Heo Young Saeng – The Art Of Seduction

  1. back again to this page… whoaaaaaaaa…. I’m crazy girl….

  2. eni501albania

    our prince with such a beautiful voice & full of life♥ fighting triple s

  3. Haitzzzz… I must be a crazy girl… when I was driving my car and listening this song.. I sang and imitate Saengi’s movement ini this mv.. till my friend said “hmmmm… it must because that chubby boy right?”
    hahahahahahaa… lot of my friend can’t mention Heo Young Saeng correctly but they call Saengi’s as “chubby boy”….

  4. like “love can’t be erased” that Saengie has many part,
    I can’t erase this forum from my brain…
    * I love & can’t forget this forum…*

  5. I Really Really Really want you to review this music video. This would be so much fun!

  6. Have you seen this interview? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAgKKID9nB8 I just love how they introduced SS501 and included them in the interviews.. >.<

    • josie orocay

      hi, thanks for sharing…YS surely are cute even not trying to be cute:-) I like mostly his speaking voice here I can hear some korean words clearly, haha (I don’t know if it is just me but sometimes in some of his interviews I don’t pay attention his talking I rather read the sub and or pay attention to his expressions coz I can’t recognized a word from him. for me he seems mumbling than talking especially in SS501 time but when he sing he is opposite…) this is one of his charm to me, hehe:-)

      • IKR?? ahahaXD I think you’re right… Whenever I see him in interviews or shows before,, he seems like mumbling.. like a real shy prince… Coz other members are doing all the talking.. ahahaXD That’s why I’m happy that he can be like that now and talk freely.. That’s one positive thing that they did solo careers for a while……. to improve their individuality.. ^^

        • josie orocay

          talking is one thing that improved a lot to YS:-) coz he has no choice but talk in his interview,XD in SS501 project time the mic is either on JM or HJB…this two are the one who talks a lot on interview…and true, individual activity improves them and highlights more of each of their personality…:-)

        • true! I remember one time, Saengie said that Minnie got mad at him during their radio mc… There was a time when a caller talked with Minnie, then she said why don’t Minnie let Saengie talk.. ahahahaXD

        • josie orocay

          really? LOL. . .knowing JM surely he will get one. . .haha.

    • Haha thank you for sharing! So cute ~ <3

    • Parsacarly

      That interview is so cute!!! SS501 doesn’t need a mysterious members – I think we all like the playfulness and general mucking around!!!

  7. saeng prince

    it’s just WOW!!! our boys really did a good job and spotted at the top of the chart:)
    Top of Kstyle MV Daily Ranking… Proud to be Triple S:))))

  8. thisisjustforfunval

    For the longest time Find was my favorite Young Saeng song. I know it featured all the members of SS501, but it really showcased Young Saeng. It is in fact how I feel in love with his voice. Lately though, I realize that Crying has replaced it. I wake up singing it, it pops into my head in the middle of the day, in fact it’s in my head right now. It’s take me what, almost a year to realize this lol Oh Saengie what are you doing living in my head?

    • Agree with you.. “Find” actually group’s song but Saengi’s makes like he’s owned that song.. And really really love .. after that, “Maria” & “Timeless Love” are my favorite songs too… from his “Life” album, personally I like “that’s me”
      Do you have Saengie’s “Overjoyed” CD? Last year when I receive it from yesasia, I screamed because I read “SS501 at his
      cover album (before Japanese letter) even though I don’t know the meaning but It makes me really really happy. Baby Jun “My Girl” and Jung Min “Not Alone” also did the same

      • thisisjustforfunval

        I love seeing SS501 beside their names. I know it’s terrible but I don’t own any Japanse albums, well that’s not true I own one U-Kiss single but that’s the only one. The Japanese albums are usually so out of my budget :( I despise being an adult with bills sometimes lol.

        Timeless Love is very beautiful and I love in Maria that he combines ballad and rock together so well. I know he loves both, and I love hearing him singing both.

        From Life, I really l really like Life. I really like that rock sound, I reminds of Spanish rock music I grew up hearing.
        *Looks left and right* I personally love Young Saeng’s solo projects the most, and I’m not even YS bias. I just love his most, so far.

