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Hello Venus – Venus

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  1. I love this group soooooo much!!!!!!! There amazing

  2. I love Lime’s hair XD

  3. This needs to be reviewed soon. <3

  4. They must review this song soon.

  5. I’m not very impressed with the vocals, but I like their looks. They’re pretty cute :)

  6. wow i LOVE THIS SONG!!! XD though when they spell out VICTORY to me at the end it sounds like theyre saying V-I-C-T- we’re all white girls/boy lol idk why but it sounds like it to me O.o

  7. i love them!! :) <3

  8. You must review otherwise…… Nothing is going to happen but….. Naw, still nothing…. You must review!!!

  9. i want them to review this..but because they dont like it, then i dont want them to review it either…xDD…tht was confusing…but yeah, i still want them to review this..kinda.

  10. Another cute and catchy song :D

  11. Hahaha, let’s just make Hello Venus stay in the top 5. Doesn’t matter if Dalmatian is ahead of us. Yeah. Whatever.

  12. Catchy

  13. oh come one guys give pledis a break. i mean nu’est is their first boy group :)

  14. Hello Cupids and NU’EST fans! Where are you?! Let’s vote for this like mad…. :D

  15.  I hope this video wins so Them and Nu’est will be more noticed^^

  16. Noooooo. Dalmatian is ahead of us. T_T 

    The only MVs that I’m voting for are Tarantallegra, The Chaser, and Venus.

  17. If you check out all the girl groups with the “cutie image” that have debuted within the last 14 monthes, I think there girls are the ones with the most talent! :D

  18. Hi Hello Cupids, who are your favorite members? ^^

  19. Hello Venus!! <3 These girls are so dorky and sweet off camera but on camera they just transform completely and their voices sound so beautiful together! <3

  20. hello venus FIGHTING you lot have a huge potentail in kpop

  21. This is probably the best rookie group I have seen for the past 2 years. Hello Venus has a huge potential : D 

    An awesome debut.

  22. I really hope this one gets reviewed ♥

  23. This might get reviewed after Xiah Junsu. ^^

  24. ive been voting for this everyday! im happy its higher on the chart every time i comeback :D

  25. This one is second on the KPOP charts! (Twinkle and Doradora do not count) I hope it’ll survive two weeks! >_<

  26. This would be an interesting one to review! ^_^

  27. I love this MV  and these girls!!!

  28. I want to join their party :( I want to dance with NU’EST and Hello Venus :P

  29. By the way, I JUST found out they were spelling ‘victory’. I thought they were saying ‘We are C-T-O-R-Y girls!’

  30. Hello Venus already has a fan name:

    Hello Cupid.
    Dear Pledis, Where’s NU’EST’s?

    Anyway, S&M hate this video? But it’s so… pastel-ly and the song is so catchy. And there are prisoners, KPOP idols, bad boys, and policemen dancing in the background. How could you not like this video?

    •  That’s exactly what I was thinking. Ok so you give Hello Venus a fanclub name like 3 days after their debut but with NU’EST it’s been like 2 months now and still no fanclub name. Come on Pledis I want to know what to call myself :P.

  31. I like this song~!! and they’re pretty good at life perfs!♥

  32. Pledis is really coming out with some strong groups this year! Maybe it’s because everyone in the company is really really pretty, including the CEO  :P

  33. Love Love love Hello Venus~!
    The Fan Club name is Hello Cupid~ As said by Leader YooAra on the Fancafe.
    Lime is so amazing! She can rap and hit the big notes.
    I’m really excited for this group!!
    Go Go Hello Venus!

  34. Not bad, normally when listening to girl groups I want to scream and rip my ears off. This is actually a pleasant listen. good job pledis. : D

  35. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y for HELLO VENUS!! I already am a fan of this group, thier debut mini-album is so awesome & show a variety of different styles of the group. Can’t wait to see what they can bring in future aswell! their stage presence is ALREADY really polished <3

    and this song was catchy.

  37. i really really really like this song! im actually gonna pay for this one. so addictive. so pretty. i would love to see this reviewed! they are seriously my new favorite rookies! what is their fanbase called?

  38. I’ve had this song on repeat for almost an hour now.
    It’s so cute and fun; I find myself singing along in the middle of doing homework.

  39. The more I see of these girls, the more I love them. Especially Yooara, I love her so much, her voice is just amazing and she is so pretty too <3

    Anybody catch their Music Bank performance of their two songs Hello and Venus? it was SO FREAKING GOOD. 

    • me too! can you telll me who is who?

