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Girls’ Generation – Dancing Queen

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  1. wait… Isnt this mercey by duffy? did SM get this this one too!? INJUSTICE!!

  2. lol from #1 to 51

  3. lets be realistic the return of 4 boybands in one week this one doesnt have a chance

  4. Come on sones, two weeks of GG! We can do it!

  5. I would like you guys to review this one also!

  6. Lets get this votin` to be next kpop monday <3

  7. so this song is from 2008? what happened to make it release so late?

  8. we got IGAB reviewed for monday now we need to get this baby to be review for next monday !!! cmon vote vote !! :D

  9. Welp, this is probably not getting reviewed. That sucks, especially because I liked this more than IGAB and it would *probably* get a more favourable review compared to IGAB, haha. I’d really love to see their skit for this, but ah well… ):

  10. now that i got a boy is being reviewed on monday it is our misssion to get dancing queen reviewed next week SONES!

  11. Awww… Now it’s in 4th place.. Vote ppl!!! We need this reviewed!!

  12. i love this so cuuute <33

  13. Why is Dancing Queen in 3rd position??

  14. I’ll keep voting for this hoping they get the following week instead of boyfriend .. but I don’t think there’s a chance ;-;

  15. hey guys !!!
    i have just one short question: why is the song of boyfriend, which has lesser votes and promotion on the social media, second, while dancing queen is 3rd ?
    i’m sooo curious yeahhh ~~~

    • because boyfriends’ new! the older a video is the easier for it to go down!! think of it as if what makes the video into the chart is (votes / time) .. so if we want dancing queen up in 2nd place again we need to vote for it even more :D

  16. the only reaon i am voting this video is because i really want to see martina and simon comments about this …i have my reasons for voting but its ok

  17. I think people should stop saying Duffy had the original song. I’m fairy sure both were recording the song at the same time.

  18. Why is one part from gee? o-o

  19. Yea yea yea, yea yea yea so catchy

  20. i like the original song better snsd is like meeeh and duffy is like wow so i like better mercy than dancing queen

  21. Looks like this song isn’t going to get reviewed after all… Infinite got this week, and “I Got A Boy” will definately win next week. Which means the only way “Dancing Queen” gets reviewed is if it can stay on top for two more weeks.

  22. I can’t decide which i like better so im going to vote for both <3

  23. Okay… I know I am going to get alot of hate from SONES now but, I did really not like the song…cuz…I don`t like the original song… I have heard it so many times that I am bored of it…. and the vidio was boring….ofcourse the girls look stunning as always…. but….it is boring…THEY look boring…and wait…is that that gee thing? O-O what? with the white T-shirt and jeans…

  24. The song sounds great! But… well… Umm.. some parts of the dance are really slow and… look… awkward? BUT I REALLY LOVED THE MV AND THEIR CLOTHES <3

  25. I felt like sharing a video of one of my favourite songs of snsd

  26. wow how did sunny’s cap get edited on the video without SM taking the video down? didn’t it have “welcome mother f*#*%s” ?

    • It did! I wonder how SM found out about the words and then covered it over? Usually KPop groups don’t care what the English says as long as it’s English.

      I also wonder how they were able to update the video without taking it down. What kind of magic do they have?

      • well the cap did have some negative reactions and I knew they’re gonna do something about it

        but am really shocked about how they updated the video without taking it down part xD SME must know some kind of dark magic!!!

        • GLAMcomeshere

          I feel people on Korea REALLY can`t tackle some ugly words… it is like if it says mother fucker…. like WOW… so bad -_-…. and edditing it… i already knew kpop was like this… but seriously…. if they have a bad girl team… let them be a little bad girl okay? xD

  27. Guys should still be voting for “Dancing Queen”. “I Got A Boy” will definately get a review next week, so you can hold off voting for it until “Dancing Queen” gets reviewed.

  28. What can I say.. These two SNSD songs are gonna be fighting for first place! Baby face generation FTW!

    • I do not think it will be much of a fight. IGAB is newer by a week. And there is no review this week either. I would love to hear S&M review this song, but for 3 weeks in a row there will be no vote to decide KMM.

      Ironically, the 3 missing weeks would have seen Secret – Talk; That, GG – Dancing Queen, and GG – I got a boy being reviewed.

      I do not know if GG can hold them on for next week.

  29. weird, im not able to view this MV on YouTube. says that its private
    you guys get the same thing?

  30. Less than two days to vote for “Dancing Queen”! Once we get this reviewed it’s time to start voting up “I Got A Boy”!! Girl’s Generation two weeks in a row. Make it happen SONEs!

  31. Can you do I got a boy review instead?

  32. Where’s “I Got a Boy” on the chart ._.

  33. song. oh so catchy now that ive listened to it for the last few days. i dont think the clip really did it justice. maybe SM could have waited for the copyright to be sorted and then shoot the video. might have made it less kind of feels icky when you go from watching twinkle, the boys and even run devil run to this. also did the aegyo feel forced? the aegyo just is so… awkward.

    and can someone explain to me the lyrics. is this for a guy? cause im sure you dont call a guy your dancing queen. Is this for a girl? cause you dont say “Your selfishly nice figure, that breathtaking sexiness It makes me lose my breath yeah” -_- please someone who is not a sone that will attack me explain wth is going on?

  34. What I really don’t get is why some of the members are not getting much attention as YoonA Jessica Yuri Taeyeon or Sooyeon? What’s so wrong with Sunny or Hyoyeon they are pretty and Jessica got plastic surgery on her full face while ALL of the other members just got it on thier nose honestly I think Jessica has no beauty as every other member

  35. Less than three days left to go. Kepp on voting guys!!

  36. Loved this song! It was a retro bonus for Sones!

  37. after listening to IGAB, i just can’t listen to Dancing Queen. The two songs couldn’t be more different

  38. I can’t be the only one who has a problem with the FB “like” feature. When I move my cursor to hit “like” I goto the next icon.

  39. What do you all think of IGAB? also, lets vooooooooote our hardest!!! IGAB is coming up quickly. it already has a third of DQ’s votes! leave more comments! just say what your favorite part in the video was! or what you liked about one of the girls’ hairstyles!!!

  40. We had three GD KMM and the month of Big Bang so why not two weeks of GG? It’s been a year since their last comeback so why not?

  41. I realize that a lot of people are complaining about how this is worse than Duffy’s Mercy, that the video wasn’t memorable at all, how the dance was stupid, and how this shouldn’t be reviewed. I like this not more not less than Mercy, but I still like how they do it. I think the video was awesome and how the time machine thing at the beginning and at the end was clever and that the set was cool, even though not completely relevent. At least they weren’t in a box! Well, they were in a white box but… only a little bit! I have to admit, though that the dance wasn’t really to my liking. The tiny hand movements right at their cheeks annoyed me, but not because it was aegyo, they pull it off quite well, but I think it was KIND OF overdone. This, in my opinion (bash me if you want), is a fun and cute song which I would like to see reviewed. I’m glad this is at the top because it shows their improvement and how they’ve grown. Oh and I am so excited for I Got A Boy!! But, Sunny (i think that’s her name) why are you wearing that hat?? “Welcome Mother F*ckers” WHOA O_____O But I can’t wait!! And I’m not even a sone.

  42. lol. guise so when i got a boy comes out..SNSD vs. SNSD? XDD wonder what happens?? :p

  43. even though i really dont like this song, please let this get reviewed!!!! its a girl group. we need more girl group reviews :’(

    wasnt this song supposed to be where Gee was released? Definitely not a GG best. it kind of feels icky when you go from listening/watching twinkle, the boys and even run devil run to this. also did the aegyo feel forced? the aegyo just is so… awkward.

    and can someone explain to me the lyrics. is this for a guy? cause im sure you dont call a guy your dancing queen. Is this for a girl? cause you dont say “Your selfishly nice figure, that breathtaking sexiness It makes me lose my breath yeah” -_- please someone who is not a sone that will attack me explain wth is going on?