    • Sandra Darling

      Crying is just mesmerizing! His voice is so wonderful and the song just hooks you in right away. I listen to Crying at least a couple of times a day (which is a lot for me), and I have seen the MV so many times. Though I have probably watched Art of Seduction more just because of this whole K-pop chart thing.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Art of Seduction may be the video of his I’ve seen the most as well. YES! Crying is so mesmerizing. It’s not even in your face about it to get your attention. It’s so subtle but it just grabs you completely, you get lost in it and then he hits you with that Yay towards the end, that snaps you out of your mesmerized state, like you just remembered to breathe. Well that’s at least how I feel listening to it lol

  9. after he dropped down because this MV too old, but I still vote today?? I must be a crazy girl!!!

  10. Sandra Darling

    I really love this MV. I have watched it so many times now, and it still makes me smile every time!

  11. Sometimes I like to play with SS501 songs title and make it into one story. For example with Saengie’s songs:
    “Find” my “nameless memories” makes me “crying” because I felt “intimidated” and “I’m Broken” but I have to “let it go” so I can “overjoyed” my “Life”….

  12. thisisjustforfunval

    Hi lovelies. I feel like I disappeared from this page and the EYK sphere. Think I needed a minor break after voting so hard and so long. So I took the weekend and had a finished up That Winter the WInd Blows, missed the last six episodes and then followed up with a Doctor Who marathon.

    I can’t believe Heo Young Saeng is done promoting The Art of Seduction already. I swear comebacks seem so short. But at least with YS I understand. I wish I lived in Japan to see his performances of Summer Snow. Him, Soohyun and Kevin’s performances. I’d go broke in Japan going to a show to see each one perform XD

    Really excited the Hyun Joong is filming for Barefoot Friends. Can’t wait till the episodes start coming out and get some english translations. ^_^

    Hyung Jun, looked so adorable playing soccer. He is always so adorable and in my opinion looks so hot in that FC Men’s uniform.

    Jung Min, seriously those puppies are so CUTE!

    Kyu Jong, well I miss him like crazy, but I love seeing his tweets to his members. I just wish I understood Korean lol

    • Sandra Darling

      I almost had a Doctor Who marathon this weekend too! I will probably have one this week. I felt like watching something that makes me happy after all this. I am happy that we kept Saengie up there in the charts as long as possible, but it was still disappointing. But I am happy to be able to talk to so many Triple S’s here! And it is exciting to find out that another Triple S likes Doctor Who too!

      • thisisjustforfunval

        I had seen random episodes of Doctor Who here or there but after watching Torchwood I decided maybe it would be a good idea to go back and see where it started. First episode I was hooked and I watched the first 6 seasons in about a two months. This weekend I finally watched all the episodes available for season 7. And by this weekend I mean Sunday evening. I can’t believe I watched all those episodes in one sitting.

        I agree it was disappointing but in the end what matters is that Saengie brought us all together and we all came together for him. I’m so glad to find other Doctor Who fans here also. Happy dance!

        • Sandra Darling

          Happy dance!!!!!! I got into Doctor Who a couple of years back. My sister liked it a little and I had watched a couple of random episodes, but when I started watching it from season 1, I totally got hooked! The 9th Doctor is my favorite. I have been going back and watching Classic Doctor Who and I really like it. I just wish they had more of the 1st Doctor because he is just adorable!
          I agree with you. What matters is that we have gotten so connected as a fandom, and we were able to support Saengie and more people have learned about him! This has been an awesome experience.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Now that I’ve finally caught up with the latest season, I’ve considered going back to watch all the originals. I have heard though that many of the episodes are missing from the first few years. I just have to keep that in mind when I do go to watch it.

          I’ve only had three doctors, so I can only pick from them. The tenth doctor, David Tennant is my favorite Doctor. Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccelston, is a very close second. The eleventh, Matt Smith is finally growing on me. I just re-watched an episode tonight because I needed remember everything Oswon said to the Doctor :-P

          This page really has been an amazing experience! I really like it here :)

        • Sandra Darling

          The classic ones are missing a lot of episodes, especially from the first and second doctors. I heard a rumor that BBC got rid of a lot of the film several years ago because they thought they would never need it. Well, now they are kicking themselves. I really like the classic ones too, even though they are kind of cheesy. I love the tenth doctor; he is so adorable :) Did you know that David Tennant and Billie Piper (who plays Rose) will be back for the 50th anniversary episode? I am super excited!

          This page has been amazing! I have loved connecting with everyone and learning more about Saengie and SS501.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          If BBC did that they seriously made a gigantic mistake. You never know what will become popular again later. And yeah I have vague memories of Doctor Who episodes when I was younger. They were sort cheesy and had limited sets.

