote for allkpop’s GI autographed CD giveaway. Sadly, I did not win, but hopefully, it will still be reviewed for Kpop Music Mondays. Let’s get it back to number one, everyone!

    “I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS MV!!! :D. I’ve been playing it nonstop all the time. This song and group debuted at a very good time because I was feeling down and this MV picked me right up. I hope there isn’t a character limit for these comments
    because I have so much to say.

    I really love the song, music video, concept, and group. The choreography has TONS of swag. The beat is contagious; I was dancing and jamming the first time I heard the song (it was during lunchtime at school, so it was really awkward, but I didn’t
    care; I was feelin’ it!). The MV just adds to the song’s EPICNESS because of their amazing outfits, strong energy while dancing, the striking visual effects, and their charismatic facial expressions (especially A RAM’s when she’s singing the first part of the second verse and eating the green cereal). They look completely comfortable in front of the camera due to their natural swag and confidence, which is something I admire in artists especially because I am a performer myself. The colors really added to the wow-factor and fierceness of the MV.

    I love every part of the song. The intro is captivating and fierce. The C# and E natural (sorry music geek over here) hums in the beginning and during the chorus are sohypnotizing as they build up to the awesome chorus. The rap verses are fresh and fast paced but also countered by the slower, R&B part of the verses. I love this contrast and think that it adds to the song and group’s diversity.

    It’s about time a girl group like this debuted because they bring something fresh and new to the K-pop world that is lacking right now. I really like their concept that women can make successful music through their talent because I am all about the feminism (even though I’m a dude). It is so empowering to girls all over the world to have cool role models like these “Global Icons”…hehe puns. :D Yet, they are still very pretty rocking their own unique style. I hope they stick to this style because if they continue to make music like this, GI will definitely become my favorite girl group really soon. In addition to the sick beat, I really like the song’s message to just enjoy the beat (which I did) because fans often like to compare new groups with other artists, but in the end, the only thing that matters is the quality of the music, and that’s all we fans should be looking for. I’m telling all of my other K-pop friends to check out GI.

    I am looking forward to enjoying their music some more and being able to remember this awesome debut of a group that truly embodies the Kpop idol spirit of strong, confident, and independent role models. GI has really made a fan out of me, and I look forward to see them shoot to stardom in the future. Great debut, GLOBAL ICON!! :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3"

    Muchas gracias de Hawaii

  32. I really would like this to be reviewed. :D

  33. This song is stuck in my head, i really like the humming part! haha this song is just catchy! i’m already in love with G.I

  34. Let’s keep GI in the top three!

  35. I’m really impressed with how long this video has stayed up in the top three or four. You guys are awesome! I was impressed by this group when I watched the video and think it would be great if S&M get to review it. Keep up the good work!

  36. Love this song (have it on replay) and the choreography is pretty cool.

  37. We can get this back up in first place! Right, guise??

  38. I’m a bit sad that GI’s ‘Beatles’ did not get reviewed. I mean it’s Psy he would be first on the charts no matter what. But now we might never have a reviewed GI video…..o n o (Still love Psy.)

  39. And this is the reason why girl bands don’t get chosen… Just because PSY (or a huge star) decides to drop his M/V in at the last second. It really is unfair.. :( I want to sit in the corner and sulk because it’s so depressing… I don’t think S&M will ever do KMM on a rookie group. *sulking*

    • Or apparently ANY member of SS501 (even though Sengies video was in the top three for 3 weeks)

    • they’ve only reviewed PSY once before, and it was just before he really exploded on Youtube. and it’s not really S&M’s fault if they can’t review a rookie group – rookies usually don’t have a large enough fanbase to get them into the top spot.
      Still, let’s hope the next GI song will be reviewed if this one doesn’t ^^

  40. Ah well, here we go again. One more week, guys!! (There isn’t any other big song coming out this next week is there?)

  41. I’m disappointed too. But rather than saying bad things, lets just keep voting and see if it can get reviewed next week.

  42. Okay, I know S&M don’t like it when we talk about what they DIDN’T do, but… seriously, PSY couldn’t wait a week? “Gentleman” snuck in there like 20- minutes before the midnight cut off, and it was somehow urgent enough to forego reviewing one of the most interesting girl group debuts in a long time? Maybe they were just more inspired by PSY than by GI, but really, considering what they decided they wanted to do with a PSY music monday, I think they would have benefited from a whole week to prepare, instead of 2 days. And in the meantime, GI could have gotten a bit of well-deserved attention. I’m just saying…

    • I can see where you’re coming from and, believe me, I wanted GI reviewed as well (just look up my comments, I’ve been rooting for them for a while now). But I want to stand up for their decision because I really do think I understand. You see, since Gentleman really did *just* come out, no one has made any parody videos about it yet (I think) so they wanted to get their foot in the door. Also, since it just came out, there are more people hyped up about it and more people who want to know what they think of it right now.

      Plus, they looked really excited to do it. So, yeah, it totally stinks that GI didn’t make it, but there is always the chance that we can keep them in the top three for another week! I mean, I didn’t think we’d get them to the top three to begin with, so this is already a huge accomplishment! :) We might as well see if we can keep them up in the top for one more week!

  43. I give up already. S&M will review Psy no matter how much we vote for something else. This new KMM voting process sucks

    • Don’t give up. I think their new system is pretty good since it means they won’t be forced to review something that they really hate. Besides, even if we had the old system, GI still wouldn’t be picked because Psy was voted to the top as soon as his song came out. This isn’t a matter of there being a problem with the system. We can still vote for GI and try to keep them in the top three. :) Try to stay positive!

      • Sorry but, I just spent 4 weeks trying to get Heo youngsaengs ‘the art of seduction’ a KMM. This isn’t a poll anymore. S&M tell people to vote for the video they want to do and as soon as it hits the top 3 they review it (which it does because they blog, tweet, FB and everything else a video so the votes increase.) That’s why I suggested they rotate and do 1 by popular vote and 1 that S&M wants to do so that everyone can feel like they can get a video they like reviewed. There IS a problem with the system

        • unfortunately, no system is perfect, because there will always be someone who feels like it doesn’t cater to their wants. TBH, i wouldn’t think of it as a new system – it’s really the old system, but if a song gets to first place and they don’t fell ilnspired to review it, they can pick another from the top 3.
          *hugs* i was disappointed with HYS not getting reviewed as well… well, disappointment is the best cure for expectation, as my dad says. So I stopped voting for a week, and I felt better (don’t know if that helps you, but sometimes a break is a good thing)

  44. yanagiba yusuke22

    s&m already gv hint for psy kmm this week… :(

  45. So I’ve noticed that the song in the mv is a different version than the one they use for lives. I mean, when Oneket raps in the mv Aram doesn’t do her adlibs and then long note but on stage she does. I like the one were Aram adds her bit in better- does anyone know, if I buy the song off of iTunes which one’d get?

  46. another nice drawing….I love it too!

  47. They posted this drawing in their fanpage….I love it!

  48. we need to start voting again, people….we are no longer in the top 3. Don’t forget to vote every day.

    • comments are better – each worth a point, and you can post as many as you want provided you are on topic. you can only vote once a day, so that’s only one point a day

      • Comments count as votes? (I’m really unclear on where all the votes come from)

        • if you look at the top of the page under ‘Vote and Share your video to victory’, it says First Timer and there’s a little drop down menu explaining how each action leads to points, which determine how the videos are ranked – comments, votes and twitter are worth one point each, however you can only vote once a day. Facebook and G+ are 4 points each, but I’m not sure if you can do them more than once (ask the mods). Views also contribute to the number of points, but I’m a little unclear about how they do so.

