Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Henry – Trap

  1. butterfly


  2. OPPpa saranha the best song ever

  3. I’m Trapped
    I’m Trapped ^_^ ☺

  4. I’m trapped !!! :D

  5. henry oppa ELF with you ^^


  7. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  9. Okay. This is complete. Bullsh*t.
    Sorry. But this is crap.
    Why hasn’t this been reviewed?!
    Where was last week’s KMM?
    Why is Henry now off the charts?
    Really wanted to give Henry some love, because:

    1. Henry and Zhou Mi already get enough hate, they deserve our support.

    2. Strings have worked really hard to keep Trap up there for days, being Henry’s first album and all.

    3. Amber and Henry are great friends. (I ship Henber obviously) Most likely he would watch it, and fully understand it! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    I am sad.

    • WhatsYoNameWhWhatsYoName

      I don’t know what place it was last week when the polls closed, but, after 25 days, songs are bumped down to the bottom of the list due to ‘rot,’ as I’ve heard it called. I may be wrong, though. Even though Henry had the most votes at one point, the newer songs were getting more attention faster, so they claimed the top spots. That’s how KMM’s algorithm works.

      That said, that doesn’t change the fact that this is utterly disappointing!

      • /sigh. I guess it can’t be helped, last week’s didn’t get uploaded so maybe they did actually make one. Bad luck though. I seriously give up on this whole chart thing, I’ll let you guise decide. ^^

        • Axel Hachiko

          Yes it’s incredibly upsetting. It’s one of the times I really feel like even with this vote system there are major injustices going on. This video has so much to talk about.
          From Kyuhyun outfit to Henry throwing around empty cages. He’s not even my bias, unlike Kyuhyun, that btw I don’t like much in here, and still this would have been sooo much fun ç_ç
          But I’ll keep voting for this. ç_ç delulu heart

        • Yh, I really loved this song, and so many SM box jokes to be made! What I don’t understand is if songs are bumped down after a period of time due to ‘rot’, why are song that have been reviewed still in the top?

  10. So. Trap got screwed over as well. Great. Just great. First Hyde, now Trap. What’s next? *mutters in annoyance*

  11. I keep voting

    but why i cant see Henry Trap on EYK kpopcharts? it’s nowhere!!!

    Did anyone know which position is it now? why can’t i see???

  12. Will never get over the fact that this was not reviewed – and now won’t ever be T_T

  13. I don’t understand. Henry has the most votes, why isn’t he #1 on the kpop charts?

  14. Sakura Chan

    come on guys!
    don’t quit
    I really want them to review it and its already off the top 3 T^T

  15. exactly when are they going to review this ????????????????????????????/

  16. TT TT TT TT TT TT TT please simon martina…

  17. Andwaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. NO!!!! 8th PLACE?! D: I really want this song to be reviewed!

  19. damn it first VIXX and now..Henry… x.x
    at least BAP made a comeback…again.. haha xD

  20. h t t p: / /twitition . c o m / cu2vn Please sign this petition to stop the only 13 and protect Henry and Zhoumi!

  21. Ahh this is so upsetting. T.T
    I was hoping that Henry would finally get some well-deserved attention though KMM. He and Zhoumi were hated on so much when they joined SJ-M by the Korean netizens that I was really happy to see that Henry came out as a solo in the Korean music industry.
    But he dropped to 4th…
    Maybe Simon and Martina would choose him despite him being 3rd place when voting closed. Because, honestly, that was our last chance of getting this video reviewed.

  22. pleaseeeee review this song. it’s been foreverrrr ><

  23. Henry i LOVE YOU,and the song&Videoಠ◡ಠ!

  24. ♥♥

  25. I will cry 5eva if this isn’t reviewed

  26. Shawols should vote too, because if anything S&M will at least spend 30 seconds talking about Taemin, since they’re quite TaeMAN biased xD

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      i want they review abt kyucumber… i nvr thought S&M like my biased….they nvr talked abt him b4….wat i know they like shindong…

  27. No! It fell. D: I wanted this reviewed so badly!

    lol okay, please don’t be offending by the Canadian thing, I think they are awesome~
    It was really good, has been in top 5 for a while now, and I’d love to see how the review would come out. I really like this song, and it’d awesome to see what you guys saw that I missed! So, again, PLEASE!

  29. Rachel Cornista Briones

    guys continue to vote, share, and comment… this needs to be reviewed…

  30. Rachel Cornista Briones

    Elfs and Strings we can do this!!!

  31. Rachel Cornista Briones

    I really hope this would be reviewed :)

  32. pls review this!

  33. S&M please review this song!!!

  34. S&M Please review this song even if it isn’t #1!!!! We waited a long time for u guys to review it even if u guys are going to make fun of the mv

  35. There was a rumour about there being a Chinese and an English version of that song. Does anyone know if that is still a thing or was that more or less wishful thinking?

  36. Sakura Chan

    they are doing hot potato with two hands while jump roping, this takes skillz ppl

  37. IF you are wondering about HOW THIS SONG IS IN SECOND PLACE. Please people, before you ask, look for the answers in the comments below… and if you don’t want to scroll…. read it here right now: “The Kpop charts use an algorithm that takes number of days on the chart into consideration” in addition to shares, likes, and comments.

    Oh my word… I don’t think I’ve seen this many people asking about the way the chart algorithm works in a long time. Not that it’s a bad thing… because it does jack up this vid’s comment points but seriously…. no need for fans to get all worked up wondering about unfair charting. The new EYK web designer should come up with a way to post reminders about how the charts work on like, every dang page related to the charts lol. DO IT new EYK member whenever you get hired! lol

    We’re pretty close to getting this reviewed though y’all!

    • So Henry is first right? It should be like this tho.

    • I agree. But I do thing it would actually help S&M’s case if they’d just put that up on the website somewhere where it will be easily seen. It would save the mods from having to answer the same question over and over again.

      • We actually have worked on an FAQ which is supposed to be implemented on the site but we have to wait on the web admin to be able to get it integrated with the site. We are also trying to see if we can get the commenting guidelines on each page so we would not have to constantly be reminding people about the rules ( or conversely being rude to us and telling us that they weren’t aware of any rules so neener neener)

        It is going to be a pretty interesting KMM. I think any of the top 3 can take it. BAP just powered to the top, After School is a girl group fav and has never been reviewed and Henry is Canadian ( plus the added bias of TaeMAN) and I know they like the song. :-p


        • Alexandra Huang

          @Kunstpause:disqus I’m sure the mods and those involved have many ideas of how to control it but it’s implementing them that’s a challenge! It’s a bummer to have to wait for the web admins for so long… I think I remember S&M commenting before about how they want to modify their site but waiting on the admins sometimes takes forever.

          My idea would be… and I know most people hate pop-ups… but since it’s not an ad I think it’d be ok – there should be a pop-up question box that says “Wanna know how the charts work? *Click here*” (or something along those lines) for any unregistered or first-time users… or something like that.

          But back to the main topic.. KMM… there are certainly pros to all the top 3 vids! But…. but Henry has been here so long…. *sigh* I’ll admit it, I’m SuJu biased. >_<

  38. love the song but…. they set on fire a grand piano!!!!! :O
    i like the dance and the handlerchief dance was interesting :)

  39. come on guuyss~ lets get this MV reviewed! After School catched up to us so fast D:

  40. Can you guys review this one, PLEASE!? LOVE this song, can’t get enough of it. I am really curious as to what you guys think about it!!

  41. Hi there. The Kpop charts use an algorithm that takes number of days on the chart into consideration to give newer videos a chance to be reviewed. ‘ Trap’ may have more raw points, but is older than the video in first place by 6 days.

    However, S&M. Have the choice of the top3 videos to do a KMM on so there is still a chance that they may do this video. However don’t get your hopes up too much because After School has never been reviewed before, Orange Caramel (sun-unit with Lizzy, Nana and Raina) is one of Simon’s favourite acts and I believe that they like the song/ video.

    We should hopefully have an F.A.Q up in the future which would explain how the charts work in further detail.

    Cheers, Natz

    • what’s the point in asking people to vote, If at the end seems it doesn’t take into consideration??
      So am I wasting my time, voting for a song that maybe never be reviewed if don’t like to S&M?

      • The point of voting is to give S&M and idea of what people may want to have reviewed. In the past they have reviewed only what came number one, and it resulted in a decline in the quality of the KMM and a bit of viewer dissatisfaction because they were forced to sometimes review things they did not like. The decision to pick from the top three was to help give S&M more of a choice and to also give some lesser known acts a chance at being reviewed.

        That said, as far as I know, Simon and Martina do like Trap. And it still has a chance of being reviewed if it stays in the top 3. Also, they have talked about it in the Kpopchart update. This is more than some videos get a chance at.

        You have the choice of whether or not you want to ‘ waste’ your time voting. I always tell people here that yes, your goal is a review but that doesn’t have to be the only reason you vote for a video. You could get involved in the community, support your group and make some friends. If your only goal is to get a KMM review for your favourite group every time, then you are going to be disappointed quite often. Every month we publish an average of 80 or more videos. Of those videos only four will be reviewed in a month ( and sometimes less if Simon and Martina are sick or traveling). Imagine if the fans of the other 76 videos had this sort of attitude. None of the videos would get any votes because ‘ what is the point, I am only wasting my time’.

        So I hope that you can reflect on what I just said and perhaps see a more positive side to the voting process on EYK.


        Edit: TKIR: I love the display of Henry’s multi talents in this video, from the piano to the dancing and singing, I am really impressed with him.

        • HenryBestfriend168

          I will concur everything you have previously stated is valid. However, I don’t think you need to be so condescending towards other posters who voice their frustrations. I mean let’s face it, it’s highly unlikely Henry’s video will ever get reviewed. Trap is now only barely hanging on in third place and we all know Simon and Martina would choose a BAP MV over Trap in a heart beat.So what I’m trying to say is I think you should allow others to express their disappointment without having to deal with your holier than thou preaching. Thank you for your understanding :)

        • I did not intend to imply a tone of condescension. Maybe i was a little blunt, but not condescending or holier than thou. And as you said, everything I said is true.

          I never said that they were wrong for feeling frustrated or disappointed because it is normal to feel that way, only that perhaps if they could think of it in a different light they might not feel as frustrated. Plenty of other people have posted comments lamenting about their video not being reviewed, but since this comment was directed to me so I was just answering their question. I don’t know how else I could have answered that question but to tell them what I did. Also, it is my job to answer people’s questions and provide any solutions I can.

          Also, this thread is starting to go off topic. We usually prefer for people to discuss things about the video rather than conjecture about the chance of other groups being reviewed instead.

          TKIR: As I said Henry’s video is still a contender. It is a fun colorful video, along with the piano intro, the fact that he is a Canuck and Taemin ( one of their biases) is in the video.


    • Mkay, thanks!

  42. pls let this be reviewed~

  43. i looove this song!!

  44. amazinggggg~! I havent really heard a kpop song like this, mostof them are kawaii girl trying to be cute or the boys trying seduce you in a weird way 0^0 And i really love the chorus! And the piano in the beginning, *^*)/ Emarged~

  45. This Monday is Canada Day so I think that it’s a perfect opportunity for Simon and Martina (Canadians) to review Henry’s MV Trap (since he’s also Canadian) xD

  46. HENRY 加油!!

  47. Henry oppa fighting!!

  48. Hey guys i have a question….
    henry clearly has the most votes, comments etc… but why isn’t he first..


    • I don’t remember where they explained it but Simon & Martina said that the charts reflect average # of votes per day…so because Henry’s MV has been out for more days than some of the other MVs on the charts I think it’s going to be hard for us to keep it ‘relevant’ and at the top of the charts. They do that so that newer videos are more likely to be chosen and not just the videos with the largest fan groups.

      Still…I hope we can keep voting and get it back to the top!

  49. i don’t get it. he’s got the most votes but 2nd?!?! WHYYYYY. i think fans got lazy of voting recently but he’s still got the most votes so he should be first!!! i want EYK to choose him!!!

  50. Is Anybody know how is henry’s trap in korean music charts?

  51. Rachel Cornista Briones

    Please review this…. I’ve been voting for this everyday for several weeks!!!

  52. I just realize that the phrase “I’m trapped” means many thing.

    1. Henry got trapped by loving a girl
    2. Henry got trapped in SM’s box
    3. That this song is a trap

    and we’re trapped in Henry XD

    • It’s been stuck in my head since it was released, and I knew I was going to love it based on the teaser. Yeah, I’d say the songs a trap, too…

      • Camilla Helen Wickstrøm

        Same here. I knew already witht the teaser that i would love it, and i have listened to it SO MUCH since the song came. I bought the album the day it was released (was Lucky enoch to be on vacation in Seoul at the moment), and i managed to get in for the Trap pre-recording at Music Bank 130614! That was AMAZING! i have seen all of suju and SHINee live before (and even shaked hands With almost all of them, will never forget Henry`s smile to me <3 ) But experience Trap live was the best experience for that Seoul trip ;) Altough I am more Taemin biased (Taemin was at that performance) I was there for Henry, and i was so happy for him to get his moment to shine <3

        "On a side note" I was up on stage With the SM Town artists at the SM Town concert in Seoul last august. My Three best memories was shaking hands With Key (my ultimate bias, Taemin, my second ultimate bias, and Henry, whom is my suju bias, and 4. ultimate bias).

