Girls’ Generation – Dancing Queen

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  1. April Newkirk

    wait… Isnt this mercey by duffy? did SM get this this one too!? INJUSTICE!!

  2. Eddie Fitz

    lol from #1 to 51

  3. Eddie Fitz

    lets be realistic the return of 4 boybands in one week this one doesnt have a chance

  4. Come on sones, two weeks of GG! We can do it!

  5. I would like you guys to review this one also!

  6. Lets get this votin` to be next kpop monday <3

  7. so this song is from 2008? what happened to make it release so late?

  8. we got IGAB reviewed for monday now we need to get this baby to be review for next monday !!! cmon vote vote !! :D

  9. Fantaseas

    Welp, this is probably not getting reviewed. That sucks, especially because I liked this more than IGAB and it would *probably* get a more favourable review compared to IGAB, haha. I’d really love to see their skit for this, but ah well… ):

  10. Eddie Fitz

    now that i got a boy is being reviewed on monday it is our misssion to get dancing queen reviewed next week SONES!

  11. Awww… Now it’s in 4th place.. Vote ppl!!! We need this reviewed!!

  12. Kent Paghasian

    i love this so cuuute <33

  13. Angela Banks

    Why is Dancing Queen in 3rd position??

  14. I’ll keep voting for this hoping they get the following week instead of boyfriend .. but I don’t think there’s a chance ;-;

  15. hey guys !!!
    i have just one short question: why is the song of boyfriend, which has lesser votes and promotion on the social media, second, while dancing queen is 3rd ?
    i’m sooo curious yeahhh ~~~

    • because boyfriends’ new! the older a video is the easier for it to go down!! think of it as if what makes the video into the chart is (votes / time) .. so if we want dancing queen up in 2nd place again we need to vote for it even more :D

  16. the only reaon i am voting this video is because i really want to see martina and simon comments about this …i have my reasons for voting but its ok

  17. I think people should stop saying Duffy had the original song. I’m fairy sure both were recording the song at the same time.

  18. GLAMcomeshere

    Why is one part from gee? o-o

  19. Evaders99

    Yea yea yea, yea yea yea so catchy

  20. i like the original song better snsd is like meeeh and duffy is like wow so i like better mercy than dancing queen

  21. Looks like this song isn’t going to get reviewed after all… Infinite got this week, and “I Got A Boy” will definately win next week. Which means the only way “Dancing Queen” gets reviewed is if it can stay on top for two more weeks.

  22. I can’t decide which i like better so im going to vote for both <3

  23. GLAMcomeshere

    Okay… I know I am going to get alot of hate from SONES now but, I did really not like the song…cuz…I don`t like the original song… I have heard it so many times that I am bored of it…. and the vidio was boring….ofcourse the girls look stunning as always…. but….it is boring…THEY look boring…and wait…is that that gee thing? O-O what? with the white T-shirt and jeans…

  24. The song sounds great! But… well… Umm.. some parts of the dance are really slow and… look… awkward? BUT I REALLY LOVED THE MV AND THEIR CLOTHES <3

  25. I felt like sharing a video of one of my favourite songs of snsd

  26. wow how did sunny’s cap get edited on the video without SM taking the video down? didn’t it have “welcome mother f*#*%s” ?

    • Barry Adams

      It did! I wonder how SM found out about the words and then covered it over? Usually KPop groups don’t care what the English says as long as it’s English.

      I also wonder how they were able to update the video without taking it down. What kind of magic do they have?

      • well the cap did have some negative reactions and I knew they’re gonna do something about it

        but am really shocked about how they updated the video without taking it down part xD SME must know some kind of dark magic!!!

        • GLAMcomeshere

          I feel people on Korea REALLY can`t tackle some ugly words… it is like if it says mother fucker…. like WOW… so bad -_-…. and edditing it… i already knew kpop was like this… but seriously…. if they have a bad girl team… let them be a little bad girl okay? xD

  27. Guys should still be voting for “Dancing Queen”. “I Got A Boy” will definately get a review next week, so you can hold off voting for it until “Dancing Queen” gets reviewed.

  28. What can I say.. These two SNSD songs are gonna be fighting for first place! Baby face generation FTW!

    • Barry Adams

      I do not think it will be much of a fight. IGAB is newer by a week. And there is no review this week either. I would love to hear S&M review this song, but for 3 weeks in a row there will be no vote to decide KMM.

      Ironically, the 3 missing weeks would have seen Secret – Talk; That, GG – Dancing Queen, and GG – I got a boy being reviewed.

      I do not know if GG can hold them on for next week.

  29. weird, im not able to view this MV on YouTube. says that its private
    you guys get the same thing?

  30. Less than two days to vote for “Dancing Queen”! Once we get this reviewed it’s time to start voting up “I Got A Boy”!! Girl’s Generation two weeks in a row. Make it happen SONEs!

  31. Can you do I got a boy review instead?

  32. Where’s “I Got a Boy” on the chart ._.

  33. song. oh so catchy now that ive listened to it for the last few days. i dont think the clip really did it justice. maybe SM could have waited for the copyright to be sorted and then shoot the video. might have made it less kind of feels icky when you go from watching twinkle, the boys and even run devil run to this. also did the aegyo feel forced? the aegyo just is so… awkward.

    and can someone explain to me the lyrics. is this for a guy? cause im sure you dont call a guy your dancing queen. Is this for a girl? cause you dont say “Your selfishly nice figure, that breathtaking sexiness It makes me lose my breath yeah” -_- please someone who is not a sone that will attack me explain wth is going on?

  34. Melanie Walters

    What I really don’t get is why some of the members are not getting much attention as YoonA Jessica Yuri Taeyeon or Sooyeon? What’s so wrong with Sunny or Hyoyeon they are pretty and Jessica got plastic surgery on her full face while ALL of the other members just got it on thier nose honestly I think Jessica has no beauty as every other member

  35. Less than three days left to go. Kepp on voting guys!!

  36. Loved this song! It was a retro bonus for Sones!

  37. sasha092398

    after listening to IGAB, i just can’t listen to Dancing Queen. The two songs couldn’t be more different