        • kitten_lilac

          Oh! Cool! Thanks so much for the information! I’ll check out now :)

  49. like it :D

  50. Review GI please, psy can wait another week.

  51. can’t be sure so i’m still voting

  52. yanagiba yusuke22

    i also hoping KMM this week s&m should gv a chance for other mv b4 psy… be fair to other mv that not hv other chance aftr this week plzzz

  53. I really want GI to be reviewed but it’s probably going to be Psy…

  54. I’ll vote for u girls every day <3

  55. My respect to this rookies!!!

  56. Simon and martina please please !!! review GI this week, we all know that gentleman can easily make till next week while GI no, so please just review beatles now T.T
    btw, psy’s new song is awesome too

  57. I’m new to EYK and KMM. My two cents: this group is awesome because FINALLY I can like a girls group that actually looks like me! I hope they keep up their image and are not afraid to push the envelope even farther. Piercings are cool and tattoos even better! My guess is there are many an androgynous/tomboyish girl out there who looks at the many kpop girl groups in the industry and don’t see themselves reflected. Whoever came up with the idea for GI is a genious. They can carve themselves a niche in the market and build their image without fear from other kpop girl groups. And if they are censored in Korea, they can always come to the US where there’s actually freedom of expression. Just sayin…

    • Blueberries

      I don’t think they will be cencored cause usually too sexy mv’s are being cencored in Korea. But I wonder if they will be liked in Korea since Korea likes cutesy and G.I is the opposite.

  58. I really love the styling in this MV. It looks like stuff that I would actually wear unlike most of the outfits in Kpop xD

  59. psy can wait another week-_-”

  60. I’ve actually been a fan of Sim Tong for over a month, because of Tritops. When this video came out, I had no idea that anyone even knew about it (remember, the next most watched vid on their channel had around 35k views at that point).

    I even considered submitting it to the indie chart, despite the fact that isn’t you, know, actually indie music?

    I know PSY is going to crush everything forever, and Jay Park swept at the last minute. But whatever the KMM result is, I’m just glad it got this far. It’s a great song, and the dance is so much better than the standard girl group LOOK AT HOW SEXY I AM dances.

    Whatever happens, I’m happy it got this far, really.

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      s&m dont really like jay park new song tho… it might be other group from top 3 to be reviewed

    • Blueberries

      I think that everybody was intrested to see “tomboy girl group” and thus it has many fans already.. especially in international fanbase. I found about them in allkpop and probaply many others found about them there too :)

      We should try stick around here at least for another week and try to keep GI in top 3. Maybe S&M will pick them then since they are both girls and rookies who haven’t been reviewed yet and also they are introducing completely new style for girl group.

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        since psy no 1 in the chart, i think other group chance to be reviewed r blurrr…. so sad… but i prefer psy to be reviewed another week…this week gv chance to this group mayb….(sorry,…im didnt like jaypark new song)

    • Do you have a favourite from the girls?

      • I don’t know them very well, but their style is a great change from many rookie girl groups, and some girl groups who have been around for a while. I really hope they keep up their unique style in more of their music! Loving it!

        • I’ve never become a fan of a girlgroup this fast.

        • Venecochick09

          I become a fan of a girl group really fast of 2ne1, but I never voted and was that involved for a girl rookie group like the way I am now….GI has this effect on me.

  61. Let’s talk about our favourite bits of the video. If you have several, please leave more than one comment. :)

    • OneKet sitting in the chair with the electric razor is the first image that comes to my mind when I think about the video. It’s both ridiculous and fierce.


  63. Ah crap, i already voted and shared and they were pipped to the post at the last second, and there is only one vote for the day, even if i share it more it wont make a difference right? Hope they get picked none the less, its really rare a rookie gets picked first time and a girl group at that, they fought a good fight though they still have more votes to their name

  64. yanagiba yusuke22

    will this mv will be reviewd? next week i bet psy will be reviewed… s&m…you should prepare the script fir KMM psy from now on…

    • Not to be cynical, and God knows I’m a huge fan of EYK (been watching for YEARS), but I’m pretty sure that the second biggest reason they switched to this “out of the top three” model is so that they will have more time to script, film, and edit KMM.

      I mean, they should know days in advance now (and in this case weeks in advance) what they’re going to do for KMM, and if they aren’t using that extra time to script/film/edit, it would just be a waste, you know?

  65. Now would be a good time to share the video on fb or google+ if you still haven’t!

    To keep it relevant: That’s some weirdly designed house they’re dancing in.

    • i already did come one guys !!

    • I definitely think anybody sharing this should also link to the dance MV: in their comments — despite its horrible Vaseline filter — because it does a much better job of showing off the “Tomboy Band” concept than either the MV itself or even their live stage (the MBC camera work being dizzying and not at all focused on what is really a great boy-group-style dance).

      Of the MBC stage, though, I will say that I had no idea how much English was in this song until I saw the subtitles – and that usually isn’t a problem for me. The English is just God-awful (in a memorable way?). Simon is going to just pass out during the English section. :)

  66. More fairly random observations
    - AIs t-shirt says “2002 NCAA National Champions Texas”
    - in the same shots OneKets shirt says “Sturgis 2004″ (It’s apparently the name of a motorcycle rally)
    - I didn’t notice until watching the making of clip, that the video had a dog in it! I’m still not sure whether you can actually see it in the final product though.

  67. I can’t believe it’s already the second time this year that I find something written in german on the background of a kpop video. :D

    I’ll post a screencap of it as soon as I’ll get on my laptop. ;)

  68. Please give them a chance :)

  69. Aha you know what it is
    Attention Attention
    Ha you ready? Leggo

  70. we have 5 hours to vote

  71. GI i love them !!!!!

  72. We need to support these girls, they are very talented, unique and charismatic and hardworking. These girls need to be known.

  73. i’m curious who will they choose…but they said they liked jay park’s;A;

    • Yes but also Simon was kind of confused about Jay park for being like a bad ass ( eat a d*ck) in his lat MV an then being really sweet in this one. He doesn’t get it

      • I dont think he liked Jay Park’s concept …..I just hope they like GI better

        • I don’t think it’s about which song or video they like better. But which would make a funnier KMM, as it should be. :)

        • So I won’t be butthurt if GI doesn’t get picked BUT if they don’t, the KMM had better be really really funny. >_>

        • Venecochick09

          It’s gonna be Psy “gentleman” the video is out already

    • They changed the way MVs get picked for KMM so they could review more girl groups. So I really hope they pick GI

    • They actually said a lot about Jay Park’s video. Normally when they’re sure they’re going to do a KMM, they don’t talk much about the song. Their chart update for Beatles actually had almost nothing specific to do with the song — except for mentioning the comparison conflict in passing, and commenting on the obvious (autotune, the dance being a dance and not a clothed striptease, etc.)

      I feel like there’s a lot more to talk about here — and a lot of jokes to be made, honestly, playing on the comparisons with other groups, for example.

      Plus, they have an established love for smaller companies, and Sim Tong definitely qualifes. There’s a good chance!

  74. Global Icon !!!!

  75. Love GI love K-POP !!!! <3

  76. Simon and Martina need to review this awesome song !!!!

  77. love GI <3 !!!!

  78. I think GI’s fanclub name should be Icons…. just saying :D

  79. I love them so much! They even did a cover of block b <3 agh I love each and every one of them

  80. guys if this doesnt win this week then we wont ever hear a KMM about them, Psy will win next week so lets VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  81. poor Gi, only second place now :`(


  83. I really like this group. I hope this one beats out Jay Park’s song… It’d be nice for rookies to actually be featured on Kpop Music Mondays.

  84. I would love to see this reviewed! :D

  85. the chorus is nice but the song doesn’t make much sense!

  86. LADY BAP !!!!! (that a compliment)

  87. omg they are so good at dancing n the song is so addicting

  88. yea we need more girls like this

  89. OMG, this actually pretty good.

  90. I like this group, and I don’t say that much with girls. I just really hope they can keep up the concept.

    I have a feeling this will be like B.A.P all over again. When they stick to it, people complain and when they change and show they can do something else then people will still complain.

    Anyway, I look forward to their future.

  91. My semi-serious proposal for fan name:

    GIFs (Global Icon Fans)
    This would allow us to keep it non-gender-specific and be as inclusive as possible. Plus, it would encourage us to make kick-ass GIFs, right?

    More than anything else, I’m hoping we can come up with something better than Joes. Please help us top that one before it sticks!

  92. u girls are the best!! best debut song ever :)

  93. FANCAM] 130406 – GI @ iTVFM Public Broadcasting$

  94. I really love this sort of style for a girl group! GI has some potential, but the one downside to this is autotune. Personally, I would enjoy this group a lot more if autotune was not used in their songs.

