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Girls’ Generation – I Got a Boy



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  1. YouTube Music Awards VIDEO OF THE YEAR! Congratulations, SNSD!

  2. honnêtement je ne sais pas comment vous faite pour aimer une société comme la SM. Autant que personne, notre devoir est de penser à ce que vaut la valeur humaine et les droits de l’homme. En admirant cette société et en acceptant sa façon de s ‘occuper de ses artistes, c’est comme revenir au temps de l’esclavage.

    Si vous aimez vraiment un groupe provenant de la SM, vous devez pensez à comment les protéger contre la maltraitance psychologique que les fait endurer la SM.

    Vous pensez que je suis folle ou que je dit n’importe quoi mais c’est faux , vérifier le planning ,le salaire et les closes de leur contrat et vous verrais que la SM se fait 100 fois plus de bénéfices sur le dos de ses artistes que les autres société de divertissement dans le monde.

    PS; trouver logique d’ordonné a une personnes de changer sa personnalité, ce qu’il ait vraiment en face d’une caméra pour que vous les fans aimez un personnage imaginaires. SM nous manipule . Les personnes naïves les suient aveuglement comme des ignares

  3. is SNSD Music Monday going to be posted?

  4. I got a boy in my pants! I got a boy CHICKEN!

  5. everyone vote for them :D

  6. yes! it dominated! can’t wait to see the review!

  7. Could you please review Break Down from Super Junior M?? Pretty pleaseee~~~~~???

  8. Could you please review Break Dwin from Super Junior M for next K-pop music Monday?? Pretty please~~~~~??

    • For a second there I thought you wrote Break Wind..O.O xD But that’s a Chinese song and it isn’t played in Korea so no. If it is released as a Korean Version though, it will be added to the charts and you can vote for it :)

  9. i cant wait for the review

  10. guys, PLEASE do some proper research on this song and MV before you trash talk it like most of my other beloved SMEnt mv’s that you have reviewed.

  11. i love colours. i love girls. now i love colourful girls.

  12. I’d like it if S&M (Ooh, you so nasty) can draw a comparison to “Canadian Railroad Trilogy”. I don’t say it would necessarily be a fair comparison, but one can be drawn.

  13. Well, I’m glad that you’d review this song? Haha, I always wanted to know what you two crazy NASTY think about it :D This song is packed with controversies so they’ll be a lot more to talk about, AWESOMESAUCE!!

    Can I just put it one request, would you be able to incorporate the lyric into the discussion as well ? I’ve seen so many reviews paying no attention to the lyric of the song at all, and I think this is not one of those song you can afford to do that. Not unless you want to confuse the heck out of yourself and left wondering what the heck is SM doing.

    As for myself, the song started as a hot mess, now it’s just totally addictive xD And the choreography….DAUM!

    Regardless of what the reactions are, I want to congratulate them for choosing such a risky song as their comeback song. There are far more conventional songs in the album that would go down much easier.

  14. The only reason I voted to have this song reviewed for Music Mondays is because of how much I hated it. I actually had my friend who doesn’t really care for K-Pop listen to the song and she was like, “Why are there so many different beats in one song?” The only part she liked was when the beat started to sound like GD’s “Crayon”. Like come on. SNSD are established well enough that they deserve more ORIGINAL songs. The only thing I liked about this video was the wardrobe selection.
    This song is just so all over the place that it took three tries (third time’s the charm) for me to tolerate it enough to listen to it all the way through).
    Maybe I’m just being a little TOO critical but damn.
    I actually kinda like these girls. I hope the people who choose their songs don’t make that change.
    I have said my peace.
    The “I got a boy” line alone was pretty catchy though.

  15. sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but why no SujuM Break Down on the charts? is is because it’s the Chinese version? i feel like i remember a review of tai wan mei but i can’t remember which. at any rate i’m glad SNSD made it through the week! ^^

    • Yes it’s because it’s Chinese. It is the ‘K’-pop charts after all. They stopped reviewing foreign songs after U-Kiss’ Tick Tack. But if Suju comes out with a Korean version we’ll probably include it :)

  16. OH! and also, I hope S&M says positive things about the dance! ^^ seeing as it’s not your typical cutesy girl group dances~ SNSD really impressed me with this one! (even Taeyeon at the beginning o_o)

    (but haha this is SM we’re talking about…a company that really focuses on the dance)

  17. I hope that if S&M did not like the song, then at least it’d grow on them by the time they review it…I mean, it’s been out for almost two weeks and it’s actually a catchy song.

  18. this song didnt catch my ears the first time i heard it but after many times watching them performing this song on stages,eventually i like it,the dance moves is so fresh,the lyrics fit it, it.looking forward to see this mv on music monday.

  19. eatingbreakfastwithramen


  20. yes! we did it! can’t wait for the review!!!

  21. Twenty-five minutes left…! Well, have I ever mentioned how I agree with the AKP article how those weird pink things they put on Tiffany’s arms really seem to be legwarmers and I don’t think they’ll be setting a new fashion trend with that any time soon? xD

  22. oh yeah, sunny is going spudgy in this one isn’t she ?? hahaha will be fun to point that out

  23. argh!!! love snsd YURI forever.!!! she’s so cute and so adorable! i wish she could become my girlfriend >< so cute ^^

  24. i love this song

  25. I’d like to hear what EYK will say about this song HEHEHEHE anticipating it.

  26. we need more female idols on kpop music mondays no doubt, hope our girls gets reviewed ^^

  27. the song is great…no doubt

  28. Wait… Did the 9 of them got the same boy? Cuz I think that would be a record.

  29. Hopefully this gets reviewed. I really would like to see Simon and Martina parody the MV transitions in their review.

  30. Ohhh… I think this gonna get reviewed…. HOORAY!

  31. I like the use of colour, the dance is good and the song is not bad, but I’m still deciding weather i like it or not… It looks like it has a lot of WOW factor but… it feels like there is just something missing, you know?


  33. I love the theme of this m/v. It’s everywhere just a lot like emotions. Great singing. Awesome dancing. ^^

  34. i think simon and martina will say” THIS SONG IS FUCKING SUCK” LOL

  35. LOLL the song is way better if you dont watch the mv haha ….it’s REALLY good if you just listen to it

  36. ♫♪ I got a boy in my chin ♪♫

    ♫♪ I got a boy in my chin ♪♫

    ♫♪ I got a boy handsome boy 내 맘 다 가져간 ♪♫

  37. I love Taeyeon, Seohyun, and Tiffany’s voices, but while listening to this video i can’t help but think how sweet Sunny’s and Yoona’s voice. I don’t mean that i like their voices the best. Im talking about the tone of the voice. I’m not sure how to describe it. Their voice is sweet. I don’t mean high-pitched, but sweet. The tone is… It feels like cotton candy with extra sugar if you get what i mean.

  38. SM and their use of the 360 degree cams…

  39. I got a boy…chicken?
    This song has musical ADD. No need to keep pressing forward on your iPod. It’s got it built in.

    that being said…love it!

  40. It’s going to be interesting to see how much bashing Simon and Martina get from Sones if they say anything even a little negative about this song and mv. I remember the last time they reviewed a SNSD song they got quite a lot of negative responses and a lot of people wouldn’t vote for SNSD’s next mv. I hope this time people respect their opinions, even if you don’t agree with them.

  41. The title should have been “WE got A boy” coz…u know… oh well, I guess SM couldn’t find 9 boys, they only have a truckload in that agency…poor them…

  42. I was actually quite impressed by the concept and I love their outfits…but please address the tempo switches. So not needed, right? but, it really grew on me. Especially because for once, IDK, the girls actually looked happy and like they were having fun. Same with the lives. So unlike what they’ve been doing recently before IGAB.

  43. Hoping this stays in first place because I really am curious to hear S&M’s opinion on the song & video. Regardless of whether they actually like it or not, they usually give honest and well thought out responses to “controversial” songs like this where the opinions tend to be split right down the middle. While the overall arguments on both sides tend to be really simple and sometimes downright silly or immature, S&M are able to state their opinions clearly and without the foaming-at-the-mouth kind of anger that other K-pop fans sometimes do. They also seem to be less biased, which I know some people disagree with (“OMG, why are you guys so YG-biased? Why you guys hate SM?”), but I’ve read blogs by people who are definitely “mature” adults who seem to become downright petty and mean-spirited about a group they don’t like. Even when S&M don’t like a song or the way a group has presented themselves, they keep it mature and are really good about making a critique, not a rant. Maybe it’s because they’re Canadian. :P Canadians are nice. :)

  44. So many different opinions on this song. But I have to say that I like this song because it’s catchy although it’s a little bit hard to sing along (but I don’t speak Korean in the first place, so yeah…) but I like it, and I really want to hear Simon and Martina’s opinion for this song :D

  45. dat sunny hair, you should mention that on your video, dear SiMart

  46. Dudes! We need to have a KPOP Music Monday for this! There’s so much to talk about because it’s so different from the usual SNSD videos! And the song is extremely catchy- seriously, I’m always singing it. GREAT SONG TO REVIEW!!!! People, think about what reviewing really is.

  47. Im i the only one that think is pretty cool for the fact that it feels like 5 song combined together?
    i really liked it :D

  48. I’m really sad that they don’t dance with their caps in their performances anymore.

  49. Love the beat! Love that they are becoming less shy and getting a lil sexier in their dances but still keeping it sweet and cute at the same time! <3

  50. This ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE reviewed!!!

  51. Welp a boyband came out I wonder if this will stay first? I hope it does but you never know the power of rabid fangirls…..

  52. 12 hours left! vote!!!!!! we need this reviewed

  53. I think I’m gonna cry a little if BOYFRIEND catches up. Nothing against BOYFRIEND but I just really wanna see this video reviewed =’(

  54. 12 hours left to vote! I hope the scoring system is working well this time, it worked not so well for the past few weeks.

  55. SNSD Hwaiting!!!!!! I want them to review it so badly!!!!!

  56. I got a boy <3

  57. Yoona’s rap is sooooooooo amazing, i listened to this song like 100-150 times right now and i still feel the need to put the volume up on that part!!

  58. I will be so angry if IGAB will loose to boyfriend or infinite H, just because the scoring system is soooo bad and if a song is old and has like 20,000 votes it looses to a song that has 5,000 but is new

  59. there is so many things to talk about in this mv XDD

  60. Oh well… I’ve given up on trying to get “Dancing Queen” reviewed in addition to “I Got A Boy”. Now I’m focusing on keeping this in first place until tomorrow.

  61. SONE! Lets continue to vote for our girls! Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Yoona, Seohyun HWAITING~!!!!!! Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae~!!

  62. too much going on in here =P

  63. I really do enjoy this song. I listened to it first and it was catchy and then i heard that reading the lyrics would help and i did and it made the song even better. Its so clever. And watching our girls perform this live is wicked awesome. Really. They all look like they’re having so much fun. As for the video, the ones who stood out for me was Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, Sunny, and Yuri. Hyoyeon’s my bias and i couldn’t take my eyes off her but the other person i couldn’t take my eyes off of was Taeyeon. She surprised the hell outta me and I was cheering for her throughout the whole video, eyes all wide in surprise lol. But overall, all the members did awesome and they fit the concept in their own ways. This is gonna be one of my all time favs from SNSD!

  64. Oh Yeah another win for SNSD at KBS music Bank!! GG Hwaiting!!!

    • I would be surprised if one of their songs didn’t reach the #1 at music bank during the second week of its release. Unless they were going against another popular group.

  65. IGAB: very addictive..exactly my kind of music..^_^
    SNSD: versatile as ever..

  66. such a great song! hehe

  67. I love Infinite, but I’m gonna get mad if they surpass IGAB this week =/ Fighting GG!!!

  68. vote like crazy next 24 hours mkay?

  69. Dancing Queen dropped to number 3 :(

  70. Great MV! colourful love the street background and the song changes were ok not too different or distracting…love the AYO GG! sign in the background of the street scene :D

  71. YOONA!~<3

  72. it’s a bit strange, but i like it! and the lives definitely makes it better, imo!

  73. the song is an okay song…well I quite like it…but I’m hoping to have another song like Gee from SNSD

    at first I was a bit confused about the song but after hearing it several times…well…it’s quite okay

    but I still don’t really like tiffany and taeyeon’s solo part before jessica said “Let’s get back to 1.40″

  74. Damn u Infinite. They definitely screwed the dancing queen review…

  75. AYO GG! love sooyoung unnie <3 snsd lucha :D

  76. Did anyone else think of the Sims during the slow motion skit at the beginning of the song?

  77. guys! i have a question. how do i click on the google+ button or the twitter button?!?!?! it won’t let me click it, it’ll just move onto the the next thingo!!!!

  78. I like some of GG’s songs, or at least parts of them. I could listen to their group harmony (and Taeyeon’s voice) all day long. But I actually really like them in this, except the orange wigs…my first thought was omg, an orange Village of the Damned! But the mixture of style and sound, i really enjoyed. I’m glad SNSD is trying some new concepts, and I hope they’re able to successfully escape being typecast. Plus I appreciated their dyed hair, especially Hyoheon’s.

  79. vote for SNSD!!!! I don’t want Boyfriend to win!!!!

  80. This video HAS to get reviewed. I want to know their viewpoint on this! >< I'm sure it's probably similar to mine xD; (and everybody else ^^;; )

  81. I feel like Simon and Martina are going to relate this title of ‘I Got A Boy’ with ‘The Boys’ saying something like ‘They finally brought the boys out! well…at least just one boy (since there is only on guy in the MV) !!!’

  82. AYO GG!! lets keep on voting everyday until the deadline to get our girls on kmm ^^

  83. I really can’t wait to hear Simon and Martina’s review of this. SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT.

  84. i fell for this song right after listening to it once, am i that weird? lol

  85. Lets make sure we get this on music mondays guys!

  86. Snsd won their first today! /watch?v=W7VlnofFzfk

    GO GG!!

  87. I hope EYK makes like a 20 minute video of just bashing this song. Sorry for all the SNSD fans (btw I like SNSD) but this was just a terrible song.

    • That’s pretty twisted, that you want something to be bashed so solidly just because you don’t like it. If S&M don’t like it, I hope they’ll at least make solid discussion and funny skits for it.
      Besides, 20 minutes of bashing? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.

    • simon and martina never bashed a song, though. and even if they had or did or will, I won’t mind. at least they are objective persons.

  88. hi guys !!!
    just one short question: why is boyfriends song, which has lesser votes and promotion on social media, on second place while dancing queen is on third ?
    i’m soo curious yeeaaah~

    • it doesn’t have to do with promotion, its just that lots of people are voting for it on EYK. DQ is a really old song by now, so only a certain percentage of the votes count. not all of the votes count because DQ is 3 weeks old. I Yah is just one or two days old and it has a lot of votes, which is why its at second place

  89. Girl’s generation tops billboard’s world album and k-pop Hot 100!! Soshi hwaiting!! ^_^

  90. SNSD won first place on Mnet!!! ^_^ good jobs girls you deserve it!!

  91. If you guys were to show only 10 seconds of this song to someone that doesn’t know much at all about KPop, what part would you play for them?

    • i’d play the part where they sing ‘I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy, handsome boy Naemam da gajyeo gan’ cuz that part’s so significant, plus the dance’s cool ^^

    • I would start with Taeyeon’s “Oh my prince” line, just because it’s heavenly, or I might start with Sunny’s line so that the 10 second clip would go into Yoona’s rap. It’s different, but it’s so good :)

    • The “oh, oh oh eh oh” at the very beginning with Taeyeon’s “eh eh eh” it’s sooo catchy ^^ or Jessica’s bridge…

  92. When I first listened to this song i thought it was kind of different and a little odd I guess. And after watching the version with English subs I thought it was interesting… Bu then.. the song kept calling me back .-. and now I even want to learn the dance!

