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Glam – I Like That

  1. FirstNameLastName

    Love the music, love the lyrics, love their looks but the sweet-aegyo-whatever part just didn’t sit well with me and I think it kinda ruins the song. It was all badass and then…bleh.

  2. i really like this song and the video is awesome. They’re all really talented, and cute. This video should be a music monday.

  3. I really wanted to like this song… and then the momentum of the song changed after the one minute mark. Even if the theme and meaning of the song is still coherent, it felt like they needed a lollipop. Even in their tough girl clothes.

    I don’t like that =[ I really, really, wanted to, even after multiple listens

  4. This is an awesome song :D

  5. awesome song :D I don’t know why I haven’t checked this group before. They’re quite good and the video was entertaining. The lightbulb background reminded me of the one from 2NE1′s I am the best vid

  6. This, in my own opinion at least, I think would be a really good song for Music Monday’s. I mean, not only is it NOT done by a super popular artist, but it’s catchy, the lyrics are good and everything, and the video is good. I’d love to hear Simon and Martina’s opinions on everything. I mean, I generally like whatever song is voted in, but, I’d really love to see this one reviewed, especially since GLAM is one of those rookie groups that just gets over looked most of the time.

    • if not for a review …at least for Kpop charts update… but we’re on 8th place – . -

    • Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE GLAM and their 2 upbeat songs. But…

      Ummm, about that not a popular artist thing. The KMM is determined by voting. So it’s almost impossible for a non popular artist to be voted to number one.

  7. this song is like a perfect mix of epic fighting anthem and hilarious gags, I have it on constant repeat :)

  8. Jane Patterson-McGuire

    Is this song showing up lower on the charts than VIXX even though the numbers for VIXX are lower for everyone else (i.e. right now I see GLAM has 4000+ votes, and VIXX has 2000ish, but it’s ranked higher? I’m seeing it on two different computers…


  10. Can we just get this song to reach Kpop charts update?

  11. This mv grew on me really fast. It’s almost like they are a quirky mix between 2ne1 and f(x), and they do an awesome job of switching from hip-hop swag and nonchalant attitude to smooth singing and cuteness with the grandma-glasses. In my opinion they do a better job of being cute and swag than GG did with I Got A Boy. ^___^
    I also love the pitch they reach with their voices, although it may be annoying for other listeners. This is the first I’ve seen of glam, and so far I like it. :D

  12. Hey! This is my first Glam song that I like! :D It has such a fun video! The lyrics are cool too!

  13. I would like this song to be reviewed eventually

    • If it doesn’t make it for this coming monday … I don’t think it’ll survive till the next…so if you REALLY want this song to be reviewed GO GO GO!! > . <


  15. Absolutely love this new group! They’re very fun to listen to, with strangely outgoing videos.
    Girls, be ambitious! aha :P
    Zinni’s b-girling, is just… woah.

  16. I’m not too much into rookies, but this girlgroup blew my mind, the dance it’s not difficult yet it’s so powerful, the song it’s so catchy and for me it has like an 80′s pop feel into it, i’d love to see a musicmondays about this MV!

  17. There has been a lot of controversy with the blackjacks out there i was hoping u could set the bar straight. Me personally I love the video.

  18. OK ATTENTION! I REALLY REALLY WANT THEM TO REVIEW THIS SONG!!!! I have posted reminders on al Glam videos to vote for them so hopefully someone sees! Come on guys we can make sure GLAM wins! Or at least survive another week i the top 5! We CAN DO THIS

  19. dancingpartytime

    I knew this didn’t have a chance at winning, but I was hoping it could at least make it into the Kpop Chart Update. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Glam is easily my favorite the rookie group out there right now. Their charisma is unmatched IMHO.

  20. Kinda wish they would get reviewed I want to see what Simon and Martina have to say about this awesome girl group! :)

  21. this was a great music video and song! I hope it gets reviewed!