          I’m SUPER EXCITED that David Tennant will be back from the episode. Some how I hadn’t heard about Billie Piper making an appearance. That will be very lovely to see. I can’t wait. I loved Rose but my favorite companion was Donna Noble. She annoyed me at first but she was the perfect fit for the Doctor. I loved their spats.

          I’m sure you’ve seen this pic but solid proof of David Tennant is in the 50th. :D

        • Sandra Darling

          Rose is my favorite companion, but I really love Donna. Her and the Doctor are so funny together, and I love how she argues with him rather than just blindly going along with him.
          That picture makes me so happy! I have seen it like a hundred times on facebook, but it still makes me smile! I cannot wait until the 50th comes out. It is going to be great.

      • Parsacarly

        I’m a massive Doctor Who fan (since I watched it with my uncles when I was little)! haha But I decided on an ‘Avatar: Last Airbender’ (the anime) session instead :D

        • thisisjustforfunval

          My Doctor Who marathon happened so randomly. I hadn’t seen this season and randomly checked to see if anywhere going to be shown soon. I ended up finding the this whole season on demand, so recorded them and watched for seven hours straight.

        • Sandra Darling

          Ooh, that is also a great choice!

  13. gracias gracias heo young saeng por regalarnos tan linda cancion siempre tienes presente a tus fans
    aunk estoy muy lejos de ti físicamente me haces muy feliz con tu sonrrisa y esa vos hermosa, tu timides no sabes lo lindo k puedes ser eres muy especial en mi vida te quiero un monton ♥

  14. JackyTheKpopLover

    Can this please please please get reviewed after K.Will’s?
    EYK,this guy hasn’t been reviewed.He hasn’t been active as a solo artist in a while. :(
    You guys could make some jokes out of it,I mean look at the video.
    There are some funny things to say about the video

  15. At least we got it to 20k votes and I’m sure we’ll have a chance at the end of the year to get it voted in. :(

  16. Ariana Nesser

    I keep coming back here, force of habit. I’m still kinda sad x3.

    • me too.. Just like you said, it’s like a habit already, but I don’t think it’s forced for me.. cheer up sis! ^^ we did our best and introduced saengie to newer fans !^^

    • Jung Rian
      Jung Rian

      Sad it has no chance to get reviewed ? I’m sad too, this would have been so awesome, the mv is fresh, delirious and the song is catchy. Why, why, why ?! This is not fair >.<

  17. OMG They have to review this music video or I will blow up !!!!!!!!

  18. Hi all,
    I just watch S&M youtube video “Heo Young Saeng “The Art of Seduction” – KpopCharts Update” 5 minutes ago. Am I heard something irritating? Maybe I’m not good enough in English, but I feel Simon said something that made me mad. Why they have
    doubtful in SS501? Are they trying to ignore SS501 and their fans? Can they give any respect to SS501 and their members? I mean as solo singer too?
    Seriously, I can’t understand this… I’m not hate S&M, just can’t understand them…

    • S&M know nothing about SS501, that’s why.. :) They are confused because SS501 is not active at the moment, yet they are still called SS501.. Moreover, they are not sure if the song from YS is considered to be included in SS501’s album..

      Don’t worry sis,, they do not ignore the fans nor disrespect SS501,, They just don’t know the situation coz they are not familiar with SS501 ^^

      • YES darling… I agree S&M not familiar with our boys.. maybe for the next leader’s, saengie’s, kyu jongie’s, jung minnie’s and baby jun’s MVs, we need to help S&M get close enough with them…

        • yeah,, that’s why for the next SS501 member mv’s release,, we must do this again, (just like we did with saengie, or better) so that not only S&M, but more and newer kpop fans will get to know our lovely SS501!! ^^

    • They weren’t being disrespectful. You probably misunderstood what was being said. Simon said that he didn’t understand whether to call Heo Youngsaeng a solo artist or if he’s still part of SS501. It’s a very confusing topic. I would consider SS501 broken up, since they no longer promote music as a band. However, most people consider them still together. It’s confusing, and Simon was just saying that he was confused about it as well.