  95. We over on the akp GI thread think we should be “GIJones” (GI Joe + GI Jane = GIJones)

  96. GI fighting!!

  97. I actually love this song.

  98. Absolutely love the song, not so much the video, but I still think it should be reviewed!!
    These girls’ style is just AWESOME!! <3

  99. Observations:
    - It says “winner” in HaYuns boxing gloves.
    -The fabric of HaYuns robe is the same as what they’ve used to tie the eyes of the girls sitting behind the table with ARam. (yikes, monster of a sentence)

  100. ahh hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. (hey hey hey)
    hahaha. you just can never get ‘nough of that. uh-huh :)

  101. This girls are cooooool <3

  102. who’s the girl with deep purple hair?

  103. The girls of GI are super nice, had a great fan chat with them last nite <3

  104. No offence but this video kinda reminds me of B.A.P…The skull really remind me of their Warrior MV and No Mercy…

  105. Like the song hope S&M will review!

  106. I’m very intrigued by this group and video. They showed elements in this video that seemed to have stemmed from what was best or trending in kpop. I see elements borrowed from GG’s “I Got A Boy”, 2NE1′s “Ugly”, Big Bang, SHINee, and what not. It’s a very interesting mix and I wanna see what S&M think about this video.

  107. Hey guys let’s keep this going and try to comment more….so I have a question to ask what member of GI do you think has more SWAG?




    AI –


    My bias is ARam, but I definitely think that Oneket is a badass….that girl has Swag for days.

  108. I listen to this whenever I need to get motivated to do some more studying. ^^


  110. these gurls are really good dancers…..Here is a practice dance video

    • You beat me to it! :D Just noticed it myself.

      • lol They are pretty good right?

        • I abso-fricking-lutely love dance practice videos! Since the idols don’t look so polished in them you get to see more of the “raw” talent. And I agree with the comments on youtube about how they should dance in sneakers when on music programs. Raises the level of swagger conciderably.

        • Venecochick09

          I didn’t know that onekat (I always forget how to write her name for some reason)….she was their instructor no wonder they have a good choreography

        • Venecochick09

          who is your bias?

        • My initial reaction to GI was that I probably would have eyes for no one except Oneket, but I was wrong. >_<
          Aram is definitely my bias. I like that she said she's always been tomboyish. She's got so much charisma and her voice, especially in that K-poppin' interview. Also I find her extremely beautiful. I think if I met someone like her in real life my legs would go wobbly.

        • Venecochick09

          Aram was always the one who caught my attention from the start….she is very pretty she has nice features and her voice is amazing. Yes she seems to be a little more tomboyish than the other members? she said that right? But my second bias would be oneket cuz that gurl is too cool for school :)

        • I’d like to be like Oneket, but I’m swooning over Aram. x)

        • Nice features like her dark eyebrows. :) What did you think about them dying them blue?

        • Venecochick09

          oh I didn’t like that though….did you see Psy is #1.his video has been out for a couple of hours and its on top of the kpop music monday charts already

        • I don’t think Psy was #1 midnight Korean time. It was 20 minutes past though.
          I too like her more with dark eyebrows.

        • I’m hunting down that interview right now

        • I linked it somewhere on this thread. But you can find it and the translation on their tumblr.

        • And the show was K-poppin on arirang radio.

    • I love how they’re so talented and well-rehearsed, I want them to do really well <3

  111. Does anyone else think that 2 of the girls namely aram and oneket (i got biases already, and i havent heard them speak) are mixed? They looked mixed to me, and considering they are called global icon, it might be possible?

    • I don’t think they are. Oneket might look that way ’cause her skin is tanned. She said growing up she was bullied over it. If by chance they are mixed, their family background would probably not be from an english speaking country ’cause none of them are fluent in it.

  112. How come everytime i share a vid i.e. Once on twitter and once on facebook the vote counter went down?

  113. I didn’t realize autotune was still so popular….

    Pretty awestruck.

    • Awestruck… In a good way or a bad way?
      I don’t like the autotune, but I’ve decided autotune and I can coexist without getting violent with each other. :D

      • I’m just awestruck that a rookie that is highly autotuned is going to beat artists that have been at it longer and are actually singing.

        It has been too overdone for me, I can only handle minimal amounts in songs still. And this is by no means minimal. I like the beat but I can’t listen to THAT much autotune and still enjoy it.

        • That’s quite fair. It’s a shame their voices have been concealed under that much autotune. I think they can really sing though, based on their live performances and a few songs they sang live in a radio show. I wish I could fast forward a bit to hear if their next song will have less of it.

        • Venecochick09

          you have to listen to them live….you might like them. They sound a lot better, you’ll be surprised of how different they sound from their “beatles” recording single . It has a lot less autotune and plus these gurls know how to dance.

  114. A question for everybody, how do you like the outfit choices? Like the shiny pants, the huge amounts of accecories and so on?

  115. i might be too influenced by yge.. but they look like a cross between g-dragon and 2ne1. at least visuals + dance moves wise. catchy music tho. i’m hooked.

  116. Come on guys.. GI is AWESOME!!!! *_* <333333333333333333333!!

  117. This group is one of the coolest I have ever seen because everything in this song is awesome like the dance moves and the wardrobe. The rhythm of the song is cool. They are a real BADASS GROUP. I really like how everyone looks in the group, great vocals and cool rappers. I like the fact that the group is not like the other girl groups.
    I can’t wait for their new song :) LOVEEEEEE THEMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. i really love this song, i hope they release an album soon

  119. They’re number now! =D

  120. I..kvetch…them…so..much°-° <3

  121. I have to say, I’m really diggin this group and this song. It might have a bit too much autotune but i heard them do it live without it and they still sound awesome. Looking forward to more from them =]

  122. GO GO GO GO GI !!!

  123. hope they stay number 1 until monday.

  124. Love their live performance as well! :D

  125. I really liked their last performance at the show champion…..


    check it out

  126. This song and dance is so awesome and the girls are tough enough to give it attitude. so good..

  127. omg PLEASEEEE may this get reviewed!!! they’re such an awesome group! they were soooo great live as well, but they didn’t get to be on inkigayo last week… i’m assuming because they’re from a small company. anyway, love love love this song, love the girls, thought that it could have been just a LITTLE more tougher (like how B.A.P. went all out with warrior) but still great nonetheless!!! love oneket and aram (DAMN THAT MONROE PIERCING IS HOT. don’t think i’ve seen it on any girl in kpop before!!!!) <3

    • I -live- for that piercing, hopefully she’ll kickstart a trend *-*

      • Hmm… could happen. :)
        Especially considering Aram’s got so much charisma. (Who wouldn’t want to be like her?) Or I don’t know, it might be just my beginnings-of-a-bias talking here. ^-^”

        • i think jiyoon from 4minute would totally rock a monroe piercing! ^^ anyway i’m totally going gaga over ONEKET!!!!! soooooo hot!!! and so pretty and she choreographed the dance! i REALLY REALLY hope they get reviewed so that it would bring GI a greater audience, and especially an international one! they really seem like the kind of group that would be so much more appreciated overseas, and getting a music monday review would be so good for them… -fingers crossed-

        • Omg, I love that you mentioned Jiyoon! She’s so freacking cool and hot and yes, she would totally rock that piercing. Oneket is cool in the sort of way I only wish I could be. I was pretty excited though that I kinda sorta have similar hair to hers. ♥_♥ My bangs are currently purple though.

        • haha you like jiyoon too?? 4minute was my introduction into kpop (back when they released cool songs like Huh and Muzik and IMMM) and jiyoon was my FIRST kpop bias! shes so hot!!!!! GI is like jiyoon times four plus oneket and i mean that in the best way possible because i freaking love Jiyoon and GI!! haha. wow so you have a shaved head like oneket!? thats awesome!!! and very ballsy! your hair sounds like the love child of oneket and aram ^^

        • “your hair sounds like the love child of oneket and aram” *^_^* Wow thanks, you’re making me blush here. It’s not as short as Onekets. (That reminds me, I need to get a haircut.) But I was actually recently planning to change my colour from purple to turqoise before I ever heard of GI. That’s one of the reasons I was so extatic when I saw her look.
          Finally a whole group of idol girls whose looks I can relate to! I mean there have been a few like Jiyoon and Miryo but not nearly enough!