  22. Aw I want this to get reviewed so badly. I wish Simon and Martina could do more reviews, not just on mondays.

  23. Love this song, it definitely deserves a review

  24. i like this song very much

  25. this is the best song ever

  26. I L.I.K.E T.H.A.T!

  27. Weird or Self-Expressive?

    Honestly, I had maxed-out mixed feelings when I first checked this video out.
    Not only did I cringe and look away in embarassment when their voices dropped the lines ‘I like that, I like that’ in both a drunken sounding way the 1st time, but after singing it the 2nd time with an awkward pause between each word accompanied with the ‘Okay’ hand-sign (does it have another common name?), I started being judgemental and was having second thoughts. However, once they started hitting those hard beats and dance moves along with the oh-so-addicting ‘Oh Oo-oh oo-oh’, the song really started to grow on me. The cuter sounding verse that came next felt a little mismatched, but I really loved their fun-loving, playfulness; it’s hard not to admire every single member. Best-of-all the lyrics matched the video really well and makes single-life feel a little less worrisome.

    Go GLAM!

    • for me at first …the song didn’t get too attached to me but after the second listen and reading the English lyrics I was hooked! I love the rap sequences!

  28. Jiyeon is so beautiful <33333333

  29. Dahee’s eyes look amazing.

  30. I LALALALALLLALOOOOOOOOOVE THIS SONG! The’re are badass! GLAM, is on of the BEST rookies for sure! if you thought Party (XXO) was great, this song is fricking AWESOME ^^

  31. GLAM is another gg from a small company (bighit) that I’m so glad cauz they receives many good feedbacks for their comeback. ofc, somes use them to againts IGAB (released in the same day) but most of them are ’bout the b-girl and the song’s meaning ^^ I’m also happy cauz they’re still on the same way with their debut (no so much achieve) and be themsleves. I just wish Miso had more part in this song, but in general, the song is still good to me.

  32. Their messages totally own any other idolgroup out their. Just saying. Definitely worth the watch!

  33. Haha this song is so fun! I love the lyrics and the video! Theme song for lonely people lol. Glam is awesome.

  34. I feel that I Like That and Glam are really great! I feel that if there was a music Monday on them then they would get more exposure as a rookie group and get encouraged by the many more views Simon and Martina can give them! Glam Fighting!

  35. ive just started to know this group. I like their style. Funky, unpolished but polished… Awesome.

  36. I love this song! I think this is a great follow up to Partyxxo. I love it. I would love for it to be reviewed.

  37. This is one of my favorite rookie girl group

  38. This song/video screams KMM come on, let’s bring it to the top for next week (this week is almost imposible that “I got a boy” doesn’t get reviewed.

  39. Very entertaining video and song.

  40. I love this song. I want Simon&Martina to review it this or next week.

  41. Go GLAM! It would be so great if S&M reviewed this video. I love the message of this song, it’s so empowering and positive! I also really like the sound of the song as well as the video. Their styles in the video are awesome. I wish I had the money I’d buy their outfits. hehe.

  42. I LOVE THIS SONG>>>SOMUCH. i have to yell it.

  43. I’m going to go out and order a stake for two and eat it myself!!

    Love this song! And the girls are so funny and the dance is fun! ^-^

  44. This song gets stuck in your head and before you know you’ll be singing, “I like that, I like that…”

  45. LOVE this video !!!! and the dance !!! OMG

  46. I love it when new groups appear and people will say that they are either like 2NE1 or like GIrl’s Generation.

  47. LIke the song and the dance. Wish more groups would take themselves less seriously.

  48. the best song in kpop 2013 so far

  49. Love the dance moves!!! I hope they continue to gain recognition for their dance moves and their voices! GLAM GIRLS <3!!!

  50. I think Glam should get in because I have no idea about the symbolism in this lol.

    • This video is so random. I saw someone on another review site try to break it down and they couldn’t. I really liked the cheesyness. It actually reminded me of Icecream, without the sexy but with all the cheesy. I also loved the dorky backup singers.

      And I am not ashamed to say that I am trying to perfect the head bopping dance. I thought it looked cute.

  51. I really think GLAM should get into K-Pop music monday because they are one of the many rookie groups that should be recognized!!

  52. This song is SO catchy, like even right off the bat it was stuck in my head.
    I love Girl’s Generation. I love I Got a Boy. However, THIS is what’s been on repeat for days.

  53. I really love this song. It’s a nice, fun song without being all in your face cute.

  54. Am I the only one thinking “OooOoooooOh…(Barbra Streisand)” during this song?

  55. hapagirl

    God, I wanna see them review this song. I love the fact that the message isn’t I’m sad because I don’t have a man. Hah! I don’t need a man, I don’t need a man. What?! I don’t know what kind of skits they could do for this since, it’s already poking fun at itself.