      • Of course! I’ll use time codes from the music video c:

        0:04 – Straight, brown hair – Ara/Yooara (Leader)0:05 – Messier reddy-brown hair – Nara (Lead dancer)
        0:06 – Green/blue hair – Lime (Rapper)
        0:20 – Blond hair – Alice (Visual)
        0:28 – Reddy brown hair – Yoonjo (Lead Vocalist); not in the dance scenes due to an injury :(
        0:32 – Brown hair tied back – Yooyoung (Maknae)

        I’m glad they all have different hair; that’s how i normally learn who’s who in groups :3

  40. review
    review PLEASE <3 :D 

  41. review 
    review review review review review review review review review review review review 

  42.  WE MUST WIIINNN!!!!!

  43. All of those random cute guys I’ve never seen before… Do you think they’re Seventeen members?

    • Some of them were in NU’EST’s video too. I recognize like 2 boys who were also from that video. I had known that Pledis was coming out with another boy group this year, so I knew the boys who played the bullies were trainees but I never imagined that the new boy group would have 17 members.

  44. Watching the video with the subtitles it actually makes a bit of sense I was half concerned the song was just a bunch of nonsense but glad to be proven otherwise =)

  45. hey guys lets discuss the MV…..who noticed all the trainees that we have never seen before!!!! Suspecting some 17 members in there…..For those of you who don’t know Pledis is debuting a group late 2012/early 2013 that will consist of 17 members and they will split up in three groups to promote in China, Korea and Japan simultaneously!! 

    • wtf, theyre making a worse decision than exo -_-

      • hmmm i think whats wrong with SM decision is that they are promoting it under one name…EXO. the rumor mills are churning and people are saying that tempest (another boy group debut in late 2012) is part of the seventeen campaign….Tempest has so far 5 or 6 members..not that sure….another rumor is that tempest and Nu’est are part of the seventeen band put the numbers together and it should be 10 or 11 members already decided which leaves 6 more…i think this is a great strategy if it is true because you are allowing each band to promote under thier own name and style but still uniting them so you have a spill over of nu’est fans to tempest and vice versa….just like how some exo k fans might like exo m….just some findings!!! haha im a pledis world supporter

  46. I know some NU’EST fans are here to make this #1 but you’ll just get upset if Venus doesn’t win. Let’s just focus on making this enter top 5 so the other voters will get interested in Hello Venus. ^_^

  47. Strange- the votes keep jumping up and down from 416 to 418 :/
    I voted already like 2-3 times and it stay the same :’(

  48. Hello Venus!! <3 Loved these girls the moment I saw them! Their song 'Hello' is addicting <3

  49. I hope they win a music Monday one day. Go Hello Venus!!!!!

  50. I don’t normally like girl groups except 2NE1 <3 but this is too cute! Plus, my NU'EST boys are in it!!! <3 <3 <3

  51. I’m actually not quite into girlgroups but i like this song ^^ I’m looking forward to see more of them (and nu’est). And damn I love the haircolor of this one girl (the one with the minty haircolor)

  52. we must promote pledis’s artist!! vote2!! helLOVEnus <3

  53. Makes me want to bounce around in my chair. Lol. So catchy.

  54. I only came here to hear them pronounce ‘Venus’. I’m your WHAT?

    ….damn you Simon. =.=

  55. I don’t usually like bubbly girly stuff, but for some reason the colorfulness and cuteness of the video really stands out to me :]

  56. i think considered this as their debut , they are good , cant wait for the live performance

  57.  This normally not my style of music, but this song is quite catchy. :D


  59. SO happy with Hello Venus’ debut, i was so excited for them and do not feel disappointed :3

    also hello everybody from the NU’EST vote c:

  60. love the song!!! what do you think simon and martina will say

  61. Blurberry

    They’re cute! I hope that they can win!

  62. The song is really good. 

    The beginning sounds like Britney Spears’ Womanizer but then it builds up to the wonderful chorus. The rap isn’t that good, it’s just okay. BTW, Yoonjo is the one who sang the 4 octaves right? ^_^

  63. i tend to judge new girl groups really harshly, but they really aren’t that bad.

    and i’m some one who really dislikes overly aegyo girls. strong vocally and well, we’ll (me) see.

  64. Look at NU’EST dancing in the background! :]

  65. Okay, Hello Venus, let’s win this!

  66. voted for Nu’est a gazilion times now its time for Hellovenus !

  67. Pledis, good job! I like them!

  68. We have to win this time, we will aveange NU’EST! haha

  69. Lime – Alice – Nara – Yooyoung – Yoonjo – Ara – FIGHTING! <3