      • yaaa… that’ what I meant….. ThanKyu to help me understand what Simon said in that video. I realize that I can’t expect Simon following SS501 updated news.. No wonder he got confused. :)

    • Simon just said he doesn’t know what to call the song since the state of SS501 is up in the air. Most people don’t know that SS501 was simply 5 solo artists that got together to help launch their careers. Even if they never make another album together they will always be SS501 because the 5 will always be 1 and they will always be Super Stars

    • Don’t misunderstand S&M. They’re not hating on anyone. They can’t please all fans with their reviews.

      • dear my friend, I’m not hate them.. I know since beginning, they have their own consideration to do their review and actually I thank them because this chart indirectly helps HYS promotion too.. :)

  19. 8 April 2013, 00.12.. 20.015 voters..
    anyway..did you see “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmrGR81AMD8″??

    hahahhahaa….. they are still the same…

  20. elisole87

    It was great talking to everyone here! We did our very best but I guess it was not meant to be. ThanKyu to everyone who voted! I had fun reading and commenting with everyone here. Going to miss all of you and I hope we all get together again soon for when a SS501 member releases a new mv!

  21. We did our best guise~!! :DDD
    Chin up~ we are TripleS~!!! :3

    Now let’s wait for another SS501 MV and get it reviewed :3

    • yup yup!! I’ll be there with you! >.<

    • thisisjustforfunval

      I keep wondering who will come out next. But I’m about 95% sure it will be Hyun Joong, refreshing people’s thoughts of him by joining a new show. Really can’t wait to see it! I miss his handsome smile and 4D personality.

      • I also think it’ll be him.. The company announced that he’ll be back in summer.. It will be an epic comeback since he was last seen in korea tv for 2 yrs already,,

        • thisisjustforfunval

          I really loved his last album Lucky. It was so fun fun and Kiss Kiss still makes me smile from ear to ear. I can’t wait it’ll be incredible! He’s so full of energy.

        • Break down is epic for me… but I also like Lucky.. I remember him performing that live on MAMA with suzy >.<

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Break down was really awesome. I especially remember the water performance at Mnet’s 20s choice ^_^! Lucky Guy was just such a playful performance. I loved the flying around part. That whole performance is what I imagine it is like in Hyun Joong’s head.

        • fly awwaaaaayy!! fly awaaaaayy!!! >.< ahaha XD talking about this things,, I'm getting more excited for his korean comeback!!!

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Me too!!!

          I keep picture a performance of Lucky Guy I saw but can’t seem to find it arg! He was wearing the reddish outfit. I picture the performance so distinctly but can’t remember where it was from.

        • awww… I hope you’ll see it soon and share the picture here.. I wanna see it too >.< ahahahaXD

  22. Now that we are done with voting…I am like crazy coming over here and still commenting..and I voted today too…as @google-176e8a31b15df14ac1d85163b90ccc9f:disqus said it has become a habit since the past 3-4 weeks…ok lets meet again when next SS501 member MV is out…it was such a great feeling meeting TS and enjoying together…miss all you guise…take good care of yourself everybody

  23. while waiting my boarding time, back to Jakarta, I back to this website..
    in this forum, I met (even though not face to face) many TS outside Korea, and I’m so happy with this..
    seriously, since 2006, it is the 1st time I became active TS, usually I only monitoring but not commenting…
    I did mention in saengie’s twitter, I hope he will read it (he seldom to use his twitter)

  24. Okay everyone, I am giving up. There’s no reason for me left to be here. I will see you when one of our members will release another video~ So until then, farewell my friends :D

  25. saeng prince

    why i come here again…???the voting is closed and this mv period already expired..
    ahhh..it’s just my habit for the past 3 weeks to vote our Saengie…

    *i must got HYS disease again* i should meet pinky doctor as soon as possible>>>>

  26. Lol, I don’t understand how this EYK charts work…
    HYS has the largest amount of votes and shares, etc.
    why isn’t it at the top??

    • naoko_chan

      it’s because this song is already in released like 3 weeks ago(counting on 4)..
      newer MV get a chance to the top rather than the old one..even if the no of votes vary..
      HYS MV kinda expired already and decaying..

  27. naoko_chan

    i just got back from my hometown and then i saw this~ :/
    i guess our time is up..but nonetheless it’s a great time spending here with all my new fellow friend.. ^^
    see you all soon and lastly thankyu S&M!! ;-D

  28. josie orocay

    I’ve seen a fans MV for SS501 and in that MV s/he uses different songs of the group..the beat of this song catches my attention and the uploader give me this link…and this is the first time hearing the song fully and love it!!:-) enjoy!