          I sorta got into Jiyoon first and that led me to liking 4minute. ^^”

          Man it takes me twice as long to do anything whenever I use this site with my phone. /silent rage

        • I had no idea Oneket choreographed that dance, that is so cool D: slowly falling into the depths of the bias pit

        • ikr!!!! she won a wacking dance competition before which is totally mindblowing! gahhh she’s so hot and pretty and her voice is so sexy. she actually looks more Hong Kong-ish to me than Korean… cos her eyes are so big and her face is so sharp and she has the perfect chocolate skin. anyway i really really hope this group goes somewhere cos i needta see more of them and oneket!!!!!

  128. GI is my favorite girl group now <3 been listening to beatles every day~

  129. A couple of thoughts occur.

    First, I love that they have been vocal about not having a leader. It’s a small thing, but I find it significant. It makes them seem progressive among their peers. Well, even more progressive, I guess; their concept is already doing that pretty well already.

    Secondly, I wish they’d debuted with a mini-album, because now I just want MORE. Does anyone know if they’ve said when they might release more material?

  130. Here’s a translation of the lyrics. I picked it up from

    * Enjoy the beat, there’s not much to it so just enjoy this beat
    From the bottom to the top, enjoy the beat
    Beat, beat, beat, enjoy the beat
    Enjoy the beat, there’s not much to it so just enjoy this beat
    From the bottom to the top, enjoy the beat
    Beat, beat, beat, enjoy the beat

    You always do the same thing so you’re just stuck there
    You’re just stuck there with an eye smile
    Till when are you gonna live like that?
    That’s enough now, do you want me to punish you?

    ** More than anyone else, I move to the groove of my own style
    Move and move alright, alright, alright
    Turn it up, turn the volume up louder
    Hey more better more, a move and move

    *** I only know how to sing so I won’t do anything fake
    I’m different from you guys so I won’t do anything fake
    In your obviously fake eyes, I see everything – I want the real stuff

    * Repeat

    G.G.G.G.I – your heart follows me
    However you want, hey, however you feel, play
    Confidently say, ah ah yeah

    It’s okay if you’re not good, just be confident
    There’s no need to be timid, everything’s OK
    I’ve been waiting – rather than words, I’ll take action
    I’ll be killing it so just wait, fake

    ** Repeat

    *** Repeat

    * Repeat

    Tell me everything inside your head (tell me)
    Take out everything that you’ve been hiding in your heart (take it all out)
    I make sales from my songs so I won’t do anything fake (won’t do anything fake)

    * Repeat

    cr: popgasa

    • Does anyone else find that last part a bit funny/weird? “I make sales from my songs so I won’t do anything fake”

      • I don’t think it is translated correctly, i looses something in translation, i think “I make a living from my music, so i want be a fake” is more what the lyrics are trying to say.

        • Thanks for clearing that up! It definitely sounds a lot better, but did you mean “I make a living from my music, so I don’t want to be a fake”? ‘Cause it would -again- sound strange to me if they sang that they want to be fake. :)

        • Oops typo, Won’t not Want.

  131. DAVIDPD

    This will be next week’s Music Monday. I promise.

  132. I really hope this will stay on top till next music mondays >.<

  133. holy balls I love this song, and dance and the outfits, only complaint . . .gah with the lens flare!

  134. That “Hu-mmmmmmmmmmm” is so catchy!!

  135. This song is great and I already have the hugest girl crush on Aram and a much more subtle one on OneKet. It’s refreshing and the concept is fun <3

  136. wow is amazing i love <3 ONE ,A RAM , AI, EUN JI AND HANJU I LOVE GI ¡¡¡¡¡

  137. Let’s keep this number one for next week, everyone!

  138. Isabel Ruby

    oh wow put my headphones on and DAAAAAYYYYUUUUM. that “ha-uummmmm” is so amazing *¬*

  139. great dancing, and love how the dancing is actual legit dancing and not hip thrusting!

  140. lol, someone stole Spudy’s hair again!

  141. GI has to be my favorite girl group now! I’m a picky person when it comes to picking my fav girl groups cuz they all have the same image as cutesy/sexy/girly they never had a tom boyish girl group! And 2ne1 is not even close in my opinion! 2ne1 is a nice group but theyre more on the cutesy side rather than tom boy! GI’s dancing is flawless as well because of the moves that doesn’t lean in as sexual or cutesy! The beat of their new song is groovy as well!

  142. lets keep at #1! its rare for EYK to do a KMM on a Debut so lets get it to happen! GI FTW

  143. We’re #1! Keep sharing the love and help keep this at the top! Let’s go, Gastrointestinals! (I’m sure someone can come up with a better fan name, but I just watched the K. Will KMM, and you’ll forgive me for having the GI tract on the mind.)

  144. I love this song so much! I must say, imo, this is the best rookie girl group debut out so far!

  145. These girls are awesome the video is super cool a little low budget but that to be expected from a new group, but there dancing are on point and they do have (SWAG) even thou I hate that word but they have it.

  146. i love this group !!

  147. yanagiba yusuke22

    wow… high rating for rookie

  148. The fact that the scene at 1:01-1:06 and 2:11-2:16 are EXACTLY THE SAME really bothers me.
    Couldn’t they have found one other good shot?
    Not really feeling this group :(

    • O_o You’re right! And that’s quite embarrassing. Deserves a facepalm or three.
      I don’t personally find the video that great on the whole and I intentionally overlook a lot since it’s their first. But I like the dance, the look and the attitude and I am completely hooked on the song.

  149. Refreshing, I like them a lot. It’s like BAP met 2NE1 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!

    • I don’t see the resemblance with bAP at all…I think GI have their style

      • I actually keep finding things that remind me more of Big Bang and GD. So I was really surprised when Martina compared them to B.A.P. Then again I don’t follow B.A.P that closely.

        • Venecochick09

          I read an interview when they said that they are really inspired by Big Bang they pretty much listen to Big Bang all the time, so they are more inspired by them not B.A.P

        • I believe in that same interview when asked who they would like to collaborate with, Ai said Big Bang and B.A.P. It’s pretty unlikely that those kinds of collabs would happen anytime soon but either of them would make a great combo, don’t you think?

        • Venecochick09

          I personally like them more with Big Bang cuz I totally see a little bit of their influence in them…but yeah I don’t think a collaboration is gonna happen anytime soon….But who knows you never know? They are doing pretty good for a rookie group

        • For the record I’d also vote for a collab with Block B. Of even just Zico.
          Omg Oneket and Zico in a same song/video/room. O_O I will admit that I’m slightly drooling at the thought.

        • Venecochick09

          Yes…. Block B would be cool and even possible. Zico has collaborated with a lot of artists and one of the member of Block B collaborated or produce (not sure) another rookie group “delight” have you heard of them?

        • I haven’t yet but I already saw someone comparing Delight and GIs debuts with each other. I think P.O of Block B is featuring in the song.

        • Venecochick09

          there is a song called “delight time” that is pretty good and also “paradise”….their promotional song for some reason is not that good compared to the other two. I love how girl group are coming with more strong concepts nowdays.

        • Venecochick09

          This is the interview they did in Arirang k-poppin (english)

        • Yes, I read that. :)

  150. Annie

    I remember martina once said that Kpop girl groups are given nice dances but no one ever says that they are cool (the dances) like the boy bands, Well i think GI is out to dispell that. Love them

  151. wow these girls are amazing and the song is STUCK IN MY HEAD PERMANENTLY i swear. the dance is easy but looks soooo cool too!! [:

  152. Omg they are in second place now, that amazing I really wanna hear what S & M have to say about them.

  153. I am so torn between wanting this and K.Will’s new song being reviewed! But more cool rookie (especially female) groups need to be reviewed and GI is sooooo bad ass.

  154. ZodiArk-x9

    I really want to hear what it would sound like without so much autotune. I love the song and the dance is awesomely powerful for a girl group. Their imagine is a nice change as well.

    • You should listen to this then, they sing it live on arirang radio.

      • ZodiArk-x9

        Thanks! The blue haired girl didn’t have her own singing part in Beatles… But they do sound great- they didn’t need the autotune at all. Whhyyy?