  53. Everyone vote so that this can be first! This really needs to be reviewed and I’ll be disappointed if it’s not :(

  54. Trap should be reviewed, if only for the herculean effort people have given to keeping it in the top three for the last 3 weeks.

  55. it really is a trap XD Want this video to be reviewed XD

  56. Simon Martinaaa review this MV pleaseeeee

  57. This song is great! Keep voting ELF!!!

  58. review this song,pretty please ;n;

  59. U should review this since this song was in the top 3 for a long time since its release!!!

  60. Why is it second place??? We have more votes than the first….

    • Because it’s becoming an “old” video. Their algorithm or whatever works this way; it’s a pretty efficient system actually. But as long as this video stays in the top 3 then we still have a chance for it to be reviewed! I hope that it does because I just really dislike the other two videos…

    • but it has been a forever top 3 since release T_T
      really hope simon martine would review this


  62. NOOOO!! D: 2nd Place again. I really want this song to be reviewed :)

  63. i really love this song,i´m looking forward for the english version =)

  64. jordan

    B2UTY here voting for Henry!♥

  65. 2nd place again? damn xD

  66. Mystification

    Alright Simon and Martina, it’s been two weeks now. you owe it to us to review Henry’s video.

  67. please review Trap for Kpop Music Mondays!! it’s an awesome song…and I never expected to like Henry this much lol but he’s great :P

  68. yanagiba yusuke22

    oh noooo… plz dont make it in 2nd place…fan…. keep voting….

  69. Henry, you can do it. Martina has to say Taemin is dressed awfully AGAIN!

  70. This is like my dream come true. A cute piano prodigy who has moves and swag, and he can sing!! Oh my stars<3 Forget I'm trapped, it's more like I'm hooked!!

  71. plzzzzzzzzzzz review this song! its so good!

  72. I hope they review this. It’s such a good song! Henry FIGHTING!

  73. yanagiba yusuke22

    im suprised how he can handle on stage himself for certain perf without taeMan n kyuCumber…. i knew him early debut in SJM, he didnt given mny line to sing… totally awesome job henLi-shi….

  74. I love Kyuhyun’s stage presence here. He comes out like a boss! Like he owns the stage. The look in his eyes is awesome.

  75. HENRYYYY!!!!

  76. awww I’m fealing this it would not be review :(

  77. I hope we can keep this at the top until next Monday! I really want to see a KMM for Trap. Also…Henry why are you wearing sunglasses while driving a car at night?!

  78. So happy… I hope this gets reviewed next. Henry is awesome with good looks and loads of talent to boot. This song is pretty good.

  79. I have been waiting so long for Simon & Martina to review this song.. Guys, lets vote for Henry to stay on top to be reviewed next monday :) Thank you for everyone who loves Henry too. Spread the love. “I’m trapped~~”


  81. Keeeeep tooooo theeeee toooooop. Really wanna see a review of this :D


  83. henry fighting!!!

  84. yanagiba yusuke22

    i can accept mblaq reviewed this week…they deserved it aftr maintained at 1st placed since exo been review… keep on voting henry for next KMM…we can do it… or mayb S&M wanna bring him to studio??

  85. Slightly disappointed there’s no Henry’s Trap Review for this week KMM. Really hope next week there will be.

    Not just a review, an interview maybe, Simon&Martina? kekeke ;)

  86. I always loved Henry. I’m so glad to see him making a solo name for himself. Really love the song. AMAZING!!

    • yanagiba yusuke22

      agree….without overshadow by “(super junior m)” term… even without sj, he can make ELFs, strings esp, proud of him by having a good position in charts so far

  87. PLEASE. PLEASE!! I want this song to be reviewed so badly!!;A;

  88. I feel like I’ve been missing out…I didn’t know Henry before this song but I seriously love Trap!

  89. Keep voting guys!!! I really hope they will review it next week’

  90. Arg…. will this stay one more week? Will S&M review it if it does? Aaah… the suspense…

  91. I really want this song to be reviewed but Henry is so precious I feel like I would feel heartbroken if you guys said bad things. Anyways, I love the song and I’m curious about your thoughts :)

  92. This song really gets my strings in a twist

  93. still here lol


  95. Henry is one of the best artists SM finally let out of their dungeon :D I’m totally loving this song, and the whole album. It’s so different from the usual SM songs. I’m planning to learn the starting part on my piano. But I suck at piano so it’ll probably take weeks LOL xD

  96. Hi, Eat Your Kimchi viewers…. Since this is my first time listening to this particular artist. I want to say that in my opinion I loved the way Henry opened up the song with the piano then brought the beat up when he said “I’m Trapped” and at the end he brought back the piano. The artist (Kyuhyun & Taemin) were a great add into the M/V, they gave the song more depth into it. I know some of you guys think that they weren’t needed for Henry’s comeback and I totally agree because he was doing great in the beginning of the M/V…. I hope he does some M/V with just him alone to show how good he is by himself.

    I hope you guys don’t get offended by this comment if I had said anything wrong. please note that I am just giving my own opinion to this song.

    • Of course we’re not offended, you thought about the MV well and you’re definitely allowed to have an opinion. :) I agree with your point that Kyuhyun and Taemin added more depth as well. I’m not sure the MV will be reviewed this Monday though, mayyybe next Monday if the votes remain high…

  97. Poor Henry….trapped in the oddly lit rooms of SM.

    Sorry for my biasness

  99. Please review this simonandmartina!!! xD

  100. Henry Hwaiting!!!! :D

  101. i feel like this has been in the top for like forever

  102. Simon and Martina must review this!! It would be awesome!!

  103. I’M TRAPED~

  104. ELFs hwaiting!!!

  105. yanagiba yusuke22

    wow..woooww… he was trapped at 1st place b4 12kst?

  106. I love Henry, and this song just blew me away… have been repeating it everyday since it came out… <3 love it.. I'm trapped.

  107. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    Henry’s Trap is Now N°1! Yay! I really hope S&M chooses this song, because it will be an awesome SM musci video being reviewed, with not just some boring rooms! So I hope they choose Trap. I love Smoky Girl too, but I want them to do this one!

  108. so starstruck by Henry *_*


  109. Henry is the most talented in SMent *my own opinion*

  110. I love this song and would love to see it being reviewed!!!

  111. Come on, Henry REALLY deserves a review!!!!! :D

  112. Henry is finally in the spotlight! He deserves a review. This video deserves a review. The song is great and there is an actual storyline! … And he escapes the box!

  113. Love you Henry!!! :D

  114. I’m trapped!!! xD

  115. HENRY HENRY HENRY!!!!!!!

  116. HENRY HWAITING!!!! <3333

  117. i love mblaq… but i feel S&M can talk more interesting thing about this MV

  118. I reallllly love this song!!!! Seriously, this song really stands out for me. The chorus is catchy, the piano bits are really good and the dance is also really cool! Really hope this gets reviewed, i could listen to this song forever and never get tired of it!

  119. Henry !!! Fighting!!!!!!!!

  120. Henry !!! Fighting!!!!!!!

  121. Henry !!! Fighting!!!!!!

  122. Henry !!! Fighting!!!!!

  123. Henry !!! Fighting!!!!

    • @aminymouse:disqus @gohmayteng:disqus I know y’all wanna rack up more points fro this vid but don’t post petty things like that repetitively because they’ll just be deleted as spam and your efforts will be in vain ~_^

  124. I’m Trapped <333333333333

  125. Henry THE BEST!!! Super Junior The best!!! love this song.. can’t wait to get my album.. :D

  126. damn i’ve just seen him playing the piano ver wow dude’s gifted!

  127. Henry……………………. i will support u… fighting!!!!!!!

  128. HENRY!!!! We all love you!! I hope simonandmartina can review your video!!!!! :D

  129. iLOVE this video!!! Pls vote for it! p.s.: the link does not work in Germany

  130. Really really hope they review Trap… Gosh this song & MV is too good to not be reviewed… :3

  131. Camilla Helen Wickstrøm

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song! Henry is my suju bias. I am so happy he finally get some spotlight. He is so talented! The first thing i did when i arrived in Seoul the day after the mv was released ws to ask for his album. Sadly i had to wait a little, but he day it came to the stores, i bought it :-) I was also so lucky to get in on the Trap pre-recording on music bank last week. It is impossible to describe how AMAZING it was to epxerience the song live <3 Henry and Taemin even had a little, cute "fanservice" moment. I am one happy elf/strings/shawol.

  132. wow i really like this song it´s so cool, i hope Henry win, and also i love taemin in this video, and i really want to see simon with the taemin sombrero XD

  133. Love this song! <3

  134. Is it bad to like this song cause i’m taemin biased :D?!! The song itself is still really nice…. I don’t know if someone already mentioned it…but isn’t the intro a lot like SISTAR’s ‘Alone’ ?!

  135. Cyber_3

    I’ve been voting for this song whenever I think about it for, like the last 2-3 weeks but man, there is so much trolling and crazy fangirling over in the After School thread that I would be almost angry if they got a KMM and Henry didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the AS song ok, I just wasn’t so hot on the video. But the “fans” over there have completely turned me off it and I can’t even respond to their trolling replies to my comments because it only serves to vote that song up.

    Keep voting! Unless something phenomenal from a popular group shows up on Thursday, anything is possible……..

  136. Sakura Chan

    Come on its Henry’s debut song! Please!

  137. I think this song should be reviewed.

  138. i dream of a henry interview… your kimchi style!

  139. Is it bad if I skip to 2:56 just to see Kyuhyun??? lol Even if his walk to the center stage is the most anticlimactic thing I’ve seen. Love you oppa!!

    • up to you, but for me kyu doesn’t appeal me much.. All I need is HENRY NOW ><
      review it pleaseee simon martina…

      get well soon martina..

    • up to you, but for me kyu doesn’t appeal me much.. All I need is HENRY NOW ><
      review it pleaseee simon martina…

      get well soon martina..

  140. yanagiba yusuke22

    “Henry was describing a guest as a rocker and Wook said “Hongdae style”
    and Henry immediately agreed and said he goes to Hongdae often.” S&M…mayb hv a chance for bringing him to EYK studio??

  141. This song just never gets old. Just as good as the first time, every time.

  142. very beautiful <3 <3

  143. review it pleeeeeaaaaseee

  144. until I heard this song my impression of Henry was just ‘that chinese guy who SM tried to put into SUJU but failed because the fans didn’t agree’ BUT THEN THIS SONG CAME OUT AND HOLY CRAP ITS SO GOOD. Henry is seriously amazing and I’m kinda sad that I didn’t realise until now…^^” I hope you guys review this one (Y)

    • I hope SM will release the chinese version soon. It would be so popular. more so than the korean I think. (xDD I know I’m probably being greedy but I wish there’s a cantonese version too.)

  145. This song is addictive!!! I have been listening to only “Trap” for 3 days, literally >.<!!


  147. Karolay Geraldine Ramos Remigi

    Henry!! the best singer!!! ♥.♥ “the song is beautiful… I like it!!! ^^* Fighting!!!

  148. so we still have the chance to win next week!

  149. henryy has to win !!!! vote for him guys

  150. I love you henry im saudi arabia ELF فايتنق

  151. هنرررررررري فايتنق ^^


  153. I really hope this gets reviewed

  154. TRAP TRAP

  155. KATHyphenTUN

    That little hand move in the dance gives me flash backs of NSYNC’s Byebyebye…. then i feel old hahaha

  156. Well I hope for next monday we can do it and I hope to watch the review.

  157. I hope Henry gets reviewed soon :D

  158. <3 Best single of the summer so far!

    Yes our mayor smokes crack and we’re proud to say it! XD

  160. It would be so awesome if Henry really did do an interview here :D

  161. CANADIANS FTW~~ Henry is like literally THE most talented person in SM! The songs, piano riffs, dancing, concept is INCREDIBLE! He not only made it out of THE BOX but into a freaking fancy car!! Serious swag going on here!

  162. I LOVE this song! Especially love the piano in the beginning.


  164. It must be reviewed!!!!

  165. A perfectly good piano gets stepped on and then spontaneously burns. Sigh.

    As to why Taeman and Kyuhyun are in this song, i think that commercial realities aside, their voices help to anchor the chorus sound, and making it richer, more like a mellow aged wine rather than a young white wine. Henry’s voice by itself is very light and slightly nasal. You can hear how much warmer Taemin’s voice is starting at 1:58 and 2:33 and Kyuhyun’s voice is well known to be deeper and richer than most kpop idol voices. The only thing I didn’t care for was Kyuhyun’s falsetto at 3:04 – it’s really weird that he’s assigned this part.

    The dance was enjoyable, but I don’t understand why hip hop dance and attire was used when the story part of the video was so preppy. Maybe the contrast is meant to symbolise the wish to be free of the trap.

    • I agree with you. I generally like Kyu’s falsettos (when he performs Sorry Sorry Answer) but I thought it was very awkward in this song.