  44. come on guys! just one more week!!

  45. hope we still get two weeks of GG KMMs ._.

  46. Mercy > SNSD dancing queen… smh

  47. Can’t wait for their comeback special “Romantic Fantasy” which airs at January 1st, at 11:15PM KST on KBS. ^_^

  48. why isn’t snsd’s dancing queen getting reviewed on Youtube?
    I’ve been waiting the whole day

  49. there won’t be a Kpop music monday today? .. please someone answer me!! .. I’ve been waiting for it but simon & martina sound like they’re working on the EYKAs not on the KMM ._.

  50. really looking forward to this album ..

  51. “I Got A Boy” album medley just came out on Youtube…can’t wait for the full album to come out on Jan 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I’m really feeling guilty for posting so many comments right after the other, but here are my computer drawings of sooyoung and Yoona based on (note the words BASED ON) their teaser pictures. Now I’m a terrible artist who can’t draw skin at all, but this is my best try. I also didn’t draw their outfits’ details cuz it was just to hard… also, Yoona’s lip took me 4 hours alone. Anyway, here they are.

  53. Just to create discussion, do you guys think all, none or some (if some, then name who) in SNSD have gotten plastic surgery? i know it is really common in K-pop to get plastic surgery, so what do you guys think?

  54. i suggest that when IGAB comes out, we all ask the voters over there to hold off on first place for a week so DQ can get reviewed

  55. Its girls generation but ladies PLEASE listen with your ears! XD

  56. no wonder everyone has dark hair. but since i heard this melody before. ngeh. not impressed. but i have to say, yoona seems different. i never saw all that beauty people talk about her like shes the prettiest or watever among the members, but in this vid *yes i know its old* she kinda glows

    • she’s so pretty!!!! ,, am not saying she’s the prettiest coz I really hate rankings and beauty is really subjective but .. her beauty does mesmerise me at times ..

    • i agree about the Yoona part. She doesn’t look the prettiest to me (Sooyoung is the prettiest to me), but to me, Yoona looks the most beautiful when her hair is plain, down, and flowing.

  57. Yay go S<3NES!

  58. Ohhh ohhh i thought they were going to present something new… I prefer he originl, Duffy’s “Mercy”. SM has a serious problem in the cretive area…Btw, too muh aegyo for my taste…

    • You should get your facts right before complaining

      • What was stated that was contrary to established fact? The only factual statement was essentially that Duffy’s “Mercy” was the original, which it is.

        • Just because she released the song earlier than SM, and only because she wrote her lyrics faster. She also bought the right for the song.

      • I got them right, that is why i said that. Maybe you hould do a bit of research and you will see that many SMEnt groups do this ver often (Girls generation, Fx, Shinee). Don’t get me wrong, i am a big fan of Shinee… The problem for me is that SM is buying the rights for a lot os songs that have been released previously. Nothing basically wrong about this, it is legal. The main issue is that they are on of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea and they should produce original music.

        • *sigh* AGAIN: This song should have been released in 2008. BOTH Duffy and SM have brought the right for this song, it’s just Duffy wrote her lyrics faster (yeah it’s also not a Original song from her, because she just wrote the lyrics, the ame thing what SM did) and released this song earlier. That’s why SM didn’t released this song and Gee instead. They just released “Dancing Queen” for their fans.

        • Pft!! I am talking about the bigger picture, not only Snds-Dancing queen issue. I assume you are a big fan and i already explained the point so there is nothing left to say from my side

        • lol what? I didn’t even knew all names of SNSD till some month ago. I’m just objective

  59. I really hope this stays in first place long enough to get reviewed, and then “I got a boy” gets reviewed the following week. One can only hope. ^_^

  60. Woo looks like it’s going to be reviewed! Can’t wait! :) Girl’s bring the boys out!

  61. Soshi looks so pretty!!!!! and omg i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. they look so fresh and young here…….not that they aren’t young now.
    Man i hope they re-view Dancing Queen, and I got a boy too!
    *dancing cat dance*

  63. this song is darn awesome, and getting to see snsd in their fresh youthful looks once more with a new song is a new feeling for sones who probably listened to Gee until the vomited it :P glad SM didn’t let this one goes to waste and never release it .. that company never disappoints me !

    • wow “that company never disappoints me !” ,, it’s refreshing to hear praise instead of complaints about the SM company xD

      • i know! people keep complaining abt the box mvs… also what i find really annoying is when people say “yes, SM put them in another box MV, but i already expected it, so its not a big deal” I mean if it doesn’t bother you, whats the point of writing it out? do you want to keep pointing it out to other fans?

        • lol the sets do get better .. I love the sets used in IGAB , some say it’s “recycled” from some f(x) song but I didn’t even notice the set then .. and i personally always focus on the choreography more than sets/fashion ect .. and when it comes to choreography SM is kinda the best x) (after sistar of course lol .. but am biased)

  64. woah if this get review for this monday,the next monday we will also get IGAB reviewed so we will get double review for snsd haha :D

  65. i downloaded dancing queen and have been listening to it for a while, but i keep expecting a “A Yo GG” at the end because I’ve watched the version with the teaser at the end so many times…

  66. I guess I’m the only one that’s put together how this whole comeback so far has been a massive shot at YG, and somewhat less so at JYP. The evidence? The instrumentals released from “I Got a Boy” are reminiscent of G-Dragon’s “Crayon”; the style of dress in same video, reminiscent of 2NE1; the song in this video, in its original lyrics, is well-known as the pre-debut signature song of Lee Hi; Sunny’s hat in the IGAB teaser says “WELCOME MOTHERF*CKERS”, reminiscent of Tablo’s “BLOSHITUP” hat; the retro idea, though done by many other groups, is still most associated with Wonder Girls.

    I suggest that Simon and Martina call the review of this video the “Déja Vu Edition”, since so much of it is stuff we’ve already seen either from SNSD or from someone else.

    I also don’t buy for a minute that this song was actually recorded in 2008, or the video shot anywhere close to that time.

    • ….yeah everything is just about YG and YG created every type of music in this world. We get it.

      • I never implied that. YG is, however, now in the place SM used to occupy: top of the heap. I think SM knows this and is taking aim. It’s not Bad-Boy-versus-Death-Row, but it could be something interesting to watch develop.

      • lol mte. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s the former ;)

        • Not trolling, nor stupid. What I sense from SM is an organization somewhat adrift. In their home market, SM is not doing as well as some would like to believe. For 2012, the entire output of SM will likely have been outscored on the Gaon chart by Busker Busker. SM manages to drive physical sales well, but in terms of digital distribution and overall media impact, SM is no longer on top, and I believe they know it. Who’s #1 now? YG. Apart from the outlier that is “Gangnam Style”, YG still has had a better 2012 than SM did, at least if you go by Gaon chart performance, which I think is more reliable in terms of market impact measurement for the ROK than Hanteo’s physical-sales ranking. In short, SM has lost their mojo, and they’re trying to get it back. This looks like a direct shot at YG, saying “We can do you better than you do.”

        • ….you mean you were being serious? =_= it sounded like some conspiracy theory

          Well, I don’t particularly mind what you guys talk about here, but if I see budding arguments or fanwars, it’s my job to discourage them. Your theory is interesting and it stimulates discussion, which we like to see here. I also appreciate that you’re not raging at the people who are disagreeing.

          As long as y’all keep the discussion civil and respectful, I’ll just sit back and enjoy my popcorn :)

        • Fair enough. What I’ve simply done is state that I perceive a subtext underneath what SM has done with the concept of the new song, and what leads me to that perception. I don’t doubt that there would be those who would disagree.

        • well, isn’t that just the business world? everyone vying for the top spot and using everything they can to get it. It may not be fair, but thats just how life works…


    • and you didn’t stop to think that YG must have gotten their ideas from somewhere else? in that case, all of the music industry is a never-ending cycle of copying. all the ideas in these songs and MV’s have already been done somewhere at some point.