        • Her name is Ai. :) I it would’ve been nice if she had gotten a solo part too. (Reminds me of how Sungyeol of Infinite constantly doesn’t get enough lines.) Let’s hope she’ll have her time to shine soon.
          I loved Arams powerhouse voice (purple hair, white cap, sits on the left) and Onekets (shaven sides, blonde) rap parts sounded really good live.

        • ZodiArk-x9

          Thanks for the names! I hope they keep making songs with this style. I want a new girl group to follow but I can’t get into most of them because they are either cutey or sexy and I have seen too much of that already. Good luck to GI!

        • If you’re interested, the closest to the camera is Hayun (has dimples btw :3) and lastly there’s Eunji who has curly brown hair and a blue cap on.

        • I think quite a lot of us feel the same way, GI will probably gather many fans who usually can’t get into girlgroups for the reasons you mentioned. Myself being one of them.

          Just… stick to your guns with their style SimTong entertainment! OR ELSE. I’ll… Well I’ll probably just make a lot of noise and do nothing. But I’ll be pissed! :D

  155. I think I’ve fallen in love. I want more!!!

  156. Could this be destiny? They killed it with this debut single.

  157. Lovin’ the spudgy hair AI has on!!!

  158. I was reminded of how awesome this song was wit the latest KPop Charts Update. Go GI!

  159. tomboyish style!! love their hairstyles!!

  160. I really like this group! IT’s such a refreshing concept too! I see a bright future for this group.. I just hope they don’t go all cutesy on us…

    Go check out their live studio performance! It’s so much better w/o the autotune :D /watch?v=j9teBRsewLU

  161. For those of you who are interested in how the girls’ voices sound under all that autotune.

  162. Whoa, I woke up and GI is #2 on the chart! I totally didn’t expect that. I mean, they’re rookies! And girls! Well hopefully it means a lot of people will check them out and like what they see/hear. ^-^

  163. This song is so addictive (: Thanks EYK for introducing them to me!

  164. Loving the image and the dancing. The song has got addicting, but I hope the next one will have less autotune.

  165. i like that they’re so FIERCE and different

  166. love at first sight and sound!

  167. Wow, number 2 on the charts! How often does this happen for unknown female rookies?

    • I know! I’m all flabbergasted about it.
      I’m not getting my hopes up too much for the kmm though. S&M will probably review K.Will and his video does have more content in it. I’m just wishing GI’s off to a good start gathering a wide fanbase. :)

  168. They are sexy and fun, hope to see more of them soon.

  169. omg we are 2 place!!! but.. i dont think this vid will win over k.will, so I hope it makes it next week’s KMM!

  170. Krystal Clear

    Finally! A badass k-pop girl group!. I love the image/piercings, like the song, LOVE the beat. The video was alright, but I would have like it to a little more pow so they can stand out more. They got me hooked and now I’m a fan, I just hope they’re image doesn’t suffer from a bipolar disorder if you know what I mean.

  171. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! they made it!!!! I’m so happy! I really didn’t think they would be able to reach top 3 by this monday but I’m so excited that they did!!!!!!


    Love then XD

  173. I love this song! While I think there’s a bit too much autotune in the mv, I truly enjoyed watching the lives. Also, these girls ooze confidence, and I really like the message of the song.

  174. My God I’m in love with this group!! They are E-P-I-C!!!!! I am looking forward to their promotions! I love their fierce dance and they look like they don’t try hard.. which makes more more cool.! ahh I hope they get the chance to be reviewed!

  175. Awesome group! They must have music Monday.

  176. I hope they do well with this.

  177. This live performance really won me over! Being able to hear their voices more distinctly was great, and their dancing is slick! I’m looking forward to more from them.

  178. Next week next week

  179. They are really climbing up my bias list.

  180. thisisjustforfunval

    This song instantly won over me ears. I even ran over to iTunes and bought it. That happens so insanely rare for me, especially with girl groups. Let’s see what they continue to offer us in the future.

    And Martina, I seriously got the very strong BAP feels watching the MV.

  181. ***In a meeting with the CEO, discussing what the name of the new girl group should be…***

    “It seems as if every ridiculous combination of letters and numbers has been taken by other groups. Blast! How are we going to make the stand out now? Hmm… what if we use a name that is totally unoriginal! What band has everyone in the world already heard of? …The Beatles! OK, let’s go with that! We can call them… Beatles! It’s brilliant!” *strokes hairless cat sitting on lap* “MUHAHAHAHA!”

    • thisisjustforfunval

      This is funny. However…the band name is GI and the song is Beatles.

      • Oh thank god… damn my dyslexia. I was going to feel so awkward calling them that!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I had to go back myself and make sure I wasn’t reading it backwards either. The word Beatles just stands out more than GI. XD

        • AlexisGonzaludo

          Exactly… now that I think about it, that would actually be a brilliant marketing strategy. It would make headlines, “K-Pop Reaches New Low, John Lennon Rolling in His Grave”.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Completely forgot! I just remembered that there is a variety show called Beatles Code. The hosts even wear Beatles style wigs. Wonder John Lennon’s thoughts on that show. XD

  182. Hell Yeah not overly feminized and fetishized women in kpop!! woooo!!!!
    I already love them. this is fantastic.
    personally for me the “references” to other videos are so obvious (2ne1 – I am the Best, g-dragon – One of a Kind, BEG – Sixth Sense, etc.) that it seems intentional. They want to be placed with those artists because they’re the ones that they respect and that other people respect. the video also does a good job of setting this group apart from others with their Styling and DANCING <3

  183. Wow. The auto-tune was a huge part of this song, but it actually didn’t sound grating on my ears. I’m sure these girls are all sweet people in real life, but they did an awesome job with the “badass” concept, best I’ve seen in a while. I’m definitely a fan!

  184. I really like them and their concept. I’m excited to see where they go with this, but what I don’t understand is that stupid rhino that keeps getting flashed in my face. Is there supposed to be symbolism in that? Same with the speaker visual. So annoying. >.<. It's like they are just taking a random piece of their set and flashing it in your face over and over again. Imagine doing that with your lamp in your living room or something, It'd be ridiculous. I really love the dance and song though!

  185. I really love this song!! Their image is like ice to my headace. I love them!!! <3 <3 <3

  186. If I were in a K-pop group…THIS is exactly the type I would want to be in! These girls dance! No close-ups of their asses! THEY’RE WEARING PANTS. (and badazz safety goggles)

    So yeah, finally a girl group that I can watch the whole MV without gagging or rolling my eyes or brushing my teeth from the overload of sugary sweet aegyo. Plus the song is catchy and I can’t wait to see what they do next! Wishing them the best of luck as rookies!

    • Same!! I am obsessed! I have voted for it, liked it on FB (something that hasn’t worked for me in a VERY long time), made a Google + account to vote from, And i commented!! I don’t have a twitter so I couldn’t do that but I have done all I can to vote this up to the top!!!

    • Also the same regarding the aegyo!! It was nice to see a bad ass vid with a good bassline and dance rather than one involving winking, cutesy faces and acting like 5 year olds. Hope they keep this style up! ^^

      • I really can’t “get into” aegyo. I think it must be something that you grew up idolizing. Where I grew up, girls that acted like babies or cutesy dolls were just walked all over (or beat up). They were seen as ditzy and stupid and I didn’t know many guys that went for that kind of girl. NOT that aegyo is a bad thing, and I don’t want to diss on people who appreciate it as part of their culture, it’s just something that I don’t tolerate well.

    • I totally agree with you. The MV is awesome. Skulls *_* I love their dark tomboyish concept.

    • Same here! I’m really impressed not only with that, but with their vocal talent!