  56. unicornsgalaxy

    I like that!

    HA! Sorry couldn’t help myself. I actually do really like this song though. It’s quirky in a good way.

  57. glammmmmm :D

  58. misspricilla

    This song is totally great!! 4 dork girls, funny lyrics and dance :D and Mr. Brohoho made some money again as I see :D

  59. Boyfriend was right after all! You really do have to watch out for all these batgirls. :P

  60. These girls are quickly becoming my favourite girl group – and since I don’t like many girl groups and am rather picky, that’s good. Party XXO was amazing – I fell in love with it the first time hearing it, and even more so after I read the lyrics. I saw them perform this for the SBS Gayo Daejun, and seeing the four dancing with SeeU just made this song even better! This is the kind of song I would want to use for an example of kpop, to try and get someone into it. Good dancing, good video, an overall good song, AND a good message behind the lyrics.

    • Yes I wonder how many people realise that this is another self empowering song. Kind of in the vein of Miss A’s I Don’t Need a Man. Do they really understand the pressure that women ( especially Korean women) have to find a man and the fear they have of being alone? It is primarily a post breakup, I’m alone now but that is ok song. I am watching the Korean version of ‘The Man Who Could Not Get Married’ now. There was a Japanese version before, It is set in 2009 but I find that it talk a lot about single women ( and men ) and how it is just not ok for a successful woman to be single and go do things on her own.

      This song says things like:

      When I’m sitting alone at a BBQ restaurant
      And ordering a 2 person meal and cooking the meat by myself
      I’m alright – I like that, I like that
      I’m alright even when I’m alone

      At the kareoke, without any friends
      Throwing my own recital until the time is up
      I’m alright – I like that, I like that
      I’m alright even when I’m alone

      Even when I see a cockroach
      I have no choice but to catch it on my own
      It may be dirty but I like that, I like that
      I feel gross but it’s alright

      Even when I’m drunk and crawling back home
      You, who used to take care of me, aren’t by my side
      So it feels crappy but I like that, I like that
      I feel gross but it’s alright

      When I sold my couple ring
      When I went to the movies alone
      When I fall asleep to sad music
      There’s no choice but to feel crappy
      But I do well on my own
      Actually, I kind of like that
      I will be the old me once again
      I will change (and lose weight)

      • And not even is it just empowering, it’s also inspiring. Telling a girl it’s fine to go out and have fun on her own, she’s more likely to do just that. Telling her not to get hung up on some jerk of an ex-boyfriend, she’s probably a little more likely to WANT to get over him, and move on with her life. Not mention it’s catchy, and I find myself singing it a lot of the time, even if I don’t really know the lyrics yet.

      • YAsss!! Miss A is my fave group! Because most of her songs are about empowering, also i like they’ve never done that aegyo shit that i hate in women! -.-

      • wow I want to hug them for their lyrics. Haha the end bit, lose weight. —a different kind of pressure on korean women but at least this is meant to be positive and for their self.

  61. Aho! I knew the intro part was familiar. They sampled it from Nunun Wheh (Why You) by Chuli and Miae (너는왜-철이와미애) which was on the 3 Ninjas Kickback soundtrack. I loved 3 ninjas and I guess this song stayed in the back of my brain for years. Good use of the song.

  62. I like this song a lot! Reminds me of some of 2NE1.

  63. Happyjoy2

    This song is awesome! The music video was entertaining and funny! GLAM has done it again and gone against the flow of trends! :) First, Party (XXO) lyrics including how loving a girl or boy shouldn’t matter as long as you love them. Then, this song, I Like That, expressing how there is nothing wrong with being alone as long as you are happy. The songs are sublty, but tastefully done! GLAM seems to take Korean culture and making songs that say something that questions certain aspects of Korean culture. Because here in Korea, as many of you know, being attracted or loving the same sex is not culturally acceptable. Well, same goes with being single and/or alone. Korean people always concern themselves with others who are single and/or alone. They want them to date/get married or have company when going out. Well, like GLAM says “AIN’T NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!” :)

  64. I love that they aren’t taking themselves too seriously and are being really funny in the video. Not your typical cutesy girl group act^^

  65. A+ for the lyrics, dance and song!

  66. i like that they are trying new things. They are not really doing songs like most other girl groups out there are doing. I also like Zinni’s small breakdancing portion. I wish she could’ve shown more. The oh-ohohoh part is really catchy too

  67. I LOVE THIS!!! Glam, go!

  68. I loved Party (XXO), and I’m so glad these talented girls are back with another great song. “I Like That” has been stuck in my head for the past few days.