  166. It came as a surprise for me when SM revealed it was Henry who was going to debut as a solo artist :’)
    He’s achieved so much and I’m sure his family, Strings, ELFs and SM stans are all so proud of him as I am!
    This definitely has to be reviewed for KMM :3

  167. I’m so happy that Henry is finally getting recognition. ;~;

  168. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    This song must be reviewed for KPOP MUSIC MONDAYS!! Let’s go people

  169. yanagiba yusuke22

    what happen if henry come to EYK studio?? wat happen to the traffic there then…. i think the best way is S&M can make announcement abt interviewing henry… im kinda worried… even i want S&M interview him so bad

  170. ClaireBear LikesMusic

    I actually can’t believe that this song isn’t actually composed by Noizebank or Henry. In fact, only half the songs on Henry’s album are from Noizebank…

  171. ClaireBear LikesMusic

    I’m just asking this, but did anyone else get scared or angry when Henry just stepped onto the piano? I felt scared and angry for the piano… I don’t know why… someone please help me…

  172. I don’t know how else to really describe this song, other than it just sounds soooooo good.


  174. C’mon everyone! We gotta make this number one!

  175. btw has henry ever talked about his iq lol because i’m pretty sure he’s some kind of maybe not genius but somewhere around there i’m nor joking 3-4 instruments 3 languages composing…one needs a good brain for that

  176. i want it reviwed because he actually put a lot of idk personal work inro it not just here’s your concept do it!

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  178. im trapppppppped

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  181. this mv was so cool

  182. It really is!!!! I’ve had it on my iPod for like 2 days and I’ve listened to it 70 TIMES! Literally. I checked. Not to mention I’ve watched the video probably about 30 times…

  183. Mystification

    How awesome would it be if they could actually interview Henry? CANADIANS UNITE!

  184. Really would love to see a review on this! It seems like a pretty popular song so far and I am curious to see what Simon & Martina think about it!

  185. Simon 和 Martina 来自 Toronto. Henry 也是来自 Toronto.
    你们认为 Simon 和 Martina 会开玩笑关于 Toronto 的更高, Rob Ford, 因为他是一个 “crackhead”?

  186. Before watching this, I had absolutely no idea who Henry was. I only watched the video because it was in the Kpop Chart Update video. I cannot believe how much I LOVE this song. At first, I thought, “Wow, that piano at the beginning is beautiful.” and then I was so thankful it continued into the rest of the song. The beat, the vocals, the dance. I’m actually shocked that I like this so much. I haven’t liked much put out by SM in a long while. I love BoA, and that’s about it. But I must say, Henry just gained himself a fan.

  187. 请大家多多照顾 Henry! 谢谢 <3

  188. Strings,

    我希望他能赢 ^^

  189. Henry is just so talented all the way around so yeah…love this and can’t wait to see more from him!!!

  190. Please review this MV Simon and Martina!!! It’s one of SM’s best songs in a while now. As a shawol, I have to say I’m more hooked to Trap than WWS and DG. PLEASE~

  191. go , go Henry!!!

  192. I love this song!~ My bro loves this song~ My friends love this song!~♥ We’re trapped!

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  198. chinese-canadian pride <3


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  201. Shayma Shawol Kpopcrazy

    it has to be reviewed!!! it’s not like other sm songs and mvs….and can you resist the trio kyuhentae????!!!!

  202. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    Come on let’s put Henry on the Number 1 chart! WE CAN DO IT!!

  203. Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!! Henry!!
    You most get reviewed!! You worked so hard!! Hwaiting on your solo!! ^__^


  205. KissJadeMeNastieHenry


  206. henry oppa fighting

  207. whaa this week is a tough one

  208. KATHyphenTUN

    I wonder how painful it was for Henry to dance on that grand piano…it hurt me while watching T.T
    But YAY!! I’m sooooo happy for his solo debut! hope to get this one reviewed!!

  209. I’M TRAPPED!

  210. HENRY

  211. This song is soo addicting >:D i just keep on replaying

    I really wish this get review!

  212. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    I hate the way he says trapped. He sounds like a whiney baby!


  214. This MUST be reviewed! The concept of the video and song is very different from other SM videos.

  215. henry did a great job for this album i wish him all the luck

  216. i want this to be reviewed , ok mblaq is the first and i’m hating that
    all though i love mblaq but henry deserve a music monday !
    it’s his debut and he so desreve it , i hope s & m don’t look over him i would be so sad !

  217. This mv is awesome, I know that we don’t win againts MBLAQ but this video needs a review!!! Sorry for my english

  218. Really wish this gets reviewed for next Monday!! It’s one of the higher quality songs produced by SM performed by a talented artist. And c’mon… we can’t ignore a fellow Torontonian, can we?

  219. Anyone know if iTunes is going to fix his album?

    • What happened with the album?

      • Two of his tracks had a moment of silence in the middle before, so people were complaining in the reviews. But now those two tracks don’t even show up on the iTunes website. IDK if they show up in the store, I haven’t checked.
        Know any other good online music providers? Soribada doesn’t really help with me and I kinda just want the mp3s :3

        • Aariana Yxz

          i got mine from soribada and it works fine on my apple devices, but you will need paypal or buy soribada credits for 7-8 dollar n get the album which is like 6-7 dollar and the rest of the money you can buy other songs.

  220. looooove this song


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  223. I just love this song … please reviewed :)!

  224. tattoos are not quite my thing but damn !gurl this body painting rocks!

  225. this song is awsum and needs to be reviewed!!!! the beats of the song are so addictive!!! ^_^

  226. this song needs to be reviewed the beat is awsum and i love the dance!!!!!! ^_^

  227. Henry Deserves to win…. I would love to see what simon and martina think of this music video

  228. well then,the song is great,and,and,and here’s my Taemin ^ ^;;;

  229. and yes I do agree with those who think this has been SM’s finest work in recent years. I’m a huge, HUGE fan of SNSD but I really do prefer songs like Genie and RDR. I love their other songs, but they are just not in par with why I fell in love with K-pop in the first place.

    But heck, “Trap” is one helluva nice song and I strongly recommend it to ANYONE. :D

  230. I actually fell really hard in love with this song after just listening to the beginning and about 30 seconds into the song! It’s so freakishly and amazingly done! And boy, I haven’t heard a song where I can fall in love with with just ONE listen in a long while and this is it! I looooove this song! Though I love SISTAR’s new song too, I do hope this gets reviewed as well. :3

  231. this song is amazing。i love it’s MV , especially the part of piano 。
    it’s a feast for your ears and eyes and that makes it more outstanding than other songs which i would like to call them BACKGROUND MUSIC.

  232. JeanetteSome Pearlyn

    this is a great song

  233. I take it back. After watching this video one more time, I realize Henry still is in a box lol… albeit a decorated box that he actually can interact with. Oh well, it’s a start! And I guess he does kinda get out very briefly in that car.

  234. Mystification

    Out of the box MV! How can this not be reviewed? Come on guys, you know you want to.

  235. Wait a second…*Watches the beginning of the music video*…
    Henry, you’re not trapped!
    There’s an open door in the background!!

  236. I absolutely love the music video and the song. I love the beginning because of the piano. It was different from other sm videos but I really like the changes and especialy the piano. The song is freaking catchy and the dance is really cool.I would love for it to be reviewed.

  237. I would love for henry to be reviewed. I absolutely love the song and it’s the first song this year from SM that I actually love. I just really want it to be reviewed because Henry finally has a chance to shine. He is so talented and it was about time that he got recognized for it.

  238. Argh!!!! This is so good, that I am now wanting to vote for this instead of VIXX’s Hyde. But this tune is addicting and Taeman’s dancing is awesome (hankies flying in the air and all), so I’m torn. Screw it, I’ll just vote for both. ;)

  239. Can Henry, VIXX, and Boyfriend all win for Kpop music monday? Cuz that would make my life :D

  240. he has such a cute face, he even looks like a cute little squirrel or hamster

  241. ─╔╗
    ╔╝╚╗ cool vid. taemin and kyuhyun is so cute ;)

  242. Henry JJIANG!!!

  243. This song is my workout song now, perfect pace for it, not too slow and not too fast either. This song is perfect and I’ll be worse than fangirilla at terminating anyone who disagrees.

  244. Procrastinator network

    mochi 4 life!

  245. Trap is the best of the year for me!!! Really deserves to be reviewed!!!

  246. Can’t believe we are losing, where are all the ELF?

  247. This year, SM hadn’t released any spectacular music. I got a boy, dream girl, and why so serious wasn’t that much of great to me. But the past 2 songs they released, Wolf and Trap is just spectacular. Please review this song.

  248. this song is amaaaaazing!

  249. Henry is so talented and i’m so proud that he finally got a solo project.

  250. please go and vote for super junior we are losing

  251. Delightfully surprised at how wonderfully produced this song and MV is. Good job, SM.

    (Fangirling moment)
    MOCHI! I teared up when I first heard you were SM’s new solo artist. So proud to be a fellow Torontonian! Love you, Henry! <3

  252. I love this song!!

  253. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    Henry Trap SHALL be the next video to be REVIEWED!

  254. really wanna hear SIMON&MARTINA’s opinion about this.. Not only about the song and MV but also about his debut…

  255. I love Henry. I am a proud ELF and i think that this video should get more attention and should be reviewed!!!! Henry is very talented and this video rocks!!! Its so out of the box and he even plays the piano!!!

  256. i really like this song! i would love to see simon & martina do the handkerchief dance too ;)

  257. well i kinda don’t have much to say since i’m not much of an elf, but… yeah. this song is amazing. and material for you to work with if you do this: it is simply illogical to walk on (and probably scratch) a perfectly good *grand* piano. though i suppose sm can afford all that.

  258. Cyber_3

    Wow! I really like both the song and video for this – awesome! Maybe…..because I feel a little trapped in my life and I can relate ;). It had a great beat for dancing and stomping and while it a lot of the video was shot in that same panelled room it fit for the theme of the song. Guy can play the piano and sing!

    The more I watch this video, the more I notice how tall Henry Lau is. The camera angles and choreography all mean to downplay it but he is much taller than the other guys in his video. Look closely at the top of heads, even if he is not in front, he’s still taller than the guys that are and totally telling – look at his shorts – they hit him properly just above the knee, unlike most Koreans where the shorts end up being mid-calf. Happens a lot with Canadians of Asian descent. Even Hollywood had to keep finding short women to dance with Fred Astaire back in the day as he was only 5’6″ and the women had to wear heels.

    full disclosure: I may be a tad biased because I went to high school with his uncle in Willowdale. I never met Henry but I remember hearing when he was born (my grade twelve year)… least I think it was his uncle, it might have been his much older brother. I sadly had not even heard of Henry being in Korea until this song. I am glad that he is finally getting his chance and I hope he really rocks it out and makes himself a superstar.

  259. It’ll be great if you guys review this song!!! I mean, despite the awesomeness of this MV, there’s just SO MANY LOOPHOLES EVERYWHERE (I mean the door was open when Henry said “I’m trapped”) and hey, I am pretty sure this KMM will be perfect hahaha and as much as I want hyde to be reviewed, I’m kind of biased towards SJ… /shot/ and well Henry’s solo is a big deal!!! He’s finally getting the spotlight he deserves!!!

  260. SM – turning grandma’s curtains into clothing since Sound of Music caught on in Korea. Seriously though what is up with that puke orange outfit Henry! Songs great though btw.

  261. I love this song … but i can’t stop laughing when he say “Im so gay” hahaha , i know he’s saying something else but it sounds like this ! hahaha ….
    Amazing song , hope it gets reviewed XD

  262. this definitely needs to be reviewed!!!! im an exotic but i fell in love with this song even with the teaser!! and with the special appearance of taemin <3 definitely


  264. I actually wasn’t enamored with this song but… It’s Henry from SuJu and he’s not stuck in a box! There’s actually a mini-plot… this is a milestone for SM and SJ right?

  265. This song could go further than Korea, the English is perfect (That will please Simon) and TaMAN sings in it (That will keep Martina happy) and noone has blue hair (That will keep Spudgy happy)

  266. This is by far one of my favorite videos and songs of the year! I loved Henry in Super Junior M, even in “MAXSTEP”, and now I’ve fallen in love with him even more. Have you guys listened to his full album? It’s amazing! I downloaded it on my phone ASAP! ;D

  267. Come on guys keep commenting…

  268. I had never wanted to see a video reviewed that badly……. omg gonna put this page on my homescreen so i can vote everyday

  269. this needs to be reviewed!!!!!!!!
    just that i think that it’s a milestone of sm to have a male solo artist finally….

  270. THIS! is an awesome song im like traumatized with it! i love it!!! henry fighting!

  271. Guys did you guys know you have to vote… facebook… google… twitter and comment to get the video up there… but keeping voting too…

  272. OMG this video already have 10k likes…


  274. Trap is the best thing out of SM in a while. This really deserves a review <3 and HENRY deserves one, he's doing wonderfully.

  275. When i thought Henry and Zhoumi are kind of abandoned by SM since market in China isn’t as good as it seems. But Henry pulled it off. And now i THANK SM for giving him such an opportunity to show his talents and perseverance. M & S, you guys should review him, and this SONG is indeed worth mentioning, i bet you guys know that !! so please!!