  187. I absolutely adore this song and I can’t help but play it Over and over and over and over. I realize a lot of people don’t like their voices, since it is auto tuned and that they’re copying other group’s styles, so I’m gonna touch on that here.
    I think that though the auto tune can be a bit distracting it actually fits with the song and was put their for effect not cause they suck! Though some think it distracts from the song I think it adds to it!! It makes the song feel so much more… i don’t know… nasty. But in a good way! And for them copying other groups, i think they brought their own style to the KPOP world. I’ve heard complaints that they’re copying GD because of the hair, the rapping, the word hats, and the boxing scene. But first of all, since when did GD own these things? He is not the first to do so and he was not the originator of it so why need to compare? Anyway, I really love this song and video. I love the piercings and the colorful/short hair, it just worked so well with everything in this song and video! Oh, and people have also been commenting that they stole Sunny’s (SNSD) GO RIDE! hat from I Got a Boy but they are sold in Korea, Simon and Martina even said so in their Live Chat not Live Cat. But over all I love them and I can’t wait for more releases in the future!

  188. I already love this group! So excited! I love their style lol its very much like mine.

  189. They remind martina of……

  190. mekko

    You can actually buy the rhinoceros head they were so obsessed with here:

    Or any other variety of trophies! I’m seriously obsessed with these.

  191. Where is the “love” button? <3

  192. Luv this! Bad ass rookies! :P

  193. This group is not much of my liking, the auto-tune is really heavy.Hopefully they will tone it down more in future. In some part of the MV, i find it similar to 2ne1′s , BEG’s and GD’s MVs. Like how they play with spray paint, kicking off paint bottles, The boxing and microphone scenes.. It’s a little disappointing since i was kinda expecting more for this new girl group.. I mean i wouldn’t mind if the MV producer get some inspiration, but isn’t all this a little overdone? :(

    I like the concept of the Group though! It’s really refreshing to see a new girl group coming out with the NO-CUTESIE-STYLE since there’s already tons of group going with the being cute style. Look forward for more! PLEASE DON’T DISAPPOINT ME MORE> TT^TT

  194. Guise, I think GIs fanclub name should be Joe. ;D

    (We’ll see how many downvotes that will earn me, lol.)

  195. Oh boy! I truly enjoyed this new style its so freaking refreshing! I love tough-rough-tomboyish style! This needs to be reviewed! But too much auto-tune! Hope they keep this kind of style and see what happens in the near future!

  196. LOOOOOOOOOOVE this song!!!! It’s so catchy, and awesome…and so different from the regular girl group vibe. I am excited to see what these rookies can do! And I hear that they’re pretty great live as well!

  197. Someone turn on the Batsignal! Harley Quinn has sent killer robots to infiltrate the K-pop scene!

  198. I love these girls another girl group added to my fav. list with 2NE1 & D-Unit, I really have a girl crush on all of them.

  199. Please please vote this in. I love it! Thank you!

  200. Their sound is dirtttty and i like it. Makes me move from my musical soul. Big props to GI!!

  201. This dance. Finally I get to see some awesome dance moves from a girl group that don’t involve butt rubbing and bending over. They are sexy without even trying!

  202. They seem decent. I really like them.

  203. I’m here to vote – cos i dig them! Fierce entrance to K-pop ladies!

  204. If they can keep this up I think this group will do great internationally :)

  205. I like! Oneket is my homegurl! :P

  206. Something new in K-Pop, They are really unique, I got hooked up inmediatly.

  207. dude this song has to make it else I think I may die lol. /not really totally exaggerating.

  208. me encantan cute ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  209. Well, I think I just became a fan.

  210. My favorite thing about the actual song is a tie between that little r&b-snap-your-fingers kinda breakdown and the humming in the chorus. The moment the song started with that hum, I knew I could probably dig this group (and dug it I have). Also, immediately after the one girl said “you know what it is.” I said black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow. lol I hardly ever listen to that song but it fit so perfectly I had to. This song and group has totally grown on me- I’ve gone from “oh, nice” to “crap I love them I love everything can I have their clothes and voices”. Can anyone tell me who’s who?

    • dark blue/purple hair is aram
      beanie is eunji
      blonde is oneket
      pink is hayun
      light blue is ai

      i hope this helps ^_^

      • Thanks a ton! So my biases are aram and oneket

        • my biases are aram and eunji :)

        • It took a while before I could take my eyes off Oneket long enough to even see the other girls. :D But Aram and Hayun are awesome as well.

        • RavenSanders

          Aram actually forced me to pay attention to her in their live performance. lol All my eyes could see was Oneket but then Aram blew this amazing note out of nowhere (to me at least). I figured the girls could sing well enough live if the producer felt like (s)he wasn’t tricking anyone with all that auto tune, but dang I was not expecting her to wail like that.

        • I know what you mean, as much as I’m impressed with Onekets looks, dancing and raps, I see myself gravitating more and more towards Aram. Daymn girl those powerhouse vocals. Did you watch the video of them being in arirang radio? Arams voice was amazing. And you get to hear all of them sing solo parts.

          So now it looks like I sort of quite naturally stumbled upon a bias. >_<" I wasn't even particularly trying to decide one, I mean it's not unusual that I end up having 2 or sometimes 3 per group. But Aram… ❥

  211. I’m not even sure I like this song why do I keep listening to it?

  212. Man I saw lots of comments about this so I thought I’d check it out. I like the beat but holy autotune… Not feelin it.
    But I just gave u a point so there’s that.

  213. I love this group this may be the first girl group I’ve really liked!!!!! I normal give a few seconds to a song to win me over. They won me over!

  214. The song really has grown on me… and does she say ‘leggo’ at the beginning of the song? xD

  215. They are new and they have their own style,a lot different than the other girl groups…i really like the video and now they are my personal favorite group in 2013 :)

  216. i loved this song but there was no built up just similar beats over and over again, plus some scenes replicated some of yg’s past videos e.g. boxer scene with black edging (g dragon’s one of a kind) close ups behind a fence (2ne1 ugly) however the group image seemed kind of forced like they had completely different personalities before hand.

  217. i love the song !btw

  218. they are really good ! but i think that ladies code are better but they are awesome !

  219. From what little I’ve seen of SimTong Entertainment so far (I think they used to be JS Prime), I much prefer the more confident / aggressive image they create for their female artists.

  220. This is the first time I’ve seen a KPop girl group with a facial piercing and with all the members having short hair. It’s nice!

  221. I was pretty excited for them. Fortunately they stuck to the promoted tough-girl image. No face rubbing, no over-seductive looks, no aegyo. So refreshing.
    Why the autotune though? Autotune is a sure way to make me not want to listen to a song ever again.
    That aside, I’m in love with the dance and completely hooked on the chorus. Man it’s catchy!

    • I don’t dig the overuse of autotune either, but the song’s been playing in my head nevertheless. And I think it’s a promising debut.

      • I see a lot of people having exactly the same thoughts. I hope their next song will be blissfully autotuneless.

        • I’m really really wishing their next song will have less autotune, more of the same bass-assery and blows the roof off so to speak. It’s pretty unnerving to see how they do in Korea, ’cause international fans sometimes have quite a different taste I guess.

        • How do they do in Korea?

        • I don’t actually know how well they’re doing, since I’m also an international fan. The things I know so far are pretty much only the things that’ve been posted in their tumblr.

        • Me too. It was overused. Hopefully their next song won’t have too much autotune. I mean, they’re great singers/rappers. They didn’t need it at all.

        • i hope their next song will be awesome too !!!

      • I was hating on the auto tune so much…and then I realised I had replayed the song about ten times. I hope they tone it down with the auto tune for any future releases

        • :D Yeah, I’m pretty much the same. But have you watched the live? The 2 videos of it on Youtube are unfortunately not anywhere near hd, but you can hear their actual singing a bit better.

        • They have an international tumblr( ) that had them singing it with very little MR on arirang on page 2 last time I checked

          And their voices are incredible

        • i dont care about the auto-tune its just amazing !!!

    • I feel like autotune /can/ be pulled off at times, and this was one of them – I remember feeling very turned off by the autotune in Ring Ding Dong by Shinee, but it grew on me eventually ^^

  222. There were just a few similarities between this video and GD’s 1AK

  223. Has anyone figured out why the title is “Beatles?”

    • I think it’s either because they sing about “beat” and they decided to make up a word (as you do) based on that or it’s because they get more search engine hits with a name like that.
      What’s your guess?