      • I know that there’s very little original in popular music. Every concept SM has done that I can recall harkens back to something from Western pop music. That’s not my point. My point is that SM is taking a Death Row Records-style shot at YG because YG is sitting in the place that SM thinks it’s entitled.

    • Obviously.
      I mean it’s so obvious that YG created the world with Big Bang. And 2ne1? Obviously the first female group in history to make any kind of song ever. Epik High? Well, they were nothing until YG saved them from the pits of despair and now look at them. YG stans falling off of them every time they breathe. Lee Hi just debuted but it’s so obvious that SNSD and SM are just copying her. I mean, if they even say any of the words in the ENTIRE SONG of Gangnam Style it’s so obvious that they are copying and there would be no denying it. And there’s no way they actually filmed this in ’08. I mean, same hair, same costumes, same set, same everything but it’s all just a big old massive FU to YG.
      So obvious.
      Shame on you SNSD.
      Shame on you SM.

      • Might want to add *sarcasm* to the end of your comment – people might not get it otherwise ;)

        • millie102685

          lol, If people take that comment seriously then I don’t really need to take the time to explain it to them.

      • I don’t believe this was actually shot in 2008 because SM was still working primarily in 4:3 aspect at the time. The costumes can be repeated, especially t-shirts and jeans, and Korean hairstylists are generally known for working miracles so wigs and extensions are not out of the realm of possibility. By the way, the t-shirt and jeans combination was actually used in the Japanese “Gee” video from 2010, not the Korean one from ’08/’09. Also, do you honestly believe that it would take SM FOUR YEARS to work out a rights agreement? I’ve heard of protracted negotiations, but that’s a little hard to swallow. I also don’t think that SM is the sort to shell out for a video production when the release rights are up in the air: it makes no sense to take the time and money to produce a video if there’s a 50/50 chance of having to shelve it. To get an idea of how cheap SM can be, look at SJ’s “Neo gateun saram ddo eopseo”; that was shot on a college campus likely all on a Sunday afternoon with the most readily-available HD camera and whatever props were at hand, and for Siwon’s bits they dragged him and a random trainee out to the nearest park. Now that one could have been shelved, and probably should have been in favor of a better one more befitting a song of that quality; instead, SM went with that one.

        Lee Hi made what is likely the best-ever debut in South Korea, or at least in the history of the Gaon chart; if anyone reading knows of a straight-off solo debut that’s done better, please inform us; either SM passed her over from “K-Pop Star”, or more likely she rejected them, so there’s a reason to take a shot at her, too.

        Epik High were not nothing before joining YG. They were well-established and their albums from 3 to 6 were top sellers, while they were at a smaller company (Woollim). You might not know much of them because of their long hiatus for Tukutz’ and Mithra Jin’s military service (which Tablo doesn’t have to concern himself with as a Canadian citizen). They had a sizable and devoted fan base in and out of Korea prior to their hiatus. Tablo first moved to YG because his wife was already there as an actress, and Woollim pretty much threw him under the TaJinYo bus. The other two followed because they probably weren’t too happy with Woollim for their own reasons, and YG is big enough to fully support them while also giving them a largely free hand.

        You know, if the routine includes a horse-rider-like move, you’ll have to admit I was right.

        I understand that there’s very little truly original in pop music; pop music is really all about giving us something mostly familiar but with at least some novelty to it. Everything gets remixed, reformed and recycled. What I’m saying here is that this particular video is full of not-well-hidden YG references, as if to say (like I’ve put elsewhere) “We can do you better than you do.”

        EDIT: Apparently I hadn’t remembered that the single cover for “Gee” had the girls in jeans and white t-shirts.

        • millie102685

          Basically I am going to just say this.
          YG is not the end all be all of kpop,
          YG stans need to get that into their head.
          Every company isn’t out to copy YG.

        • TLDR? Now that type of disrespect should really be discouraged. If a full discussion of the issue exceeds your attention span, I apologize. While I do have a higher opinion of YG than I do of SM, I am not a “stan”, as you put it. As it is, I actually like Fluxus even better than YG, but that’s beside the point. I wouldn’t say SM is copying YG, but rather mocking them.

        • millie102685

          I had skimmed it, if that makes you feel better.
          Re-read your original comment. You are saying that SM is copying YG without /actually/ saying the words.
          This is off topic. :/

        • well, discussions are encouraged, and discussions tend to go off topic, but if you want, you can add a TKIR and say something about the video…

        • millie102685

          I know that but that line of conversation wasn’t even relevant enough to try to keep the comment relevant (if that makes sense).

        • SM hairstylists aren’t *that* good with hairstyles. i mean did you see Sunny’s wig in Flower Power? They would not go to all the trouble to recreate everything from the Gee era. Also, the members’ participation in the song is different. Sunny and Yuri get way more exposure in this song than songs these days. Also, Jessica sings more in this video. Sooyoung is barely even there except for like 3 1-second shots of her compared to newer songs where she gets more lines. SNSD’s faces are also slightly different from now. This is why i believe it was filmed in 2008. In fact, it was going to be released instead of Gee.

          and about what you said about the 4 years wait, i have no idea why SM would do that. Maybe they were waiting for a specific time to release it? maybe they just forgot about it? or perhaps they wanted to get fans riled up and excited for SNSD’s Korean comeback.

        • Points taken. Perhaps SM got the rights sorted sooner than 2012, but there simply wasn’t a fitting time to release it. That, or Duffy decided she needed some more cash since her sophomore album fizzled.

        • What’s a sophomore album???

        • Second album. “Sophomore” is sometimes used as a synonym for “second” in the US. It comes from the typical naming of school years in high school and college or university: freshman is first, then sophomore, junior and senior.

        • On further review, I take back one of my reasons for doubting its 2008 creation. The shot framing on the closeups looks like it’s cropped. Usually on 16:9 one gets the full head and a lot more background to the sides, but that’s not the case here. It looks more like 4:3 cropped to 16:9, which would put it back in the 2008/09 time frame. Also, there’s a production still that’s been floating around for a while and I noticed the shot it came from. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be a faux-retro production, but that seems much less likely.

      • OMG I LOVE YOU!! XD

    • Let’s wait until it actually comes out before we start making accusations. K?

    • btw have you seen IGAB? I’ve been considering your theory and if it was right (and am not saying it is), if it was right, the part from 3:39 to 4:00 in IGAB would be talking about 2ne1 who are basically saying “we’re ugly and not as pretty as snsd and our bfs can’t see us as girls” since it’s the part that’s really different in the theme and feel from the whole song and the translation of that part is

      “I’m really angry, my boy doesn’t look at me as a girl
      What should I do when I feel hopeless? Should I make him feel jealous? I’m so upset! What do I do?
      No way! No way!”

      which kinda talk from another person’s perspective and the whole set and costume is very different in only that part ..

      hmmm looking forward to see what you think about it =D

      • That part could actually be seen as honestly part of the song and not necessarily a shot at YG, because of the insecurity we can all sometimes feel in relationships. “Ugly” is a fuller development of the theme, but it’s a common theme. My issue with IGAB is that I still don’t think it holds together all that well musically.

  67. Allright sones! keep voting so dancing queen will be the first KMM for 2013, and followed by I Got A Boy!!!!!!!1

  68. The first few times I watched the MV, I was only watching it to get to the IGAB teaser at the end… I’ve transitioned into the opposite now–I wait patiently for the last few seconds of teaser before I can replay and rewatch Dancing Queen again!

    I’ve heard Duffy’s Mercy before, but the other than the instrumental aspect of the song, I felt like they were completely different songs. Rather than being more critical of the newer version, I think the fact that they remade Mercy made it more infectious and easy to sing along to.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to hear some nice high note ad-libbing on Seohyun, Jessica, and Tiffany’s parts. They’re good at it, and I think Taeyeon has become entrenched in the same sort of ad-libbing in every song. Her adlibs in this song were nice, too… using her head voice at first instead of going for the full on HNS (high note shriek!)