  93. This is such a weird vid o.0

  94. Come on fellow SONEs!!! Whats the matter, how has Boyfriends new mv already surpassed SNSD’s Dancing Queen?
    Vote Vote Vote for both the songs “I Got a Boy” and “Dancing Queen” – lets show them that SNSD can easily be #1 for 2 weeks straight on this chart

  95. I’m just glad they finally performed this live. I was getting worried for the lipsync

    • I love hearing it live. Jessica and Sunny have been flawlessly hitting those high notes! Their musical experience is really showing :) Sadly, Seohyun’s not really singing as good as I’ve heard her in the past. I guess she has a cold? :(

    I have a feeling that simon will say something about this. something like how tiffany changed her name into “trouble.”

    • Have you seen Chonny’s review of this? He comments on the part when she’s eating ice cream with the guy, “don’t touch her, don’t touch her troubled lips!!!!!” It’s quite funny. XD

  97. I want it to be reviewed as much as I feel I won’t be able to watch it, because I already hate the comment that “it’s a mess” and if I hear that kind of comment from S&M I would smash something (even though I’m aware that the reviews are subjective). I do like this song very much, I like the feel, the beat, the melody, but most of it all – I LOVE THE CHANGES OF TEMPO, MELODY AND GENERAL UNPREDICTIVENESS OF THIS SONG. It begins to be so interesting a song, not possible to be bored! And I don’t find it confusing at all – if you listen to it closely you’ll notice, that most singing parts would perfectly match with both slower and faster bgm parts, because it’s generally the same beat, but the tempo is changed. I plan to record it myself so that it would be hearable.
    Guys, really, it’s the great song. I loved it after the very first listening to it. Why? Because it wasn’t easy to remember structurally! That’s the point of it becoming so interesting :D I was astonished! It’s so surprising! SURPRISES! Wow!
    All you need to do is to put aside the view that best pop song is easy structuralized (?) pop song. Because it’s still an easy song melodically – similarily to Genie (Genie was easy in structure, though). Such experiments are the salt of mainstream actually. Otherwise, it would be another super boring kpop song.

  98. One of the best parts was Seohyun’s “Welcome Motherf*ckers” hat. Maknae’s growing up *sniffles*

  99. It took too long for it to grow on me. There was too much going on and the transitions weren’t that great,as soon as i got into one part, bam! transition. I like it, it’s a good song and a really good look for SNSD but because I had to watch it 5 times, look up a translation and watch that 5 times just to get into it kinda put me off you know?


  101. even though the music video was “chopped”, if you see the sequence of the lyrics, it’s well done, even if you don’t understand, because the mood tells it. for the english of the song, PLEASE GIVE A 5/5, IT’S SO PERFECT!!!!

  102. 20% “I love this song”

    30% “I hate this song”

    50% “I didn’t like it at first but after listening to it a lot i started to like it and now i love it” and that’s the same thing as
    (I didn’t like it at first but i got used to it)

    so 20% thinks it’s a good song and 80% don’t

    • I don’t know. I think some songs have the ability to grow on people despite people not falling in love with it with the first listen. You can’t say that those people thought this song was bad.

    • Not necessarily. Sometimes you aren’t in a good mood to hear a song. I had my Mom listen to a song once and she didn’t care for it at all, but then she heard it on the radio and was really excited and told me what an amazing song it was (I had a bit of a laugh with her when I explained that I had already had her listen to it and thought she didn’t like it). I think it’s the same with this song. It isn’t a cookie-cutter song. It’s different. If the Sones who listened to it wanted to hear the same thing that they were used to hearing, then they wouldn’t like it the first time. I was one of them. I really wasn’t prepared for anything really different, so I didn’t care for it.

      But, after time had passed and I knew what style of song it was, I really enjoyed it. Btw, I’m curious as to where you got those statistics from. Was there a poll, or where you just staking out the comment section?

      • that happened to me too, when i was sending PSY – Gangnam style to a friend and he then said to me “I don’t like it and i can’t listen to music in korean…” and a few weeks later when it became popular he showed it to me and said it was awesome.

        the statistic is just my guessing. it was not meant for anyone to take it seriously=)

  103. I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not I liked this song at first, but it sure is one that grows on you! Even my sister who said she initially hated the song heard me playing it so many times that she sings it too! It’s hard not to like this song, definitely well done by the girls and the producers :)

  104. let’s get this to KMM, guise. I’m guessing it’s will be a fun one. gogogogogo!

  105. It’s so cool and I Love this song, even it was very confusing for the first time! :)

  106. The best thing about this song has to be all the awesome dancing, I didn’t know they were that good!

  107. I really want simon and martina to review this because I think they would rip it shreds which is needed here. I don’t even know what the hell SM was thinking when they made this song. Its like mix song not a full on song. Its ridiculous and I hope they rip this to freaking shreds because I’m tired of people blindly taking SM’s shit because its what is popular.

    • You know some people actually like this song & not because it’s from SNSD. I know people who don’t like them or don’t even listen to K-pop & they love this song. It’s a matter of preference & what your musical taste is. If you go and read K-netizens reactions, many don’t like the song. But I applaud them for trying something new with their sound rather than sticking to what they’re familiar with.

    • mixing two songs and making a variation of one melody within one song are two sorta different things.

  108. fOR THE WIN!!!!! Im sure it will be the next kpop music mondays!!!! mwahahahahah. . ..

  109. so when i listened to it the first time ,like most guys i thought what did i just listen to.but then i wached it with subs n it did make sense now i really like it.its a whole lot better than the boys by a thing i really donnt like is the RAPPING.please SM stop making the girls rap.they are really bad at it.

  110. Wahhh, am I the only one who actually liked Sooyoung and Yuri’s rap at the beginning? .___. ;;;;; it sounded so badass lol. and although Hyoyeon can rap decently (from Maxstep), I thought her and Yoona’s rap parts were kind of awkward OTL

  111. I hope people realize that SNSD is not a cutesy group all the time. They have changed their image ever since Run Devil Run and they’re older now. It’d be awkward to go back into the aegyo stage. They’re a contemporary group, like SHINee~ ^^

  112. The best word to describe this is astringent.. :)

  113. let us keep this on top for 3 more days and 18 hours :))

  114. GG music mondays

  115. I will be very surprised if they say any thing positive about this song…

  116. despite sooyoung and yuri rap at the beginning , i love really love the song. at 1st i wasn’t sure if i actually like this song or not but then it just grew on maybe .

  117. 9 girls… only one boy… crap…this IS really weird you know… o-o

  118. THIS SONG IS MY JAM! Already learning the dance!!!

  119. Oh I totally forgot bout the boy. The guy that supposed to be the “boy” in this. I thought SM was gonna do a proper story line. Anyways, if u noticed Tiffany and Jessica have this weird expression on their face. Eg, Tiffany have this beautiful eye-smile that just takes ur breath away. But when this guy wipes the invisible ice-cream on her lips – u’ll notice Tiffany’s smile is obviously not genuine. If it was genuine her eyes would be close and have this eye-smile effect. But no! It just tells me the guy is a complete creep and stalker. Jessica’s face like “Dafuq??? Why is he touching me???”
    And I absolutely love Hyoyeon’s part. Cos he deserve to be smackdown by Hyoyeon. I was hoping there was more footage of her kicking his ass. She’s awesome!!!

  120. I got a boy my chin…I got a boy chicken…

    This is a totally addictive song. I’m a sone of course but my sis is not and she had to admit that this is the only SNSD song that she liked. And she hates it cos she cant get the song out of her head. Especially the “Oh owo weyoh…oooweyoooohhh!” part. I told her that this is a sign that she should be a sone too. Haha she got a lil confused but then she said infinite Hoya forever…LOL

  121. first place yey! I’m not a die hard fan of Girls’ Generation but I do like some of their songs, and this particular one took some time but eventually grew on me. It reminds me a little bit of Super Junior’s Mr Simple, how both songs change suddenly change beets but somehow it sounds catchy! And the video … it’s so fun and I completely love the dancing, don’t hate me for this, but finally they combine acting cute with amazing dancing! Now, I’m not saying that their previews dancing were good, it’s just that there was a little too much cute going on for my taste, that’s all.
    I hope it holds up in first place long enough to get reviewed next monday :)

  122. you know…after watching this for about 50 times…this song has grown on me. But…BUT….I am still confuse with the changing of the music styles. It seems that they tried to pull a “Sherlock”. (clue + note = AWESOMENESS that is SHINee) Anyways, i finally see where they are coming from but…*shakes heads* I think they could have toned down the 80′s looks. Though I am a child of the 80′s so I DO LOVE it even though its a lot. lol. Anyways….I hate to admit it but I actually do like this song and if i had enough crazy friends, we would re-enact this video in the streets of Florida when I am home and video it and pp.’s reactions. Because, my neighborhood is deprive of K-pop and j-pop.

    • 50 times??? whoah

      • Yea I kno. I couldn’t figure out the video but I just figure it out by watching it one more time. The beginning is like all cute. Then its like…. WHADDUP!! THUG LIFE but 80′s cute punk something. Then when they were all in pink that was like sexy then SWITCH…back to the 80′s cute thug life. *nodding* Not to mention I like some of the dance moves so I was trying to copy. LOL.

  123. cglyn

    SNSD’s new style is so similar to 2NE1′s. I’d like to hear what you guys think about this. ^-^ this video has to be reviewed! :D

  124. Everyone’s thinking S&M are going to bash this song???? but they’re both really wise when it comes to musical backgrounds and stuff. I think if anything they’ll appreciate how interesting the difference in styles are to match the personalities of the people singing
    I feel like it’s kind of insulting to see all these comments with “can’t wait to hear S&M complain about this song” “S&M are going to tear this apart” etc. i personally find this song to be enlightening, fun, and unique, and obviously, a LOT of other people agree judging by the views. i’m tired of seeing comments like that on here, it makes me and a lot of others sad because we really adore something and then all these people comment like “wow this sucks lol”. it’s ok if you have an opinion, but why do you have to state it like that? it’s not a fact that this song is terrible. it’s not a fact simon and martina didn’t like it. it wouldn’t be so popular if it was as bad as you say.
    if i didn’t like a song, i would never comment to talk about how bad it was because there are people who love it, and love the group. also the group obviously worked hard and deserves to be recognized and supported for that. i just wish people would at least try to be more considerate on here.

  125. hapagirl

    I like the fact that it’s not cutesy and it’s a new sound for an older Girl’s Generation, but it’s not meshed well. I honestly felt like this could have been a f(x) song. The beginning threw me off so badly. I do like the look of this video and the fashion. I think like Humanoid, it will take a couple of listens to grow on me. Also was I the only one who thought of Harry Potter when he went to tie her shoe?


  127. Lol, not even a sone but i’m honestly curious about what they will say about this :B

  128. no worries guys, it will be reviewed for sure ^.^ haha!


  130. Why do everyone say they are awfull rappers!!?? >.< I think they are wonderful rappers and that it DIDN`T ruin the song… And I am not even a SONE, though I am a lover <3 <3 <3

    • Agreed. Of course there are better rappers in the industry but I don’t think they did that badly and I like the song with it. Especially if you know the translation, I like the meaning of it for the song~

      • Yeah, right… :) You can`t expect them to be ass good ass artists who only do rapping… It is after all a new concept for them and I think they do well <3

  131. OKIE i have decided that Sunny is the Korean Alice Cullen. So if Korea ever does a version of twilight or is aloud to I will only except Sunny as Alice Cullen and no one else

  132. love this song! the outfits, set, and dance formations are all so creative :)

  133. At first I was confused with the transitions in the song but it totally grew on me. Listening to it closely with earphones on and reading the English subs at the same time really helped with understanding the song better.

    • For me, the English subs only confused me further… o-o But really, I DO understand it :)

    • I listen to KPop because I do NOT want to know what they are singing about. For me, I like the music of KPop and American top 40, but too often I don’t like the lyrics of a song so I cannot listen to it. I cannot stand Tik Tok by Kei$ha for the lyrics.

  134. After that teaser Simon gave in today’s KMM this song has to be reviewed! It simply must!

  135. I haven’t been so excited about a song since Hyuna’s ice cream (which would be the bomb for KMM). They should of made the song into an album teaser. The song did grow on me, but that rap in the beginning still makes me cringe…As much as I like snsd, they are just not very good rappers…Hyoyeon does a decent job but sooyoung and yuri? sorry…it just came out as weird

  136. This has to stay in first place for another week to get reviewed people!

  137. it does grow on you…… weird but true

  138. oh, i thought I got a boy will be on this week Kpop Music MOndays. Why??

  139. You should definitely do this song!!!!!! It’s one of the songs you listen to when you want to hear more than one song but can’t pick one!! Except, did that one guy in there cheat on all of them at the same time or something?? I will never understand that.

  140. Best song by SNSD.

  141. So excited for them to review it! :3

  142. i love this song its so diffrent, but i like it tho, i dont care for the diamond scene. my favorite scean is the 140 scene.

  143. It will seriously be injustice for Girls Generation if They lose their monday just because of the injustice catagory… It’s ironic

  144. At first yeah I’m like ” wtf is going?”. But late on……. you will love it! and it make sense if you listen to it without watching the MV……….. LOVE GG <3 <3

  145. i seriously thought they would do this for kmm so :l by next week i dont think it’ll be able to maintain first position so we wont get to see our girls get reviewed…. :l

  146. I see Spudgy hair!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  147. Is it me or simon kind of sounds like he wants to review this song? XDD I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing thought. There definitely IS a lot to talk about with this one, that’s undeniable

  148. I think with this song/mv, the first time you hear/see it, many don’t like it (like my case) but being a Sone, I gave it a chance and gave it some more listens, looked up the lyrics and watched the live, which made me appreciate the song a lot more. It’s a grower, and I dont think people should judge it so fast. Now it’s stuck in my head, and I really hope that S&M review it :)

    Also, when Jessica says, “Don’t stop, let’s bring it back to 140″ It means bring it back to 1:40 in the song (Not the MV) which is the “I got a boy” chorus and/or bring it back to 140bpm

    Anyways, lets keep voting Sones ^^

  149. At first I din`t like the song… It sounds like SO MANY songs mashed together…. BUT it did REALLY grow in me, like WOW… No I just love the song and don`t think it is messy at all. Just like GLAMS I like that :D My bias is sunny, I love her the most with short hair, and I love her here. I love ALL OF THEM here. ;D GG fighting

  150. the dance is pretty sweet

  151. I loved it the first time I heard it.

    But I love Diplo/Major Lazer and Xenomania. It has the same kind of production and unusual song structure similar to that of Girls Aloud (Sexy! No No No and Biology).

    And it has amazing reviews from critics outside of Korea. The review in the LA Times says everything I want to say about the song.

  152. this video and song makes me happy, it’s so …colorful, powerful and whatever. all the album is good. the dancing is good, the singing is good the video is good.

  153. i think we all have similar emotions towards this song, i like many others didn’t really like the song, and it’s not that i hated it it just didin’t seemed like girls generation but after hearing it 2 or 3 more times i really like it i’s so cute and filled with so many colors and stuff it’s just perfect, i like it ^^

  154. ktaeng

    This song really grows on you after a few listens.

  155. Let’s go SoShi let’s go~!

    The only time I’m able to enjoy watching a Music Monday since there aren’t that many girl groups popular enough to beat out the fangirls’ oppars. Plus Girls’ Generation is my favorite, and this song is really different from what most K-pop groups put out so I’m kind of interested to see what Simon & Martina think of it.