    • Seriously! I’ve been wishing to see more of ZhouMi ever since he’s been in SJ-M… So yay for Henry, hopefully ZhouMi is next? Heh


  277. I will cry one hundred thousand tears if this isn’t reviewed. I have waited SO long for Henry to get the attention he deserves :’D
    This is a flawless pop song. You can /tell/ Henry knows his stuff (didn’t he also write “off my mind”?) this is like the best song of the year so far. *melts*

  278. this song is sooo good and sticky


  280. omg from the fist note of this song i LOVED IT!!!! the entire thing was so pretty! henry and kyuhun were amazing and taeMAN is really sexy in this!

  281. I’m honestly so proud of him ;; he is finally having the recognition he truly deserves <3 I think after all he has been through, all the hate he had to endure over the years, he is finally there and he really is someone I look up too ;; baby mochi deserves all the best. And this song was mindblowing AMAZING, I seriously loved it so much! And the clip was awesome too, with the piano, the dance, the scenarios. Everything was beautiful. The only thing that bothered me was Kyu's shorts lol only that. And the album is amazing too, I loved all the songs!

  282. this should be reviewed since its an awesome song!! this totally deserves it

  283. Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

    After a VERY VERY VERY long time did I enjoy watching an MV coming from SM. After gazillion years, We finally have an MV which is 1. OUT OF THE BOX (lol at the last part) 2. HAS STORYLINE (and it’s dramatic) 3. and HENRAAAY!.. Oh come on! ELF have been craving for a Henry solo ever since we knew his talents. He is just the most talented member in SJ, if not, the most talented in SM, if not, then KPOP (?) haha. Everything he had right now is what he deserves after all the 6 years of hate he got from Only13 ELF >.<.. But seriously this kind of MV always attracts my eyes.. The last SM video I got hooked into was Super Junior's No Other simply because it's outdoors and has storyline plus the songs is giving me romantic chills. SO GOOD JOB FOR SM! After making Henry as a SOLO, I couldn't ask for more than giving SJ decent MVs in the future too! haha! I want it this way okay! HENRAAAAY!

    • Ditto!! I got hooked on SuJu because of No Other as well! The first video I watched of them was Mr. Simple and I was like… “what… is… this…” but man, thankfully I clicked on related videos and landed on No Other because it was too good to resist! “Realistic” cuteness that makes your heart melt for every member in the video…. that’s how it should be lol.

      I never got into the fandom that seriously and I didn’t discover them until ZhouMi and Henry were already in so the Only13 movement doesn’t mean much to me…

  284. OMG! Really hope u can review Trap!

  285. I love Henry’s “Trap” as any other person here but a back to back SM review is a little unfair.

    • Because it is from SM it should not be review? even though it is good music? :D

      • No, I feel that if they do decide to review Henry’s “Trap”, they should hold it off until next time so that other artists of other companies could have a chance to be reviewed.

    • I dont see anything wrong with that tbh….”Exo” and “Henry” is a completely different group, different people/person..being in the same company has nothing to do with doing a review :/

      • It’s a little SM biased and it doesn’t leave room for other emerging artists that are trying to fight their way past the almost impenetrable SM wall. Yes, I do know that they are separate artists but they both are behind the SM wall which does in fact count.

  286. Simon and martina! U guys really need to review this song…..I have a feeling it won’t beat mblaq’s smokey girl. But I really really hope you guys would review this song becuz this song is better than the other sm releases so far this year. Also henrys fans waited years for him to have a solo debut and korea and he is finally being accepted by korean fans also…..this song is really good! Henry and u guys are homies! Homies should help each other out

  287. This is like, the best SM song that’s been released since Sherlock. For one, it doesn’t have the disjointedness crap we’ve been getting. Also, this MV has a freaking mini-plot!

    Henry himself is a great musician. To all the people who’ve been saying he’s very talented, yes, he is, but he’s also a /hard-worker/. He’s worked hard to this day, against all the Only13 crap people have been giving him, when he could finally release a solo album and be recognised as himself.

    Toronto… no… TRONNO REPRESENT!

  288. I think Henry lost too much weight though :(

  289. Love this song so much! Plus it has a plot. An SM MV with a plot!!!

  290. Which song do you guys like from the Album… the one i like most is “I Would”… the song was sing completely in english… next up would be 1.4.3…

    • I can’t choose a favorite! The whole album was great. I was pleasantly surprised. I usually don’t have praise for SM artists (except BoA), although I do like songs here and there, but this is the first time I liked an entire album from an SM artists.

    • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

      My Everything, Trap and I Would. Oh god! his voice is orgasmic! I love all songs but those 3 are my ultimate faves. All songs in the album are just wonderful, awesome and perfect. I bought his album and never regret a thing

      • So try… Its really hard to get tired of listening to his voice… I think he could pretty much sing any style… and it will still sound good…

  291. I think the most funniest part is when he his face right before he throw the cage down…. lol.. this guy so so adorable

  292. Wooooow~ I didn’t know much about Henry apart from Maxstep before this… but this is really awesome. And with Taemin and Kyuhyun? So awesome. Well done, Henry.

  293. …. keep it up

  294. I actually did not expect such a good song. I’m really positively shocked about this MV and Henry. Okay guise…. here is a new fangirlcrush comin’ :3

  295. they should make a full piano cover henry played so well in sukira !

  296. So glad SM gave him a chance at a solo. Totally deserves to be reviewed for his awesome talent.

  297. A beautiful song and breathtaking piano playing. A music video different from most SM videos and amazing vocals. This is overall an addicting song to listen to.

  298. this is a great song, one of the best from sm, henry is so talented, I hope he can get the success he deserves, hope you can review the song

  299. I am so happy that Henry finally get in spotlight. He deserves it, really. I’m not saying this because I am ELF and a hardcore SJ fans because if I don’t like SJ song, I will say that I don’t like it. But, this song is just so good. He said on twitter that he has been working hard for years for this album and I got to say, it worth every second he spared for it. It’s fresh, it’s different and for the first time (i think), this song is the only SM produced song that has perfect and correctly used grammar. Mochi Hwaiting! And guys, if you have money to spare, buy his album! I love all the songs in it. It’ll worth your money. Seriously. <3 (P/S: My ultimate bias is Kyuhyun but in this MV, Henry shines more than Kyuhyun. Almost blindingly..kekekeke ^^)

    • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

      lmao! my bias is Kyuhyun too but I think I just stepped aside all these bias feels because HENRY is so amazing! I didn’t even care if he’s there or not haha!

  300. Oh and Kyuhyun and Taemin <3 This video is the perfect combination!! n_n

  301. I love love love this video!

  302. As much as I love Vixx, Henry is so amazing. ._.
    He deserves to be reviewed.

  303. I think Henry deserves to be viewed by you and the song is really really amazing. I adore it but even my friends who aren’t Super Junior fans say they like the song so I hope that you review it!

  304. I really LOVE this song!! THIS NEED to be reviewed! >w<

  305. One of the best comebacks this year! This needs to be reviewed :D Henry did such a good job with all of his songs on this cd!

  306. O.O That piano part at the beginning. CAN YOU TEACH ME????!!!! :)

    Also, kind of sorry for saying this since it’s Henry’s video, but… Taemin’s been doing a lot of extra stuff lately, don’t you think? :) I like it.

    The song is awesome! :D Love it and the video is good too. ^-^

  307. I am in Loooove with this song!! I can’t stop listening to it! :D

    FIGHTING!~~ ^^
    [and might i just add....TAEMAN TAEMAN!!]

  308. 성민 (✿◠‿◠)

    I hope Simon and Martina review Henry’s Trap. :DD
    This song is too good not to be reviewed. XD
    It is one of the best songs SM released this year.
    Henry fighting~~ !!

  309. Isabel Ruby

    ooooh that piano at the beginning…. gosh i really want to have the sheet music for it……. and does anyone know if you buy the song on itunes if the beginning piano solo is included or not?

  310. This video and song are amazing! It really showcases Henry’s musical talents. The song is really addicting too :D Hope it gets reviewed!

  311. OMG…I really want this reviewed…it’s the first SM song that I truly HONESTLY love! I’m so in love with this song that I have to pushed my biased YG brain to the side it’s so incredible.

    • HA! This is me right here 100 percent! I am extremely YG bias, though there are SM songs I like. “Like.” Not love. “Trap” here? LOVE! I cannot get enough of this song! When I heard it live on Music Core, I wasn’t so sure because I was only half-listening (I was working), but then I looked it up again, and I was completely BLOWN AWAY by how amazing this song is! Everything about it is AMAZING. The piano sounds amazing. The beat is incredibly catchy , and his voice is so PERFECT for the song! I think this is the best song to come out in 2013 so far.

  312. omg what if S&M could possibly get an interview with Henry that would be so great and Henry is so down to earth and cute and he speaks english and in a Canadian accent SIMON AND MARTINA ARE YOU REALISING THIS.

  313. this blows smoky girl out of the universe! ^_^ <3 this song!

  314. completely surprised to see kyuhyun and taemin. Maknae line is amazing.

  315. i have a question: why is male artists of sm entertainment (henry, super junior, exo, shinee.) so bad in music charts (gaon, melon)???

  316. Fighting Henry!! Peru support you!!!

  317. To say the truth .. it has been a while since i listen to song that is soooo good like this

    i fall in love with from the first second

    i think i deserve to be review .. totally new nothing like the other songs that has been release lately

    Henry voice , the song itself , music along with piano , dance , Kyuhyun & Taemin in total mv nearly perfect

  318. I think Henry’s Solo Debut is REALLY GREAT THING SM HAS EVER MADE!!!

    Okay, I’ve heard many times about this talented boy. But really never ever think that SM would ever debut him since this company likes to play in ‘safe way’. (do you sure know what i mean?)
    Well we even can see in the way they package this debut single with Kyuhyun and Taemin featured.

    But moreover, considering that SM SURPRISINGLY decided to debut this boy makes me wonder, that
    fufu I’m so anticipating..

    (Hopely this is not just another stupid experiment of SM ~huft) XD

    Finally go out of the BOX!! both song and MV (well, not really “go out” maybe, but since you ever tried to get better, i appreciated it kekeke)

    And the song was really DAMN GOOD, SM!
    Keep up the good work!
    And lastly, (maybe it rather biased),,


    • Everything is a experiment for SM… that’s SM….I do hope however… that SM will let Henry come back next year… even though he doesn’t do well in Korean… I bet you he’s doing really well around the world…

  319. Shayma Shawol Kpopcrazy

    it has to be reviewed!!! the song is really good and it’s not like sm typical songs or mv!!!
    and come On …what can be better than henry+kyuhyun+taemin???!!!

  320. S&M please let your inner Canadian biasness get the better of you and review this song. :)
    Instead of the heavy electronic music that the kpop scene has been producing, Henry has taken his audience back to the basics with such a clean and catchy song.
    I hope he will release the English and Chinese version soon (yes. he announced that he recorded Trap 22 times because he had to record the Korean, English and Chinese versions on Sukira)
    Plus i’m pretty sure that he participated in writing all the songs in the album. (feel free to correct me if i am wrong on this fact.)

  321. Sweet song, beautiful melody~!

    This video theme is the rising of SM’s namja maknae. if only Changmin was there, that’d be complete ^^

  322. When I first saw the teaser I was like “OH MY GOD, SIMON and MARTINA are right, the SM artists are feeling trapped” haha EYK is now forever in my thoughts when I listen to kpop haha. I was so excited after seeing the teaser and then mad when SM trolled about releasing the MV early and then…not releasing it early.

    But it was well worth the wait. I loved the song. Henry knows how to play the piano so well and his english of course is spot on. I wasn’t one bit bored in the vid and I loved the being outside and speeding car scene. No longer trapped, eh? haha.

    Its a TRAP and will get you very very addicted. I love the inclusion(is that word to use here?) of Tae and Kyu. My SM biases <3 who i feel added to the song in a very unique way. SM MAKNAE LINEEE.
    This really should be reviewed!

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  324. this song has trap our hearts… im sure it trapped yours as well…… please review this mv …

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  326. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    Did I mention? I can’t stop listenning!

  327. KissJadeMeNastieHenry

    My, my daebak

  328. Theres a rumour going around that Henry produced his own album and thats why its so different from the usual songs that SM does. If this is true, man Henry is really awesome to do this on his own!

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  332. SM hasn’t made any good music nowadays. But now, TRAP IS A GOOD SONG. Well done SM!

  333. This song is AMAZING! The piano, the vocals, the collab, the dancing… I cannot say enough good things about this song! Along with Shinhwa’s “This Love” and Roy Kim’s “Bom, Bom, Bom,” this is the most excited I’ve felt about a song in a while!

  334. Didn’t BtoB use that room for their MV ‘Father’ and ‘Irresistible lips’?

  335. it didn’t make it in time for this week. but i at least hope that this video gets reviewed for next week.

  336. ……I like this, but it has only convinced me more that Taemin needs a solo album. When is this happening?

