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  1. 21anis

    i totally LOL’d when the buffed firefighter come out XD they look like the guys u would call for ur bride’s bachelor party lolz~! I like the song n the dance~ :D

  2. olivialoveskpop

    LUCKY GIRL @ 2:35!!!

  3. Jaime O'Malley

    I think Simon and Martina should do another match up with firefighters… I would definitely vote for this one!

  4. I hate GNA and this song but I’d loved to see Martina do GNA and Simon go shirtless!

  5. this should be higher! both the mv and song are amazing and so much fun! ♥

  6. Desiree Wilson

    if i heard this song playing on the radio i would totally dance to it. and i totally enjoy the video… so much to look at ;)

  7. Why isn’t this higher on the list?

  8. Desiree Wilson

    G. Na thanks for the eye candy

  9. The comment section seems quite dead. Live it up G.NIs!!

  10. A1beaversauce

    3 months earlier at EYK studios: 

  11. I really wanna see Simon and Martina reviewing this MV! ^^ 

  12. Not so found of the MV, but this song is really cool and catchy! GNA really has a refreshing and energizing style! I really love it, even if I’d rather see the naive and cute GNA more than the sexy GNA…

  13.  First TOP got Spudgy’s hairstyle, now G.NA got Martina’s hairstyle, what’s next?

  14. BrightAndBubbly

    I’m a straight girl,but I must admit G.NA is 2HOT XD

  15. oh man this has so much to talk and critique! it better be reviewed! keep the sharing and voting happening!

  16. so far this is the 3rd MV i’ve watched for her and i noticed that the choreography always revolve around her legs …and she has nice legs.

  17. BrightAndBubbly

    Also,some parts of the dance remind me of U-KISS’ DORADORA XD

  18. BrightAndBubbly

    I like the song,but the music video kinda reminds me of Bubble Pop.Cube needs to respect their workers.

  19. lol, I also saw her hair and immediately thought “martina?”

    I think this mv would be funny to review, because there are so many weird things in it, like the half-naked fire fighters (why do those useless guys bring hammers?) and the creepy stalker guys who try to put out the fire (where did that even came from?) with the gift boxes. what the hell?

  20. A1beaversauce

    Is Martina the one who set the club on fire? 
    You can’t commit arson just because she stole your hair Martina.

  21. EVERYONEEEEE!! VOTE!! G.NIs, 4nias, B2UTY, Melody!! CUBE FTW!!

  22. lol Martina hair!

  23. wah, she looks too skinny

    and oh yes, sexy fire men, come to my house i will burn it on purpose if you come to my house, lol jk XD

    catchy-ish song XD

  24. I want to see Simon doing firemen’s parody, NOW! XD Come on, you nasty~

  25. fuuko4869

    LOL I love those super tank firefighters SO MUCH~ xD

    Not a fan of body builders irl, but their appearance in the MV is sooo hilarious. Haha that wink was so….disturbing :p And the scene of them carrying G.Na was just awkward. :p

    I LOVE IT!! :D

  26. I really want this to get voted to number 1 so we can see what Simon and Martina have to say about those firemen :P

  27. fuuko4869

    Oh hey G.Na, sorry didn’t see you there….was too busy looking at the backup dancers…..butt. #guiltyascharged

  28. fuuko4869

    I’m starting to think blonde and pink hair is a Canadian thing….Martina, G.Na, and previously – Avril Lavigne? Hmmmm……….

  29. yellowstar234

    Ginas is nicer looool soz 

  30. its just like martina’s hair, only longer? XP