  156. Hopefully it gets reviewed. I’ve noticed a lot of people who completely hated it at 1st now can’t get it out of their heads. I’m very open minded about music I pretty much listen to anything and I loved this the second time I heard it. The 1st time I was so overwhelmed with the video itself I couldn’t hear the music haha

  157. This song is stuck in my head since it’s release ! I was a little septical at first but it’s quite addictive ** Love it o/

  158. I hope this song can mantain its position, really want this song to get reviewed.

  159. Wow! It’s kinda big surprise to me! This is the first time I heard the song of this girl group, but it’s so, so, .. I don’t know what to say.
    Well, Mmy friends are crazy about them, but I don’t think it’s too good. Well, it’s all right though.
    Anyway, It was good song for a K-pop, and well, they got boy….! (It doesn’t make any sense)
    My last comment for this song is “Pretty good”

  160. Wow! It’s kinda big surprise to me! This is the first time I heard the song of this girl group, but it’s so, so, .. I don’t know what to say.
    Well, Mmy friends are crazy about them, but I don’t think it’s too good. Well, it’s all right though.
    Anyway, It was good song for a K-pop, and well, they got boy….! (It doesn’t make any sense)
    My last comment for this song is “Pretty good”

  161. I knew it. I knew this song would grow on me. As random as it seems at first listen, I wasn’t sure, but a friend convinced me to listen to it 10 times (“Remember Raven, you hated Mr. Simple before you heard it a batrillion times too…”) and I am super glad she did. I loved the choreo and the concept from the teasers, and the live stage performance is magnificent. Now I can honestly say that I wouldn’t mind the song popping up on shuffle without a video to accompany it too. :D

  162. am I the only one weirded by the concept? It’s so 2ne1 ish, I can totally see Lee Soo Man saying “Oh look, 2ne1′s making a lot of money, let’s rip off their concept”. I’m not saying groups cannot change their concept, the boys and run devil run were hardly cute but they fit GG. The GG looked comfortable and natural doing this. Here, they tried the whole badass thing, just doesn’t work

    • I think GG looks amazing doing this choreo! You can tell they really like it.

    • 2ne1 doesn’t own this concept yo.

      actually, I thought a lot of the SNSD members enjoyed this concept. Seohyun and Yoona fit more with the cutesy style, but that’s 2 out of the 9 members. Plus, the dance is freaking amazing and I’m so glad the dance line gets to shine more this time. speaking of which, SM really focuses on dance than groups like 2ne1, who are more focused on the music.

      I wish people would stop relating SNSD being badass to “copying 2ne1″ because it’s known that SNSD is a contemporary group who are versatile enough to change concepts (look at Oh! -> Run Devil Run). Plus, didn’t 2ne1 recently change their concepts up a little bit, too (from Be Mine to I Love You)? so would that be copying SNSD or other girl groups?


  163. wait a second…I just got it!!!! the reason why they are all together at the beginning that is. *facepalms* They are having a slumber party and having a big old chat fest telling each other about their relationships; how some are happy, some are angry, some are nervous and also talking about each other and how they can’t believe how they are acting. The song is just representing this…how did I only get this now….
    but I can’t wait for simon and martina to talk about how all the 9 girls have now got a boy, but only one boy haha :P
    - that is if it gets voted in of course, but I think it probs will, it’s snsd.

  164. it’s like hating it, then liking it, then loving it… and then hating it again because it’s growing in on you. and you just can’t stop listening to it and you want to know the fucking chorus just so you could sing along with them.. and your guy friend who’s obsessed with yoona just can’t stop singing it and you end up loving the song more because of him just because he makes it so damn funny without even trying… he’s not gay, by the way… but the way he sings and knows only the chorus-in which annoys me- you couldn’t stop laughing how serious he sings it and the whole episode becomes the highlight of the day.. always… :D

  165. Bad mash-up of so many different genre. Hate the hair styles and the looks. Somehow don’t like the video that much either, it’s as messy as the song. But yet, the song did grow on me, like almost every SNSD song there is… Oh well.

  166. Wow!!!! GG-stepping their game up. I’ve never seen them like this. Though I know they usually stick to a more traditional image of beauty by Asian standards, I’m glad to see them come of that comfort zone, and get a little ‘nasty’, lol. I wonder how the general public will respond to their new look, considering 2ne1 has been doing the unconventional urban look since they came out and were said to be ugly (2ne1 was actually what turned me on to Kpop… I loved their look because the little I’d seen of Kpop was so perfect and pretty. I loved how raw and ‘in your face they were ). Anyway, good for GG. Keep up the good work…Fighting!!!

  167. The more you listen to it, the better it gets. It weirdly reminds me of an orchestral piece, the way all the different themes are introduced and then brought back in in new and awesome ways.

  168. Come on SONE’s! Lets have SNSD win!!!

  169. Am I the only one who didn’t like Sunny’s hair?

  170. Okay, personally, I am not really a SONE, but I kind of like this song. But, it’s not as “flowy” as other songs. Does it have a sort of TVXQ inspiration? Like, the lyrics and music…but, I love the choreography, yet the verses are just so different. And when Jessica said, “Let’s bring it back to 140″…that confused me…all in all, i kind of like it.

  171. Okay, just so everyone is clear on what is happening this week…
    Because of the EYK Awards, Infinite’s ‘The Chaser’ will be reviewed this Monday rather than ‘I Got A Boy.’
    If it is still in the number one position this time next week (and I have no doubt that it will) Girl’s Generation will be reviewed!!
    So don’t be heartbroken when Monday rolls around and SNSD isn’t being reviewed. Just KEEP VOTING!!!!!!

  172. I could understand why people thought this song had too many things going on originally, but it still appealed to me (maybe because before I listened to Kpop, I listened to a lot of “symphonic metal” like Nightwish, Epica, and Within Temptation who all have songs ranging from 8 to 12 minutes that go through many different beats/melody/however you describe it). After looking up the translated lyrics, I think the song works really well. It shows the ups and downs of a relationship from being jealous of others in a relationship, being happy with your own relationship, getting angry with your significant other. It’s totally different from what the girls have done before and they really didn’t half-ass it, you can tell they’re eager to try out a new look and style and aren’t afraid to act like they’ve been doing it from the beginning. Sure, they’re not as “swag” or badass as they may want to be, but it also doesn’t look awkward, like they’re doing something they’re totally not comfortable doing, because they are putting 100% of their effort into making it look natural.

    • OMG another person that listens to symphonic metal AND Kpop! I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS POSSIBLE.

    • i know what you mean:D I am the same.I am still listening to progressive metal and symphonic metal and there is A LOT happening in prog metal songs.And uhm yeah,Ghost Love Score by Nightwish…what an epic song with lot of things happening in it.

  173. It grown really fast on me, cool concept for a song, dance is amazing, Hyoyeon looks marvelous :) good job GG :))

  174. This song is so unique and diverse to your ears, so you never get bored of it ! and TAEYEON, HYOYEON AND YURI WERE AMAZING with this new concept! I really hope you say great things bout this song coz I loved it ( after playing it a 3 times i got to admit :P ) and is probz my 2nd fav SNSD song after RunDevilRun! :D I really really liked it the 1st time, but then it grew on me like nothing before after playing it on loop.

  175. I get how people can be a bit surprised when they first listen to this song, and I know many now hate it because it’s “messy”. But… for some reason, I really like this song now. I guess maybe once my brain got used to the song structure, I started being able to appreciate the vocals (especially Taeyeon and Jessica’s parts), even most of the rap.

    One comment I’m seeing from many critics is that the while the individual parts of I Got A Boy are pretty decent, the overall arrangement makes it seem like a medley of songs. This is true, but it’s a rather shallow reason to hate a song, don’t you think? If you’re expecting one song and hear a many songs instead, then sure, you’ll get confused at first; but afterwards… why not accept it for what it is? If you stop expecting a single sound, if you try anticipating the changes as you listen, then perhaps you could start enjoying it like I did (assuming you like the individual parts, which you might not).

    No, I’m not justifying what SM did. I personally would also prefer if they realized beforehand how people would react to this. But with that in mind, I myself found a way to like this song, so none of the criticisms can change that now. Other SONES started liking it by reading the lyrics and learning what the song is about, but I didn’t even need that. Because in the end, our girls still sounded good, and that’s all I could ever ask from them.


  177. just one week pfff…damn who a i kidding

  178. I just want to point out that rapping and talking fast are two different things. The ‘rapping’ in this song wasn’t good. But if we count it as talking fast it wasn’t good either.

  179. thats it! I’m gonna vote for this song. Peoples rude horrible comments are really starting to bug me. I don’t like this song personally but i love SNSD. have done since they debuted! one song that you may not like does not define the groups career. SNSD has more talent in one finger than some of the idiots going around bashing them do in their whole body.

    And at least they stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something else. They had the guts to do something completely different to what people expect. well not too much but still!

    • What rude horrible comments? D:

      They’re not here on EYK are they (if so I’ll go teach them a lesson)

    • The world isn’t full of sunshine and sprinkles. People are entitled to their opinion, whether they are giving praise or criticism.
      But saying that you think the song is a mess and wondering what the heck SM was thinking when they put this out isn’t a horrible comment.

      • sunshine and sprinkles? seriously -_- yeah yeah I’m allowed to my opinion too. it works both ways.

        nope I’ve heard worse. from sones and everyone else. thats been my comment.

        • millie102685

          The sooner people on the internet realize that someone WILL dislike something that they love the easier it will be for them to get over it.

          People’s opinions differ. I don’t like IGAB or Dancing Queen and that’s coming from someone that enjoys SNSD’s music.

        • yeah it would be great for people to accept reality. don’t get why your telling me this.

        • Okay both of you *clap clap*

          I don’t think this discussion is heading anywhere, so please drop it and move on. Cheers.

        • yep im not overly crazy about the song either (as i already stated) and internet people accepting opinions? pfft! now thats sunshine and sprinkles talk for you

  180. LMAO wonder what S+M will say about this one~~! XD
    I also enjoy the fact that their competition is their own music video.
    Either way this week we’re watching SNSD w00t!! <3

  181. i would love to see simon do the break part lol

  182. is “i got a boy” sexist ?

    just thought this article was interesting :p

    • Oh yeah, it totally sets feminism back a century or two, but the song’s just too damn good to stop listening to. =/

      • LOL! to be honest I have to admit, it’s not their “lyrics” that makes me a fan .. we just love it for the music, visuals, the dancing and the fun!!, and of course the people themselves, the idols and their dorky loveable moments ….

        and if there was one thing I’d change about my favourite girl groups, it’s the lyrics they’re given .. but I don’t go for kpop for serious shit and deep analysis I have enough of that in real life, i just need kpop to make me feel happy and stuff .. lol

    • completely agree with the article. yes, 95% of female groups sing about the same type of stuff but obviously since SNSD is the most influential female kpop group, we have to take them into account the most. I mean, I’m NOT expecting outright female empowerment type of lyrics or whatever (becuase SNSD is made by a predominantly male-dominated company that of course have no thought but to make money), but the lyrics of this are downright degrading.

      I know most kpop fans don’t listen to kpop for the lyrics…but that’s not the point. The media already does enough to negatively influence women through body type and their position in movies, MVs, etc….and I’m just a little disappointed that SNSD’s song lyrics chose to follow the same path because from the previews of IGAB, I expected it to be some type of confident type of song ever since Run Devil Run, Hoot, or The Boys (The Boys’s korean lyrics WERE AMAZING)…instead the lyrics are worse than Oh! OTL

      And you’re probably gonna say I’m overanalyzing, which maybe I am, but without doing this – how are we ever going to improve women’s (especially Korean women’s) image in society? sexism exists more than most people think :/

      I hope SNSD will improve their image not only through dances and singing (which they are doing), but in the lyrics and meaning of their comebacks as well because they are the role models of many young women in the k-pop world.

      Not to say I don’t like the song itself. It’s catchy, the dance and performances are amazing and SNSD is hardworking as ever~ (they’re my second bias group haha).

  183. really hope this can stay on top for two weeks would love to see this get reviewed. Okay i get how people don’t like this song, they prefer either different styles of snsd/music, or it just didn’t click for them. AND that’s totally fine people have different taste of music. There is no ‘real’ music. But it’s really getting on my nerves people badmouthing this song saying it’s horrible like its a fact which UGH its not, that’s your own opinion. I just watched a Youtuber review of IGAB saying realllly bad things about them (and of korea in general) and all i want to do is swear and in the comments section and also say bad things, but I’m trying to be a better human so I’m refraining myself from doing so. Srry I’m just so mad after watching that video i needed to rant.

  184. why is the facebook points zero and when i hover over it is says 1.5 k likes

  185. i hope nobody has makes a comeback this week..

  186. i really really hope this song will hold on for another week! there’s so much to talk about in this mv and the song is just so epic! it’ll really be a waste to let this one slide.

  187. I really want this to be reviewed – I want to know how they feel about the mash-up nature of the song^^

  188. aschje_rock_the_world

    Reaaally love this song!! They have to make it to the music monday next week!

  189. Analysis of how the song, choreography and lyrics go to together if anyone wants to understand it more.

  190. well… so this is annoying. Have to wait one more week for this review b/c of Infinite The Chaser winning that kpop 2012 contest. I love the Chaser but still… come on… dont screw over SNSD. You never review anything from them. The last one was a year ago.

    • It’s just because GG hasn’t put out a Korean song in over a year. Whenever GG puts out a video, it wins. Their last Korean offering “The Boys” easily won as did “Twinkle Twinkle”

      • true true – but they did review some kpop artists songs they released in Japanese/Japan, but never SNSD. Its still a korean artist, and those songs and MV were really popular. I just really like EYK and would hope to see a bit more SNSD on their shows.

        • Did they review songs in Japanese? Which ones? EYK has always stated that they put songs on the chart that are promoted in Korea. Korean groups singing Japanese songs don’t get a chance, like GG’s Flower Power.

        • they did 2 japanese songs. Tick Tack by Ukiss and Replay by Shinee.

        • It is true that they have reviewed Japanese songs in the past. In their blog post for the ‘Tick Tack’ video they said, “On that note, we’d like to say that – as you can clearly see – we really like this song, but it’s going to be our last Japanese or non-Korean song we’re going to review. We thought when Super Junior M’s Chinese song “Perfection” was voted in for Music Monday it was just a one time thing (but then we also did SHINee’s Japanese remake and now this UKISS song), but it seems with all the foreign language remakes coming out lately, we might start slipping into the “It’s a Kpop Artist But Not A Korean Song Music Mondays!” So in order to stop that from happening, we’re starting 2012 off with a new rule of focusing on Korean songs only!”

          Of course, they then did review Timez’s Mandarin song and Junsu’s English song, but those were released on a Kpop label and album,, not a Japanese label like Avex. So I think that the rule for GG Japanese stuff is still held up.

        • me know. the person was just asking what japanese songs they reviewed.

        • Sorry I meant to reply to them.

        • Thanks for clarifying the “rule” that S&M have. So what about the SJ-M upcoming release in China and Korea? Will it be on the KPop Charts?

        • It depends. If it is promoted in Korea, perhaps. When it is released and if submitted to the charts one of us would prep it for release just in case it meets the criteria.

    • Umm… Inspirits have been waiting since May of 2012 for The Chaser to be reviewed… They also won the right to be reviewed fair and square.
      The reason SNSD hasn’t been reviewed in a year (not counting Twinkle which was, in fact, reviewed) because they didn’t release any Korean or English language songs.

    • well you see…we got screwed over back in May.Even tho Infinite were on top of this chart for like three weeks it never got reviewed because of reasons…Also,The Chaser is like million times more interesting MV thank you very much.
      But don’t worry,it’s SNSD…it’s gonna get reviewed anyway.

  191. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE do this one :D It’s such an adorable mess of a song, I HAVE GOT TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS ONE XD

  192. This song is all over the place. It’s not cohesive and sounds awful. I don’t know who decided that this sounded good, but whoever it is needs to have their hearing checked. That stupid whistle sound throughout the MV drove me nuts! It sounds like my school fire alarm! I don’t like comparing groups and I’m not a music expert or anything, but I think the composer heard 2NE1′s song “I Love You,” which also has this slightly disjointed feel and was very popular last year, and thought that “many songs within one song” was a good idea, only took that idea and executed it very, very poorly. “I Love You” really comes together and has good transitions. This song is just ouch. I’m disappointed. I loved Twinkle so much I thought that this would be just as good.
    On a more positive note, I love all of the bright colors and cool outfits in this video.

    • YESS, I do agree u are not a music expert or anything…; and probs not of us are, and idk I get the feeling..u sound 2ne1 biased..with ur little example..but its ok. we all think differently. ^_^

  193. I love, love, the song, in the beginning I thought it sound a little strange but now, OMG, I can’t stop listening! And the album itself it’s amazing, I love all the song, I think it’s their best album.

  194. I love, love, the song, in the beginning I thought it sound a little strange but now, OMG, I can’t stop listening! And the album itself it’s amazing, I love all the song, I think it’s their best album.