  337. Is it bad that I almost clicked away from this video until I saw Kyuhyun? lol Love that man!! <3 <3 "You had my curiosity, now you have my attention" lol

  338. balloonsandhappythings

    I can’t get enough of this song! This HAS to be reviewed.

  339. I´m Trap!!! This song is the best! I love you henry!!

  340. هنري اسرني
    HENRY i’m trap for u

  341. im so glad henry gets to showcase his talent. this song is perfect :’)

  342. I really love how the entire song focuses on Henry, and how Kyuhyun and Taemin only complement Henry’s absolutly beautiful vocals and I am amazed with the quality of the whole thing. On another point….Henry is outside driving a car… an SM video! It’s a miracle! >-<

  343. The piano was amazing, I love this song!

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    it just need to be reviewed!!!

  351. there isnt much to the video, thought it’s still much better than a lot of sm videos. but i still want this reviewed ;D


  353. thisisjustforfunval

    Woah! That is a wonderfully constructed song. I love the piano with the beat of the song. I’m just wow really blown away. i didn’t really know what to expect from the song or video. I’ve really own been exposed to Henry by name and SM the Ballad. So it’s really wonderful to see SM promote him as a solo artist.

    One thing I do have to say about SM box sets, they proudly keep set builders and designer working. And I applaud that, because the could easily just use CGI to make a set. But it was also wonderful to see Henry out and about outside.

  354. specially the chorus part. but the Mv kinda made me laugh when henry has sunglasses on while driving at night in Seoul’s streets? (i was surprised that the street was not crowded).
    it would be a huge trap when they realease the english version as well!

    • SM isn’t that smart XD

      • henry said on Kiss the Radio that he recorded Chinese and English version of this song, i really hope SM would release it soon~
        but i really hate the fact that they use kyuhyun and taemin (popular artists) to promote this song. this comeback would be more special for henry if SM promoted him alone, rather then forcing other artists to join in his MV. he said that he didn’t chose to make his solo comeback with taemin and kyu, it was SM’s decision. this shows that SM just wants people to buy their albums (like a business), rather letting their artists shine and enjoy their own songs. that was dirty SM, no wonder people like me admire YG more, but i have to confess that i still love SM’s artists so much <3

        • Josh Chinnery

          Oh~ SM actually using their proverbial brains for once? Joshie like :3 It’s no secret that Henry is more liked internationally than he is in Korea (Only 13… Need I say more >_>), so making Chinese and English versions was a very smart thing. I just hope SM releases them while the iron is still hot and everyone is buzzing over the songs.

          Honestly, as much as Taemin and Kyuhyun’s collective presence in this song is unnecessary, I can’t blame SM for putting them there nor am I bothered by them (okay, Kyu’s bridge was kind of meh… The fact that SM led us to think that he was going to rap almost made me close the video right then and there XD). It was extremely risky for them to have Henry do a solo song, and even more to give him an entire mini album and actively promote him. Like I said, it’s no secret that Henry isn’t everyone’s favorite member of Super Junior, so I’m just happy the dude was let out of SM’s dungeon. Hopefully this effort was deemed a success and SM lets him have more creative control over his image and music (or he snatches it away, like BoA did while she was in Japan XD).

        • kitten_lilac

          As much as I’d love to see SM artists given more creative liberty (I’m a Girls’ Generation fan and would love to see more interesting videos from them) I think we, the fans, always seem to forget that SM Entertainment is and always will be a business and that’s okay. That’s literally what they are. Wanting them to act like they aren’t is a bit strange. You see, they are a very successful business. And businesses want to make money. That’s why we get cheap looking videos from the more stable groups. SM knows that fans will keep buying their records no matter what.

          But with rookie groups, they spend a lot more time making spectacular videos because, as a business, they want to make sure that their investment in a new group pays off. And solo acts seem to be *really* out of fashion right now in Korea. Look at how many groups are debuting. SM probably thought that Henry would stand a better chance of being recognized if they had him do this as a collaboration with two of their more popular stars.

          Other companies have done similar things too, so it isn’t just SM. Fiestar (from, I think, Loen Ent.) released a duet with IU before their ‘official’ debut. In a way, I sort of like that, because it’s the seniors helping the juniors gain more attention. And, I’ll admit that I was really excited to see that Kyuhyun and Taemin where going to be in the video. Once I watched it, I was totally starstruck by Henry, though. Which, I think, was SM’s plan all along. Though most of this is just my own speculation.

          So, I guess I can see where you’d like YG more and that’s fine. ^_^ But stay hopeful, because if Henry is serious about a solo career, I’m sure that he’ll release more songs and I doubt they’d all be collaborations.

        • i totally agree with you, it not just SME. when i first found out about kpop, i was really excited because they were many great groups like Brown Eyed Girls, SNSD, DBSK, SUJU, After School, 2PM, Lee Hyoring, etc. all these groups had different concepts and companies invested a lot of money on them. recently kpop has changed alot ever since 2009 and 2010. every time artists have comeback i feel like they all look same, singing in wonderful boxes and making s** with their face. many companies just appreaciate artists beauty and fame rather than their talent.
          kpop is not yet growing big in the world because artists aren’t too attractive in the eyes of many viewers unless an epic song like gangnam style comes out. i am not bashing kpop but MV are often too aweful that i am just like”wtf…”
          as a hardcore super junior fan, i like YG more than SM, but sometimes i feel like even YG producers put only one or two artists in spot light and the rest are like back up dancers. for example, daesung has an amazing vocal talent, but in big bang’s song he is always the one that appears the least. he doesn’t even get solo debuts on korea. or minzy who is a great dancer and singer, still is the least popular member of 2ne1 because yg doesn’t promote her as much. this is also ao problme with Gummy, the best YG female vocalist.
          it’s kinda sad to see great singers but not so great companies.

        • Semple Neim

          I generally agree with the business being what it is, I think you made a mistake regarding what is in and out of fashion right now. All the tons of idol groups debuting left and right are failing in Korea. Solo acts have been way more popular then idol groups for a year or so now. Charts like 3 years ago were only full of idols are now almost entirely dominated by solo artists. Koreans are pretty much bored with idols because all the possible concepts have been gone through. That’s probably why SM entertainment even created a Henry solo project, to get in on the big solo trend.
          Even as you said:Fiestar did a duet with IU. IU was massively successful even at the idol era peak.

        • Tiara Kikyo Giles

          If you really think about this is perfect example of SM not trusting the artists that they train. It seems like they don’t trust Henry to do well on his own. Cause this song would’ve been great without the others but it’s still a good song.

        • I agree with you…I don’t think this would happen in other companies lie YG, JYP, TSE, etc.

    • Tam

      ♫ I’m dead, I’m dead, I’m dead ♫


  355. ░▓▓░░░░▓▓░▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░▓▓▓░░░▓▓░▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░▓▓░░░░░░▓▓░░▓▓░░░░░░▓▓░░

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    the best song of the year for me!!!!

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    Гееееееенри !! Только Генри! Ждууу~

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  361. I literally wished for Henry to go solo for my birthday, AND IT HAPPENED. Well, my birthday isn’t just yet BUT STILL.
    I can’t describe how extremely happy I am for this! Thank you, THANK YOU SM Ent!
    A PERFECT debut mini album, with awesome songs that I can listen to 24/7! And the music is so fitting the song, and even with “guest appearances” with Taemin and Kyu made it even better! Lol :P
    Ahhh, I hope he gets reviewed <3 He really deserves it!
    Henry fighting!

  362. bigbangfosho

    Has SM finally escaped the confines of an oddly lit box?! I can’t tell when the last time SM has made a mix between a dance and random shots of a girl. There’s also a girl! I’m very proud of SM.

  363. PLEASE REIEW THIS!!! I don’t usually get this hyped for a MV, but MY GOT THIS IS GREAT!!!

  364. SpreadingTheLoveForKpop

    I really love this song! Help Henry win! :]

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  367. روووووووعه الاغنيه والرقصه وصوته وكل شيء وعلى قولتهIM TRAP ♥♥♥

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  369. Ah!!! Do we still have time? This seriously needs to be reviewed!! This song is sooooooooooooo good!!! And it’s such a breeze of fresh air musically for SM MV songs ><.

  370. Henry has been saying he’s really nervous for his debut, but I honestly don’t know what he has to worry about. He’s such a great entertainer and artist all around, with his humble attitude and shyness at requesting for his fans’ support (during SS5 Indonesia), you just can’t help but love the guy. I also think it’s really sweet how all of his hyungs and the SJ members have been tweeting/showing their support for him – Eunhyuk and Kangin even went to the Music Bank recording to watch him.

    All of the songs on the album stand out, and “I Would” (the English track) is so touching, the first time I heard it I actually cried (admittedly for personal reasons, but I don’t just cry over music willy-nilly, so… It stood out to me). I really hope Henry can get a win on MCD; as of this moment, he’s actually beating EXO, and I know with all of my heart, he really deserves this for all of the work he’s done over the years. To think he was so close to giving up on SJ-M and singing and going back to Canada.. But it was because of the fans that he stayed and it’s because of the fans that he’s realizing his dream as a solo artist now. I’m just so damn proud of the kid.

  371. I REALLY wanted EYK to review this soooo bad!


  373. Seriously now, this is one of the best songs of the year, it’s utterly fantastic!! It needs to be reviewed!! Henry has an amazing voice <3

  374. this song is awesome and im not being biased! although i feel that this song doesnt have a strong climax. kyuhyun is so hot in that hoodie!!!!!

  375. henry oppa fighting ELF fighting

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  378. Although I don’t think there is much to talk about the music video (awesomenes.. xDDD) but I think this kind of music would definitely suit your taste!! :D
    Also the opening piano part is really awesome and there is TaeMAN and Kyuhyun to talk!! ><

  379. I’m sick lately of SM’s kind of song which is catchy but tiring to hear.

    It’s like a new breeze.. The song was soooo greeaaat. Even I’m fallen just by hearing the teaser

    Henry deserve it! Finally getting his own light.

    Please review this, i really wanna know what simon and martina think about this MV

  380. With all idol groups SM has, I like the thought of a solo artist after so long. . .

    • Really a very long time. 13 years. And I believe the only other solo artists SM has are BoA and Kangta, which makes Henry a real stand out.

      • yes, that’s for sure ^-^

      • They’ve had other soloists throughout the years, but they mostly promote in China or Japan. Or not at all XD

        • Right, J-Min! How could I forget about J-Min… = =’

          It’d be cool if Henry and J-Min could have a collab, but not sure that’d ever happen. Unfortunate.

        • Josh Chinnery

          Don’t feel bad, I found out about SM’s other soloists through Wikipedia XD

  381. The song is really good! and the MV may be one of SM best MVs!

  382. This song really was a pleasant surprise for me~ I loved the song and the piano part at the start too~ :3


  384. =_= dude don’t drive and sing emotionally now i get why there are so many car accidents in korea, everybody acts in their own drama what if he met the dude from please don’t on the same road?

  385. I’m laughing just imaging what Simon and Martina would say about SM’s version of the gangsta look. I would pay good money to see Simon wearing Henry’s yellow outfit and trying to imitate that handkerchief dance on Music Monday.

  386. aww man only 7 hrs left to vote .. not fair since the mv came out only 12 hrs back! >.<
    I hope they review this .. its good to see Henry finally gettin recognistion =)

    • ….I wanted it to be reviewed
      *le epic sobbs*
      ..I guess will get another ExO review.

    • But considering how far it’s come in that amount of time, I’d say we’re doing pretty good! I really hope that if it doesn’t get reviewed this week, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get into the top three in the next hour, that maybe it can get reviewed next week

  387. This song is perfect with the music and also Henry’s voice!

  388. uuu so r&b ish~ i’ll make sure to check him out later

  389. Seriously the best song SM has released in a L-O-N-G time. Still can’t understand whose genius idea it was to have two of your artists promote at the same time. -_- As if Exo and Henry aren’t appealing to the same audience. One comes back after a year of being locked in the dungeon, and the other debuts after a week of announcing his debut?! Get your sh!t together, SM… smh

  390. catchy song. it is about time we see more of henry lau in the kpop scene.

  391. very catchy song by a very talented young man, I approve! loved the piano intro. but what’s up with those shorts worn over, what, tights? stockings? they make me laugh every time I watch it

  392. this song, the MV and all the mini-album are perfect, I love it ♥…Henry Fighting!!! ^^

  393. if only he played the violin during this song too

  394. Henry is so talented! That piano solo is wow. And I would love to see Simon and Martina do the handkerchief dance heh ^^

  395. Henry the best <3 <3 <3 :3 *-*

  396. Simon and Martina must review this great song!

  397. Brittainy

    Soooooo proud of Henry, and really happy that SM is finally tapping the talent in Henry/Zhou Mi that’s wasted most of the year when SJM isn’t active. Only13 can go suck eggs.

    Here’s to hoping he can win at least one music show award ^^. ELF power!

  398. im so proud of Henry for finally getting his own solo project

  399. Such an amazing song. The male soloist we need that we dont have because of Se7en’s military service and Rain’s……..stuff. Also more of the adds that you cant close that EYK love so much!!

