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GOT7 – Girls Girls Girls

  1. love it swags in the air fighting got7

  2. Awesome debut, but hope for more originality in the future.

  3. I’m really liking GOT7. But with that being said, I wasn’t impressed by this song. “Follow Me” and “Like Oh” were really good though. I wish they had debuted with “Follow Me” and just used a clip from “Girls, Girls, Girls” for an intro/teasers, instead of the other way around. I’m definitely keeping an eye on them though and I’m excited to see where they’ll go from here ^^

  4. Girl Girl Girl they love me !!!!!


  6. Why GOT7 still #2 ?

  7. The song wasn’t really bad but when I heard the song I wasn’t like “OMG IT’S SO FUCKING AMAZING”

  8. GOT7 PLEASE. <3

  9. why are they in the 2nd place ? when they clearly have more votes than BAP :(


  11. I really want to see this on a MM!

  12. My drugs♡ GOT7 ~ Girls girls girls ♥♡♥

  13. Yugyeom♡

  14. Youngjae♡

  15. Jackson♡

  16. ~Girls girls girls they love me~ GOT7 Hwaiting♡

  17. GOT7 ♡♥♡♥

  18. We love GOT7 in France♡

  19. GOT7!!! The best rookies 2014♡♡♡

  20. Jackson, Y U SO FINE BOY?

  21. Love this group right now…. Loved JB and Jr. when they were in JJ Project, now I love them even more
    Mark, BamBam, and Jackson are my biases in Got7 <3

  22. Love this group right now…. Loved JB and Jr. when they were in JJ Project, now I love them even more
    Mark, BamBam, and Jackson are my biases in Got7 <3

  23. This song had to grow on me. I thought it was okay at first. I knew there had to be a better song on the album. Turns out, there was a better song on the album and boys actually wanted to promote it, but management hand waved it and decided on this song. Hopefully the boys will do follow up promotions with “Like Oh” later.

    Regarding the girl with the earring… First of all, why didn’t she look both ways before crossing the street? She was all up in the way and about to get run over and all she did was stand there with her eyes all big. Then she finds the earring and STILL stands in the middle of the street like she ain’t got no sense! She walks in the secret underground dance party cave and hides in a corner and… doesn’t come out of the corner. But I think she had a secret purpose in the MV. I bet she’s one of the members of JYP’s new girl group that will be debuting this year. Don’t quote me, because I’m just guessing. But her presence in the MV was so awkward and unnecessary, it feels like she was there for other reasons. When JYP’s girl group debuts, I will watch this music video again just to see if my suspicions are correct.

    Anyway, like I said before, this song had to grow on me. I thought it was okay at first. After hearing it a few times, I hear the appeal to the song. The dance is fun/cool/cute. Though people complain about the lack of build-up in the song, I feel like it was never about the song itself, but always about the live performance. In this simple song, they can display decent vocals and their specialty of martial arts tricking. If you watch their live performances where they couple “Girls Girls Girls” with their intro, then you see what I mean when I say it’s more about the live performance than the song itself. I didn’t enjoy the song as much until I saw the live performances.

    Both the dance and song do what they’re meant to do. They give a taste of what they have to offer. It does more than the bare minimum without going over the top. I think people had their expectations too high. People forgot that this is a DEBUT song. And honestly, you can’t make your debut song too good. Otherwise, you might have a bit of a problem where people are frequently disappointed with your comeback songs because they feel that “it’s not as good their debut song”.

    At the end of the day, this song may not be someone’s cup of tea. Some may get too hung up on “conceited” lyrics that weren’t even meant to be taken seriously in the first place. Some people may not like the dance. But to me, I see their potential as a rookie group in this song. Every member in this group actually has a different talent to offer. And hopefully JYPE won’t screw up management this time around and they’ll promote these boys right (and give the right song to promote!)

    Sidenote: JYP, please become CEO of JYPE again. Management was WAAAAY better when you were CEO. Kay, thanks, bye!