  195. i gotta say, i love the swag in the choreo. n then u said it was from nappytabs. duh~ nappytabs are farking awesome! of coz its gonna be awesome

  196. well i can really imagine what simon and martina can say about this mv… but i think they like the fact that snsd changed their style and made smith original:)

  197. This is actually an amazing song. I really hope that this is reviewed. Seohyun woot is the 3rd banana in pajamas haha. Love the reference 9irls’ 9eneration’s wish. The english in this song is really good also and on top of that for a song that is a bit all over the place it’s actually done will. I am not an SNSD fan at all but i bought this cd. I bought the Soo Young copy of the cd. her and Seohyun are my Bias even thought i am not a huge fan of snsd. One thing i can see happening is if this gets reviewed Simon is going to dance around saying i got a boy. or if Martina danced around and Air quotes “Simon didn’t realize she was there.” because as we know Martina has a boy lol. But still the fact is they had the Album “The Boys” and there was no boys and know they have the album “I got a boy” and thus they now have a boy. just one boy but a boy non the less haha love it

  198. It’s like 2ne1 + Big Bang/GD + Block B + 4 Minute + f(x) + Sistar + so much more = “I Got a Boy.” I think they are intentionally mimicing several groups…
    OK I have to say it…”Let go of my aeygo.” lol

    • Yes I’m sure that was the original intention. The producers all sat around a table and said, “Let’s create a song that combines those 6 groups and even more!”

  199. What are some things you guys noticed after watching a few times that you didn’t notice before? For example all of the places the words “I Got A Boy” can be found; In the graffiti on the walls, in the drama cuts of Sunny, Seohyun, Hyoyeon, etc.

  200. At least there’s a boy in the mv…. unlike ‘The Boys’ LOL

  201. The boy in this looks like a side shoot of Heechul..

  202. I think we have a canadite for the best spuggy look-a-like for 2013 lol

  203. I actually like this compared to all there other songs this is actually really good.

  204. I love all their outfits ! They are so adorable in this and I really love the rapping in it ! Especially the part where it seems that Yoona and Hyoyeon are like talking back and forth just <3

    There are so many moments in this MV that I love and overall it's an even better feeling !
    Hope GG gets voted in cause they so deserve it ! ♥

  205. I kind of thin this song isthe kind of song that works great for a performance, because I really like the live stages… it’s just the MV that disorients me a bit. XD Ah well, I’m still going to support them because the album was amazing

  206. lawls. the song got the most views in 55 hours in the history of Kpop MVs.. that gonna count for something!!!!

  207. I totally agree that this song sounds like 4 in one. I think SM did this to would make their comeback awesome and different for snsd. But in my opinion, it was overwhelming. I love the outfits ,through it reminded me of f(x) way too much. This song took a long time to grow on me ,but the chorus is pretty catchy. I no that snsd is known for being cute but i wish they would stop. I love how they looked/acted in “The boys”, it was perfect for their age. Lastly, they need to take serious break because their worked and released so much last year.

  208. Can’t hardly believe it. Someone reported this song was playing on KIIS FM – LA’s top 40 station.

    Also, has a review of their new album:

  209. I’m done giving a crap about what other people say about the song. I too thought it was crazy when I first saw the MV. Then I downloaded the song, and can’t stop listening to it. Like it or not, the song works, it’s just not to your liking if you think it doesn’t.

  210. I gotta say. I didn’t like all of those colors and beat mixes (about 9 different beats ~WHY, SM??~), but the beat around 2:05 is freaking awesome.

  211. This is hard to watch.

  212. The only thing other than having a mess in the song is Sunny’s hair, aw poor girl!

  213. Finally this gets on the charts. xD

  214. i actually didnt like the song..its just so messy. the choreography is awesome. and i wish hyoyeon got more lines, as always they keep pushing her to the back. this concept def does fit her more and not the others though. the beginning of the song is awkward.

  215. honestly i wasn’t sure about first watch especially because i usually read or listen to the views of others and so i was bit apprehensive, i listened to it five times afterwards and the song cemented as my favourite, it got stuck in my head (not the lyrics just my made up version of the lyrics since i don’t understand korean :”D ) but anyways after listening to reviews reading teh lyrics it just went up another level for me, i like beats, beats that i can dance to, and i really like the beginning rap, it is what i call rap i don’t really care about other definition of what a rap is, the dance just killed me i love it especially taeng’s part at the start, it is so fun and energetic, sometime i can’t help just jumping up and dancing to it, i also like the transitions of the beat it will sound messy to some but as i said before i don’t care what they think because it is audibly appealing. Girls’ generation did not disappoint me, it is like ten times better than the boys (and i loved the boys *^* ) i can’t wait for simon and martina’s review

  216. Usually, I don’t care for Kpop girl groups, but I really like this one! I love the street look on SNSD, even if there’s a lot of stomach showing. They were sexy and the song was really good. At first, when it started, I thought it was just going to be typical aegyo and “buing buing” stuff, but this was different. I really really loved it.

    SNSD fighting! Show this side more often!

  217. I feel like the arragement belongs in a musical. It has the kind of showtune quality to it, where all the words are sung and not spoken so the musical style can vary greatly over the course of the entire thing. I really enjoy it as a performance. As a song? well, I probably wouldn’t want to listen to it on my ipod over and over… but I enjoy watching the energy in the video and live performances.

  218. LOVE the colors, costumes, and the dance. SO fun and cute. i really want one of those hats. i also like the song, though it surprised me and at first i didn’t think that i liked it because it changes back and forth so much. after listening a few times, i’ve become obsessed. though honestly i probably would have been even happier if they had made three separate and full songs out of the different bits and pieces mashed together into one here, since i like all of them so much and keep wanting to hear more. i’m also wondering, does the red/gold background/stage seem familiar to anyone else? has it been used in another music video somewhere? maybe a japanese mv? or am i just going crazy?

  219. I do like this song…but WHY are they changing their cute, innocent girl-next-door image!?
    Ever since Flower Power, SMent are changing them into mean, lean gansteresses…and I’m sorry, but I just don’t think it suits girl’s generation.
    And WHAT ON EARTH is going on with Sunny’s hair!?!? Did they just throw paint pots over it or something!?

    • Actually, the change in image started way back with Run, Devil, Run

    • SM wasn’t the one who directed their Flower Power concept or any of their Japanese concepts. It’s UMJ that’s in charge of their Japanese activities. And it wasn’t their image changing, they were adapting to J-Pop and thinking of the Japanese SONEs.

      And you can’t expect them to stay cute and innocent like that girl next door. GG is full of grown women now, they’re all in their twenties and they’re well past that. If they stayed cute, it would be unrealistic and they would be ridiculed. The girls even admitted that being cute is their least favourite concept and they don’t like having to do it unless they have to.

  220. whatever it is, i really enjoyed this song, the MV and the album itself tho there’are some songs that aren’t my cuppa tea, but romatic st is so pretty :3

  221. do we have to keep this in 1# for 2 weeks ? is infinite gonna be reviewed? or it will be 2 in 1?

  222. why the FB point is still 0? :

  223. I didn’t like this song at first but OMG! I totally fell in love with it after listening a few times! I loved the mv! Didn’t particularly like the song at first but I loved the mv from the start! And the dance! POWER!!! Haha! And at least the title fit this time.. I got a boy. They did only have ONE boy in the mv.. But gosh! Those irritating ads won’t just die! And they were promoting their own perfume… O.O

  224. I want this song to stay in the top first, so it can get review.

  225. This has grew on me and I’m now addicted to this song, but let me say… I HATE THE ALBUM. Like, really hate. The ballads are meeee (I usually don’t like ballads, so, everything here is partial ;Dancing Queen is an unfortunate remake of Mercy – Duffy’s song, which I thinks was kind of ruined by SNSD’s version (sorry, my thoughts); and the Talk Talk song, the Koren version of Boomerang from the Girls & Peace Japanese album, is really weak compered to Boomerang. At the ending, I’ve just really enjoyed two songs of the entire 10 music album.

    As a single, I think I Got a Boy is the best of SNSD; as a album, disappointing. It’s surprising that, for now, I would rather listen to a Japanese SNSD’S album them a Korean one.

    **No need to throw rocks at me. I’m not a sone and I have no intention to offend the ones who are. This is just my personal opinion.

    • lol i hate ballads too!

      they filmed “dancing queen” in 2008 but snsd have debuted in 2007 .. so this was NOT supposed to be their debut song!! you might be new to kpop, but snsd debuted way back in 2007 with “into the new world”

      you probably like the japanese boomerang more because you heard it first (people tend to like the version they hear first) ,, but since I heard the leaked korean version first, and have been jamming to it ever since, I feel like it’s THE original boomerang.. and no rocks just sharing my thoughts ;p

      I wouldn’t disagree that shoujo jidai’s music have been awesome … but sonyo shidae’s music always takes the larger place in my heart !!

      • Ok, I’ve edited the whole Dancing Queen Debut thing, I’ve just heard that somewhere lol

        I don’t know if that’s the reason why I don’t like Talk Talk… with previous songs I used to like the Korean version more even if I had already heard the Japanese one. For me the Boomerang chorus is way more catchy.

        I’m not that new in kpop, I just don’t really care that much about SNSD to look for infos and stuff.

    • Oh, so now I read somewhere that Dancing Queen was made before Mercy, they have the same producer or something, but I still like Mercy more. I’m saying so many wrong information today, I think I’ll just shut up and let you guys discuss.

    • I agree with you on many GG aspects. I’m also a ballad hater.

      For all of Girl’s Generation albums, I’ve always liked listening to the Japanese albums over the Korean ones. I think their Japanese songs sound better.

      And I usually also like the released songs over the other songs on the album, except for I’m in Love with a Hero.

      Having said that, GG is still one of my favorite KPop bands.

  226. vaxanne

    Ooo…like the Bollywood twist

  227. what if the next SNSD song is “I married the boy” ?

  228. I absolutely loved this song right from the start. Every style, every transition, every tempo change. I just really enjoyed it. My mind goes a million miles a minute, so i guess that’s why this song doesn’t bother me at all like it bothers so many others. SNSD’s outfits are superb. Dancing top-notch. I really enjoy whoever is choreographing them in this song. They are very good at what they do. And the voices? Of course, good again. I want to hear this MR removed someday and see how it sounds. (which is why I loved watching the recentish KBS Gayo Daejun with the sound system problem making everything MR removed. :D) Everything about this song is fantastic to me and I still continue to listen to it over and over. I saw a few music majors throughout the comments and I want to *hi5* you. haha. I wanted to go to Berklee, but I chose to go to a school in Japan connected to Berklee’s network. (Koyo) Anyways, I hope this gets reviewed at one point. There is so much to talk about and I really wonder how Simon and Martina handled this song. :D

  229. Not the type of song I expected. I like the chorus and was really confused when the song started. The rapping is ok but it made me feel awkward for some reason… I like the dance and how some of them are dressed but that’s all. Sadly, after listening a dozen times to the song, it doesn’t seem to grow on me…

  230. I wish they would have released this video in 2008.

  231. Sad that we won’t get this for KMM this week though :( we must keep it up on the charts for next week! We got this guys :)

  232. This song is all over the place, the only thing that it has is the catchy chorus and that is just to be generous, seriously I don’t know what the producers were thinking. The English is good!

  233. I think the hip hop style should have just stayed out of it altogether. They didn’t really go anywhere with it, and they’re not a hip hop group, so it didn’t fit well. Just my opinion.

  234. Tell me no! When that dude wipes off the ice cream by her lips…. Her expression, so creepy!!!!!

  235. this one is definitely more entertaining and catchy then “dancing queen” in my opinion. would make a far better KPop Music Monday

  236. Ayo sones! lets make sure this gets reviewed!

  237. 2011: They brought the boys out.
    2012: No boys were actually brought out.
    2013: Finally got a boy! One boy..

  238. This dancing, is great. It’s a super strong dance. The song IMO is catchy as hell, but I really don’t like the “wae geurrete?” Part in the beginning, it’s just…no. Other than that, I like the song for the most part. Not the best SNSD song, it I’m glad they tried something new,

  239. I just wanna hear this 2 guys talking about the new SNSD

  240. I’m going to go batshit if this doesn’t get reviewed.

  241. There is just so much so good about this… except I can’t get myself to like the song itself T-T
    I LOVE the dance. Finally, a girl group that can get legit dancing like guy groups instead of just walking around sexily (Yes, I know about BoA). I love that SM is finally upping the budget again, at least for SNSD, especially after The Boys and having them dance in the Arctic box. Love the costumes; using a more boyish concept that goes hand in hand with the awesome choreography while keeping the feminine flair.

    But… I just can’t get myself to like the song T-T

  242. Also instead of them dancing in oddly light rooms, they now have some actually outside settings and story line.

  243. Lolzz i think this a improvement from “The Boys”.. Now the title of the song matches the music video. They all a boy!! ^_^

  244. BRING IT BACK TO 1:40

  245. Sigh, this better get reviewed at some point or I’ll kill EVERYONE!

  246. I bet S&M are happy that they’re not completely stuck in a box in the MV~

  247. Okay, this song has seriously grown on me, but I’m still not in love with it. I liked it loads better than Dancing Queen though! Dancing Queen just….no. I really like the two different like “chorus-y” part, the “I got a boy” part and the “Oh,ohh, ey, oh” part. The rapping was, kinda weird in the beginning, but I liked Yoona and Hyoyeon’s rap. Costumes were awesome, except for the ginger wigs. None of them make a good redhead, sorry. The sets were nifty, and I didn’t find Jessica as nearly intolerable as I usually do. I don’t know what it is about that girl, I just don’t particularly like her. The song has good English and I am liking it so much better than I originally did. Like it better than the Boys, like it better than Dancing Queen. Don’t like it as much as Run Devil Run, but that’s okay.

    Okay, now let me fangirl just a tad, Ohmygoodness Sooyoung looked so freaking pretty! She always looks super pretty but Oh dear Lord, that girl is stunning!! SQUEEEEE!

  248. Seriously Amazing!!!

  249. sones vote like crazy super junior m new mv is gonna be released on the 7th

  250. I feel like SM was lack of ideas, so they took good, checked solutions from other mv. For me it’s like combination of beat form GD’s “Crayon”, F(x) costumes, and Wonder Girls’ “Like this” and T-ARA’s “Bo peep bo peep” choreography…

  251. First time I listened to this song I was like “meh, too hodge-podge” but somehow it got stuck in my head. I had to listen to it again and again and now I must admit it’s really catchy.
    PS. Yer a Batgirl, Sica!

  252. The choreography is just amazing, I really like it… but it seems to me that the person who made the music just merged 4 songs together and didn’t even care about how they sound different, and just like the music there is a BIG change of attitude that makes the MV kind of unrealistic. How can someone be so cute and then suddenly becomes tough? Unless they have multiple personality…

    • i don’t see any “toughness” tbh .. this is all still very cute!

    • They’re grown women now, they can’t be cute, it’s just not realistic and believable. I, for one, thought the ‘tough’ attitude was realistic for just about everyone but Jessica and Seohyun.

    • It goes with the lyrics of the song actually. It’s /supposed/ to sound disjointed, think of it as a mini musical! Check out some other reviews that actually consider the lyrics of the song. It wasn’t just mashed up for no reason.

  253. so you tell me that some ppl prefer some buing buing shit over this fuckin’ awesome video?i’m not a gg fan…but guys you have weird taste

  254. tbh i want this to be reviewed more than dancing queen since it’s definitely not the normal kpop song you’d find. really love the mesh up of songs and the transition, abit weird at first but knowing yoo youngjin. you’d have to expect something like this. heh n i love it ^^

  255. why is it when I have the chart sorted by popularity I can’t even find this video on the chart ?? not on any page .. why? what’s wrong? it does have some votes … and i know sones are trying to get dancing queen reviewed first but if we don’t even vote for this video, in 3 weeks it won’t even have a chance and am sure there will be some more comebacks ..

    • I’ve emailed Simon. We’ll look into it right away ^^;

        • Alright it’s #1 on the charts now :)

          Unfortunately the Facebook points still hasn’t updated yet :(
          Here’s what Simon said: Turns out it’s an issue with Facebook as it has changed it’s cron job system, thingy. Hopefully Facebook will fix this soon! Fortunately, the rankings for the kpopcharts aren’t important this week since we’re doing a special Music Monday for infinite. I think it’ll be fixed in time for the next one…hopefully!