  400. Love this song! Please review!!

  401. He is trapped in an SM box set

  402. this surely need to be reviewed its different from usual sm songs and our sjm mochi is really talented!!!

  403. Such a great song! Please vote vote vote!!!

  404. i loved the song! it was really catchy but it had a soft almost ballad-like feel to it. the rest of the album was amazing as well <3

  405. simon and martina, please review this !! the song is really really good and the dance’s cool too ! the other songs in the mini album are also fantastic !

  406. I am obsessed to this song. SM should provide more resources Henry to promote this song.He is a music genius and a hidden gem which haven’t been noticed before. He deserves more attention and spot light on them.
    Also, i think this may one of the best SM’s song that i listened before. I GOT TRAP!

  407. I would love for henry to be reviewed for music monday. I am so proud of henry and i loe the song and mv.

  408. I absolutely love the song and mv and would love to see it reviewed. I am so happy that baby henry is finally having an opportunity to show how talented and amazing he is.

  409. Please make the review!!!!! This is the best video in SM history!!!!! The song sounds good!!! It’s Henry!!!!

  410. Amazing solo debut by Henry!!!

  411. Nice handkerchief dance, Henry~ I do that every time I’m having a barbecue and there are too many flies around.

    No, but being serious, I loved this. The music, the piano, the clothing (Even the shorts over tights), hell, even the oddly lit room was cool. I like how the song is about being trapped and well, we all know what SM videos are all about. The dance was great, and the song was concise from beginning to end.

    Hats off, SM.

  412. Paola Mendez Carbonell


  413. Henry 你最棒.

  414. 我很喜欢这首歌!!Henry 파이팅! 사랑해~~~

  415. I can’t remember the last time I saw Kyuhyun in a hoodie, hat, and shorts. He looks so…unfamiliar?

    Love the handkerchief dance~

  416. Fighting Henry!!!

  417. Henry!!!!

    Now why should this MV be reviewed?

    Why not? haha I’m just kidding, this video is so different from what SM usually does, where esle (in SM’s videos) is there a music instrument? where else is there a history in a video? NO were else!

    SM really put effort in making this video, it was amazing, Henry is so talented, his voice was amazing, the lyrics are awesome ( 5/5 on English xD) the dance is so awesome too!

    I’m trapped in this song!!!!!!!

  418. Please Simon and Martina review this mv, cause finally sm gave us something worth reviewing!!! and let’s wait for exo’s drama version of wolf. Plus…Henry is Canadian *o* just like you guise!!!

  419. I have only one thing to say about this song: They sneaked in dopamine in wavelength format when mixing this song! © carmensitta – 2013 don’t you dare steal my awesome phrase kkk

  420. ♥ PERFECT SONG… ♥ CUTE HENRY ^^ :3

  421. VOTE FOR HIM!! Such a good song <3

  422. TiZHkA eRnEST ZiZuLz

    me super encanto la cancion no parode oirla

  423. it would be cool if this MV is reviewed :D

  424. I love this!!! Henry you are so Awesome!!! Saranghae!!

  425. Please please please KPop Music Monday!! I can already hear Simon and Martina’s intro:

    “This weeks KPop Music Monday is the Taemin rebellious stage version with Henry’s TRAP.”


  426. Wow…I think this is the best song SM released this year ^_^ MIND BLOWN this song is awesome!

    Finally SM has realised our mochi’s talent!!! HENRY<3 has escaped SM's boxes!!!

    That's definitely something for Simon&Martina to talk about lol.
    Great job SM! and now I'll be waiting for f(x) and Super Junior…

  427. I reallllly am like new at this voting thing lol and,ive been watching your vids but never have I been so worked up for an artist like I am right now with Henry !!!! Please give a review plzzz x) I dont know how to express how the vid is like forrr me its,so cool beautifuly made idk maybe cuz am fangirling tooo much byt I love the beat and lyrics of course the piano grabed my attention especially conbined with his voice XP lol well…ehem….in conclusion i would love for this to be reviewed x3 lol

  428. I will be highly disappointed if this gets reviewed and there is no joke about how, for once, the video matches the song. (Aka, trapped in a box) though Henry does make a valiant attempt at escape with a snazzy car.

    Also, the hand dance after the first chorus. What’re they trying to do? Looks like lazy mans counting? Lol

    Srsly, love the song though. Great mix for a debut. Can’t wait to see him grow as a solo artist. :)


  429. This got added at a weird time, it probably won’t be reviewed this week, and even if it’s #1 on the chart next week, it STILL probably won’t get reviewed because it’ll be “old” by then :( Excuse me while I drown in my tears ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    • I don’t know about that – VIXX has been on there for what… three weeks now? S&M probably don’t review Wolf until the drama version, and the only other opinion is Smoky Girl, which I admit is a good song. If VIXX get’s reviewed this week then Trap will probably get into the top three, and might get next week.

  430. SM goes outside of the box!!!!! And the girl was only in a relationship with Henry!!! SM is FINALLY listening to Simon and Martina!!!…the only problem is Kyuhyun probably shouldn’t wear those shorts…they don’t suit him that while -_-’…other than that, the video is Awsome!!! ^.^/

    • Ah yes, exactly my thoughts! Seriously.. those shorts made me cringe XD So nice to see them thinking outside the box too, it’s about freakin’ time!

  431. /fangurilla voice/ Omagosh this is so goooooooooooooood !
    Lol, seriously though, it’s AWESOME! Sexy piano playing time, sexy jumpy dance, sexy scarf (or whatever that cloth they use as props is called) dance time, it’s just freakin’ epic okay? Plus dat car… Hmmmhmmm!
    The only video that would worry me is Smoky Girl since it’s slightly out of the box as well? But I don’t see much potential (although the dance AND the song are lovely) for a KMM.
    People! Strings! ELFS! Vote so we can get in the top three by the deadline! WE CAN DO IT~~~!

  432. Come Strings we can do this!!!! FINALLY a chance for Simon and Martina to talk about Henry, aside from that first time years ago about SJM’s Perfection.

  433. I guess I’m the only that laughed when he set the piano on fire…

    This was LOOOONG overdue, Henry deserves this solo career after all he (and Zhou Mi) have been though. This song is superb and the vid was good, but….WHY THE BIZARRE OUTFITS?! Taemin with the one earring -_-.

    Anyways, Henry looked darn good in this video, his acting was great, and he made sure that he was not overshadowed by the beast that is Taeman (not beast meaning beast but beast meaning awesome, ya know?).

    A side note: I thought in the skyroom that he looked like a skinny debut era Onew but cooler…But maybe that’s just me.

  434. Raine

    He’s a great performer, but the song is not my fav. However, he does a great job and the cameos were tasteful. Taemin! Ahem, but I love that they show case his piano skillz and I’m digging an SM solo artist! I wanna hear what you have ot say about that. Please review! *voting*

  435. KYUHYUN OPPA!!!!!!

  436. Nicole Dennis

    FINALLY!! Okay, like ever since I figured out about Super Junior M and Henry and how talented he was, I have been DYING to see more. And now here he is with his solo debut and the song is incredible and I love the video and I really hope this gets reviewed. <3

  437. KYUHYUN OPPA !!!!!!

  438. At last! One of SM’s most talented musicians gets the attention he deserves! The song is really good, it is – whoa! – coherent and WHOA, there’s no unncecessary rap part. The features are only features and don’t steal the spotlight from Henry. Taemin sings really good (again) and as for Kyuhyun, I was hoping to hear the powerful side to his vocals and begging for his part not to be falsetto… So yeah, I was a little bit disappointed with it but it’s only a minor complaint and doesn’t make the song worse whatsoever. Well, I should have expected that.

  439. This is AWESOME. One of my fav song from SM. And the video… XDDDDD Kyuhyun O.o wae? And Taemin looks a bit like Amber, and and… ahahahah what’s with the handkerchief? I chocked on my food when they started that thing XDDDD AWESOME. Both because I truly think this is a god song, and because is utterly ridiculous. Must needs a review.


  441. Kimberly Irene Gooch

    I think this is easily my favorite SM release so far this year.

    I’m also really glad that Taemin and Kyuhyun didn’t end up doing anything more than featuring. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like Kpop understands what that’s supposed to mean.

  442. I want this reviewed after EXO’s Wolf. Hopefully after this gets reviewed (Which it will), VIXX’s Hyde wins.

  443. I believe this should be reviewed. Henry is a foreigner in Korea and though he is in Super Junior M he didn’t get a lot of recognition. This year it’s different though, he’s been in a cooking variety (?) competition/show, is going to be featured in a movie released in the summer, and has a solo! Maybe it’s because I’m biased, but I really loved this MV. The song was great, I loved the choreography, and it wasn’t ONLY in a box like most of SM’s MVs.

    But like I said, I am a biased ELF. Being it is Henry, with Kyuhyun featured in it along with Taemin (as I also love Shinee) I can’t give a honest unbiased review. I think Simon and Martina would be able to do a wonderful job with reviewing it (more) objectively and with (less if) no bias. Plus, I WANNA SEE SIMON AND MARTINA REVIEW THIS CAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME AND FUNNY AND IF AWESOME (EatYourKimchi) MEETS AWESOME (Super Junior/ Henry) IT EQUALS= OHMYFREAKINGGOD THAT’S SUPER AWESOME! And I wanna see that.

  444. Love the song… Henry was awesome… ♫♪I’M TRAPPED♪♫

  445. finally a Korean solo from Henry!! THE SONG IS AWESOME! The video is cool, not as awesome as some other mvs but for SM this is AMAZING! HENRY GOES OUTSIDE!! AND THE ODDLY LIT ROOM WITH THE PIANO HAS AN AWESOME CEILING!!

  446. Needs to be reviewed! The song is great~~ I wanna hear what Simon and Martina say about it. :)

  447. s&m I’ll give you a very simple reason you CAN’T ignore Henry:

    He’s Canadian.

    So there you go. You can’t leave your fellow Canadian out without a review? Right? Riiiiight?

    • xD I have to admit that’s the first reason I looked into Super Junior. I saw the Super Girl video, and someone said something about Henry being Canadian, and I was like ‘What!? A Canadian in kpop!?’. Needless to say, I’m glad I let them suck me into it. And Henry, being one of the most talented, not to mention sweetest, and kindest, people in kpop, I think, deserves to be reviewed.

    • VALID! When would be the next time you get to review a Canadian kpop song? xD

    • don’t say that… henry is also very talented

  448. My favorite comeback of the year, honestly. And I’m trying not to be biased (even though it Mochi, how can I be objective lol), and both the MV and the song itself are freaking a-ma-zingggg. Especially the piano intro, it fits so well, and the music line is so consistent, not like SM at all haha

  449. Its really good song!!! should be reviewed!!!

  450. wow.. thats how its done! great job Henry!

  451. this song is so catchy

  452. this was everything i had been hoping for and more. Congratulations to Henry!

  453. If I was in the same room with Henry playing the piano I would still be looking at the ceiling. Dayum look at that sunset!

  454. lets vote for henry

  455. This is seriously a fantastic song!! The piano parts are amazing too! Henry is so freakin’ talented and I’m SO HAPPY he is able to promote as a solo artist and show the world his talents! I really like Taemin’s part in the song too. And Kyuhyun looks so sexy~
    It would be SO AWESOME if EYK interviewed him!! That would make my life hahaha


  457. I fell right into the TRAP!!

  458. azadeh hejazi dehaghani

    I have listened to this song several times duting the day. when I heard it this morning I bought it right away!

  459. I want to learn how to do that on the piano: Maybe in 2 months I will have finished! ^^

  460. tHIS IS awesome !! Finally runsaway from the SM boxes via a Sport car! haha lol

  461. It’s so freaking catchy!!!!!!!! IT NEEDS TO BE REVIEWED!!!!!

  462. Enny

    Vote this song for the top three~~~
    TaeMAN and Kyuhyun are giving me good chills here~~~
    Henry Comeback was Daebak!!! :D

  463. This is by far my favourite song by SM in a long long time. The last song I liked by them was Super Junior’s No Other. I love the use of the piano.

  464. wow this really blew me away! the song’s really addictive. so happy for henry that he finally gets his chance to shine :)lll

  465. SIMON AND MARTINA! Being an older Kpop fan, I can honestly say I rarely fangirl over any Kpop song BUT, I can totally admit that this song had me fangirling like a 15 year old. SM Entertainment’s releases over the last 18 months, or so, have been really off and no where near the caliber they used to be 3-5 years ago -which made me concerned for Henry’s debut. However, this track is extremely impressive. While the video is just …well… TYPICAL FOR SM… the song really deserves a MM. I never officially request a song for a MM. I vote but I rarely ASK outright for a song to get reviewed. I am, however, begging for this one! I really hope this song makes it to the top three and you guys pick it!

    • Me too. I think the songs releases in the past few months by SM are totally off and not at the same level SM used to be years ago. However, trap…no…. Henry’s whole album is just incredible and fabulous as compares with most of the song in Korea nowadays. The song Trap is catchy, but the lyrics are also meaningful unlike other kpop songs are basically brain-wash and pointless.