    • I don’t like that the logo of the song is based on the Beatles logo with only the E and the L different. You think you’d get in trouble for using it like that. Plus I don’t think the outcome even looks good. :/

  224. Pretty cool concept and I love the dance. Only think I don’t like it the amount of auto-tune/effects used on their voices and that the song doesn’t really “show-off” their vocals, which you think, would be the main focus for a music video. I guess it’s a big KPOP package filled with many different aspects. Regardless, this group has caught my attention, unless other groups (especially female groups). Go girls :)

  225. Loved it..don’t care what others say but lovin’ it and can’t stop playing it…

  226. Really looking forward to see how they do. I like that it’s not the traditional girl group image and the song’s really catchy too. The only thing I didn’t like was that there was a bit too much autotune, but other than that I like the song and the dance. Hope it gets review cause I’m interested in what S&M have to say about it plus a rookie group hasn’t been reviewed yet this year!

  227. loving the song, got it on repeat now ^^ maybe we can get a rookie girl group reviewed :D

  228. They are too freaking amazing. I love them already!

  229. In before endless comparisons to slightly similar sounding male kpop groups :D In all honesty, I think they did make a lot of references – the “gee gee gee”, “you know what it is”, “leggo” – and the scene of the one member talking into the mics made me think of BED’s Sixth Sense mv – but with all that said, it still worked for me? It didn’t feel too derivative, I definitely walked away with a feeling for their personal colour and style. Can’t wait to hear more and see them live!

  230. These girls have SWAG.

  231. i love global icon! They did really well on their debut stage. My biases are the oneket, AI, and Hayun!

  232. They are certainly a breath of fresh air in this aegyo filled world of girl groups. I really hope they keep this image up!

  233. why isn’t this on itunes? >.<
    sigh I guess I'll just buy the album. it deserves to be bought anyways even though it's a single.

  234. Awesome! They are just what I was looking for. I’m a little bit tired of “oh-so-cute” girl groups.

  235. i love them already i love that they are not cute and that they are more tomboy!! ts like a breath of fresh air…it needs to be reviewed.. they are officially my latest obsession

  236. They’re under the same company as TriTops, right? It makes me curious about their vocals, since this song is reallyyyyy auto-tune heavy.

  237. Cyber_3

    Eerie, but refreshing!

  238. I’m hookedd. I have never enjoyed a girl group song from the first listen so much before.
    Strange because I don’t consider myself a Hip Hop fan, but this is just so catchy. And they’re different, and uniqueness is always appreciated, especially with girl groups because for girls there images seem to be so limited between a. cute b. sexy. This is neither and I love it.
    Anyways, so far my favorite rookie of 2013 AND IT’S A GIRL GROUP /gasp/ never thought I’d see the day but it’s finally here~ :)
    ~Thank you Blueberries for showing this to me saranghae <3 ~

    • Blueberries

      No problem ^^ I really like their image too, I have waited to see girls do cool and great moves that boy groups usually do.. it doesn’t always have to be cute or sexy. I wouldn’t call them tomboys though, I don’t associate tomboys with make-up and stuff XD But anyway, they have great style :)

      • ZodiArk-x9

        Their wardrobe is more boyish then any other girl group I have noticed though so that in itself is so amazing to me. No one wears a skirt anywhere or girly clothes/popping bright colors (they have pants and graphic t-shirts for the most part- yay!) and no looking/acting cute for the camera. I didn’t even pay much attention to the makeup or high heels- these girls were rocking it. Along with the awesome wardrobe -they give off a tougher image so I suppose that fits with their “tomboy” label.

        I enjoyed this very much. Plus any skit made by Simon and Martina about the green cereal(?) and resulting glowing green teeth would be hilarious.

        • Blueberries

          I wouldn’t say that pants makes a tomboy XD I don’t accociate their style with being tomboy but well I still like it. :))

        • ZodiArk-x9

          True. =)

        • sunnyhill

          I agree with you. Why is everybody calling them tomboy if they only wear pants instead of dresses? This way I should be tomboy too :P

        • Venecochick09

          I think is because they have a fierce attitude that most boy groups have….but yes its hard soemtimes to define what a real tomboy really is .

        • :D

  239. Well that was certainly a more than welcome addition to the girl groups of kpop. :)

  240. I can’t wait to see how they do! I hope people in Korea like them as much as international fans seem to (I know I’m hooked)

  241. I’m curious if this song is named from a word they independently made up, because clearly this has nothing to do with The Beatles lol

    • I was wondering about that as well :)

    • My guess is that it’s derived from the lyrics. I checked the translation and they keep singing about a beat.
      “From the bottom to the top, enjoy the beat. Beat, beat, beat, enjoy the beat.”
      So somehow, beat -> beatles.

      • I guess it’s like when Secret made a song called Madonna, and Shinee one called Sherlock? I think the company hopes the link to the existing brand will garner them more views through shared tags and associated Youtube videos (at the end of this song, Youtube suggested a lot of Beatles songs to me). It’s cheap but I can live with it o/

        • I agree. Cheap, but it obviously doesn’t stop me from listening to them…

        • Blueberries

          AOA debuted with song Elvis too. I guess they sound “cool” to koreans? Like engrish in kpop songs sound.

  242. I love how fierce they look I hope they do great on stage :D

  243. I never knew safety glasses could look so badass…must admit I’m kinda digging the tom-boy concept. Last year I was on board with the adorkable crayon pop rookies, I might be on board this year with tough as nails chic concept GI has going on, Catchy song…could see it in a club. Is it just me or does this seem to be inspired by some of GD’s swag too…which isn’t a bad thing?

    • A lot of artists seem to get some inspiration from GD and I don’t mind that at all – as long as they do it well. You can’t pull it off if you haven’t got any swag of your own to back it up.

      And my thoughts exactly on the safety glasses. Makes me want to wear them for no reason. :D

      • Cyber_3

        Swag sure,…but…..but…..bedazzled electric razor? :P

        • TurnUptheAC

          I didn’t catch that the first time around and this time around its hilarious…I think Simon and Martina would have a lot of fun with this video.

        • How did I miss that? Seriously, I only just noticed that razor! She has less to shave than GD, lol.
          And in fact I can answer my own question. I didn’t notice it ’cause I was busy staring at One Ket instead. :D

      • Seriously, I feel like whipping my pair out and strutting down the streets…I wore safety glasses every day for two years straight…should have been rocking them outside of work.

        Totally agree that one either has swag or doesn’t….not something you can work hard at to achieve because then it seems not genuine.

    • I don’t know Korean music scene that well, but is GD the first and only artist with some scenic swagger to be the sole inspiration for a confident image? Isn’t that what generally hip-hop is centred about? And why is it that in K-pop the need to compare everything to everything else is so persistent?

      • I do feel GD embodies special swagger and could patent it. His ability to transcend gender roles (he has modeled bright red lipstick) and still come off as sexy and masculine and still remain hip hop I feel speaks volumes. He has a particular flair/swag in his dancing and the distinct quality of the way he raps/sings is very easy to pick up and noticeable when someone emulates this style.

        I do agree, in general hip hop is centered on a confident image but some idol groups seem to be copying these “confident/I’m so hard” tropes from hip hop created by african americans with no clear understanding what it is about …and it can be seen as highly offensive. I feel GD isn’t trying to emulate american hip hop anymore, but is branding his own version of hip hop and helping to define Korean hip hop…as an artist should.

        I understand it may seem unfair to compare everything…but I wouldn’t say this only exists in Kpop. Comparisons inevitably exists in any art form…its serves as a frame of reference when encountering new material and trying to understand it. I’ll admit, I definitely get annoyed sometimes when Kpop is compared to western music (even though it does borrow from western music) because it seems to continue to perpetuate the idea “West knows best”…which comes off as ignorant (even when well intentioned), especially since Kpop has evolved its own sound and system…so I’m sorry if my comparison to GD annoyed you.

        • Actually, I thought GD really fell into that western stereotype in his One of a Kind video, particularly the style Lil Wayne goes for. I think he’s gotten better at that sort of thing, but really the only thing revolutionary in GD’s style is his acceptance of androgyny. Granted that is significant by itself, and I think that’s really the comparison people are making here. Perhaps they both wear similar clothes and use bright colors too, but really it seems more like that’s emulating the style ravers have throughout the world, both in the East and the West. I think the real difference between GD’s hip hop and Asian hip hop in general is not the attitude of the performers and their style, it’s the actual music that has a distinct flavor.