        • So in other words, SNSD is getting screwed out of two Music Mondays due to bad timing? -sighs and puts on his sarcasm hat- Woo, another week of male performers getting reviewed.

        • *sigh*

        • It doesn’t make any sense to me why they are bumping a Music Monday for another Music Monday because Infinite was shafted last year. It should be a special on its own and not have to interfere with the regular Music Mondays. It’ll be very depressing to me if SNSD doesn’t get reviewed even though they were #1 for 3 weeks. It would have to be a mandatory win for SNSD in the awards next year.

        • Good point. Considering the rage and demands for an Infinite KMM, they had to get a review, but it would be great if the first week of 2013 had 10 days instead of 7 – that would give S&M enough time to make an extra KMM (do you realise how long it takes to script/film/edit/export/upload just one video). It’s a shame it’s not even a leap year :( Maybe an office that could stop time would do the trick? I remember Doraemon had something along those lines…

          Well I wouldn’t worry too much, since this is SNSD we’re talking about. I have full confidence that they can keep #1 until next week, so long as UKiss/BAP/Big Bang don’t make a sudden comeback.

          If I had my way, we’d have ladies reviewed every week. *shrug*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Don’t lie EH ain’t ladies.

          I just want OC to get a mention in update :/

        • Haha I thought about saying ladies + EH, but after I thought about it, I can handle EH not getting reviewed. We need more ladies!! And EH was mentioned in K-Crunch ages back.

          But about OC, rest assured, they’re going to get mentioned very soon *cough*

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          :D chart update?!
          Hopefully they don’t rip on it too bad lol.

          OC interview?! Lol jk now I’m just having unrealistic fantasies… (although S&M do like them… hmmm)

        • thanks for your help! =D .. ._. i hope it stays #1 for another week

  256. When I first listened to this song, I thought “ugh, they suck at rapping. Don’t like this song.” But after hearing it a few times, I like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th parts quite a bit so I can put up with the not so good rapping. Also, I like they Ayo GG.

    I understand what people are saying about the song being a mess.

    One thing I like about KPop is that not all KPop songs follow the western popular pattern of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-Bridge-Chorus.

    But this song takes that to an extreme!

  257. I don’t understand…why isn’t this showing up on the popularity chart? And the views aren’t showing up… D:

  258. This video was SOO AWESOME!!

  259. why the number of vote doesn’t change?

  260. Why isn’t this showing up on the charts?!!

  261. Why isn’t this anywhere on the charts when ranked by popularity? And why does it still say there are no Facebook,google, or twitter shares..

  262. WoooW i didn’t see that one coming O.o there are like 4 different songs here with a lot of RAP! I have no idea when did almost all of the members start rapping -____-

  263. Why isn’t the counter going up?

    • ??? Wow I didn’t notice. Is this recent, or has it been like this from the start?

      I’ll look into it now, thanks for the heads up guys.

  264. from what I understood,

    not only wasn’t there a KMM on last monday but the next music monday would be for infinite’s “the chaser” .. which was voted for on the EYK Awards ..

    that means this MV only got a chance of being reviewed if it goes up to the top of the chart after 2 weeks from being released.. and we all know how the voting system on EYK charts pushes back the MVs when they get old ..

    so I really hope no popular boy group comes back during this 2 weeks period …

    Sones ( and whoever wants this reviewed) need to get voting and sharing because the chances get less when time passes by .. and we know a lot of MVs that didn’t get reviewed on 2012 despite getting to the top of the list because S&M couldn’t do some mondays .. so keep voting ..

    • I really want to know S&M’s opinion on this :(

        • I’m doing all I can, out of love for the Girls and a desire to see more female performers get reviewed. The guys are great and work hard, but c’mon… There are days I consider saving money and trying to pay S&M to review something… Like Ga-in’s “Bloom.” Lol, like that’ll ever happen.

        • there were a lot of MVs that i REALLLY wanted to be reviewed last year , like bloom and ice cream and BoA’s the shadow .. am really not a fan of boy groups and i have no idea why the hell do they have massive fandoms that crush every other MV that really deserves to be reviewed … I was hopping for both SNSD MVs to be reviewed but now I think only IGAB got a chance..

        • right?! i thought i was the only one who thought so! i just want to see girl groups get reviewed. yay for guys but, wow, it kind of bothers me that guy groups always win over girl groups. i’m not a fan of guy groups in general, i mean they work hard and deserve support but hey so do the ladies. i’m tired of all my favorite songs and groups getting pushed to the back because of some random guy group… it makes me sad :(

  265. Interesting mix of tough and cute. Not sure if it works tho. Plus, the song isn’t very cohesive. But I wanna hear what Simon and Martina say so let’s vote this one up people!

  266. The first time I listened to it, I really thought it was messy and completely agreed with everyone about the messy sound, but then I watched it again, and it sounded really good, then I watched it with english lyrics and it made more sense why the song is like that and now I really like it. I guess language barrier played a huge part in how the song was first recieved; definitely go look up the english lyrics as suggested. I really like the song now (:

  267. This song is good but I like dancing queen better :)

  268. I feel bad. Until I was able to find the English translation, I thought that Sooyoung was saying, “Ayo, GG! Yeah yeah, she’s a cat burglar…”

  269. I read these comments first before I actually watched it, and it surprises me how many people are turned off by a simple key change/ tempo change, yeah it may not blend smoothly, but all these “themes” are relative to each other, not just through the storyline from the lyrics! I feel like I’m listening to a serious composition, not just another Kpop song! I go to Berklee and I’m very impressed that they tried something like this. I love the aesthetic and their energy is infectious (in a great way)! Antis hate all you want, but it’s an extremely like-able song, dance, video, regardless of whether I consider myself a sone or not!!

    • I am also very surprised by the negative comments. Even though there are tempo changes and key changes doesn’t mean it doesn’t flow, in my opinion! This flows surprisingly well, considering. Though I am not a SONE I am obsessed with this song and this is definitely my favorite SNSD song.

      • I never thought I’d like any of their new stuff as much as I liked Genie, but this is absolutely my new fave! I’m so glad they’re finally exploring a mild form of hip-hop! It’s one of my favorite kpop styles! :)

  270. this song sounds so awesome when its sped up

  271. There are so man things things that I noticed regarding the members improvement in this song/mv. For one, the dancing is really the highlight of the whole thing. It’s the most complex, well executed coreography I’ve ever seen from them… especially for members like Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica who’s strong points aren’t dancing (Tiffany because she’s just not really good at it, Taeyeon because she often focuses on making her voice sound perfect and Sica because she’s just a lazy girl lol) but they were on spot in this one and dare I say, even better in the live version….and I also want to talk about Yoona here because even though she’s always been a good dancer, she definitely seems to have improved even further (the hip wave thing looked amazing, she didn’t dissapoint at all being in the center for that part). Then comes vocals…. Sunny impressed me so much. She’s been part of the vocal line for a while now but I’ve never heard her sound so good before, it’s almost like listening to a disney princess singing, it was lovely. I guess being in her musical really helped her develop her voice better. And then comes the rapping… I still don’t like Tiffany’s rap voice but Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung are becoming better at it every single time they try it. It was already getting better on the later live performances of ‘The boys’ but on this song it’s the closest I’ve ever heard to actual powerful female rap. They have true potential there.

    • I don’t know all their names, but I agree with you totally. I actually like the rapping and it flows surprisingly well and they aren’t just sing-songy rapping like in The Boys (I just can not get into that song). I just love Sunny in this video and her voice is SO BATOOTIFUL!!! Soohyun… Seohyun… ummm the girl with the striped black and white pants is my bias (and I still don’t know her name *shame*) from Taetiso (WHY CAN’T I SPELL) but Sunny has rocketed up and she is in a tie with S… her. Overall I am SOOOOOOOOOO impressed with GG, and I don’t know why people don’t like this song! This is just like with Super Juniorand Spy! That is probably one of my favorite SUJU songs but there were so many people who hated that song. *Sigh* I will always be at odds with fangirls…

  272. we gotta vote this in for music monday!! i want to see what they think about the whole style change and music change

  273. I for one thing this song is a success because it’s such a high risk. I mean if anyone in SM can take the liberty of taking risks with image and sound is snsd. The group is as solid as sm is ever going to manage and their fanbase will support them regardless of what they change, so I think trying to mix up the genre and challenging the members to do new things is the best thing sm can do, as ‘Traditional SNSD’ has been around for a while now, eventually they will have to reinvent themselves and I hope this works out for them.

    AS for the song itself, I have to say that I did not like it at first because I couldn’t really understand what was happening. Then I kind of related it to the latests Super Junior and TVXQ songs that also have that ’6 different songs in one’ quality and then I read the translations of the lyrics and it started to grow on me….

    and then I watched the live version and I was floored. It was ridiculously amazing how they managed to not only pull of the coreography without messing up the vocals, but that they managed to add even more extra ‘umph’ to everything. I highly recomend watching it

  274. I feel like I just watched a musical or something, so many songs mashed together into 5 minutes.. too messy.. not very SNSD there’s catchy parts but there’s also parts i’m not too keen on

  275. GUISE The MV has lots of transitions because each transition is a different perspective!! if you know the following information and the lyrics to the song, it makes perfect sense and simonandmartina will have to try their hardest to find something to rag about SNSD about!

    (0:00 – 0:29) Intro

    1st Part is a 3rd persons perspective of the Girls (0:29 – 2:04)

    2nd Part is the Girls perspective of their boy (2:04 – 3:35)

    3rd Part the Girls got angry that boy was so oblivious (3:35 – 4:02)

    4th Part is back to the Girls’ perspective (4:02 until the end)

    Hope this helps everyone as much as it helped me!

  276. Am I the only one who wants to hear Simon and Martina complain?

    • Haha, I’m pretty sure they had a heart attack when they heard this song xD. Sone better just vote for Dancing Queen (which is not that good, but still better than this), if they don’t want Simon and Martina to rip IGAB to pieces.

      • Oh thank goodness. I saw that I had a reply and I thought for a second that it was a Sone here to rip me apart. Haha
        I’m not sure but I think Dancing Queen will start to go down because it’s been there for a while and Sones will focus on getting I Got a Boy in for a Music Monday, so Dancing Queen probably won’t last until the Monday after The Chaser’s KMM.
        I like it when Simon and Martina have things to talk about. For example, my Eatyourkimchi fan/ Nasty mind exploded when I saw Maxstep *lights turn off*. So I voted on it like crazy, but they didn’t see the same things I saw.
        That music video was hilarious to me. Is that bad?
        But for MAMA and Sherlock, they had 13 wonderful KMM minutes. There was a lot to discuss!
        For I Got a Boy,I know that Martina will notice everything. :) Sorry that this is long. TL;DR?

        • Don’t worry, your post was not too long :)

          I’m not sure if either SNSD will be picked for KMM after two weeks, but yeah there will be LOTS to talk about.

    • Nope! XD

  277. This is a song that either you love it so much or you hate it so much. At first, I was totally confused as it sounds like 5 songs in 1, totally different from conventional songs. But it really grows on me like a fungus and I love it! Best song right at the start of the year. Good job SNSD!

  278. Best way to start the year actually! Not understanding the hate for the song. Also, i think the album as a whole is my favourite SNSD album so far.

    And I love that they informed me that the BPM was changing to 140 before the switch, so I was able to adjust accordingly haha!

  279. this song is so so bad that I couldn’t hold on for more than 1 minute. SM always concentrates on unnecessary things while they never focus on music, lyrics and the English, which should have been carefully done.

    • The lyrics are actually the connecting part of the entire song. How can you judge the lyrics when you clearly have not listened to the song while understanding the meaning behind the different keys and melodies? It’s like a musical.

  280. lol Their crushing on the same guy. That only means that the guy will die in the end, it always does in kpop.

  281. I watched the MV with subtitles. Still not liking the song. Oh well. :)

  282. My first reaction of this song was wow each member has a chance to actually shine, i don’t see anybody that was left out lyrics/screen wise. And the dancing is awesome no surprise. The flow of the song is what overwhelmed me at first (as did everybody) but after listening to it a couple more times i have to say i do like this song. Though those orange wigs need to be burned ASAP. And am i the only one that actually likes sunny’s rainbow color hair? i think it looks pretty cool in the video and the only member that can pull it off.

  283. AT first I didnt like this song at all, but then I was like okay lets listen to it one more time, then another, the another…. AND NOW I CANT STOP! I love this song! Its so catchy and fun, its completely stuck in my head too, and I cant stop singing it! Usually I’m pretty loyal to 2NE1, but I love this song!!!!!!!

  284. Stephanie

    I’m really conflicted about this song and video. It’s a lot of fun and it’s different and I really really like it. However a part of me feels like maybe it was given to the wrong group. It feels a little off coming from Girl’s Generation. This would have been a good fit as a transition between Oh! and Run Devil Run. A lot of what they’ve done since RDR has been more mature and had a more sophisticated feel. It’s nice seeing them have fun in a video again though :)

  285. With this song, you either love it, or hate it. You can’t really expect it to just grow on you suddenly if you didn’t like it at first listen. For me, it was an interesting song, very different and bold. If this song was released by a lesser popular artist, it would not have achieved an all-kill guaranteed. But because it is Girls’ Generation, SM can choose to be a little daring and bold because no matter what it is going to do EXTREMELY well. For me, this was a great song, coming from a music background, it’s interesting and complex. But I love it nonetheless.

    • I 100% agree with your comment! I felt like SM only had the guts to take a risk because this is Girls’ Generation…but I’m glad that they did because it’s very different from the rest of the KPOP industry and definitely a hate/love thing. This is my jam right nwo.

  286. IMO the dancing is fantastic while the song is a hot mess which means the MV is interesting to watch but a pain in the ears. Although I really despise this type of fashion I think SNSD still manage to look amazing with it (srsly how can Sooyoung wear a JUMPSUIT and still look good? I don’t understand ;_;) It’s a breath of fresh air but I think the change is too drastic – the balance tipped too far?

    Some comments about the song/mv/comeback
    - this is a more performance song instead of catchy ear worms we’re used to from SNSD. Gee is great to listen to but it gets kind of stale when you hear “UH HUH LISTEN BOY MY FIRST LOVE STORY” for the 10000000th time (some SONEs will obviously disagree). But the dancing in IGAB makes the performance fun. It doesn’t even matter if they’re not totally in sync because the most important part is that they look like they’re having fun. This song is way better performed than listened to on the bus.

    - I don’t mind the choppiness because again it comes back to this being a performance song imo so its interesting BUT I wish SM had full songs (or do they????? Hoping for repackaged ver LOL) for the separate parts of the song. Everyone would love them AND they get more money.

    - The album itself was not great but not bad, similar to The Boys. I think it’s too much to ask for an album filled with AMAZING songs from a manufactured pop group and anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves. I liked Girls and Peace better (their 2nd Japanese album) but this is personal taste (hurr) because I prefer Jpop sound to Kpop sound.

    - I hate rapping. Especially from Kpop idols. I just want to see cute girls dancing to cute songs singing in cute voices ;_; As expected the rapping in this song was bad………but I’ll have to forgive them because 1. Yuri looked :Q____ in those aviators and 2. Yoona’s rapping was so cute :3 Not badass as most fans of Kpop rappers like to call it but Yoona was adorable.

    - Taeyeon can dance. I love her even more. Jessica stopped caring a while ago. I think Taeyeon enjoys this (well I hope she does)

    - Tiffany is really enjoying this concept. And she makes me cringe. But I still love her.

    - WTF was SM thinking when they walked out with those orange wigs? What on earth. WHY?????????? is my only comment. and WHY???? was it in the middle of the song. Maybe if they put it at the beginning and then they take off their wigs/coats to reveal their individuality and coolness (excuse the lame word) but what??????????????????????????? I am very confused.