      • I agree. Im not a super huge fan of Super Junior perse but Ive always found their music decent and actually prefer their subgroups over the main group. Henry’s album is pure gold through and through. I was really concerned on what direction SM would make him take and I was happily surprised with his entire album. He definitely came out with a wonderful solo debut.

        • Angela Merritt

          I miss Super Junior Happy! Cooking Cooking made my life hahaha. I was just getting into kpop years ago and discovered that bizarre wonderful gem by accident :D

        • Suju Happy is the best subgroup :D

          I was hoping for a short reunion song before Leeteuk left, but SM didn’t think of it ><

      • totaly agree

    • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

      this explains everything about my feels right now.. I’m an ELF but I never get hooked to SJ’s promotional songs for the past few years maybe because it’s becoming repetitive, again and again which made me BORE.. Yes I’m bored at some! From Mr. Simple to A-Cha to SFS to SPY to Break Down. Okay SM, what are you doing with SJ’s capability to sing? I think the last promotional songs or MV that SM has ever make me play the video and listen to the song for gazillion times is SJ’s No Other.. The song and the MV is not the usual SM thing. I’m so happy about what they did to Henry’s MV and single because AT LAST! I can finally say that “You did a great job there” to SM. really!

      • In my opinion: Super Junior’s “No other” was the best song they ever put out.

        • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

          I can’t stop agreeing at your comment <3 No Other is my favorite song from them. And now they're fighting with TRAP haha

        • N. Nini Lent

          Im curious to see if any fans out there have seen Henry’s appearance on “Kiss the Radio”. There is a video clip of him playing the acoustic piano version of Trap during the broadcast on Youtube. Honestly this song is even more beautiful played acoustically. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t. I really hope that Henry decides to release a repackaged album with an inclusion of the acoustic version of Trap on it. If you guys have seen the video, I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well!

        • FireSpark96

          I saw it! It was seriously amazing! I loved how it sounded with just the piano rather than with all the extra base and etc. It really blew me away, I think an acoustic version would be amazing.

        • N. Nini Lent

          That video totally became a great piece of ammunition for any Kpop fan when a non-kpop fan says that Kpop artists have no talent.. “Oh Really?” *shows video* “Now what did you say about Kpop artist not having any talent?” bam =P LOL!

        • FireSpark96

          Exactly! All those people who go around and degrade Kpop, just need to sit down and watch that video and also one of those clips of Henry playing his violin while dancing, it completely blew me away when I saw those.

        • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

          Oh I heard it days ago and had major goosebumps. I think he composes songs with acoustic versions. I remember he made an acoustic version out of his composed songs like Off My Mind and Andante. There could be other more but I can’t really remember. He’s so good at almost everything which makes me jealous too haha

        • It’s You. I like No Other, but It’s you is my favorite all the way :D

          In fact, I had really hoped they would promote Only U, simply because it’s the one song that I have loved this much since It’s You. And it was written by Teuk, which makes it so much more special.

        • Alexandra Huang

          Ditto! “No Other” was what hooked me to K-pop :3

          @disqus_O7az7NuaHx:disqus I totally agree the SM isn’t showcasing SJ members’ voice properly… I love those videos of the various members on Immortal Song because you can actually hear their raw voices. My favorite by far is Ryeowook’s!

          Who here ever thought of Kyuhyun as a rocker?

        • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

          hohoho! that’s my bias right there! that was my favorite performance of Kyu.. not just in Immortal Song but over-all.. never did I expect that he can sing rock songs not until he joined the show. I mean, SJ members have diverse voices which sadly SM hasn’t made any actions. Donghae for example, I heard his voice in “So Cold” no offense to other members but his voice suits the song the most (no wonder why Henry choose Hae as the singing whom he mostly like among members). The song is totally different from what SJ releases and it shows Donghae’s singing ability. Same with Heechul, he’s good with rock songs but sadly, the problem is in SM >.<

        • Alexandra Huang

          Aah. Strangely, Donghae and Heechul are two whose voices I can’t distinguish as much. I can’t find a lot of good videos with Donghae’s singing but to me he seems to have that perfect “pop” voice, if you know what I mean. Do you have a video to the So Cold video you’re referring to?

          As for Heechul… I feel like he restrains himself in his singing, like, just sing it out man! Any video suggestions for him? I like him mainly because he is such a DIVA haha… he’s his own kind of funny!

        • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

          when I was a baby ELF, I swear, I can’t differentiate Donghae, Heechul and Leeteuk’s voice. Haha But now, it’s okay I found their differences especially on techniques. Hmm.. Donghae is SJ’s 5th best singer and I agree his voice is more on pop songs.. But sadly, he is a one heck member who is not confident of himself. He doesn’t have much solo songs but he sings a lot for OST. His solo songs are That’s Love, Beautiful, First Love and Please Don’t (he composed all 4) and Don’t Go. He has unreleased solo song called Can We Get Married, he also composed that one. That’s all I can remember so far. As for SO COLD, I personally like his voice the most in the song. Well, Henry and Eunhyuk suits the song too but Donghae caught me. Here’s the link:

          Heechul, oh yes he restrains himself from singing after the incident in 2006 >.< Here's Heechul singing rock songs. PARADOX he only features in that song, small part actually… MICHYO his solo in SS2

        • Alexandra Huang

          Whooo links galore! Thanks :3

          Hopefully Donghae and Heechul become more confident in their abilities. I mean, they’re SINGERS for crying out loud haha.

      • i feel the same. sometimes i watch suoper junior MV, simple because i have many forever bias, ryeowook appearing in it. after No Other until Break Down, none of Sj songs got my attention. not only SJ but also GG. even though i love GG, i really fell in love with the boys, Flower Power, I got a boy, Beep Beep, love and girls. i just feel like SM doesn’t spend a lot of money on their artists which is the reason why other companies are dominating kpop industry :(

        • I don’t get why you exclude Sexy Free and SIngle from their best songs, seriously. It had that fresh feeling, and was the best thing that could happen after Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr Simple. It’s different and even though has some parts that didn’t sound that great, like Yesung’s part around minute 3, I think it deserves a title of one of the best songs of 2012.

          Break Down and GO were even more amazing, and together with SFS, those were the songs that I would proudly and confidently show a non-kpopper.

          Seriously, GO does not get enough love people!

        • well different people have different taste in music. even thought we both like SJ, your choice is really different than mine. i am not saying that i didn’t like their songs, but it wasn’t too special either. for example, acha was one of my favorite songs, but SM didn’t promote it well with a simple MV and suits. i bought their poster for that song and it’s basically all the members wearing same dark clothes. or the way that SM made MV for KRY’s promise you . it was too simple that you couldn’t even compare it to TTS, i just wish to see some more special songs from SM

  466. Ok, this is definetely one of the bests songs of this year!! SHGSDSDJASGDJAFDJGAFDJSGFDJAGJ

    One of the things that caught my attention is that there is NO RAP!!!

    Henry is a great musician! And I’m so happy he put strong vocals to enhance this music. I was so afraid that in the brigde they were going to rap, and break the feeling of the song. But when I saw Kyuhyun I was soooooo happy. The brigde with his sweet and high pitch vocal made a great transition!!!

    And the best part in this all: forget the eletric and tecno unnecessary sounds to attract attetion. The strong point here was the grand piano with a strong marked beat and strong vocals that gave soul to this song!!

    And do I need to say? The plot is simple. The guy is trapped by a memory of his loved one. The plot is consistent and there is only one man and one woman (very normal for an SM video). And considering the song is catchy and Henry dances really well, we get a dance with not only “I’m trapped” steps but with the piano gestures :).

    I soooooooooo want to hear S&M thoughts!!! hjsgfdafdgafsjfdjgafsgjdjfajgsfjgda

    • “forget the eletric and tecno unnecessary sounds to attract attetion”

      That’s why I love it too! The music is simple and you can clearly hear the instruments in the music: piano and drums. And I really like the harmonies that come in when Henry, Taemin and Kyuhyun sing together. So pretty :)

  467. Tam

    This song. Is. So. Gortdamned. AWESOME!!! Eventually Simon and Martina are gonna HAVE to review it. I just wish I was from Canada now. xP

  468. What’s with parental advisory? It’s not naaasty enough for parental advisory.

    Theses red walls are the same than in VVIP, right? I think it’s a direct message to Fangurilla. Henry wants to hear “HENRY! TIME FOR KISSES!” shouted with that exotic voice of hers.

  469. unicornsgalaxy

    tbh, Henry could have done this on his own and I could have done without the features but at least they were just that, and weren’t through the whole song.

    I’m so proud and happy for Henry! He is so talented! I remember he blew me away when I saw him play the violin on Don’t Don. As soon as I saw that I knew I had to keep an eye on him cause he is super talented. I’ve been waiting for this day so long! I really hope he does well! You can see his passion for music!

  470. This song was awesome, but I just kept thinking, “is he singing about being trapped in a relationship or in the oddly lit rooms SM puts them in?” XD I’m so excited that he escaped the rooms! To see an SM Ent artist singing in a car in the outside world was SO COOL! ^___^ Not trapped anymore.

  471. I’m so happy for Henry! He’s so talented, it’s about time SM let him shine.
    To sum up:
    He speaks English, Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese, Japanese, Thai, and French.
    He sings, dances, and writes music.
    He earned his Grade 10 in violin from the Royal Conservatory of Music, which is the highest level they have (and I think a high level in piano too)
    And he’s from Toronto, which automatically makes him awesome to this Torontonian

    Henry, fighting!

  472. Side note: although I love UKISS to bits, I feel like this is how they should have featured Kevin in uBeat – with just a few lines here and there. Loved Taemin and Kyuhyun’s appearance in this video ^^

    • That would have made a lot more sense – it made me think that Kevin was actually part of uBEAT and not just supposed to be there for the video. People should take a lesson from this video – this is how featuring’s work. They’re in the video/song for a little bit, not most of the video/song

    • Agreed, though it’s no surprise that NH Media doesn’t have a clue what they’re doing :/

    • Cyber_3

      Yes! I was very confused because it was like Kevin sang 70%-80% of the song, and yet was only “helping out”? I would have felt overshadowed as the other two guys who were actually supposed to be U-Beat.

      I admit I’m having a hard time picking out Taemin, maybe I don’t recognize him in a hoodie?

  473. An SM artist was released from the box!! Kinda ironic though since the song is about him being trapped…but I’m not complaining :D supporting a fellow Canadian!~

  474. please vote for this song so Simon&Martina can make a review for it ! and for exo fans : please wait for the Drama version to come out, it would worth to review more than this dance version…
    It’s Henry Lau, man ,vote for this MV!

  475. Awesome video, nice done Mochi <3

  476. not this week, i think, but maybe next week, I need this reviewed!

  477. Henry Fighting! We, String and Elf always support u!

  478. lady_kire

    This is one of the best songs SM has released in a long time. It’s not a mix mash or different genres or concepts. This one I feel is one genre. The oddly lit room problem works well for this song and Henry isn’t always in this room. Even the english is perfect! I hope this one gets reviewed. Henry’s talent is finally showing. I’ve seen him in Maxstep and some Suju M songs and he’s barely getting the spotlight. This one has him in the spotlight.


  480. One of the best songs I have heard from SM in a while. This is amazing

  481. this song was great!! really neat in a way. there wasnt too much noise and the piano is really cool as well. the choreography was also really nice, especially taemin’s awesome turn there :D thought both him and kyuhyun sounded a bit strange in this song. not like themselves … i dont know.
    but it was kind of quite how the two maknaes joined him :D
    …i think henry should have debuted by himself since the beginning. i mean this is the first time im paying attention to him. before he was just shoved in a sub group

  482. I love the bandana dance and Tae’s spin at around 2:00+ ~ <3
    the whole choreo is just awesome! :D

  483. I’m trapped <3

  484. This is one of the best songs SM has released this year, if the THE best, in my own opinion. Henry’s finally getting some time in the spot light! And for that, I’m super proud! I’d really like to see what S&M have to say about the song, since even in the Perfection review, Henry never really got mentioned. I can’t really see a whole lot that would make it a ‘good’ Music Monday – nothing that I can think of for funny skit, or anything – but it’s a great song, and the video is GOOD. The box set that their in for part of it, fits for once, instead of just being like ‘why are we in a weird box room?’.

    • That’s one thing S&M can talk about. On occasion the box can actually fit the song! lol

      • Hey, yeah! How did I not realize that… And it’s weird, out of all of the box videos I’ve seen, only like… two actually fit, the other being Dream Girl, and that’s only because it was kinda cool to watch

  485. It is beautiful. Definitely a song made for him.

  486. hennnrrrryyyyyyyy

  487. Alright folks, lets get the votes up!!! Talk about the song!!! I really like the sound. It’s got a very clean clear sound to it. Sometimes SM songs sound like too much is going on at once. I personally think Taemin and Kyuhyun serve no purpose beyond hoping that ELF and Showal will watch it just to see their bias. Taemin’s voice suits the song very nicely but Kyuhyun barely sings anything and Henry is perfectly capable of doing this song alone. And for once the box room suits the song.

    • Either that or he also wanted to make the debut more exciting by having two of SMs idols in it. . .

