Hello Venus – What Are You Doing Today?

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  1. GLAMcomeshere

    Hm, today I am doing nothing… just listening to you`re song…. thinking how talentfull and beatiful you are… (Though sorry to say it…but I don`t like all the members, not mentioning any names >.>) Well some of them are REALLY beautful ps. I am a girl really pps. Don`t you think it is funny, first song, Venus, venus, venus, second song, hello, hello, hello xD anyway whats said… I am not hating… I love kpop whatever!

  2. Why is it that I only found out about their new song because I decided to look at the charts?1 *flips table*
    Anyway, I really like this. The beat is really catchy and the outfits are pretty interesting, probably have to listen to it a few more times before it grows on me though I do like it better than their debut song^^

  3. miss_fariha

    this song may not be as addicted as venus but it’s still a very good song imo :)
    (i do prefer this song than venus, but not for most people)

  4. I didn’t like them until this song came out!
    LOVE them now!

  5. these girls are amazing. they had a very catchy debut and now this great song!

  6. I’ve been waiting for a hello Venus comeback with Yoonjo :3
    I Love this song, just a bit sad how damaged yoonjos hair looks.
    Anyhow I start to like Nara more and more. I found out she is as tall as me and weights as much as me xD
    And why does Yooyoung have so less lines :(
    Anyways Pledis family fighting~

    • peterpanchild

      I think they teased Yoonjo’s hair to look that way, but it’s not a great look. : And I’m a little taller than Nara, but it’s nice to know that there’s an idol that I could potentially stand next to and not look like a freakish giant. ^-^ (She’s ridiculously gorgeous though and I’d look really plain in comparison, though, drrrrrr)

  7. orangestrawberry

    I love Ara’s Shirt XD I ♥ mustache

  8. This song has even got me clapping along with it! Hahaha

  9. brinagirl_12

    if they get alot of focus and promotions and such. they could totally make it big. i think that they are more snsd style in the fact that they r very versatile

  10. To keep the discussion going so it can go up and probably be reviewed^^ ill ask questions for you to answer :D

    – What was your favorite part of the MV?
    – What did you think of the dance?
    – What do you think about their outfits?
    – Any suggestions about the storyline?
    – What do you think about the song in general? Does it fit HelloVenus?

    – What would you like to see more of them?
    – Who is your favorite Member?
    – What do you love about HelloVenus?
    – What would you like to see for their next comeback?

    • Velvetblue Veille

      - The most memorable part: Yoonjo’s aegyo like a cute puppy in the end. XD
      – Outfits: I dont mind other’s outfits but Lime’s shorts/hot pants combined with leggings is a big NO NO.
      – Song: I’m crazy about the song. It’s totally catchy. I think it fits them. It’s even better than Venus.
      – Favorite member: Lime Lime Lime <3
      – Reason: Coz they're from Pledis! Yay! Well, no! I like them but not love them yet. They’ve talented members. And their style suits me. Need to know them more. :)

      What about u?

    • Blueberries


      – I love Yoonjo’s colorful dress most. It’s definitely something that I’d like to wear! Generally the outfits are really colorful and funny, it’s nice to try to spot what all kind of clothes they have. Other pieces I liked were Lime’s sweater with text “juicy” and her shirt with swords, also Nara’s black dress was wonderful as well.

      – My fav member is still between Lime and Yoonjo. I like Lime’s attitude and love her rapping but Yoonjo is just so doll like pretty and have amazing vocals. Though Ara is really beatiful too..

  11. this song is so awesome! it was really good and catchy! i love songs that impress me from the beginning to the end! it was really good. i think Hello Venus is one of the best rookies this year! & in my opinion, this was better then there debut song, which was awesome too!

  12. My girls ! This song is even better than Venus…I can’t take it out of my head for a week now <3

  13. Oh they’re so cute :3 I miss Lime’s blue hair but she’s stunning in any style. Of course the rest of the members are fabulous as well (I just have a thing for girls with deep voices). I hope Hello Venus will succeed in the Kpop industry! Pledis is a small company but they have good groups, though some are undeserving underrated :/

  14. Velvetblue Veille

    Yooyoung is really cute. I like her aegyo and her little “action” in the end. :)

  15. Aleksandar Ivanov

    Not a big fan of the cutesy song but damn this is catchy. And I love the girls

  16. iloveminhyun

    I love their outfits. It reminds me a lot of f(x)’s style, with the quirky mismatched colors.
    I can’t get over how underrated Hello Venus is… *sigh*

  17. Also at 2:23 YooAra looks so much like Yoona/Yuri/Seohyun all wrapped up! So pretty!

  18. This is an insanely catchy song, and although I know it’s aegyo city, it’s got a fun feel to it, not just cutesy! Also introducing YoonJo back in was done really well! I know she was in the other song, but she got a lot of attention in this! I don’t think they’re the best rookie group of the year, for me that honor lies with Spica, but they’re in the top ten, definitely a Hello Cupid! :)

  19. I really like this song and although my favorite members were featured, the video makes it look like a four member group. D:

  20. Jessica-Robyn

    Cute normally underwhelms me, but the song is so catchy it was instantly stuck in my head. The video was also visually interesting. However, I would love to hear what it would sound like if they were to really utilize their voices because this doesn’t make me want to check out the album, but I will look out for future singles. Cute can work, I guess.

  21. Hello Venus is so CUTE!!! This song is really catchy!!

  22. Velvetblue Veille

    Frikkin love this song. <3 And I'm glad Yoonjo is finally okay. I just realize that all of them are pretty instead I hardly recognize between Nara and Alice. -_-

  23. unicornsgalaxy

    I have a feeling this song just earwormed it’s way into my brain and I’m going to end up singing it on and off the rest of the day. It’s not a bad song, it’s cute and catchy…just not really my style. But I’m probably going to be singing it.

  24. The best Rookie Girl Group of 2012 *–*

  25. iloveminhyun

    I’m listening to the rest of the album. I adore ‘Romantic Love.’
    Hello Venus really have some really powerful vocals, it’s a bit sad that their title tracks don’t really showcase those vocals.

  26. I thought Hello Venus would be one of those girl groups that have a catchy debut song and then come out with boring songs afterwards and eventually disappear into an abyss of forgotten k-pop groups… BUT NO!
    I loved this song~~ <3 and I really hope they make it big

    • miss_fariha

      with all the talents they got, its possible to hit big! but need proper & cotinuous promotions..

      • GLAMcomeshere

        Meh… Unfortunatly I don`t think they are going to get big, area of idol music is over :(

        • miss_fariha

          u probly dont know how well they’re doin rn n how much investment they’re gettin. its like if they fail to big hit, it will cost lots of money to lose. their company better be careful of this group (im sure they knew it better) with such high risk investment.

  27. iloveminhyun

    Hello Venus is just so fresh and cute. I really like their image which is a combination of quirkiness, aegyo and fun. They’re so fun to listen to and fun to watch. Even if they weren’t part of Pledis, I think I still would have been a fan.
    Nara is sooo pretty. >.<
    And what's up[ with Hello Venus and older men? there's one in this MV and in Venus as well lol XD

  28. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    Love the song, loathe the video. The video isn’t nearly as quirky as Venus was, and the transitions hurt my eyes and give me a headache.

  29. I’ve been singing this song all day. They all look so cute, and it’s good to see Yoonjo along with the rest of the group!

    I also love the styling of this video. Other commenters on youtube say it looks cheap — but there’s always something your eye is drawn to. I think it’s very inventive!