  287. Okay, so I gave the entire thing, MV and song, almost a day to sink in.

    First of all, I love that they took a risk. I think that’s respectable. It’s so vastly different from their previous concepts like Gee, Oh, or even their cooler songs like RDR/Genie. Now no one can say every song of theirs sounds the same or that they don’t evolve. I like and respect that they challenged themselves to evolve to a style that no one, not even the 9 themselves, thought they could do. I mean, even if they release a generic hook pop song, people would still criticize them, saying nothing’s new. But IGaB… it’s a challenging risk, and there’s much negative and positive buzz, but it’ll pay off. As Yoona said in her latest UFOtown message “Though reactions would likely split between like and dislike, it’s a new side of us and we’ll work harder.”

    Second, the song. At first I was like “Why is everything so messy?” but after a lot of listens, I began to appreciate that they’re telling a story from like 9 perspectives. It’s a song conversation about their boy, and like any conversation with 9 girls participating, it’s gonna be a bit crazy, y’know? But I appreciate the fact that all 9 got their own time in the song and MV. Could have been smoother in transitions, but I don’t think I mind now, not as much as I did at first listen. It really grew on me.

    Just please give the song a chance or two, that’s all I ask… and please don’t judge the entire album by this one song. :)

    Third, dance. Mindblown :D Formations, layering, the thing with the caps, it’s a visual masterpiece for me.

    Overall, in my opinion, I think they did well… it’s definitely a controversial move to make, and it now has 3million views on YT in 18 hours. (with another 2mil from YinYueTai and Naver, I think) I think it’s gonna pay off. :)

  288. Oh the beginning almost made me feel like they fooled me with the teaser and gave me something crappy, but then it was the beat I remembered and I was very happy! :D

  289. Hmmmm…

    Ok. I’m not a SNSD fan, but I like some of their songs… But this :/

    The only think I like is the dancing… the dancing is ah-mazing here. Other than that, SNSD ‘rapping’ and trying to look street like while still doing aegyo… nooooooooooooooooo, noooooooooo… Please just, no.

    I’m starting to believe SM don’t know what to do with them now that they are mature young WOMEN. Here’s a hint, their concept for Bad Girl (Japanese single) is my favorite by far up to this date. They had that street motorcycle vibe and look but they did pull it off. They did not try to act like a motorcycle gang and the song was great… because they were singing.

    So here is what I’m trying to say, I know they can grow into more mature concepts, just quit the rapping… and the ‘swag aegyo’ thing. Pretty, please.

  290. Ok so I may have screwed myself over by commenting on YouTube about this but I’m hoping there are nasties here that will have mercy, sone or not. But I just feel so conflicted with the story. I realize everyone is up in arms whether or not it makes sense and if it is too busy or not. My problem is Hyoyeon is the only one with a story that is like ‘screw you boy you were late for our date’. I mean noooo one else could have had something a little cold like that? You know you either do a couple stories or none at all cause that looks weird with just her. I dunno maybe it’s just me.

  291. Everyone stop getting too excited….lyrics, grandeur, “it’s too complicated for most people”
    make all your excuses….if you really liked the song and genuinely thought it was great. you wouldn’t have to defend it it should stand on its own merits.
    Which at this stage it isn’t. So many people even SONEs have pointed out that its a hot mess mash of 3 different or however many songs.
    I think we all need to take a step back and just admit that SNSD can put out a bad song.
    For those who aren’t fan’s of the song….we can wait for the next release (which looking at the girls over the years will probably be another new concept.)
    I’m sure some people genuinely like it. But trying to convince people to “read translations” to try make them like it more isn’t going to help peoples causes. If anything it makes you seem disingenuous.
    I gave it a shot. If anything the more I hear the song the more it irks me that it changes tempo so many times.
    I wanted so badly to like it.
    OH well looks like January we still have Infinite H, Double Yoon, Sistar 19 and Jea….surely there will be some good new songs soon!

    • Sure, SNSD can and has put out bad songs… but I don’t think that I Got a Boy is one of them. I think rather than saying it’s good or bad, we should put away those terms and say instead “I liked this” or “I didn’t like this.” Music is supposed to be about making listeners happy, and since there are lots of people who said they liked IGAB, I think it deserves to be acknowledged as a “good” song.
      But this is my opinion, and you’re entitled to yours. Have a nice day!

  292. To start off with, I love SNSD. Every member is extremely talented and their songs are amazing. However…

    Here’s the thing. Transitioning into different keys/tempos/styles is commonplace in music. It brings wanted change that helps keep the listener interested in the song. However, there’s a difference between transitions into a new tempo/key/style and using a placeholder. Using a style, transitioning into another, then going back to the same style 15 seconds later, then repeating the same process multiple times throughout the song makes this song seem very choppy IMO). People say that the lyrics, which tell how each girl had her own story about a boy, require the song to be structured this way. This is false. Songs have had many people telling their own stories for centuries and you don’t have to have each member’s vastly different styles overlap and criss-cross every few seconds. There is such a thing called grouping. This song could have easily been structured by separating the Pop, Rap, and Soulful styles into 3 separate segments of the song and it would have sounded just as great as many people say it does to begin with. Finally, the biggest issue that I with the song is the background melody (starting at 0:55). As said before, this song has three primary styles. These are a Pop, Rap, and Soulful styles. The rap segments have their own melody and beat. Yet the background melody stays the same in the Pop and Soulful segments even though the styles change (3:41). There is no “One size fits all” melody that fits with different styles and genres of music. It doesn’t work that way. With all that being said. I think each individual style used is good. The rap was good. As always, their singing is fantastic and the dancing is superb. But they could have arranged the song much better. It’s also important to note that kpop idols rarely write the music that they are performing and any objections or criticisms that I have on the song are mostly directed toward SM and the writer of the song.

    ONCE AGAIN. I’m not hating on SNSD. I like SNSD. I’m a fan of theirs. Just because I didn’t like one song of theirs doesn’t mean I’m personally insulting their talent or the fans that do like the song. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and conclusions. I’m not attempting to influence anyone’s opinions nor am I trying to force an opinion on them.

  293. To be honest I really didn’t like the song after hearing it for the first time. But after listening to the song over and over and over. And also reading the English translation with the song. I actually really really like the song. I like that with each tempo change the girl’s conversation changes with it. It something totally different from other K-pop songs. But I think that they should change the title of the song from ‘I got a boy’ to ‘Girl Talk’. Because since the concept of the song is ‘girls talking with their friends about boys’. So I think that it would make more sense to have the title of the song ‘Girl Talk.”

  294. SM you crazy! But you obviously picked the best group to be crazy with. Fans will still support the girls regardless and it’s already an all kill. But if your crazy = genius, is yet to be seen.

  295. I would rather have them talking about this than DancingQueen :D

  296. So… let me get this straight.

    Song starts off with theme 1, swag-alicious. Abruptly changes to theme 2, electro-bubblegum pop. Abruptly changes again to theme 3, diva, and then back to theme 2. All while wearing the sloppy seconds of f(x)’s Electric Shock wardrobe, multicoloured raccoon striped hair a la Nicki Minaj, and fawning over this faceless boy while they greet him like lovestruck preteens and dropping it like it’s hot.

    I suppose since GG is a wayyy more popular group, they could pull off the hot mess clothing choices better than f(x) did.

    And of course, this “love story” is about the girls getting a boy. Again. Because these damsels in distress are only looking for a boy to swoop them off their feet with an enormous teddy bear that even I outgrew at age 4.

    Very classy SM, very classy.

  297. I hate how people tries so hard to compare this song with another, it’s a great song I mean the concept itself it’s amazing.. I’m really looking forward to see the review…

  298. bigbangfosho

    OMG…I just noticed-the URL. “girls-generation-u-hot-a-boy/” I wonder if that was done on purpose…

  299. bigbangfosho

    I honestly don’t particularly like this, but I really want to hear what Simon and Martina have to say.

  300. i saw this awesome interpretation of the song on youtube and had to post it:

    “At first, it’s from another person’s perspective, they are jealous and want to know why the girl changed so much because of a boy. Then at 2:02 Tiffany says “ayo stop let me put it down another way” and they start singing from the girl’s perspective, the girl “who has a boy”. Then at 3:41, I think the girl is somehow angry maybe because the boy is not giving her attention, but then Jessica comes at 4:02 and says “Don’t stop, let’s bring it back to 1:40″ in the song, and the girl is happy again.”

  301. was re-watching the vid cuz the end was odd. did that jacket weight a ton? cuz damn it look like she had to lift her whole body just to slap him! oh and what does lets take it back to 140 mean?? refreshing video and song. despite them looking massively adorable and beautiful as they do in all videos this one lacks all the frill and uber aegyo cuteness stuff. maybe thats why i like this video so much. cute without trying. sexy without pushing it. laid back hotness. yeah the changes where odd at first but it REALLY DOES make much more sense when reading the english translation of the song. even without reading it its still catchy and all i want to do is dance! even simon coudlnt “ruin” the dancing of this song with his u so nasty versions. (even if they are awesome and hilarious) good clothes, choreography awesome. my new favority GG video!

  302. It’s better than The Boys, that’s for sure.

  303. I feel like this is going to be like all the f(x) songs for me. I don’t like it the first few times I hear it but a week later I’m listening to it on repeat. Its a little jumpy for my taste, but its quirky and the chorus is already stuck in my head.
    Plus that *doodoodoodoododododoo* at 2:05 is mad catchy.

    • I think I feel similar. It didn’t send any shivers down my spine from greatness but literally all day I had it stuck in my head. Plus since it has so many different sections to it I can have the other parts in my head rather than just one short piece repeating over and over.

    • the song sounds like a poorly done remix of several great and catchy songs that they would normally perform at special events or end of year festival, kinda like how suju remixed all their hit songs for the gayo daejun this year.

      is there a reason why I can’t see this song ranked in the kpop chart when its gotten quite a lot of votes already?

  304. I really like the song! I’m glad its not just the same beat repeat over and over again for 4mins like every k-pop song and it flows really well together when you read the lyrics.

    I’m curious about what simon and martina think about the song.

  305. It’s been so long since we had a KMM or any kpop video .. ;-; I miss it!! when are we getting the EYK awards ??

  306. Love this song!!! <3 Hehe Taeyeon is my bias! :3

  307. not a snsd fan but i want this in first place now!

  308. The tune of the song changes to show how girls’ emotions change so quickly when they are with a guy. The first tune is the girl being jealous of other girls and wanting a boy friend. The second one is she is happy that she has a bf now, and he is “perfect” man. The third one (when they are all in the same wigs) is when she is doubting her relationship, but then it goes back to the second one to show how easily girls hearts can waver.

  309. song aside, I actually really like the MV. I loved the vibrant colors, their quirky outfits and the colorful sets. Not to mention all nine of them looked gorgeous. It’s a lot different that the typical SM videos, you know? They aren’t just dancing in boxes, and even the boxes are a lot more interesting. I hope that means that SM has finally seen the light, and I sincerely hope that means that they’ll bombard us with more interesting videos from SuJu, f(x), TVXQ, SHINee and EXO this year! :)
    A great start to K-Pop of 2013 i think~

  310. i LOVEE THIS SONG. its so catchy…all 3 diff “parts”

  311. misspricilla

    I was waiting more from the teasers….:S I don’t hate the song but still……I thought it is gonna be different. SM really should change some ppl in his company I think.

  312. Love, love this song!! Their whole album is awesome (from what i’ve heard so far) For me, Hyoyeon, Yuri and Taeyeon totally rocked this song. They rocked it, flipped it and owned it. =]

  313. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t crazy about the song at first, kinda like “Flower Power” it was just too all over the place for me, but then I watched the perform it live and listened to it without the video and man o I LOVE it now!!! The song is great, honestly, it’s just really different from what we’re used to from GG. The melodies are each catchy on their own and together I think they managed to transition really well between them. Another commenter said that each melody represents a different story and a different girl’s feeling s which I like, it’s new and interesting and actually makes more sense than having one song for everyone. Plus the song was pretty evenly distributed which I think is great because each girl got to shine. I particularly love Sooyoung and Yuri at the beginning, I think they did really well.
    But the dance, omigosh the dance. I always thought that SNSD were great dancers but they really blew it out in this video! Like they KILLED it! This is a great dance, it’s fun and cool and sexy and challenging and the girls did great, they did really well!
    To top of all that the SNSD girls looked amazing in this video. I wasn’t sure how well they could pull off the aegyo hood-rat look, and honestly, some did it better than others, but all in all they looked great.
    In all, I think the song is a good balance for SNSD, it’s fun like they’re old songs but more mature and complex so it shows growth. They looked great, they sounded great, they danced great. But most of all, and how many people agree with me, this was much better than THE BOYS!!!

  314. Ines Faria

    I can’t find the song translated into english..

  315. i really like this song its catchy but did anyone else hear “i got a boy in my jean” ? o-o

  316. IMO, this was the best Girl’s Generation song I’ve listened to. It was like… like talking with my own girlfriends about relationships. Some of us talk quickly, some of us talk slowly, and then some of us are between. I love it. And the dance was something they couldn’t do in 8-inch heels! I love it. They look so comfortable in the video, even during the dance.

  317. I really want to hear S&M’s opinions about this..

  318. If only we look at the lyrics, everything else would make sense :D I LOVED the chorus and I think so does everyone else cuz it’s SO CATCHY! ^^

  319. I tried what people have said with the lyrics and i must say i like the idea of it changing ti up for each verse but really there is just too much going on here. I just feel like this could have been like 4 other songs cause it was just so disjointed. I love Snsd but i cant say i will love this song. though i will hum the chorus to no end

  320. I agree with most of the comments here, I love everything about this song and MV. I think Simon and Martina would break it down really well, for good or bad. I’d love to see it reviewed!

  321. please vote Dancing Queen in this week, its the only way to get 2 snsd videos in because after this week, DQ will go down, please everyone here, please spare 1 minute and just vote once for dancing queen. Pleaseeeeee? thanks~

    ps. if you don’t understand why IGAB is so mashed up, look up the translation, the lyrics make more sense when written out, its like a story.

  322. Soohyoseotaenycalicious

    I would like it to be reviewed. I’d like an objective opinion, and this song has a lot to talk about. There’s the storyline within the video, which is a bit weird. 1 guy, 9 girls? What kind of harem is that? And what the hell? Not only can’t they show the guy’s face, they can’t make him talk either? Why the bubble? haha It was hi-la-rious. There’s lots to say about the dancing too: it’s totally awesome for one thing. Totally new to GG, but amazing and reflecting well their abilities. I was truly impressed, and even though it’s not something people will be able to dance along with, it’s Good, with a capital G. And finally, there’s like a gazillion things to say about the song itself.

    Honestly, I was a little confused when I first heard the song, but I’ve heard it twice now and can say that I could listen to it a couple more times. It’s really not that bad, even though about all the other songs of the album are WAY better to listen to.

    I Got A Boy is showing you a story instead of merely telling it (what most other songs do out there). It’s a conversation between the girls, and when you meet up with your girls you don’t think the same way about love and boys, and most importantly, you don’t express it the same way either. Some of you talk fast, some slowly. Some of you talk with energy or enthusiasm, others with bitterness, others with excitement, others with sadness/melancholia, etc. The song HAS to be a weird mashup of music styles to reproduce the realism of what it is like to be in a conversation with people. I feel like some people failed to see that this song CAN’T be considered just as the average song that comes out nowadays. It’s more like a piece from contemporary Classical music or something, where you don’t necessarily understand what’s going on, but you can still like it. Considering that, you can appreciate the song and find it pretty cool.

    Anyway, I liked the song for it’s artistic concept, but I’m not an avid fan of it either. I like when the girls showcase their vocal abilities, and you don’t really see that here. But hey, the looks are new and terrific, the rapping improved, the dancing’s great, the video is funny, the concept is special, let’s have this reviewed ASAP :)

  323. not my favorite song by snsd, but i still really like it and i reallyreallyreally wanna see simon and martina’s comments on this!

  324. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I promise for some more insightful, thoughtful, cohesive comments later, and shall probably get deleted for spamming, but I DON’T CARE!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :D At first I was just like O.o O gawd what is this? But by the end I absolutely love it!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe!!!!!

