GI – Beatles

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  1. We need to review another girl group for Simon’s sake..

  2. Such a refreshing look for a girl group. I could do with less autotune though…I have heard their live stuff and it sounds perfectly fine without the autotune!

  3. These girls deserve to be reviewed!!

  4. Pony Rios

    a seguir comentando!! se que alguna persona que habla español esta por aquí y le gustaría, igual que a mi, que este video estuviera en KMM!!

  5. Stiiilllll wanting a review for these wonderful ladies! :)

  6. Poor GI…it slipped to fourth, hopefully it’ll rise back to third place so it’ll be considered for KMM!! I want this song to be reviewed so bad…even if I am a YG stag…people want their bias to be considered before the unpopular groups and I’m kinda sick of it. This song is still fresh in my memory (though I’ll never do the dance) and though I’m not a huge fan of autotone, it fits perfectly within the song. Come on Icons lets try to get it back in third place LETS MOVE MOUNTAINS!!!

  7. wow we are still in the top3

  8. I hope this get reviewed. I really want them to review MichiGo too but GI was here first! I’m pretty sure G-Dragon can stay there over a month.

  9. BestAbsoluteBabyMonae

    I don’t want to be called Joe >.< Oh oh, I wonder what our fan club color will be and cheering stick will be. Maybe it will be a skull!!! And since they used neon color maybe neon green, or neon pink ^_^

  10. Monet Wackerfuss

    GI’s MV should win! Why?!?!
    1) SimonandMartina wanted to review groups that aren’t as popular now.
    2) People are biased on groups, but not the songs
    3) GI are really cool and are really cool tomboys.

  11. I’m dying to learn this dance. So fierce!
    I actually really like the autotune, as it gives the song an almost robotic feel. It sounds like a didgeridoo learned to sing, kind of. … :/ okay that sounds weird. But I love folk music, and the drone is an important part of folk music. I feel like the autotuned notes give a slight drone feel to the music, and that reminds me of the folk music I love. Heh.
    OneKet is seriously sexy, btw. *grabby hands*

  12. Pony Rios

    i love the song, the dance, the power they have!!!

  13. Pony Rios

    este video tiene que subir!!!! me encanta la canción y el baile y que no es un grupo todo nena!! xD

  14. I see that this song is “arailable” on iTunes. Does that mean this song will help prevent me from falling down the stairs?

  15. royal_futura

    Ok, ok, ok. WE CAN DO THIS, FANS! Let’s rally! We can get them on top for ONE MORE WEEK. Don’t give up! Let’s support our girls!

  16. Loving the tough sexy thing going on. I wish their raps were a bit sharper, but there’s time for that. I like the simple beat and the bass rocks!

  17. I like the song actually after listening to it a few times. And the girls look stunning. I’d really like this to be reviewed

  18. aw darn, we were close to getting it reviewed, now it’s at #4 :( i wanted it to be reviewed so bad. i swear it was #1 last week. now it’s #4.. ITS SUCH A AWESOME SONG!!!

  19. Nooooooo! keep it in the top 3!

  20. I really love this song! The beat and hook are so catchy! I’ve been singing this when I’m doing my housework and watching the video whenever I can. I have one small complaint – I wish there wasn’t so much auto toning of there voices – but it’s a catchy Kpop song and not going to learn Korean from this song. I would like to hear GI singing naturally, so to speak.

  21. I’m not usually into these kinds of songs (especially songs with autotune and this one has a heck load of it) but I’m digging it. Especially the hum hahaha

  22. KarmaIsAV

    Umm…We need to get this song a review! It seems like the last 5 hours for voting each week push some random song up to number 1, which has been knocking this out of contention =/

  23. C’mon, everyone. We can do it. top 3

  24. royal_futura

    Simon and Martina, PLEEEEASE I’m begging you! The whole world will be talking about PSY’s Gentleman for AGES. Let’s even out the playing field a teeny tiny bit, eh? Review GI!! DOOOO IT!

  25. OK I love simon and Martina… but I really want this to win!! I’m not the only one right??

  26. GI NUMBER ONE !!!!!!!!!!! COME ONE WE CAN DO IT !!!!

  27. Guys, i must leave you – Love Actually has me dying from laughter, and I want to see Simon’s hairychest (wait, that sounds wrong…)
    anyways, I shall be back for the next GI song (which will hopefully be less autotuned, and still be spunky).

  28. songain fc

    What else can I do to get them #1? Vote, comment, and. . . is it like on facebook?

  29. If Psy’s video was taken away from the number 1 spot GI would still be in the top 3. Sigh. I was really hoping they would review this one

  30. This is what I wrote for allkpop’s GI autographed CD giveaway. Sadly, I did not win, but hopefully, it will still be reviewed for Kpop Music Mondays. Let’s get it back to number one, everyone!

    “I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS MV!!! :D. I’ve been playing it nonstop all the time. This song and group debuted at a very good time because I was feeling down and this MV picked me right up. I hope there isn’t a character limit for these comments
    because I have so much to say.

    I really love the song, music video, concept, and group. The choreography has TONS of swag. The beat is contagious; I was dancing and jamming the first time I heard the song (it was during lunchtime at school, so it was really awkward, but I didn’t
    care; I was feelin’ it!). The MV just adds to the song’s EPICNESS because of their amazing outfits, strong energy while dancing, the striking visual effects, and their charismatic facial expressions (especially A RAM’s when she’s singing the first part of the second verse and eating the green cereal). They look completely comfortable in front of the camera due to their natural swag and confidence, which is something I admire in artists especially because I am a performer myself. The colors really added to the wow-factor and fierceness of the MV.

    I love every part of the song. The intro is captivating and fierce. The C# and E natural (sorry music geek over here) hums in the beginning and during the chorus are sohypnotizing as they build up to the awesome chorus. The rap verses are fresh and fast paced but also countered by the slower, R&B part of the verses. I love this contrast and think that it adds to the song and group’s diversity.

    It’s about time a girl group like this debuted because they bring something fresh and new to the K-pop world that is lacking right now. I really like their concept that women can make successful music through their talent because I am all about the feminism (even though I’m a dude). It is so empowering to girls all over the world to have cool role models like these “Global Icons”…hehe puns. :D Yet, they are still very pretty rocking their own unique style. I hope they stick to this style because if they continue to make music like this, GI will definitely become my favorite girl group really soon. In addition to the sick beat, I really like the song’s message to just enjoy the beat (which I did) because fans often like to compare new groups with other artists, but in the end, the only thing that matters is the quality of the music, and that’s all we fans should be looking for. I’m telling all of my other K-pop friends to check out GI.

    I am looking forward to enjoying their music some more and being able to remember this awesome debut of a group that truly embodies the Kpop idol spirit of strong, confident, and independent role models. GI has really made a fan out of me, and I look forward to see them shoot to stardom in the future. Great debut, GLOBAL ICON!! :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3"

    Muchas gracias de Hawaii

  31. I really would like this to be reviewed. :D

  32. This song is stuck in my head, i really like the humming part! haha this song is just catchy! i’m already in love with G.I

  33. Let’s keep GI in the top three!

  34. I’m really impressed with how long this video has stayed up in the top three or four. You guys are awesome! I was impressed by this group when I watched the video and think it would be great if S&M get to review it. Keep up the good work!

  35. Mir◕‿◕Usako

    Love this song (have it on replay) and the choreography is pretty cool.

  36. We can get this back up in first place! Right, guise??

  37. I’m a bit sad that GI’s ‘Beatles’ did not get reviewed. I mean it’s Psy he would be first on the charts no matter what. But now we might never have a reviewed GI video…..o n o (Still love Psy.)