  69. this song is the best!!! they are BADASS girls! haha, i’ve been waiting for a group like them ^.^ i love it! such a great song!!! GLAM Chaego!!!

  70. I love this song! I hope they get reviewed!

  71. YES!! Number 4!!!!!!! :DDD I really lost faith when we were at PAGE 2! :OOO But then… Ofcourse GLAM is the best… <3 <3 <3 Ps. Ji Young (leader) birthday at 23. January. Remember it <3

  72. wooooow. o: they’re so awesome! i really love them! <3 and they would do a great music monday.

  73. vannia

    I loved this song! So awesome and full of swaggg The girl who wears cropped shirts has super cool dancing skillzzz!! I just hope they don’t change their image and become aeygo cutey girls next.

  74. Am I like the only one that thinks that Zinni looks like a girl version of B.A.P’s Himchan? :O Haha

  75. Whether or not you actually like the song, you have to admit: it would make a great Music Monday.

  76. Love this song and group so much, but it’s sad that Trinity pulled out right before their comeback stage. These girls are truly talented and it’s nice to see that through their songs, ideas that are rarely “seen” or “accepted” in asian society is being presented.

  77. This song is really catchy. I also really like the part where Zinni is drunk and playing around. It was hilarious. It also has a nice message of even if someone is alone, it’s fine. They don’t need another person to be happy.

  78. I absolutely love GLAM! This video would be so fun reviewed! They’re just as entertaining musically as say, 2NE1 but visually intriguing as all of the other dance active Kpop numbers out there. From “Party XXO” being so very lyrically progressive to “I Like That” helping with ringing in the new year with a hop in the world’s step, I really feel like this group has so much potential. Beats are sweet, raps are epic, and they’re cute. They really do have everything. Just wish Trinity never left. :

  79. I hope this song gets reviewed I think its really cool and catchy too. I’m lovin all these rookie groups!

  80. Is that 2ne1′s lightbulb wall?

  81. oh wow the b-girl member here is called Zinni, I’ve seen her break dancing videos before and though she was amazing! Cant believe its her! xD

  82. omg i wish they are going to be reviewed but i know for sure that they wo’t and i love their songs so much

  83. I almost never bother looking at K-pop bands’ lyrics. Glam is one of the few exceptions. Party was all about how it doesn’t matter if you’re in love with a boy or a girl, for f’s sake! How often does THAT message come up in Korean showbiz? From what I’ve been assured by the Internet, not at all.
    I Like That on the other hand assures the lonely ones of this world that it’s perfectly ok to go to the movies by yourself. Or kill a cockroach, apparently (THAT DANCE MOVE IS SO SICK).
    Pretty cool for rookies.

    Edit: Here’s the subtitled version on Loen’s channel:

    • Yes I know, the lyrics in fact, are genius! Both lyrics! I didn`t like the party xxo SONG, BUT I liked the lyrics and I`ve got SO MUCH respect… I really love this song though… :D And remember… the leader`s birthday at 23.

    • i didn’t like the party song, but the lyrics were great! Also i liked this song, but after reading the lyrics i love ittt!!

  84. I LOVE this! I know that this is not the area for idol groups, BUT I still like love idol groups like GLAM, A-pink and Miss A. And this song is totally my type of music. Love the MV 2! And the girls are so cute! Especially love their leader. :DDD

  85. This song and video are so fun and catchy x3

  86. I really liked this song when I heard it at the end of year Gayos when they did the performance with the “videoloid”. The chant at the beginning reminds me of something else though. The girls are hilarious in this video. I like the breakdown and I can see myself jamming to this during a workout.

  87. WOW this is a really cool video!!! These girls are so badass, I absolutely love the breakdancing! I’ve been waiting for a girl group to do some of that! Not a huge fan of the song though, but its very catchy ^^ This needs more attention