  29. Look!! We’re still the top commentors.. lol XD

  30. Guys we did well neh.. let’s move to Kibum’s mv now heheh

  31. ❤Global ICON❤

    I just looked at the kpop charts update and..”what happened?”….”WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUNG SAENG’S FIRST PLACE!!!!!????” Art of Seduction people i wanted it to be reviewed SOOO BADDDLY

  32. estas hermoso

    te queremos como no sabes

    eres y seras siempre nuestro principe verdoso

    hys sigue luchando ♥

  33. We did our best everyone! I’m glad that we all got together and help HYS up until now. Hope to see this MV in the near future (*cough* EYK awards* cough*)! ^^

  34. This MV is pure gold. It’s too bad it didn’t get reviewed.

  35. midnightkitsune

    Guys lets vote for Kibum now, there isn’t a lot of people voting for it yet. Let’s try to get it to the 1st page for now.

  36. I am kinda going to miss you guys ( even though I don’t comment I still have to go through all of your comments, :-p ). The video will officially drop off the charts completely on Monday, but you can stick around and talk triple s things even after that happens.

    I am thankful for those of you that have been so positive and keeping things going for the last 3 weeks. Alas, it was not to be, but I am sure most of you made some new friends here. That’s what I hope EYK becomes: a comfortable place where fans can have fun conversations about their favourite Korean stuff. That only works when the users on the site are able to be positive and persevering.


    Edit: maybe if there are EYK Awards for 2013 this may be nominated for Best Potential KMM? That is if that category will exist again. Only 8 more months till ‘ Award season’ :-p

    • thanKYU again for your participation here!! And I feel flattered that you’re going to miss us >.< I don't know if we'll stay here.. we're probably gonna converse on Ki Bum's mv on the charts.. not sure for everyone… though I'll be there.. so see you there too~ ^^ And when another SS501 member releases an MV, expect us to be there too! ^^

      Well, it's better to be positive than to get mad and blame others anyway.. we enjoyed our time here, that's for sure! ^^ And you're right that we did made new friends here! ^^ That's one thing that EYK does great, and I'm thankful for that ^^

      I hope to see you interact with us in the future, whenever that will be, not because your comments count for the votes, but because we want to know you more too! ^^

      Take care always and continue to be a great nasty mod.. (that goes for fuuko too) See you soon^^ !~

    • Natz nooo… we will probably all move over to Kibum’s mv since he is our dongsaeng hehe x3

    • Thanks Natz :) EYK has definitely become that kind of place for us.

    • thisisjustforfunval

      Thank you for your wonderful post! I honestly do love the EYM site, it is by far the most comfortable place I have found to discus my love of kpop. I’m like Martina and Simon, I have my biases but overall I just love music and comment all over the place. Just wish I had time to go check out every song that gets released and give them all a fair listening and watching. And I honestly do feel I’ve made some wonderful new friends here :D For me it’s all a win!

    • Thanks sooo much for ur support we did our best that is what really matters, and well honestly now i dont want any award from that EYK awards thing LOL i may sound butthurt but is not like that is actually disappointed on how S&M took the criticism for lats review and how some die hard nasties agree

  37. thisisjustforfunval

    While we weren’t able to keep him in the top 3, thanks to decay, I’m still incredibly proud of everything that we’ve done here. So many wonderful new people found Heo Young Saeng and SS501 thanks to this MV and the EYK Kpop Charts. I’m grateful for a place like this were people can come together and have a place to talk about their love of a song or group. It’s been a roller coaster of a ride the past month but it has been a fun one since there was so many wonderful TripleS and QuadrupleS along for the ride. QuadrupleS seriously thank you so much for you support andl love! I know we all loved talking to you and helping you learn about this beautiful otter and his brothers ^_^ I know we couldn’t done all this without you! I never imagine how large this page would grow. Right now 4278 comments! That is just mind blowing! One day soon I know we will all unite again and fight the good fight….or would it be good vote? lol Hope to keep coming here and see discussion happening about our wonderful SS501! Thank you again all you lovelies!

    PS sometime today I’m going to change my display picture. I love my pic of Junsu’s banana love (and yup I’m the one who made it XD) but it’s time for something fresh. I just wanted to wait till our voting session was done. ^_^ Have a lovely morning, day or night which ever it is in your part of the world! TRIPLE S FIGHTING!