  24. caaasssasian

    Catchy song and amazing dancing & martial art skills. Love it ♥

  25. I love JB and Jr…but this…just this >.< it's not for me. Did anyone else think that the choreo was a bit…I don't know…feminine? Other than the tumbling I guess…in kpop at least where only guys do stunts.
    I'll support them regardless because I loved JJ Project (I miss them as a duo!) I just hope their next album/single/whatever is better than this.

  26. Wishy

    Ah. The dance. There are a lot of nice moves, but the way they are inserted in the dance makes them seem more like party tricks. I wish the choreographer had incorporated GOT7′s skill and technique into a mindblowingly awesome dance. A choreographer doesn’t even need to be on the same level of technique as the group- if they understand GOT7′s limits, then they can choreograph a visual interesting and smooth dance, instead of this hodgepodge mess.

  27. Ugh, I really dislike this song.
    The dance was alright.
    The actual song wasn’t very engaging to listen to, and I hate the message “girls girls girls they love me”. Did no-one actually read the lyrics that they so kindly provided? I really get frustrated when all I see on YouTube is fan-girls blindly praising every aspect about a video, when there are many areas lacking and plain bad. Seriously, I was waiting for a story! Why did she pick up the earring in the first place if she just stood on the sidelines- I was expecting her to return it and seemingly form an attachment to one of the group.

    And seriously a secret club? Not all of them are even legal age yet.
    Could they possible actually try to make a positive image? Rather than a bunch of arrogant playboys?

    Sorry if I insulted you, I just have little patience for songs with an arrogant demeaning image towards women, how they are ‘sooo good’ at getting the girls.

    • The “secret club” looked like an underground dance party cave to me. Why do you have to be legal to have a dance party cave? I didn’t see any booze, so it seems fine to me.

  28. I must say, the boys may be cute/handsome, but the song & video were just boring. The melody that seemed cute & entertaining in the beginning, became old really fast. I had to force myself to listen/watch to the end. And yes, like others said, the girl was a bit redundant. & since when do people lose a whole earring!? The one she picks up was both pieces linked, as if it had fallen out of a pocket or something… inconsistencies ruin it for me.
    They did have some interesting dance moves, but they were a bit sloppy/lazy(?).
    In any case, KMM is going to be fun!! ;)

  29. I think the group is pretty promising!

  30. Surprisingly I like everyone in this group! JYP did a good job on this one. MY FAVORITE IS MARK!!! <3

  31. But don’t the lyrics sound so cocky. I agree that there are many songs like this out there but for a debuting group…

    I don’t even try so I don’t know why they’re like that
    Whenever they see me, they get startled and surprised
    At my look, my style, my swagger

    I don’t do anything but they just like me
    As I look at them, I lightly approach them and
    I just say hey girl, how you doin?

    Girls girls girls they love me
    Why is my body like this?
    Girls girls girls they love me
    Since I was young, continually, forever

    Just by appearing, oh oh my
    Just by looking at their eyes, oh oh my
    Just by breathing, oh oh my
    Girls girls girls they love me

    Just by slightly smiling, oh oh my
    Just by slightly shaking my body, oh oh my
    Even if I don’t do anything
    Girls girls girls they love me

    I still don’t know if this is a good thing or not
    Every day, there are so many temptations
    This girl, that girl, all day

    I try to be a good guy and pick one girl
    But they just won’t let me go
    What should I do?

    Girls girls girls they love me
    Why is my body like this?
    Girls girls girls they love me
    Since I was young, continually, forever

    Just by appearing, oh oh my
    Just by looking at their eyes, oh oh my
    Just by breathing, oh oh my
    Girls girls girls they love me

    Just by slightly smiling, oh oh my
    Just by slightly shaking my body, oh oh my
    Even if I don’t do anything
    Girls girls girls they love me

    Yo uh, you tell me not to exaggerate? I wish I was exaggerating
    Don’t just think this is a song lyric but believe exactly what I say
    Don’t twist my words but listen carefully to what I’m saying
    I don’t know if you’ll understand but as if I swallowed a magnet
    My body just pulls on all the girls around me, what should I do?
    I don’t know how many times it happened already tonight
    What do I do with this damn popularity that just won’t cool down?