  325. AYO GG!!!! I’m in love with this song!! The song and album was definitely worth the wait and kudos to SM Entertainment for releasing the album on iTunes et al with the IGAB video ^^

  326. GG make em feel the heat!!

  327. guys please please please vote for dancing queen for this KMM, then IGAB can do the next one, that way well have 2 KMM on SNSD! thanks sones and voters~

  328. Hurry up and review Dancing Queen, so I can start voting up IGAB!

    • Dancing Queen won last week, but because of New Years and the filming of the EYK Awards, a KMM won’t be happening (considering its already tuesday…) so start voting for this one!

      • Any chance we can get it thrown back into the mix? Otherwise, it’ll be back to the grind of dude reviews, I’m sure… >.>

        • Well, it is still available to vote for, but the longer it stays on the charts the less likely it will be reviewed. I know a TON of comebacks are happening in the beginning of this year so be sure to help our girls groups out when they comeback!!

        • I’ll keep on voting, that’s for sure! I just wish I had found EYK sooner, so I could’ve started helping earlier!

        • Awww welcome to EYK :D
          Basically, the longer a video is on the charts, the less their votes count because we are trying to keep the reviews as relevant as possible. Videos have been known to survive on the charts for quite a long time (*cough NU’EST*) so it is very possible that it could be reviewed!

  329. I love the chorus but I dislike how it suddenly changes to another type of melody but I do loooove the MV

  330. I really liked this song. The first listen surprised me, because you grow used to the standard formula used in basically every pop song period. But after the second listen, I was hooked. It’s really interesting to listen to. It’s spunky and has attitude. I like it. :D

    I’m a bit sad, though, at the sheer intensity of those that don’t like it. It makes me feel like I have to be like, “Hey, I’m not a SONE; I’m not saying I like it because I’m ‘delusional’ or because I eat up even their shit songs without a second thought.” ORZ. ;_;

  331. I’m voting for this because I want to hear Simon and Martina’s opinion about this song :)

  332. Korean barbie meets Happy Hardcore?

  333. I actually had a lot of fun with the crazy changes in the song.

  334. The live performance makes the song sound SO much better.

  335. I love how the song producers put the line “let’s bring it back to 140″. It didn’t make sense to me at first, but then I realized that 1:40 plays the chorus I got a boy which also plays after that line is said.
    I also love how Hyoyeon, Yuri Sooyoung, and Yoona are getting more lines by doing rap =)).

  336. unicornsgalaxy

    Well this was better than I thought it was going to be.

  337. this has to be reviewed and not dancing queen!!!

  338. 360 degree camera, we meet again! Yup, it’s definitely a SM music video. :D

  339. Did anyone else catch the musical similarity to GD’s Crayon???? >.>

  340. They look extremely sexy *-*

  341. My one problem with SM is that they insist on putting as many different beats into one song and breaking it up. It’s like they are trying to catch as many people possible with one song.
    I noticed that when I first became a SJ fan and the Mr. Simple video was like a conglomeration of 4 different genres. This is like 3 different songs.
    They really should stop that.

    • I agree completely, and TVXQ’s latest songs had this 5songs in one quality to them. But this one just takes it to a new extreme. It grew on me, I’m no gonna lie… but I can’t believe they took such a high risk with a group like snsd

  342. Gotta admit…I was pretty skeptical about this song at first, but I totally freaking LOVE it. I really like how they kinda mashed some different stuff together to make it, and Iove the look of it all. The outfits, the hairstyles, the set. The spunkiness of it all. :D I gotta say, SNSD, I am thoroughly impressed :)

  343. SNSD is finally back with a new song with stronger dance routine than ever.
    The song is a mix of different genres mixed into one, of which definitely needs some getting used it.
    On my first listen, the song definitely felt disjointed with all the different genres all in one song. But after another listen, it kinda reminded me of why I love K-pop.
    K-Pop is attractive because of its mixture of different genres, all coming together creating one new complete song.
    Like “The Boys”, SNSD has brought in new flavour never tasted before in the K-Pop scene. Strong hip-hop beats with a twist of dub step and alittle pop in it.


  345. You got my vote! PLEASE do this!!

  346. Visually they look great but the song is all over the place, like a commercial..does not work for me.

  347. I must have been one of the few people that loved this song since the first listen! I’m so happy with this song, such a redemption from The Boys. :D

  348. If you just listen to the audio version and at the part where Jessica said “Let’s bring it back to 1:40″ it would sound exactly like at the 1:40 mark and I was blown away :)

  349. OK… honestly… it looks like that song was for f(x) but SNSD ended up having it somehow LOL
    And I do agree with some other comments that it is like a mashup of few songs in one… but the hours are indeed catchy

  350. Amazing, after replaying it is not like 5 songs in 1 anymore ^^

  351. Its just seems like they’re performing a poorly cobbled together medley of 3-4 songs.

  352. The song reminds me a lot of Mr Simple. Felt like a hodgepodge of different sounds. Maybe the song will grow on me? I love SNSD, but did anyone else have an image problem with this video? They were being all cutesy with their boyfriend one minute and fierce the next minute. But I LOVED the visual aspect of the video, the colours, the set’s. If only they got rid of those damn orange wigs I would have anything to complain there. And I freakin loved the dancing, instead of just having one main catchy dance move on the chorus it felt as if they were part of a professional dance team. Good work SM. Here’s a cookie.

  353. I’m in love with this already. Also, this is by far one of the greatest pieces of choreo I’ve ever seen in a music video, along with TVXQ’s Catch Me.

  354. For people who have heard this song for the first time and think it’s messy, NO IT IS NOT! I thought so too but after hearing it for a few more times, it just totally grows on me for some reasons and all seperate melodies bind together perfectly. I don’t know how to explain itO_O

    • But some people aren’t going to give a song that they dislike at first 3 or 4 more replays to see if it becomes an earworm or not.
      A song needs to catch people’s attention and then keep it. I only became interested around the 2 minute mark when the chorus started.

    • we need to the will to search for the translation of the lyrics to understand the song tho..

  355. Dyania ハナーフィ

    to enjoy the song try listening it w/o the MV. Somehow it sounds better :)

  356. SM really started to like remixes, it worked out with Sherlock but now…I’m not so happy about that but I like how it shows different sides of our girls. And Jessica is a bat girl, Boyfriend must approve :D

  357. The nine timing bastard. The dance was awesome. Full stop. The best part of the song was the bridge in my opinion, the beats are just amazing. Other than that though, the song is kind of all over the place. I´m disappointed.

    • I was just thinkint the same thing XDD apparently it’s ok for the guy to be dating ALL NINE GIRLS? XDD I wonder if Hyoyeon punched him because he found out about Sunny/Taeyeon/Jessica/tiffany/Seohyun/Yuri/Yoona/sooyoung lol

  358. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG! xD Even it has sooo many different parts in it, it’s still soooo awesome! I think it’s like.. when you’re in love, your feelings are really mixed too. And I think.. this song fit that subject kinda good! ^_^ idk idk idk idk but I’m rolling like a buffalo~ :3

  359. It felt like there were so many parts and the transition between each part was extremely noticeable….. also it did not have that one section, words or catchy part that would cause us to spread the word easily.

    however, i bet there are many messages within the lyrics and song.

  360. considering martinas comment on the boys, im in serious doubt she will like this song.

  361. In other news, ANOTHER SPUDGY LOOKALIKE!!! :D :D :D

    and somebody has been getting fashion tips from f(x) hmmm :p

  362. This was pretty bad. There are decent dances, beats, themes, etc., but it’s too much for one video.
    Lol @9irls9enerationswish:disqus’s “budget for men in MV” comment! Seriously though. That IS weird.

  363. I was really looking forward to this song cos the teaser looked exciting but….what…..*facepalm*
    I don’t understand what the music is about or trying to say…

  364. While people were watching their balls drop, I was waiting for this :D

  365. you can’t get used to this song with just one listen… i think u’ll have to rewind at least 10 times.. before you know when to head bang faster or shake hips slower… just one of those songs.. that have you shaking your head by the end of it…

  366. I have a feeling this video clip with “one guy” is meant to be the girls fantasizing about being with the guy who knocked on their door. As for the song. It really does take several listens without the video for you to be able to appreciate it. Love it,and the rapping has improved (S&M please note this, i remember what u thought of their “the boys” rapping). The dancing i love, love, love. I always like SNSD’s dancing, but this song is by far my fav dance of theirs. Overall, love it.

  367. *silent cheer* for the correct English in the speech balloons of the boy :p

  368. I love the colours! I’m really enjoying their looks here. And their dancing’s nice too I especially like their move at around 2:52 hehe…the’s nice I think but it sounds more like a teaser for several songs. It sounds interesting but it doesn’t sound like it’s one song.

  369. I LOVE! GG, but this song is gonna take like, 15 listens before it starts to feel right (kinda like “The Boys”). There’s too much going on. I feel like SNSD’s writers are trying too hard to make it weird. They could benefit from a more minimalist approach. I know I’ll come around to this one, though. SNSD Fighting!

  370. I can’t wait for this to be reviewed. I need to hear what Simon and Martina have to say. I just have to! There are so many things happening in this MV, both good and bad, that needs your opinion.

  371. Anyone know why Jessica said “140″?

    This MV really is a mashed up of like different songs in one. I really think the one with all of them glamoured up and don the wig might had pushed it too far.

    • the 140 is referred to the 1.40 minute mark which is when the chorus of this song starts…
      Edit: Some said it refers to 140 BPM (Beats per Minute) which sounds more legit :P

  372. I admit, it sounded disjointed at first but upon hearing it the second time I found a little consistency and a pattern in the beat and it seems as it if all the parts related to each other in some way. Its different but I like the song.

  373. 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

    The Boys MV didn’t have any boys at all, (No, short haired sunny-oppar doesn’t count ;) Lol ), and now I Got A Boy has one boy.

    MV Director: Do we have any budget left for a boy in this MV?

    SM: Well, we sorta spent it all on their costumes. Buying multiple sets of clothes for 9 girls is no joke. And the set. Not to mention we’re still in debt from all the EXO teasers! D’: (I’m just kidding, I love our 12 alien dorks, okay?)
    MV Director: Well, we already failed by having no boys in The Boys… ._.
    SM: Well, here then; Have one of our cute rookie actors from SM C&C, Kim Ian. *shrugs*
    MV Director: But we have 9 girls here. No lucky bastard can 9 time them, I mean, seriously… -_-’
    SM: Well, the song title isn’t I GOT NINE BOYS is it?
    MV Director: … K. -_-’

  374. i was surprised by the song! but i think it’s growing on me. the girls look awesome as well!!!!! much more fierce and in some ways sexy~~ their rapping has improved heaps since the boys!! and I think the rapping suites the song ^^ can’t wait for this to be reviewed!!! :)

  375. I said this on EYK’s facebook too, this is my opinion of I Got A Boy:

    I can tell it’s going to get owned if it’s on Music Mondays, haha. I’m a SONE through and through and overall I love the song, the dance, outfits and sets were amazing and I loved the colour. BUT the song was ALL OVER THE PLACE! If they were different songs it would be amazing. I love flowing songs but when the song just stopped and Tiffany or Jessica said something like ‘yo let me put it down another way’ or ‘let’s take it back to 1:40′ or whatever, it just changed and was totally different and bit confusing. Although separately I love all the parts, together it doesn’t work. Also the kind of grunt thing at 1:18 ish is very weird, and Jessica’s line ‘let’s take it back to 1:40′ is also weird.
    I did love the rapping and I loved that everyone got many parts. I think the girls did a great job but SM took a big risk and it only worked 50-50.
    I love Sunny’s hair though!!

    • When Tiff or Jess (idk which one) said, “Let’s take it back to 140″, she was referring to the the tempo; she was basically saying bump the tempo back to 140 beats per minute. In the official statement or whatever, it did say the song would have multiple tempos, so I’m sure whoever wrote/produced this (because let’s face it, you can’t do one without the other in pop music these days XD) was pretty much showing off their skillz. I can also imagine SM thought it’d be “cute” if one of the girls was talking to an imaginary DJ like some do in American pop songs.

  376. They look gorgeous, but holy moly, was that a lot of different tunes!
    I liked the techno-ish music part, but am not fond of the song… I’m not fond of much of the song…

    But as I said, they look gorgeous! Also, dat hair throw/head bang!

    Please, do review! It’s a gem, lol!

  377. Am i the only one REALLY ANNOYED with the CAT EARS MADE OF PEARLS (I THINK?) ????!!!! 
    SORRY, IF I SOUND TOO HARSH OR IGNORANT.I LIKE THEIR FASHION CONCEPT THIS TIME (the hip hop or bad boy image)but the cat ears is too girly in this theme. like out of no where. idk i probably exagerrating. BUT IT KEEPS ON APPEARING.
    ps. sorry for the wonking fronts, computer got its crayon without warning. (-_-+)

    • all just my opinion. 
      just needed to get it out there. 
      whoo, now back to hw in 6 AM in the morning.yayyyyyy....

  378. This song has left me confused. *nodding* really. that’s all too it. Though I did get a slight 80′s feel. I think they should have separated the songs. At least I think that there was more than one song in it. *shakes head* confusing has set in.

  379. AHHHH you need to review!!!!

  380. lol wtf did I just watch?

  381. Dance > song
    Random: Why have this annoying ad with the old lady who’s 53 but look like 25 and the other one with mud mask? Put something related to the website at least.

  382. Uuuuuumm… Catchy but This song is just too all over the place, there’s like 5 songs in one. I think each “different song” should’ve of been one song on their own (does that make sense ?). It’s like there are too many things going on (too many outfits & cuts). But the concept is different which is nice to see & the dancing is good :). And we can actually hear & see hyoyeon :DDDDDD

    • I seriously recommend to read the comment above from Bryen Gabriel Kim, I’m sure You will understand why there is 5 different songs in one, as You said.

    • I would die a happy death if SM took each individual bit in this and made it it’s own individual song. It would be so awesome!!! Tbh, I don’t see why people are so surprised SM is putting out this kind of song when this kind of thing is very common in the American pop scene right now with Electrohouse and Dubstep dominating the charts. I’m not ragging on you or anything, I agree with you that each bit should be it’s own song, but it sounds so good together that I really can’t be grumpy about it ^^

  383. -watching with my brother-


    Me: O.O

    Him: What?

    Me: O.o”

    Moral: Don’t touch Tiffany if you love your arms.

  384. Basically all the drama part was shown in the teasers. Lol gotta love SM.

  385. I think sunny looked freaking adorable, but other than that i feel like sm tried waaaaaaaaaaaay too hard. I mean the video was nice , but it was hard for me to really like the song, almost felt like i am eating a delicious apple pie and someone suddenly decides to shove a blowfish in my mouth. I like snsd but this song was confusing :/ i hope the restof the album is awesome though ^~^

  386. This needs a review. The song is bizarre and I want an EYK version of it. lol

    And Seohyun looks amazing amazing amazing here.

    • Exactly! Goor or bad, awesome or awful, it has to be reviewed. Looking forward to see a parody and Simon&Martina finding all the hidden secrets of the video which we didn’t notice :D

  387. i dont know where to categorize this song… im still confused.

  388. I really like SNSD… but seriously guys, i think that this song was just a so-so! Maybe i was just expecting too much from them that it’s disappointing. Their looks were alright, the choreo was fine! But the song, is just a mess! It’s like a remix of different songs from 2012 and they combined it all to welcome 2013??Well, maybe i just need to hear it all over again in order for me to get use to it, but now.. i’d rather listen to Genie and Gee again!! :/

    • You’re right. It’s like they made a medley of all the dance tunes in 2012.

      • You mean like this?

        :p lol. I wouldn’t call it a medley though – because the song parts don’t even blend in together. It’s choppy cut and paste. But I’ve noticed this choppy kind of music is becoming a trend in kpop lately. For better or for worse :3

        • I totally agree with you… you can’t even call it medley, coz just like what you’ve said, the diff parts don’t even blend in together!! I can even hear the beat from Crayon on 2:05!

