Handsome People – Woowei Woowei

  1. Lady Gaga’s face is on the singer’s red jacket & yes, there really are a loooot of lollipops <3
    this song has been on your playlist for a loooong time & I've been listening to it ever since!

  2. This song is SO amazing!!!~~~ I’m full on addicted to this song especially when Tei’s signing. ;D

  3. Not your average kpop music video. It actually looks like people are having blast instead of pretending to do so. The song is pretty good too.

  4. mls

    Love it! The filter (?) of the camera is not so flashy and the party is realistic. People really behave like this. No embellishing etc *thumbs up*

  5. fuuko4869

    Btw the video thumbnail is soooo misleading.

  6. fuuko4869

    YES!! YESS!! Thank you so much for including this in the charts!!! I’ve been playing it on repeat since it came out, don’t know why but I’m really loving the song :)