Han Seung Yeon – Guilty

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  1. Richard Cantelo Southampton

    Yeah, I too enjoyed it.

  2. I really hope that this mv will be reviewed. Oh com’on this video rocks! right?? :))

  3. To keep the discussion going so it can go up and probably be reviewed^^ ill ask questions for you to answer :D

    – What was your favorite part of the MV?
    – What do you think about their outfits?
    – Any suggestions about the storyline?
    – What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit her?
    – Do You think she is better being SOLO?
    – Is She your favorite from KARA?

  4. Not really a fan of kara, but I was very surprised by this mv. Its so different. At first I thought HSY was a new solo rookie, I didn’t find out till the end when the watermark appeared at the bottom right corner. Impressed, to say the least.

  5. alicia ouyang

    This song definitely pulls on heart strings

  6. ktaeng

    Sighhh. I don’t think she’ll win, unfortunately, but I’m voting for her. Go Kamilias go~
    Maybe Simon and Martina could explain why she blows up the band’s equipment lol.

  7. alicia ouyang

    I didn’t expect this from Kara, WOW!

  8. this is my song and mv of the year

  9. Lazarusrising

    The music has such a cool rock edge and the video must have been very demanding to shoot. Not only is she beautiful in every incarnation, the set is blown up and on fire in the end! What is not to like here!! Pleeeease review this Simonandmartina, Maybe the fans would allow you to set aside one week out of five to review only lady videos, because this really deserves a shot.

  10. Best of Kara
    Kamilia here to support my baby hamster, fighting SeungYeon ♥

  11. ryansgirl050400

    Love the sound… I want to hear more songs like this. :D

  12. Thanks for adding this on your charts Simon & Martina. Highly doubt that it will win though. With all the other big groups around…

  13. this song is my favorite from the Kara Solo Collection Album !! its so awesome!!

  14. Seungyeon’s vocals are fantastic, she’s easily becoming my favorite in Kara <3

  15. Nic dodać, nic ująć. Seung Yeon jest najlepsza!!!!

  16. Rachel Kwek

    I really want them to review this next week :D

  17. Beatrix Benkő

    As the others said this song is the best out of the KARA Solos. Finally Seungyeon was able to show her amazing vocals and it’s being a rock song is just a plus! >o<
    Actually I prefer the original Japanese version but it's still the same song….yeah! :D
    This song definetely needs to be reviewed coz rock songs by Kpop idols are so rare (unfortunately)!! Also the MV has a good plot and sets!
    Hamster Saranghae~ *w<

  18. MyForeverPeace

    This song is amazing and so unlike k-pop! It deserves to be reviewed <3

  19. Very different from what they usually do. She pulled it off well. I love everything in this video. The best song and MV among 5. And the best vocal. Seungyeon rocks!!! :D

  20. Never saw her as a rocker before this :) Loving this solo <3 Seungyeon should definitely sing rock songs more often

  21. love seungyeon

    She looks more beautiful ever since!!!!!!!!!!!! I will LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song forever! It is kind of refreshing that she tried rock-style music with K POP elements and she doesn’t look like 28!!!!

  22. I am reminded of a mixture of Within Temptation and Kelly Clarkson when I watch this video, however it is awesome and I would pay to have a rock cd of Seungyeon.

  23. 3inthemorning

    This is so unexpected and great! It’s so fun to see a “darker” concept from k-pop girl groups. The set is magnificent and I love the mix of violins with the harder rock elements.
    Remind anyone else of Paramore a little bit?

  24. Leina Grace

    This is my favorite of the solos followed by Gyuri’s. Love both the songs, but this one is definitely the best by far!

  25. Like everyone else here, this is definitely my favourite out of the KARA Solo Collection. Loved the Japanese version, love this version. I’m blown away by the MV! I love the use of colour, or lack thereof, especially the contrast between the sets and costumes and her hair, its magnificent!

  26. My favourite Solo out of the collection. I never realized how good her voice is and I love rock and the style of this video.

  27. iloveminhyun

    This is also my favorite of the solos. The MV was stunning with its costumes and sets. It looks like she’s part of a dark fairytale with the tattered white dress and the tinker-bell looking costume.
    And she’s like really gorgeous in like every part of the MV. I love the song+the MV and this MV will definitely be one of my favorites of the year.

  28. This is the best solo out of all~ I love this song and Seungyeon <3