    As for the dance, I FREAKED out when I saw them flip their hair and do the wiggle. My best friend always makes fun of me for not being able to dance at all, so I finally get something right up my alley to party to :P

    One last thing–I love that they released the song after 4 years. I personally was getting a bit sick of their recent Japanese stuff (All My Love was boring IMO, and Flower Power…. just… NO! I do not know ADABANA). Dancing Queen is refreshingly nostalgic and will provide an amazing contrast to I Got a Boy! New Year’s will be even more fun this year.

  69. It’s nice to see S<3NES still vote even if there won't be KMM next week. But we have to keep voting so we stay up top. Hwaiting!

  70. looking forward to their comeback .. the dance teaser is very impressing …

  71. It’s just a small observation that I wasn’t even going to say outloud but I guess another comment won’t hurt ^^ I love how Taeyeon doesn’t jump every single chance she has to belt out a powerful high note at every chance she has. It makes me feel like she’s confident enough that she doesn’t feel like she needs to keep proving she can sing a high not and instead focuses of what she thinks suits the song the best. Not to say I disliked that the other members chose to belt it out because it sounded quite nice but I just liked I liked her approach to the chorus the best :) Seohyun was a close second, though


  73. Great vid! It takes you back to the early SNSD years! But when the teaser came in…my mouth was open the whole time.

  74. This is the first Kpop song I’ve have hated with a passion and I live in Seoul! Way to ruin a great tune by Duffy. NOT HAPPY JAN!

    • …why can’t u accept it? it was filmed in 2008 and they cannot refilm and re-record the song…

    • actually the tune was not by Duffy! the composer gave the rights to both SM and Duffy, but there was some issue in 2008, and Duffy happened to release it first. If the issue had not happened, you would be saying Duffy was copying SNSD.

      • Duffy co-wrote the song. She IS the composer, or one of the two, at least. She would, except under some very odd legal and contractual contortions and shenanigans, have permanent right to record, release and perform HER OWN WORK.

        • oh really? i had heard differently. Well I’m not too confident about how this all works, so you may be right.


  76. They probably won’t like reviewing this one, but oh myyy is the teaser for I Got A Boy awesome! Soshi doing Hyoyeon’s style! She better get a fat spotlight in the full video! So excited!!!!

  77. I promised to myself not to listen to Duffy’s version. Never liked the song at first, but now it’s on repeat. Music Mondays come faster. :)

  78. Can’t wait for their comeback!!!!!!!!

  79. i used to like duffys version of this but i think there voices sound SO much better for this song then duffy’s!
    snsd fighting!

  80. This one doesn’t really work for me. For one thing, I LOVE the original “Mercy,” and part of why I love it is the fire and the sense of… chutzpah, I guess. Duffy’s begging for mercy, but she’s also kind of vaguely threatening at the same time. Those factors are negated by the super-cutesy feel of this version.
    But then, I sorta hate aegyo in anyone over the age of twelve, so I’m guessing I’m not exactly the target audience for this video. :)

    • I have to agree. I can’t say it is a BAD remake since they really didn’t change ANYTHING of the instrumentals. I think what irks me is that it is being voted to the top of Music Monday Chart. It isn’t a song by SMTown and it is a BORING video. I am not saying it is bad for people to like the song or video- I just think the Secret video or something else would be much more interesting for Simon and Martina to review.

      • You make a good point about the video being boring, not having much of interest for Simon and Martina to review, which I agree with. I was focused on the song and rather forgot about the video itself – and I mean that literally, even though I just watched it last night, I don’t remember much specific about the video. I have a vague sense of pretty girls doing cutesy dances, that’s it. It’s never a good sign when a video is that immediately forgettable. :/

      • As much as i like SNSD, i must admit the video was quite plain. Why were they dancing/singing in a restaurant anyway?

    • I totally agree with you! I also love Duffy’s raunchy voice. Too much bad aegyo in this Mv for me, the choreography is extremely simple… Not my cup of tea…

  81. seriously this is so stupid for one 2008 they go from 2013 to 2008 and then they act like it’s the 70′s. this is so stupid…. disco in 2008. yes disco isn’t dead and i love disco but they should have at least went back to 1970

    • They recorded this in 2008…there were just copyright issues related to the release of the song. They went back from 2013 (when I Got a Boy is being released – with their current hairstyles), to 2008 when this was recorded prior to Gee. It’s just to show the growth/change in the 5 years since their debut. It has nothing to do with the era of the dance they do.

      • whether it’s growth or not it don’t matter. Yes it probably shows that but from a first look at the music video your not going to see that unless your an SNSD fan. Someone who is watching this for the very first time is going to pick up on the fact that it’s 70′s dance moves, sit back to 2008. I have nothing against SNSD. But personally SM needs to give better concepts for there music videos. I am a huge disco fan, I would love disco to come back. but if your going to take the name Dancing Queen put it with a Disco background actually do it right. i still think it’s misleading because of that. if they wanted to show there grow they should have at least picked a better name for the music video or a different song. This mv is really good but no matter what anyone says that little part where they go back to 2008 makes this mv the worst SNSD video i have ever seen. they should have went back to the 1970′s and pick a different song to show there growth. I don’t blame the artist’s i blame SM.

    • they don’t act like they are in the 70′s…. they act like they did in the Gee days – all aegyo and cutie-girl

  82. Love this MV. They look gorgeous

  83. This song is amazing and adorable, they all look so cute and sweet, plus I love the dancing!

  84. I’m not sure why, but it seems my comments keep getting removed or deleted or not saved for some reason. I’ve been trying to leave a comment here for a few days now. Does anyone happen to know why it isn’t being saved? I definately didn’t type anything that warrants removing the comment. =/

  85. I think most of the dance is cute, but that thing they do with their hands DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE, I hate it. It’s so weird and just unattractive.
    The song, well, I did hear Mercy first, but from what it sounds like, I don’t know if its true, it seems Duffy and SM bought the song at the same time, and then had to duke it out over copyrights. So, if it was made at the same time as Mercy, it’s not a cover, and you can’t give SM crap for buying another cover song (you can just give them crap about it for all their other songs). Taeyeon’s vocals were stellar and I LOVED Sunny’s part. I have no idea why she doesn’t get more lines, her voice is amazing, and I just…I’m sorry, but I find Jessica’s voice grating and unbearable. It’s just…not nice to listen to…

    • Duffy didn’t buy the song. She co-wrote it. This is a remake.

      • actually, the producer gave both Duffy and SM the rights to the song(music/tune) at the same time

        • The only way I could see that being true is if Stephen Booker (the producer and other co-writer) already had the music but no lyrics and sold the instrumental speculatively to SM while handing it over to Duffy to write lyrics. However, by their own accounts, that was not what happened. Duffy had the words to “Mercy” to begin with, and they collaborated on the music to accompany it over a period of several hours; Duffy was nearing the completion of the album “Rockferry” and needed a couple of more pieces to complete it.

  86. Sucha unique idea. Its so nice to see them from their Gee days. They look so cute and fresh ^^ And the teaser at the end… DIED!! They all killed it!! Love my Hyo baby!!

  87. Ah, back to the early days for Girl’s Generation. I used to say they can’t dance well and they cannot sing very well either. They are only popular for their beauty.

    That was before Genie (great song but still a lame dance) and Run, Devil, Run (good song and dance).

    Now I like their music and their dances are not bad.

    So cannot get into this song, but I’d still like to see the review.


  89. Hey, guys, to keep the comments going, I’ll ask some questions(like the Secrettimes are doing on the Talk That vid). What was your favorite part of the MV? Did you like Gee or Dancing Queen better? Have you guise heard the original song by Duffy? And who is your favorite SNSD member?

