Henry – 1-4-3 (I Love You)

  1. Mareem,Henrylov

    LOVE YOU 143

  2. Mareem,Henrylov

    Saranha the best singer ever

  3. Mareem,Henrylov

    My love 143

  4. Gogo Seoul

    143 henry

  5. Review please and thank you! Maybe share your thoughts on him being a solo artist?

  6. Henry is such a cool guy! I’ve seen him interviews and such and he always has a great personality, cracking jokes and having a good time even if the interviewer isn’t Asian. His ability to speak so many languages really allows him to connected with different nations and cultures. I loved “Trap” and I love this song too! Hope we can move him up closer to the top 3!

  7. Aminah Henne

    henry never fails to amaze me. i loved this song and amber’s part. their collabs are always the best. sm should make a subgroup of henry and amber. i would buy everything of theirs!

  8. Sakura Chan
    Sakura Chan

    Loved this song ^_^

  9. Eve Placha

    Trap was really good, yet 1-4-3 seems to grow on people more and just stay there, playing in your ears all day long, haha. And you have to admit that Henry and Amber together give that cool, refreshing vibe. So good!

  10. I liked Trap but I’ve grown to like 1-4-3 even more over the past few days. It’s filled with positive energy, it makes me smile :) And so does the acoustic version with Chanyeol playing guitar. ♥
    Also, I’m loving the jumping / air kicking dance and the fact that Amber joins this dance during live performances.

  11. S&M didn’t review Trap so I really hope they review this!!!

  12. no offfense, but especially in the car scenes with his hair up, i think henry looks like justin bieber

  13. dongsaengcamila

    THIS HAS TO BE REVIWED BECAUSE OUT-OF-THE-BOX MV OK! SM is having an open mind and THIS IS GOOD!!! This is still in No.9 BUT THIS IS SOO GOOD OK!

  14. Aminah Henne

    oh my henber feels! they are great together musically and friendship wise. MORE HENBER haha

  15. This song is adorable from the lyrics to the singer himself. It’s different from Trap but it still shows Henry’s musical talent. And bout Amber being there for only a little bit, you should watch the live version, she sing and dances and she looks super cute. I seriously cannot get over how cute this video. I haven’t seen anything this adorable in an MV since Super Junior’s Happy MV. <3<3<3 this song!

  16. Only number 11??? Whattt???

    How did this not climb to the top of the charts – it has Henry AND Amber! Seriously.

  17. Michelle Malik☮

  18. Vero Hdez

    porque tan poquitos votos?? TT-TT Henry merece mas que eso!

  19. Jase Aaron
    Jase Aaron

    Some Henry/Amber singing together :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aKocu2h5YM

  20. MarVi

    Henry just defies all laws of SM.

  21. Kika Penne

    I actually like the acoustic version better. Chanyeol on guitar is also a nice attribution haha. ^_^

  22. Maya Hayslett
    Maya Hayslett

    I like this song and I love Amber.

    However, track suits should not have fringe.

  23. Korea’s really liking the calf socks.

  24. ♔ 빅토리아 ♔
    ♔ 빅토리아 ♔

    More than hope they review this !! Surprised it isn’t higher on the charts :O

  25. MarVi

    I love this song!

  26. Anna Datenshi

    I love it <3 Henry is sooooo sweet.:3 And he hawe amazing cars in mv's. :P

  27. _Datenshi_

    I really waited for it! This song is the best and now i love say “1 4 3″ <3 This sound better than i love you.:P

  28. ShirayukiHime

    I love this song!!!

  29. Michelle Malik☮

    they have to review this!

  30. Miko Satou

    Ok . . . So, I have to say that I find the lyrics cute.

    I am guessing Henry and his team wrote the song? It seems something Henry would do.
    I heard that Henry directed the MV . . . And if that is true then it is a really fresh and good change.

    On another note, I think SM watched EYK review of EXO where S&M mentioned there was no genie add ( I think that was the right review, could be wrong ).

    The heads reaction was probably something along the lines of:
    ” /insert evil laugh / You’re glad it is gone? Not for long ~ *makes some calls* Use the genie add in the next MV, now ! ”

    That or . . . they simply forgot to put it in the other MV and someone got fired . . .

    ( obviously joking here )

    Amber was a nice add here and I think she and Henry are a good team (thou she appeard for a short tme but that’s when you’re featured in anothers MV ).

    Who else wants a Henry and Amber (duo) song? I sure do. . . Would be cool. . .

    I also like how 1-4-3 stands for ” I love you ” (in english ) and 4-8-6 stands for the korean version of ” I love you ” and represents the number of strokes in each character.

  31. Jessica Lewis

    OH NO, GUYS! … It’s back! :(

  32. I can’t get this song out of my head…

  33. Henry and Amber are great for breaking gender stereotypes, but why does he choose the girly girl??? No fair! Amber, go get your cutie boy.