      • I don’t think they have a whole lot of say in the matter. I think SM dictates most of it

        • True. . .you’re right. . . but it did made it exciting for the fans anyways xD

        • It did! And it’s all the youngest who joined him!! XD

        • I think that was cute ^-^ And the best part was that eventhou they were there, they didn’t overshadow Henry .

        • Yes! They are very well known and very experienced but Henry still held his own. He has amazing stage presence

    • Jane Patterson-McGuire

      The track list I saw shows three versions of Trap on the album … one just named “Trap”, one “Trap featuring Taemin” and one “Trap featuring Kyuhun”.

      I can see why they would want the additional draw in the video/MuBank performances.

      (I could have done without the Taemin feature, frankly; if there is gonna be a feature, I want more Kyuhun, especially since we won’t get any more Suju-KRY for at least two years while Yesung is doing his military service.

  488. Not only is this song amazing, it has a flaming piano and a bandana dance. SOLD! Awesome job, Henry and co.

    • Cyber_3

      I thought it was hankerchief-dance but I guess that since they are wearing them as bandanas as well, I’ll give you that one, especially since bandana dance sounds so much manlier. I thought it was very cool and added something special to the video – really kept your attention in the right places.

  489. How does this have so few votes?! Henry is so awesome!!!!

  490. Am I the only one who was all like “don’t…. do that!!!” when Henry stepped on the grand piano?!

    (grand pianos are like sacred items/instruments for me…) xD

    • I actually cringed just a bit but he stepped over the keys so I was like *whew*!

    • yes ! I was like : ” oh my god ! not the piano! ” xD That was the only part which made me frown and at first I actualy thought he stepped on the part with the keys but then in the live performance noticed otherwise …

    • If it were anyone other than Henry, I’d want to shank them.
      As a well-known pianist, Henry’s proven that he has a lot of respect for the instrument, and knows how to do fancy tricks without destroying it. It’d be like if he were to smash his violin. He’d do it, but it would probably be the choreographer’s idea, not his (Another example of being “trapped”into doing something). And notice how quickly he got down from it and never stood on it again for the rest of the video.
      But to all the other K-Pop idols: Seriously, don’t try this at home.

    • So with you there. I build grand pianos for a living and especially the top coating is fucking sacred!

      But my headcanon is, that the grand piano in the MV is a prop in those shots. ;)
      (Probably in the Live Version too since he was only playing the Intro live – the piano chords in the actual song are not from a grand piano in that size and very distinctive.)

      • The piano used in the filming for the live performances was the same in both the intro and song parts. The only day he played the intro completely live was for Inkigayo, and that piano was so horrible. I’m figuring the broadcasting companies have shitty old pianos for props.

        • Yes, I saw that. What I meant was, that the chords in the beginning of the song (not the intro) were not played live. For the song itself the piano was a prop, nothing more.

    • I know! It’s such a nice piano! He does it at Music Bank too…I nearly cried. That poor piano.

    • Sophie Tiffany Vanderbilt

      OMG noooo I cringed, too!

      “noooo…wait…omg, noooo Henry don’t step on….ohhh. cringe.”

    • that made me cringe, too, and he didn’t just step on it, they set it on fire!!

    • Am I the only one who thought that was hot? And he had a white one for his debut stage… No disrespect for pianos intended. xD

    • you wasn’t the only one
      i was like :O
      and later in the video the set the piano on fire .-.

  491. I want Simon & Martina to review this song! T_T”

  492. Woooow how an amazing song

  493. I’m so proud of him! ^^ The song is amazing! *o*

  494. I find myself inexplicably relating to these lyrics, it’s sort of sad. Bleargh.

    I just wanted to say I really, really adore Henry’s ad libbing. His notes throughout the song give me goosebumps, especially the ones at the closing. I’m so proud of this debut, he’s had it coming and I’m just happy SM has chosen to highlight his amazing talent by making him a solo artist (first one in 13 years!).

  495. The song it’s awesome! His English is perfect LOL
    Wish Simon and Martina could review it.
    It will be perfect if they could interview him.
    Canadian gathering anyone??

    • If EYK got Henry in the Studio, I would just die. Spudgy tummy touches and Henry in the sticker booth… And he’s so down to earth and friendly and appreciative and omg I need to start digging my grave prematurely.

    • And they’re all from Toronto, too! I think I would die if they could interview Henry – not to mention it would be so much fun to watch!

    • oh damn! Just realize that they are all from Toronto. I’m fainting just by thinking that they got Henry in the studio.

      Do you hear us Simon Martina?? WE WANT HENRYYYYY!!

    • That would be… the internet highlight of the year for me probably.

    • his english better be prefect…

    • Kyuhyun ❀◕‿◕❀

      oh my god! this comment make me go… WOW! I want Henry to be interviewed by Simon and Martina too!! wahaha! His english is nearly perfect (okay LOL) plus spudgy, OH MY GOD! Henry better go along with spudgy.. Chipmunk (Henry, back when he still has mochi cheeks) + Spudgy will be the cutest thing. I think the last time S&M reviewed a video with Henry is “Perfection”. So right now, I’m anticipating for them to review TRAP.

  496. Well. Didn’t this come out at the right time! I was disappointed with SO MANY comebacks the past few weeks and then this came out and finally something I enjoyed! This song is terribly catchy and Henry’s voice is awesome and everything about this song was awesome.
    And omg it’s an SM video partially out of the box! yayz. Ironically the song is named ‘Trap’ XD HE MANAGED TO ESCAPE/

    I must say that Taemin looked fine with those eyes and in this video he was just all fine.

    And I LOVED Kyuhyun’s dramatic appearance. It’s really cool seeing these separate acts come together and produce something like this.

    So yes this song will be on repeat for a long time now.

  497. OMG I was not expecting something as great as this!! I was expecting another typical SM sound-clustered song, but was very surprised!! I love the song and there is talent and style oozing out everywhere. Also Taemin made me have a mini-heart attack every time he appeared (-///-;) (those earrings *_*) These boys <3

  498. Ooh, I like this song! This piano sounds, and Taemin with Kyu suit the song. The video is a lit bit awkward maybe….:DD but it’s nice

  499. Henry: I’m trapped.
    /manages to escape the SM MV box of doom via sports car.

  500. I’m so proud of Henry. His debut stage was amazing and the song is great and I’m so proud I could burst.

  501. PunkyPrincess92

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  502. Henryyyy! Finally it’s released! :D Love it! Catchy and with nice piano parts. Aaand the video is not only dancing in oddly lit rooms, but it’s quite varied :D In other words; S&M need to review this! Let’s show Henry huge support now and vote^^

  503. I’ll be brief: This needs to be reviewed!!
    Because the song is good, because the MV is out of the box, because there’s an amazing piano part, because it features top-star guests, but most of all because -

    it’s HENRY LAU!!

    Who’s getting deserved recognition at last and needs all the help he can get in spreading the word about his solo venture! As simple as that lol

    • saw you in akp and now in eatyourkimchi ^^

    • I know!! is freaking talented Henry!!! and it’s awesome tittle track!! song gives me chills

    • Sorry for ride in your comment, but please ELFs (and other fandoms) vote for Henry on Mnet!!!
      Trap is an awesome song and really deserves to win!!!

    • Another thing that makes Henry awesome. He’s the first solo artist SM has debuted in 13 years, that ought to speak for how amazing Henry is.

    • Definitely agree with this. Ever since I found out about Henry Lau (Way back when SJM was a new thing) I’ve absolutely loved him. He’s got so much enormous talent and this personality that just makes me want to hug and squish him and support him and protect him from all the hate. He could use all the love he can get sent his way.

      And you’re right, this MV is amazing. I was floored in the first ten seconds by that fantastic piano solo, and it just gets better from there. I could listen to the song all day.

  504. I hope this song gets reviewed this week, if not next week ^_^ I’m still waiting for Break Down to be reviewed, they’ve already reviewed Perfection a while back :(

    • Break down is chinese. So it’s not going to get reviewed. Perfection had 2 versions, one in Korean, which is why they reviewed it.

      • break down had a korean version, but at some point after TWM was done, S&M decided they’d only review things released in Korea for the Korean market. Which Break Down wasn’t.

        • Jennifer Strzelecki

          It did? i never heard it! boo on my SJM senses not working. But i understand about the only in Korea music. omg..imagine how crazy it would be if they did all of the music done by Korean artists? All the Chinese/English/Japanese songs…oh my head would explode!

        • Yeah I think that’s why they stopped because so many groups had overseas releases that aren’t really relevant to what is popular in korea (?)


  506. I don’t even know what to say about this, my feels are all over the place. I love that Henry’s gone solo and I love how SM has thrown it upon us out of nowhere without any expectations because everything is just like a hurricane of awesome. Henry’s piano playing – great. I loved the beginning when he stood atop it.. I think the addition of Taemin and Kyu (coming out like a baus) was well executed (maknae line!) and some of the camera angles in this video are really lovely. And the live stage. /posts link and lets it speak for itself/

    But above all, there’s just soooo much for Simon and Martina to pick fun at, I can’t even. (That birdcage? Needless to say, I’m really glad there wasn’t a bird in it.) xD I really hope this can get reviewed! Gold mine! Fiery gold mine!

  507. yanagiba yusuke22

    the mv is in the box….so henry said…’i’m trap’…..kinda suitable…. :D … SM, u should realized wat henry wanna say

  508. yanagiba yusuke22

    who watched the mubank live perf just now????

    • I just watched that. I can’t even stop fangirling
      OMG!!! I honestly thought the choreography is going to be a bit simple, but seeing it full length turns out to be more complicated. Not move wise, but more towards formation of the dance. I especially love the fact that when Taemin and Kyuhyun came out, it was very smooth but didn’t over power Henry. I mean, it’s his time to shine after all these years.

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        agree… taeman n mr cho really featuring in the song…not overrated henry himself… S&M…u should bring henry to the studio…meet ur another canadian man…:)

  509. I love the beginning!

  510. yanagiba yusuke22

    keep votinggg……. want this song to b review this week…

  511. Henry Lau , it is finaly your time to shine on the Korean scene… and I think this song is really nice ^-^

    I cannot follow the dance ( xD ) but I can swing to the melody *lol* and I love the piano parts. I do like to watch the dance thou i won’t dance myself .

    Side note: finaly ! Finaly someone feels trapped in those boxes ! xD And since he was speeding away in a car at the end, I guess he made it out? *lol* ( I had to – haha – )*

    * enjoy your moment of freedom because you may end up back in those boxes… *evil laugh *

  512. I’m so happy for Henry that he gets to have his own spotlight. He’s so incredibly talented. I hope in one of his MVs in the future he’ll play his violin. <3 This one was very pleasing to watch and listen to, and the little parts by Taemin and Kyuhyun were fun too. Definitely looking forward to everything Henry will do in the future~

  513. GoldenAngelFeather

    so funny how people say the artists are ‘trepped’ int he boxes xD hahah xD
    Loved the song a lot, really the piano,t he song, the dance(though taemin totally did better than the suju members in dancing xD), the piano catching fire, the car ride! everything is amazing and even though it was in a box, it made sense…, he’s trapped ! :P

  514. I am so biased I don’t care this is another typical SM m/v. Dance in a box+girl+fancy car=mew but whit Henry in everything is wonderful and hypnotic. OMG i’m famboying too much. Henry <3<3<3

  515. I love this song so much. And the album as well.
    The MV and the song is very different to the usual title song produced by SM. I think Henry gave a lot of input on this.
    I was surprised that he went for the piano instead of his usual violin. But that just show case how much talent he has.
    And no box set with weird lighting! Well, there is some, but still. There’s an actual set, and he even went outside on a car ride!!

    • I think they chose for him to promote a song with a piano-based melody cause it’s easier to make a good pop song using a piano rather than a violin :)

      • What’s awesome is that “they” didn’t chose it for him, he and his music team Noize Bank made the whole mini album *–*

        • Brittainy

          Actually not all of the songs on the album were produced by Noize Bank – they only did 1-4-3, My Everything, and Ready 2 Love. I’m sure it’s basically the same thing that happened with uBEAT – SM isn’t quite ready to give him complete artistic freedom, not with the first single/album anyway.

  516. This song is brilliant! Loving the piano. Although there’s quite a lot of piano abuse going on in this video. I bet the piano feels more trapped than he does! :D

  517. Jase Aaron

    I knew sooner or later an SM artist was gonna start feeling claustrophobic xD Love this song, it’s so catchy!

    • claustrophobic lmao i hope all them feel like that and stop the boxes!!

    • Finally, the one time where SM’s box sets make sense. hmmm SIMON AND MARTINA, SM BOX SETS MAKE SENSE 5 TIMES FAST GO! jkjk you don’t have to, I’ve tried and my tongue is in knots. Henry being claustrophobic and singing a song called Trap. What a perfect match. Not that he’s really claustrophobic no but, you get my point. S&M finally, as song from SM that you can agree with ’cause it rages at box sets and traps and stuff. IDK really. I can’t speak fluent korean so I have no clue what the song is about but yeah.

  518. I think this song is really pretty and Henry Fighting!