    • I definitely love Gee than this. This song is not just my type. But I admit after listening to this a gazillion times, it grew on me. I loved it. I never heard and will never attempt to listen to the original song. I’ll never compare the two versions. I’ll embrace soshi’s version. =D As for my fave member, it’s Seobaby. But I love all nine of them. ;A;

      • I agree about Gee. Loved Gee, not so much this song. But that’s okay. Almost all soshi songs have grown on me. And my favorite part of the vid was…the I Got A Boy teaser. The video itself was just eyecandy, same as Gee. I have heard Duffy’s version, and because Duffy is a better singer than soshi as a whole, I like her version more. But, like I said, I will embrace this version. And I also love all of them, but Taengoo is my bias.

    • Love Gee, i am glad they released it. This song is ok, but gee is just something special xD

      My favorite part(s) is the simple part when they wear just jeans and white t shirts xD the begining when fany and sica say “Let’s dance/Hit the beat and take it to the fast line” and when they say ‘somshi’ because it sounds like soshi :))

      yea i heard the original … but honestly i never think about it, now it will only be this for me :P … can’t compare a famous song to a version sang by my favorite group i will be biased without knowing xD

      and for my fave member … it’s hard … Sunny is def my fav but they always mess my list … especially taengoo and sooyoung, if i start this i will write all the names :))

    • My favorite part is definitely Tiffany and Jessica’s english at the beginning.

      I like Gee better because it introduced me to kpop – it will always hold a special place in my heart.

      I heard the original by Duffy, i even had a dance performance to it, but i never got used to Duffy’s voice. I don’t know why, i just don’t like it.

      And my fav member is Sooyoung!

  90. Let’s go! Two SNSD videos in a row!

  91. Dancing Queen for Music Mondays <3

  92. simon sooyoung hates those ads too according to the new teaser

  93. you guys should really review it and martina can dance to it too!!! XD

  94. Though I like Duffy’s version waaaaay better than this version (since I heard it first), I like how SNSD put their own twist to the song. Duffy’s version was more soulful, while SNSD’s version is more playful and innocent, which is their style.

  95. this needs to be reviewed >.< I enjoyed both version Duffy's and SNSD's although I prefer SNSD's because Duffy's voice is rather screechy sometimes haha…

    but I admit Duffy's vocal technique is much better than SNSD :D

    • i agree with you! I never got quite used to Duffy’s voice, i prefer SNSD’s, even so, i admit Duffy can sing better in terms of technique.

  96. the song is so catchy and their voices sound nice, give off the vibe of “Twinkle”. They look so young and cute, reminds me so much of their “Gee” time. Love the girls <3

  97. Totally love the song!!! Even though SNSD covered Duffy’s “Mercy”, they still made it awesome…as usual!!!:P

  98. Love these girls, and the super fun remake they did of “Mercy.” Loved that version, love this version ;D

  99. Come on Sones! we can do this! we aren’t that far behind Orange Caramel and Nu’est! I’m not going to be here for the next three days because I’m going skiing for winter break, so i’ll leave it all up to you guys (not that i did much, anyway) to keep voting and keeping the conversations going. A lot of the other songs have people commenting on how SNSD has such a strong fan base and how they expect dancing queen and IGaB to shoot up to first place really quickly. Lets not prove them wrong! Sones, and voters, fighting!

    TKIR – i don’t know about you guys, but in the beginning of the song, when snsd are in 2013, i really don’t think Yoona’s hairstyle suits her. Idk, but i think she looks prettiest when her hair is down and flowing.

  100. Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us when they release their 4th Album on the 1st. ^_^

  101. Something HAS to be wrong with the system for numbers to be so low yet the video is 3rd on the charts… But that aside, this video needs to be reviewed just for the nostalgia. Blast to the past and looking towards the future? It’d be interesting to see what Simon and Martina would think if this was released instead of Gee back in 2009.

    • something is wrong with the system… the Facebook votes are not showing up. my friends and i have been voting for this through Facebook since the first day, but nothing is showing up in the vote counter

      • If you hover over the facebook button, it says there are 212 Likes. So it is being counted. Don’t worry.

        Lol btw a_woot is saying that this video should be lower, and you say it should be higher, so I’ll concluded that you both cancel each other out and this video is right where it belongs :p

    • There’s a tab that explains how the charts work if you’re a first timer. You should be able to find the link above ^^b

  102. I really like this song. I completely forgot about Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ until they came out with this and this version is a lot better. The time machine concept is cool too and now i can’t wait for their next video. SNSD is awesome!

  103. This song just blows me away.. its just.. SO AWESOME. i have never heard the Mercy song by Duffy and so I did.. but man.. this version is just way better. I’m not trying to be a hater or anything but.. I like how this song is more upbeat and more lively.. and their voices made it even better. While Duffy’s version of the song.. It sounds good but the way she sang it seems so dark.. like the mv. One day, i hope SNSD will make an english version of this song. I wanna sing along with them .. hehe..

  104. why are the Facebook votes still zero? its been 4 days that this video has been up!

  105. I really do hope that this gets reviewed!

  106. Just dropping by to say I really like this song–it’s cute and bouncy and head-boppy. XD That being said, gonna go check out “Mercy” as well.

    And I’m really weird, but one of my first observations on the video was: Oh, this was back in the days when the magic of false eyelashes wasn’t utilized yet :p For some reason their eyes look so “naked” to me. LOL

    Anyhoo, I AM excited about their New Year release. In the meantime, this is a nice tune to pass the time until we get it! :)

  107. From the live chat, Martina and Simon mentioned that they weren’t as impressed with this one because of too much aegyo at their age, but then again, during that live chat they thought that DQ was recorded this year. Now that they know this was recorded in 2008, when most of them were 19 years old, maybe they’d reconsider a bit?

    Maybe they’d like IGaB better? K-SONE who were present at the comeback show recording said the entire crowd (450+) went wild because it was something the girls had never tried before and that the choreography was amazing like art^^ Either way, I’d like them to elaborate more on what they think of it, if it gets reviewed, I mean. I think the next KMM is still on Jan 7, and by then IGaB would have been released. I think more people will vote for that one… including me, Lol. After all, it’s their first Korean title track out as 9 after 14 months…

    • i can’t wait for IGaB!! i hope its as good as those sones say it was!! and if the next KMM is on Jan 7th, then we have a huge chance to beat Talk That and Dashing Through the snow in High Heels because they are much older than DQ! but probably by then, IGaB will be in first place, so maybe the week of the 14th they may review this?? idk I’m even confusing myself. Anway, sones, fighting!

  108. am really looking forward to their comeback ..

  109. Love the song, love the MV. Would love to write more but this working SONE has work to finish.
    Review the video please. Thank you EYK.

  110. Come one sones!!!! VOOOTTTEEE!!!

  111. For an SNSD song, I thought this would shoot up to first place like Taetiseo’s video did. I guess there aren’t a lot of SONE’s in this site than I thought

  112. Guys, this video isn’t from 2008. Only the original track was recorded back then. Billboard has an article out currently noting that it’s recently filmed. In fact, some of the girls (Sunny in particular) are wearing wigs to replicate their look from 2008.

  113. It’s so great to see them from this era again! :) I bet they’re excited to release a video that they worked so hard on, after so long.

  114. What does Sunny’s hat say at the end??

  115. I’m afraid of saying this because I don’t want to come off as a hater or a deluded fan… but I remember when Mercy was released that everyone was completely obsessed over the song and I couldn’t really get into it because I really dislike Duffy’s voice. I have nothing against her personally but even though I thought the song was good and the beat was sick, I couldn’t get over how much I can’t get to like Duffy’s voice at all. I know her voice is unique and colorful, etc but it’s just REALLY not the kind of ‘soulful voice’ I like. Snsd’s version gives me exactly what I needed to get into the song so I’m happy and I hope it gets reviewed. Sorry, Duffy fans… just an opinion.