    Yeah, whether they’re older or younger, whether they’re a dongseng or a nuna
    They hold onto me, saying they like me, asking to party together
    Whether the girls know me or not, they ask what I’m doing, asking if they could talk to me for a bit
    I wish I had a twin, maybe I should replicate myself like the Matrix
    I have one body but the demand keeps coming in, every lady wants a piece of me

    Just by appearing, oh oh my
    Just by looking at their eyes, oh oh my
    Just by breathing, oh oh my
    Girls girls girls they love me

    Just by slightly smiling, oh oh my
    Just by slightly shaking my body, oh oh my
    Even if I don’t do anything
    Girls girls girls they love me

    • I’m not really sure why so many people are complaining about the lyrics, honestly. Yes, they’re a rookie group, but we do have to consider a few things:

      (1) Got7 did NOT write this song.

      (2) Got7 did not even want this to be their debut song; they wanted “Like Oh” [and so does everyone else!]. But rather than listening to them, management chose this song. And if you haven’t heard “Like Oh,” I’d recommend it. “Girls Girls Girls” is doing well in Korea, but “Like Oh” would be have done sooooo much better. And the lyrical content is not conceited at all.

      (3) They’re not singing about how they are the best in K-pop; they’re talking about how much girls are attracted them. That being said, I don’t see how being a rookie group really matters in relation to the contents of the song. If girls love ya, then they love ya. What’s that got to do with your job as a rookie singer? Nothing!

      (4) As you’ve mentioned, these types of songs are all over pop music in general.

      (5) The lyrics really aren’t as bad as people are making them out to be. To me, it sounds like a guy who easily attracts girls without really intending to and he doesn’t really know whether he enjoys the attention or not. Read the lyrics again. Part of the lyrics are talking about how much girls love them, then other parts of the lyrics are complaining/expressing discomfort about it. So in the end, they’re not attention whorish ladies men. They’re popular guys who don’t really seem to like it all the time.

      (6) The song is obviously meant to be taken lightheartedly. No one took the lyrics of “So Hot” so seriously. Why do it with this song? Have fun with it. Laugh about it. That’s obviously how it’s meant to be taken, hence the cutesy dance parts (the “girls girls girls” part, the “growing up” dance, the “Omona” dance…) in the MV.

      I wasn’t trying to viciously rant on you, so don’t read the post in a hostile tone of voice. I just don’t see the point in taking the lyrics to heart. It’s not like they’re Lil Waynein’ and bragging about having girls all upon their you-know-whats.

  32. got7 fighting

  33. I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days! Love this song <3

  34. Am I only one who thinks they should have a unit group, I will like to see Mark, Jackson, and BamBam together <3

  35. Love got7 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  36. GOT7! Fighting!

  37. OMG GOT7! I like all the members! Congratulation on your debut!

  38. Does this song remind anyone else of Wonder Girls ‘Like This’, but slowed down a bit?

  39. <3 this group.

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  41. !!! GOT7

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  43. So many jokes to do about that video on a Music Monday :P Can’t wait to see it!! ^^ (and good things to say too :))

  44. Mmmmmkay.
    If this is a Music Monday, I want to see the eyk crew try this dance. Because I think that would be cool.

  45. Their live performances are so much better than the video. Got7 has more to offer fans in terms of showmanship because of their stunts. Damn, they are so addictive!

  46. GOT7 น่าร๊าก

  47. Just burst out in laughter! This is hilarious! I’m not saying its bad. It’s just the thought of guys saying “girls girls they love me” is hilarious!

  48. i liked the song but whats with all the new bands and trying rly hard to look cool?

  49. Everybody quit complaining about the mv plot! Since when have they ever made sense!!!

  50. I thought I saw spock in the 4 sec frame

  51. When the girl first walked into the basement it was kind of awkward/trying too hard, but it got better. Not bad!

  52. Mark omg :)

  53. no way!! i watched this video a couple days ago and didn’t like it!! but i guess its really famous now S:
    hahaha on the other hand i loved the guy with orange hair ;))

  54. Am I the only one who wants one of those power skateboard things?

    Also-nice headphone product placement JYP.