        • I’m so in love with that mashup, idk if I should be ashamed of myself… Anyway, I think (if done right) the mashing of the two songs together (or as SM put it with SHINee’s Sherlock, a hybrid remix XD), could have an awesome result. SHINee’s Sherlock was awesome (even if the two songs were already pretty similar ^^;;) and Catch Me by TVXQ was good (it had the typical electrohouse/dubstep structure to it; it had the normal parts and the breakdowns which sounded completely different, but still blended together). All in all, I like this song a lot, but I do agree with you ^^

  389. Their outfits reminded me of the fresh prince of bel air lol

  390. Incredibly awkward.

  391. I liked how this song sounded like different songs putten together
    I didnt get bored – they had unique style in each different part of the song ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
    – and the set & costumes are all wacky and AWESOME *o*
    But I like the end the best – the different tunes of the say all coordinated with each other like a remix

  392. I think Simon and Martina will have quite a few things to talk about. But I absolutely love the song. Some people say it’s different, but coming from a music background having a song change from one feel to another is actually pretty common. Most people, only my assumption, who feel that it is their worst song or that it is too chopped up probably haven’t expanded their musical background far enough.

  393. I’ll be honest. I didn’t like it at all. I liked the individual bits, and the beginning of the song scared me but I figured, hey, it’s SNSD, surely this won’t end up badly… and… well, wtf.

    I mean, what’s with the bazillion songs all in one ? Each bit made me smile, because the “rapping” from the girls is a new one especially from basically all of them in one song, but… aaah, SM, I’m so disappointed! I’m looking forward to listening to the whole album though.

    • Do you know the lyrics and how it fits in with the song? I recommend reading my post that I wrote above replying to Cassandra. This is one of those rare instances where you need to actually know the lyrics and understand how they fit perfectly with the song to really appreciate the song. Otherwise, it just sounds like a lot of different sounds with no meaning to you.

      • I get what you’re saying and I haven’t seen the lyrics yet, but still. I do sometimes appreciate songs because of their lyrics when there’s a powerful message. However, for me, the general musical mood of a song is important too, and in this one, I can’t concentrate musically on anything. The live performances will probably help, so I won’t give up just yet, but I’m not quite sure. We’ll see. I will go look at translations though, maybe it will help understanding the mechanics of the song for sure. As far as actually enjoy listening to it, not sure at all however.

    • The entire album is really good. Baby Maybe and Romantic St. are two of my favorites

  394. I absolutely love this song and MV. I know so many people will not be able to fully appreciate the complexity of the song, I know it took me for surprise. After listening to it a couple times and digesting all of the different components and melodies in its complex structure, it truly is one of the best kpop songs that I have ever heard. It actually reminds me a bit of Bohemian Rhapsody because that song also did not have a chorus and had several distinct song styles and melodies. The difference with this song is that there are still themes that go throughout the song and it is very nicely comes together in the end with the big finale of combining all the themes together.

    It is obvious that there are going to be so many people initially put off with the song and hate it. It’s the nature of these kinds of song structures. It is far more complex and grand than basically every other kpop song out there, so people will not be familiar with it. The complexity can actually be too much for some people to really grasp.

    I recommend listening to it without watching the MV a couple times to really listen to how the song is structured and what all of the different song structures and melodies are and understand how they are connected to one another. It can be incredibly overwhelming watching the MV and listening to the song at once as there’s just so much going on.

    I hope there will be others who understand what I’m talking about. I’m curious to see what Simon and Martina think about it.

    • I’ve seen you replying to a lot of people’s comments telling them about the lyrics and such, and I have to say you are right. The lyrics do match as to why the song is like the way it is. But does that me I have to absolutely love the song because it matches the sound? I hope not. Just like how a slow ballad might match with the lyrics of the song, do I have to like the ballad because it fits with the lyrics. I really hope not. If there was a smoother transition in the sound, rather than abruptly changing, like the rising note at the end of Bohemian Raspody’s chorus into the guitar breakdown. I would be fine and probably really like the song. But it doesn’t. And even after looking up the lyric translations, I still don’t like it. And people shouldn’t have to like it because it fits. People all don’t have to like a type of song.
      Sorry, I know you probably didn’t mean it to sound the way I just explained, just had to get it of my chest. I still like the chorus though ^^.

    • Your comment implies that people may not like the song “because the complexity is too much for them to grasp” and compares the song to Bohemian Rhapsody.

      I can see why you compared it with Bohemian Rhapsody, which is one of the most famous melody change-up songs (even if I think it is a little bit offensive to Queen) but saying that people don’t like it because it’s too grand and complex? hmmmmmm…

      I have to say, I don’t mind the song, but for me, the arrangement doesn’t make sense. I actually like the individual aspects, but they are put together in a distinctly messy way. If you have to abruptly stop a song to change the melody, it isn’t well done in my opinion. Other SM works have combined songs smoothly (like Sherlock) and as you mentioned, Bohemian Rhapsody is a great example of a song that changes melodies smoothly and for amazing dramatic effect.

      I hope that this song gradually becomes less irritating to listen to for me because I really like the concept change.

    • I agree completely! I really didn’t like it at first, but once you listen to it more than once you start to hear how well the different styles are actually connected, and it stops sounding like a bunch of completely different songs because the similarities between the segments become so obvious.

      This is possibly one of my favourite GG comebacks. Not only is the song incredibly catchy, they all pull off the concept so well and the dancing in just incredible, and they still manage to sing really well in all their live performances despite the dance being so much more rigorous than most, if not all, of their past dances.


    haha, as a sone, I was actually surprised by this song somewhat but I really like it. Especially the chorus xD

  396. I listened to this song 7 times already. XD Love it and Sunny’s hair grew on my so much. She reminded me a bit like GD with all the hair colors in one mv

  397. The link says U HOT A BOY hehe
    I’m kinda disappointed with this song though.. Really choppy and messy. Like a bad attempt in creating something like Sherlock..

    Oh well, it’s SM – n -

  398. And I got confused for 5.5 minutes LOL

  399. i wanna see this because there’s a lot to say about it! it’s like puting cheese keyboards, dubstep, rainbows, and hot pink color in a blender.. now this is the result O.o Freaggin Daebak! i almost got an epileptic attack (no offense for epileptic people)

  400. Is it me or is the fashion very similar to f(x)? I find that a bit odd. I don’t have an opinion of the song yet since I’m not sure whether or not I like it. I hope it grows on me since I like SNSD. :p


  402. Loving the girl’s new song. I’ve been excited since the teasers following Dancing Queen and the girls definitely didn’t disappoint me.

  403. This sounds like a remix gone wrong

  404. Wait, URL for this is “u hot a boy” – SONEs getting trolled by Simon and Martina or just a typo?

  405. Their outlook and dance is just perfect!!
    The song sounds weird to me at first, it’s like many parts link up together with poor technique.
    But each part is amazing though.
    Perhaps this song will grow on me, after I get used to the linkage between different parts……

  406. Aluciouz

    THIS is what I’ve been waiting for! It seems to me that everything falls into place, even the massive changes in the song! Love the crazy beat that Tiffany announces, but the video editing could use some work… Some cuts are made quite harshly and doesn’t help with the flow of the song. The only thing left is the only dance version *-*

    • YES! Dance version please! I don’t really understand why they added that weird intro… especially since Jessica says “Let’s bring it back to 140″ which a lot of people say means bpm but since it works for the timestamp 1:40 as well WHY NOT??? (sorry got a little spazzy there)

      • Aluciouz

        Don’t be sorry! It is the right thing to do here! *-* Spazz is needed. I take that “140″ as the bmp because it is the signature of this single: all that tempo changing stuff.

        • Don’t you think the changing tempo became a lot less jarring after a while? At first I was like “there’s no way I can slow down at Fany’s and then speed back up to the chorus” but now that I’ve listened to it so many times, I kind of expect it!~ Anyway, the holographic “V Concert” is probably a good indication of what it’ll look like live :)

  407. I think S&M are gonna love this!! No more oddly lit room!! Haha

    I love it. So different than what we’re used to from SoShi. I like how SM didn’t give them one specific style/concept so they’re able to evolve and change their style with each album. SoShi’s back!!! Don’t forget about Romantic Fantasy that is airing in like 5 hours :)

  408. Jisay

    First video I watched in 2013… it was worth the wait.. :D GG

  409. At least, SM this time didn’t put them in oddly lit rooms throughout the video. Interesting video, going to need some time to get use this.

  410. It’s so scattered but I loved every second of it!

  411. From now one, whenever I meet someone new, I will say “Hey, let me introduce myself. Here comes trouble!” Plus, I’m pretty sure that the English is fine in this video. I’ll watch t again just to make sure. :)

  412. ummm, the lines are fairly distributed at least.

  413. Not sold on the song, but the choreography is *awesome*

  414. although i think this song is kinda a mess, but i would love to hear simon and martina review about this

  415. colorsplosion – I love it. So many colors, so visually stimulating.

  416. i want to hear your review on this…

  417. I think everyone has the same complaint as I do – the song is scattered about. I really like the chorus and how visually pleasing this video is, but I feel like I didn’t just listen to one song. Rather I listened to 3 or 4. /sigh
    I’m going to keep replaying in hopes that I’ll somehow like the weird scattered about-ness… lol

  418. I think we all know this is going to be reviewed :P

  419. Its awesome …mashing up 5 songs in 1 …and Yuriiiii loooooooooks awesome

  420. Now we see if Dancing Queen still has a chance of being reviewed now that IGaB is here~

    • It never had a chance. New Year’s/EYK Awards stole DQ’s chance one week and this week’s slot was already promised away to an infinite review. So if you want to see a girl group get reviewed any time soon, make sure to keep voting this up!

  421. glad im not the only one that was confused by the mv but i love that hip hop style dancing from soshi its new and fresh and they just dance so well
    what can i say it infectious

  422. Wow, looking forward to see this reviewed. Many things to say about this one! A-YO GG! :D They’re finally back.

  423. I think the song is quite nice…but yes the most awesome part is the chorus…very very catchy

    the great news is at least SNSD is not inside a box :D

  424. Listened to the song on the album.. It’s better than it sounds then listening while watching the MV. The MV itself is too distracting to fully enjoy the song and not get confused while listening.

  425. 9irls' 9eneration's Wish

    Wow, so many different things going on… it’s like someone took several verses of awesome and mashed them all into one song. At first, I wasn’t sure about this song. I mean, I liked the teasers sure, but the end product, the song itself… seemed pretty messy just at first listen, but DAYUMMM DID IT GROW ON ME? HECK YEAH. JUST… WOW. This is my jam! My lady jam. (coughPitchPerfectcough)

    The dance was pretty amazing, as expected of Nappytabs choreography and Soshi’s enthusiasm. The concept was visually appealing too! (I’m sure Simon’s gonna mention Jessica the ‘Batgirl’ XD and Seohyun the 3rd Banana in Pajamas XD)

    I’m pretty sure they’re gonna comment on the fact that the 9 of them only got one boy. Well, they stayed true to the song title, Lol.

    PS: COMIC SANS RAGE D’: But at least it was in English… -_-’

    PPS: Guy’s name is Kim Ian, if you’re interested to know which lucky bastard saved a country in his previous life. (If you’ve watched To The Beautiful You, he’s there. Dorm 3′s leader)

    • They got a boy….only one, though. Haha!

    • this comment deserves the best comment.

    • IKR IT TOTALLY GREW ON MEEEE!!!! First I was like….. hmmmm this song is like 10 songs in one and now i like BESST SOOONNNGGG EVVARRRR!! I think that it actually may be a couple of songs put together like Shinee’s Sherlock but who knows. I hope it is! :)

    • B1 & B2!!! Gosh I miss my childhood :’)
      P/S: Sorry for the randomness just now…

    • “I’m pretty sure they’re gonna comment on the fact that the 9 of them only got one boy. Well, they stayed true to the song title” omg I just spat water all over my laptop… an unfortunately true comment…

    • What i like about this song is that a certain sound stays consistent throughout the entire song, except for yuri and sooyoung’s rap. you hear the electronic beat throughout the song, subtle or not. and they take certain beats and sounds and combine it to make a somewhat different sound but still the same. i can’t explain it but it’s there. and also, i heard that there are 9 different “sections” or variation of beats in the song. i heard about 8, but some are harder to differentiate than others. Still, a great song. They touched new territory. It reminds me like G-Dragon’s crayon (Not the sound, nor the concept) when they mixed various styles of music into one song. It’s rare in the KPOP world, but it’s still a new thing so it’ll probably develop later.

      The choreo, on the other hand, was AMAAAAAAZZZING! Although they don’t exhibit the same exact swag as yoon mi rae, they’ve really challenged themselves and did quite well considering that most of their choreography was mostly feminine. Great Job GG!~

    • HAHAHA…Seohyun being the last Banana in pajamas….Good one, gave me a good laugh XD

    • I totally agree with you!
      Oh, so it’s Kim Ian. I already thought he looked familiair. But yes, he was in TTBY of course. XD
      But I don’t really see the connection between the story and the dance/music. I mean, yes they got a boy, but that’s the only connection I see…

    • I agree! At first, I was like, what the heck did I just listen to, but it really does grow on a person.

      OH! And Jessica’s batgirl shirt, guess what? Mr. Brohoho has already resold it to another group! :D Check out Glam’s “I like that” mv if you haven’t. I wonder if that shirt is going to be this year’s “brick wall”… I’m excited to see what else Mr. Brohoho resells!

    • Oh I didn’t know NappyTabs did the routine! I loved their dances on So You Think You Can Dance?!

    • OMG REALLY? never knew that he was dorm 3′s leader ;________;

  426. This song is way too hard to sing along with!! But I love the video and the dance! I think it’s the best video they’ve ever done.

  427. Gah! I really, really wanted to like this song D: I hate how disjointed everything is. Like, individually the parts of the song sound great, but put together, it just doesn’t work for me. I’ve noticed SM has been doing this with a lot of their new songs, so this is mostly a general complaint.
    BUT I loooooove the visual aesthetic of this video. It’s such an awesome neon, rainbow, hip hop concept and I kinda want to decorate my whole room like the alleyway they were dancing in :D
    On that note, the dancing was a nice surprise. It wasn’t like GG at all, but they pulled it off so well and I enjoyed watching them all dance.
    Overall I loved 2/3 aspects of this MV. I’m gonna go listen to the album now :D :D

  428. I feel like I just listened to three different songs all at once. The chorus is catchy, though!

    • EVERYONE MUST LISTEN TO THE SONG WITH TRANSLATIONS. It makes SO much sense now why the song is broken up into different melodies and sounds. It’s basically like a group of girls together singing or rapping about their individual relationships with a boy that she has or talking about other girls. Every melody and key change is a different girl’s short story and sometimes there are multiple stories within the same key. Also, sometimes in the duets, it is girls talking to each other about a unique situation. In the end, they all come together to sing their hearts out about their boys. It’s completely logical why they have the song structured the way they have it. The translations help SO MUCH. I wonder how many people who hate the song even knew the lyrics and how they fit perfectly with the song. I can only imagine what the disparity is like right now between people who fully understand the lyrics and people who don’t understand the lyrics at all or can’t understand Korean.

      It has made me really appreciate the song even more and the complexity and uniqueness behind it. I imagine that there will be tons of opinions that change once they actually understand what they’re singing about and how it fits in with the song. It’s genius.

      • you must have said the most genius thing i’ve heard all day. people who hate on this song should totally read what you’ve said.

        • I hope they realize how important the lyrics are to the song. Unlike 99% of other kpop songs, the lyrics are central to understanding this song and why it is structured the way it is.

        • lol I hope you know lyrics play a HUGE part in music videos in kpop otherwise you never what the plot is about or what they are singng about some kpop lyrics actually play a big part to certain things that happen in videos.
          example being GD’s XX, without the lyrics all you have is a beautiful video

      • When I heard the song was gonna have a lot of tempo changes, I was a bit skeptical like you, but that skepticism melted away like ice cream on a hot summer afternoon!! The song transitioned way better than I thought it would and girls sound fierce; their rapping has a lot more punch in it than it did in the Boys (the rapping didn’t really feel like rapping, it sounded like cheerleader chants). Thank you for this comment, I’m gonna go look up the lyrics and see how well it affects how I feel (not likely, I already love the song XD).

      • I listened to it with eng subs and I loved it! Even though I loved it without this made me love it just that little bit more!