Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy



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  1. YouTube Music Awards VIDEO OF THE YEAR! Congratulations, SNSD!

  2. honnêtement je ne sais pas comment vous faite pour aimer une société comme la SM. Autant que personne, notre devoir est de penser à ce que vaut la valeur humaine et les droits de l’homme. En admirant cette société et en acceptant sa façon de s ‘occuper de ses artistes, c’est comme revenir au temps de l’esclavage.

    Si vous aimez vraiment un groupe provenant de la SM, vous devez pensez à comment les protéger contre la maltraitance psychologique que les fait endurer la SM.

    Vous pensez que je suis folle ou que je dit n’importe quoi mais c’est faux , vérifier le planning ,le salaire et les closes de leur contrat et vous verrais que la SM se fait 100 fois plus de bénéfices sur le dos de ses artistes que les autres société de divertissement dans le monde.

    PS; trouver logique d’ordonné a une personnes de changer sa personnalité, ce qu’il ait vraiment en face d’une caméra pour que vous les fans aimez un personnage imaginaires. SM nous manipule . Les personnes naïves les suient aveuglement comme des ignares

  3. is SNSD Music Monday going to be posted?

  4. I got a boy in my pants! I got a boy CHICKEN!

  5. everyone vote for them :D

  6. yes! it dominated! can’t wait to see the review!


    Could you please review Break Down from Super Junior M?? Pretty pleaseee~~~~~???

  8. Could you please review Break Dwin from Super Junior M for next K-pop music Monday?? Pretty please~~~~~??

    • For a second there I thought you wrote Break Wind..O.O xD But that’s a Chinese song and it isn’t played in Korea so no. If it is released as a Korean Version though, it will be added to the charts and you can vote for it :)

  9. i cant wait for the review

  10. guys, PLEASE do some proper research on this song and MV before you trash talk it like most of my other beloved SMEnt mv’s that you have reviewed.

  11. i love colours. i love girls. now i love colourful girls.

  12. SWalkerTTU

    I’d like it if S&M (Ooh, you so nasty) can draw a comparison to “Canadian Railroad Trilogy”. I don’t say it would necessarily be a fair comparison, but one can be drawn.

  13. Well, I’m glad that you’d review this song? Haha, I always wanted to know what you two crazy NASTY think about it :D This song is packed with controversies so they’ll be a lot more to talk about, AWESOMESAUCE!!

    Can I just put it one request, would you be able to incorporate the lyric into the discussion as well ? I’ve seen so many reviews paying no attention to the lyric of the song at all, and I think this is not one of those song you can afford to do that. Not unless you want to confuse the heck out of yourself and left wondering what the heck is SM doing.

    As for myself, the song started as a hot mess, now it’s just totally addictive xD And the choreography….DAUM!

    Regardless of what the reactions are, I want to congratulate them for choosing such a risky song as their comeback song. There are far more conventional songs in the album that would go down much easier.

  14. The only reason I voted to have this song reviewed for Music Mondays is because of how much I hated it. I actually had my friend who doesn’t really care for K-Pop listen to the song and she was like, “Why are there so many different beats in one song?” The only part she liked was when the beat started to sound like GD’s “Crayon”. Like come on. SNSD are established well enough that they deserve more ORIGINAL songs. The only thing I liked about this video was the wardrobe selection.
    This song is just so all over the place that it took three tries (third time’s the charm) for me to tolerate it enough to listen to it all the way through).
    Maybe I’m just being a little TOO critical but damn.
    I actually kinda like these girls. I hope the people who choose their songs don’t make that change.
    I have said my peace.
    The “I got a boy” line alone was pretty catchy though.

  15. Catherine

    sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but why no SujuM Break Down on the charts? is is because it’s the Chinese version? i feel like i remember a review of tai wan mei but i can’t remember which. at any rate i’m glad SNSD made it through the week! ^^

    • fuuko4869

      Yes it’s because it’s Chinese. It is the ‘K’-pop charts after all. They stopped reviewing foreign songs after U-Kiss’ Tick Tack. But if Suju comes out with a Korean version we’ll probably include it :)

  16. OH! and also, I hope S&M says positive things about the dance! ^^ seeing as it’s not your typical cutesy girl group dances~ SNSD really impressed me with this one! (even Taeyeon at the beginning o_o)

    (but haha this is SM we’re talking about…a company that really focuses on the dance)

  17. I hope that if S&M did not like the song, then at least it’d grow on them by the time they review it…I mean, it’s been out for almost two weeks and it’s actually a catchy song.

  18. this song didnt catch my ears the first time i heard it but after many times watching them performing this song on stages,eventually i like it,the dance moves is so fresh,the lyrics fit it, it.looking forward to see this mv on music monday.

  19. eatingbreakfastwithramen


  20. yes! we did it! can’t wait for the review!!!

  21. Twenty-five minutes left…! Well, have I ever mentioned how I agree with the AKP article how those weird pink things they put on Tiffany’s arms really seem to be legwarmers and I don’t think they’ll be setting a new fashion trend with that any time soon? xD

  22. oh yeah, sunny is going spudgy in this one isn’t she ?? hahaha will be fun to point that out

  23. argh!!! love snsd YURI forever.!!! she’s so cute and so adorable! i wish she could become my girlfriend >< so cute ^^

  24. sowon ina

    i love this song

  25. I’d like to hear what EYK will say about this song HEHEHEHE anticipating it.

  26. we need more female idols on kpop music mondays no doubt, hope our girls gets reviewed ^^

  27. the song is great…no doubt

  28. NaToTheWak

    Wait… Did the 9 of them got the same boy? Cuz I think that would be a record.

  29. Goldenknight22

    Hopefully this gets reviewed. I really would like to see Simon and Martina parody the MV transitions in their review.

  30. Ohhh… I think this gonna get reviewed…. HOORAY!

  31. I like the use of colour, the dance is good and the song is not bad, but I’m still deciding weather i like it or not… It looks like it has a lot of WOW factor but… it feels like there is just something missing, you know?

  32. strawberi1928


  33. EmpatheticSoul

    I love the theme of this m/v. It’s everywhere just a lot like emotions. Great singing. Awesome dancing. ^^

  34. i think simon and martina will say” THIS SONG IS FUCKING SUCK” LOL

  35. LOLL the song is way better if you dont watch the mv haha ….it’s REALLY good if you just listen to it