  55. One of the best albums I’ve ever heard from a rookie group, with maybe one of my favourite k-pop tracks ever in the form of ‘Like Oh’. Seriously recommend it to everyone!

  56. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE GOT7… i just got the album from itunes… let’s all get the album to support the group.

  57. love love love GOT7,…. the cutest group EVER!!!!

  58. GOT7 is awesome~~ They are too cute and not acting kkk <3

  59. Bam Bam though <3

  60. ♥ girls girls girls they love me

  61. At least we could have seen the girl get to return the earring…if they start a plot they should finish it otherwise the mv feels wrong..

  62. The song grew on me after listening to it a few times. I didn’t like the MV that much though. Live performances are fun to watch because of the flips and martial art moves. My favorite song from their album is 난 니가 좋아 (I like you). I’m looking forward to knowing more about the members.

  63. You guys should see they performed live.. It’s awesome.. And I like the new song “Follow Me” too.. :3

  64. YukiRed

    The sound of a song doesn’t always need hype, I like this ‘low-hype’ sound every once in a while. It would be better if I understood the lyrics to complement this song (there are translations, but it’s not the same ya know what i mean?).

  65. JB и JR как же я ждала их дебюта в этой группе:))

  66. go GOT7 Fighting <3

  67. GOT7 ^^* Omona! Omona! (어머나)

  68. got 7 got got 7 what!!!! wooot woooot! jackson, mark and jb <3

  69. GOT7 Fighting!! Omona!!

  70. got7 fighting

  71. GOT7 Fighting!!!!!!

  72. I really like this bb. GOT7 Fighting! Love you all.

  73. i fell in love with this band <3 this should totally get reviewed :D

  74. GOT7 >< Girls Girls Girls They Love Me

  75. Boys Boys Boys , you got me !!!

  76. LOVING IT!! Yeah GOT7!!

  77. hapagirl

    Digging the song, but wow it falls flat. I like the editing and the simpleness of the video, but the girl was unnecessary.With the amount of hype that they were generating, you kinda expect more. I’m kinda worried that this’ll happen with Winner too. There’s potential though, I wanna see what they’ll do when they have a comeback for me to have a real opinion on it.

  78. How can this video only have 4 comments, well 5 now, yet has over 1 million views? This song is awesome! And JB is beautiful. That is all.

  79. yanagiba yusuke22

    any possible S&M buy this song in itune n sang the song all over the day??

  80. I really like the song but I was a bit… confused(?) by the mv plot :D
    So the girl finds the earring of one member and follows them into the shop/club/whatever where she watches them singing and dancing… but then afterwards… nothing happened XDD Somehow the girl was a bit unnecessary no? XDD

    • YukiRed

      I’m thinking she’s just a passerby (i thought she was going to be a love interest of some sort, but it would be bad for their reputation, after all they are babe magnets) walking to school and found the boys in a secret club. She is attracted to them from this ‘women-magnet’ they ate, so she HAS to follow them. I like how they did this because i thought they boys were at school, so I’m wondering what she is doing in the piercing store. I hoped she was going to unfold a plot where she saves VIXX from the creepy VooDoo lady, but BAM! nope, it’s a secret dance party. ^_^ I think the school girl is just to show that they can get da ladies with their awesome moves.

    • Exactly. I kept thinking that maybe she would call he friends and then there would be a multitude of girls there for GOT7 to really sing to/about, but nope. I was actually hoping for something to happen after waiting 1:47 for the song to get going.

    • Maybe she represents fangurls and how when they come across this group …um…they stalk them…and maybe there is no ending with her….because a fangurl’s impression of the group is too ugly and nosebloody to be shown on a mv …just maybe…

  81. Dana

    i’m totally digging it! true, there’s no traditional chorus where the entire group sings together, but i kind of like that!

  82. Jase Aaron

    I kept waiting for the song to go somewhere but it feels like just one verse on loop with no chorus.