    • It’s ok, I don’t care for Duffy either and that has nothing to do with me likng snsd. I do apreciate her as an artist though because she cowrote this lovely song

    • i completely agree. Even though Duffy has really good technique, her voice is…. i just don’t like it, i don’t know why…

  116. It really bothers me that they used the same music as from “Mercy”. I listened to Duffy long before I knew kpop, so it’s hard for me to objectively listen to this without comparing it to Duffy’s power house singing. That’s not fair to GG because its like comparing apples to oranges musically.
    Plus SM, you’re a multi-billion dollar entertainment company; you can afford to buy an original song for GG. Please do.
    Well, I’m hopeful for I Got a Boy. Looking forward to that ^_^

  117. The song is exactly the same as Mercy if you take out the vocals, they really changed nothing to it. The lyrics though are different so I consider this as being two different versions of the same song. Kinda like Marvin’s room? Jojo and Drake’s version are different, yet it’s the same song… Just leaving my two cents here. I’m not too fond of this song though, if I had been in charge of this, I would just keep the song in the vaults and get new songs, since Mercy was a well known song… but then again it’s sment.

  118. Such a fun and refreshing song!

  119. Was anyone else reminded of the Genie music video at the end of the video? When it was the teaser for I got a boy.

  120. So refreshing to see the girls in 2008. I miss their cute and fresh image. <3

  121. I’m replaying this MV LIKE CRAZY! It’s so awesome!

  122. I definitely liked Gee a LOT more than this, but oh well. This is great too(it’s Soshi, how couldn’t it be?). I think I liked Yoona and Hyoyeon the most in this era. They’re really pretty. And as for the teasers, I’m really excited – they’re trying something more colorful and hip-hoppy. I really like Hyoyeon’s hair, Seohyun’s bangs, Taeng and Jessica’s new look(they’re super beautiful) and SNSD in general! Go SoShi! And…”Ayo GG”? What? I suddenly was expecting GD to appear. He’s the only one in kpop associated with “AYO!!”. I’m ramblingg now, but one more thing: Tiffany released her comeback story today, and she said the title track WOULD HAVE RAPPING IN IT! NOOOOOOOO! Hopefully it doesn’t suck too much.

    • now i understand why everyone was saying they expected GD to appear. Is he really the only one in kpop who says “A YO”??

      • Yeah, pretty much. And…since we are all nasties here. S&M say “AYO” a LOY in a nasal high voice when referring to GD. Why? Listen to the first part of G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker.

  123. Really not my type of song…. Its so like…. wanna be aegyo. I really hate that. It makes me not want to listen to kpop music whenever i hear and look at 20 + year old women and men acting like 3 year olds. its just odd… Like sure you can be cute…. but this? its just too much. I actually really like when SNSD sings more powerful songs… so the teaser video really crushed my excitement for their comeback. Also… I think I just disliked this because I heard the original…. That version was too good.

    • what do you mean? the teaser video seemed pretty powerful for me…

      • GG may have dropped the aegyo quite a bit, but it’s still too much for my taste.The oldest is, what, 25? Isn’t it time for her to transition to a more mature image? The younger members can pull off the aegyo for a little longer, but even then, the older ones are acting cuter than the younger members (*cough* I’m looking at you Sunny!), as though they’re trying to overcompensate for their age. They’re trying really hard to change into a more sexy bombshell image, but there’s still quite a bit of aegyo.

        Argument 1: Flower Power. The first thing I see is a sexy city nightlife, and then the shot changes to a bright pink room with the girls in pastel pink stewardess uniforms. I understand that pink is their signature colour. However, the little girl voices asking “do you want to be [their] lover” and “do you know adabana” totally destroys the adult, bombshell image they were gunning for in the beginning of the video. Maybe the real meaning behind the song isn’t that spiders are masquerading as butterflies, it’s that these delicate daisies are pretending to be thorny roses.

        Argument 2: I Got a Boy. Judging from what I’ve seen in the teaser, they grind and pop their hips, and yet they have this bubblegum pop sound similar to their early Gee days. I would also like to add that this has the same feel as f(x)’s Electric Shock; a plethora of colours and patterned clothing, and dollar store accessories exploded all over the set.

        • wow! thats really in-depth. Okay, ill add my two cents too.

          First of all, i agree with you about Sunny. Her constant aegyo gets quite awkward after the first few times. Seohyun may be able to pull of Aegyo for a little bit longer, but after that it will also get old.

          Flower Power: i was quite happy for half of the video – the parts with the red and black in jumpsuits(not sure what they are called). The pink flight attendant outfits just made me cringe. I don’t know if they were trying to go for the cute image with this, but it didn’t work for me. For the “do you know adabana” didn’t really affect me much at all. I just really hated the pink flight attendant dresses.

          The Boys: While the english version of the song was… meh, the korean version actually made sense. Their outfits were awesome, and the song had a nice dance beat to it. I was actually quite happy with The Boys. I thought that perhaps future songs would also use this concept.

          Paparazzi: I loved this song! the outfits were really good, save sooyoung’s, which was a bit bizarre (did you see the puffy legs?!?!). The song was sang nicely, without barely any aegyo, and it sounded really classy. I was kind of thinking at that point why i tended to like their original japanese songs better than Korean ones. Then i realized that most of their original japanese songs tend to go without much aegyo. And as you said, the dances were more mature in Paparazzi and the Boys than previous songs.

          I Got a Boy: now that they have released the small teaser, the drama teaser, and the dance teaser, I’m seriously confused. I quite like the small teaser (the one at the end of DQ) and the dance teaser, but i’m a bit horrified with the drama teaser. It shows SNSD acting like giggly highschoolers who don’t have anything important on their mind. I seriously hope the actual song is not like that. I mean really? Yuri gets all excited after receiving a teddy bear…
          basically, the website seoulbeats had an article that pretty much summed it up:

          And while i don’t mind occasionally listening to Gee or Oh! or Twinkle, i seriously prefer SNSD acting their age, like the classy mature women they are.

        • The sad part is that these girls either WANT to act like children, or they are too scared to use their beautiful, god-given voices. They (among other SM groups) had the opportunity to buy company stocks so they would have a say in what they wanted to do (or at the very least make suggestions on new looks and new concepts).

          So far, I do see them trying different sounds, but their accompanying look with their music is more unbalanced than an American’s diet.

        • lol @ the american’s diet part. also, sadly, i don’t think that having some company stocks is going to give them much more power.

        • so now that IGAB has been released, what do you think?

        • do u not understand this is back in 2008? they wernt 25

        • Do you not understand that my post was in response to sasha and not about DQ? Since you clearly didn’t read the whole thread, I’ll spell it out for you.

          Sasha said “at the time, aegyo was the best way to market most female groups” and “after a while SNSD has dropped off the aegyo quite a bit”

          My argument is that at their CURRENT age, they lightened up on the aegyo, but not enough for me to see them as grown women.

  124. why aren’t the Facebook votes working????

  125. OMG Girls, you’re killing the Sones xD
    Loving the video, and that teaser is just… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    I’ve never been so excited for the New Year, and its a beautiful way to start, isn’t it? :D
    CANT WAIT FOR THE COMEBACK SHOW, the performances, the TV shows…
    Power of 9. Just get enough rest girls!
    I really hope 2 SNSD vids get reviewed. It’s really not that many :P

  126. is it just me or does Hyoyeon look really different than her normally-seen self at around 0:10~0:22. I’m not sure what happened, but she definitely looks a bit different…

  127. Can’t wait to see what Simon and Martina come up with for this video :)

  128. do you all think Sunny, Jessica, and Hyoyeon look better in black, brown, or blond hair? and which snsd member do you think (other than Sunny, Jessica, and Hyoyeon) would look good in blond hair?

  129. I want to see their reaction to Sunny’s hat in the teaser reel at the end of the video!

  130. Nope, I’m sorry but if you’re going to remake a song you should do the song justice.
    Duffy’s original is light years better than this. Sorry Soshis….

    • well if you try to consider this as a completely different song and not just as a simple remake, you can see more potential. Nothing good is going to happen if you only compare the two songs – In terms of how good a remake it is, is not that great at capturing the essence of Mercy. However, if you look at it as a different song, only with similar tunes, it really isn’t that bad. Its quite cute.