        • TurnUptheAC

          Now that you mention it, One of Kind definitely plays off western stereotypes…especially those awful fake yellow braids….gag. At the same time, I felt that the MV overall was meant to be a satire of hip hop culture and even himself…him trying to say you can’t pin him into one box…he is not just hip hop or any of the other images he has shown us before (the heartbreaker era)…he wants to break those conceptions and be “one of a kind”…the rose tinted glasses bit, fighting a mysterious force, and hitting tennis balls at his previous stage outfits conveyed that message. Perhaps I’m given GD too much credit and I’m obviously a little biased…GD and big Bang are one of my fave Kpop groups.

          I guess, I still feel GD ultimately has broken away from emulating american hip hop stylistically (because of the androgyny acceptance), and definitely musically (which is what matters most is the music), even though he may fall into stereotypes from time to time…his follow up MV, Crayon is purely his own brand of hip hop…and I loved it.

          100% agree GD’s music ultimately demonstrates his “distinct flavor” of hip hop , my comment just focused on answering the question asked about his ‘swag’…which borrows more from one’s mannerisms and style. Between swinging around the razor and boxing shots in Global Icon’s MV…it reminded me of some “swag” shots GD had in his MV’s….I wasn’t really commenting on their overall fashion style. Also their group is initialed as GI…kinda close to GD but their names stand for two completely different concepts and is just more of an interesting coincidence.

          I actually liked GI “Beatles” song and MV….I’m intrigued and anticipate how the group will evolve.

        • Thank you for your well thought out reply! Honestly, I really only felt that “One of a Kind” had that awkwardly western feel that could be construed as offensive. Even the song was like, woah, very east coast rap. But perhaps this was intentional. Draw on stereotypes only to break them. That being said, I completely understand why the original commentor was confused. I agree that “swag” is something that belongs to hip hop as a whole. As much as I love GD, and he is actually one of my favorite kpop artists, I don’t think he can even call this particular flavor of swag all his own. I’ve seen it in hip hop all the time. Having swagga siting in a chair looking at a camera is by far not a GD patented thing, although he does it very well. There are many valid comparisons to be made, and you can even make a swag comparison, but it’s a bit of a stretch to say their hip hop swag in particular is mirroring GD’s alone.

          But I’m getting off topic! The real star of the evening is GI. Perhaps the reason I’ve been thrown off by all the GD comments is because what struck me most about the video was the incredibly powerful dancing, something Big Bang is not known for. It reminded me more of how I felt about BAP’s debut, powerful dancing and an emphasis on rap rather than vocals. I am so excited to see more of this group, as I feel they can go head to head with any similar male group and hold their own without the male/female comparison needing to be made. (although inevitably it will be)

        • TurnUptheAC

          Glad to get back to talking about GI! Agreed…we need to be congratulating GI on an awesome debut…which was my initial reaction. I’m loving how they are “tom-boys” and portraying powerful females (I’m a total tom-boy so I was like yay!). The rap and singing seems more well blended as opposed to formulaic…which is greatly appreciated. Hopefully they don’t completely 180 degree switch this concept because then it will seem bipolar and not as genuine. I want to go rocking my safety glasses…these ladies made them look so cool…which is not something I have ever associated “safety” glasses with.

          I made an offhand comment and saw how it offended/confused people….which wasn’t my intention and I felt bad. Thanks for being open and I appreciated your feedback…especially when it makes me question particular aspects and change them to boot!

        • I wasn’t really offended, you completely have a right to that opinion! Hip hop is one of my other music passions, and you seemed like someone who i could have a gentlemanly dialogue with.

          What I love about their tomboy style is that they don’t seem to be trying too hard to be a tomboy. They still show skin when they want to but don’t make a big deal about it, some members wear heeled boots but they look like you can still actually dance in them as opposed to the stilettos. Seriously, how do people dance in stilettos and mini skirts? I think that really frees them up to focus more on their moves. And being a theater techie, I highly approve of the safety glasses. And don’t forget the sledgehammer as a fashionable accessory!

        • TurnUptheAC

          I have no idea how girls dance in stilettos or even the guys with heel inserts….they are obviously stylish masochists! The the tomboy image does seem natural compared to previous tomboy concepts I have seen by girl groups…not over the top by any means and wearing clothes I feel the everyday kind of girl would wear but still be deemed sexy…T-shirts with tight jeans…whats better than that? Totally wish they had done some demolition shots with the sledgehammer and safety glasses….but then that would defeat the purpose of serving as just an accessory.

          I’m glad i didn’t offend you and hopefully not anyone else…I think we had a very gentlemanly or womanly conversation. :) Just never know how things are interpreted on the internet since there is no body language or tone to convey the difference of sarcasm or sincerity sometimes.

    • Speaking of badass safety glasses, did anyone else notice in the live performances that they have rhinestones on them? Or something shiny and metallic. How has this fashion trend not caught on? I want to wear those while doing construction work.

  244. Been waiting……so long….finally!!!!! I LOVE GLOBAL ICON, especially since represent such a new concept in Korea as a tough, in yo face kpop girl group (At least now the gender gap/sausage feast will change a little cause of these AWESOME girls!!!!)

  245. Whoa, nice dancing! Yay for powerful dancing for girl groups! And they all have short hair . . .?

    The song’s pretty catchy.

    Those contacts at 1:49. Creeeepyyyyyyy. Creepier than the glowing teeth. Those mics around the girl right after that. Anyone else think of Cross Gene? xD (at :52 on

    Got annoyed at some point of seeing that horse keep popping up. xD

    • At first I thought those were unicorn heads on the wall, lol. :D But I think they’re actually rhino heads.

      • Skully

        O_O you’re right they are rhinos, didn’t notice at first XD

      • I think they are rhinos, but it sure does look like a unicorn when those front shots are flashing.
        I remember reading somewhere that rhinos were mistaken for unicorns when Europeans first saw them(I think it was Marco Polo that claimed to have seen a unicorn, but most people these days would be able to tell that he was describing a rhino).
        I kinda wonder if it’s a play off of the “tomboy” concept(unicorn=girly rhino=boyish?) but I’m probably looking too far into nothing haha . . .

    • Skully

      LOL I guess it depends what you listen to normally, I thought of BEG Sixth sense when I saw the mics XD
      I am confused with the hair, isn’t one of them supposed to have it long?
      The horse room part is my fav (but not the horse itself XD), I like the song part there, the clothes and the dance :D

  246. I like their image, and I like their dancing. However, I don’t like the excessive use of auto-tune, and I don’t think the rap and singing bits mix well in parts. Still, I’m excited to see how well this concept does :)

    • Skully

      The dance is so refreshing for a girl group, I like it :D

      • I know ^^ i think it like it more than the aggressive dancing for IGaB :) it’s different – no butt rubbing, rauchy thrusting or anything overly sexual, and nothing cutesy – just some cool moves xD

        • *sigh* They don’t give girl groups enough cool moves…

        • I know >< it kinda irks me tbh

        • Skully

          I think the cute and sexy concept sells out better for girl groups sadly…..

        • That damn “sexy concept”. I mean I also find cool or/and tough looking girls sexy. Also sexiness doesn’t go hand in hand with how much skin you are showing. But when there’s a sexy concept it too often than not seems to have come from the same cookie cutter.

          This is one of those “if only everyone would think more like me” -moments. Then aegyo would be allowed only when it’s funny or actually endearing (rare) and there would be more bad-ass girlgroups. :D :D

  247. They’ve only been out for a couple hours but it didn’t even take 30 seconds for me to love them. Their image is really refreshing!


  249. Wow this is………interesting o_O

    I can see why everyone calls them the tomboy group. They channeling Big Bang or something? lol all we need is for one of them to go shirtless (teehee) :p

    Not bad, not bad.

    Btw, if anyone gets hold of their iTunes or YesAsia links, can you tell me? Cheers ;)

    • I like it. I wonder how well they will do considering the bias in Korea. Hmm or if their image will change. I feel like they are a harder image than any of the girl groups so far. I can’t even compare them to 2ne1 since they are so girly in comparison.

      The song has not been released yet. The video apparently is really early so I guess you would have to wait till the album is released.