      • Haha I was just discussing this with my Aunt the other day, about how I liked Westlife’s version of Seasons In The Sun better than the Terry Jacks version that she liked. I heard Westlife before Terry Jacks, which is why I liked the Westlife one better. And neither of us had heard the original, which was French, so both of us didn’t like it, as we heard it much later.

        We concluded that people generally like the version that they hear first.

        But that’s just a theory of ours.

        • thats probably true. Unless they don’t like the first version, which is when it becomes a different case.

    • To be honest, it felt weird to hear SNSD sing it after been hearing Mercy. But the fun atmosphere in Dancing Queen is nowhere to be found in Mercy. So I almost see them as two different songs now. Both are great!

    • Chiming in here because I finally heard “Mercy”–and I like BOTH these songs, for different reasons. The melody is crazy awesome, but the moods of each song is so different, but both so appealing to me :) I’m not a fan of “Mercy’s” MV though, but holy heck are Duffy’s vocals top-notch.

      “Dancing Queen” though, is so colorful and cute and so fun to bop along to :)

    • agreed! at least 1. do the song justice and 2. do a song that makes sense!

  131. Brings back memeories of the good old days when they were just plain cute and innocent (not that they still aren’t now at heart). I almost wish the released this song instead of Gee because I like it more, but they probably wouldn’t have made it this far if they had, so it all works out in the end. ^_^

  132. Is this that bad if snsd gets to be reviewed to weeks in a row (probably what’s going to happen). Seriously…. Snsd, 2ne1 and maybe the wonder girls are pretty much the only girl groups who can put up a fight agains the boy bands, why shouldn’t they get reviewed two times? Big bang has had pretty much EVERY single song reviewed, not to mention the 3 weeks of GD. Everytime Super Junior has a comeback, every song gets reviewed aswell and rookies like B.A.P and Exo smash the charts aswell, I don’t see why it should be a problem that snsd gets two weeks after being away for more than a year. Even the Twinkle review was so long ago, so it’s not really justified to say that this shouldn’t get reviewed only because snsd’s comeback is next week

  133. I love this ! Hope they win just because the idea of having an old MV reviewd seems fun and just something that hasn’t been done XD

    I wonder if S&M will dislike it since they’ve said they don’t like cutesy concepts that much jfvnrkjgvf
    I don’t know but yeah :o

    Is something wrong with the FB counter cause it says there are 0 votes but I know for sure that’s not the case <3

  134. I don’t really consider this a “remake” of Mercy because the lyrics have a totally different feel than the original. Maybe more of a… fan vocal cover? ?_?

    I’m really hoping for a Secret review, but I guess I’d enjoy this too. I actually love how simple the dance is. It’s so sexy and fabulous! Exactly the kind of dance you want to do to a song like this! I’d have liked this much better than Gee (which is one of my least favourite SNSD songs, actually).

    The only thing I really didn’t like was that SooYoung and HyoYeon got half a line each. Maybe there just wasn’t enough room in the song for 9 people, but… still. This kind of song is right up HyoYeon’s alley! Maybe she should do a cover of the original Mercy at a live stage. :/ And SooYoung… poor girl. She’s got a beautiful voice. I think she should have sung Tiffany’s part at 1:15. Just saying. -.-

    Did anyone else expect G-Dragon to show up when they first heard “Ay Yo GG!” … just me? ._.

    • well i think its considered a remake just because the same tune is used. And i wish Sooyoung and Hyoyeon were given more lines too. They especially should have had more of Hyoyeon dancing what with the song being called “Dancing Queen”

      The music at the end of the teaser sounds so much like GD’s Crayon, i thought he was going to pop up then too :)

  135. This should be reviewed because it’s the “newest” in the list and the votes are growing!

  136. This is so catchy! I like it. I like all their voices, but Taeyeon and Seohyun’s voices really stand out here. I love Gee, and no one can deny the impact that song had on their career, but I feel that this song showcases their vocal prowess a bit better. :) Ah well, 2008 is way over already. Let’s just enjoy this song and video! :D Thank goodness copyright issues are over and SM ‘gifted’ this to us after 4 years…

    AND OH GOSH THAT PREVIEW FOR I GOT A BOY. It looks so awesome. Yesterday, 23/12, the girls filmed a comeback show for 20+ hours straight for an audience of 500, and they were raving about the song and choreography on twitter saying it was mind blowing and something the 9 had never tried before. Oh, wait, I should probably keep this comment about DQ, sorry lol

    Loved the song, loved the dance, most especially, LOVED THEIR SMILES. They just looked like they were having a lot of fun, and I had fun watching them happily dance, too. :)

  137. I hope this gets on music Monday. I like how they took a video the filmed in 2008 and then had their present selves go back in time to then very creative. I also liked the end where the go to the future (2013) and sneak peak for their new video. Good way to promote it. A time travel concept is good they killed two birds with one stone.

  138. I actually saw them perform this live once. It was great(obviously). Really like the M/V, cute-like and all.(But I still like Gee a lot more.) Annyywayy, the I Got a Boy teasers are superr cool. Taengg and Sica look different now – prettier. And the rest are GORGEOUSLY awesome, as usual. LOVE Hyo’s hair! Really looking forward to their new album. So Nyuh Shi Dae hwaiting!

    • 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

      But they’ve never even performed this live before… ever. o_O

      • Yes, they have. Search “Dancing Queen Live”.

        • Noooo. That was a different song called “Dancing Queen” that they sang live, not this song.

        • 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

          They did ABBA’s Dancing Queen back in July 2009 and Feb 2010, not ~this~ particular Dancing Queen that’s a remake of Duffy’s Mercy… This has never even fully seen the light of day before 21 Dec 2012 due to copyright issues, as in they weren’t legally able to perform it.

  139. am glad gee was released back then instead of this, I like gee way better..
    and am glad this was released now coz I missed the girls so much and it’s giving me a gee nostalgia in a nice way..
    seeing their old hairstyles and them looking so cute only 4 years ago .. it’s really evident how their styles have changed..

    I loved the song “mercy” already, but this song is making me love it even more xD
    I love how they remade it, they’ve given it a lighter and more fun feel …
    I find the dance funny, reminds me of the puss in shrek .. xD but i feel really awkward when trying to mimic the dance..

    the teaser at the end:

    I got a boy!!!

    omg this style is totally new to so nyo shi dae!!! I can’t wait to hear the song and see the choreography!!!! they all look really gorgeous and pretty!!!

    Thy’re going HIP HOP and stuff xD .. CAN’T WAITTTTTTTT

    oh and I can’t believe people are saying it’s shouldn’t be reviewed coz it’s an old song…
    It was recorded in 2008 but released now , hence this means it’s new!! … am sick of boy groups being reviewed ..
    I want the girls’ to be reviewed noooow =D

  140. yaaaay so nyo shi dae are back !!!! let’s get this to the top before next monday =D we have more than a week to do so

  141. this is good but they are too much trying to act cute. a little bit annoying, but they are cute

  142. They say the album will include the Past, Present and Future of SNSD. Wonder what the Future will be.

  143. I was pretty impressed with the vocals even with it being from 2008. Of course they’ve improved now but it still sounds really great~

  144. I really love the opening of the MV where Tiffany and Jessica stand in front of a (what was that called???? i just can’t remember, its on the tip of my tongue….) and the first few lines are awesome. Its great to see more of Yuri and Sunny and Hyoyeon in this MV, however, i wish they showed a teeny bit more of Sooyoung. The group shots look really fun and everyone is smiling and just having fun in this video which is really rare, and it just adds to the overall appeal <3

  145. snsd always is the best.i look forward for their 4th album.1st of january come faster,i already can’t wait for it.

  146. This song is really okay for a SNSD song not my favourite not even in my top ten. That said I still like it and if you take the MV as a whole it does have some sort of story though what that story is I don’t know but I’m sure tumblr will figure it out.

  147. I miss the days when Yuri had such a big part in snsd mv’s. *O* She looks so pretty

  148. It’s been so long since they’ve reviewed SNSD! Come on SONE!

  149. You got me beggin’ you for… Oh, it’s not that song… I’m actually not a fan of this song, because Duffy’s “Mercy” was played in the radio way too often few years ago but I’m voting for “Dancing Queen” because it would be so unusual to have a 4 years old music video in KMM.

  150. I like this song because it reminds me of their cute days, and i really like the cute them(not saying i don’t like the mature them :P)
    The dance is really nice and reminds me of chocolate love ^^ and i love how they say ‘somsshi’ and sounds like soshi :P
    and i love the idea that they released an old song that probably awoke some memories in old SONE and well made new SONE happy :D and if i can predict well this song will be exactly opposite to the 4th album’s concept.
    I really want to see what S&M think about this too… and one more thing please please god don’t let taengoo wear that ugly wig :D /begging !(from the teaser pics)

  151. this song need to be reviewed badly !!!! i know simon and martina will love that cat dance ! plus duffy no mercy is a classic song that everyone knows . Have to keep voting till next week tho :/ coz this week there isnt a music kpop monday review

  152. i really love Tiffany’s and Sunny’s outfits in the MV. In the teaser, i like Yoona’s, Hyoyeon’s, and Jessica’s outfits. Which ones do you guys like best?

  153. I always thought this picture from the Gee days looked a little different and out of place. Then when I saw that dance in Dancing Queen, it looked awfully familiar. That picture probably leaked out during Gee promotions XD

  154. I LOVE this video! It’s amazing to see our girls back in the gee days and how much they’ve matured since then. I can’t believe it’s almost been 5 years since then!

  155. I love them.I love SEOHYUN and TAEYEON. The most beautiful and talented girl group in KOREA!

  156. Vote for our Girls’ Generation <333

  157. do you guys like SNSD’s simpler hairstyles and plainer clothes of the Gee days better or the more styled hairstyles and more complex clothes of today?

  158. I love this song! I think I just want to see Simon doing the cat dance XD

  159. Considering it’s called “Dancing Queen” I find the dancing pretty… nonexistent. I can’t help singing the Mercy lyrics out when I hear this! I still want to hear a review though ^_^

    • I think it’s just supposed to be a fun catchy song with cute, easy-to-mimic moves reminiscent of older generations. If they had a strong dance, it wouldn’t really match the light-hearted vibe of the song. ^^’ Hopefully I Got A Boy has more intense dancing! The concept looks really cool and fierce. I’m really looking forward to 2 new SNSD reviews after so long without them T^T

      • I don’t know, the song is very dramatic and diva-like to me. I don’t think they matched it with the appropriate dancing. Don’t get me wrong, Gee is my favourite SNSD song, video, and dance so I have nothing against cutesy stuff. I just don’t think this one goes together.

        • i agree. i was kinda hoping for some explosive dancing or even some type of dancing that was more expressive, especially considering the tone of the music.

  160. I love this song! Love the Dance. Cute and sexy with fun tone and vocal, yes soshi is back!!!

  161. 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

    I really like it because it’s cute with just a tinge of sexiness. The music is enjoyable on its own with its fun beat, but watching the girls dance and smile adds even more to it. It also brings back fond memories of the early days… :) Hope to see this reviewed!

  162. i hope you review this^^

  163. You can tell it’s an older video when the embedded ad is higher quality than the rest of the video…

    Oh well, still loved it. SNSD fighting! :D

  164. for a moment i thought that SNSD somehow changed their hairstyles back into the Gee days and then i realized that this was filmed in 2008 *facepalm*

    It feels refreshing to see the girls with minimal makeup and plainer clothes compared to the ones in MVs nowadays. It totally brought me back to the Gee days!

  165. I really hope you guys don’t review this. SNSD gets enough attention and it would be better for another group to be featured. Especially since this song is from 2008, and they’re releasing their new song on the 1st anyways. One week of SNSD is plenty.

    • It’s gonna be fun :D Big Bang once got 3 weeks in a row with Blue, Bad Boy, and Fantastic Baby, if I remember correctly. What’s 2 songs to end/start the year positively? :D

    • Please don’t leave negative comments on a group’s page. Either way, thanks for helping out with the votes.

    • One week of SNSD is no where near enough, especially after a whole year of no SNSD.

    • Oh? Is this an old one? I had no idea… :O

      But sorry, it’s out of our control who gets reviewed. It’s just who gets voted to the top :)

      Personally though, compared to the 7 Big Bang/GD MVs this year, 2 SNSD videos is nothing, NOTHING I tell you (especially considering the severe lack of females on KMM).

      • The song & MV was just released, but it was recorded in 2008. SM sat on it for 4 years for some reason, hence the intro that “rewinds” to 2008

        • 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

          Copyright issues made them unable to release it back then. It was supposed to be their comeback song after Kissing You, but since they couldn’t use this song, they replaced it with the iconic ‘Gee’. :)

        • Until I found out that they actually recorded it then, I thought it was because the original song came out in 2008 haha

      • Yes it’s old as someone replied already, it was recorded in 2008, which is why IDK why it can be considered ‘new’. If I was on EYK during all of the BB/GD stuff I probably would have commented the same thing @__@ it’s just so much of one artist. orz

        That’s true though, because female fans are quite crazy over their oppars. >_> IDK I just feel like because the song isn’t new it shouldn’t be reviewed over a new song. /shrugs

        • It is actually new in the sense that we have never heard the song and have never seen the MV before. It has been officially released by SM to the public and perhaps it’ll be on the upcoming album.

          Looking back at your comment history, it is no surprise why you do not want this video to be reviewed. You have so many disgusting and offensive comments that I’m surprised you don’t use a separate account for EYK.

        • i can’t help how much i hate crazy sones.

        • Yo yo yo please keep it toned down. It’s none of my business what you think of certain groups or fans, but I’d appreciate it if you kept respectful of other people here on EYK. ^^b

      • do you by any chance know why the Facebook votes aren’t being counted???

        • Oh, I see what you mean. No idea sorry :( I’d assume it’s just the usual syncing delay, and it should refresh back up to 130+ after it syncs. The chart display takes a while to sync with the different websites (fb/tw/g+), but the moderator page refreshes consistently so I wouldn’t worry too much about it :)

          Btw you do know that there won’t be any KMMs till after new year yea?

        • wait so there will or won’t be a KMM next week?

    • 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

      It’s been 441 days since The Boys, or 1 year, 2 months, and 14 days. If you count TTS, then it’s been 247 days, or 8 months and 3 days. Let us have these mere 2 Mondays, please. :)

    • you love snsd, you’re always with them ;)

  166. I’m so glad that they finally solved the copyright issues of the remake and released this^^ It’s so cute and so nice to see them in their pre-gee days again. Baby face generation <3 HAHA. The time machine concept is cool too! You can really see how much they've grown up when the teaser for IGaB plays.

    As for the song, I like it a lot! I mean, I never heard Duffy's original 'Mercy' before this (although I did hear Lee Hi's awesome version on Kpop Star a while back) but I like that GG's version sounds so much more fun. It's a great mix of cute, fun, and sexy – leaning more to the cute side. Certainly more than enough to whet my appetite for their comeback and album! While I'm sure it's not gonna get a perfect 5 on English (seu-ta/star, pah-ti/party), it doesn't really detract from the song, at least for me. :) I still enjoy it a lot along with the dance which is sexy and cute, too (and I'd like to state that no copying has been done; GG filmed this October 2008, wayyyyy before Bo Peep, before T-ara even debuted. Anyway, cats are cute, cat dances are cute, let's just enjoy, shall we? :D).

    I hope to see this reviewed for Music Monday (and of course 'I Got a Boy' too, which releases next week). I'd like to see Simon and Martina imitate the cat dance (and maybe that hip shake at 2:19 too lol) XD That'd be awesome. Mayyyyybe you can even get Meemers to do the cat dance too jk jk *shrugs* I'd certainly be entertained either way :D